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Wix vs Squarespace vs WordPress: A Fair Contest?

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The article below will review and contrast Squarespace, WixSquarespace as well as WordPress to help you determine which one is the best fit for you.

First, however, be prepared for an exciting ride through the changes and pitfalls of every platform. We’ll walk you through the important aspects of creating an effective website, such as user-friendliness and design flexibility as well as pricing. You’ll also find out what each builder’s performance was.

The decision of which website builder to choose is difficult, particularly with the numerous options available. It’s even more difficult considering how Wix, Squarespace, and WordPress are all fantastic platforms.

It’s as if you’re at Disneyland trying to figure out which one to take. Everything is so thrilling and it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

This is the place where we step in.

Our goal is to make your life on the computer more enjoyable. This is why we’ve conducted an independent study on each platform to understand the way they function. After reading this article you’ll be able quickly decide which builder is right for you.

Are you are you ready? It’s a good idea to be as the gates to the park are in operation…

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Wix Vs. Squarespace vs WordPress Pros and Cons

Wix Pros as well Cons

Wix Pros Wix Cons
The most comprehensive website builder Theme changes can’t be changed after publication.
Very simple to utilize It can be difficult to make a decision.

Wix is the most comprehensive web-based builder available. It’s a complete package excellent value, simple to use and backed by excellent customer service.

Its drag-and drop design allows you to easily alter the look of your site But beware: after you’ve published it’s locked into the design you’ve selected.


Squarespace Pros and Cons

Squarespace Pros Squarespace Cons
Beautifully created templates A little more difficult to master at first
Ideal for industries with a creative flair There is a limited selection in prices plans

Squarespace is the market leader in design. It is a beautiful platform with templates that can be used in every creative industry. But with this beauty it comes with a more difficult learning curve.

WordPress Pros and Cons

WordPress Pros WordPress Cons
Unlimited personalization Needs knowledge of coding to get the most benefit of it
Access to all sorts of third-party plugins Do you need to setup your own web hosting (we suggest Bluehost)

WordPress allows you to go wild by allowing you to customize. It’s self-hosted that means you’re able to use unlimitless coding abilities. If you’re not confident in what to do to configure web hosting, we suggest to look elsewhere.

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What’s the difference between Wix, Squarespace, and WordPress?

Knowing the distinctions between the builders can aid you in deciding which is the best fit for your needs. How do they differ in the first place?

To begin, Wix is an all-purpose website builder. It makes use of drag-and-drop to allow you to personalize your website with ease without having to touch a single line of code. It’s perfect for beginners in technology with a desire for some creativity.

Squarespace is similar to Wix, which is more popular than its sister. It’s not that we think it’s superior however, it is the most effective platform for designers and offers the most beautiful themes available. It does require some more creativity and technical skill than Wix.

In the end, WordPress is self-hosted program. This means that you must locate your webhosting by yourself (it’s like renting space on the internet for your site) You’ll need to code everything. WordPress is intended for those who are tech-savvy and want complete freedom.

Can’t decide on a platform? Check out our


Easy of Use

A website should be available to all. What’s the point of having the most recent and best web design features if you’re not proficient in using them?


Let’s get to the point The truth is that Wix is the simplest to utilize of all three web developers. The drag-and-drop design allows you to customize your website easily as well as the user interface well laid out. In essence it’s a great choice for newbies to technology.

Are you thinking it’s not going to get more simple? You’re wrong. Wix ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) allows you to create websites within a matter of seconds. Simply answer a couple of questions and you’ll have a site that’s ready for launch.


In comparison with Wix, Squarespace is a little more difficult to get used to However, it has attractive design. It’s for people who love design and aren’t afraid of a slight steep learning curve.

Do you think beauty is a curse is it not? Absolutely not! Squarespace is still simple to use with just some attempts at trial and error There’s no programming required, neither. The powerful tools it offers just need an hour or so to master.

The process of designing the perfect Squarespace site takes longer than Wix however, you’ll get stunning final products. You’ll be able to trust us when we say that you’ll have a difficult time convincing people that your site was not designed by a professional!



Then things begin to get a bit complicated. WordPress can be described as a self-hosted program which means you have to locate your own site host and then customize it using code. It’s the most difficult platform to work with, by a significant distance.

