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5 Best Church Website Builders

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Making an online presence for your church shouldn’t require 40 hours and 40 days – you don’t require a lot of energy, unending budget, or a plethora of technical abilities to bring your ideas to reality. Instead, you’ll require one of these five top church websites builders. Compare them with the interactive charts.

Apart from bringing in new members, creating websites that are built on the correct platform can be particularly advantageous for increasing the number of followers your church has. Do you realize that over 80% of potential visitors visit the church’s website prior going inside the church?

In the end, you might not have the resources or time to devote all your spare hours to building a site. And that’s okay! Website builders offer the fastest and most affordable solution. These are websites that let to create your own site, without any technical skills.

5 Best Church Website Builders

  1. Wix – best overall church website builder
  2. Squarespace – best for beautiful designs
  3. Weebly is the best choice to build on a shoestring budget
  4. Amazingly is the best choice for usability
  5. Jimdo is the best to create a basic website

Check out the Top 5 Church Website Builders

The table below outlines the main features so that you can select the builder which meets your requirements the most. The Arrow on the top of this chart include different platforms to evaluate. We’ve begun using the best three platforms available: Wix, Squarespace and Weebly.

We’re quite happy with our research process as not many websites have the ability to boast having conducted thorough tests before making recommendations. Here’s how our research team goes about finding the most effective website builders that are available.

Every builder undergoes our rigorous study procedure. We look into key areas, such as:

  • User-friendly
  • Design Flexibility
  • Cost-effective
  • Feature quality
  • Assistance and support
  • Customer satisfaction

This lets us evaluate and evaluate builders in a fair manner and focus on the factors that have been reported by users to us are important to them.

We also invite groups of regular people to try out the building and provide feedback which we review. This is helpful to us:

  • know exactly how simple (or difficult) novices find the builder
  • Find any problems within the builder
  • assess customer satisfaction and judge

This process has been applied to more than 50 web builders to date – all so that we can provide you with the most precise outcomes and advice!

Still got questions? Take a look at our guide on how we conduct our Web Developer Research for an explanation of the process in greater detail.

We set out to distinguish positive from negative and eliminate the ugly. We did extensive study, testing, analyzing and comparing our findings until we were able to confidently state that they are the top church websites on the market.

This article will examine these builders for church websites to pinpoint precisely the features each is most suitable for, look into their options and pricing as well as other. We’ll aid you in deciding once for all which one is the best fit in the case of you and your church.

  1. Wix

The most comprehensive church website builder

Wix is the top choice in the top of the line in our analysis and combines ease of use along with high-end features as well as striking designs. But the best part is that it’s simple to use. Find out how it scored below!

Wix Overview

Wix is a well-known web-based builder used by business owners, amateurs, and some celebrities. You’ve seen ads on TV. It’s an easy to use drag-and-drop web builder that means it can’t be simpler to use You just drag and drop elements like images or text boxes and videos onto the place you’d like them on your website. Here’s some more information regarding the Wix drag and drop editor.

Wix isn’t a church-specific web-based builder, but it does come with specific non-profit and church template designs that you can select from. You can include donation, contact as well as events, as well as share blog articles, and even post sermons on your website.

Wix Pricing

Wix offers the no-cost plan however to make use of your own domain, you’ll have to upgrade to any of 7 paid Wix plans. The cheapest plan is that of the one-month price of $11 Combo Plan, however to get better features we suggest the $14/month Unlimited planthat is affordable and will also allow for greater traffic to your website.

More Information

  • Do you think Wix seem like the perfect fit for the needs of your church? Learn more about it in our in-depth Wix Evaluation
  • Find out which plan is best for you with our comprehensive pricing review of Wix

2. Squarespace

Best for beautiful designs

Squarespace is unbeatable for its beautiful designs. However, it’s not just a pretty image Take a look below and see what it fared in our tests.

Squarespace Overview

Squarespace is awe-inspiring for its users thanks to its top-quality and sophisticated templates . If you’re looking for a site with large images or require a elegant looking website, Squarespace is your top option.

It’s not exactly as user-friendly as Wix yet, but you do not require any programming or technical skills to make use of it. All you need is some extra time.

Regarding design and style, Squarespace doesn’t have specific church-specific templates for websites. Instead, look through ” Community and Non-Profit” templates to find the perfect one for you for your needs – we highly suggest that you use the Clarkson templates!

Squarespace offers a variety of premium features and all of them are built-in to. For instance using Clarkson, the Clarkson theme, users will be able to find donations, mission and volunteer pages included automatically.

Whatever topic you choose You can be sure that you’ll have an stylish, modern and robust website to keep your visitors engaged.

