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The Top 100 Shopify Stores to Get Inspiration and how to start Your own Shopify Store in 2021.

Shopify is among the top e-commerce platforms available. It was launched in 2004 and have since seen many e-commerce business owners have migrated to Shopify. Actually, at the moment, there’s more than 500,000 active stores on Shopify and have collectively produced greater than $40 billion dollars’ worth of sales. Here you’ll learn how you can start with your personal Store on Shopify and the most popular stores you can utilize for an inspiration.

The 100 Most Popular Shopify Stores and What to Learn from Each of Them:

There are many Shopify store which excel in terms of service and sales due to due to their design UX, UX marketing, selling, and UX strategies. We’ve picked 60 of the top Shopify stores to help you choose the best from the many. No matter if you’re starting a new business or trying to get your message out better the way you market, this list of the best 100 Shopify stores can provide you with motivation.

Bonus Material: How to Start Your Own Shopify Store in just 15 minutes or less

It’s no secret that we believe that Shopify is an fantastic e-commerce platform There is an explanation for why it ranks high on our list. It was once the case that the process of setting up an online store would take a few hours and an extensive amount of knowledge. Nowadays, however, this has changed , and creating an online store can be done in less than a minute. With just a couple of mouse clicks and a bit of typing it is possible to set up your own online store on the internet.

There’s a reason Shopify is such a renowned platform. One of the main reasons lies with the simple fact that establishing the first shop has been so easy. The video above, we will show you how to set up your personal Store on Shopify within less than fifteen minutes. If you’d like to find out the more details about Shopify you can do so here. you can sign up with them for their 14-day trial for free or go through the complete Shopify review here..

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Best Shopify Stores: 1. Pipcorn

For only $20, you’ll get one package of “the most tender, crunchiest and delicious popcorn you’ll experience.” The first Shark Tank purchase for the popcorn was $200k in 2013. In 2014 , the company earned an income of $800k, which makes this an one of the most popular Shopify stores in the world.

Best Shopify Stores: 2. Triangl

Triangl offers an affordable, simple, and sporty swimwear for women. The company earned $5 million in its first year and then followed it by $25 million in the following year.

Best Shopify Stores: 3. Joco Cups

Joco Cups informs users on the Why Joco page “the cups are designed to improve your morning coffee, protect your taste buds, and help the environment.” In addition, the website also lets users showcase the products of their choice.

Best Shopify Stores: 4. Pop Chart Lab

Chart lovers unite. Pop Chart Lab lets you locate a chart on virtually any topic. Starting with “The many varieties of whiskey” chart, to “The Diagram of Dogs” the layout of the site is modern and simple to navigate. Their logo even has an enlarged chart.

Best Shopify Stores: 5. Allbirds

Allbirds The Allbirds is distinct by and through. It is a vibrant, lively colors that are accompanied by engaging typography. On the site are animations and videos. There are all sorts of techniques for multimedia that make the site stand out.

Best Shopify Stores: 6. KUTOA

Along with the well-placed pictures of their products as well as well-placed text, this online store explains right away what the product is about: “Buy a bar. Give a child food.” The name of the business, Kutoa, refers to “to donate” in Swahili therefore purchasing a bar is aiding in the process too.

Best Shopify Stores: 7. JM&SONS

Metal and hand-crafted woodworks from Toronto are on display in this stylish but well-maintained page. It is possible to purchase an Murphy Bench, coffee stand and wallet with one transaction. Text and photos that are well lit help you to locate what you’re seeking.

Best Shopify Stores: 8. Mahabis

Mahabis is a brand that’s easy to get behind. Mahabis name is an epitome of relaxed. The online store is in line with the brand’s simple, relaxed and relaxed atmosphere. Images of lifestyles scattered across the website beautifully showcase the slippers. Mahabis employs subtle branding and subtle marketing to attract more customers.


Best Shopify Stores: 9. Pure Cycles

Explore this page to view vintage and contemporary bicycles. This site is full of clever phrases like “Slip around your neighborhood like the shadow of a tree. Your ideal urban commuter is here” making it an enjoyable experience you are looking for your next bike . they inform you of it by showing their “4.6 Customer Reviews” rating at the lower right corner. Everything you need is available on one page.


Best Shopify Stores: 10. Leather Head Sports

When you first sign up on this website, you stand the chance to get a football as an active subscriber. Producing “beautiful and lasting sporting items” is the description of what business’s owner claims is his love and this is evident in the classic-looking custom made footballs, baseballs, gloves and basketballs as well as other sporting items.

Best Shopify Stores: 11. Greats

The high-end, affordable sneaker was created as the first brand of sneakers from Brooklyn, New York. Greats is a website that attracts you with free shipping on orders of more than $75. Additionally, if the customer refers a new friend to them, to them, they will receive $25 off of the first order. Additionally, you’ll receive $25 each time they purchase.


