The Best Print-on-Demand Jewelry Dropshipping Companies

Here’s how to market POD jewelry.

Are you searching for the top print-on demand jewelry service? While dropshipping and printing-on-demand options are becoming increasingly sought-after as an effective business strategy however, many do not fully grasp the extent of the services they provide. Print-on demand companies can make many different products that include custom jewelry products.

Similar to the majority of print-on demand products the type of personalized jewelry products that you can design will depend on the company that the one you’re working for. Some companies will provide customized engravings for necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, whereas others will include custom printed designs on jewelry or vinyl.

If you’re considering including jewelry in your print on demand products, locating the right firm to partner with is essential. Here are a few of our top options for print-on demand services.

  1. Printful

Printful is among the most reputable print-on demand companies worldwide because of. The company is well-known for its extensive variety of items, which range from tote bag and cell phone case to keychains and socks. For jewelry needs that require printing on demand, Printful provides custom-engraved jewelry, including necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

You can select from a wide selection of attractive jewelry items, such as those made from sterling silver. They also let customers personalize the products you sell on your site. You can also include your personal engravings to designs and then sell the items that way.

The best part with Printful Jewelry is, when coupled with Shopify you can incorporate the mock-up maker within the platform to your store, which means customers can see the way their preferred design evolves as they add the words they’d like to add.


  • Professional-looking jewelry designs
  • Custom engraving options are available with Shopify integration
  • Variety of bracelets, earrings and necklaces
  • Excellent service and excellent customer service
  • Easy-to-use environment


  • Only offers engraving on jewelry.

Best for

Printful is a good option for those looking to add new items to your portfolio, and you’re already selling Print-on Demand items. Printful allows you to create custom jewelry using the same dropshipper services you employ to create artwork for your walls and clothing. The process is simple and you can get amazing mockups to use on your Facebook and product pages. advertisements.

If you need assistance learning how to connect the accounts of your Shopify or Printful account, look up our insider-scoop advice here..

  1. Printify

Printify is another great print-on demand company that is well-known for its wide range of products. It is a vendor network. Printify purchases and prints products from its partners all over the world. So, your choices for design are contingent upon the vendor you select. In comparison to other options Printify’s collection of accessories and jewelry isn’t as extensive. It is possible to design items such as pendants and dog tags by utilizing custom engraving.

Printify offers other services, such as the possibility of customizing your watch band, as well as the possibility of creating jewelry boxes with your own designs, too. But, you don’t get the variety of options for printing jewelry that which you will find from other POD firms that are more focused on accessories.

One of the most appealing features of Printify is the premium plan that gives the user 20% off your orders. This is great for those who plan to sell huge quantities of merchandise. It is possible to use the premium plan to sell not only jewelry, but a wide range of other accessories, such as bags, face masks and watches as well. This is perfect for businesses who want to offer a broad range of items.


  • Great premium plan with discounts
  • Variety of products
  • Easy custom engraving
  • Ability to collaborate with many vendors
  • Shipping costs are affordable


  • There aren’t many options in jewelry

Best for

If your company already has a large range of products that are printed using Printify, or the Printify environment, but you are looking to add a few more items to the range then this is the option for you. Although the catalog of products for jewelry isn’t as extensive it is possible to add two high-end items in your line of products to make your company stand out.

If you need assistance in understanding how to connect the accounts of your Shopify as well as Printify accounts Find our insider-scoop advice here..

  1. Shop3D

The company hop3D may not be as popular as Printify or Printful However, it’s a great option for print-on-demand needs for jewelry. The Shop3D company provides a wide selection of options for personalizing jewelry that allow you to capture the attention of your customers with 3D-printed designs.

Shop3D has its own Print on Demand application for Shopify It makes it incredibly simple to incorporate print-on-demand jewelry features to your shop. Although most businesses offering POD services provide engraving options for customizing, Shop3D is one of the top players in top-quality 3D printed jewelry due to its cutting-edge 3D printing equipment.

Shop3D is an excellent alternative for small businesses since there’s no minimum purchase required. In case you’re not a huge fan of 3D printed products You can collaborate with jewelry designers and goldsmiths for unique designs as well.

Contrary to most print-on demand companies, Shop3D offers a huge variety of jewelry items such as tie clips, necklaces hairpins, earrings and bracelets, rings and cufflinks. There are also options to choose from sterling silver or rose, yellow, and white gold, as well as bronze and brass.


  • Quality materials and top-of-the-line jewelry
  • A stunning array of design options
  • Fantastic to use in conjunction with Shopify
  • Join forces with a renowned designer
  • Comprehensive finish options


  • It can be costly

Best for

If you’re looking to design something truly unique so that you distinguish yourself from other jewelry makers it’s difficult to miss using Shop3D. The creation of your own 3D printed items is a fantastic method to help your business stand out. Shop 3D creates quality products and does not have a minimum order minimum for smaller companies.

  1. Shineon

ShineOn is considered to be among the most well-known POD jewelry companies that are available. It creates and markets its own jewelry that is custom made, and also offers other business leaders an opportunity to be on the ground level for additional revenue.

In contrast to the majority of print-on-demand businesses, ShineOn is one of the few that focus solely on accessories and jewelry. You can rest that you’ll find many options that you can choose from. Items range from customized keychains that have engravings to beautiful gold and silver necklaces or earrings, as well as bracelets.

