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Wix Vs Weebly Vs Squarespace: The Battle of The Big Three

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Even if you don’t know how to build websites, you’ve likely been familiar with the three big ones that are Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace.

The website builders have taken over the market, appearing on TV screens and on the feeds of your social networks as well as in YouTube advertisements. Each of them has wonderful features to offer as well as earned its spot in the hall of fame. So what are you supposed to pick one?

This is where we step in. Our goal is to utilize our meticulously conducted research to simplify your life. We’ve tried, tested and scrutinized every builder’s features like ease of use as well as value for money and design flexibility so that we’re able to provide you with the best outcomes. Let’s take a look at how the three platforms stack up:

Wix was discovered in our analysis as the most effective overall website builder and also the winner of this head-to-head battle royal. What made it perform so well? How did Weebly and Squarespace stand up to each other?

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Wix Vs Weebly vs Squarespace: Pros and Con
Wix Pros Wix Cons
Best website builder for all purposes It isn’t possible to switch templates after the site has been active
Combining ease of use and an abundance of creative control Insufficient storage space
Are you a fan of Wix? Sound of Wix?

Have a look at its templates, features as well as its free plan to determine whether it is the perfect builder for your needs.

Weebly Pros Weebly Cons
The best features to scale an online site The customization of drag-and-drop is limited.
Cheapest start-up plan You can’t repair your website without contact Weebly support
Do you like you to the Sound of Weebly?

Take a look at the options Weebly can offer you and determine if it’s the one you’ve been looking for.

Squarespace Pros Squarespace Cons
Top quality features from any web-based builder Price plans that are relatively expensive
Top templates in terms of design and adaptability There is no app store
Are you a fan of Sound of Squarespace?

Visit Squarespace to find out if it fits your boxes. It might be the beginning of something amazing.

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What’s the difference between Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace?

Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace all allow you to create websites on your own without having to learn one line of code or possess an academic degree on web-related design. They offer an easy and affordable method of creating professional-looking websites.

What’s the different between them?

Wix is a complete drag-and drop builder that is easy to use and provides a lot of control over creativity. Weebly as well as Squarespace also have drag-and-drop features however you aren’t able to drag and drop anything as you do with Wix. Weebly provides more structure, which helps you design your layout, while Squarespace provides a more sophisticated editing style, as well as a lot of creative flexibility.

These are just a few of the differentiators that may affect your decision-making. What does this mean to the future of your business? Here’s a quick review of who each builder is ideal to work with…

  • Wix is the  best overall website creator, perfect for those who are just who want to have a lot of fun control
  • Weebly is ideal for tiny portfolios and businesses, beginner user-friendly with well-structured layouts
  • Squarespace isbest to creatives who are looking for top quality designs and features


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Easy of Use

Web-based websites shouldn’t just be available to tech-savvy users The process should be available to all, both professionals and novices regardless of previous experience. It’s not necessary to be able to code in order to utilize Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace. But other than that, how simple are they to make use of?

In the course of our research we test each builder on our own, and ask other people to try their builder too. We’ve compiled what we learned and some comments from our users about every builder. You don’t have to accept our word to believe it!


Wix has the distinction of being the simplest to utilize of three. It’s the most user-friendly and does not sacrifice any creativity control. The simple drag-and-drop editor lets you can build a completely customized website in no time by selecting elements like text boxes, as well as other interesting features like buttons and videos and drag them the location you’d like them to be to be on your site.

” I believe you could create a website and get it up and running pretty quickly, with a variety of features that I would think would take some time to program.”

It is also possible to use Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) to create your own website just by selecting the themes and colors you like and then entering the information like the name and purpose for your site. You are able to edit your website, or even move it to Wix Editor for full control It’s also a simple and quick method to create your site.


Weebly is also extremely user-friendly. The templates are more organized to help the design process, making it more restrictive than Wix but not as intimidating. It’s not as user-friendly as Wix however it doesn’t take too long to become used to. If you don’t wish to think about the design all the time, Weebly is a good option.

