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10 Top Ecommerce Website Builders for Small Business

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If you’re a business owner and you’re looking for an easy-to-use platform to set up an impressive online store, without draining your bank account, you’re at the right spot.

We did extensive study to find the top eCommerce website builders for small-scale businesses. We contacted our customers who had logged on to our site, looking to set up an online store and asked them what they wanted from. Pricing? Control of creativity? Sales features?

We merged this information together with our extensive tests on Website Builder Expert to provide you with this complete list. Additionally each platform we’ve reviewed includes a no-cost trial or plan that is free which means there’s no need for credit card commitments now.

  1. Wix
  2. Squarespace
  3. Shopify
  4. Weebly
  5. Square Online
  6. BigCommerce
  7. Volusion
  8. GoDaddy
  9. 3dcart
  10. Big Cartel

We’re quite happy with our research process as not many websites have the ability to boast having conducted thorough tests before making recommendations. This is how our research team finds the top website builders available that are available.

Every builder undergoes our extensive investigation procedure. We study key areas, such as:

  • User-friendly
  • Design Flexibility
  • Price for value
  • Feature quality
  • Assistance and support
  • Customer satisfaction

This allows us to rate and contrast builders with a fairness and focus on the factors that our users have shared with us are important to them.

We even have groups of regular people to try out the building and provide us with feedback, which we examine. This is helpful to us:

  • Know exactly how easy (or difficult) builders are for beginners.
  • Find any problems within the builder
  • assess customer satisfaction and judge

We’ve used this method to more than 50 web builders to date, to ensure that we give you the most precise outcomes and advice!

Still got questions? Take a look at our guide on the way we conduct our Research for Website Developer Research for an in-depth explanation.

The top three eCommerce website builders for small business include Wix, Squarespace, and Shopify. It is possible to see how they performed in our study by looking at their scores below:

Are you wishing there were an easier method to find out which small-business ecommerce platform to use? It’s possible! Our short and simple test will give you a tailored suggestion and you’ll be able to determine the best option in your requirements. Click here to begin…

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The Best eCommerce Web Builders to Build Websites For Small Business

The top eCommerce website builders for small-sized businesses include:

  1. Wix the best overall eCommerce website builder designed for small and medium-sized companies
  2. Squarespace is the best choice for controlling creativity
  3. Shopify is ideal for features that target sales
  4. Weebly is the best to be watching
  5. Square Online the best price for the money
  6. BigCommerce is ideal for growing
  7. Volusion More than you require however, it is ideal for growth
  8. GoDaddy is the most simple to make use of
  9. 3dcart is more complex than it’s worth
  10. BigCartel is free to sell, however very restricting

There is no need for coding skills to make use of E-commerce platforms. You do not have to arrange security or web hosting – everyone can join in the e-commerce party!

Doesn’t that sound great, does it not? The trickiest aspect is choosing which platform you want to use. The choice of a platform is contingent on your specific needs. There are numerous things to take into consideration and a few of the most important ones are:

  • How many products do you have
  • The type of product (i.e. digital, physical, service)
  • How much creative control do you would like to exercise?
  • Your budget
  • Time limitations
  • Scalability of your company

Let’s now dive into each builder’s website to find out more details…

Additional Information

  1. Wix

The best overall eCommerce site builder for small business

Price range: $23 to $49.95 each month (billed annually)

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Wix is a an excellent value-for-money at first and there’s never an ideal time to explore it. Use promo coupon “TAK10” at the time of checkout for a chance to save 10 percent off every Yearly Premium Plan, apart from Combo and Connect Domain. Save now!

Wix Pros Wix Cons
Very simple to use, no technical knowledge required! It’s easy and quick to create an online store. The inventory isn’t as powerful as other platforms. For example there is no way to upload bulk items using Wix with the exception of an .csv file. But it isn’t a problem for small-scale sellers.
A lot of possibilities for creativity – you can build your store, create product videos, and much more. It is impossible to change template after your website is published.


Our research revealed that Wix was a top performer in three areas including price-for-value as well as design and usability. Wix’s plans are full of features, but the prices are considerably lower than competitors in e-commerce such as Shopify. It’s a simple fact that the Wix platform gives users the complete control of your creativity and makes creating an online store simple for novices and includes a lot of features into its plans for e-commerce without jacking up the cost.

