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Wix offers 8 paid-for plans beginning at just $16 for a month (billed every year), plus a free plan that you are able to continue to use all the time you like.

The Wix price ranges from $14 per month up to $500plus each month (billed every year). This combo package is the least expensive priced at $14 per month and provides you with an advertising-free website. The $17 monthly Unlimited plan is ideal for freelancers. Online sellers can get started with the $23 monthly Basic plan. Basic plan.

Let’s take a look at the entirety of Wix’s pricing plans, which are which are billed annually:

Wix Pricing Plans

  1. The free plan – $0
  2. Combo plan: – $14/month
  3. Unlimited plan: – $18/month
  4. Pro plan: – $23/month
  5. VIP plan: – $39/month
  6. Business Basic (ecommerce): – $23/month
  7. Business Unlimited (ecommerce): – $27/month
  8. Business VIP (ecommerce): – $49/month
  9. Enterprise: – $500/month

This article will go deeper into the price plans offered by Wix to aid you in making the right choice for your site and avoid any hidden charges.

Review of the Price Plan offered by Wix.

Wix Plan Monthly Cost The amount is paid annually. Saving The best for you?
Free Always $0 Testing and building your website or projects/hobbies
Combo $18 $14 22% Removing Wix ads – portfolios, personal sites, service businesses etc.
Unlimited $23 $18 22% Perfect for websites that have many pages (thanks to storage capacity that is increased)
Pro $28 $23 18% An improvement in branding and marketing for your business.
VIP $47 $39 17% Priority support, max storage allowance
Business Basic $28 $23 18% Cheapest ecommerce plan – start selling
Business Unlimited $33 $27 18% The online store is growing. More storage, extra features
Business VIP $56 $49 13% The online store’s growth is increasing and requires more storage space and prioritized assistance
Enterprise $500+ $500+ A completely customized plan with an account manager who is devoted to your account
  1. Connect Domain Plan: PS4.50/month (PS3/month paid per year)
  2. Combo Plan: PS8/month (PS6/month paid per year)
  3. Unlimited Plan:PS11/month (PS8.50/month paid yearly)
  4. The VIP Plan: PS22/month (PS18/month paid annually)
  5. Business Basic plans (PS16/month) (PS13/month payable annually)
  6. Business Unlimited plans for a monthly cost of PS19 (PS16/month payable annually)
  7. Business VIP Plan: PS25/month (PS22/month paid annually)
  8. Connect Domain Plan: EUR7/month (EUR4.50/month paid per year)
  9. Combo program: EUR12/month (EUR8.50/month paid per year)
  10. Unlimited plans:EUR16/month (EUR12.50/month paid yearly)
  11. Plan VIP: EUR30/month (EUR24.50/month paid per year)
  12. Business Basic Plan for a month: EUR21 (EUR17/month payable annually)
  13. Business Unlimited monthly payment of EUR30 (EUR25/month per year)
  14. Business VIP Plan: EUR40 month (EUR35/month per year)

Should you opt to an annual plan?

The below table that there’s a significant amount of money to be saved by taking out a plan in advance for a whole year (or more) instead of paying monthly. We understand that the thought of signing up for a year of service can be a bit daunting. But the truth is that you’ll likely want your website for at minimum a year, and, in the majority of cases, much longer. If your primary concern is making a commitment to Wix as an application, you should remember:

  • It is ideal to try out the way Wix operates, and creating your own site that you love, without spending a dime
  • The 14-day guarantee on money back is available for all premium plans therefore you’ll have a period of two weeks to test the extra features, and then decide to change your mind

We’ve conducted tests on Wix extensively across a variety of aspects, such as layout, usability and features. A key area that we evaluated was value-for-money and it received an amazing 4.5 stars out of five.

More Information

Wix’s Web Site Plans (Non-Ecommerce)

Wix offers four plans for users who simply would like to create a site instead of one that is an online shop. If you’re looking to create your own personal blog, portfolio or even a business website One of these plans could be ideal for you.

The plans start at $14/month up to $39/month. This article will provide an overview of the major distinctions between the plans:

Combo Unlimited Pro VIP
Price/month (paid annually) $14 $18 $23 $39
Price/month (paid monthly) $18 $23 $28 $47
Storage Space 3GB 10GB 20GB 35GB
Video Hours 30 minutes 1 hour 2 hours 5 hours
$300 Ad vouchers
Site Booster (SEO) App
Calendar Calendar for Events
Professional Logo Design
Customer support 24/7 24/7 24/7 Priority

Storage space refers to the quantity of content you can store on your website (that’s blog posts, pages images, pages, etc. ) but still let your website function normally. Your site will not be suddenly “full” and stop the upload of more files and more, but as you move closer to your limit, you’ll notice that it becomes slower and may experience delays or crashes for visitors.

