Step 1: Choose Your Website Platform

To build an online website, you’ve must decide on the platform you’re planning to develop your site on.

What is the meaning of “platform”?

In 2005, when I began my journey into web development, most websites were built with HTML (code), CSS, and PHP. Each one required a considerable amount of time to master which made them difficult for me to master.

This is the reason that many people believe that creating websites by hand is challenging or requires lots of design and coding abilities – however, that’s not the case anymore.

In 2021, the use of content management software (CMS) such as WordPress have made the creation of web pages accessible to anyone.

In simple terms it is CMS (or website building platform) CMS (or Website building platform) is a simple platform for creating websites and managing your own content online instead of building websites from scratch with HTML, PHP, and other programming languages.

Popular Site Building Platforms in 2021

To help you understand the most well-known Content Management Systems I looked up recent figures taken from The W3 Technologies as well as Built With..

Have the time to look at this graph:

Credit for data built with

As you can observe, nearly half of the websites that are on the Internet are powered by WordPress. WordPress web platform.

What is it that makes them better than other options?

Why should you use WordPress instead of builders for websites?

  • 1. It’s completely free (no ongoing subscriptions, no open-source)

As opposed to web builders or websites design tools, WordPress doesn’t cost a penny for download, installation, or use. It’s designed by web developers. There’s an extensive developer community that have created beautiful templates and themes which make it easy to begin using the software quickly.

  • 2. It’s extremely customizable and user-friendly.

If you’re familiar with how to utilize Google Docs, you already are able to create to your content. WordPress can be easily extended with add-ons for free to manage almost any website you could imagine, from small-scale businesses to large e-commerce websites. By using WordPress “plugins” it is possible add forms for contact as well as subscription forms, galleries, stores, and more to your site. And it’s pretty easy.

  • 3. Your website will be mobile-friendly’. This means it will work on tablets and smartphones, too.

Your website will be instantly fluid and beautiful on any mobile device, smartphone and tablet. You don’t need to engage web developers for this.

  • 4. Assistance is available from the community

With the sheer number of users on WordPress (webmasters entrepreneurs, small-business owners, bloggers) It’s simple to get help fast in times of need. You can receive help here for no cost or employ hundreds of WordPress developers right here..

In actuality I also created WebsiteSetup.org using WordPress as well. Below are some examples of my home page and blog page:

Are there other options to WordPress?

There are a few.

However, I’d still make use of WordPress.

  • Wix is a simple web-based builder with a straightforward drag-and-drop interface however, it comes at a higher costand isn’t appropriate for large websites and is not able to move your site out of it becomes necessary.
  • Squarespaceis an extremely beautiful web builder that makes building stunning websites simple, however it is priced at an additional monthly fee and does not have the ability to move your site out.
  • Drupal is a highly effective platform that is loved by skilled web developers and coders However, it comes with high learning curves that means it is not the most suitable choice for those who are just starting out.
  • Joomla can be described as similar to similar to WordPress and is an excellent tool for creating websites however, it requires at the very least some knowledge of how to code in order for it to work according to your requirements.

If you’re looking for more information I’ve put together an an extensive comparison between WordPress, Joomla and Drupal.

If, for any reason, you’re not keen on building your website using WordPress then check out my DrupalJoomlaHTML5 and websites builder guides too.


As of now, you do not have to look for WordPress. In the present you don’t have install it or download it.

To ensure your website is running correctly it is important to complete the next steps listed below:

In step 2. I’ll guide you through the steps of deciding on a domain and finding a location for hosting your site.

In step 3.I’ll guide you through the steps to set up and personalize the appearance of your WordPress website. Do not worry, I’ll guide you through the process using lots of pictures to help you.


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