The Best WordPress Hosting (Nov 2021) A Top 5 List of WordPress Hosting Services, Reviewed and Comparing

This article will guide you through the top WordPress hosting service providers.

The phrase “web hosting” could sound complicated, and could scare those who are looking to get into the world of e-commerce. But, by 2021, web hosting doesn’t have to be complicated.

Selecting a host is one of the first tasks you undertake as retail business owner, right alongside picking your platform and choosing the name of your store.

If you’re adamant about WordPress and have found yourself having any of these issues. Our guide to the top 10 WordPress hosting services will assist you.

  • What is Web Hosting?
  • What are the advantages from webhosting?
  • How much will web hosting cost?

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting happens when a hosting company assigns space for your website to the server.

It’s basically where all the site’s files are kept. If someone enters your domain’s name and enters your website, the server on which your website is hosted sends the files at the requester.

There’s a plethora of web hosting providers for WordPress websites competing to grab your attention. The company you choose to go with will depend on where you’re on your e-commerce journey. Prices start from just $1 per month, and can go all the way to $1000.

The benefits of web hosting

Web hosting can provide a range of advantages to your WordPress site, and here are some of them below.


Ensure that your website is accessible all the time is vital.

Doing a quick search of the service you are interested in and the phrase “uptime” can be a great option. Before you decide on the right WordPress host , check the track record of the company’s uptime. You shouldn’t be able to achieve anything less than 98 percent.



Bandwidth is the quantity of data that can be transmitted to the user within an amount of time. Websites are complicated and comprise HTML, CSS, and images.

It is measured by gigabytes which means the more bandwidth you pick your more dynamic and engaging content will be able to provide. Ensure that your hosting provider includes caching features is essential. This will reduce your bandwidth consumed by users who visit your site.


A reliable web hosting service can offer a firewall as well as antivirus software to your website that guards your site from viruses and malware.

Websites are constantly vulnerable to attack, so making sure that the web hosting service your hosting provider offers a free SSL certificate can be a great beginning. It is a clear sign that your site is secure and provides users with confidence when they place an order.


If your site is compromised It is important to be aware that there’s backups. Talk to your provider’s support department to determine the frequency at which your website will be protected. Backups on a daily basis are popular in the present.


In the event that any one of these problems are encountered, it’s best to have an excellent customer support team at hand. A majority of the top providers are accessible throughout the year So don’t accept anything less than the best.


In addition to the optimization of your website pages having a secure website with a reliable uptime offers significant benefits for your site’s SEO.


A reliable hosting service can assist you in connecting to the CDN or content delivery networks (CDN). This signifies that your WordPress website can be connected to a server closer to the visitors to your website their location. Thus, the loading time of your website will be much faster for them.

Why WordPress.com?

WordPress is more than a blog website.

It’s a great entry-level option for small-sized businesses. It also has an excellent e-commerce integration through it’s WooCommerce solution. It’s one of the most popular web-based platforms available.

The best WordPress hosting Top Picks

But, if you’re in an emergency, here’s the complete list of our two top WordPress hosting choices:


The top 10 WordPress hosting companies

There are numerous hosting options that are available for WordPress so let’s look through some of the top.

  1. Site Ground

Site Ground is among the biggest players in the world of web hosting. Since the beginning of their existence back in 2004, they have more than two million domains.


The basic plan of Site Ground begins at $5.99 per month.

You receive SSL certification daily backups, emails, free CDN and the ability to cache your site out of the box. Caching basically increases the number of hits that your website will receive and boosts the speed of your site overall.

These GrowBig packages and GoGeek packages provide better customer service and options for increasing contributors, as well as faster loading times.

You can buy domain names directly through SiteGround at the cost of $14.95.


SiteGround assures that their network will be up and running at 99.9 percent. If they fail to meet this, they will pay the following amount:

  • 99.9 percent 99.9% 99.00 percent uptime: 1 month hosting free
  • A month of hosting at no cost for each 1percent of time lost less than 99.00 percent.


