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WooCommerce Review (Nov 2021): WooCommerce is the Queen of Ecommerce WordPress Plugins WordPress

If you’ve ever used WordPress for online shopping then you’ve probably heard about WooCommerce. It’s the crown jewel in the world of e-commerce and is widely considered to be one of the top plugins available on WordPress.

The best part is that WooCommerce have a broad array of features packed into a small WordPress plugin, it’s also absolutely free. The following WooCommerce overview, I’ll go over the top features of WooCommerce and provide some info about how much you’ll be spending once you have installed the e-commerce plug-in.

It’s quite common to look at WooCommerce with platforms such as Shopify and BigCommerce. It’s fine, but it’s essential to understand the main distinctions. First of all to understand, all these e-commerce platforms offer the same outcomes.


The aim is to create an online store that has e-commerce capabilities which is the result you can expect from WooCommerceShopifyBigCommerce, and all the rest.

The processing of payments is handled by WooCommerce, so you can make products available, and create a website with having any programming experience. But, WooCommerce varies from these platforms because of one key reason: It works with the open-source WordPress CMS.

This means you’ll be more in control of your site’s design, but it also requires more understanding of hosting domain names, domain names, and web design. While Shopify and BigCommerce provide comprehensive ecommerce packages that include hosting and processing tools and design all packaged into a tidy plan.

This being said that those “packaged” platforms could have some limitations in the feature and theme departments. This is the primary reason that WooCommerce has gained so much popularity with developers who are more sophisticated.

After we’ve explained the most important distinctions, continue reading our detailed WooCommerce review in order to better understand the features of the platform and determine whether it’s the right choice for you.

WooCommerce Review Features

It’s hard to explain all of WooCommerce’s features WooCommerce features in a single blog article, but I’ll attempt. For a quick overview, WooCommerce works as a WordPress plugin. You install the plugin to transform the WordPress website into an online store. Then, it guides you through a store’s setup page that you complete the following fields:

  • Contact details for Store
  • Payment details
  • Shipping information
  • Other benefits include automated taxation, for example.
  • Uploading bulk products

After completion after the installation, two tabs will appear at the bottom of the left-hand side of your WordPress dashboard. One is for products, and the other one for the primary WooCommerce settings. All of it is consolidated and makes it simple to add items to your store and control what happens at a later time.

For some of our top highlights, here’s what you can anticipate:

  • A stunning CMS for managing content (since WooCommerce runs on WordPress).
  • The system lets you to modify your design by using a visual designer or by using the code.
  • More than 400 extensions and a myriad of other WordPress plugins to enhance the appearance and performance of your shop. For example, you could decide to create a membership website or include an easy form for contact. This is all possible using extensions and plugins.
  • The REST API is available to manage and integrate with everything from orders to products.
  • Numerous themes that can create your online store appear exactly how you like it. A few theme themes can be found completely free however, others are offered through third-party resellers.
  • Gorgeous checkout and products. These are enhanced by landing pages as well as an array of alternatives that can be customized as you would think of from an online platform.
  • Reviews and ratings of products to improve search engine optimization and make your shopping experience more relevant to your clients.
  • Unlimited images, products as well as galleries. The vast majority of things are unlimitable in WooCommerce, which means you won’t have to fret about any restrictions.
  • Advanced sorting of products and filtering:his helps make your search engine ranking better and helps your customers through a variety of options.
  • Support for digital, physical or affiliate items. Unlimited variations are possible as well as the ability to import and export huge lists of product information.
  • Customizable checkout spaces including guest checkout and automated emails Tax options free shipping, integrated payment processing, and much more.

As you can see, the list of features is quite long. It’s just barely scratching the surface.

The truth is that if WooCommerce does not have the features you’re looking for, it’s not available in any other online store. And if you’re struggling to locate something distinctive like subscription engines it is possible to use extensions and plug-ins to meet your requirements.


WooCommerce Review User-Friendliness

I’ve spoken a bit regarding my thoughts on the WooCommerce Interface earlier however, we’ll walk through the entire process from beginning to finish today. WooCommerce is now much simpler to install in recent times, with many hosting companies providing either a free or a paid installation.

If you choose to set up the plug-in by yourself It’s as simple as pressing two buttons Install and Activate.

The configuration module will guide users through the details of shipping and adding tax information, products and business details. The WordPress dashboard will then show its WooCommerce and Products tabs on the left.

It’s a good idea because all functions are integrated into one place. The tabs allow you to access options for settings such as coupons, orders reports, settings, and other items. You’ll also have options to add products, defining categories and managing aspects.

The ease of your site’s modification is contingent upon your WooCommerce theme you choose. But you can use the WordPress visually customizable editor is capable of quickly uploading logos as well as managing fonts and changing other things such as colors.


