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Wix Vs. Weebly and Squarespace Vs Jimdo The Top Three Pros & Cons in 2021

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Wix Vs Weebly Vs Squarespace Vs Jimdo — It’s time to let the battle begin!

It can be difficult to determine which web builder is best for you can be difficult. Some of them look exactly like the same thing, and sometimes are completely different.

What should you consider when making your choice?

The time spent trying every website builder can be exhausting and difficult. This article will supply the user with an infographic that lists the advantages and disadvantages of all the web builders available to you to consider.

It will to save time and energy to go through their pros and cons before you decide and select the ones that don’t meet your requirements.

Here’s a brief overview of our evaluations of these builders of websites so that you’ll be able to quickly assess how they stack up against one another.

Wix Vs. Weebly and Squarespace Vs JimdoPros & Cons Comparison Outline

  1. Populity Factor
  2. Best Pros & Cons (Wix vs. Weebly and Squarespace and Jimdo)
  3. How to Choose The Web Builder You Want based on Your Needs
  4. Our Recommendation To You

Also check out the Side-by-Side comparison charts for how the different web builders compare to one the other or read our lengthy article about the best website builders.

1. Popularity Factor

We don’t believe that how well-known an online builder’s popularity should influence the choice of which to use for your site We thought we’d discuss that also.

It’s more of more of an “interest” factor prior to when we go into the pros and pros of each site builder below.

Here’s the way Wix, Squarespace, Weebly and Jimdo are being viewed on Google search results:

What it means is that Wix has the highest number of searches online, followed by Weebly, Squarespace, and Jimdo.

It’s not too surprising to find that is the most popular with over 92 million sites that are published.

2. Top Pros And Cons (Wix vs. Weebly vs. Squarespace and Jimdo)

Wix | Squarespace | Weebly | Jimdo

#1 The best collection of design templates of the highest professional quality templates

Wix provides more than 510 professionally designed templates that are up-to-date with the latest design trends (compared with other drag and drop builders for websites).

The greatest thing about Wix’s templates is the fact that they’re pre-structured in a format, and are pre-populated with content. You just need to select your preferred template and replace the pre-defined content with your personal content.

If you’re not artistic or adept at designing Wix’s templates fit in perfectly because you don’t have to worry about creating your own layout for your page.

#2 One of the most original drag and drop web builder

Wix constantly introduces new and exciting new features, designs and functions that are easy to use ( you can see their new features month-to-month on this page).

You can, for instance, create one-pager parallax designs or add video backgrounds creating different sections on your page All without having to touch any codes. Wix is definitely way ahead of its competitors in this area.

Wix also offers an artificial intelligence system known as ” Wix ADI“(stands for Artificial Design Intelligence) which will help you design the initial version of your website in a matter of minutes. It will create your website’s pages and layouts automatically add your content, and simply make your site appear professional.

This solution solves many of your issues, particularly when you’re not a pro in the art of design or need to speedily build a professional website. It’s an “Done-For-You” solution.

#3 Help and support accessible everywhere

Wix is among the strongest support networks that is available to all website builders. Wix has help or help buttons all over the place.

It is possible to click”Help” located at near the top, or every element you are using is also equipped with its own distinct help button. It’s nice to know that help buttons are available to click without having to look further.

If you’re in need of a little extra “hand-holding”, Wix also provides email and phone assistance.


#1 Gorgeous high-end templates, designed by top designers

Squarespace gives you stunning designs, responsive to mobile devices, that instantly draw attention. The designs are simple minimalistic and radiate a the impression of sophistication.

The quality of their finishing is excellent like an artist has put in hours the process of polishing the templates. We appreciate their sleek lines in comparison to other web builders’ templates that could be loud.

#2 All Squarespace templates are mobile-friendly

Squarespace provides responsive templates. This means you can alter the size of your web browser, and the content (including slideshows, images and videos) will automatically adjust to give you an optimal browsing experience. This is particularly useful for those who utilize mobile devices.

#3 Numerous styling options that allow you to personalize your style

Squarespace provides you with a wide range of styles options that other builders for websites do not offer. You are able to customize design with other web builders, but you’ll have to be able to modify codes.

Squarespace comes with an editor for styles that can help to create customizations without having to use code, including changing background images right down to customizing thumbnail information.


#1 Highly user-friendly easy to use, drag and drop web page builder

Weebly is most likely the easiest to use website builder that is available in the present. It doesn’t overburden users with a lot in bells and bells and they provide the essentials to create a successful website.