  • Free Migration One way that Site Ground distinguishes itself is through their WordPress Migration plugin for free. From the reviewers who have looked it up, 82 percent have rated it with five stars. If you’re using The Grow Big program or higher , you can ask a professional to assist you in this.
  • CDN as well as SSL We’ve discussed SSL enough and SSL is a must, but Content Delivery Network (CDN) is an additional benefit to your website. Site Ground’s servers are distributed across three continents, ensuring that wherever your site’s users are located, they’ll have access to your website quickly.
  • Unlimited – Site Ground will not charge additional fees based on the amount of traffic you generate to your website.
  • Servers to guarantee quick load times, you are able to choose where you would like your server to be


  • Pricing is the value you’re paying for however by comparison, it’s more expensive than other providers. This price doesn’t include an domain name, and renewal fees can increase in the majority of places within a year.
  1. Dreamhost

In 1997, DreamHost was founded. DreamHost was established in 1997. It was founded in 1997 and is among the largest name in web hosting services to host WordPress websites. In 2021 they host 1.5 million websites and more than 100 countries.


DreamHost provides three hosting levels: sharedDream Press, and VPS.

Sharing WordPress Web hosting can be perfect for startups that are just starting out. Shared servers are shared with other websites , which helps keep costs low. The cost begins at $2.59 If you choose to take out an annual plan for 3 years.

Dream Host’s VPS plan is short for Virtual Private Server. This lets you have your own hosting service with extremely fast speeds. It costs $13.75 each month.


DreamHost boasts the highest uptime on this list and promises 100 100% uptime. If they do not meet this promise, they’ll give you an amount of credit for any time lost. In the beginning of 2021, they’ve kept their word on this commitment.


  • Monthly hosting You have the option of using DreamHost on a monthly basis, and may cancel at any time. Additionally, they provide a money-back guarantee of 97 days.
  • The WordPress Migration Do not expect hosting providers to offer no-cost integration to WordPress,. DreamHost provides this feature on their most basic plan, but.
  • Custom Control Panel Most hosting providers have an existing control panel known as CPanel. DreamHost has developed their own, which is more user-friendly and actions can be completed in only one click.
  • unlimited features Even in the basic plans DreamHost gives unlimited traffic. This means that they don’t track the amount of bandwidth you use and you won’t be charged extra based on how your website performs.
  • Basic features The features that are included in the plan with the lowest price are amazing. You receive a domain for free name as well as the SSL certificate.
  • managed WordPress Hosting – DreamHost provides a service where it handles every aspect of your hosting, including the setup, support, as well as administration


  • Speed DreamHost’s load time is 1320ms. This doesn’t place them in the top ranks of web hosting companies.
  • Support Support is available 24/7, however most of it is done using chatbots. If you would like to talk to a person who can help you, you have to call them between Monday and Friday, 9am to 4pm (PT).
  1. WP Engine

WordPress Engine boasts over 1.2 million websites across 150 countries. It’s the top hosted WordPress host.


It’s clear by their price plans WP Engine is designed for large websites and boasts customers like Etsy along with Hello Fresh.

There are four pricing options available: managed hosting, managed hosting plus such as hosted hosting managed, secure hosting, as well as eCommerce hosting to WooCommerce. In all the four pricing options. The most affordable plan starts at just $25 per month, for a year-long billing.

They’re the most expensive choice on this list, however they do provide three months of free. This coupon is applicable to new Start-upProfessionalGrowth, or Scale plans.


The WP Engine promises uptime of 99.95 percent, which is slightly less than other providers on this list. For a full year, that’s approximately eight hours downtime. In exchange, you are entitled to 5% of your monthly costs for each hours of unplanned downtime.


  • Experts Experts in HTML0 WP Engine only focuses on WordPress which is why they know the subject matter they’re talking about. There are only amazing added features like access to more than 30 premium themes
  • Management All plans are managed , which means that you’re not using server disk space
  • High-performance As they are managed , the performance is exceptional. You can enjoy industry-leading speed and security


  • Pricing – WP Engine doesn’t come cheap. If you’re expecting huge things initially, it’s a good choice but it’s not made specifically for small-scale businesses.
  • Plugins There’s an official list of plugins that are not allowed, therefore it’s worth checking the list when you are planning to make use of any of them.
  1. Hostinger

Hostinger first appeared as a separate company in 2007. name. In 2011 , they changed their name to the one they are today. Since then, their users have grown to nearly 29 million across more than 178 countries.


Hostinger is an affordable choice that provides plans that start as low as $2.59 per month.

There are three options available, Shared Web HostingCloud Hosting, and VPS Hosting Within this twelve options. All plans have a 30-day money back assurance.


