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Squarespace Pricing to save money

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Squarespace is a top-quality website builder that offers reasonable prices, and cost-effective pricing. It offers four plans with prices which range from $12 up through $40 per month and offers a 14-day trial, so you can test it for free. Its cheapest plan offers unlimited bandwidth and storage and a free domain and is completely free of ads and is a great entry-level plan that is suitable for professional websites.

In terms of design templates and features, Squarespace is easily the top choice and that’s why we frequently recommend it to designers. It’s a great all-rounder and scored an astonishing 4.3/5 across all aspects of our extensive analysis.

Below, we will put your research to work and discuss the Squarespace Pricing plan will be the best for you, the best way to maximize the value of your budget as well as any other costs you might have to think about.

Squarespace Pricing Plans

Squarespace Pricing Plans Monthly Plan Fee ($/month) Annual Plan Cost ($/month) Savings ( percent)
Personal $16 $12 25%
Business $26 $18 30%
Basic Commerce $30 $26 13%
Advanced Commerce $46 $40 13%

Four pricing plans offered by Squarespace. 4 pricing packages include prices ranging between $12 and 40 dollars each month (paid annually) between $16 and the amount of $46 monthly (paid each month). The most affordable plan is the Personal plan, which is designed to be used by individuals and includes an array of standard options. The most expensive plan can be found in The Advanced Commerce plan, equipped with the tools necessary to build the e-commerce business.

Pricing for Squarespace: What You Need to Know

  • Does Squarespace offer value in terms of price? Yes! You can enjoy a wide assortment of features, which includes unlimited bandwidth and storage on the lowest plan.
  • Does Squarespace costly compared to other competitors? No, it’s not! For example, Wix costs just $14 per month, whereas Squarespace only costs you $12 per month.
  • Are there hidden costs? Absolutely not! (Read on for more details on the additional costs that are available for example, marketing emails).
  • Is there a no-cost trial? Yes! You can test Squarespace for free for 14 days. You just need to sign up with an email address to begin.
  • Which plan would you recommend? Although the Personal plan with the lowest cost provides an excellent value, our study suggests 40 percent of users would be most successful with the $18 for a month business plan.
  • Are Squarespace plans at a lower cost? Yes! You could save money by opting for an annual plan instead of a monthly plan. You can also get the most value for money by choosing the right plan that meets your needs, or by using coupons for discounts (like our unique discount code below). Combine the three!

Exclusive Squarespace Coupon Offer

If it’s your first time signing up with Squarespace and you’re not sure if it’s the right choice, make use of our special coupon discount code to save 10 percent for the price of any Squarespace package! If you take advantage of this offer to sign-up with an annual package then you’ll save about 30 percent compared to the cost of the monthly plan. Sign up for an initial trial for free, and then enter the coupon code WBE when it’s time to buy.

Squarespace Pricing Breakdown

Below, we’ll go over the plans that are suitable for various websites. However, if you’d like to get an individual recommendation immediately Click “Start Now below and we’ll match your requirements with the various Squarespace plan to find your ideal match.

Do you know what Squarespace plan will best suit your business goals? You don’t even need to go away from this page to figure it out:

Which Pricing Plan is the Best for You?

  • If you’re looking to develop a website you’ll require either the personal plan, or Business plan.
  • If you’re planning to sell on the internet, you’re better off choosing one of one of the Basic Commerce plan or the Advanced Commerce plan.

In this case, for example, we’ll suggest that Maria is looking to build an easy website to market her cupcakes made from scratch. There will be an About page as well as an About page, a Contact webpage, as well as possibly an image gallery of her work. Maria will require the Personal plan since it comes with an individual domain name, attractive templates, and SEO tools to help to spread the word about her.

But what happens if the time comes when her desserts are so well-loved so that she wants to make her hobby into a side business? In this case, Maria would need update to Business Plan in order to begin selling small amounts of food on the internet.

  1. Plan for personal use ($12/month): Designed to be used on (you guessed that) personal websites The plan is still able to provide many of the features of Squarespace (that aren’t tied to ecommerce). There’s a variety of templates. Additionally, you’ll get a domain that is free, SSL security, and 24/7 assistance.
  2. Business plans ($18/month): You can sell your products online through this pricing plan, however there’s a 3 percent transaction fee for every sale. It’s best suited for small companies that have only one or two products to sell and not full-blown online stores.
  3. Basic Commerce plans ($26/month): This plan is ideal to completely-fledged web-based stores. The plan comes with specific tools that aid you in managing your store, including automated checkouts that are mobile-optimized, integrated accounting along with customer-facing accounts. You can also sell directly through Instagram as well.
  4. Advanced Commerce Plan ($40/month): This plan is the best option for growing sales through e-commerce. Features such as abandon cart recoveries, gift cards and discounts that are flexible are all designed to attract buyers to buy from your store. These options, when combined with the latest methods for shipping create Squarespace’s most robust package.

All Students!

Are you a college student with an email address from your school that is current then you’ll receive 50 percent off the first year with Squarespace.

Be aware, though you aren’t able to apply the discount in conjunction with other discount coupons. However, you are able to make use of it for three websites using the same account, making it quite helpful.

