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Wix compares to Squarespace 2021 9 Differences You Need to be aware of

You’re trying to decide whether you should make use of Wix rather than Squarespace? We’re here to match you with the perfect builder to meet your requirements.

To quickly get at the core, we suggest the Wix platform instead of Squarespace as it has performed better in our tests and research and has a higher score that is 4.8 points out of five. Squarespace was not far behind, with 4.7 stars, however it was a bit behind Wix in certain areas, like cost-effectiveness and ease of use.

Wix is the best choice when…

…You’re new to the web and is looking to establish a website quickly. The no-cost plan offers a cost-effective and simple way to create your site, particularly with its high-quality templates and functional design features.


It is better to use Squarespace If…

…You’re creative and you’d rather spend some time creating and creating your own website. Although it’s not necessary, having some experience in programming will assist you in getting the most benefit from Squarespace as well as its gorgeous templates ensure your site stands out.

To assist you in finding the best website builder, we identified the most crucial factors for our readers and then put each platform through our exhaustive investigation procedure. In this instance we went through Wix and Squarespace inside-out, testing their capabilities, flexibility in design user-friendliness, price-to-value, and assistance and support.

We’ll get to our research methods that we have developed independently We’ll get to the point – this article is about matching you with the ideal web designer. Because while Wix could be the most popular in general, it might not be the best choice to you Let’s start by finding out if it’s better to choose Wix instead of Squarespace!

Wix Vs Squarespace A Quick Comparison

Need to get your work done? Looking for quick answers? We understand – here’s an easy side-by-side comparison table to help you determine which of Wix and Squarespace is more suitable for your requirements.

Category and Winner Wix Squarespace Winner
User-Friendliness Wix is very user-friendly because of its drag-and-drop editor. Wix ADI can have your site up and running in the span of a single afternoon. Squarespace is more complicated in its use than Wix. It is more difficult to learn which is why it requires patience and some technical expertise. Wix
Design Flexibility Wix offers more than 500 templates you can choose from. They’re beautiful and easy to personalize however some of them aren’t as contemporary as they could be. It’s also impossible to change after your website is up and running. Squarespace offers the highest quality templates available. It offers fewer templates that Wix and Wix, however its designs are stunning. Squarespace
Price & Value for money Wix offers seven pricing plans that range from $14 and $49 each month (billed annually). The company also offers a no-cost plan that you are able to keep to the length would like. All plans that are paid for come with an 14-day guarantee on money back. Squarespace offers four pricing plans that range from $12 through $40 per month (billed annually). There is no free plan, however, all paid plans come with an initial 14-day trial period without payment information required. Squarespace
Tools & Features Wix comes with a variety of built-in features that cover customization marketing, ecommerce and much other. In addition, the large app marketplace is great to expand the functionality of your website. All features of Squarespace are built-in, and are the most advanced features offered by Squarespace. Wix
Apps and Integrations Wix offers a wide range of apps available in Wix App Market. Wix App Market that you can download for additional capabilities. Squarespace offers an app store, dubbed Squarespace Extensions. However, the range of integrations available is less than Wix’s since the majority of its functions are designed by the company itself. Wix
Ecommerce It’s easy to integrate stores online for the Wix website. With the addition of apps such as Ecwid to your site, you can give more power to your website. Squarespace comes with all of its ecommerce tools integrated and is ideal to show off your the products. You can also add integrations to enhance the functionality of your store. Wix
Blogging Wix provides basic blogging tools included however, its application store lets you bring your site to the next stage. Squarespace offers a wide range of blogging tools available to be used. It’s a tie!
Marketing The marketing tools offered by Wix include SEO as well as its own marketing software for email and all-in-one business-focused solution, Wix Ascend. Squarespace offers marketing tools, including SEO as well as social media integration as well as its own email service. Wix
SEO Wix includes SEO tools inbuilt as well as extensive support resources to assist you in optimizing your site. It is novice comfortable, user-friendly and provides a customized steps-by-step instructions to follow. Squarespace comes with built-in SEO tools and has designed its websites so that they are SEO friendly. There are support resources available to help youout, which are extensive but can be difficult for the first-time user. Wix
Assistance and Assistance Wix provides phone, email as well as social media support and editing support on the page, too. The knowledge center on Wix isn’t as extensive as it could be, however. Squarespace offers top-quality assistance through Live chat and email. They also have a an extensive help desk with tutorials, videos webinars, and an online forum. Squarespace

Check out our in-depth review of the two to discover the reasons why Squarespace’s design is superior and why we suggest Wix for newbies and which offers better marketing tools.