We suggest powering your WordPress website using Bluehost . It’s our Top-rated WordPress hosting service and It’s been WordPress has been endorsed by WordPress The service itself. And, the best part is that the cost for new customers starts at only $2.95 each month. If you host the website of your WordPress web site with Bluehost you gain access to a variety of options that make the installation process much more simple:

  • One-click WordPress installation
  • WordPress-centric user dashboard
  • Domain name registration for free as well as SSL security certificate
  • Automatically WordPress updates
  • 24/7 support from our in-house WordPress experts


WordPress is a platform for technical users who are looking for total freedom in the way they design their site, or who want to spend hours studying about coding and hosting.

Making matters even more difficult, there is no specific support group in case you run into trouble, you’re all your all by yourself.

Wix Vs. Squarespace and WordPress – User Ease The verdict

Wix is fun for everyone of all age groups, and is the most simple builder to make use of. It’s never difficult making your Wix website since it’s simple, with drag and drop to allow you to personalize your website effortlessly. The Squarespace platform is a little more difficult initially, whereas WordPress is best for those who have a solid understanding of coding.

Are you a Total Beginner?

Wix is the most simple builder to use that is ideal for novices or those who want to design their websites quickly and easily.

Are you looking for things that are easy to do? Learn about the Best Website Builders.

Design Flexibility

Design is about keeping your customers content. A beautiful website will be etched in the mind of your visitors and make them want to visit again.


Wix provides over 510 different themes for you to choose from, with 16 categories covered (e.g. Portfolio, BusinessPortfolio & CV) and many additional sectors.

All themes are mobile-responsive,meaning they look just as great on a mobile as they would on laptop screens. Are you confident? Choose a blank template and let your creativity flow.

One tip: make sure that you are satisfied with the design, as it is impossible to change themes after publishing.


Does Squarespace the King of Design, perform in this area? Yes, it does. The platform provides an assortment of elegantly designed templates that is easy to search by the category.

Squarespace has more attractive designs as compared to Wix however it is limited more with regards to what you can alter. It works in blocks, which means you aren’t able to simply drag and drop things everywhere and everywhere like you could with Wix. This preserves the look and feel of the professionally-designed template, which is no bad thing.


The process of designing your own WordPress website is different from other websites. The possibilities are endless. hundreds of thousands of theme to choose from and you can modify them according to your own preferences. If you’re confident in technology, you could incorporate plugins or make use of code to make the theme display or do whatever you’d like.

Also there’s no limit on what you can create on you WordPress website. But themes on WordPress aren’t as stunning like those available that are available on Squarespace.


Wix vs Squarespace vs WordPress – Design Flexibility: Verdict

Squarespace is the most cool design-wise ride available. It offers the best designs, and can be modified using drag-and-drop, or even with code. WordPress is also adaptable, however the templates aren’t as impressive as those of Squarespace. Wix provides a extremely flexible editing options, however it isn’t possible to change the template after your website has been launched.


Do You Need a Beautiful Website?

Squarespace offers the most attractive designs available and is perfect for those who are creative and want an elegant, modern, professional-looking website.

Tools and Features

What are the reasons why tools and features are crucial? The bigger the tools available, the more possibilities. Inspiring, huh? In essence you can accomplish more with a web-based website builder when it is equipped with superior tools than the other platforms.


With the global sales of online retail exceeding $2.3 trillion for 2017, it’s crucial that your site has features that are effective enough to let you jump onto this growing trend.

Wix offers 3 e-commerce cost plans each of that offer additional storage space, the option to sell products with no charges for transactions and the choice of more than 20 pay-per-click gateways. Our study discovered the following: Wix was the top ‘generic web builder that also has e-commerce capabilities.

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Squarespace is more than just a pretty appearance. is a real-time quality with the E-commerce features such as zooming of product images coupons as well as abandoned cart recovery and no transaction fees.

You’d think by this point, WordPress does things a bit differently. There’s no built-in functionality and, therefore, to add e-commerce functionality, you’ll need to create a separate plugin.

WooCommerce is an e-commerce plugin specifically designed that is designed specifically for WordPress. It’s not as comprehensive than Wix or Squarespace however, it comes with one-click refunds and the capability to place products on different pages of the store.

This is a good thing to be aware of…

It’s easy to accept offline transactions through one of these platforms – all you need is to create an integration with Square and purchase an ordinary Square Card Reader ($49). This is a great option for those who plan to sell their products at pop-up shops or fairs and also on the internet. Square instantly syncs your inventory on the internet, meaning you don’t have to fret about over-selling inventory.