“Very simple, intuitive. It’s essentially like a well-organized Wix however, it has fewer features, which is great in a sense. It was extremely easy to navigate .”


Squarespace is one of the more difficult to work with of the three builders. It’s not being a rocket science, it is just a bit more difficult to master than the total ease of Wix and Weebly.

For those with a little technical expertise, or just a bit of patience, this is probably the most close thing you can get to a professional website without having to hire an expert developer.

“Squarespace effectively brings a lot together in one place I find this to be fantastic. It’s stunning, too. .”

User-Friendliness – the conclusion:

Wix can be described as the most simple web builder you can make use of. Its drag-and-drop design as well as the option to make use of Wix ADI, makes it very user-friendly, without losing control of creativity. Weebly is easy, but it’s more restricted, while Squarespace offers the least advanced out of three and Weebly is between the three.

Are You a New Beginner?

Wix is the most easy to build a website, making it ideal for those who are new to technology seeking freedom of thought.

Additional Information

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Design Flexibility

They say that we shouldn’t evaluate a book based on its cover, however we judge websites based on their appearance. Have you ever visited an online site, only to find the layout complicated, then became frustrated and quit the site? Don’t let that happen to your site!

Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace all offer templates to aid in making your site appear the best it can, regardless of regardless of whether you’re an experienced designer or don’t recognize the difference between your slideshows and banners. How easy is it to customize the template? What will it look like on mobile devices? Can you alter your mind if would like to change your style in the future?

Wix has more than 500 templates available with new designs, templates that you can start with, and 16 distinct categories, including Photography and Business. It’s simple to find the ideal template for your site.

It’s easy to alter your Wix template by using the simple edit tool that you drag and drop. Simply select the features you’d like to include for your page – like images, videos or contact forms and drag them where you’d like them to be on your site!

The majority of Wix templates are mobile-friendly and therefore there’s no need to fret about someone missing out. One of the main disadvantages of Wix can be its flexibility even though you are granted complete flexibility in the design of your website however, you aren’t able to switch your template after your website is online.

Weebly however, does let users switch their templates as often as they want to. This is extremely useful for those who want to give your website an overhaul, or simply desire a new look!

It has 35 themes on Weebly available to pick from which is a smaller number of themes than you will find with Wix however, you can choose from a wide range of categories to choose from to help you navigate. With easy, beautiful designs, you’ll surely find one you love.

You can test your theme before deciding on it, and Weebly allows you to track themes that you’ve had a go at by saving them to the most recently visited list. Similar to Wix the majority of Weebly’s themes are mobile-friendly.

You can also alter Weebly’s themes to create your own. The builder lets you to customize your site by using the same drag-and drop editing method similar to Wix. You can also make use of code to create an entirely unique website using Weebly’s the Code Editor!

The themes of Weebly are more organized than Wix’s. Some might find this to be as a relief, however others have expressed displeasure at their limitations. It really depends on the amount of control you wish to have over the design.

If you’re looking for lots of control, and a premium layout, Squarespace is the best option available.

Squarespace offers the impressive assortment of templates that you can look through and pick from. Although it may not offer hundreds like Wix, but it does have hundreds. Wix but each template is built to an exceptional standard.

Our experts examined the designs from all angles and they got high marks for everything from design and branding to the user experience.

You can sort by categories, or by specifying the purpose of your site , for instance, “To share my photography portfolio” The search engine will present you with results that are in line with your requirements. You can look at every design, and select your favorites.

If you find it difficult to choose but don’t fret – you can change to a different template any point and even download multiple templates to use. It’s a real challenge to choose only one!

Each Squarespace template is mobile-friendly and offers an elegant, fashionable and contemporary look for your website’s design on. Your website can be distinctive by using the drag-and-drop editor or even by writing code.

Design Flexibility – The Final Word:

Our Squarespace site is our first option for designing. It has the most beautiful and high-quality designs available offered and, with plenty of options for customization Your site is guaranteed to be different from the rest. Wix as well as Weebly aren’t awful however they aren’t able to beat the designs of Squarespace.

Do You Want to Create a Gorgeous Website?