Here’s some background on storage space limitations:

  1. The HD image (not compression) comprises 2.3MB, or 0.077 percent of Combo plan storage. 0.023 percent of Unlimited plan storage and 0.007 percent of the space in the VIP plan.
  2. This is the homepage for the Wix-made website contains 81.86MB, or 3,73 percent of Combo plan storage. This is 0.82 percent of the Unlimited plan storage and 0.23 percent of space in the VIP plan.
  3. This page contains 666.25KB, or 0.022 percent if you use you include the Combo storage is used, 0.007 percent in the storage of Unlimited plans and 0.002 percent of the space in the VIP plan.

$300 of ad vouchers are comprised of:

  • 100 Google Ads (with the purchase of $25)
  • $100 Bing Ads on
  • $100 Local Listings

There are some very stringent conditions and terms that apply to this one: you need to buy annually Wix plan in advance as well as the Google AdWords account must be less than 2 weeks old in addition to other requirements – however, this is actually a fantastic bonus. If you’re already thinking about the possibility of paying for ads it’s a major advantage for those who subscribe to the Unlimited plan and higher.

Every Wix user can access The Logo Maker, but unless you’re on the Pro or VIP plan, you’ll be allowed to download a low-res version. If you’re on the Pro or VIP plans, you can download approximately 40 high-res versions of the logo in various formats and styles. The logo design is made with AI (Artificial Intelligence) instead of a professional designer, thus calling it a “professional” design might be a bit of an exaggeration. It’s quite well, however.

English-speaking customers can ask for to be contacted 24/7, but customers who have the VIP plan’s “priority support are always taken to the top of the line. Same applies to answering tickets.

Combo Plan: $14.00/month

  • Great for resumes, portfolios small blogs, personal websites
  • Ideal for a hassle-free promotion of your business
  • More professional than the free plan.
  • A fantastic starter plan

USE CASE: Combo Plan

Ella was looking for a space online to promote her group’s music, videos, and show dates to people who are interested. Her website,, uses the Combo plan. It has all the features her site requires as well as the custom domain and lack of Wix advertising makes the site look very professional.

Unlimited Plan: $18.00/month

  • SEO application (helps local people locate you)
  • Advertising vouchers paid for (great to test the waters with paid ads)
  • Additional storage (faster site)
  • Video allowances increased
  • An important step for freelancers and small-scale businesses.

Example of Use Case Unlimited Plan

Indie group The Plug Sockets started out with the Combo plan, too. However, they came to a halt when they decided to upload a more lengthy video of their performance. Upgrade to an Unlimited plan grants them the opportunity to upload an entire hour of footage instead of just 30 minutes. You can also access additional features that they’d never considered before such as the SEO application, which may help them to be discovered to local customers.

Pro Plan: $23.00/month

  • Additional features are free, such as the calendar application
  • A boost by leveraging branding and marketing
  • Make use to make use of Wix Logo Maker for rebranding
  • The ability to access the Wix Ascend for custom-designed marketing support


Jess is the owner of a small cafe in the middle of town. It’s quite tucked in a corner, and hasn’t seen much traffic so she’s relying on word-of-mouth and is doing very well on Google to attract new customers. Upgrade to an Unlimited plan has helped (the Site Booster App was an ideal assistant for those without expertise in SEO) however, she’s far from being done. There are many coffee shops all over the place and she’s looking to make her mark. The shop starts hosting events at night and has upgraded to the Pro plan to include an event calendar to the website. She wants to offer the cafe some sort of branding change and is now able to access to Wix Logo Maker to help in that.

VIP Plan: $ 39 .00/month

  • The best option for popular sites that are big or large.
  • Maximum storage capacity
  • Priority assistance
  • It’s not cheap for what it’s worth It’s is worth it if you can earn profits from your website

Example of Use Case the VIP Plan

Michael created his travel blog when the time he spent on exchange in Europe in the course of college. He thought it could be a fun method keep family members up on his journeys, but the blog quickly gained momentum when one of his blog posts became viral. Today, thousands of visitors browse his travel guides each morning, while he releases many new pieces of content each month. He has upgraded to an upgrade plan called VIP because his website is heavy on content, and also would like the additional assistance. In the future, he’ll likely move his website to WordPress (a more suitable option for blogs with a large number of posts).