Are you ready to select your Squarespace Plan?

From these four plans there’s an ideal option for each site.

Personal vs. Business Plan

Personal ($12/month)

This plan is ideal to build simple, elegant websites. It provides everything you need to build a professional website. The features that you can avail on the plan are:

This plan for personal use is perfect for people just starting out and who require a simple but well-designed web site.

Corporate ($18/month)

The Business plan includes more sophisticated options than the Personal plan which include:

  • Unlimited contributors
  • Advanced metrics for websites
  • A professional email service from Google
  • Credit for $100 Google Ads
  • Pop-ups for promotions
  • Ecommerce
  • Complete customization
  • Announcement bar
  • Blocks with premium features and connections

While it’s not an full-blown online store but it is possible to sell your products. are able to sell products on business plans. You are able to accept donations and sell unlimited products, however, keep in mind that there’s a 3.3% transaction cost for all sales (there is no transaction fees on the two e-commerce plans offered by Squarespace).

It’s not a surprise that the Business plan is the best choice for small-scale companies. It has professional features, and includes an option to sell via your website.

Are you building a website?

These are the best options for those who don’t require any online stores.

Basic Commerce vs Advanced Commerce Plan

Basis Commerce ($26/month)

Basic Commerce plan Basic Commerce plan provides all the tools for e-commerce you require to create a basic but effective online store. It includes all the options offered by the Business plans and a host of additional features:

  • Sell unlimited items
  • No transaction fee
  • The power of powerful metrics in commerce
  • Tax, inventory, orders coupons, coupons, and tax
  • Label printing
  • Check out your domain
  • Customer accounts
  • Find products on Instagram
  • Integrated accounting
  • Mobile optimized checkout

Basic Commerce Basic Commerce plan has everything you require to get your company on the right track This makes it ideal for new web-based stores.

Advanced Commerce ($40/month)

Advanced Commerce plan Advanced Commerce plan comes with everything that is included in the Basic Commerce plan, and offers additional features to help take an online shop to the next stage.

  • Subscriptions
  • Cart abandoned auto-recovery
  • Advanced shipping
  • Flexible discounts
  • Gift cards
  • Orders API

These innovative features are created to boost growth of your company: abandoned cart auto-recovery automatically sends email to clients who have left items in their carts during the time of checkout. Discounts and gift cards are great rewards for loyal customers. Moreover, advanced shipping allows you to determine real-time shipping rates without difficulty.

This Advanced Commerce plan is best for stores that want to grow online. expansion.

Which Squarespace Plans have we recommended the most?

Our tool for selecting plans (which we’ve added in the above!) takes into consideration factors such as website type as well as function and size to find the best Squarespace pricing plan that meets your requirements.

Do You Want More Information about the top website builders?

Additional Costs

Squarespace offers fixed monthly fees that are not subject to any hidden charges. That said, there are some items you might prefer to pay extra when creating your site. Although you don’t have to pay for it, we highly recommend investing in some basic tools to help set up your site to be successful. If you’re creating an online store it is important to understand the process of transaction fees.

Squarespace Transaction Fees

For stores that are online the transaction fee is a percentage of the customer’s total purchase, including shipping costs. Squarespace doesn’t charge transaction charges on its two plans for e-commerce (Basic Commerce, and Advanced Commerce), but it charges the 3percent transaction fee for businesses selling under the $18/month Business plan.

That is If you select the Business plan, which is less expensive (rather than one of the two higher-priced ecommerce plan), Squarespace will take 3percent of every sales you generate.

The Business plan is intended for small-sized stores and, therefore, Squarespace charges this cost to cover the costs of processing these transactions. Because the ecommerce plans cost more, the transaction fee are not charged by Squarespace.

Domain Names

It is essential to have a custom web address for your site as it creates credibility and recognition for your site’s visitors. When you first build your Squarespace site, your domain will look like this: – but this isn’t memorable or professional!

It is the price of your domain usually depends on the domain extension (.com, .net, .us …) that you select and can amount in the range of $10-20 per year.

Email Marketing

The sending of emails is an excellent method of engaging your users and increasing your website’s reach, regardless of whether you’re trying to promote sales, launching new products or sharing blog articles. Squarespace offers a variety of options for marketing campaigns. If you sign up for the $18/month Business plan, you will receive the professional Gmail as well as G Suite account free for one year.

However, Squarespace also provides an all-in-one marketing system for email known as Squarespace Email Campaigns. It lets you design and send custom emails directly from your website, so that your marketing seamlessly integrates with the brand of your site. The most affordable Email Campaigns plan starts at $5 per month.

3 Essential Methods to Reduce Costs

Squarespace provides great value for money However, by following some tips from our experts will be able to truly make the most for your money.