Best Shopify Stores: 12. Eye Heart World

A business with a clear goal requires a distinctive e-commerce website. Eye Heart World is focused on bringing awareness and raising funds to stop sexual trafficking. The site is equally informative and eye-catching.

Best Shopify Stores: 13. BITTERMILK

Bittermilk is a store for those who want a more entertaining cocktail. It’s a line that offers cocktail mixers designed by bartenders using real ingredients. The website is inviting, with images from “The artisans and their tricks of the parlor” as well as a text at the bottom of the page that links the stores’ social media sites and reminding that “This isn’t the end of the road.”

Best Shopify Stores: 14. Dropdead

Dropdead is a store of clothing that caters to the rebel within you. They sell shirts with the words “dropdead” along with “IDC” and If you’re looking to be different and stand out it is the place to go to express your ideas by wearing fashion.

Best Shopify Stores: 15. A. The Colossal Shop

Did you think, “I’d like to wear the artwork.” The Colossal Shop lets you to wear that art by offering “wearable art” which includes Andy Warhol-inspired jewelry and an elegant spaghetti necklace made of silver. The site is dedicated to having fun and imagination.

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Best Shopify Stores: 16. Beardbrand

The emergence of Lumbersexual beard, beards are as popular as ever. Beardbrand profit from this popularity by offering quality products (oils balms, shampoos, oils and more,.) for beardsmen , and making use of natural ingredients. While changing the way society perceives the beard.

Best Shopify Stores: 17. Seedlip

Seedlip concentrates on the distinctiveness of the company and the story of the drink. The actual drinks are featured on the website’s homepage. This is a fascinating method of marketing that if executed correctly , can result in huge traffic.

Best Shopify Stores: 18. UPPERCASE

If you enjoy the precision as well as the typography and creativity packed into one magazine, UPPERCASE Magazine is the perfect choice for you. It is a high-quality magazine that uses premium paper and printing, with a distinctive design aesthetic, and a remarkable focus on detail to ignite curiosity in the imaginative and interested minds of its readers.

Best Shopify Stores: 19. Best Made Co

Everything from Japanese quilted blankets to knives and jackets This company is living by inspiring people “to take a walk and reconnect by their hands with the natural world and, while doing it begin a journey full of adventures.”

Best Shopify Stores: 20. Tessae’s 100% Natural

The goal of the company is to make it easier to access healthy food and lifestyle practices in our nation’s food deserts by implementing its “Crop Circles” initiative. With their platform for selling dips, dressings and dressings as well as food products and spices, Tessemae is aiding poor areas throughout the nation.

Best Shopify Stores: 21. Chaos

A beautiful website that is designed to match its uniqueness, Chaos combines the flexibility of a custom-made website with a touch of enjoyment. You can pick a distinctive accessory for your smartphone or other travel needs that is also a reflection of your personal style. “Technology is a fashion statement; practical punk with a dash of the quintesential London individuality. This is the CHAOS concept.”


Best Shopify Stores: 22. Negative Underwear

Helping women feel comfortable in their body is the aim of the company. The website lets women take a fitness test to determine the size and type of body you have to be able to meet your requirements and free shipping for orders of $100or more do returns that are free of charge.


Best Shopify Stores: 23. The Pot is Not There

Not Pot excels in dealing with the objections that shoppers may face when buying. In just a couple of words they are able to put the minds of their customers at peace. They sell gummy treats made with CBD oil. The first line of copy for the Storeify store reads “Chill out. It’s not marijuana.What’s up with this?


Best Shopify Stores: 24. Watch Outfitter

Contrary to the other brands that, this watchmaker company was founded by a 17-year-old with an understanding of watches and an interest in jewelry. The watches are sourced from of the U.S., Asia and Europe.


Best Shopify Stores: 25. Flex

Flex is a better alternative to Tampons that allow the wearer to enjoy sexual intimacy while they are on their period. The product can last for up to 12 hours, decreases cramps for 70 percent of its customers and produces 60% less waste than the tampons.


Best Shopify Stores: 26. Nerdwax

If your glasses keep sliding from your face, then this brand is designed specifically for glasses that slide off your face. Nerdwax is a natural and organic beeswax specially formulated to hold your glasses in place. The company has rejected the two proposals from Shark Tank and is growing quickly.


Best Shopify Stores: 27. Muroexe

Muroexe is clean and classic. It comes with all the standard features of a website, but it’s not a standard website. The shoes are presented in a clean, minimalist grid which makes it easy for shoppers to navigate. Overall , the site is visually pleasing.