Squarespace Pricing

It’s more expensive than Wix pricing starting with 12 dollars per month. We recommend you go with one of the $18 monthly business plan because it allows you to accept donations via your website.

3. Weebly

Ideal for building with a tight budget

Weebly is a drag and drop builder with impressive features, an extensive online store for apps, as well as a variety of pricing. It’s right on the heels of Squarespace Check the rating below to find out what its strengths are.

Weebly Overview

Weebly is a great choice if you are looking for elegant, simple designs and more innovative guidance that you can get from Wix as well as Squarespace. Their templates are very well-organized You can’t take anything and go as it is with Wix. This could be a nightmare for the dreamers who are creative who are among you however, if designing is the worst nightmare for you It’s an improvement!

The search for the perfect template could be difficult, given that there’s no search function and there’s no communities or non-profit template section to help narrow your choices. However, with a limited choice of themes to choose from you shouldn’t have much time to locate your preferred template.

Since there aren’t any custom templates, you don’t receive a custom-made feature – you’ll need to select your theme with care to ensure that you get integrated donation pages, for instance. It’s a good thing you can look at your chosen theme and test it out before committing to it, and modify the theme even after you’ve published your website.

Weebly Pricing

Weebly offers an Free plan as well as the three plans that are paid , which range from $6-$26 per month. We don’t suggest sticking to the free plan for too long as It’s limited in features and doesn’t allow you to connect to a custom domain and also displays ads on your website.

To have a professional site that is suitable for your Church, you’ll need an affordable plan.

We suggest using the professional plan at $12 per month as it’s the most affordable plan to eliminate ads from your site that is crucial to be recognized as a serious online entity. It also lets you gain access to features like the free domain and unlimited storage that is ideal for uploading videos, such as sermon videos or community videos.

The reason we don’t suggest the Personal plan, which costs $6 per month, plan is because it will display advertisements on your website and is limited in storage space, similar to that of the basic plan. Pro plan will give you a greater chance of creating a reliable web presence for your congregation.

More Information
  • Read our complete Weebly review to learn more about the features of this builder as well as templates and other features.
  • Do the prices offered by Weebly sound so good that they could be real? Take a look at the Review of Weebly’s Pricing Analysis in order to get more details

4. It’s strikingly

Ideal for user-friendliness

Strikingly is a simple builder that lets you get online quickly and cheaply. Look at how we’ve evaluated it below!

Astonishingly Overview

Intriguingly‘s drag-and-drop editor has a lot in common to Wix’s in its simplicity, however the final product won’t be as pleasing to see.

There’s not much variety in Strikingly’s templates as they all adhere to the same design. While your Strikingly website may not look as unique like the Wix or Squarespace site, it’ll provide all the necessary areas: Strikingly templates are clear and simple to read, and they have lots of attention paid to images that can assist you in adding your personal design.

Strikingly provides excellent help and assistance. If you get stuck (which is unlikely, given its top-of-the-line user-friendliness) you can reach out to the Support team through live chat anytime, any day of the week.

To the point of shockingly pricing

Strikingly has a free plan, but it’ll come with ads at the bottom of your pages, and your domain will look like “”.

To remove these options, you can upgrade to a premium plan, the cheapest of which is the limited plan that costs just $8 for a month. We suggest this plan for churches that have websites because it’s incredibly affordable and can even let you create two websites at the cost of (if you’d like to! ).

Additional Information

5. Jimdo

The best way to create a simple site

Jimdo is a standard web builder, which is ideal to create simple websites not something complex or flashy. Read on to learn about its strengths and flaws.

Jimdo Overview

Jimdo has made our list of the top church website builders due to its user-friendly editor and affordable prices for starting. If you select this website builder you’ll be able to create a high-quality website in just a few hours.

But less than 56% customers are actually recommending Jimdo and you might be aware that it is at the bottom of this list. This is because, when you’re paying for a web-based builder, you’ll need to get the most value for your money in terms of design and features. Jimdo isn’t as able to provide on these fronts as the other rivals.

As an example, Jimdo’s templates are extremely well-organized which means that you are unable to move elements around as you would , for example, Wix. The benefit for this however is that strict templates make it extremely difficult to make design mistakes. It’s also incredibly difficult to make your template look similar to your personal.

Jimdo Pricing

Jimdo’s free plan can be an excellent way to start with. It’s just 500MB of storage therefore you’ll likely run out of space fairly quickly.

If you choose to upgrade to an expensive Jimdo program, we suggest starting with the $9 monthly Starting package. It’s a great beginning price and includes a custom domain, as well as the removal of ads as well as a substantial quantity of space (5 GB).).

