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Wix Vs Weebly Vs WordPress: Web War III

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You’re about to determine if Wix Weebly, Wix, as well as WordPress is the most effective website builder you can choose from.

With three of the largest and most well-known platforms on the internet It’s difficult to decide from them, even for most determined people. It’s our responsibility to assist you in making the right choice. After all, that’s the reason you’re here, isn’t it? We hope that it is.

Let’s begin with the fundamentals. Wix as well as Weebly are web-based builders that are used by those who wish to build something stunning online without a lot of effort.

WordPress is an CMS (Content Management System) that is used by code professionals looking for more creative control. But don’t worry, we’ll talk about the differences in greater depth later on.

To ease your life to make your life easier, we’ve not just completed our due diligence on each platform we’ve also enlisted a number of people from the community to test the platforms too.

This means that we know precisely which features Wix, Weebly, and WordPress offer to the table. In addition we’ve evaluated the three in seven important areas such as user-friendliness, help as well as support and the flexibility of design.

After having read this article, you’ll know which option to select. Let the battle begin…

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Wix against Weebly Vs WordPress The pros and cons

Wix Pros as well Cons

Wix Pros Wix Cons
The best all-around builder for websites.
Very simple to utilize
* Themes cannot be changed after publication.
Freedom can be overwhelming.

Wix has the top overall builder of websites available. Why is that? because it lets anybody to develop into a Web designer. It does lose points due to the fact that you aren’t able to alter themes after you’ve published.

Weebly’s Pros and Con

Wix can be described as the top overall builder of websites available. Why is that? because it lets any person to become web designers. It does lose points due to the fact that you aren’t able to alter themes once you’ve published.

Weebly’s Pros and Cons

Weebly Pros Weebly Cons
* Suitable for small-scale businesses.
Very simple to utilize
* You are not able to restore websites on your own.
* A somewhat confusing interface

Weebly is another tool for building websites which is user-friendly. It uses drag-and-drop, similar to its competitor Wix. It’s more difficult to figure your way around it is possible contact their support department in order to get a new website. an older website.

WordPress Pros and Cons

WordPress Pros WordPress Cons
*Unlimitless customization
Access to over 54,000 plugins
* Not recommended for new tech users.
* Requires Coding knowledge

WordPress could be described as a pro-technologist’s goal, but a novice’s dream. Coding and web hosting expertise is essential and if you’ve the ability to master it, you’ll enjoy the complete control of your creativity.

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What’s the difference between Wix, Weebly, and WordPress?

If you’re not certain what the distinction is, you’ll have to understand it in order you can make an educated choice. It’s similar to ordering food in another language. Why be a risky customer and select the wrong one?

Wix as well as Weebly are referred to as drag-and-drop websites builders. It means that you can choose and drag text, images and videos – the entire of it – in only a couple of clicks.

Everyone from novices to keyboard kings and queens could make use of these types of builders to create websites without the need to write any code. Think of drag-and-drop builders as your international phrasebook for ordering food overseas.

However, Wix is the most comprehensive web-based website builder, whereas Weebly is ideal for small businesses thanks to its powerful tools that can help companies scale.

WordPress, however is a totally distinct beast.

WordPress is an open source – or self-hosted CMS (Content Management System). This is distinct from the website builder, as it means that you take full responsibility for programming, as well as finding a host for your site. Hosting is the process of putting your site online, much like renting space. We suggest making use of Bluehost It’s our most rated WordPress hosting service, and it’s highly recommended to us by WordPress itself.

As you will observe, WordPress is much harder to utilize as Wix or Weebly due to the fact that it requires a higher degree of technical expertise.


Easy of Use

The process of creating websites should be simple. Anyone can create a website and be proud of on the internet. Let’s look at the process of learning for every platform.

It’s not difficult to love Wix because it makes everything simple. With Wix it is possible to build professional looking websites in just a couple of days. It’s like a modern sat nav that is high-tech and you’ll never be lost.

Weebly is an excellently drawn paper map – it’s not as simple to navigate like Wix however it’s still easy to follow. It’s hard to find banners and buttons initially, but once you’ve done that, it’s easy. Like Wix it also uses the intuitive drag-and drop feature to create beautiful designs.