Similar like SiteGround, Hostinger promises 99.9 uptime. They’re pretty consistent, however they did experience a minor blip in the month of September in 2020, when their the reported uptime was 97.98 percent, and they’re near 100.


  • Speed Speed is unmatched. Hostinger offers servers on different continents, boasting the fastest connection speed of 1000mbps.
  • Support The live chat support available with Hostinger is awesome. Their support staff is skilled and extremely knowledgeable in technical issues.
  • Guarantees Hostinger Hostinger offers a 30 days money-back guarantee as well as an variety of payment options for hosting on your site.
  • interface – Hostinger doesn’t utilize the standard cPanel however it’s more efficient for it. It’s clean and simple and allows users to manage their domains and settings in a breeze.
  • Price is the most affordable alternative available for those who are willing to commit to four years of hosting.


  • Refunds are only for certain parts of Hostinger’s services can be refunded. The main issue is domains. Hostinger does not offer an unlimited domain name on their standard plan, and you’re only allowed to have four days to cancel your account, not 30 days.


  1. Nexcess

Nexcess manages more than 500 thousand websites and has more than twenty years of web hosting experience. There are 10 data centers across the globe.


Pricing starts at $12.57 annually, or $19 per month. Nexcess is among the most affordable plans that we have listed. With a wide range of options, such as single-click stage, SSL certificate, and daily backups.

There are seven pricing plans total, and the amount you pay will depend on the amount of websites you have, the storage capacity and bandwidth.


Nexcess is enjoying a flawless beginning to 2021, with 100 percent uptime. There is an update status page you can view. They also provide information on the dates when maintenance has been completed and any incidents.


  • Features Although it’s not the cheapest option on this list, but the features included on this plan are fantastic. The spark plan comes with a CDN and caching are available automatically to guarantee rapid speeds
  • Scaling If you notice an increase in traffic over 24 hours, Nexcess will not automatically upgrade your account. They will check to see whether this is a single event and then adjust the package accordingly.
  • Users You can have unlimited numbers of users for every plan. Also, you have the advantage of unlimited email accounts, which can make your team more productive.


  • Returns – Nexcess offers a 14-day cash-back warranty, but it is only available for the basic package
  1. GreenGeeks

Since 2008 when it was founded, GreenGeeks now hosts more than 600,000 websites. The company’s founder Trey Gardner has been working in web hosting since 1999. has worked for no less than 8 hosting companies.


They offer three pricing plans: WordPress, LitePro, and Premium. The Pro package comes with amazing freebies, including an SSL certificate and the domain name (for for the initial year) for $2.49 per month.

The Pro package promises to provide much more speed and bandwidth, and it costs an affordable $4.95 for a month.


GreenGeeks boast of a fantastic uptime. This shouldn’t come as a surprise since they check all the servers they use every 10 minutes. A majority of service providers monitor their servers every minute.


  • Speed Speed Greengeeks is significantly faster than the industry standard and has figures of 487 milliseconds.
  • Domain name They offer a domain free in the initial year. After that, it’s $13.95 each year to register the domain.
  • Ethical You’d think that a business called GreenGeeks is environmentally-friendly and they’re just that. GreenGeeks calculates their energy usage annually and pledges to pay three times as much through wind energy.
  • Guarantees as do many of its rivals, GreenGeeks matches the 30-day money-back assurance, which is offered on all three plans. WordPress plans.


  • Pricing is different from its competitors because there are only three choices, which don’t provide any flexibility. The price increase to $10.95 per month on its Lite package, which is more expensive than the majority of the industry.
  • Refunds If you take them up with the domain for free, you’ll only get the amount you paid for the registration fees


  1. Kinsta

In 2013, the company was founded. Kinsta was founded in 2013. Since then, it has grown from growth to growth, increasing its client base by 282% in the last year. It has now a number of major companies within its ranks, including Ubisoft, Buffer, and Trip Advisor.


All plans offered by Kinsta are specifically designed for WordPress. Kinsta offers 10 pricing options, ranging from $30 to $1500.

If you’re planning to start an online store with WooCommerce then Kinsta recommends that you start with the $100 per month plan. If you pay per year, each plan comes with 2 months of free time.



Checks are made every five minutes, and they promise that they will provide an time to repair of 99.9 percent. Kinsta is more expensive than other companies, however they justifiably justify their high uptime of 100% for the entire 2021 year.