Its user interface is easy to navigate, and is great for users of all levels, particularly those who are scared of all things related to technology. You can create a great site in a matter of hours.

They’ve also introduced advanced tools and features recently. Don’t worry, they’ve stuck their focus on keeping their tools simple to use even for those who are new.

#2 Template designs are on-trend

It has been the case that Weebly’s templates were not up-to-date even. But, they’ve introduced modern and stylish designs lately, which is a wonderful and appreciated improvement.

The templates they offer are mobile-friendly so your website will appear professional when viewed when viewed on mobile devices. It is easy to change templates by clicking a single button and your entire content will automatically be moved to an updated template.

Weebly provides access to templates’ HTML/CSS codes. Also, if you’re proficient in the basics of programming (or when you employ someone who is) This allows you the ability to modify your template to your specifications.

#3 Layouts of pages that have been pre-designed

When it comes to creating your pages, and you aren’t sure where to begin, Weebly has over 40 templates for your page to pick from to start you off.

The layouts are popular for home and about pages services contact, menus for restaurants along with portfolio and menu pages. You can choose any of them and then begin making changes or customizing the layouts to personalize it to your needs. Find out more information about this below.


#1 The most international web-based builder

In comparison to other competitors, Jimdo has teams all across the globe, so should be considered if English is not your primary or primary one, Jimdo is a good web design tool to look into.

#2 Access to CSS and HTML codes that can be used to modify your design

If you are proficient in code, or have a coder on staff This gives you a lot of design freedom since you can modify the codes according to your preferred template. If you don’t plan to modify the codes right away then this allows you the possibility of doing it in the future.

#3 Open Platform

Jimdo’s platform for free (JimdoFree) offers you all the tools to create a highly efficient website. There is no obligation to upgrade to a paid platform (JimdoPro or JimdoBusiness) and there aren’t limits on how long you are able to remain an unpaid user.

Wix and Weebly and Squarespace Vs Jimdo Comparative Table If you’d prefer the chart or table-based analysis visit this link to look at it.

Wix | Squarespace | Weebly | Jimdo

CONS Concerning WIX
#1 It is hard to change templates

While Wix has a wide selection of templates designed by designers that you can choose out of, once you’ve decided on one that you want to use, you can’t switch to a different template. In the event that you choose to do so, you’ll be required to insert your content once again. It’s not a pleasant experience So, make sure to make sure you choose the best template!

#2 Adverts visible with the no-cost plan

When you sign up for Wix’s free plan, it is accompanied by a noticeable and prominent advertisements Wix logos that appear on the side as well as at the bottom of your website when the website has been published. Every free website builder has their own advertising credits (understandable given that they provide services at no cost) However, Wix’s ads are noticeable. It is necessary to upgrade your account to remove the ads.

#3 is not designed to deal with the needs of complex e-commerce

If you’re looking to create an online store Wix’s tools for e-commerce aren’t up-to-date enough to let you effectively manage your store. However, they do have more powerful e-commerce tools than websites built by standard builders but they don’t offer basic tools for managing your store like sending automatic confirmation emails to customers once they have paid taxes, adjusting shipping costs, or just general administration of orders, such as marking the order as either shipped or paid.

Update: Wix has since introduced more advanced tools for e-commerce (see our complete analysis here). This includes the ability to set your own shipping and handling costs in accordance with shipping destinations as well as the price range of your product. You can also set charges for shipping and handling according to the state you’re shipping to, which allows you to have greater control over the cost of shipping. You can also set tax rates that are based on your shipping location (you can establish various tax rates for different states and countries). After you’ve delivered your items you can label each purchase as “complete” which allows you to monitor which orders remain open and need to be completed.[]


#1 When you view your website using a smartphone the design you’ve created in editing mode might differ slightly from the published mode.

Since the design templates of Squarespace are mobile-responsive and are automatically designed for use on mobiles, it implies that your content could “shift” places by itself to be able to fit perfectly on the mobile device’s display.

This isn’t a major issue since you don’t have 100 percent control over how your website displays on mobile devices because the display dimensions for various mobile devices differ. This is a minor issue because you don’t have full control over what your mobile screen appears.

#2 Numerous styling options can be overwhelming

While the Style Editor on Squarespace offers you the option to alter or style virtually everything on the site without having to learn codes, it could be quite overwhelming for some users. A lot of styling options can be overwhelming, and occasionally trying too hard to come up with your own ideas can take away the simple beauty of a website.