Actually one of our test users was awed by Weebly due to the fact that it is simple to use:

It was actually quite simple to do – it was really easy.

Are you confident working with computers? If so, WordPress will not be a hassle. If you’re like the majority of people who haven’t worked with codes before, then we suggest abstaining from using WordPress. If you’re not skilled enough is extremely difficult to master.

Additionally, you will need to locate web hosting and then arrange SSL certificate (website security) for yourself. Therefore, it’s important to weigh the options you have if you’re on a hectic work schedule.

If you sign up with a hosting service such as Bluehost it will give you a domain name as well as an SSL security certificate for free when you sign-up for one of their WordPress hosting services. Bluehost also offers single-click WordPress installation (seriously it’s just one click! ) This makes it easier and less time-consuming to create for your WordPress website.

Wix compares to Weebly Vs WordPress – Ease of Use Verdict

Wix is certainly the most simple platform to use. Wix is easier than Weebly because it comes with a more intuitive interface and drag-and drop feature, which means you know precisely what to do and when. Contrary to this, WordPress is very hard to comprehend for those with no the knowledge of coding.

Do you consider ease of use to be an important factor?

Wix is an extremely user-friendly platform that can help you become online with no hassles.


You’ve seen how easy to operate the various platforms however, how adaptable are they when it comes to design? In terms of artistic expression what number of paints, brushes and props can you be creative?

Wix offers more than 510 templates spread across sixteen categories, which you can quickly search for. Additionally they’re all mobile-friendly, meaning that your site will look great regardless of screen size.

With Wix it’s easy to find the right design for your website.

We’d prefer to see improvements in the flexibility of Wix, however. Themes cannot be changed once you’ve launched your website which means you’re stuck with the theme you choose. Of course, it’s simple to completely revamp any theme using Wix and you shouldn’t fret too much.

Weebly offers fewer themes when compared with Wix. There are about 40 options to pick from. All are mobile-ready However, they provide all the sectors that are required for a typical website. Furthermore, unlike Wix, you can change templates once you’ve launched which is ideal for rebrands or redesigns.

When you’re creating your website using WordPress it is the CMS world is yours It’s yours – as long as you are able you code. The possibilities for customizing your site are unlimited; you are able to code whatever you want and also access 54,000 plugins that can personalize your site even more.

Wix Vs Weebly Vs WordPress Design Flexibility Verdict

In terms of total flexibility, WordPress is best for design. In contrast to Wix and Weebly you can alter everything with codes including scrolling effects, to the size of the lead form to capture. However, Wix doesn’t let you alter themes once you’ve gone live however, you can do this with Weebly.

Are you looking in the Flexible Platform?

WordPress is the most advanced of them all, yet it gives the most flexibility in design of the three platforms.

Tools and Features

A CMS or web builder’s set of tools is the exact formula for creating the site, expanding it, and managing your website. The less features you’ve got the less your website is able to do.


eCommerce sales in the US exceeded $343 billion in the year 2019 and is expected to continue to grow. If you’re thinking of creating an online store, now is the best time to do it. Let’s look at which platform gives you the most effective selling tools.

Our research revealed that Wix was the top ‘generic website builder’ that also has the ability to sell online. It offers three ecommerce-specific price plans, each with no transaction fees as well as the ability to offer physical and digital items, as well as support for thirteen different payment processors.

Weebly also offers three price plans for ecommerce. It allows you to sell physical, digital, or service products as well as gives you the possibility to make coupons and send emails to customers who have abandoned their carts.

But, Wix and Weebly are websites builders, first and foremost. In other words that they do not specify the ecommerce aspect, it’s not their most powerful asset. If you’re trying to sell your products online We recommend Shopify.

WordPress is an CMS which means that e-commerce isn’t a top priority for it. It is possible to integrate its e-commerce particular plugin WooCommerce, that allows you to refund customers with one click as well as a variety of other functions.


If you want to blog, or whether blog is the answer to the. The answer is yes. It ensures that your customers are informed about the latest products and services. It’s good in SEO (search engine optimization) which we’ll dig into in the future.