Squarespace has the best design available, and comes with an array of contemporary and stylish templates that are waiting to be customized by you the look of your website.

Additional Information

Tools and Features

Then, let’s get to the juicy things. Tools and features are the main components that ensure your website is running smoothly You want a stable and smooth-running system that will not just simplify your life however, it will also lift your website above the rest! Wix, Squarespace and Weebly each has a different method of implementing features, which makes it difficult to determine which is more superior. Here’s a list of their most important areas:


If you’re looking to sell your products on your site You’ll require e-commerce tools. From basic features like accepting payments up to the ability to recover abandoned carts There’s an array of tools that you can utilize to begin generating sales.

Wix offers three plans for online commerce that are specifically created to assist with selling online. They provide you with a numerous built-in ecommerce functions that allow you to accept online payments, gain additional storage, sell your products without commission, and keep track of the progress of your website by using Google Analytics.

Weebly allows you to sell via its three e-commerce plans. Depending on your selection of plans you will be able to offer digital products, get product reviews, set up inventory control as well as shipping discount, make coupons, unblock emails for abandoned carts and many more.

Squarespace offers many eCommerce tools to make selling experience more efficient. They include zooming of product images and abandoned cart recovery no transaction fees promotions of your products through Instagram and customer accounts. inventory of products and order management taxes and shipping control coupons, tax and shipping controls and much many more!

It’s important to know that Squarespace allows you to accept offline transactions, too. All you require are an app called the Squarespace Commerce app, and an ordinary Square Card Reader ($49). This is ideal for people planning to sell their goods at trade shows or pop-up stores, as well as on the internet. Square immediately syncs with your inventory online, which means you don’t have to fret about overselling inventory.

Do you want to build an online Store?

Wix is an excellent option for online selling, offering various tools for sales applications, tools, and pricing plans. Take a look to see whether it’s the right fit for your needs.


Wix provides a range of built-in blogging tools that will help your blog to get going effectively, including galleries, emails, and posts. If you’re looking to add more features, you should to install your Wix Blog app for free. Wix Blog application to your website.

Weebly offers more blogging tools built-in than Wix in addition to connectivity with Weebly App Center. The built-in tools include social sharing capabilities and tools for managing comments, and integration with media.

Squarespace is the perfect platform for creating an outstanding portfolio or blog with a creative flair. Everything you require is already built-in and includes blogging tools like social sharing, multi-author support geo-tagging, user favorites scheduling sharing, and custom URLs.


Marketing is vital to making people aware of your brand new website!

Wix allows you to create newsletters and email campaigns and share them on social media and even add elements like banners to your site. Many of Wix’s marketing tools are with applications like Wix Shoutout or third parties that are part of Wix App Market. Wix Market.

Weebly allows lead capture. You can include forms on your website in order to gather leads and interact with your visitors. You can also conduct emails based on the plan you’re using The email marketing happens through the application Weebly promote that integrates seamlessly with the Weebly website.

Squarespace includes all of its marketing capabilities fully integrated and allows you to manage email campaigns, create custom layouts for emails, and send your mobile-optimized emails swiftly and effortlessly. It is also possible to integrate your website with social networks and set up newsletters and utilize MailChimp to build mailing lists.

Do You Want Powerful Features?

All Squarespace features are integrated and are ready to use right from the beginning. There’s way too many to mention but you’ll be able to explore the entire list yourself!

Social Media Integration

If they’re not checking their email You can be certain that they’ll be looking at their news feeds on social media! Luckily, Wix, Weebly as well as Squarespace all allow Social Media Integration.

Wix lets you add share buttons on your site as well as its app store will help you to install social tools like comment sections and customized Twitter feeds. In addition, Weebly lets you easily include social icons on your website pages, allowing you to link onto your social media sites and you can include the Facebook Like button.

Squarespace allows you to connect accounts that are linked to over 25 social networks including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, and Pinterest. Automatically post contents on Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr and invite people to follow you via social icons on your website.