Best Shopify Stores: 28. Happiness Abscissa

The product you purchase reflects your feeling of happiness. The owners of their products “The Ha is a subjective scale that incorporates neurobiology as well as sensory components that can be adjusted to enhance one’s sense of wellbeing.” In short, pleasant smells bring happy memories.


Best Shopify Stores: 29. Field Notes

GameKlip offers game controllers that can be used on smartphones (normally employed for PlayStation 3). PlayStation 3) and has been mentioned by ABC News and Gizmodo. The product is popular since the company is aware of the difficulty of gamers to make use of the touch controls on classic games like Grand Theft Auto.


Best Shopify Stores: 30. Master, Dynamic and

If you require high-quality sound throughout the day, this product is the one for you. They don’t just offer headphones that compete with its main rival (Beats by Dre). Master and Dynamic believe the music is the sound of movement. It strives to please customers by balancing design, durability, aesthetics and sound, which they claim to be “designed to last over time.”


Best Shopify Stores: 31. Studio Neat

Studio Neat designs tools that aid people in solving problems in an innovative manner. For everything from iPhone tripod , to syrup kits Studio Neat uses Kickstarter to help fund the development of their products.


Best Shopify Stores: 32. Ghostly Store Ghostly Store

The store stocks a wide range of products including leather wallets, coffee beans to vinyl records and art prints. Everything they sell seems to feature the same ghost logo and the store is focused to provide the customers “with an open mind and wide ears.”


Best Shopify Stores: 33. of Mercer

Of Mercer is focused on balance, and this shows in their products as well as their web design. The perfect balance is found between white space, images and text. Of Mercer is free of any offensive or over the top elements of design to create an elegant website.


Best Shopify Stores: 34. Oi Polloi

The item is so well-loved that when you enter the site, you will be requested to enter your email address (to be informed when it returns to stock). A lot of people come to browse the stunning website store. However, Trunkster is the first and sole roll top suitcase that has an entry with no zipper, USB charger, location tracking , and digital scale.


Best Shopify Stores: 35. Hem

Hem is a contemporary design which is in keeping with the products it sells, including lighting, furniture, rugs as well as other office and home accessories. It’s among the most popular Shopify stores in terms of design.


Best Shopify Stores: 36. Mignon

An online store which was initially a an online retailer of kitchenware, Mignon, which has grown to include items such as household items and party supplies is now the best illustration of what an online store that is anshopify store should appear.


Best Shopify Stores: 37. Wrightwood Furniture

This furniture store provides the largest selection of contemporary and industrial furniture. The business earns the majority of profits through the Shopify Store.


Best Shopify Stores: 38. Cookbook Village

The cookbooks were initially offered initially on eBay, Cookbook Village is today expanding its reach with its presence on Shopify. According to the website that, after many years of collecting along with his wife and looking through many ebook stores to purchase books, an idea was born to transform the cookbooks into revenue.


Best Shopify Stores: 39. Sugarfina

Sugarfina is a posh candy store that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg uses as a gift-giving vendor. This partnership has helped the business earn over $100,000 in revenue in the initial year.


Best Shopify Stores: 40. Ceremony Coffee

The imagery of the product that is displayed Ceremony Coffee‘s website is stunning. The coffees do all the talking. There’s no tricks, simply beautiful images with delicate pastel backgrounds. If you’re selling products of the highest quality This is a fantastic way of showcase their superior quality.


Best Shopify Stores: 41. Press London

The company produces delicious healthy, cold-pressed, healthy juices that allow people to get a refreshing drink and taking in their daily nutritional needs.


Best Shopify Stores: 42. Frank Body

Frank Body is cute and feminine, yet elegant. The packaging and website include funny and humorous expressions. The site is entertaining to read. If you’re trying to find a way to grab the attention of your customers This is a fantastic illustration.


Best Shopify Stores: 43. Gymshark

Gymshark has evolved from a teenage-owned screen printing company (in an old garage) to become one of the top well-known brands in the world of fitness. With more than two millions of followers on Instagram the company has a large social media following too.


Best Shopify Stores: 44. Every Sunday, Somewhere

The premium eyewear brand has earned international recognition thanks to focussing on quality, simple and innovation for its approach. The Shopify website is beautifully designed and user-friendly and navigate.


Best Shopify Stores: 45. SoYoung Inc

The line of bags that this company offers that are designed for mothers and their children, generates 25 percent of their revenue, from their online Shopify stores. The site offers a broad assortment of designs for kids, adults and infants.


Best Shopify Stores: 46. Khara Kapas

Kharakapas refers to “pure cotton” and the company offers hand-crafted products that are made locally in India however they are shipped to the world. You can carry a little bit from India wherever you travel.


Best Shopify Stores: 47. AYR

Ayr can be described as image heavy, which is perfect for this website. The entire site is more like an online store and more like a premium fashion magazine. The stunning photographs of different women dotted throughout the site are inspiring and true to the brand.