The Plans for Business Plans (Ecommerce)

If you’re planning to sell your products on your site, then you’ll require an e-commerce plan. Wix offers three plans for e-commerce to pick from, which range in the price range of $33-$49 per month (billed per year). Let’s take a look at the side-by-side comparison of Wix’s three plans for online commerce, by comparing the key features

Basic Business Business Unlimited Business VIP
Price/month (paid annually) $23 $27 $49
Price/month (paid monthly) $28 $33 $56
Transaction fees 0% 0% 0%
Storage space 20GB 35GB 50GB
Multiple currencies
Sell your products on the marketplace
USPS discounts Up to 60 60% Up 70% to 70 Up to 70
Automate sales tax 100 transactions/month 500 transactions/month
Dropshipping Up to 250 items Unlimited products
Review of the product Up to 1000 3000 to up to
$300 Ad vouchers
Customer support 24/7 24/7 Priority

Business Basic Plan Cost: $33.95/month

  • A good way to begin with e-commerce
  • Features that are stripped back, but ideal for a first timer.
  • You’ll need to upgrade your plan into Unlimited (below) Unlimited plans (below) at the time sales begin to increase.

Example of Use Case Business Basic Plan

Sam created his portfolio of photos using the Combo strategy, and has a huge Instagram followers on his photography page. Sam has received many messages from those who want to purchase prints of his photos So he is experimenting with selling his most-loved five images in various sizes. He upgrade his plan to Business Basic from Business Basic plan to build the shop page on his site, and begin accepting payments.

Business Unlimited Plan: $ 27/ month

  • You can upgrade to the plan when you’ve established a steady flow of sales
  • Tools to boost your online sales
  • Review product reviews on your site . It’s a powerful trust signal
  • Unlock USPS discounts, as well as automated sales tax calculation (up up to 100 transactions)
  • Dropshipping can be started and accept subscriptions

Example of Use Case Business Unlimited Plan

Sam’s prints are selling quickly and is fast becoming a major source of income for his. He upgrade to the Business Unlimited plan – this allows him to access pro-ecommerce features like that currency conversion (for selling internationally) along with market connections (for selling on different platforms, like Etsy). At just $4/month it is a simple and inexpensive way to upgrade his online store.

Business VIP Price: 49/month for $ 49 per month

  • Streamline, refine, grow
  • Increase your caps by reading greater online review, many transactions using automated sales tax
  • Further USPS discount
  • A significant price increase however, it’s worthwhile if you’re earning decent money.

If you’re not currently using Wix or this one seems the best for you, then you’re better off launching on an online store platform such as Shopify.

Example of Use Case Business VIP Plan

Sam is now earning quite a bit of profits from his venture and his website consistently has more than 100 transactions per month. His previous plan upgrade focused on bringing his business, however this time he’s upgrading an effort to improve the efficiency of processes and reduce time. The Business Premium plan, the user receives priority assistance (less loss of profit in the event of a problem on the site) as well as automated calculation of taxes on up to 500 transactions. The additional USPS discounted rate is an great benefit and so is the additional storage space. His website is a bit faster in the present. Yes, it’s a significant cost hike, but the money he earns is enough to justifiably pay for the cost.

Enterprise: $500/month+

This is a relatively new Wix new feature. It was initially advertised as $500/month, later “Custom price” and now it is ‘beginning from $500 per month’.

In truth, it’s somewhat kind of a mystery. It’s hard to imagine what you’d get for anything close to this amount or why it’s worth looking into as a possibility. Our suggestion? If you’re feeling that the Business plans mentioned above don’t fit your needs or you’ve had enough you should check out an e-commerce platform that is specifically designed for you like BigCommerce or Shopify. and BigCommerce.

Does this the Free Plan Really Free?

Yes. Wix offers a totally free plan that includes up to 500MB of storage. The service is fantastic as there’s no limit on time and you can create and publish your website without having to pay a cent.

There’s no requirement for financial information to sign-up to Wix’s free service also – all you have to have to do is register an account by entering your email address and you’re ready to start developing your site. However, we advise users against using the free plan for too long because it can hinder expansion and doesn’t seem to be very professional.

The free plan isn’t excellent for other reasons. It offers a limited number of options, and your site will display Wix ads on every page. There are many other disadvantages, which we’ll go over in the following paragraphs.