Tools and Features – The conclusion:

Wix, Weebly and Squarespace All three have fantastic features, but they differ in their approach. Weebly has the most effective features to scale your site, particularly for those who run a small business website. Squarespace offers the highest quality features of any builder and Wix offers a wide range of features that can be customized to increase the size of your site.

More Information

App Markets

Even though Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace each have fantastic features , you may be looking to add more features and tools once your site expands. This is where an app market will be extremely useful. The addition of apps is an excellent method to increase the popularity of your site while making it distinctive.

Wix offers an large and simple navigation App Market offering over 200 applications on offer. It offers a variety of third-party and in-house apps and features, including premium and free features.

You are able to search for the app or feature you’re seeking or browse through categories like ‘ Bookings‘ and ‘ Business tools or Analytics‘. Every app comes with description of the features and a breakdown of pricing and star ratings and reviews from users to help you choose the most suitable option for your website.

It is possible to integrate apps into your Weebly website using The Weebly Application Center. With more than 300 applications, Weebly has an greater variety of apps to choose among than Wix!

It is possible to use Google’s search function to locate the application you’re looking for, or search by the category. But, there are less tools for browsing in comparison to Wix which means it can be difficult to get the most value from this wide array of.

Squarespace does allow apps, including for instance, the Commerce App and the Analytics App However, they are integrated into the site. Squarespace provides excellent 3rd-party interfaces but it does not have an application market Some users may find this easier and less stressful for them, while others might want the possibility of adding additional features.

App Markets – – the verdict:

Wix is the most popular app on the market. However, it’s not as great as Weebly. Weebly offers more apps available in its app center, however Wix offers a simple integration and top quality features for scaling your website. Squarespace isn’t an app marketplace, since it is based on built-in features.

Do you want to see what Wix Can Offer You?

Wix has a wide range of apps that are simple to install and ideal for expanding your website. Have a look around and take a look!


SEO is essential for someone other than your mother and your most trusted friend to view your beautiful website. What exactly is SEO?

SEO is a term used to describe SEO stands for Search engine Optimization and is the way your website is found by Google. Inattention to SEO is like throwing an event for a birthday and not distributing invitations. Without it, your website will sit on its own wearing its party hat with a cake all on its own. It’s a shame to even consider – your website deserves to have the most amazing party ever!

You might think that SEO isn’t as simple as simply putting a few invites on your website however thanks to the Wix SEO Wiz it’s possible to be! Select a few keywords that you want to rank for, and the expert tool will design a custom plan to help your website get appearing highly within search engine results.

Additionally, Wix has an extensive SEO Guide It is a place to find the topic you’d like to know more about. There are also helpful guides on many various topics related to SEO. They’re geared towards novices all the way to more advanced levels. Weebly also has a blog. Ultimate SEO Guide to SEO to help you get established, and then expand and track the progress of your website. It walks you through the process each step of the process and is also very easy for newbies.

The guide on Weebly is extremely user-friendly and, just like Wix It also comes with great SEO tools integrated to enhance your website’s online presence. However, it lacks the interactive feature offered with Wix’s SEO Wiz.

The two Wix and Weebly offer SEO-related apps on their app stores, which you can install to improve or aid to improve your SEO.

Squarespace comes with all the SEO tools built-in which means you don’t have to worry about finding the best software or plugin to improve your site.

There are videos and articles on the Squarespace support pages that can aid you with SEO to optimize your Squarespace website. Additionally, there is an SEO Checklist that walks you through each step of the process of launching your site.

SEO – The Verdict:

Wix is more SEO-friendly and has superior capabilities over Weebly as well as Squarespace. It offers the best support, including its easy-to-use SEO Wiz and long-term SEO Guide. Weebly and Squarespace are SEO-friendly and have powerful built-in tools but they don’t have the same level of communication that Wix provides, particularly for those who are new to the platform.

Have a look at Wix’s SEO Tips

The Wix SEO tools are easy to use and effective making it simple for SEO beginners to make their websites more effective.

More Information


A website’s construction is like any other construction project and sometimes things be a little off. Like having an additional pair of hands can be helpful when you’re building flat-pack furniture, having an effective support system will ensure your security when managing your site.