Best Shopify Stores: 48. HELM Boots

HeLM Boots makes booties made of leather with dedication and meaning. The boot retailer sells casual footwear as well as boots and work boots, which have attracted the attention of famous people such as Ben Affleck and Kevin Bacon.


Best Shopify Stores: 49. Ugmonk

Ugmonk can be the ultimate clothing designer’s dreams. The company was founded with 200 shirts before growing into an established clothing and printing company. The company’s popularity exploded after the launch of Ugmonk’s iconic design”And Then I Woke Up, that is still one of the most popular designs.


Best Shopify Stores: 50. WP+Standard

WP+Standard a.ka. Whipping Post won Shopify’s Design Award in 2013, which has given significant exposure to the world. This site illustrates a beautifully designed Shopify shop that has been successful based on all design styles.


Best Shopify Stores: 51. Pencil from FiftyThree

Pencil from FiftyThree can be the easiest and most expressive method to draw pencil drawings on iPad as well as iPhone for writers and artists. The site is simple, but well-designed navigational features , and is illustrated using graphics and illustrations by a simple click of your mouse.


Best Shopify Stores: 52. CORKCICLE

Corkcicle is a classic site with a twist. It appears like a typical website, however, upon further investigation the distinctiveness shines through. They do not have drop-down menus at high-up on the screen as typical, instead, the menu is located in the lower part of the page.


Best Shopify Stores: 53. Nice Laundry

One of the unique features on the site of Nice Laundry is the continuously changing recycled number on the home page. Nice Laundry offers a refreshing alternative to mundane underwear and socks and is also a recycling. This is an excellent illustration of an online store that serves a more important goal.

Best Shopify Stores: 54. the Horse

Making use of your Instagram feed directly on your homepage of your website is an excellent way to generate more traffic. The Horse is a great example of introducing their products before allowing the user to shop on their Instagram. This creates a life-style feel.

Best Shopify Stores: 55. Jackie Smith

Jackie Smith was founded with an edgy spirit, and the site follows in that vein. It’s vibrant and cutting-edge. The vibrant colours as well as flashy elements of design appear to leap right out of the display.

Best Shopify Stores: 56. Taylor Stitch

“Fake tattoos from Real Artists Sending passion in Brooklyn, NY” This online store knows that tattoos are popular, but not permanent and therefore, it created an option for people who would like temporary tattoos from professional artists (or customized ink). The site is sleek and offers tattoo options that are scent-free and last for a long time.

Best Shopify Stores: 57. 49th Parallel Coffee

If you are thinking of cafes usually, you envision hip, chill hangouts. 49th Coffee‘s website is designed with this identical look and feel. It’s crucial to have a consistent branding, and this is a perfect illustration.

Best Shopify Stores: 58. Super Team Deluxe

Super Team Deluxe website is the most unique of websites. They offer special edition enamel pins. The pins can be seen directly on the page. Another fun design element is that when the user is hovering over the pin an evolving rainbow-colored border pops up. It’s fun and unique.

Best Shopify Stores: 59. Ksubi

Ksubi is a totally different method to the typical homepage header. Instead of using a single image as well as a slide it makes use of a flashy video. It’s fast-moving and gives you an exciting. The whole site is quirky and unique.

Best Shopify Stores: 60. Flatspot

Flatspot is an independently-owned skate store filled with all sorts of clothing, shoes and brands. It’s an online store, but it’s also it is a lifestyle shop. It also has blogs that provide greater depth.

Highest Shopify Store Examples for Clothing

Best Shopify Stores: 61. Clark Street Mercantile

Clark Street Mercantile is an excellent online store for clothes.

They give information on the origins of each of their products and are proud of their taking care to select their products with great care. They stress the importance of promoting top-quality craftsmanship, so when you buy something from their brand you can be sure it will last to the end of the road.

Best Shopify Stores: 62. Real People

Genuine People is a fantastic Shopify store that lets East and West seamlessly blend with each other. Shoppers can choose from a broad range of vibrant clothes and accessories, as well as other bits and pieces. The quality of their work is superior however, the designs are innovative and unique, which increases their acclaim.

The Genuine People website is tidy, and their navigation is simple and easy to navigate. Both of these make an excellent user experience.

Best Shopify Stores: 63. Modern Citizen

Modern Citizen‘s Shopify store is elegant and sophisticated. It’s packed with amazing clothing, beauty products, and household items. Modern Citizen aims to sell “fine style” at an affordable price of 61. Clark Street Mercantile

Best Shopify Stores: 64. Quaker Marine Supply

The Quaker Marine Supply brand has a long story. It was founded in 1949 in the year 1949, by Joe Kadison, a Coast Guard veteran. Quaker Marine Supply started life selling marine equipment and clothing. Ernest Hemingway famously donned the QMS caps during the 1960s. Now, fast forward to the present and QMS continues to offer amazing hats that are that are inspired from East Coast summer style. Customers are attracted by brands with interesting stories linked to them. Quaker Marine Supply has that in abundance.