When it comes to the creation of products, it’s comparable to creating a post pages on WordPress. All you need to do is write the title of your product, then fill on the title, then decide which category to choose.

This Product Data section is used when you’re looking to be more specific with regards to your item. The Product Data section offers the possibility to create a virtual or downloadable product or an uncomplicated, grouped as well as variable products.

Inventory, shipping attributes, attributes and linked products each are separated into tabs, making it possible to alter the product to suit your needs.

Of course, it’s vital that to include images as well as videos. It’s possible using the gallery module, the product image editor, and text editor tools.

WooCommerce is without doubt among the most simple E-commerce platforms to work with.

The most significant issue is the setup (considering you need to locate your own hosting service and a theme and transfer your domain name) along with the steeper learning curves that could be involved with WordPress. Present WordPress users should not have any issue with this, however someone who is new to the platform may be able to find WordPress daunting.

It is true that WordPress is a breeze to learn thanks to the broad variety of forums, blogs, and other online communities.


WooCommerce Review: Pricing

Pricing can get difficult when using WooCommerce. We’ve mentioned that it is free to download the WooCommerce WordPress plugin is free to download. Not only that, it is the WordPress CMS application is free.

In the end it’s true that an WooCommerce website may be as low as just a few dollars per month. However, that’s only if you locate the cheapest hosting available and choose a free theme, and do not pay for any extensions, plugins or web design.

Therefore, I’d like to breakdown the cost of using WooCommerce in the average cost of installation.

Here’s what you’ll need

  • WordPress Free
  • The WooCommerce plug-in is free
  • A web hosting service from three up to hundreds of dollars per month (we suggest Site Ground or WP Engine). It’s probably that a smaller website will be okay with a $5 to $10 monthly sharing hosting plans. However, as you grow you’ll likely require a VPS or dedicated server. They are more expensive.
  • The WooCommerce themes is available for free, up to $200. Personally, I wouldn’t spend greater than $100 for themes. There are many $50- $100 themes that can be used. Keep in mind that it’s a one-time expense.
  • The domain You shouldn’t need to pay over $10 per calendar year.
  • Extensions and plugins The majority of e-commerce stores don’t have to purchase these extensions. However, certain extensions are necessary for niche websites and you may find that a premium extension will suit your needs. While this could cost nothing, I’m planning to set aside $10 a month for this since I typically pay for an extension or two.
  • Web Design Services There is no way to put an exact number on it, however it could be in the hundreds of thousands. My suggestion is to finish as much design work you can by yourself. You could also invest $500 in a few places to do quality freelance work.

So, what does that mean with regards to WooCommerce pricing?

For a brand new, small WooCommerce site, I’d recommend spending about $500 in advance for a theme, some design work as well as a premium WooCommerce plug-in or two.

The monthly fee is about $10 for a good shared host.

When you begin to grow your website and gaining more visitors, the prices get higher. In my case, I would not want to pay $200 per month for a great dedicated hosting. I’d also like to revamp my site with some amazing design work. Apart from that, costs for domain names remain the same.


WooCommerce Review Design and Templates

It is clear that the world of WooCommerce themes is huge and confusing. The issue that is with WordPress is that anyone can create themes and then sell them to potential customers. The good thing is that it offers a wide range of choices to choosing a theme. However, you need to be cautious that to ensure that the WooCommerce theme isn’t badly coded (where it may cause damage to your site or the plugin you use).

I suggest going to The me Forest and using their rating system, or selecting an experienced theme developer such as Elegant ThemesStudio Press Theme Fuse, Templatic.

It’s not a bad idea to pick an affordable WordPress themes that comes from The WordPress Theme Library. However, I think when you’re running a serious company, you should choose one you are confident will be a success. And not only that, the best theme companies provide assistance.

In terms of design quality The top theme providers consistently deliver. You’ll be able launch your online store in just a few moments and also import some demo data, so you do not have to build your website from beginning to finish.

The theme’s design is finished by using the themes customized tools. You can, however, modify settings using The WordPress Customizer.


WooCommerce Review: Plugins and Extensions

One of the biggest advantages of the use of WooCommerce is the integration with third-party WordPress plugins as well as the extensions offered by WooCommerce its own website.

Extensions are tailored to the world of e-commerce They typically are used when you’re trying to incorporate specific product features that are unique or if you’re looking to develop a site which collects fees for membership (or some other kind of fee).

The extensions typically cost money, however WooCommerce offers a variety of extensions. You might, for instance, like to add additional items in the checkout process. There’s an extension to do that. It also includes extensions for forms editing checkout fields, tool to name the price and the min/max quantity.

Certain WordPress plugins are specifically designed to work with WooCommerce however most of them are just to make your website more effective. There’s no need to be concerned because all WordPress plugins are compatible with WooCommerce. WooCommerce plugin.