5 Facts You Need to Be aware of about the No-cost Plan

  1. You aren’t allowed to make use of your own domain name
  2. You’ll see Wix advertisements appearing on your website
  3. You cannot sell on the internet.
  4. You will only have limited features, e.g. there is no access to Google Analytics
  5. You will receive only basic customer support, e.g. there are no priority support options

Here’s a demo website that one of our team made with the free Wix plan, which shows some of this in action:

Do we recommend Wix’s plan for free? Yes, a little however, just because it’s free. If you’re looking for a profitable and professional website, you’ll need more than that free one.

It’s only good for use on. If you’re committed to your website then choosing the paid plan is a better option (although you’re able to build your site on the free plan and then upgrade).

Would You Like to try Wix?

Explore the possibilities you can make by using Wix and determine whether it’s the right website builder tool for you. You can play for no cost, or and then pay for a full-on amazing website design! Take a look today.

Wix vs Competitor Pricing

It’s not a secret it that Wix has changed its approach to its pricing throughout the years, doing away with lower plans such as the Connect Domain option that was once around $5 a month (and remains accessible for purchase in the UK for a monthly price of PS3). Wix’s Combo plan (Wix’s lowest priced price plan) has gone up by approximately $1 per year over the last few years, bringing it to around $14. that it’s one of the most expensive ad-free beginning plans available.

Here’s an brief overview of how the pricing for Wix is compared to our top-rated web builders. We’ve listed each builder’s lowest pay plans (in purple) and its highest value-for-money (in blue): (in the blue):

Does the fact that it is more costly mean that Wix the better choice? No. Wix releases new features, technology developments and templates fairly often. It’s always evolving and offers good value for money (4.5 out five stars in our study).

If you’re looking to get the most value out of Wix We suggest taking advantage of the $33/month Business Basic plan, which grants access to a broad selection of top-quality options and tools (and is the least expensive plan that lets you sell your products online).

Wix is a high-quality website Builder with a competitive price

The Wix Business Basic plan offers best value-for-money However, no matter the premium plan you pick you’ll get the most bang for your money.

Are there any hidden or additional costs?

Beyond the monthly fee for subscription There are additional Wix expenses you need to keep in your thoughts:

  1. Wix auto-renewal

There is no extra cost, but it could be unexpected

This isn’t an extra cost however, many users don’t know that their subscriptions at Wix will automatically renew at the end of your subscription.

If you do not wish for your plan to automatically renew then you can disable it in your preferences. Here’s how:

  • Visit the Billing and Pays section within your Wix account.
  • Click to to Plan Your Actions
  • Click to cancel now

Do not worry, Clicking ‘Cancel Now’ won’t necessarily mean you’ll be able to cancel your subscription at that point. It’s more like saying that the plan will not automatically renew the next time your subscription runs out.

  1. Cost of Wix domain names (only cost for the first one year on annual plan)

$14.95 from $24.85 annually

Domains with Wix offer absolutely free in the initial year and after that, the majority of domains are $14.95 annually. Domains that are more specific may cost around $24.85 annually.

If you do not pay for your domain, anyone else could register the domain and then use the name for their own purposes. The renewal process for your domain name occurs in a way that is automatic, so you won’t lose your domain.

Are you interested in learning more?

  1. Custom email addresses

$4.08 per month per email address

Wix has joined forces to G Suite (basically Google’s Gmail for Business) to allow users to make customized emails directly from within your Wix account. This means that you can purchase, setup, and configure your email addresses from Wix’s dashboard.

It’s $4.08 monthly when you choose to sign up for an annual plan or $5.00 for those who decide to sign up for a month-to-month plan.

Are you unsure if you require an email address that is custom? You should reconsider! 75 percent of US customers who shop online believe that an email that is professional is crucial to trust the business. When a generic email address could cause 33% of customers doubt your reliability, paying to get a customized email address is well worth it!

  1. Add extra for apps

Unlimited to $20+/month for the app

While Wix has a plethora of free applications in the Wix App Market which is 55 to be precise It also offers numerous premium apps that you can incorporate into your website. Many apps offer the free and premium versions and you are able to choose the one you prefer.

Premium apps are priced differently and typically range between three and twenty dollars per app. Certain apps offer free trials, while other apps are paid for beginning from day one.

It is possible to start with the free version and you can upgrade to the higher-end version at any time. Wix’s auto-renewal is only available to premium applications therefore if you do not want to pay to use an application, be sure you switch off auto-renewal on your setting.

  1. Wix Ascend (marketing support for small-sized companies)

$0 – $49 per month

Wix Ascend is a single-stop shop for customer and marketing management. It’s a collection of business tools integrated into your website and is designed to help you increase the number of visitors to your site, get insights into customers to improve conversions and engagement and run your company.