Which one is more beginner-friendly?

Wix is simpler to use than Squarespace

While Squarespace is not by any means difficult however, the Wix drag and drop editor and the optional Wix ADI option are ideal for novices. Squarespace has a more steep learning curve, but those with experience may prefer it to work using.

Easy of Use Wix Squarespace
Score 4.4/5 4/5
Need to know about Coding?
Editor The pure drag and drop method: Drag everything anyplace Section-based drag-and-drop means less freedom of creativity
What did our users think of us? “The drag-and-drop feature of the software is fantastic that allows quick and simple design changes.” “Once you’ve spent enough time figuring out the functions of certain elements, Squarespace would be pretty user-friendly.”
Easy of the use decision Winner!
Absolutely beginner-friendly
It can take longer to work out

Drag-and Drop Editor: No Need to Code

Each of Wix as well as Squarespace are drag-and drop website builders.

Wix is an “pure” drag-and-drop builder that is, you can really drop whatever you want anywhere you’d like. Squarespace isn’t quite the same . You can’t move elements around as easily as you can with Wix. It also takes a little more time to become familiar with.

It’s as simple as choosing the element you’d like to use (such as images, text boxes, and maps) and drag it to the place you’d like it to be placed on your site. Place it where you want it and voila! that’s how your page will appear when your website is launched.

The most important thing to remember about drag-and drop is that it’s user-friendly, as it doesn’t require programming. If you’re able to use PowerPoint to create a website, you can make websites using drag-and-drop!

Our tests showed that Wix was rated 4.4 five out of five in terms of usability, because of its intuitive drag-and-drop editor. The section-based design of Squarespace, while straightforward in the long term but it’s more difficult initially, which is the reason it scored slightly lower score of 4 out of five. Both come with the Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) option that will create your website by analyzing the answers you provide to a couple of easy questions.

Are You Looking to Try Wix’s Easy Editor?

Try it and discover how simple Wix can be for you! Make use of the free plan today and begin experimenting.

Design Flexibility

Who Can Offer More Control?

Squarespace offers greater design flexibility

Squarespace is a premium website that offers quality over quantity, a plethora of customizable options and unbeatable flexibility. Although Wix offers over 500 appealing and customizable template designs, not every one of of its designs are as impressive as Squarespace’s templates have.

Design Wix Squarespace
Score 4.4/5 4.7
The number of templates 500+ 113
Are you able to switch at a later time?
Mobile responsive?
Design verdict Loser
There aren’t all designs that are the same
The top designs available that are available

Wix offers an impressive selection of templates with a majority of them are beautiful and offer an excellent foundation for creating a professional website. They’re all responsive to mobile devices and have an Mobile editor which lets you personalize your desktop as well as your mobile experience.

We’ll note that we used the word “resources” Most Many of Wix’s templates look attractive. If you’re dealing with more than 500 templates, there are likely to be some templates that are off the mark. We were not happy to stare at for too long. Squarespace however has beautiful templates all over the world. We noticed that they were all professional, modern and crafted to the various industries: When you think of design templates Squarespace has been the undisputed leader in stunning, contemporary design. This is the classic example of high-quality over quantity. Squarespace may offer a lesser variety than Wix but each template is designed to be developed by professional designers . Also they’re all mobile-responsive.

Do You Want to Have a Beautiful Website?

It is a perfect fit for you! It gives you 14 days of trial time which gives you plenty of time to get acquainted with the variety of beautiful templates available.

Price and Value for the money

Where should you invest?

Squarespace provides the best value in terms of price

Squarespace offers four pricing plans that start at just 12 dollars per month, making them more affordable than Wix. Although Wix provides a free plan with a no-cost plan along with greater selection of plans overall, it isn’t a better choice than Squarespace in terms of price-for-value!

Pricing Wix Squarespace
Score 3.4/5 4/5
Free trial or no-cost plan? Free plan 14-day trial for free
The number of plans 7 4
Price of the first day $14 $12
Personal plans Combo Cost: $14
Unlimited unlimited! $18
Personal Price: Personal:
Business plans Pro $33
VIP Cost: $39
Business $18
Ecommerce plans Business Basic $33
Business Unlimited Business Unlimited: $27
Business VIP Business VIP: $49
Business $18
Basic Commerce Basic Commerce
Advanced Commerce 40$
Enterprise package $500
Pricing verdict Loser
Plans offered through Wix cost more than the Squarespace plan.
Squarespace offers fewer plans to pick from, yet it provides more quality for the money.