The most significant area in which Wix did not perform well effectively in our study was in its selling capabilities. Since it’s a site builder however, it doesn’t come with the same variety of robust tools that an e-commerce platform such as Shopify offers. The inventory management tools it offers aren’t as robust and it’s not possible to upload bulk items without the .csv file.

But, Wix has more than enough features for a smaller company that is looking to begin online.

Wix is the ideal solution for those who are new to technology It’s user-friendly and allows anyone to create a stunning web-based store. It also lets you add videos of your products This is an excellent feature.


Wix’s template layout and the level of creativity control is astonishing. It is easy to drag text boxes, images and other elements onto your site and drop them in the position you prefer. The drag-and-drop editing method is extremely simple, and offers you complete flexibility in the layout of your online store.


Wix allows you to create your store for free and allows you to build the foundations of your online business without spending a cent. However, in order to sell your products you’ll have upgrade to at minimum your Business Basic plan, that costs $33 monthly.

It’s clear that there are many reasons to believe that Wix is the top choice for web-based store builder for small and mid-sized companies. Don’t trust us. We spoke with Claudia the founder of the Vegan Bakes to get her thoughts on her experience using Wix to create her tiny bakery’s website.


Claudia’s Wix website lets her sell her Vegan cakes to people all over the world.

Claudia manages The Vegan Bakes from her kitchen in her home. The business was founded by Claudia after becoming vegan and struggling to locate tasty vegan foods. As a believer that no one should be forced to be denied the pleasures of indulgence, Claudia chose to create the Wix online store that sells cakes, brownies and cakes.

Q&A with Claudia

What made you want to develop your own website?

“I would like to develop my own website so that I could sell my cakes online and send them out to all over the UK. A website lets me can sell my products to a wide public.”

What made you choose to build your website using Wix?

“Wix was my first website after WordPress that I have tried, and I was awed by how simple for me to navigate. I did have a look at Squarespace also, as I’m aware that lots of people who use it, however I was unable to get into it, and I was I stayed in Wix.”

How simple was it build your site using Wix?”

“Wix is very simple to use. It almost makes me think of Microsoft Word as it uses the drag-and-drop method.”

“I will definitely recommend Wix to anyone who wants to develop their own website at a reasonable cost. It’s a breeze to use and allows you to modify every part of your website.”

What do you enjoy the most about Wix and the reason for that?

“I am awestruck by how easy it is to use and create stunning sites. I wanted a minimalist elegant, contemporary and professional website and it was simple to design using Wix. I picked a completely blank template that allowed for complete personalization. So, I could create my site exactly as I wanted it look.”

What was the biggest challenge you faced when creating your website using Wix?

“I wanted to include the option of subscriptions on my website so that people could opt to have boxes of cookies and brownies delivered to their doors every month! At first, when I looked for for this option, it was not available but I was able to think of a way and came up with an app to build the subscription function.”

Do you believe Wix is worth the price?

“I tried to cut costs in the beginning of my vegan bakery since I did not have the funds to invest in branding or web design. I’m of the opinion that Wix is fairly reasonable for the price it offers. I made one-time payments for the whole year and it comes out to an affordable monthly cost.”

Wix has allowed Claudia to Market Her Baked Goods

Wix is a great option to tick all your e-commerce boxes. You can find out more information or begin by visiting Wix’s site!

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  1. Squarespace

Ideal option for creativity and control

Price range: $18 to $ 40 monthly (billed annually)

Squarespace Pros Squarespace Cons
Great social media integration – make it easy to promote your shop on the various social media channels. Paying with credit cards is not an option You can only use Stripe, PayPal, or Apple Pay.
Best design Squarespace offers the best-designed templates available, and is extremely flexible. There are only two plans dedicated to e-commerce, so it’s not the most flexible plan.


If you’re planning to create an impressive website or portfolio, consider this platform. Why is that? Because Squarespace stores are distinctive.

Based on our study, Squarespace topped all other Ecommerce websites in terms of design. Its templates for online stores are sleek, modern and designed to showcase your products. You can change your template at any time you’d like. This is perfect for any rebranding plans you may need to make in the near future.


Similar to like Wix, Squarespace wasn’t so effective in our testing of its sales capabilities. For instance, it does allow multichannel sales, but only via Instagram which is a rather restricted option in comparison to other builders such as Shopify.