Best Shopify Stores: 65. John Elliott

John Elliott offers customers functional clothes that exude contemporary style, and features materials that are described as distinctive. We are awestruck that they offer no-cost U.S. shipping and make this clear from the start. It’s also an excellent illustration of minimalist design executed perfectly!

Best Shopify Stores: 66. New Market Goods

New Market Goods is an excellent Shopify store. We are awestruck by their values as a brand. The owners of the store have set out on a mission to showcase positive aspects of Bangladeshi an production methods employed to produce clothes.

Their products are made by hand and originate out of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Customers are even given the ‘Garment Makers’ Yearbook in which you’ll find the smiles of the workers who designed your stunning clothes. If you don’t have an USP I don’t know what it is.

Best Shopify Stores: 67. Lucy Folk

If it’s enough for Beyonce then it’s great enough for us.

Lucy Folk‘s been recognized by numerous fashion powerhouse, such as Vogue along with The Business of Fashion. The brand is an extremely renowned and well-known Shopify stores on the internet, and it’s certainly worth a visit. She’s an excellent illustration of someone who is using social proof to their advantage.

Best Shopify Stores: 68. Aje

Aje is the place where urban style and coastal style meet. A basic black and white color scheme and simple style is a perfect example of how a sleek online store should look like.

The absence of colors competing with each other makes the colors and patterns stand out found in the images of the productwhich is quite clever, right?

Best Shopify Stores: 69. Acey. Acey

The Acey is a fantastic online brand that is proud on its designs that have stood against the test of time. They only use natural materials that are made of a single fiber. In the end, their clothing is extremely comfortable to breathe in, they wash well and, most important, microplastics don’t get discharged into our water systems.

Additionally, if you wish to dispose of the item (eventually) the natural fibers simply degrade. Acey represents high-quality products which embody the ideals of eco-friendly living.

Their USP is extremely simple and enticing to their intended customers. It can help The Acey overcome some of the obstacles that keep ethically conscious consumers from buying online. If you address the objections of people with a straight face, you create a an impression of, and that the customer is much more likely to complete a buy.

Best Shopify Stores: 70. Naadam

Naadam hopes to make cashmere-based products more readily available than ever before, while also offering 100% eco-friendly products.

Naadam uses no toxic chemical in their production processes. They also utilize clean energy for powering their machines.

Customers also appreciate the fact that Naadam provides nomadic herders with 50percent more than other brands. They also invest a portion of their money in vaccination and breeding programs to ensure that their goats stay healthy and happy.

It’s not surprising that consumers gravitate towards companies that have a ecological and social accountability seriously. it’s evident that Naadam is doing this in a bucket.

Best Shopify Stores: 71. Jacobi Press

It was established by Yale, Jacobi Press has a fascinating historythat is one of the many reasons this Shopify store has had such a great success. Popular for their custom-made suit, J. Press was a leader for Ivy League style for generations.

Jacobi Press is another brand that is making the most of their rich history. Their story of success captivates customers and inspires them to be part of their history.

Best Shopify Stores: 72. Norwegian Rain

Norwegian rain is a nifty store. You’ll find a wide selection of fashionable yet practical waterproof clothes. The Shopify site has proved popular due to their remarkable USP — each of their products is designed by hand makes use of the top weather protection technologies available that is available. That’s quite a claim!

Best Shopify Stores: 73. Aether

Aether‘s video banner is amazing. From the moment you arrive on their home page this engaging content grabs the user.

As with many other Shopify stores on this list, Aether has designed and launched a brand catering to an extremely specific audience mostly, people living in cities and who need clothes that are durable to the elements.

The clothes of their owners not only look stunning in urban environments, but they also stand up to outdoor weather conditions.

Customers get a lifetime production assurance! This helps to boost their credibility and establishing confidence with potential customers.

Top Shopify Stores For Accessories

Best Shopify Stores: 74. Leo et Violette

Leo et Violette specializes in luxurious leather products. Everything they sell is made by hand in an Italian workshop that is located just away from Naples. Their goal is to provide beautiful, timeless, and useful products’ , which is evident through their beautiful product images.

Best Shopify Stores: 75. MCKNGBRD

MCKNGBRD connects the world of luxury accessories and personal tech by using their gorgeous ipad cases. The photos of their products highlight the elegance of their products and add to the sophistication and class that the company is known for. Customers also appreciate the fact that a percentage of MCKNGBRD’s profits go towards the Innocence Project.