Prices are based on the costs per month of the annual plan. Thus, Wix’s $14 monthly plan is actually billed in an upfront cost of $168 for the entire year. Monthly-by-month plans are available by both builder, however they are more costly.

Are Wix or Squarespace more affordable?

The starting plan of Squarespace is the cheapest at just $12 monthly (billed each year). This is in contrast to Wix’s starter planthat is priced at 14 bucks for a month (billed every year). But, Wix has the option of a free plan, but Squarespace does not.

We don’t suggest staying on Wix’s free plan for the long haul. It’s because you’ll have to create an Wix subdomain, and deal with Wix ads appearing across your website.

If you’d like your site to expand and be considered a serious business You’ll have to upgrade your site at time, and when you upgrade, you’ll pay more than you would using Squarespace.

Additionally, the cheapest plan of Squarespace is loaded with excellent features. For instance, it offers an unlimited amount of bandwidth as well as storage right from the start on its $12 per month Personal plan, while Wix offers unlimited bandwidth with its $18 monthly Unlimited plan. There isn’t unlimited storage in any of the plans offered by Wix.

Overall, you’ll receive greater value for money when you use Squarespace.

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Valid for your new purchase

Learn more about


Which is the best way to sell on the internet?

Wix is a better-selling tools

With Wix it’s easy to incorporate e-commerce features to your site and you can also install many different applications to help you run your business. Squarespace is an excellent e-commerce option, however, it has an app store with fewer options and isn’t able to compete with Wix in this round.

Ecommerce Features Wix Squarespace
Rating 4.4/5 3.4/5
Main Payment Options Wix Payments
Apple Pay
Types of products Physical
Services through The Wix Bookings app
Cart Recovery – Abandoned Cart Recovery
Transaction Fees 0 0.1% 0 3
Product Limitations Unlimited Unlimited
Stock Management
Automatic Tax Calculator (Requires TaxJar integration)
Ecommerce verdict Winner!
Scalable for online stores with small sizes
There is a lack of options for ecommerce plans and tools

The two platforms Wix and Squarespace have built-in e-commerce tools to assist you in creating your perfect online store.

Wix’s eCommerce provides:

Squarespace has the following services:

  • No transaction fees
  • Storage and bandwidth unlimited
  • Abandoned cart Recovery
  • Create a gift card
  • Customer accounts

These features are available on both Wix and Squarespace’s most affordable e-commerce plans. For Wix it’s $33 per month Business Basic plans in comparison to Squarespace it’s $18 monthly business plan.

It’s Good to Be aware of…

Wix has no transaction costs on any of its online commerce plans, whereas Squarespace has an additional 3% transaction fee on its most basic $18/month Business plan. If your upgrade becomes Squarespace’s $26 a month package, you’ll be able to enjoy zero transaction costs.

Wix Squarespace
Ecommerce Pricing Plans (billed each year) *Business Basic $29/month
*Business Unlimited $27/month
*Business VIP Monthly cost: $49
*Business $18/month
*Basic Commerce $26/month
*Advanced Commerce $ 40/month

While Squarespace offers a less expensive beginning price than Wix but it also offers certain features exclusively for its top plans. For instance, you need to be on the $39 per month Advanced Commerce plan to gain access to abandoned cart recovery and subscriptions.

In contrast, Wix is much more generous in its tools for sales It offers abandoned cart recovery with their $23-per-month business Basic plan, as well as subscriptions to its $27 monthly plan.

This means that , for websites, Wix provides better price-for-value than Squarespace which makes it an ideal choice for budget-conscious enterprises.

Get Started Your Store With Wix

It’s simple to set up an amazing online store using Wix Learn more by going to Wix’s website. Wix website. Click here to see how you can get motivated!

Tools and Features

What will your site be in a Position to Perform?

Wix offers more features

Wix offers an amazing array of features and is backed by Wix Application Market‘s additional tools. But, even though Wix is technically was more successful however, Squarespace’s internal features are well-designed and are easy to use and are among the top high-quality features available on the market.