Wix is a good blogger. You can post comments, add your own RSS feed as well as analyses the performance of your blog. However, there’s no archive feature. It means that users won’t be able discover your older blog posts. Just imagine the valuable content they’d be missing out on!

Weebly has all the essential blogging features you’d want. It’s not like Wix however You can save blogs. In the same way, Weebly does not have an integrated analytics function, but you can integrate an external app such as Google Analytics if you’d like.

WordPress was initially conceived as a blogging platform that was pure and is a sign of a professional. It’s an Content Management System, so its primary purpose is to help you manage your content. Furthermore, as an open-source platform Your WordPress website can easily be customized to look and feel the way you want it to.

Are you looking for a great blogging tool?

Wix is your go-to in this field, and has many tools that can be used to engage readers as well as analyze the performance.

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A wide range of marketing tools will give the sun and water required for your site to flourish. They’ll increase the number of clicks and more visitors at your website in addition to bringing more revenue (if you’re running an online store).

Wix recognizes the effectiveness of marketing. It offers a dedicated dashboard to manage email campaigns, create custom newsletters, and create beautiful Facebook posts.

Wix also has introduced an all-in-one marketing service known as Wix Ascend. It covers 20 different product areas such as email marketing and social media. The cost starts from just $9 per month.

You can also incorporate a live feed from Facebook, Twitter Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. There are a variety of applications that you can utilize, too but we’ll go over it in the following section.

Our research revealed that Weebly offers the best tools to grow businesses. Weebly also offers a marketing dashboard where you can customize email pop-ups and an exclusive email template section, that lets you choose the best template for your website’s newsletter.

WordPress does not come with much in the way of a built-in feature, so you’ll have to look through the marketplace of plugins to meet your needs in marketing. Some of the most popular options include Monster Insights (for analytics), Yoast SEO (to help your website rank better on Google) and MailChimp (for mailers).

Wix Vs Weebly vs WordPress Tools and Features: The verdict

It’s close however Weebly has a slight edge over in this particular area. It has the most effective tools to grow an enterprise, and it beats Wix by allowing you to send emails to customers who have abandoned carts and also archive your blog. WordPress however, is reliant solely on third-party plugins for its various tools.

Are you putting the most importance on features?

If yes you should you should look no further than Weebly’s tools for websites to help you get going.

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Application Market and Plugins

Integration of applications can give your website the boost it needs to take it to the next stage. The majority of website builders have amazing built-in features, however the help of a friend never hurts anyone, surely?

The Wix App Market includes over 200 options to improve and streamline your site. It’s quite small in comparison to Weebly and WordPress and other platforms, but it’s not going to be simpler to locate an app and then incorporate it with only a couple of clicks!

Wix’s App Center is larger and includes more than 300 applications but it lacks the basic browsing tools like Wix offers. This makes it more difficult to locate and install the correct application.

WordPress functions more as an outsourcing platform in comparison to Wix or Weebly and relies on third party applications to boost the performance of your website. There are over 54,000 plugins available However, with such a broad selection it’s more likely that you’ll be tasked with navigating through inferior plugins. It’s also much more difficult to install these plugins.

Therefore, in the end with Wix or Weebly, less can be better.

Wix against Weebly and WordPress app Market and Plugins Verdict

Wix is the winner, as the size of its website isn’t all that important. It has 200 applications to choose from less than Weebly’s 300 or more, and a lot less that WordPress’s 54,000 plug-ins however, it is the most easy to use tools for browsing. It allows you to easily find and integrate powerful applications with only few clicks.

Do you want to explore a fantastic App Market?

It’s all about quality over quantity in this case which is why Wix has the edge with an easy integration, too.


It is possible to use a myriad of methods that can boost the ranking of your website on search engines such as Google. This overall procedure is referred to as SEO (Search Engine) Optimization (SEO) and is crucial because it helps get your website more easily found.

Always, Wix makes tricky subjects effortless. With the help of a SEO Wiz You’ll never be in a state of confusion while improving your SEO. You can choose a handful of keywords (popular words or phrases that users are looking for) regarding your website then the Wiz will create a custom strategy.