Squarespace Pricing Tips:

  1. More than 40 percent of users would be better off using the Business plan We’ve suggested that you sign up for the business plan with 38% of our 8000 readers who’ve tried this Squarespace Plan Selector Tool. Its Business Plan ($18/month) will be a great middle for many websites because it allows you to sell on the internet without the price of an e-commerce plan.
  2. You pay annually and not every month: At first, paying for an annual subscription might seem expensive, but it’s the most cost-effective choice over the long haul. You could save as much as 30% per year by making payments for 12 months in one lump sum. For instance the Business plan will cost $18 per month if the plan is paid annually. However, it increases to $26 per month when you pay per month.
  3. Take advantage of these discount codes: When you sign up for your first Squarespace plan, you can enter our discount coupon ” WBE” at checkout to enjoy 10% off. In case you’re already on an existing Squarespace plan, you are able to use this discount for your first upgrade! Squarespace also offers students a discount that is 50 percent off your initial calendar year after you sign-up with an email address that is valid for your school. It is important to note that you aren’t able to combine the two discounts for students, so if you’re student, you’ll have choose one!

Does Squarespace Free?

Unfortunately, there is no free plan. Squarespace has no Free package (unlike other builders such as Wix and Weebly) which is one of the reasons of a free plan is the reason for the low value of Squarespace’s price score, which is 2.6/5.

However it is true that all Squarespace plans begin with the 14-day trial period for free, so you can test it without having to pay a cent.

Are you ready to try the Squarespace Platform?

Explore the plans of Squarespace, the features available and get going today – your ideal plan is only a free trial just a click away!

Squarespace Pricing vs Competitor Pricing

In comparison to other top builders Squarespace isn’t priced as high as other builders, and isn’t. When you look at the pricing of the initial plans among our six top all-around site builders, the Personal plan of Squarespace is in the middle with a monthly cost of $12.

…And it’s purely dependent on cost. In terms of the value you get for your money, Squarespace is one of the top. The $18 per month Business plan offers users access to a broad array of options that make this the best choice for those who want to get the most benefit from the benefits of their Squarespace subscription.

Below is the review of the way the prices at Squarespace compare to the prices of its biggest competitors. We’ve listed both the least expensive plans (in purple) and the most price-for-value plans (in blue)

It’s clear that the most value-for-money plans (the business plan) is less expensive than the plans of its main competitors, Weebly and Wix, which have comparable plans at just $20 and $23/month, respectively.

Squarespace’s Business Plan is a great value for the Money

For just $18/month, you have unlimited storage, the latest web metrics, and ecommerce tools (plus many more)!

Squarespace Pricing: Conclusion

It is now time to decide the Squarespace plan is right for you. You have 4 Squarespace plans you can choose from and you’ll always begin with the 14-day free trial. No payment details are required until you’re able to select your plan:

Squarespace Price Plans Recap

  1. Personal plan cost: $16/month ($12/month payable annually) This is the best plan to start with a simple but elegant website
  2. Business plan $26/month ($18/month per year) This plan is ideal for small-sized businesses
  3. Basic Commerce 30$/month ($26/month per year) Best for small-sized online stores
  4. Advanced Commerce Cost: $46 per month ($40/month payable annually) Best for growing online stores

Based on the data of our 8,291 customers who have used our Squarespace tool for selecting plans, 38% of users should go with The Plan for Business. The plan offers premium features like pop-ups and professional email and the basic tools for e-commerce.

All plans from Squarespace offer unlimited bandwidth and storage which makes it ahead of other providers in regards to the value you get for your money. For example, Wix’s $13/month annual plan offers only 3GB of storage!

Additionally there is a way to get a discount on the cost of your Squarespace subscription by opting for an annual subscription and applying an Squarespace discount coupon. Enter our exclusive discount code ” WBE” at the checkout for a discount of 10% off the plan you choose.

Are you ready to choose Your Plan?

Enter the code WBE At checkout, you can get 10% off the purchase to save 10% on your Squarespace plan. You can also get access to premium features right now!

Squarespace Pricing: FAQs

Squarespace is about quality. There aren’t any more appealing designs for templates or features in-house available. If you’re looking to find a cheap or no cost method to create your website, Squarespace isn’t for you. If you’re a creative and would like a modern professional website then look no further.

Nothing! It’s true, hosting is absolutely free with Squarespace You receive fully-managed cloud hosting that is included in every Squarespace plan, with no additional cost. You don’t have to search for your own hosting provider, or pay for additional services – join, relax and relax, enjoying your website without stress.

It’s simple to end the Squarespace subscription. You can disable auto-renew to ensure that your site will expire at the time the billing term is over. You can also cancel immediately by logging into your billing settings and choosing “Cancel Website Subscription”. There are videos and guides that can help you navigate the Squarespace Help Center.

Yes! You can change or upgrade the plan you have at any time through your billing settings and choosing “Change Plan.” It’s easy to alter plans to suit the requirements of your site. You’ll be unable to access premium features if you upgrade or downgrade, but you’ll gain access to additional features as you upgrade.

Squarespace accepts four different kinds of currency . You can pay for your Squarespace subscription using any of the currencies that are listed below:

  • US dollar
  • Euro
  • British Pound Sterling
  • Australian Dollar

If you’re selling products through the Squarespace website, you’re able to sell in one of 20 different currencies accepted by Squarespace.

Yes! If you sign-up using your email address for academic use you can enjoy a massive 50 percent off your first year with Squarespace! This means that the personal plan with the lowest price would cost you $72 instead of $144. an incredible deal!

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