Best Shopify Stores: 76. Will and Bear

This premium hat manufacturer is influenced by nature, customers are drawn to this Shopify store due to the fact that not just the quality of their products are top-of-the-line however, they also are committed to sustainability. They only make use of natural materials and plant ten trees for each hat sold!

Best Shopify Stores: 77. Bombas

Bombas is another ethical store in which customers can buy clothes that are a good choice with no guilt. For each pair of socks sold they promise to donate one pair to homeless shelters.

We’ve said it before that customers are enthralled by shopping with brands that are socially responsible It’s no wonder that Bombas is thriving!

Best Shopify Stores: 78. Boon Supply

Boon Supply provides a unique online shopping experience. Instead of looking for specific items the customers are encouraged discover a cause they’d prefer to contribute to. Once they’ve located one they can buy from directly on their fundraising page. When you purchase something, up to 40% of the money you spend is donated direct to the organization you choose!

Best Shopify Stores: 79. Sunglass Hut

Sunglass Hut is a renowned brand. Customers know that if they are looking to find the high-end brands and explore the latest styles regarding sunglasses Sunglass Hut is the location to be.

If this is the sort of product you’d like to have to incorporate into the future of your Shopify store, get ideas from this store.

Best Shopify Stores: 80. Fifth

One of the many aspects that makes the 5th distinctive is that they focus on quality and not quantities.’

They conduct more than 25 quality tests before wrapping your package and delivering it to you. And they clearly state this in their web site. Customers can therefore be assured that they will get value for their money.

Best Shopify Stores: 81. Shwood Shop

Shwood Shop is a great choice for customers who are concerned about the quality of their products. They employ top-quality materials to make their distinctively styled sunglasses, ‘whether it’s Grade A wood made from Pacific Northwest forests or cellulose Acetate from Italy It is clear that their customers will receive the best value for their the money they spend.

Learn from Shwood Shop and tell customers what they want to hear, provided that it’s real.

Best Shopify Stores: 82. Moscot

Moscot has developed how to write copy using storytelling to tell stories. is a good model for all Shopify sellers who want to improve their storytelling techniques.

They tell the reasons why their brand is alive and well since the year 1899 when it was founded by their ancestors, who came via Eastern Europe via Ellis Island. We’ve mentioned before that people are drawn to stories. It’s an amazing way to get your customers with your brand and most importantly, your products.

Top Shopify Stores For Health & Cosmetics

Best Shopify Stores: 83. Bite

Bite is concerned about the environment. Period.

They’re trying to cut down on the quantity of plastic we consume. We’ve said it many times, consumers appreciate companies that have an ethical and environmental conscience, and this is a great USP to possess. This is not only good for business but also beautiful on a moral level which is an it’s a win-win!

They have really brought home the importance of their work with the help of statistics. There is no doubt that we can learn a few things from Bite’s copywriting approach. The public can’t debate statistics and scientific research, which makes consumers to question any assumptions they might have. As a result they’re more likely look to your products as solutions to the problem that you’ve presented to them.

Best Shopify Stores: 84. BYBI

BYBI in terms of USP is quite like Bite. They offer ‘100 100% natural vegan, cruelty-free, and vegan cosmetics. They not only offer top quality products, but they also entice customers with their fantastic content. They often publish DIY recipes as well as product reviews and industry news. Marketing through content is the best way to go and BYBI has definitely put this in practice!

Best Shopify Stores: 85. Aida Eats

Our opinion is that Aida Eats‘ website is amazing. ‘Nuff said.

It not only catches the attention of your eyes however, it also draws your focus to their products Very smart!

Best Shopify Stores: 86. Corpus

Our remarks about Corpus are similar to Aida Eats; there use of images for their home page is clever. We also love the pop-up that appears on the middle of their screen. Usually, this type of thing is extremely frustrating, but they give you 10% off the first sale and, naturally will make the sale more appealing!

Best Shopify Stores: 87. “Act and Acre”

Act and Acre‘s use of social proof on their website is awe-inspiring. Through highlighting that their products were featured in prestigious publications such as Vogue and Glossy this instantly makes the potential customer stand up and consider the brand seriously.

If you do have any social proof you can leverage it to increase its credibility. products, use it somewhere in the pages of your Shopify Store…preferably on your homepage as well as the product pages.

Best Shopify Stores: 88. Seamilk

The essence of online marketing is identifying a problem your target audience is experiencing …. and offering a feasible solution. This is exactly the way Seamilk‘s done.

We’ve all experienced how nail polish is a sour smell, so they’ve come up with an Shopify store that is dedicated to non-toxic nail polishes. They’ve also promoted it to Moms along with Moms to be amazing!