Features Wix Squarespace
Score 4.9/5 4.4/5
Storage 500MB+ Unlimited
Specific to the industry (e.g. menus, RSVP forms, etc.)
Editing from mobile?
Best For Small-Sized Companies Portfolios
Features verdict Winner!
A wide range of useful features
Excellent features, however more reliance on third-party integrations

The area of testing was fairly even between the two developers However, the sheer variety features and the high quality tools ultimately beat Squarespace’s less extensive selection of tools that are carefully selected. Let’s look at their main attributes:

Key Features Wix Squarespace
Memberships App Wix Members (Requires integration from a third party)
Live chat Wix Live Chat app (Requires integration from a third party)
Bookings Wix Bookings app Squarespace Scheduling
Social media integration
Contact forms

We will discuss SEO, blogging, marketing and ecommerce later on this page. Use these links to jump directly to the features you’re most interested in learning about:

    • Let me take you to Wix and Squarespace: Ecommerce
    • I’m going to Wix and Squarespace: Blogging
    • I’m going to Wix or Squarespace: Marketing
    • I’m going to Wix against Squarespace: SEO

By comparing Wix as well as Squarespace’s capabilities it’s evident that their role isn’t just to assist you design your website and help you manage it and build an effective online presence as well.

Overall, Wix as well as Squarespace are quite alike. Wix offers greater features than Squarespace but Squarespace guarantees quality by developing the majority of its features inside the company. However, it’s important to keep in the mind that in the event that Squarespace doesn’t have certain features that you’ll have to utilize an integration from a third party to incorporate that feature on your website.

Contrary to that, Wix has a lot more functions that are built within its software. For instance, in order to market tickets for sale, require the Wix Events application that can make the process much easier than the integration with a third party. It is easy to add additional features to your website using Wix’s App Market however, we’ll get to this in the near future…

Are you awestruck by you the Look of the Wix Features?

Wix offers too many features to mention the entire list here. Instead you can look them up at your leisure by going to Wix’s site.

Apps and Integrations

What extras are available?

Wix has a much larger app store

There’s not much competition. Squarespace’s extensions are of the highest quality and carefully selected however, when compared with Wix’s own as well as third-party applications however, they’ve had a ways to go before they have the chance to win this time.

Apps Wix Squarespace
App market?
How many apps? 200+ 23
Integrations with other third parties?
Apps verdict Winner!
An enormous variety of integrations and apps
Limited selection of apps from third parties and integrations


Each of Wix as well as Squarespace are fairly equally matched in terms of features. However, if you wish to go a step beyond, you can include applications.

Wix offers its own app market offering apps developed by both Wix as well as other third-party developers. The App Market has 47 “Made by Wix” applications, including Wix Bookings or Wix Events along with a myriad of third-party apps , including Printful or Instagram.

There’s also a mixture of paid and free apps with over 200 apps in all! This gives you the flexibility to select the features that are most effective for your site as it develops.

The majority of the features offered by Squarespace are created in-house, and are already integrated into the editor itself for you to use. That means that everything you need to create, expand and manage your site is right in front of you and you don’t need to look for additional features.

In the case of features Squarespace does not offer internally, it relies on third-party integrations. For instance, you’ll have to utilize OpenTable to make reservations online.

The app store of Squarespace is called Squarespace Extensions. It also offers an assortment of 23 integrations by third parties, which cover four major categories:

  • Shipping and Fulfillment
  • Finance
  • Inventory and Products
  • Marketing and Sales

Some of these applications are Printful, ShipStation, QuickBooks as well as TaxJar. The extensions designed by them are intended to assist you expand to manage, optimize, and optimize your website. They are particularly helpful for companies that are growing.

It’s important to note that both builders come with mobile apps that let you manage your website at any time via your mobile. There’s no way to do that. Build the site you’re using is accessible on your smartphone isn’t a bad app to have when you’re operating an online business or have a side job and don’t have your desk for the entire the time!


Which one is better for posting online?

It’s a tie!

Each of Wix and Squarespace offer a variety of advanced blogging tools. Squarespace has stunning templates for blogging and Wix’s app store lets you easily extend the functionality of your blog.

Blogging Wix Squarespace
Score/5 4.7 4.7
Posts scheduled for the future
Multiple authors
Moderation of comments
Blogging verdict It’s tie! It’s tied!

At one time, Squarespace would have won this contest by itself, but recent advancements in Wix’s blogging capabilities mean that it’s nearly impossible to choose the winner of the two.

Wix now provides writers profiles with blog-specific analytics, SEO and blog-specific features along with an archive social sharing feature, as well as the ability to plan your blog posts. The biggest thing that puts Wix fall short in this particular category is the value it offers. When compared to Squarespace the latter is more expensive even though it offers similar features.

Apart from being less expensive, Squarespace remains unbeaten when it comes to the amazing templates. It also matches some of the features Wix offers and much more.

