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Best Active Campaign Alternatives (Nov 2021) – Top Solutions Reviewed

Here are the top alternative to Active Campaign.

The top Active Campaign options give entrepreneurs a different avenue to automation and marketing via email in the event that Active Campaign does not work.

In addition, Active Campaign is widely considered to be one of the most effective tools for marketing via email, with a massive audience of satisfied customers. It provides everything from A/B tests to simple customizable campaigns. But, as with any other business application, Active Campaign won’t appeal to all users.

If you believe Active Campaign as expensive or you think it isn’t equipped with the kind of features you’re seeking If so, you’re at the right spot. We’ll examine several of the top competitors to Active Campaign and discuss why they are so successful for the business owners of today.


Best Active Campaign Alternatives:


Active Campaign Alternative 1: HubSpot

For all-round emails, marketing via email, CRM capabilities and digital expansion, HubSpot is an extremely well-known tool. It is also important to note that HubSpot provides a variety of products that can meet your requirements. If you’re searching at alternatives to ActiveCampaign the best choice for you could include HubSpot’s “Marketing Hub”, which can help you with email marketing, ads management and forms.

Contrary to most of the leading software for marketing, HubSpot provides easy for businesses to start, by offering the option of a no-cost trial version. There are also many features that you won’t find included in other systems such as live chat to help your customers, as well as access to your own CRM built-in to build relationships with customers.

Based on the plan you choose, you’ll be able to access things such as the sales hub, which is for managing sales, the service hub to provide amazing customer experience, and the CMS hub to help to expand your site. HubSpot is an extremely advanced tool to help you reach the perfect customer.


HubSpot’s pricing plans start with a free plan which includes the basics of creating forms as well as email marketing and live chat. If you’re looking for more advanced features, you’ll need change to the more expensive version beginning at PS38 monthly. This is an excellent option to make all kinds of content, creating leads and keeping track of prospects.

The premium package priced at PS38 per month includes the “Starter” kits for all of the other Hubs from HubSpot which include Service, Sales, CMS Operations, and other the tools that are free.


  • A wide range of features available for every kind of business
  • Many sales and marketing capabilities
  • Chatbots that are easy to converse with and live chat
  • Built-in CRM function
  • Free option for beginners
  • Extra assistance is available through CMS


  • It can be quite expensive
  • Some sort of learning curve for newbies

Who’s this the best choice for?

If you’re a business that is growing and searching for a software that will aid you in managing everything from sales to marketing and service at the same time, HubSpot is an excellent option. Its all-in-one hub is a great tool for enhancing your business however, it’s pricey some money.

Active Campaign Alternative 2: Sendinblue

Sendinblue may have started out as an email marketing automation tool but it’s so much more than that. The technology is ideally suited for businesses that wish to use many tools in the same space, like chat, SMS marketing, along with email marketing. It is possible to track all of interactions with customers within the same space as well as have access to a CRM built-in.

Sendinblue allows marketing simple, with lots of other features to discover including marketing automations, full workflows, transactional emails creation as well as deep segmentation. You’ll be able to build an extremely personalized and branded marketing plan using the help of Sendinblue. You can also design Facebook ads and landing pages as well.

It’s incredibly easy to use and GDPR-compliant, which means you’ll know that you’re not violating any laws for connecting to people from the EU. The ecosystem of Sendinblue is designed to reduce the possibility of privacy or security concerns.


There’s a variety of pricing options for customers of Sendinblue with a free option to help you get to get started. The free plan gives unlimited contacts, 300 daily emails along with chat support for one individual. The first paid plan, “Lite”, starts at just $35 per month, based on the number of emails you’ll have to send. More emails that you’ll send out, the more you’ll have to pay.

The Lite version includes AB testing, but there is there is no daily limit on sending. You can also choose premium for $65 per month (and up) and gain access to Facebook ads, landing pages as well as a variety of other options. Quotes are available for enterprises. businesses.


  • Excellent customer service
  • A wide range of tools for segmentation.
  • Email Chat, SMS, and email all on the same page
  • Excellent integrations with the most popular tools.
  • A/B testing and report
  • Builder of landing pages and forms
  • Easy to use


  • Editing isn’t always the most straightforward thing to do.
  • There aren’t many advanced features in analytics

Who’s this the best choice for?

Sendinblue is a useful tool for marketing that is all-in-one through a variety of channels. The platform offers everything you need to reach out to your customers and establish lasting connections. Technology is constantly becoming smarter and efficient!