Best Shopify Stores: 89. OUAI

We like how easy the navigation bar appears at on top of the homepage. Giving visitors a user-friendly navigation experience is essential to provide an excellent user experience and, more importantly, increasing sales. Learn from OUAI‘s guide and keep your primary menus easy to navigate.

The best Shopify Stores for Home & Furniture

Best Shopify Stores: 90. ARMAC Martin

Another Shopify store that is getting the most value from their homepage. From the beginning, shoppers are welcomed by images of products that are visually appealing, but also clearly highlighting the design and feel product.

We also love the fact the fact that when you click its hamburger menu it expands up to a wider selection. This allows the browser to locate what it is they are searching for in just a couple of clicks.

Not to be left out, ARMAC Martin emphasizes on their website that they’ve been around for up to 90 years. Again which is a huge help in building trust with customers.

Best Shopify Stores: 91. Revival

The infographic banner they have created is visually appealing and extremely useful. By just looking at it, consumers can look at the various sizes of rugs available and the ways they can utilize them in their homes. This article is extremely entertaining as it stimulates consumers to think about the advantages from owning the one the Revival‘s items, and is needless to say, boosts the sales.

Best Shopify Stores: 92. In the near future New York

The slider for photos on their homepage is quite impressive. It’s an excellent illustration of how you can make use of a widget such as this to highlight and attract attention to your most valuable products.

I also like their pink palette… but it could be due to my love for the color!

Best Shopify Stores for Technology and Gadgets

Best Shopify Stores: 93. Polaroid Originals

the Polaroid Originals Help widget is located in the lower right-hand edge of their page…and it’s fantastic! Simply type in your question and it’ll provide with a wealth of helpful content from their knowledge base — and hopefully you’ll find answers to your questions on one of these sources.

If you don’t, click the “contact us” button and send us an email support ticket.

The idea of offering something similar to the front page of your Shopify store is a great method to improve your overall experience for customers. offer customers.

Also the use of videos and graphics is top-of-the-line (which is exactly what you’d think of from an online store like Shopify store that is in the field of photography!)

Best Shopify Stores: 94. Kase

Similar to other Shopify stores that are listed here, Kase also excels in identifying the problems of their audience and offering solutions.

They sell extremely slim cell phone casesand they’re so small it’s hard to believe they’re available!

Kase is another fantastic example of an Shopify store that uses social proof to their advantage. They make it obvious from the start how they’ve featured on publications like of Forbes, iMac, and Buzz Feed -We love that!

A Few Other Great Shopify Stores Worth Mentioning

Best Shopify Stores: 95. Brightland

The images appear on Brightland‘s page perfectly showcase their products. They use vibrant colors and pictures of healthy and natural products that they use in their olive oils are indicative of their overall brand message. They’re using images of their products to show how they are experts in healthy, natural produce.

In essence it’s homepage photography executed correctly.

Best Shopify Stores: 96. Bremont

This British luxury watchmaker is an award-winning company that produces the highest-quality chronometers. It makes between 8,000 and 10,000 pieces every year. It is difficult to determine how much it could earn following the 2014 revenue of $14 million is a guess for anyone.

Best Shopify Stores: 97. Condor

Below Condor‘s principal navigation menu they’ve an area that lists the reasons why consumers should invest their hard-earned money in their products. As of the date at the time of writing, Condor published the following:

  • Free delivery over $40
  • Free click and take home
  • Easy and free returns
  • Five is a star on Trust Pilot

In this way, Condor tackles some of the obstacles that can make a purchase difficult, and employs social proof to create confidence with their customers -“killing two birds with one stone’ comes into the mind!

Best Shopify Stores: 98. Next Chapter Studio

The navigation menu that appears at the upper right of the homepage’s navigation menu is simple. If you click on the subheading “cards,” an extensive list of the types of cards they offer appears. This makes it incredibly simple to locate what you’re looking for and, as we’ve said before that a simple navigation process directly relates to better conversion rates.

Best Shopify Stores: 99. Sparko Sweets

If you visit the homepage, you’ll be struck by a bold header image with exquisitely made lollipops. It’s unique. It’s engaging. It’s different. In this instance the product they sell does the majority of their selling!

This is the top list of Stores on Shopify from us.

What is the key to a successful Shopify Store?

In order to launch a successful Store on Shopify, you must be successful. Store there are three components of your store that you must to focus on:

  • Professional-looking design
  • Your quality photos
  • Your “About Us page

When you’ve learned all of the above, you’re more likely to be able to make an effective sale.

It is one of the Best Shopify Stores Have Great Designs

In terms of themes and overall style, Shopify excels.