Additional Information

  • Check out the Jimdo Review to find out more details about this builder.

Are There Others Church Web Builders?

The five builders we’ve reviewed in this article are among the top church websites – they are notable for their user-friendliness high-end design quality and a powerful price-for-value.

However, they’re but not only the all-inclusive churches website builder on the market, which is why it’s worthwhile to give every platform an opportunity before you make your final decision. With that in mind there are additional platforms that didn’t make the list of the top five.

1. Sharefaith

Starting price: $50 per month

Sharefaith is a specific platform for churches with built-in features, like sections for uploading and sharing sermons. In addition to its other features, Sharefaith boasts its own church website builder tool, which has assisted more than 8,000 organizations develop their own websites. That’s an impressive feat!

The advantage is knowing that all themes from Sharefaith are suitable for churches’ websites It’s just a matter of choosing the one that best suits your congregation and church. The designs are attractive and elegant sufficient, yet they’re not able to match Squarespace with regards to aesthetics.

The disadvantage of Sharefaith is the price. For a website, you’ll require its “Web + Media” package that costs 50 dollars for a month (billed per year). It comes with free hosting as well as template switching and a donation and giving platform — all of which can be purchased by using Squarespace or Weebly at only a fraction of the cost.

2. Ministry Designs

Starting price: $1,000 activation fee, plus $20 per month

Each member of Ministry Designs’ team Ministry Designs is a member with an experience in the church which means that you receive an extremely customized service that is tailored to your requirements. What about the technology part of its service?

Ministry Designs’ features are quite typical. These include podcasts, blogging tools videos, and podcasts. The templates are pretty although they aren’t modern regarding design. In the end, there’s nothing much to be proud of However, there are lots of useful features to help you get started.

Before you sign up, be sure that you’re comfortable with the investment. Ministry Designs is only an option if you have $1,020 to pay in advance. The cost is $1,000 upfront as a one-time cost and then pay $20 per month for hosting. This doesn’t mean that you’re bound by an agreement, however this price is quite expensive as compared with other builder.

3. Nucleus

Starting price: $99 per month

Nucleus promises to become an all-in-one hub for your church that will inspire the followers to take action. The mission of the site is “Next steps” to keep members, both new and old, active and involved in your church.

Although the idea of establishing the central hub could seem difficult, Nucleus makes it easy to everyone by providing drag-and-drop design tools as well as apps integrations.

However, all this ease of use is a cost for the entire package, you’ll need to budget of one-time payment of $99. Its website builder by its own is priced at just $99 per year which is why we recommend using Nucleus’ 30 day trial before you buy!

Best Church Website Builders: Summary

Now, you’ll be aware of which of these five builders is the one which you’ll build your church’s website on.

We’ve examined specifications, designs, pricing and usability for each builder , giving you the most accurate idea of which is the best choice for you and your congregation. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the craziness of information, here’s a quick reminder.

5.Best Church Website Builders: Recap

  1. Wix – best overall church website builder
  2. Squarespace – best for beautiful designs
  3. Weebly is the best option to build on a shoestring budget
  4. Amazingly ideal for user-friendliness
  5. Jimdo is the ideal choice for building a simple site

If you’re as comfortable with tech as sermons from Sunday or you prefer to deciphering the intricate details of the Bible rather than the intricacies of coding, we’ve uncovered the most effective builders to do the job.

Best Church Website Builders Questions

Wix, hands down! It won the user-friendliness round during our testing, showing that it is both user-friendly and adaptable. This is great because it means that you don’t need to sacrifice quality just because you’re not able to write code! It’s strikingly is also an excellent option for user-friendliness for those who want a basic website without the creative freedom.

The two platforms Wix and Weebly come with plans that are free, which means you can build your church’s website without having to part of a dime. We recommend that you upgrade to a paid subscription for the most professional site. Wix is the most affordable cost for ad-free beginning at $13 per month.

It all depends on what you need and preferences for aesthetics, for instance, Squarespace is superior to Sharefaith. If you need specialized assistance and support, Ministry Design and Nucleus are superior to Wix and Weebly.

It’s recommended to keep your domain’s name brief, pertinent and easy to remember! Try to make your domain as close as possible to the actual name of your church – for example, Spires Church might have a website called

There’s no need to worry! Hosting is provided in all the web builders that we have listed (except Ministry Designs). Ministry Designs), so you don’t have to worry about choosing your own hosting provider or paying for it. You just need to create your site, relax and relax knowing that everything is taken care of for you.

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