However, with the built-in features of Squarespace you’ll have everything needed to get an online store that is small enough to be a the success it deserves. You can also add additional sales tools from the application store. Squarespace Extensions.

All in all, Squarespace is a great option if you’re looking for an impressive-looking storefront.


Even the prices for the Squarespace plans appear attractive – If you choose to sign up for a full year, you’ll only pay $18 per month for the cheapest plan for e-commerce (or $26 per month for the month-by-month contract).

You can however purchase the $18/month plan for just $16.20/month when you take advantage of this exclusive Squarespace coupon code when you make the first order. Enter coupon code WBE at the time of checkout to get 10% off the purchase of any Squarespace plans.

Do you want a lot of creative control as well as an impressive online store? It sounds like Squarespace might be the perfect fit for you. Learn more about it by going to Squarespace.

Additional Information


  1. Shopify

Ideal for features that are sales-specific.

Price Range: $29 – $299 per month

Shopify Pros Shopify Cons
Top sales features to be found on the market today The best sales features available Shopify offers an extensive array of powerful tools and an immense application market. This is just one of the reasons why the 93% majority of customers have said they’d recommend Shopify! The price is not worth the value for small businesses . Shopify is an excellent marketplace, but, for small sellers, its costs are quite high.
Amazing inventory system Innovative inventory The inventory management system of Shopify allows you to manage your store by notifying you when the product is not in stocks. Fees for transactions Transaction fees Shopify is among the few platforms that charge transaction charges except if you are using its own payment processor called Shopify Payments.


If you’re committed to selling your products and need to help your small business get an edge, Shopify has everything you need to get started. If you’re not able to find what you’re looking you can find it in an huge app store to peruse!

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that’s dedicated that is created solely to help you develop the online stores you want to sell. This is why it comes with more sophisticated sales tools as opposed to website builders such as the Wix or Squarespace.

Based on our study, Shopify was not only at the first in the rankings for its sales-related features – it also earned the highest score from customers. We determine the score by asking customers to play with the building tool, and then score it on the basis of their experiences. Shopify was the preferred choice of the people for building the online shop.

One of the best features of Shopify is that it has integrated drop-shipping tools. If you’re a small company having trouble finding storage for your goods, Shopify could be your best option.

If you already sell, Shopify has apps that allow you to connect your inventory and make it easy to manage your sales from one spot. Shopify is also a excellent multiple-channel sales options which include connectivity with Instagram, Facebook, and even Amazon and eBay.


Shopify wasn’t awe-inspiring in all areas, however the place where it fell short was price for value. The majority of the tools for sales offered by Shopify aren’t suitable for small-sized businesses, which means that you’re paying for features that you may not require for long. If you’re working on a tight budget, every penny is important!

The pricing plans for Shopify start at 29 dollars per month. However, there is a way to cut costs by signing on for an annual subscription instead of paying on the per-month basis. You’ll get 10% off when the plan is signed up for just one year, however you’ll get 20% off if you join for two years. This means you can save around $190 each year for the Shopify plan that you can use towards travel expenses and office equipment or perhaps some fresh business cards!

A good thing to be aware of… Unless you opt for Shopify’s in-house payment processor, Shopify Payments which is a payment gateway, you are charged transaction costs for your sales. For the most basic plan, it would be the equivalent of 2% transaction fees.

Shopify’s tools aren’t going to help you if you only want to sell a few items. If you’re ambitious and wish to establish an established foundation, Shopify provides the entire package to help you build a small-scale company.

93% of respondents were surveyed said they’d recommend Shopify Learn why using Shopify’s free 14-day trial.

Additional Information

  • Check out our complete Shopify review to discover whether it’s the ideal e-commerce platform for small-scale businesses.
  1. Weebly

This is the one you should look at

Price range: $6 to $26 per month (billed annually)

Weebly Pros Weebly Cons
It’s very simple to use. Weebly is user-friendly and you won’t require a lot of free time (or any technical expertise). It is not possible to sell on different channels. This is particularly annoying if you have an existing Facebook or Etsy store, for example.
Cheap prices Low costs Weebly is affordable and offers notable low prices for starters.. Inability to personalize your checkout page. The look for your checkout pages is vital however Weebly restricts your creativity.