Weebly can also make SEO easier to manage, offering an Ultimate Guide to help you keep track of the performance of your site. Similar to Wix it’s possible to connect with the Google Analytics app to generate additional data.

Both platforms include an SEO-specific application, too to ensure you know where to go to fulfill all your needs related to your search engine.

As with WordPress there’s nothing that is built-in or ready to go with regards to SEO. You’ll have to search for the plugin by yourself and to integrate with it. This is a lot more challenging than Wix as well as Weebly. To speed up your time, we suggest the most well-known SEO tool, Yoast with more than 5 million installed.

Wix against Weebly vs WordPress SEO Verdict

Wix sneaks up on you. It offers a wide array of SEO tools that will make improving the ranking of your site easy. Contrary to Weebly it is also possible to alter alt tags on images for your products, which can assist Google to determine what the image represents. WordPress is, as always, dependent on plugins and code.

Wix Wins in SEO!

This builder has a plethora of built-in tools that can aid you in getting your site rankings on search results.

Are you looking to improve your SEO? Take a look at our


Similar to preparing an outdoor barbecue during summer, you’ll need help at some point while creating your website. The faster you address your problems and issues, the quicker you’ll be able to begin to build your website’s popularity.

Wix offers the most extensive customer service. As well as a vast, comprehensive knowledge base with instructional videos, the company offers support by telephone (Mon to Thurs, 5am-5pm PST) and email, as well as onsite editor assistance, as well as social media. It covers nearly all areas covered, but does not currently offer live chat support.

Wix is more comprehensive than Weebly which offers support via phone on the higher priced plan. However, you are able to avail live chat or email as well as social media support with all Weebly pricing packages. Weebly also has an extremely helpful help center which is where all you can find the answers to your Weebly troubles will go off.

Support and help is the area where WordPress really falls short. is an open source platform, which means it does not provide a dedicated customer support staff. But, if you’re using WordPress the experience you’ve had with computers is likely to get you through without many issues. If you have any concerns, WordPress does have a knowledge forum, similar to Wix or Weebly.

Wix Vs Weebly vs WordPress Help and Support Verdict

Wix can be described as the more reliable platform. It might not provide live chat assistance as Weebly does but Wix offers a more extensive knowledge forum. It is also the most important factor. Wix offers on-site editing assistance, meaning help is always from your fingertips. WordPress however, does not have a customer service team.

The Wix Editor has been designed to guide you on your move. If you’re looking for more in-depth explanations The Knowledge Forum is always accessible.


Let go of the mundane (but essential) items until last, it’s time for a discussion about money. Which one of the platforms will put more money in your pockets? Let’s see…

Wix offers seven pricing plans that start at $14/month. For ecommerce you’ll have at least Business Basic or higher. Other plans concentrate on providing you with the tools needed to create websites, such as greater storage capacity and a higher bandwidth.

It offers a free plan, however this comes the domain ‘ at your site’s end and Wix ads on your site.

This doesn’t seem very professional, and it’s an option to improve your plans only a couple of dollar per week. Look below for more details about Wix’s plans.

Wix Provides a Wide Variety

With its free plan and seven plans that are paid, Wix has plenty of plans to choose from.

The Weebly platform lets users design for free and offers 30 days of money-back assurance for all other plans that gives you peace of assurance. The four pricing plans on Weebly are as the following:

  • Personal($6 per month)
  • Professional($12 per month)
  • Performance($26 per month)

The plan for Personal is like that of the basic plan however it lets you connect with a custom domain. The Professional plan eliminates advertisements from your site and offers unlimited storage space, while the Performance plan offers the most advanced tools for e-commerce. As you can observe, Weebly is one of the most cost-effective platforms available.

Like Weebly’s Value to Money?

We suggest either the Professional or Performance plans to get the best value for your money. is not the same. as an open-source platform Your website is whatever you want it to be and there are no cost plan options. However, the cost of hosting increases when you buy hosting for your website, SSL certificates, themes and plugins.

It’s difficult to determine the cost WordPress costs to operate because it’s different for every person!