The trick is not to try to do too much with these tools that are flexible. You can still create an attractive and appealing web site using Squarespace without the need to alter every design element of your website.

#3 Squarespace’s online platform connects to just one credit card processor (Stripe)

While Stripe is a well-known and reliable service We would like to see Squarespace can integrate with other processing companies (such such as PayPal) since Stripe isn’t yet accessible for merchants in smaller countries.

Updating: Squarespace is now fully integrated with PayPal This allows you to offer two payment options for your customers to make use of. Furthermore, Squarespace is also compatible with Apple Pay that makes it simple for your customers to buy through the Apple cellphones.

We’ve got an extensive review of Squarespace’s e-commerce platform here.


#1 Template customization options are limited to a few templates.

Weebly allows you to change the font style and the overall color scheme of every template. If you wish to do more than the above, such as changing the color of the menu bar and background design for content or altering the width of the content or width, etc. You will need to alter the codes of the template to achieve this.

Therefore, it is certainly possible to create detailed modifications but there’s no method that is code-free to do so. Other website builders like Squarespace or Wix as well as Squarespace provide you with code-free methods to modify your website’s design.

#2 A slower time in introducing new, exciting features

Weebly typically only releases new tools and features at least once or twice per year this is slower than the majority of users are looking for (existing customers are constantly looking of more tools!)

However, whenever they introduce new functions, they’re extremely impressive , and users are delighted with the new features. The new features are usually quite advanced, however Weebly is able to make them user-friendly which is exactly what Weebly is known for.

#3 Blog features need to be improved

Another frequent complaint from customers is the fact that Weebly’s blog functions aren’t very sophisticated. These days, blogs require the ability to highlight relevant posts, popular posts, or the most recent posts. Weebly is yet to integrate these tools to their blog.

They provide the essentials including Social sharing icons, capability to drag and drop content in every post, and the capability to plan the date that a post will be scheduled for publication in the near future. In our opinion that showcasing popular, related or recent posts is one of the essential tools that every blog must be equipped with.


#1 requires more professional created templates

The quality of Jimdo’s templates is comparable to its competition. The basic version Jimdo offers you a specific amount of templates and access more templates, you’ll have to sign up for their premium offerings.

Update – Jimdo recently added additional templates to their library of. They have also added advanced features such like (1) full background slideshows that allow you to modify different visual effects on the background image as well as (2) full background video that allow the user to add videos as background of your site which is pretty impressive! At the moment it’s the first of its kind amongst the web builders that we evaluate. These changes show that Jimdo is focused on making their templates better. We’re eager to see new and exciting features. []

#2 Style options are limited unless you alter the codes

In comparison with other drag-and-drop websites, Jimdo’s don’t offer the options to alter the style and design of your site. However, you have the ability to modify the codes of the design template however, only if you’re able to code or work with a coder.

#3 Not a true drag-and-drop user interface

However, even thethough Jimdo’s tools for building websites don’t include drag and drop do not let this fool you into thinking Jimdo isn’t user-friendly. Its functions and user-friendliness can be used to accomplish the job but it’s more engaging with drag and drop.

Wix Weebly and Squarespace Vs Jimdo Comparative Table If you’d prefer the chart or table based analysis visit this link to look at it.

3.Pick The Website Builder Based On The Features You Need

In the summation of pros and cons previously mentioned each builder of websites is unique and has strengths as well as weaknesses.

These are our suggestions in relation to what you could be searching for:

1) Easiest To Use – check out as well as Weebly.

2) Stylish & Professional Design – see Squarespace (see the offer promo code) as well as

3) eCommerce Builder – you should consider WixWeebly or Squarespace (click on the links below to read our opinions on their ecommerce tools).

Aren’t sure which site builder will work best for your needs? Check out the Online Builder Matching Test

For direct comparisons between website builders:

Not sure which site builder to select?

Check this article out to discover your concerns you need to ask to determine which web builder is best for your needs.

4.Our Recommendation to you

When you’re done with the day, we suggest that you register for an account free of charge with at least two websites builders and try your own version. This is the only way you will get a feel of which one is the best for your needs.

A website requires time and money , in addition, it’s an investment in your time. Therefore, it is important to do your due diligence, and then check to determine which builder you are most comfortable.

Do not skimp on investing time trying these out, because you’ll pay a lot over time if you have to switch builders for your website later on.

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