Wix provides great support and features:

  • phone help
  • Facebook social media supports
  • email support
  • a comprehensive knowledge base

You can also find helpful advice on the page while you are editing your site It’s great for those who are just beginning! Just click on the question marks to expand the boxes of help and learn more.

This help on the page is useful, helping you when you update your website, and avoiding needing to navigate to another page to answer your issues. If you need an explanation that is more detailed These help bubbles can guide you to the appropriate support page on the Knowledge Base.

Weebly offers an good support and support program also. It offers:

  • email support
  • live chat help
  • phone help
  • social media resources to help
  • a Help Center that includes guidebooks and articles

Weebly does not offer phone support for its premium plans, but it does offer live chat support when Wix does not.

Squarespace has a modest but huge array of support options:

  • 24/7 email assistance
  • live chat help
  • Help center with in-depth information

Although Squarespace does not provide phone support however, the services they do offer are extremely comprehensive and of high-quality. The Support Center all by itself, you’ll see videos, tutorials as well as a huge community forum, as well as the option of signing up to live webinars that are interactive with Squarespace experts.


Aid and Assistance – The verdict:

Wix offers the most helpful assistance and support. It’s a blend of quality and quantity with its on-page assistance. This is an amazing feature. Weebly offers good support for basic needs however, it isn’t as good as Wix when you’re on a less expensive plan. Squarespace provides excellent support however, it offers fewer choices as Wix.

Do You Value Excellent Support?

Wix offers a variety choices for support, useful on-page tips, and user-friendly tools. Take a look at the Wix knowledge base!

Price and Value for the money

If you’re concerned about how much the amazing templates features, features, or support services are likely cost you money then prepare to relax. Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace have something to suit every budget, which makes building websites inexpensive rather than belt tightening. In actual fact, Wix and Weebly both provide a free plan that you can remain on for whatever time you’d like. Squarespace does not have an option for free, however you can sign up for an initial 14-day trial.

Wix offers 7 price plans that start at $33-$49 per month and the free option. The free plan provides all the essential tools needed to build websites, like 500MB of storage and 500MB bandwidth. However you aren’t able to connect your domain and Wix will show ads on your site. This isn’t the ideal solution when you want to create an image that is professional!

If you’re thinking of upgrading your website, you can choose from four plans specifically designed to build sites (these will be the ones you can choose in case you do not need to sell on the internet). These plans, which are annual in nature, vary between one-third of a month, up to $39 per month.:

  • The Combo plan costs $33/month (billed annually) This includes 3GB storage as well as 2GB bandwidth. It and removes Wix ads from your website and allows you to connect your domain.
  • The Unlimited plan for $47 per month. this offers unlimited internet bandwidth and storage of 10GB, and also comes with additional features like $300 advertising vouchers.
  • The Pro plan costs $29 per month This plan comes with everything you get on the Unlimited plan, as well as an additional 20GB of storage and additional bonuses like $50 for the design of an official logo.
  • A VIP package, priced at $39 per month comes with everything you get from The Pro Plan, however it comes with an added benefit: Priority response and VIP support.

All plans come with a 14-day cash return assurance, so you can test them without worry If you’re unhappy you can simply ask for a refund!

Have The Wix’s Plans Catch Your Eye?

Wix offers a wide range of plans priced at $13 a month. Check out the plans and decide the one that best suits your requirements.

Weebly has a no-cost plan, that provides basic features , including:

  • 500MB of storage
  • Tools for SEO
  • Chat as well as email help

You will see Weebly advertisements on your site in the event you opt for the free plan. Also, you’ll not be able make use of your domain name and instead, it will be incorporated into an “” subdomain. This would mean your website address would look something like this:

If you’re looking to eliminate advertisements and join your domain to the internet you’ll have to upgrade. The good news isthat with their Connect plan of $5 per month Weebly offers the lowest cost to start!