It’s good to be aware of…

It’s only $7.99 $2.95 each month for hosting your WordPress website using Bluehost. The company’s WordPress hosting services also include an no-cost domain address and SSL Security Certificate for a year, saving the user around $15.

Wix against Weebly vs WordPress Pricing Verdict

Wix is the top cost-effective platform. It’s not just that it has an affordable plan and offers a free SSL certificate, but unlike Weebly you can also get rid of ads on its most basic plan. The fact that it is free makes it evidently less expensive than WordPress as it requires you to have to purchase website hosting services, SSL, and plugins in separate purchases.


Wix Vs Weebly and WordPress: Conclusion

We’ve given you the who, what, what and what of Wix, Weebly, and WordPress Now it’s time to gather the results.

In each category there was a clear winner. To simplify things to understand, we’ve collated the data from our research and highlighted the platforms that prevailed in each category.

Category Wix Weebly WordPress Winner
User-Friendliness It is extremely user-friendly due to the intuitive drag-and drop design Easy to use, however it’s a bit difficult to locate items on the interface in the beginning. Not recommended for novices – extremely complicated when you don’t understand how to code. Wix
Design More than 500 responsive mobile themes. However, you are unable to alter your theme after publishing Just 40 themes You can alter them once you’ve gone live Unlimited customization because of the open source nature of the software WordPress
Tools and Features Excellent e-commerce tools, however it does not have blogging capabilities (you cannot archive your posts) The best tools to scale your business. They come with many features that are already included. It has almost no built-in features and relies on its extensive marketplace of plugins Weebly
App Markets More than 200 powerful applications that are extremely easy to integrate More than 300 apps , but does not have browsing tools, which makes the process more complicated overall. There are over 54,000 plugins available to select from, however, you run the risk of selecting a poor quality, or difficult to install app Wix
SEO Creates SEO effortless by using its ‘Wiz’ taking you the steps of how to increase your site’s position in search results. It also makes SEO appear easy However, it’s not quite up to the ease-of-use aspect of Wix It is very flexible with regards to SEO, but you’ll have to locate and install all plugins on your own to increase your rank Wix
Assistance and Assistance and The most complete customer service that is available for all pricing plans. Additionally, it comes with on-site editor assistance A decent amount of assistance However, support via phone is only available on more expensive plans. Does not have a support staff, but comes with a knowledge-based forum Wix
Pricing Free plan and seven budget plans that offer a wealth of tools built-in to assist you in winning online There is also an unpaid plan, however in order to eliminate advertisements, you’ll have to be on four of the higher plans. Pricing can vary widely because you pay for the things you require, including web hosting, plugins , and SSL Wix

Wix has emerged with the top prize by winning 5/7 rounds! After such a remarkable performance, it’s easy to understand why it’s the best overall builder of websites available today.

Weebly is ideal for small-sized companies. It offers the most adaptable built-in tools and great blogging capabilities. We would like to add that Weebly will beat almost any other web-based builder aside from Wix.

WordPress is the best choice for those who are tech-savvy and like total control over their customization. It’s a self-hosted website which means you can accomplish almost anything with your site as long as you’ve got the technological skills.

Wix is the best overall choice because it simplifies things. While you’re creating an effective website, it’s never complex. With the majority of its fights, it’s gained the victory.

Wix is the winner!

The builder is with the top prize, having won the most categories on the three platforms.

The WordPress software is free. However, it’s not an all-in-one package like websites builders are. Other costs (namely hosting, for instance) which are part of the cost of a website builder are something you’ll need pay for separately when you set up your WordPress website.

Yes! Although WordPress .org is an CMS (a more robust tool than web builders and which requires greater technical know-how) There’s another option, WordPress .com, which is a builder for websites. It’s less popular as Wix or Weebly however you can test how does with regard to our global ranking of website builders.

If you’re considering Wix, Weebly, and WordPress If you’re a WordPress user, then you’ve got great choice! We hope this article can narrow your choices down a bit If you’re still wondering what else is available you should look at Squarespace which is ranked the middle of Wix and Weebly in our analysis.

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