Best eCommerce Platforms

Find the best eCommerce website builder for your business and start selling online in no time. We’ve listed our Top picks below, but feel free to quickly compare each and every eCommerce platform on our easy-to-use website. The best online shopping platforms are all designed to offer you a comprehensive solution for selling online and shouldn’t require any coding or design knowledge.



4.5 stars

✔ Multi-channel commerce

100+ Ecommerce templates
✔ All-in-one plans

Plans offer automatic backups to keep website files safe

● Facebook Messenger helps sellers & customers connect
● Apple Pay doubles conversion rates when installed
● PCI compliant & SSL for transaction protection

wix review 2019


4.5 stars

✔ Fully customizable

Feature-rich platform
✔ No tech skills required

Incredibly intuitive builder is among the best in the industry

● Among the most user-friendly tools of its kind
● New Artificial Design Intelligence creates sites in minutes
● User interface is clean, well-organized, and easy-to-use.



bigommerce review


4.5 stars

✔ Best-in-class SEO

50% less setup time
✔ Mobile responsive stores

Advanced Ecommerce features for growing brands

● Manage large, complex catalogs with ease
● Choose your own payment gateway, no transaction fees
● Sell on Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Instagram and more



4.5 stars

✔ Award-winning support

Ecommerce marketing tools
✔ Abandoned cart recovery

Build and grow your online store with guidance from pros

● Shipping & tax calculator
● Complete mobile store checkout
● Payment processing in 35+ countries


4.5 stars

✔ Built-in Facebook store

Free 15-day trial
24/7 dedicated support team

Top of the line branding and marketing tools

● SEO-freindly shopping cart
● Real-time shipping and tracking
● No coding required

BlueHost + Woocommerce

4.5 stars

✔ Supports unlimited products

Mobile-friendly templates
✔ Thousands of extensions

Easily migrate existing sites from other platforms

● Great choice for a simple, affordable cart solution
● Complete shopping cart solution for online business owners
● WordPress plugins, SEO tools & social media integration


4.5 stars

✔ Simple, intuitive platform

Unlimited bandwidth
✔ 50+ payment gateways

All themes are customizable to fit any business’s needs

● All-in-one solution that is one of the best in the business
● Free themes are elegant & cross-platform compatible
● Powerful SEO tools to optimize URLs and boost site rankings

Q. E-Commerce: The Basics


E-commerce has changed the way people sell and buy on the web over the past few decades. Simply put, for busy people who are focused on convenience but still want as many options as possible, shopping on the Internet has become the answer. Instead of driving to the store and looking at a limited selection, shoppers now turn to the web, where there are many more choices and flexible purchasing.

The popularity of shopping online has given rise to many trends, including stores that only exist in the web format, without a physical location. Digital media, including movies and music, allow vendors to deliver content instantly to consumers, without the physical product waste.

With all this attention on e-commerce, there’s been an explosion in the growth of e-commerce companies. While in a similar industry, there are differences between them, so it’s necessary to discover which e-commerce site will allow your web shop to grow and thrive as you begin or continue selling online.

The top tier e-commerce website builders evaluate all of the factors in the e-commerce industry when working on your website. For example, some programs can allow for the sale of downloadable and physical products, as many businesses now offer both to consumers.

Because the global economy is unstable, web businesses are evolving to meet the needs of more budget-conscious consumers, and the best e-commerce site builders are doing the same in response to this trend. The better e-commerce site builders will offer platform choices that reflect the cost-cutting measures online shops use to drive traffic, such as flat-rate shipping, programs rewarding loyalty, deeper discounts and other promotions.

One final, yet incredibly important, issue an e-commerce site builder should address is the potential for scams and fraud in online dealings. Solid website builders will work to stay ahead of the curve by offering payment security and top tier website protection to protect you and your customers.

Q. E-Commerce Solutions Fundamentals

You have to keep in mind the following three following fundamental aspects when selecting the right eCommerce solution and working toward your store launch:

Bandwidth and Storage

Some site builders have sales caps, so look for one that has the bandwidth and inventory space you need for your business. The best option for you will not place limitations on your online shop.

High Security

Your customers and your business need security protocols in place to ensure safe transactions. Go with a program that has Secure Socket Layer encryption and fraud protection. Be aware that SSL technology is a must-have, as it makes secure online payments possible. Theft and fraud in your online store harms your bottom line, your customers and your professional reputation.

User Interface

An interface that’s easy to use is a must for any e-commerce solution. Tools should work as you expect, be simple to use and take time off your building schedule rather than add to it. The best site builders will make it simple for you to create your web store, and remember that an in-depth FAQ and solid customer support can make a huge difference to your experience.

Don’t forget to consider your customer needs while thinking about your own. Think about shopping in your own online store, and what you’d like to see. Sort options, filters and menus with a good design will help you find a product and buy it faster. Consider your website’s appearance and what it looks like to your guests at each step of the searching and buying processes. Some site builders have well-designed templates that both improve your customers’ experience and provide a pleasant visual.

Remember that, just as in an actual location, a disorganized and messy display will drive customers out, but a clean, pleasant purchasing experience will encourage customers to buy, return and tell their friends and family. Your customer’s first impression of you will be from your online store, so make it count.

Q. What About Open-Source eCommerce Solutions?


Open-source eCommerce platforms such as Magento, Prestashop, OpenCart and WooCommerce are often cited as possible alternatives. While they offer interesting functionalities, upfront costs (design, testing…) can easily run into the thousands of dollars. Moreover, you can be certain that the recurring costs of performant hosting (not even mentioning the maintenance, upgrade and operation expertise required) will always exceed the affordable prices of professional “software as a service” (SaaS) online stores such as Shopify and BigCommerce. We therefore highly recommend taking into account the big picture to make an optimal choice of eCommerce platform. This is true both for small businesses seeking to launch an online store, and for large corporations seeking a well supported enterprise plan.

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