It is a great way to keep the visitors to your site informed This is essential for building your online community. For instance blogging is great for announcements of new products, information or sales.

Wix is a an instant solution in the area of blogs. You can include galleries on your blog, post comments, and integrate Wix Blog, a free Wix Blog application for additional features.

But, the main issue is that you can’t archive your posts, which means that important content could be lost as time passes.

Squarespace is a comprehensive blogging platform that is well-rounded. It has everything you require to have an profitable portfolio or blog with social sharing, user likeds as well as support for multiple authors.

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Restore your blog to its basics by using the Guide on How To Begin a Blog.

WordPress is most well-known for its power to blog. It’s a hugely popular platform with millions of users create blogs In fact, it powers 24 percent of the websites that are online currently. These figures are astounding as are WordPress its blogging capabilities.

As you may know, is a self-hosted software that allows you to customize everything using code, and then plug in any plugin you want. In the end, it’s perfect for those who are tech-savvy and require an even more sophisticated platform.


Promoting your site is essential for success on the internet It can be accomplished in numerous ways.

Wix lets you make marketing easy. It is possible to run email campaigns, make newsletters, or even add banners in just two clicks. You can also incorporate marketing applications such as Wix Shoutout or select an alternative from the app marketplace under ‘ Marketing apps‘.

Squarespace includes the majority of features built-in, although the only disadvantage is that you’re limited to the features Squarespace provides, which includes email marketing campaigns through Mailchimp. However, you can find a variety of marketing applications in the Squarespace Extensions app store if you’re looking to give your site an extra an extra boost.

WordPress can be described as the complete opposite of Squarespace. Everything you need to promote and sharing must be integrated using the help of a plugin. There are more than 54,000 plugins available including the most effective marketing tools such as Keap (for email marketing) as well as Disqus (for controlling comments).

That means that even though there’s a wide range of choices, it will require much more effort on the technical side.

Social Media Integration

Retweeting and luring with ‘likes’ will make your site grow.

With Wix you can also incorporate sharing buttons as well as live feeds from social media. It also has a separate dashboard to promote posts on social media.

Squarespace offers similar services However, it allows you to connect accounts from more than 25 different social media accounts (more than Wix provides) which include Instagram, Facebook, Spotify and Pinterest.

Flexibility is a standard feature in WordPress and it doesn’t change with this version. In order to meet your entire social media requirements you can incorporate the plugins you’d like to use, including sharing buttons, auto-posting and social comments.

Wix vs Squarespace vs WordPress – Marketing Tools: Verdict

It’s an even tie! Wix as well as Squarespace are both well-balanced in terms of tools, and have distinct strengths within the built-in tools. WordPress does not offer a lot of built-in features however it does provide access to over 54,000 plug-ins to boost your site’s performance provided you have technical knowledge.

App Markets

We’re sorry for giving away the plot However, Squarespace doesn’t take the title in this time. What’s the reason? Because the app store is quite tiny.

There are 23 carefully selected applications available on the Squarespace Extensions store that cover logistics and shipping as well as finance, inventory, products, as well as marketing and sales. There’s not a lot of options however, you don’t really need a lot to get started when Squarespace has numerous built-in features already.

However, Wix lets you choose from more than 200 apps that cover all categories you’ll require including social media, ecommerce, and business.

Wix App Market for Wix apps is easy to navigate, offering customer reviews, pricing breakdowns, and easy installation.

If Wix offers an app marketplace and you are a Wix user, WordPress has a huge market. To boost your WordPress website’s functionality, choose from more than 54,000 plug-ins, both paid and free.

There are so many plugins, we recommend selecting plugins with huge user bases, which are frequently updated and provide customer support.

Wix vs Squarespace vs WordPress – App Markets: Verdict

WordPress takes the top spot in the app race! While Wix provides 200 top applications that are simple to install, it’s not able to compare to the variety that you can get from WordPress. As of the writing time the number of WordPress plugins is 54,302. WordPress plugins available that cover all the essential aspects needed to build successful websites.

WordPress offers a huge selection of plugins you can choose from and more are constantly added It beats all the other plugins by a mile!



SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. It is a method used to make your site be more prominent on search engines such as Google. What is the reason it’s crucial? It all boils down to the number of the number of visits to your website. Having an SEO strategy that is effective will help visitors discover your site easier.

Wix creates SEO super easy overall(see how we achieved this). It makes use of an SEO Wizard to help you navigate the process and help you come up with a unique strategy (after you select some terms that are most appropriate for your site).

In addition on top of that, the two platforms Wix and Squarespace offer basic tools to improve your site’s SEO. They include:

  • updating URLs to allow users to navigate through your pages on the internet more quickly
  • Meta descriptions that can be customized is what Google will display on the results page
  • Editing alt tags of images help Google determine what an image is , and how to classify it

But the area where Squarespace isn’t quite up to par is in its absence of an SEO-specific application and best practice-oriented instructions (both that are offered via Wix). It’s best to stick to Wix for your site to be able to scale with search engines more efficiently.

WordPress offers a lot of options in SEO however, as with all other SEO tools it will require a greater amount of technical proficiency than other builders. There’s no limit on what you can modify to improve your SEO’s performance, however, we suggest installing the plugin called Yoast at the very minimum.

Wix vs Squarespace vs WordPress – SEO: Verdict

Wix leaps ahead of the pack once more. It provides all the necessary information to improve your website’s online ranking with a wizard to help you navigate. Squarespace does not offer much assistance for newbies, whereas WordPress provides a great deal of flexibility, yet is left to make your own decisions.

Do you need help with SEO?

Wix provides all the basics you’ll require to rank, while making it a breeze for novices to begin.


As with everything else in the world of technology, you could run into some problems when you build your own website. For you to get the best help and support is crucial – it lets you concentrate on the most important things, such as managing your fantastic website.

Wix is the most powerful assistance of all three options. If you’re experiencing any Wix-related problems, you can get in touch by calling:

  • Email and phone(Monday through Thursday 5am-5pm PST)
  • Social media
  • Wix Help Center Wix Help Center

Requesting assistance from Squarespace isn’t as easy. It offers a limited selection of support channels for customers and offers:

  • 24/7 email support
  • live chat (Monday through Friday, 4am-8pm ET)
  • A comprehensive Knowledge Base

Customer support isn’t an important problem with WordPress. Because it’s a completely free platform, there’s no phone number or email support, nor live chat. But it does offer an amazing community of support which allows you to discover tutorials, guides and FAQs. Certain hosting companies – like Bluehost provide access to their internal staff of WordPress experts when you sign up to hosting plans. This is a great benefit should you encounter issues in the running of your website.

Wix compares to Squarespace vs WordPress Help and Support Verdict

Wix remains ahead. It takes it to the next level by offering a comprehensive knowledge of its customer service center, including phone and email assistance, as well as social media assistance. In contrast, Squarespace doesn’t provide any assistance via phone – or any help for customers as WordPress does not offer any kind of customer support, aside from forums.


To quote the well-known saying “money makes the internet spin. For prospective owners of websites, the issue of cost could be a major factor when deciding on a builder over one.


Wix is a popular choice for its free plans. However, if you’re looking for more out of your website including ecommerce as well as more bandwidth or even a domain of your own – you’ll have upgrade to one of seven premium plans. seven plans that are premium that range between $14 and $49 monthly.

Take a look at the below image for more details on Wix’s plans.

Did an Wix Plan Catch Your Eye?

Wix offers a variety of price options, and even a no-cost version that you can try absolutely without risk. Examine the pricing of Wix and determine which one is right for you.

Squarespace Pricing

Squarespace doesn’t offer an affordable plan, however you can test the platform free of charge up to up to 14 days. If you’re a fan of Squarespace it is recommended to upgrade following that time.

It provides four premium plans that are the core:

  • Personal($12 per month)
  • Business($18 per month)
  • Basic($26 per month)
  • Advanced($40 per month)

Each plan lets you create generally stunning Squarespace websites, however to sell your products online, you’ll need be on Advanced or Basic.

Check out the image below for more information on the services offered by Squarespace…


The process of calculating the cost to use WordPress is more complicated since they differ for all users. The WordPress software is completely free , however you’ll have to pay for hosting (around $10 per month) themes SSL certificate, as well as plugins.

Bluehost’s prices start at $2.95 per month in its WordPress hosting package. It also includes a free domain along with an SSL certificate.