You can utilize Wix Ascend for free, and it’s already installed in Wix. It’s also available on your Wix website. But, it gives users restricted use of every one of the Ascend products for business which means that if you wish to get rid of Ascend branding or access greater capabilities you’ll have upgrade.

Did you even know? Email scheduling is among the tools included when you sign up for Ascend’s premium plans. Based on research It seems that the best day to send emails would be on Tuesdays, and at the time of 10am, or at 1pm!

A Summary Wix Pricing Plans

The free plan $0 forever! An extensive range of templates, features and applications, however with limitations on your website’s capabilities, Wix branding, and advertisements on your website, and the website address
Combo $14/month The best to use for private purposes. Find a free domain for a year on the annual plan. You will also get more storage space, and more bandwidth. You can also get rid of Wix advertisements.
Unlimited $17/month Popular for businesses. More storagespace, a more video allowance, SEO-friendly application.
Pro $23/month Your own personal logo, as well as access to other marketing tools.
VIP $39/month Priority support and additional storage. It’s not cheap however, it’s worthwhile for big/popular websites.
Business Basic $23/month The least expensive plan for selling online. It has some slack features, but is ideal for those who are just starting out.
Business Unlimited $27/month An upgrade for your online store with a variety of features that are designed to help you automatize and to grow.
Business VIP $49/month Automate and streamline further. Include more reviews and receive priority assistance.
Enterprise $500/month Advanced support, custom plans Account manager.

If you’d like to test Wix for free, or to pick a plan, go to Wix’s site to take the next step toward creating the most stunning website.


Wix Pricing: FAQs

No! Hosting is part of every plan offered by Wix that include its free service. You don’t have to worry about additional costs or the hassle of finding your hosting provider, since Wix handles everything for you.

The most affordable Wix domains are $14.95 annually. However, your domain will be free for a year if you select an annual pay plan! Prices for domains can vary however, all in all Wix domains range from $14.95 and $24.85 annually.

Yes! Upgrade your plan easily through the account of your Wix Account, selecting on upgrade and selecting the plan you’d like to join. It’s as simple to downgrade Go to Premium Plans within your Wix account, and then click Change Plan. After that, ensure you close by clicking Confirm Change of Plan.

If you own your own personal or business website which doesn’t need to sell something online, we recommend using the combo package. With a monthly cost of just $11, it’s a great value and includes everything you’ll need to build your website including a free domain and 3GB of storage.

Yes! You have the option of choosing to make payments for the Wix plan annually or monthly however, you’ll not get all the benefits or features when you pay monthly. For instance, you don’t have the domain free for the duration of a year. It is more expensive than an annual subscription.

The most important thing to be aware of is the auto-renewal feature offered by Wix that we’ll discuss more in depth in the previous article. You’ll have to turn this off within your settings for Wix if do not want Wix to automatically charge you at the time renewal time comes around.

Yes! Wix offers a no-cost plan that you can keep for as long as you’d like. This is an excellent way to select the right plan as it gives you access to every feature that the company has to offer as well as the peace of mind that if you’re unhappy, you’ll be able to get your refund.

Yes! All premium plans offered by Wix provide a 14-day money-back guarantee, which means you can test the platform out without worry. There are no unexpected surprises once you sign up with Wix.

It’s true, Wix has a discount coupon! When you enter the coupon code “TAKE10 at the time of checkout and you’ll get 10% off for any year-long Premium Plan in addition to Combo as well as Connect Domain. Wix is a excellent value for money initially however, now you can save more than you normally would.

You can’t sell your products once you’ve joined an Wix Premium plan. You can however start creating the store and designing it using the free plan and be in place to when you choose to sign up for the premium plan.

Yes it is possible to transfer the domain name Wix with only a couple of clicks. Once you have transferred your domain Wix and your domain’s contact details and registration fees can be handled from the Wix account. Wix account.

Wix will accept credit card transactions through Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB and Diners. Wix accepts debit card transactions from Visa as well as MasterCard. You can’t buy Premium Plan mailbox, domain or third-party application using PayPal.

The truth is that Wix has a higher cost than Squarespace the cheapest plan cost $13 per month the cheapest plan of Squarespace costs just $12 per month. But, Wix has a pretty affordable free plan that means that you can design and launch websites without spending any money! Squarespace is, however, offers an offer of 14 days of trial of a no-cost plan.

Website Builder Expert is committed to providing you with truthful information. This is why we do our own analysis to get direct, personal insights. Please click here to find out more information.

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