Active Campaign Alternative 3: Constant Contact

is among the most popular solutions to market your business via email on the internet. It was designed to assist companies in connecting with their clients in a more intimate way, Constant Contact simplifies the method of communicating with your target audience. It allows you to create comprehensive automated email marketing campaigns, including fantastic templates that can help you start.

Additionally, you’ll have access to eCommerce tools as well as websites with built-in marketing features and social media marketing connections. Contrary to most email marketing services which are limited to Facebook and Instagram, you’ll be able to use the two platforms Instagram and Facebook for advertisements. There’s also a useful marketing calendar that you can use to track the progress of different campaigns in time.

Constant Contact offers everything companies need to be able to immediately jump into action due to the wide array of online training and support tools. Learn how to utilize every aspect of drip-campaigns to testing A/B to make your company more effective. There’s also a variety of AI tools so that you can make use of AI to improve your site.


The pricing on Constant Contact starts with a free trial for a month to test the capabilities before you go into. Following this the first paid subscription begins at just the price of $20 per month contingent on the number of contacts you have. It gives you unlimited monthly email messages 5, 5 users, sign-up forms applications and integrations in addition to other features.

If you’re looking for more sophisticated capabilities then you could upgrade your account your account to Email Plus at $45 per month, to ensure that all users have access to your technology.


  • A variety of automation tools and drip campaigns.
  • It integrates with Facebook and other social networks.
  • Sign-up forms and landing pages
  • Easy drag-and-drop editor
  • AI website development
  • A plethora of segmentsation options
  • Back-end that is easy to use


  • There isn’t a free plan and they can be expensive.
  • Support may not be instantaneous

Who’s this the best choice for?

If you’re looking for an easy method to improve your marketing skills however, you’d like tools to design your own website and drive greater conversions Constant Contact has you covered. You can even learn how to build complex websites completely from beginning to finish.

Active Campaign Alternative 4: Moosend

A highly effective email marketing tool designed to boost business growth, Moosend is rapidly gaining popularity in the marketing via email market. Employed by brands such as Gucci as well as Dominos, Moosend is notable for its user-friendly, intuitive and also affordable. It can be used to automatize a part of your marketing strategy and to set up triggers that are based on your customer’s behavior.

The combination of appealing, professional-looking designs for emails and in-depth segmentation increases your chances of establishing meaningful connections with your customers. You could even send targeted emails with recommendations for products in response to a previous client’s purchases.

To keep up with rivals such as ActiveCampaign, Moosend also offers the ability to create landing pages. The drag-and-drop landing pages builder is a quick and efficient way to collect leads to your email marketing campaigns. With a non-code approach it is possible for anyone to create amazing emails in a matter of minutes using the software from MooSend.


Moosend is particularly appealing to smaller businesses and novices because it offers an “free forever” plan. It’s a free marketing tool that lets you send unlimited emails and also creating sign-up forms. It’s not possible to create your own company branding however. It’s the Pro plan, priced at only $8 per month provides greater flexibility and features for those who require more sophisticated email marketing.


  • Generous free plan available
  • Customized reports and analytics
  • Many options to customize and separate
  • Creation of landing page included
  • Excellent for managing email


  • Template options are limited.
  • Automatization can be a challenge
Who’s the best candidate for this?

If you’re looking to have a quick impact on your customers without spending a lot, MooSend is a great alternative. You can begin sending out emails for free and you can also make use of API links to link your marketing strategies for email to other business technologies.

ActiveCampaign Alternative 6: Drip

A reliable tool for automation of emails in lead nurturing and automation, Drip gives companies multiple options to reach their intended audience. Drip’s range of SMS and email marketing tools for companies that are growing allows you to gain access to new opportunities for your group of customers. It is possible to run complex campaigns and create workflows without any prior knowledge of coding.

Drip works with a number of the most popular web builders and therefore you don’t need to fret if you’d like to send messages to customers who have abandoned their carts or transactions. You can incorporate the data you collect from your store’s analytics for e-commerce, to make your emails more relevant and personalized. There are even E-commerce playbooks that can help you to make the right impression.

Drip comes with a range of optimization tools that are that are built-in, including Email segmentation, A/B tests,, and other testing tools. Additionally, you can access live chat support online training, webinars and automated training in case you need additional assistance.


A free trial is available to test Drip’s technology through its paces. If you’re ready to upgrade your marketing via email Drip costs start at $19 a month for email. It allows unlimited email sending and up 500 contacts. The more contacts you’ll require to be able to reach in the future, the more you’ll be charged. You can also get SMS and email starting at about $22. The pricing will vary based on the amount of people you have on the list (starting from 500) and the number of messages you’d like to send (SMS) each calendar month (Starting by sending 200).