If you’d like to include contact forms, you can opt for Contact Form 7. There are a lot of anti-spam and social media, email marketing, accounting and SEO-related plugins. It’s just a short lookup to discover the right plugin for your needs as plugins and extensions are crucial in the creation of the perfect online store.


WooCommerce Review: SEO and Marketing

WooCommerce is pretty efficient in helping you expand your offerings by a variety of ways.

Customers can earn rewards for their purchases with coupons, loyalty schemes , and points. Or WooCommerce also supports free gifting to help increase sales.

To prove your social standing For social proof, you could ask your customers to write stars or reviews. This will increase trustworthiness of the business.

To promote content, WooCommerce requires users to use the blog feature on your WordPress website. There are no real blogging options here, other than those available from WordPress. The same applies to SEO and you’re required to make use of the tools that are already available.

When it comes to the optimization of search engines, WooCommerce is powered by the fundamental tools for search engines in WordPress. This means that it creates automatically descriptions and metadata for the search results. WooCommerce does not have SEO capabilities by itself, however you can use plugins such as Yoast to enhance the way you select specific keywords.

WooCommerce does not come with many built-in marketing functions. Automated emails are sent when a customer buys a product which is why you can utilize them to brand your store and to let people know of other offerings. But, the best option is to look into an email marketing platform such as MailChimp or integrating an opt-in email form. The tools for social media as well as landing pages can be found via various theme and plug-ins.

To boost sales on Your WooCommerce store, you can include additional offers, up-sells and cross-sells when your customers go through the checkout process. Also, you can add the section of related products on your pages of products to encourage shoppers to purchase more.

The compatibility with different plugins means that you are able to boost your conversion rates by using email marketing, too. Connect your online store to an email-based plugin to recover abandoned carts as well as create automated strategies for email marketing. The options available for your eCommerce site vary all the way from Campaign Monitor to Mail Chimp.

WooCommerce can also help you get your customers to where they are to increase the chance of conversions to credit cards. This means you can offer accessibility to ads on Facebook, Amazon, eBay and Google Ads too.


WooCommerce Review Pay Processing

Stripe as well as PayPal are among the most used payment processors available on WooCommerce. WooCommerce provides immediate setting tools for both.

WooCommerce also works with more than 100 payment gateways which means you can pick from the vast list of options and determine which is most suitable for your location or within your budget. It’s important to note that it is possible that you will pay higher transaction fees with one payment method over the other. But, WooCommerce doesn’t take any additional transaction fees which is definitely an advantage.

One reason I love the variety of payment options is that it makes it possible to conduct online transactions for all kinds of businesses. Certain gateways won’t let businesses from high-risk nations. Sometimes, you’ll find a gateway that offers lower rates for certain sectors or non-profits. With over 100 gateways , you’re likely to find something suitable for your company.

WooCommerce is focused on using most effective payment methods for you.

Because there are so many payment processors, it’s likely that you’ll find one that suits your requirements. There’s even a processing service specifically made for WooCommerce known as WooCommerce Payments.

WooCommerce Payments lets you monitor and view transactions on Your WordPress dashboard. You can accept securely all types of payments and set up strategies to generate regular revenue, and also access WooCommerce Subscriptions too.


WooCommerce Review: Security

It is important to note that the WooCommerce platform is frequently examined by Sucuri, which means that you are surrounded by a well-known security firm looking over the whole environment that your application. Additionally that, the WooCommerce code is safe, but you need to locate an excellent web hosting service that’s not willing to expose your data to hackers.

The online payment methods are secure and safe, however, it is dependent on your payment provider. I haven’t analyzed every single payment gateway WooCommerce offers and I’d like to think WooCommerce has performed an examination of all of them.

You can relax knowing that your website is secure and that your customers information is secured. One thing to keep in mind is to acquire the appropriate SSL certificate. A shared SSL is available via Let’s Encrypt. Let’s Encrypt site. There is also the option to purchase a personal one.

If you’re developing an e-Commerce website with WooCommerce You are required to complete some security-related work yourself. Although security measures are available by WordPress in a way that is automatic, you have to take charge of your own side of the deal.

WooCommerce suggests starting with a reliable and reputable hosting service that provides things such as:

  • Monitoring and prevention of attacks
  • Regular reviews and security patching of threats
  • Current server software for servers
  • The ability to identify the spread of infections.

Ask your host the level of security they provide prior to developing your website using WooCommerce. In addition to choosing the best host and hosting provider, you must also make use of high-quality plugins creating strong passwords and looking for ways to stop attack by brute force.

If you’re using multiple plugins that are compatible with WordPress and WooCommerce Make sure they are current! The outdated plugins pose a risk for security.

Be aware that you must be considering things such as access levels for users, SSL certificates, backups and monitoring of your site, firewalls and secure authenticating the online shop you run.