You can clearly see that WordPress price can be a bit different. Wix along with Squarespace have clearly defined price plans that could be more expensive overall but are simpler to manage.

Wix compares to Squarespace vs WordPress Pricing: The verdict

Wix offers the best price-per-page experience in general. While its paid plans are more expensive than Squarespace’s, its free plans are a good value and is a great option to get a taste or bring your idea to fruition without having to pay.

Are you looking for good value in exchange for your money?

The wide range of plans available at Wix ensures that there’s a plan to suit everyone, no matter if you’re on a strict budget or want to spend a lot of money.

Wix Vs. Squarespace and WordPress: A Conclusion

So, our adventure of comparisons and contrasts is about to come to an end. We could continue for years But you’ve got websites to construct!

Now you know the best platform for every aspect of building websites But let’s review the battles that were won and in which areas.

Category Wix Squarespace WordPress Winner
Easy to use Simple and simple to use due to its drag-and-drop function It’s more difficult to get started as compared to Wix however, it is easy after some trials and errors Not recommended for beginners in technology Coding and web hosting experience required Wix
Design Flexibility It offers more than 510 mobile-responsive theme options, though you can’t change themes after you have gone live The most beautiful of designs; allows you to modify the design using code, if you need to A lot of creativity However, themes aren’t as appealing as Squarespace, and it is much more difficult to modify in general Squarespace
Tools and Features Excellent all-around capabilities, however the tools for blogging could be enhanced Beautiful blog features, however E-commerce tools aren’t there It doesn’t have a lot of built-in features however you can are able to access over 54,000 plugins Tie
App Markets A very easy-to-use market and has more than 200 apps available. 23 apps to pick from on the Squarespace Extensions store 54,000 plugins available to cover every industry that you’ll need WordPress
SEO Offers useful SEO Wiz as well as all the fundamentals required for the improvement of Google positions. It’s not a great resource for newbies However, it offers a broad variety of SEO tools Highly effective tools for SEO, provided that you are able to code Wix
Assistance and Assistance and Support is available via email, phone social media, phone, and Help through the forum Live chat can help, but there is there is no telephone assistance It doesn’t offer customer support Wix
Pricing Provides a free plan, as well as seven premium plans starting at just $14/month There is no free plan, however, it provides four premium plans and an opportunity to try a 14-day trial Self-hosted software is a good choice, the costs vary based on the cost of hosting for websites, SSL, themes etc. Wix

From the tables, Wix is home to the biggest lines in this theme park. Why is it so well-known? It’s all in the accessibility. If anyone can utilize Wix then it will be the preferred website builder of choice to the majority of users. Be aware that it’s a good choice for beginners. is ideal for novices.

2nd-placed second-placed Squarespace is the best option for design. It’s recommended to make use of Squarespace for those who want elegant, professional-looking templates and you’re willing to accept more design challenges than those offered on Wix.

Contrary to Wix, WordPress certainly isn’t an option for all. Utilizing WordPress requires extensive programming and knowledge of web hosting. But, with this technological requirements comes complete freedom . You can create your WordPress website your own.

In the end, WordPress is designed for users with a high level of technical expertise who desire absolute control over the way their website looks or functions.

Wix against Squarespace and WordPress was an absolute roller-coaster ride, isn’t it? We saw SEO spirals and customer support Helixes, easy-to-use loops, and design-dive-drops. However, when our day at the fair draws to an end, we’ll be able to remember Wix as the most exciting ride of all.

Are You Ready to Test Wix?

Start with Wix’s no-cost plan to determine whether it’s the best builder for your needs. Absolutely no risk, no nagging payment information, and no time limitation!

It’s the most versatile web-based builder currently available since anyone can utilize it. It is a simple drag-and-drop interface with features that allow you to create any kind of website you want and also provides helpful visual guides as well as comprehensive customer support that can resolve any Wix problems quickly.

Squarespace offers four pricing plans that you can select from including Personal ($12 per month) Business ($18 per month) Basic ($26 per month) and Advanced ($40 per month). The two plans with higher prices give the ability to sell products online, while Personal and Business let you create stunning websites for you or your business. is an open-source program, meaning you’re required to manage web hosting on your own. It is recommended to use WordPress when you’re technical savvy and comfortable with code. It allows you to be completely free in the design of your site but only if have the abilities.


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