  • A wide variety of automation features
  • Perfect for segmentation and for personalizing
  • It is easy to use and comes with a clean frontend and built-in workflows
  • Multi-channel marketing using SMS
  • A plethora of tools for reporting


  • There is an education curve
  • Can get expensive
Who’s this the best choice for?

Drip is an excellent option for advanced segmented and segmented campaigns. Drip aids in the creation of customized reports as well as A/B testing which allows you to make the right choices to target your audience in the right way. There’s also plenty of information for those who are just beginning.

Active Campaign Alternative 7: AWeber

It is widely considered to be one of the top alternatives for email marketing software along with top brands like Mailchimp along with Hubspot, AWeber provides businesses with everything they require to reach their intended customers. The array of email marketing tools that are offered by AWeber can assist you in sending everything from transaction alerts as well as automated advertising campaigns.

In contrast to the majority of software for marketing via email, AWeber is one of the best solutions when you require help in learning about your customers. There’s a wide range of reporting tools as well as A/B testing and analytics which will allow you to see the best practices for your business. While it might be a bit difficult for small-sized firms to implement but you’ll also get options like customizing templates and the ability to send emails via RSS for blogs.

Its AWeber mail marketing system lets users easily segment and tag various segments of customers so that you can tailor messages to the people you want to reach. Additionally, you’ll have access to options for affiliate marketing as well to help you expand your digital marketing activities.


Although AWeber does provide a free edition of the service for novices, you’ll only be capable of sending messages to up 500 subscribers. This isn’t as flexible. It is possible to move to the “Pro package” for $16.50 per month when you pay annually, which means you can send messages that don’t bear AWeber branding. The price will increase dependent on the number of subscribers you have.


  • Excellent for analytics and reporting
  • A wide range of modern features
  • Good marketing automation software
  • Builder for landing pages is with built-in landing page builder
  • Free package is available
  • Good for affiliate marketing


  • A little bit in the learning process novices
  • Unable to access some of the most advanced auto responder functions?


Who’s this the best choice for?

If you’re looking through Active Campaign competitors looking for an application that can allow you to send appealing messages to your customers, and track the success for your marketing campaign Aweber will be an excellent option. There are a wide range of behavioral data and tracking tools that will assist you in making better decisions regarding your business.

Active Campaign Alternative 8: Get Response

When it comes to deciding on Active Campaign other alternatives Get Response can be considered one of the most popular tools available out there. It offers a variety of integrated tools for lead management and marketing. You can also access pre-built workflows to assist you in getting the most value from the lead nurture strategies you employ. Additionally, Get Response integrates with tools such as Sales force and WordPress as well.

From sending messages instantly to the creation of extensive email marketing campaigns Get Response offers a wide range of functions to provide. It is possible to explore the funnels that are currently available from Get Response to boost conversions, or utilize a drag-and-drop editor to create your personal. There are also a number of reports to help you increase your delivery and conversion rates.

While Get Response is among the most sophisticated marketing automation platforms that are available, offering the ability to integrate SEO as well as mobile app technology and more, it’s quite simple to utilize. Furthermore, the pricing plans aren’t as costly as you’d imagine when compared to Active Campaign pricing. If you’re looking to build more contacts and boost your conversions Get Response might be the solution to use.


The cost for emails and other content marketing technologies from GetResponse starts at fifteen dollars per year. The cost for the service is according to the amount of contacts you have. This means that the service may be costly if you plan on expanding your list. There’s also a business package offered, but it’ll cost about 2000 dollars each month.


  • Simple to operate email editor
  • Lead scoring and other important metrics
  • A variety of templates for SMBs to investigate
  • Ideal for sales funnels and landing pages.
  • Multi-media campaigns are a great option


  • Certain limitations on subscriber forms
  • The learning curve may be a bit higher for those who are just beginning their journey
Who’s this the best choice for?

If you’re looking to go beyond email marketing tools and get everything from lead management to contact nurturing all in one place, Get Response is a good option. It doesn’t require HTML or coding Additionally, you won’t be paying as much as other options, like HubSpot marketing.

Selecting your Active Campaign Alternative

Active Campaign is a solution that is competitive for marketing via email in the current market However, it’s not the only choice. There are a variety of other tools available giving similar lead generation features and tools for customer engagement.

If you can, it’s worth checking to avail a trial for the program you’re considering making use of before investing too large.

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