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Wix against GoDaddy: 10 key areas You Should Take into

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Do you want a site, but don’t have the money to pay for eye-watering developer costs?

Wix against GoDaddy is a match-up of two amazing, inexpensive websites builders.

Wix is the most comprehensive of all. It offers more creativity choices, greater features and more avenues to receive assistance. GoDaddy however, is the fastest solution. It does most of the hard work for you, so that you can put a website up and running in just a few minutes. No, seriously!

Both of them make creating your personal website an easy and painless process. But what are the key distinctions between them? Are they superior to the other? But, more important, which is the best choice for you?

It’s our duty to respond to these questions. We at Website Builder Expert We set the highest standards for making comparisons and reviews with rigorous research and testing to give you professional analysis.

In this post, we’ll take you through the ways in which Wix and GoDaddy function in their respective ways, the strengths as well as weaknesses and which is the best fit for your needs. In the end choosing among Wix and GoDaddy will be a straightforward one.

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  1. Wix against GoDaddy Pros and Cons

Wix Pros as well Cons

Wix Pros Wix Cons
The creative possibilities are virtually endless due to its drag-and drop editor You can’t change templates after your website is up and running
The most highly recommended website builder we tested from our testing with users Costlier (ad-free) basic plan
Over 500 templates to choose from, covering a wide spectrum of industries
Free plan available
GoDaddy Pros as well Cons
GoDaddy Pros GoDaddy Cons
Create a website within a matter of minutes Designs aren’t as flexible, so even if you are inventive, you’ll feel it restricting
Excellent SEO tools built-in No app store is available to add additional features
A great option for those who don’t have the time to be creative
A low-cost ad-free package ($9.99/month)


  1. Easy of Use

If you’re creating your own site, it’s likely that you require a platform that’s simple to utilize. Web builders are exactly this.

Simply put, a website builder is a platform which you can sign-up to and build your own site on. Wix or GoDaddy are two of them Which one is better to utilize?

We invited regular users to try Wix along with GoDaddy by having them build their own websites on each platform and then rate the ease they had in completing specific tasks.

The results revealed that Wix was the easiest platform to use, however many people believed that they could get the website up and running faster with GoDaddy. Here are their opinions:

“Wix was so easy to use. It was easy to drag and drop items from on the menu to your website before moving them around. It was easy to resize items as well. .”

“GoDaddy was a rapid way to design an online site. It was easy to work with and was very easy to use. However, it came at the cost of less customization however .”

Wix Vs GoDaddy – Ease of Use: The conclusion

Wix is much easier to navigate and more user-friendly than GoDaddy. Wix’s editor is more user-friendly than GoDaddy’s and users who have tested it preferred the layout of Wix. Yet, GoDaddy was praised for the speed at which it worked and, therefore, if you’re looking for the fastest option, GoDaddy is your best option.

Do You Need an Easy-to-Use Builder?

Wix is extremely simple to use, and is the one of our builders that users highly would recommend. If you’re just beginning, Wix is the perfect option!

Are you interested in learning the more details on Wix or GoDaddy?


  1. Design Flexibility

Design is all about the style and ease of use of your website. You want a site that is visually pleasing and easy to navigate.


Wix provides more than 500 templates for you to pick from. They are divided into different industries, like ‘ Music‘ or ‘ Travel & Tourism as well as allowing them to be viewed and tested prior to you decide to sign up for one.

The editor of Wix also offers drag-and-drop capabilities. Imagine this as PowerPoint when you want to move things around, just hold and click, drag it to the location you’d like and then release.


GoDaddy is different. It makes use of what’s known as ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) to design your website. It may sound complicated but it’s actually not that complicated – what it really signifies is GoDaddy creates your website based on the answers that you submit to set of questions.

For instance, GoDaddy will ask you what the purpose is of your site? Do you already have a website? Do you have any social media accounts that you’d like to showcase?

Then, GoDaddy will put together a site specifically for your.

How do they compare?