However, if you’d like to ensure that you’re attracting visitors It’s important to keep the following best practices in mind:

  • Utilize elements of your web pages that attract your viewers Full-width images are a good illustration.
  • Make sure to use minimalist designs. messy designs are a major no-no. It is important to choose an end goal for every one of your web pages, and make your customer’s route to conversion as simple as is possible. In the end the rule is less is more.
  • Be clear about the product you’re selling. you’ll have about five seconds to explain the benefits you can offer, or else you’re likely to see the buyer will leave your site and visit your competition. This is also true for your USP. You must describe exactly what sets you apart from the rest Social evidence, a vibrant and memorable tag line, beautiful images of your product, etc.

The Most Effective Shopify Stores Use Killer Images

Visuals are a must for shoppers. Period.

It’s not surprising that high-resolution images leave such a positive impressions on customers. They entice shoppers and draw their focus to the finer aspects of your product.

Top Tips Be sure to post several photos of the product that are taken from various angles. This allows the buyer to envision themselves wearing, using, or owning the product. Online buyers don’t have the same feeling of security when they see the item in person. These are the reasons why high-quality photographs can help bridge the gap. It is possible to use an image that rotates 360 degrees that allows buyers to view all aspects of your product. The ability to provide a Zoom feature is also a good ideaas most of the time buyers want to see your products in more depth (especially when it’s a high price product).

These are the Best Shopify Stores Have Awesome About Us Pages

It’s obvious that if someone goes to the “About Our” page There’s a good chance they’re looking to learn more about you and what you can provide.

Don’t let them down.

The page ‘About Us’ should include the following information:

  • Tell your brand’s story
  • Tell us what you are able to provide
  • Offer testimonials and other proofs of social status

It’s also a good location to share your contact information, since there’s a chance that somebody who visits your “About Us” page might have an issue they’d like to ask. Who knows? Perhaps you’ll meet your next fan who is adamant about you through this method? !

Best Shopify Stores FAQ:

Do large companies use Shopify?

In short, yes.

Some of the more famous names are:

  • Lollapalooza This fantastic company is known for its merchandise from music festivals. They’ve employed Shopify to create a stylish style shop that showcases their collection of seasonal clothing
  • Daymond John is famously known for being one of Shark Tank sharks, he makes use of Shopify to show how entrepreneurs can begin selling online.
  • Chalkd This brand is unique and makes use of Shopify to offer stunning chalkboards. When you visit their website, you’re immediately greeted by a slider of photos that highlights the top products they sell.
  • Shwood Shop This brand exudes class and yet, it uses Shopify to sell and market their unique wooden eyewear.

Take a look at the article for a an in-depth look at some of the biggest-name Shopify sellers.

Are Shopify Stores Successful?

In short, they do. However, you’ll need apply some hard work and determination.

The numbers speak of the stats themselves:

  • Shopify‘s total revenues for 2018 were $1.073 billion! It’s an increase of 73% since 2016. Based on the above, one can infer that Shopify has been successful and growing!
  • In the year that was last, Shopify merchants made more than $1.5 billion in sales between Black Friday and Cyber Monday! The highest average sales per minute was $870,000!

What’s the Cost to establish an Shopify Store?

Depending on where you’re in with your business There are three different payment options you can select from:

  • basic Shopify This is perfect for beginners ( $29 per month)
  • Shopify It is believed to be the option for businesses that are growing. ( $79 per month)
  • Advanced Shopify: This plan is ideal for larger companies that want to expand the size of their operations ( $299 per month)

Don’t forget to take advantage of Shopify’s free two-week trial to determine which payment plan is the best for your company.

For more details on Shopify pricing, read this article.

How do I set up an Shopify Store?

There are five essentials you should consider before you create an online store on Shopify: Shopify Store:

  1. Create an account on Shopify. Shopify Account.
  2. Create your first product On the Shopify Dashboard, you’ll be able to see an easy step-by step guideline on how you can create your store. The first option will encourage you to create a product therefore, you should click it and you’ll then be given instructions on what you need you should do following.
  3. Make your online store more customizable Simply click the button that reads “Customize the Look of Your Website’. there you can change the look and feel of the appearance of your Shopify website to show your company’s image.
  4. Choose your domain choose your domain name following the steps to transfer the domain you have already or purchase a brand new one. Once you have your domain functioning, you are able to create your Shopify store live.
  5. Select and activate your preferred payment processor. Click on the tab for payments and choose the payment processor.

Voila You’re ready to go!

For more in-depth information about how to create an Shopify store, look at the following article.

Bonus Content:

Are you inspired by These Amazing Shopify Stores?

This is a clear proof that you can go huge in Shopify by utilizing a great UX, design and a touch of marketing savvy.

Do you have stores through Shopify that you are a fan of?

We’ll discuss it in the comments section below.

Note from the Editor: The article was first published in March 28, 2018 and was completely redesigned and updated to ensure completeness and accuracy.

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