Small business owners must be aware of hidden costs. Fortunately, Weebly is an extremely budget-friendly site, offering one of the lowest prices for ecommerce starting about. You can also sell your products through Weebly’s no-cost E-commerce plan which is a great benefit to provide for free. Furthermore, Weebly is super easy to use.

While it is possible to sell on the free plan, you may sell with the free plan If are serious about selling, then we suggest to purchase the Professional plans for smaller stores as well as it’s the performance plan that is the most effective plan for online sales.

The Professional plan costs $12 per month. plan is the most affordable plan to eliminate Weebly advertisements from your site. It it also includes shipping calculator, a no-cost domain with unlimited space. However, the $26 per month Performance plan is the best choice for stores that are online You get every feature from email notifications about abandoning carts, to discounts on shipping as well as advanced ecommerce insight.


Weebly also offers amazing extra features especially for the blogging area and password-protected pages. The drawback? It’s not possible to sell on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. However, overall, Weebly is a safe option for small-scale businesses.

In our tests, Weebly did not impress us with its more extensive e-commerce services and that’s why we would recommend it to small-scale businesses that only sell just a handful of items Simply put it isn’t as extensive an provide in comparison to the Wix or Squarespace..

Since Square has taken over Weebly and its sales capabilities have significantly improved. This move is responsible for Weebly’s new e-commerce free plan, and the significant improvement to its selling features. Its Performance plans are an excellent illustration to show how Weebly has made a leap to the e-commerce standard in recent times which makes it one to keep an eye on!

It’s good to be aware of… We’ve labeled Weebly as “the one to be watching” as it is making signs of tailoring its platform for small business owners’ requirements. For instance, it offers an automated tax calculator and it has a mobile application that lets you run your business while on the move. It’s an extensive road to travel before we can compare it to our top three eCommerce builders.

Our research revealed that Weebly was a top performer in terms of cost-effectiveness and it’s easy to see the reason. You can sell your products for free and the most affordable e-commerce plan costs just 6 dollars each month (billed each year.)

Weebly is affordable and has many promises – could be the right choice for you?

Additional Information

  1. Square Online

The best price for the money

Price Range: $0 – $72 per month

Square Online Pros Square Online Cons
The free plan lets that you can create and sell your product without committing to a contract The store builder itself runs on Weebly and has the same restrictions on customizing as Weebly
Artificial Design Intelligence makes Square Online extremely fast and easy to use. The larger merchants will surpass Square Online’s capabilities.


Square is a major payment processor that purchased Weebly – a popular website builder in the year 2018. The result is Square Online, which combines the features of Square with Weebly’s web building platform.

The first thing you should mention about this brand new player on the block is that, overall it’s pretty comparable to Weebly. You sign up via Square Online, and get more features, but you’re using Weebly’s builder software to create your store.

This is especially good news for people who are just beginning to learn since Weebly is incredibly easy to use and scored an impressively high user satisfaction rating in our research. However, it comes with its limitations, including the limited options for customization.

Square Online uses Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) to give an online store that is tailored to your requirements. It’s the same process employed by other builders such as GoDaddy in asking questions regarding your store to design a unique design for your site.


So, why should you use Square Online instead of Weebly? The reason is that Square Online comes with additional features and integrations that Weebly does not include, like monitoring the behavior of customers and generating custom invoices.

It also makes use of its AI technology to assist users follow the best practice for adding products. This was an aspect that truly was noticeable when we tried Square Online. For instance, it is able to determine the product and suggest the name of the category for you, which can save you time.


With these advantages, we recommend Square Online to sellers who are looking to get the best value for their money. Square Online’s platform can be simple to use and inexpensive However, it doesn’t sacrifice the features that are great, too.

One of the best things to talk about with Square Online is the fact it comes with an unpaid plan that you can sell on this uncommon offer that’s not available in the majority of e-commerce builders. Square Online has four plans that range from $0 through $72 per monthly (billed each year).

Do you think Square Online sound like the E-commerce builder that you’re looking for? Create and sell for no cost to find out whether it’s the best fit for your business!

  1. BigCommerce

Ideal for small-sized businesses that wish to expand

Price Range: $29.95 – $249.95 per month

Save the Date: Heads Up! Receive 1 month for Free

Begin your free 15-day trial today, and you’ll get the first month of free for the first month of BigCommerce when you select your premium plan! Start your free BigCommerce trial today to avail this limited-time offer.