  • Speed is their USP which they can deliver on. Specialized in e-commerce, they understand how important load times are and their data centers of 25 across the globe offer exceptional performance.
  • Interface Kinsta Kinsta is perhaps the most appealing and attractive interface of the bunch. It’s easy to use and very simple to navigate and use.
  • Backups Backups every day are the best way to ensure that your data is not lost due to an unthinkable hack


  • Pricing isn’t affordable. If you’re planning to launch an online store, Kinsta is only suitable when you anticipate significant traffic
  • Support Telephone support isn’t accessible


  1. Fly Wheel

Fly Wheel is an WordPress host for over 35,000 brands. They host only WordPress websites and claim to be self-proclaimed experts.


You can avail an initial 14-day trial period to get started for no cost. Its small Package is by far the most affordable alternative, but it only offers the maximum of 5,000 monthly views.

All pricing plans come with PHP 7.4 ready that means that your website will experience a significant increase in performance. Every plan includes 30+ high-end themes to make sure your website is visually appealing.



Their hosting service runs on Google Cloud which helps them maintain an uptime of 99.9 percent. FlyWheel offers an Status page that you can subscribe to updates, and also an official Twitter account that keeps you informed about maintenance.


  • Interface like Kingsta they are one of the user-friendly hosting platforms on market
  • Offline – an offline function allows you to build your WordPress website locally prior to pushing it online. This lets you create an entirely new WordPress installation in just a few minutes


  • Support for phones isn’t part of the initial plans, so you will have to pay $242 per month.
  • Pricing $13 could appear reasonable, but the plan is referred to as Tiny because of reason. As your company grows and you expand, you’ll need move quickly up to the range between $25 and 96.


  1. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is among the less-known providers that are listed. A2 Hosting is an independent hosting service that’s been operating since 2001.


A2 Hosting provides four WordPress hosting options, StartDriveTurbo Boost as well as Turbo Max.

The start-up package is priced at just $1.99 per month when taken on a 3 year basis. All-year-round support is provided in this deal, which includes free site migration as well as SSL certification.

This means that this makes A2 Hosting one of the top choices for businesses that expect to receive only a small amount of traffic upon they first start.


A2 Hosting is an 99.9 percent uptime guarantee. On their site, they offer the “service credit of the amount of 5% of the monthly fees paid for each hour your website is not accessible”. They are among the leading companies in terms of uptime.


  • Speed they are leaders in this field. They are able to boost speeds up to 20x faster than their rivals that could affect the conversion rate of your business.
  • HackScan HackScan HTML0 – All A2 Hosting’s servers are secured by HackScan. It’s a 24/7 service that scans for hackers and malware. It ensures your site is safe.


  • Domain Name They don’t provide free domain names on any of their shared pricing plans for hosting. It’s a rarity and is a little disappointment, which means you’ll have to shell out an extra $14.95 annually


  1. Bluehost

Bluehost was launched in 2003, and today powers more than 2 million websites. Bluehost is among the largest gamers on the WordPress hosting game.


Bluehost provides an complimentary consultation to help you select the best plan for you, and they offer a 30 day money-back assurance. Bluehost provides managed and shared plans which are make them ideal for start-ups with a small budget up to larger enterprises.

They provide huge discounts when you choose to sign up for a 36 month plan. For instance, the Basis plan for instance can be reduced by $8.99 up to $2.95. The features included in the Basic plan plan are impressive, including no cost SSL, CDN, and domain.


Bluehost has an impressive uptime in the past twelve months of 99.98 percent. If there’s a problem, Bluehost will resolve it in 15 mins.


  • Pricing Pricing Bluehost is extremely flexible, with shared pricing and managed plans. The basic plans include several amazing features
  • Upgrade If you want to move to managed hosting for improved performance, this is an easy procedure, and you won’t have to relocate your website.


  • Storage Assess the number of files you’ve got. Bluehost doesn’t provide much storage for its plans with lower prices.
  • Backups There aren’t regular backups, and they must be completed manually



There are ten distinct choices here, despite all offering the same services.

If your business is just beginning to grow and you’re looking for a reliable service for a minimal cost, BluehostA2 HostingHostinger, and Dreamhost are affordable solutions.

If ethical e-commerce is a top priority of yours and you would like your provider to give back to the community, go to GreenGeeks..

If you’re looking to expand your budget and want a little more power, then SitegroundFlyWheel as well as Kinsta are great options.

I hope you enjoyed this article. Which website host do you intend to select?

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