Its blogging tools are designed to allow teams to collaborate and collaboration between multiple authors. The workflow feature is also available to assist your team keep on track by letting you mark documents as Needs Review to keep everyone on the same page.

It’s not equipped with an archive feature or blog-specific analytics, which slows it down a bit.


How can you grow your Website?

Wix offers more marketing tools

Wix is an excellent choice if are looking to create an all-encompassing marketing strategy. It provides a no-cost tools for marketing via email and apps like Social Media Icons and Visitor Analytics as well as Wix Ascend, a powerful marketing suite. However, you’ll have to purchase Squarespace’s Email Campaigns feature, or connect it to a third-party application.

Marketing Wix Squarespace
Email marketing
Newsletters with a brand name
Social media integration
Marketing verdict Winner!
Generous, customizable marketing features
Fantastic features, but costs extra

Marketing Your Website Through Wix

One thing we like the most about Wix’s marketing tools is their flexibility. One example is that one of the main Wix marketing tools are Wix Mail Marketing that lets you send out email marketing campaigns to advertise your blog, website or even your business. It includes features like:

  • Customizable styles that you can change – alter your background, font, and much more
  • Contact integration – Add and save the details of your contacts
  • Stats tracker: see the number of people who open look at and click on your emails
  • Social media tools – share your campaigns across all social platforms

In contrast to Wix’s email-based campaign add-on, Squarespace Email Campaigns isn’t available as an affordable version. Instead, you’ll get the opportunity to try it for a period of time which allows you to send out three campaigns with 50,000 messages per campaign. After that, you’ll have move to the premium plans which can range from $5 up to $48 per month if the bill is annually.

Is the email marketing platform of Squarespace worth the price? Here are some things you can use it for:

  • Import your content from your website to create emails
  • Automated emails are sent to subscriber
  • Pick from more than 30 basic designs
  • Make sure you’re managing your marketing on move with mobile editing
  • Monitor the success of your campaigns using integrated analytics

It’s not difficult to see that you’re getting the best service with The email advertising offered through Squarespace. However, if you’re using it for business, it’s not a good

If it doesn’t meet your needs If it doesn’t meet your needs, there are five apps for marketing and sales within its Extensions Store to choose from as well – or you can join MailChimp to make it work!

Squarespace can also allow you to connect your website with different social media platforms, including Facebook as well as Twitter. In addition, it comes with built-in analytics that can aid you in assessing the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and enhance your strategies.

Are you interested in trying Wix’s marketing Tools?

Wix provides a wide range of tools and applications for marketing to help your site expand. However, first, you must have your own website, that you can design and publish as well as sell for free.


Which will be the top choice?

Wix is a better SEO tool

With the SEO Wiz, Wix is ideal for those who are new to the site. Squarespace has a broad selection of SEO tools that are built-in to the website and an excellent SEO Checklist feature, however it’s more suitable for advanced users.

SEO Wix Squarespace
Score 5/5 4/5
SEO tools built-in
Support for SEO
Tailored SEO recommendations
SEO verdict Winner!
The Wix SEO Wizard puts it ahead of Squarespace
Excellent SEO tools, however less accessible to beginners than Wix

What is SEO?

SEO is a short form as Search Engine Optimization and is the procedures that can help your site rank higher on Google’s search results page.

A variety of factors can be done to optimize your site, such as the use of meta titles and keywords. You don’t have to worry if you’ve not had the chance to hear about them This is exactly how the website builders at our site can assist.

Each of Wix and Squarespace come with SEO tools built in to aid you in improving the rank of your website. These include responsive websites for mobile devices with optimized headings, as well as alt-text for photos. Check out their most important SEO attributes in the following table:

SEO Features Wix Squarespace
Customizable meta titles
Meta descriptions
Image alt attributes
SEO app that is SEO specific
SEO prompts
Support for keywords
Google integrations Google Analytics
Google Search Console
Google Analytics
Google Search Console
Headings H1 to H6 H1 to H4
SSL security
Personalized SEO tips

Although Squarespace is close to being as good as Wix because of its superior SEO tools, the area where it does not do well is in making SEO easy for beginners. We have found that Wix allows you to master your website’s SEO with useful prompts and a customized SEO wizard. Squarespace is more non-invasive.

Learn more about


Who has the best helping Hand?

Squarespace offers more help and assistance

It’s not that close, but Squarespace is definitely ahead in this case! It’s due to the extensive array of support and assistance features, which include email live chat and online editor assistance. Its extensive Help Center is its topping although Wix’s assistance and support is great however, the help center falls short.