BigCommerce Pros BigCommerce Cons
Perfect for expanding your business BigCommerce is an extremely scalable platform aiding your business to grow. It’s difficult to use – BigCommerce isn’t the most user-friendly for beginners which means you’ll require longer to make your store online.
No transaction costs – There is no need to pay for anything additional. Advanced is a fancy word – BigCommerce’s capabilities are amazing, but there’s a learning curve needed to get them set up.


BigCommerce is the one with the most built-in features of any eCommerce builder, which means it’s not as dependent on apps than platforms such as Shopify. This helps lower your expenses However, it also signifies you can be sure that BigCommerce has the most flexible ecommerce builder available. If you’re looking for a way to achieve big goals for your small-scale business, BigCommerce is the right option for you!

BigCommerce additionally allows you to sell through a range different channels that include Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping and Wal-Mart. This can help you increase your reach and reach while maintaining costs at a minimum.

BigCommerce is named as a “Strong Performance” on the Ecommerce Space

Forrester Research has named BigCommerce an excellent performer in its two recently released studies, the first focused on B2B Commerce suites and one on B2C commerce suites. These reports review the top companies in the field of commerce software, and aid businesses to select the most appropriate technology for their requirements.

BigCommerce scored the  highest score in five factors Expanded Sales Channels (B2C Wave) A/B, Multivariate Testing Platform Architecture Platform Integration Delivery Model as well as Technology Partners and Marketplace (B2B Wave).

The reports also provide comments of BigCommerce customers, who found the following “like the atmosphere and the responsiveness of the customer support” when they use the platform.

The biggest issue that comes with BigCommerce is that many of its products are designed to help businesses grow quickly and also supporting big stores. If you’re not planning to grow, you’ll pay for features that aren’t necessary for your small-scale business.

It is for this reason that BigCommerce was not a standout in terms of price-for-value during our study. Also, it was not a top performer in our test of user-friendliness due to the jargon it employs. This means it is not ideal for small-scale businesses who want to go online fast and with the least inconvenience.

But, BigCommerce unsurprisingly received high scores for its selling features and also offers excellent SEO features to help your company find its way onto Google.


If you’re looking to create using BigCommerce there are three options to select from. The most affordable price starts from $29.95 for a month. The plan comes with a fifteen-day trial for free so you can test it out before committing to a contract!

All in all, BigCommerce is ideal If you’re looking to get some of the most advanced tools in your arsenal when you expand your business. It’s certainly a great e-commerce builder, but for small businesses, it’s between the group.

Are you planning big for your small-scale company? BigCommerce is the ideal choice for your small business. Profit the most from its free trial of 15 days!

Additional Information

  • Does BigCommerce sound like something you would consider? Take a look at our complete BigCommerce review to determine whether it checks all the boxes.
  1. Volusion

Much more that you require However, excellent for growth

Price Range: $29 – $299 per month

Volusion Pros Volusion Cons
Provides multiple payment gateways to pick from a variety of choices to meet the needs of your business. The interface is difficult to use. you’ll need to spend an hour or so building your store using Volusion.
Data-driven reports with insightful information – discover how you can improve your site by simply monitoring your site’s performance. Volusion has no real niche product – Volusion is a mid-range of the road platform without a distinct selling feature.

Volusion provides absolutely no gimmicks with regards to data reports. Everything you need to monitor the performance of your website and its progress is available in one location it’s a one-stop shop it’s a data lover’s dream.

This is ideal for expanding businesses at the rate that you like. Volusion’s tools for data let you determine how effective your pages are, so that you can quickly adjust your site to increase sales.


Based on our study, Volusion did poorly on the features on its website The main reason is that Volusion does not offer blogging tools. Blogging could play a significant role in the development of small companies, therefore this is an important disadvantage.

One area in which Volusion stood out was its selling tools. But for small-sized businesses, many of these features are excessive.

If you’re looking to expand your company, Volusion is a decent option to begin.


Volusion’s lowest price plan cost only $29 for a month. That’s right – it’s about the same cost as Shopify! From the two options however, you’ll get better price for your money using Shopify.

Are you not a fan of design, but are you a fan of data? Explore Volusion today.