Weebly offers 3 pricing options:

  • The price is $6 per month. Personal plan this plans is like the basic plan but allows you connect your domain. However, it doesn’t get rid of ads. for that, you’ll require to upgrade your plan…
  • The $12 monthly Professional Plan: this removes adverts, provides unlimited storage and includes additional features like video backgrounds and e-commerce functions.
  • The $26 monthly Performance plan has everything included in the Professional plan, but also the option of membership registration, as well as other advanced features for e-commerce, such as inventory management.

Along with Weebly’s no-cost plan, which you are able to keep for as long as you’d like, There is a 30 day money-back guarantee on all paid plans. (unless the payment is on a monthly basis). This is great because it allows you to test the builder, and then get refunds if unhappy.


Did You Discover Something You Loved?

Weebly is the most affordable pricing starting at $5 per month. You can see what you can get for your money by checking out the pricing section.

Squarespace is a simple platform. It offers four pricing plans The Personal plan, which costs $12 per month and the $18 monthly Business plan is designed for designing websites The $26 per month basic plan as well as The $40/month Advanced plan offer all the features you require to set up the online business.

There’s no free plan with Squarespace However, every price plan includes an initial 14-day trial. You don’t need to fill in any details for payment unless you choose to enroll in pay for a plan after the trial period is finished.

This plan, called Personal is the least basic plan, but it comes with everything you need to make an appealing website, including an unlimited amount of bandwidth, storage and bandwidth. Squarespace’s Business plan costs just $6 more, yet provides more than twice in features which include e-commerce features as well as promotional pop-ups and advanced customization.

While Squarespace’s costs are definitely higher than those of Weebly, its most affordable plan has more features than many. For instance Wix’s monthly fee of $13 Combo plans are more pricey, however it only comes with 2GB of bandwidth and 3GB storage as opposed with the unlimitable bandwidth and storage provided by Squarespace.


Receive 10% off any Squarespace Plan

We offer one exclusive discount coupon that will cut down 10% the price for every Squarespace plans. To avail this offer use the promo code WBEat at checkout.

Do You Like Saving Money with Squarespace?


Price and Value for Money The Truth:

Weebly is the best value-for-money. It offers the lowest cost for a start-up if you wish to move up from the basic plan and it offers options that are scalable as your site expands. Wix provides excellent value-for-money and the prices of Squarespace are in line with its high-end standards However, Weebly is the clear winner in this case.

Additional Information


It’s been an exciting journey however, along the way this article has put Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace against one another across all areas which matter.

It’s been a lengthy journey, so take a look at our table further down if want to refresh your memory of the main points in this close-fought battle. We’ll be discussing the final moments and bows of victory beneath the table.

Category and Winner Wix Weebly Squarespace


Wix wins: Wix

Simple Drag-and-drop editor creates Wix very easy to use. Great for newbies, but without compromising creativity. A good starting point, but not as intuitive as Wix. Weebly is simple to use however it can be limiting. More sophisticated more technical than Wix or Weebly, Squarespace is not very user-friendly.
Ideal for people who have a bit of technical knowledge or who are not in a hurry.
Design Flexibility


Finalist: Squarespace

Many templates to pick from, simple to modify and lots of creativity. You can’t change templates after the site is up and running. The templates are smaller than Wix. Designs are more structured, which means less freedom to create. You can switch templates after the website is live. The best quality designs available that are available Modern, stylish and professional. A lot of creativity as well as editing and design tools. You can switch templates at any point.
Tools and Features


Winner: Draw

The variety of features available in the builder, which range in scope from blog posting as well as marketing to online selling. Equipped with the top features to help you scale your company, Weebly has lots of built-in tools to help you grow your site. The majority of the Squarespace features are integrated and the site has the highest quality features available that are available.
App Markets


Win: Wix

hundreds of apps that are easy to search and browse through the various options with a mix of free and premium, in-house as well as third-party apps. Many applications can be made easier to search and browse through all the options including premium and free as well as third-party and in-house applications. There is no app market.