It’s important to remember that Wix also offers an ADI product called Wix ADI. It works similarly as GoDaddy however, you won’t have the same editing control that you get when using the main editor of Wix.

The company offers the ADI option, custom templates, and the option to build your website starting from scratch Wix offers a greater number of customers who want to create their own website while GoDaddy prefers to stick with the most simple and fastest solutions.

We talked to a team of web design experts who all agreed Wix has the most appealing templates. They believed that they were more pleasing to the eye and easier to customize your own. Beware, however after you’ve created your site with Wix it won’t be in a position to change templates.

Wix against GoDaddy Design vs. GoDaddy: The Verdict

Wix’s designs are much superior to those of GoDaddy’s. Wix provides a much more complete editor, as well as a more extensive selection of templates that are separated according to industries. Contrastingly, GoDaddy is more stripped back. Editing isn’t difficult, but the editing options are very limited. Wix is designed to be more controllable but GoDaddy is designed for efficiency.

Do You Need a Beautiful Site?

Wix offers more than 500 beautiful templates that you can choose from. Your dream design may be waiting to be found – why not look today?

Additional Information

  1. Tools and Features

The features are what separate those platforms that are not as popular from the top ones. What you are able to and cannot do on every platform is important to make your final choice.

In some of the areas we’ve discussed Let’s get into the features that both Wix and GoDaddy offer.


Wix or GoDaddy aren’t made to be solely used for creating online stores. However, you can also sell your products both. Let’s begin with the e-commerce features that both offer:

  • The ability to market unlimited varieties and types of products
  • Sell physical or digital items
  • Pay securely using payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe or Square
  • There are no transaction fees charged by the web builder
  • Mobile apps to manage your online store
  • Different options for accountancy and shipping
  • Discount and sale coupon codes

If you’re thinking of creating an online store that is scalable then you should explore ecommerce platforms such as BigCommerce or Shopify. or BigCommerce..

If you’re thinking of making use of Wix as well as GoDaddy as online stores look into our reviews:


Wix offers more features in terms of making blogs. It is possible to sort your blog posts into categories and social bookmarks, keep track of results using analytics as well as embed features like a comments section , or search bar.

GoDaddy provides categories and analytics segmentation, too. You can also make your own RSS feed of your blog, so that readers can follow it and GoDaddy lets you accept comments.

Do you have your own blog? Look through our complete listing of blog platforms

Email Marketing

With Wix it is possible to create an email account that is unique to your domain with G Suite. Additionally, it has integrated marketing tools, which are available through applications such as Wix’s ShoutOut. This allows you to design, send and share marketing emails with your customers.

GoDaddy’s email functions are completely integrated. The company also offers an email marketing service, however this comes at an additional cost , on the top of the monthly fee you pay.

Social Media Integration

Wix allows you to showcase your online social networks content on your site in a variety of ways. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all able to be integrated into your site , and displayed with following buttons as well as live feeds and photo galleries.

GoDaddy has also allowed this to be done, however Wix has a wider variety of options for formatting.


Monitoring your website’s visitors is a great method to check how the site’s performance is. You can monitor things such as page views, visitor counts , and bounce rate. With Wix you can are able to choose between making use of Google Analytics, or adding the Visitor Analytics application to your website. If you’re using GoDaddy your only choice is to integrate Google Analytics.

Wix Vs GoDaddy – Features the Verdict

Wix offers more features over GoDaddy. GoDaddy offers a few beneficial features that Wix does not, such as abandoned cart recovery and integrated email marketing. However, in general, Wix offers more quality features, and has a larger variety of apps to choose from its app marketplace.

Would You Like to Know More?

Wix is packed with options – there’s too many to mention! If you’d like to explore the features at your leisure go to the Wix website.

  1. SEO

The strength of your site’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will determine how high you get on search engines like Google. The higher your score, the more people will be drawn to your website. It’s simple, isn’t it?