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  1. GoDaddy

Easy to utilize

Price Band: $19.99 per month (billed annually)

GoDaddy Pros GoDaddy Cons
The fastest and most simple to build The quickest and easiest to build GoDaddy makes use of ADI to make the construction of your store as easy as it is. Some features don’t meet the standards GoDaddy isn’t the most advanced features available.
Offers more industry support than competitors. Whether you’re a writer, photographer or dog walker GoDaddy is here to help. Limits to creative control The advantages you get through speed is what you forfeit in freedom of expression.

Easy of Use

GoDaddy utilizes Go Central and ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) to create your online store in a matter of minutes. If you’d like your company to be up and running on the internet quickly, this is an absolute must.

Certain features might be more effective, especially in relation to blogging, but for a straightforward, easy-to-use site, GoDaddy will do the trick.

The proof is in the details with black and white: our users rated GoDaddy 4.1 out five for ‘ease of use’ during our study. If you’re not tech-phobic You’ll discover GoDaddy easy to work with.

However, if you’re looking to have more control over your website’s appearance, GoDaddy might not be the right choice for you. The ADI removes the majority of the design off your shoulders and the degree of flexibility when you’re editing is very limited.

However, what you’ll lose in freedom of expression You more than make up with time It’s true that you’ll never beat GoDaddy for speed.


GoDaddy can build you an online store within minutes and at under $20 each month. There is only one e-commerce plan, which is the aptly called Store price plan. Store Price Plan that costs $19.99 monthly, (billed annually). It also comes with a one-month trial for free as well.

Are you looking to set up your online store online quickly and easily? Say hello to GoDaddy.

Additional Information

  1. 3dcart

More complex that it’s worth

Price Range: $19 – $229 per month

3dcart Pros 3dcart Cons
A great inventory system that you’ll be able monitor your items and sales effortlessly. Most unlikely to be recommended by users. In our tests, 3dcart got the lowest rating from customers.
Flexible design – you are able to alter your theme at any point. There’s no mobile app, so you’re not able to run your business anywhere.


3dcart is the exact opposite of Squarespace. It is based on powerful back-end tools as well as inventory features and focuses less on design and creativity. Without a mobile application it is not possible to edit your site while on the move however 3dcart comes with an incredible array of sales tools built into the site. It also means you don’t have to worry about purchasing a lot of apps that can quickly increase.

3dcart was ranked behind Volusion in terms of sales features when we compared our rankings. It does however come with an excellent inventory system and lots of control over management in the back end. It can also reformat your website automatically when you change themes, and earns you points for design.

Easy of Use

The problem is that 3dcart was unable to keep up when we tried it out. Our customers who tested it had the lowest score which makes it the e-commerce builder for small businesses that users were least likely to recommend.


3dcart’s most affordable plans is 29 dollars per month that’s exactly the same as Shopify’s cheapest cost plan. In this regard you’ll save your dollars in other places.

Do you want to know more about 3dcart? Learn more about it by visiting the website of 3dcart.

Additional Information


  1. Big Cartel

No cost to sell, but extremely restrictive

Price range: $0 – $29.99 per month

Big Cartel Pros Big Cartel Cons
Free plan available – Big Cartel is one of the only builders of ecommerce on our list that let you sell without cost. It is extremely difficult to use and you’ll require some programming expertise to get the most benefit from Big Cartel.
Ideal for small-scale sales – Big Cartel is designed mostly for single-use items as well as art pieces. Bad designs The themes offered by Big Cartel are simple and they offer very limited options for customization.


Big Cartel‘s main selling feature is the ability to create, publish, as well as sell without paying one penny. That’s pretty rare. In the majority of other e-commerce site builders, you must be on a subscription plan to sell on your website However, Big Cartel breaks this mold.

But, the expression “you receive what you spend for” is a common thought as Big Cartel is an extremely basic builder of e-commerce. It was fourth in four of seven research areas, making the top builder in:

  • Web Features For instance, Big Cartel doesn’t have any blogging tools built-in.
  • sales features The software is missing key features. For instance it’s not PCI certified as well as there’s not a recovery feature for abandoned carts.
  • help and assistance Support and Help – You only receive assistance via email from between Monday and Friday, or through Help Center. Help Center.
  • Value for money While you can sell for no cost but the features that you can avail in the paid plans are extremely limited.