Assistance & Assistance Wix Squarespace
Score 4.3/5 5/5
24/7 Support
Live chat
Support via phone
Help & support verdict Loser
Support is good, but there’s it’s not as comprehensive and there is no email support
A more comprehensive collection of help and support includes

Wix offers support through forums as well as social media, live chat and a 24 hour callback service to help you with your phone. Also, there is an in-depth support center but it isn’t always able to provide the information you require.

Squarespace also, as well as hosting a forum, provides live chat function (from 3am until 8pm on EST from Monday to Friday) as well as a 24-hour support team for emails. There’s no support for phones currently in place, but if require a quick response, you’re in luck as it’s the policy of Squarespace to respond to all messages within an hour. Wow!

One of the greatest benefits of Wix’s support is the help on-page during editing. If you’re stuck, or aren’t sure what it is all you need just click one of the tiny questions marks on the screen to get additional information.

This article can help you to decide if Wix is better than Squarespace is more suitable for your needs. We’ve looked at all the crucial areas and have shown which one is best for various users.

Wix is a tool that can be used by anyone, but Squarespace’s elegant designs require greater technical proficiency. Wix is simple and quick to use, and allows you to create stunning websites within a matter of minutes. However, Squarespace is perfect for bloggers, creatives and people who are looking for stunning designs, however the interface is more complicated to work with, and you’ll need time to finish your site.

If you’re not sure then we suggest you check out Wix. It’s the overall best website builder, and has an overall higher rating than Squarespace in our analysis. It’s user-friendly and comes with a wealth of useful features, and provides more price-for-quality.

For those who want to recapitulate, here’s an overview table of our analysis above. We’ll add some final ideas below the table:

We suggest Wix If…

…You’re an aspiring webmaster or are looking to be online in a hurry. Wix is more accessible to beginners than Squarespace and, with its no-cost package, Wix is a cheap and simple way to create your website in just a few hours. Additionally, the Wix range of templates and design options will ensure that your website looks professional, even if you whip it up in just a few hours.

We suggest Squarespace For those…

…You’re an artist with some enough time or possess some technical expertise. Squarespace is more difficult to learn curve than Wix however it’s made for those with a minimum of experience in technology, and offers an abundance of creativity. The layouts of Squarespace are sleeker than Wix’s. You are able to make your website stand out from the rest with the right ability.

Who Can We Recommend In General?

Overall, we recommend Wix over Squarespace. There are three reasons Wix is the best option: it’s simpler to use, offers more freedom to express yourself and provides a greater selection of premium plans as compared to Squarespace. Yes, Squarespace is ideal for people who are creative, however, Wix provides an option for all.

With Wix’s excellent support, huge app market and an interactive SEO feature, there’s nothing stopping even the biggest of technophobes from stepping in with both feet into the world of building websites. And with Wix’s free service it’s easy to start right from the moment you sign up!

Are you interested in giving Wix Try it out? Start your website free of charge and test whether Wix is the best builder best suited to your needs!

Wix vs Squarespace FAQs

Wix is the best for ease of using. It’s a drag-and-drop site builder that comes that comes with an WYSIWYG (what appears is the result you receive) editor. Squarespace isn’t difficult to use, however Wix definitely has the advantage in this competition.

Find out how easy it is to usage and other features in our evaluation of the best website builders..

Squarespace offers the most attractive designs. If you’re looking at the numbers by themselves, Wix has more templates to provide than Squarespace which has over 500 templates. However, despite having a less extensive range of templates, Squarespace’s templates are more customizable, flexible and gorgeous – perfect for budding artists!

Based on our findings, Wix is much more value-for-money than Squarespace. It is available for no cost for as long as you want, but you’ll need to endure Wix advertisements on your website. However, to eliminate these ads the only thing you need to upgrade to Wix’s most affordable monthly plan, which costs $16 per month. Although Squarespace offers a free trial however, it’s only valid for 14 days. After that, you’ll need to shell out at least $12 per month to keep your website with these plans.

It’s a tight call on this issue, however Wix beats it again. The thing to keep in your head is how you’d like to be assisted through the process of building your website If you’d require assistance through an knowledge base, Wix’s extensive knowledge base is a great resource, however should you decide you’d like to use live chat, Squarespace can provide this option.

Wix is rated 5/5 in SEO on our chart of comparison which is topped by Squarespace scoring 4/5. According to the Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, Wix is listed next to WordPress as being search engine friendly, which means you can be sure of the highest quality that your Wix website can climb higher in the search results!

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