Win: Wix

SEO tools built-in, as well as additional assistance with SEO Wiz and SEO Guide. Easy to use for beginners and built to assist you as your site grows. Built-in SEO toolsand additional support via the Ultimate SEO guide. The goal is to assist you when your site grows. SEO tools built-in as well as support articles and guides, such as the SEO checklist. It’s very thorough, however it could be more user-friendly for beginners.
Assistance and Assistance


Win: Wix

Many options for support such as email, phone and social media assistance. The Knowledge Base and on-page support when you edit. There is no chat option in live chat option. A variety of support options for support such as telephone, email and live chat along with social media and phone support. Also, you can access the Help Center that includes guides and other articles. Phone support is only available on more expensive plans. Limited selection of top-quality support including support via email as well as live chat assistance, and an extensive help center that includes videos, guides webinars, as well as a forum for community members.

Pricing and Cost for Money

Winner Weebly

Seven price plans, plus free plan. Four plans for websites ranging from $13 to $39 a month. Three eCommerce plans that range from $23 to $49 a month. 14-day money-back guarantee on every paid plan. three price options starting at $6 and going up to $26 monthly, with a free plan. The most expensive plan is targeted at exclusively ecommerce. Cheapest beginning price to upgrade to a paid plan. 30 days money back guarantee for all plans that are paid. Four-price plans starting at $12 and going up through $40 per month. There is no free plan. 14-day free trial, no details required.

Wix is ideal for people who are new to the web, especially those who might not have the best technological skills but still desire the freedom to be creative. It’s ideal for building an attractive and professional website quickly, with no need for a lot of money. It also comes with excellent support.

Are Wix the Perfect Match?

Wix is a great all-rounder that offers great features, appealing designs, and low-cost cost. Start with a free trial today!

Weebly is ideal for small-sized businesses. since it includes all the features you need to help you grow and expand your company’s website. It’s easy to learn with well-structured templates, so if do not want to think too about the design aspect it’s a great method of building a simple and attractive site.

Does Weebly the Builder You’ve been Looking For?

Weebly is a powerful and feature-rich web-based website builder that’s ideal for small businesses. The no-cost plan is the ideal way to see whether it’s the right choice for you!

Squarespace is the ultimate goal for anyone who is creative. It’s got the top design options available If you’re looking to create an amazing web page, this is the perfect option for you. It’s more complicated to work with, so do not expect to get your website online in an instant.

Are you sure Squarespace the builder of Your Dreams?

Squarespace has the wow factor. If you’re looking to create a stunning website, sign up for the 14-day trial offer and explore the possibilities you can make!

Each builder has something different. But who takes the crown home?

The overall winner in this contest will be… Please, drumroll for me… Wix!

Wix wins overall in our Wix against Weebly Squarespace comparison due to its strengths in the most important areas. It’s simple to use with stunning designs and features, excellent support, and affordable pricing.

Wix won, however is it yours? Join the champions to celebrate with a trial for free and begin your site builder journey now!


Wix Vs Weebly Vs Squarespace:



Weebly can be the ideal choice option for small-sized businesses, however Wix is a great option.

Weebly offers a variety of features that are ideal to help you grow your business and it includes e-commerce tools in its more affordable plans for businesses who wish to sell your products through your website.

Wix provides top-quality creative control as well as additional features, so you can build a powerful brand and increase the size of your site with the help of applications.

Find our post about the Top 5 Website Builders for Small Business website buildersfor information on the best builders for your company.

In the end, Wix is the best website builder to build a store on. (You can look over the Wix eCommerce review for further details.) It is possible to set up an online store using one among Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace similar to this review, which you pick will depend on the needs of your business.

If you’re interested in selling your products online, then why not think about an e-commerce builder that is specialized, such as BigCommerce or Shopify? as well as BigCommerce?

It is possible to compare Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, Shopify, and BigCommerce on the same page within our online Store Comparative table.

Weebly has the lowest beginning plan starting for $5 per month (billed annually). Wix offers many more options than Weebly and, when you move into more expensive packages, Wix starts getting cheaper. Squarespace is the highest priced plans, but it’s still a an excellent value (find out whether it’s worth the investment by reading the Squarespace Pricing Review).

Learn more about pricing more information in the Weebly Price Review Check for the Wix Price Review for more intriguing pricing information.

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