No building company is all good but Big Cartel does have its own advantages that warrant it a spot on our top list of eCommerce builders for small-scale businesses.

If you’re beginning small and you don’t mind being a little more modest, Big Cartel is built specifically for you.

It’s made to assist makers, artists and creatives to sell their merchandise online, so it’s great to sell a limited number of exclusive items. It’s not possible to bulk upload items so you’ll need to upload each item separately!

You can be assured you’re safe knowing that Big Cartel isn’t going to overburden you with a myriad of features that you don’t really need and making it easy to keep your small company easily manageable.


One of the most appealing aspects of Big Cartel is its low-cost pricing packages. These are very affordable, but even on the highest priced packages, the capabilities are not the most extensive.

A free account with Big Cartel allows you to sell five items and comes with only the basics. The cheapest plan, paid for at $9.99 monthly and unlocks the Big Carel’s features and allows you to make sales of up to 25 items. Upgrade or decrease your plan your plan at any time.

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The best eCommerce Web-based Website Building Tools for Small Business: Review

There are a variety of website builders alternatives for small businesses. They allow you to build an amazing online store at very little cost and help to get your business off the ground in the world of online shopping.

To summarize the top 10 e-commerce websites for small-scale businesses are:

  1. Wix is the most comprehensive eCommerce website builder for small-sized businesses
  2. Squarespace is ideal for control of creativity
  3. Shopify is ideal for features that target sales
  4. Weebly is the site to follow
  5. Square Online the best price
  6. BigCommerce is the best choice for growing
  7. Volusion More than you require but excellent for growth
  8. GoDaddy is the simple to use
  9. 3Dcart More complicated than it’s worth
  10. BigCartel is free to market, but extremely restricted

The list below of 10 suggestions is a fantastic solution for small-scale businesses who want to start their online presence. But, as your business expands, so will the demands of your website.

If your business does expand rapidly – and we hope it will, you may think about changing to a large enterprise-friendly platform like BigCommerce or Shopify Both of these are great for growing fast-growing ecommerce stores.

For small-sized companies, we suggest three of our top choices. It is recommended to use:

  • Wix If you’re looking to get the most value of your budget, or if you’re just a beginner who is looking for total freedom of thought with regards to the layout of your website.
  • Squarespace If you’re looking for modern, sleek design for your company’s website and tons of creative control and options built-in.
  • Shopify If are serious about selling and need powerful tools, numerous apps to manage your business.

Unless you have extremely specific requirements, we do not suggest Big Cartel or 3dcart – they’re perfect for smaller companies, but the majority of businesses users will find them to be restrictive and time-consuming.

At the moment, we suggest using one of the other builders we mentioned for small businesses. Do not forget that every platform offers a no-cost plan or a trial period, so you can start laying the foundations for your future online business for no cost at all.


Wix is the top overall E-commerce platform on the market It’s user-friendly it has superior sales tools, and has a plethora of customer support. It’s also ideal for small businesses as well. It lets you create an online store and sell a small number of products easily.

BigCommerce is designed for rapid-growing companies looking to grow rapidly. It comes with the most advanced built-in features of any platform however it’s a little difficult to use because it relies on a complex languages. Shopify is a better choice for small enterprises. It’s much simpler to utilize than BigCommerce and can help you create your store in a short time.

The pricing plans for e-commerce on Weebly begin at just $6 per monthly, making it great for small businesses trying to stay within their budget. Weebly also allows you to sell for no cost, but it’s rather restricted. BigCartel can also let you sell online for no cost but it’s not as good as Weebly’s capabilities and tools. However, you’ll get the most value for money from Square Online, which lets you sell with its free package and provides excellent features in its paid plans beginning at just 12 dollars per month.

Website Builder Expert strives to provide users with accurate information. This is the reason We do the research ourselves and get direct, individual insights directly from the source. Graphics and analyses that appear in this piece are built on real sources, which have been validated by our in-house experts.

We make every effort to ensure that the information we release is reliable and precise. We do not, however, assume any responsibility for errors or omissions. WBE is not responsible for errors in the information provided to us by research participants, users or other organizations.

It is important to note that the information provided in this article is intended for general informational purposes only. We’re happy to address any questions you might have about the article and the research that supports it. For further information, please contact Website Builder Expert directly via email at

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