WooCommerce Review Customer Service

Customer service isn’t always a good thing in WooCommerce. This review will discuss the benefits of WooCommerce. WooCommerce analysis, we’ve likely seen that there’s an enormous community of users who design WooCommerce products and discuss WooCommerce each day.

Because WooCommerce offers its products for free, it can’t offer support directly. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t solve problems by doing a little investigation. For example, WooCommerce offers a wonderful documentation page, and you’re permitted to email for specific issues.

Another benefit is that even though WooCommerce isn’t able to provide the type of support one would expect of other store builders, it does aid in solving issues. The company will immediately repair any flaws within the software when they discover they are present. They will also be able to provide assistance helpdesk Help desk for minor issues to help you overcome any problems prior to an update.

The support services offered by WooCommerce does not provide assistance for products offered by third-party vendors that aren’t specifically retailers of WooCommerce technology. WooCommerce may ask companies to block third-party software that are installed with the WooCommerce solution prior to requesting assist.

A lot of forums and blogs are dedicatedtor the WooCommerce plugin, which means that often you’ll need to conduct an easy Google search to locate what you’re seeking.

WordPress works in the same way. In most cases, you need to iron out the kinks by yourself and then ask for help on forums. I typically start with Google and then visit some of my favorite websites to ensure that I’m able to solve a problem.

Hosting your store’s eCommerce

If you decide to start a  WooCommerce, WooCommerce it is important to think about a number of aspects. In particular, you’ll have to determine how you’ll modify your WooCommerce features using CSS code and CSV documents, or if you’d like an extension that lets timers to leave reviews in order to improve the eCommerce website.

You’ll need the services of a web hosting company. There are many alternatives to choose from, but we’ve selected some of our favorites below.

Site Ground

It is easily one of the most popular hosting options that .aters to WooCommerce, Site Ground is ideal for both business and retail customers alike. Siplans.und WooCommerce plans SiteGround WooCommerce plans share the same features as the standard shared hosting plan that includes the WooCommerce setup experbeginning, from the beginning and it comes with an SSL certificate (let’s encode) and an protect your site and integrated CDN.

SiteGround promises -peedy loading and PCI compliant servers for smaller businesses that require payment information. SiteGround has received a lot of positive WooCommerce product reviews thanks to its free shopping cart installation and user-friendly environment.

Although Site Ground may not be the best solution fussiness leaders however, it’s an excellent choice for the majority or the majority of them prices starting with as low as $6.99 for the most basic plan.


Another top hosting The DreamHost provider is DreamHost. DreamHost firm providers special WooCommerce hosting to dedicated WordPress users. You’ll have access to WooCommerce and storefronts that are pre-integrated on your website for maximum performance. You can utilize WooCommerce with support to limit the amount of traffic that is generated, speed up website speeds, and also protect against hackers. Additionally, there are Vault Press backups that protect your store’s data.

You will receive JetPack Profess plugin,, the JetPack Professional plugin inclufree .with the hosting service for free It helps defend against negative reviews. It provides you with an opportunity to keep track of the time it takes to shut down, as well as shipping rate calculations and many other advantages. You will also receive a complimentary SSL certificate use. However wamHost is simple to use, hother it is more expensive than others WooCommerce host servat on the per month Prices begin from $16.95 monthly for 100 visits.

WP Engine

Our final suggestionbe the  the area of WooCommerce hosting would be WordPress Engine. This wonderful WordPress solution is perfect for WooCommerce as well as WordPress. The WP Engine infrasstores,  is able to handle numerous large storetoh WooCommerce. t excellent alternative for WooCommerce and is equipped with the ability to integrate a CDN along with an SSL certificate. Additionally, you get an integrated staging environment to test modifications to your store and automated backups.

WP Engine comes with a custom dashboard for hosting that’s ideal for prassionals, but it’s not as user-friendly like alternatives available. and company is able to surpass expectations to assist you in making the most of you the online store by providing tools such as The eCommerce Toolkit. Prices start at about $25 per month, whiproduct, this the least costly WooCommerce prodshould think about pensive.

Who Should Think About WooCommerce as ain payingmmerce platform?

If you are not interested to pay a monthly charge for a service like Shopify or BigCommerce, WooCommerce could be a good choice. I would recommend WooCommerce for business owners with an there in storshop don’t want to be restricted in your online shops. It lelike, ou increase the size and customization you’d like while the learning curve doesn’t seem all that hard to provide an wooCommerce experience of options to provide incredible experiences to your customers, and also facilitate the transfer of funds to your business. It can be enhanced by incorporating review plugins as well as other features specifically designed to work with WordPresre are SEO tools that integrate WooCommerce along with WordPress to allow you access you’re the rich snippets of information and enhance you Google Analytics. It does take some time to master the techno some of

If you’re a newbie to web design in general, some the more basic platforms like Wix and Shopify could be better.

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