Something to be aware of is ShineOn is a marketplace that prints on demand instead of a print-on demand traditional service. Think of Printify as a Redbubble alternative. There is however an Shopify app that lets you incorporate ShineOn in your current store. You can, in addition, include unique, custom-designed messages and gift wrapping to your items , making your items stand out more.

ShineOn is best suited to businesses selling products within the US because the items are shipped from a manufacturing facility located in Tampa Florida. However, if you’re located in America it is possible to enjoy fast shipping.


  • An excellent selection of jewelry items
  • There are many ways to personalize your portfolio
  • Marketplace is already in place to help you find potential customers
  • Amazing high-quality goods
  • Rapid shipping to the US


  • This could be a challenge for global sales

Best for

ShineOn is an excellent alternative if you require an initial boost in order to assist you in finding potential customers who want to purchase jewelry. You can make your own product page for an existing customer base on the ShineOn marketplace instead of doing all the promotion on your own.


  1. Beeoux

Beeoux can be a second well-known print on demand business that focuses on jewelry. It is a popular service that integrates with top ecommerce platforms such as Etsy, Shopify, and WooCommerce. Like other leading POD E-commerce services, Beeoux has an extensive catalog of products, ranging from custom-engraved products as well as freeform sterling.

It is possible to add all kinds of items for your Shopify store using Beeuox which includes print-on-demand jewelry with full-color options, such as necklaces and watch bands. While Beeuox is primarily a fulfillment center within the United States and Germany, it is able to ship internationally should you decide to begin selling internationally to customers.

The main benefit of Beeuox is that, unlike other printing on demand options that you don’t have to pay for shipping other products to the same location. This is a great benefit for businesses that sell lots of items in bulk to clients.

Beeoux is among the most flexible options to sell jewelry online offering a variety of options to enhance your brand with attractive accessories. However, you’ll need choose a different vendor for selling T-shirts, as well as other popular print-on demand products, as the company concentrates solely on jewelry.


  • A wide range of design choices
  • Integration with the most popular e-commerce tools
  • Worldwide shipping at an affordable price
  • Ideal for bulk sales of products
  • New products are added regularly.


  • It is not suitable for selling jewelry.

Best for

Beeoux is among the top options for selling prints on demand jewelry that come with a variety of styles. There’s an array of items to pick from, so you’ll be able to build a large catalog of products for your customers. Also, you’ll get low-cost shipping for connecting with customers all over the world.

How to Sell POD Jewelry on Shopify

Locating a designer to design your jewelry, make your product mockups , and then send your merchandise to your customers is only the beginning. Once you’ve decided on the POD option you’ll need an online platform to showcase your products and draw customers.

A majority of the POD solutions discussed above include integrations to enable you to connect the designs you create to an store. Although there are many kinds of integrations available for tools such as Amazon, eBay, and WooCommerce The most well-known option is typically Shopify..

Shopify is a simple way of printing-on-demand items to your site. It is possible to create a custom store in a matter of minutes and using a variety of easy templates and a drag-and-drop builder. Once you’ve created your store online, integrating it with POD as well as email marketing tools and other essential services is simple and easy.

Go to the marketplace for apps on Shopify to install the app you prefer to use for your POD provider. It is important to verify if the integration first however, a majority of the leading providers have an integration to Shopify. It is also possible to connect your POD system to Shopify from the other side loading images of your products as well as content to the right pages for your website.

Check out this guide on connecting Shopify to Printful for a detailed guide on how to connect a prominent POD provider to your shop.

Tips for Selling POD Jewelry

Selling jewelry printed on demand using the best dropshipping business is a great option to begin a lucrative business that requires only a small initial investment. Like managing any other business you’ll require the proper method to make your venture successful. If you’re searching for tools such as Gearbubble to market trendy accessories or build a reputation selling top quality accessories under your very own label, here are some guidelines to consider.

  • Make sure you are pricing it right:If you’re selling the appropriate quality of customized jewelry, you’ll be able to earn an acceptable profit from it. You should know what profits you can make from each piece.
  • Expand your product catalogue: Start with something basic, such as customized necklaces and earrings but then gradually introduce different kinds of products to your clients. This is a great method to increase your sales and enhance your brand’s image.
  • Get the most value from the seasonal demandDuring certain times in the season, such as Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day it is more popular for people to purchase a piece of jewelry to give as a gift. Be sure to make the most of these occasions by using Facebook advertisements, promotions, and even sales.
  • Find the best place to display your jewellery:If you want to sell your jewelry online it is important to understand what to do to attract attention to the items you sell beyond your website’s product pages. Look into the visual social media platforms such as Pinterest or Instagram as a method to showcase your products.
  • Take examples: make sure you ensure that you’re selling high-quality products by requesting examples of the items you’ll sell in advance. This will allow you to create high-quality photos to use on your product website. If you aren’t able to master the photography by yourself, you can hire an expert to take the photos.
  • Be committed to continuous expansion:Just because POD selling may be easier than constructing an entire business from scratch does not mean that you shouldn’t be working constantly to improve your business. Be sure to explore new methods of marketing, playing using SEO and delivering excellent customer service that will aid in the growth of your business.

Selling POD Jewelry

Selling white label or POD jewelry is a great method of making your name as a business that is growing. The market for jewelry is becoming more and more popular with entrepreneurs, however there is still a chance for companies to jump in and profit from the enormous sales opportunities.

If you choose the right POD software will allow you to choose from a variety of jewelry options and see your business expand in real-time. Be sure to keep in mind your sales data as your business expands so that you can determine which jewelry items customers are drawn to.

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