Wix improves your website’s SEO by giving you the control. It lets you modify items that affect SEO, including meta descriptions and titles, URL slugs, and header codes.

If you’re not sure what to do then don’t be worried. Wix can help you with keywords through it’s SEO Wiz as well as a variety of applications, including Site Booster which lets you monitor the performance of your site’s SEO.


GoDaddy provides the identical control over editing meta titles/descriptions and meta descriptions, URL header codes and slugs. However, since GoDaddy does not have an application store, there aren’t any additional features. What you will receive, however, is keywords that are built-in and SEO monitoring.

You could also provide the design of your website to search engines, so they will have a better understanding of the structure of your website. If you’re interested in knowing the basics of SEO best practices, take a look at other of our helpful SEO guidelines.

Wix Vs GoDaddy SEO The Verdict

It’s not perfect but GoDaddy simply beats Wix in terms of SEO. Wix has a couple of SEO-specific applications but GoDaddy offers more SEO-specific tools. The options range from editing the meta description to URL slugs , to receiving keywords suggestions and then the submission of a sitemap, everything you require to rank well is available for you.

Are you awestruck by Do you like the Sound of the GoDaddy SEO Tools?

GoDaddy lets you make SEO easy by providing built-in tools. With GoDaddy, you’ll aid your website in achieving a higher rank without having to be a tech expert!

Find out what you can do by using your Wix website:


  1. Assistance and Assistance and

It’s not fun to be lost or lost, but it’s nice to know that assistance is readily available in case you need it.


Wix provides 24/7 phone support (for English and Spanish speaaking customers) as well as during the day for all other languages. There is also a useful forum, and is the most helpful support center of any site builder.

The Wix Help Center is an online resource that you can find instructions and guides. Imagine it like an exclusive search engine for Wix – you enter a query and a list of results from the search will appear that can assist you.

After having tested the help center of Wix extensively, we’re confident of its ability to assist you out. It will even let you know when you’ve tried to find assistance with something Wix does not offer!


One of the biggest advantages of GoDaddy is its 24-hour phone support as well as its the live chat feature. Live chat is a growing method of customer support, and one that we’re amazed Wix does not offer yet.

Help On-Page

Wix offers a further advantage to its name, however it’s in-editor assistance. If you have a problem while editing your website You can hit the question mark and locate the solution, without leaving the editor!

Wix Vs GoDaddy Help and Support: The verdict

Wix and GoDaddy offer assistance and support. Both provide 24/7 support and Wix provides excellent guides on its website and instructions, and GoDaddy has live chat.


  1. Price and Value for the money

Wix offers a no-cost plan, and there are seven plans that cost money which range from $14 up to $49 a month – the top three plans allow the sale of products online.

GoDaddy offers four plans with a one-month trial for free priced between $9.99 and up $24.99 for a month (when you pay annually).

Prices that are cheap always fall however we prefer to go beyond the price and examine what you are getting from your purchase. Before we dive deep into the details do you know if there are any freebies?

It’s true that Wix has a no-cost plan. You heard it exactly as we said – you can create and publish your own website for free. However, this can have the disadvantage of having unprofessional Wix advertisements on your website and on your subdomains too (e.g. ““).

GoDaddy doesn’t offer the option of a free service, but it does provide the possibility of a one-month trial period for free. This should provide enough time to figure out if it’s best website builder for your needs.

Let’s get cracking and find out how expensive the premium plans cost.

Wix Pricing

Wix offers many pricing options than anyone could make a noise about. It offers four plans that are not ecommerce-related and three ecommerce plans with prices ranging between $14 and $49/month.

Naturally the more you pay for a plan, the more. The premium plans include without Wix advertising, provide you with your own domain and guarantee a minimum of 1 GB in bandwidth.

Did You Find Something You Loved?

Wix offers a variety of plans. It’s crucial to take a careful glance and be sure to choose the best one for your needs.

GoDaddy Pricing

GoDaddy offers the option of four price plans and only one that offers an e-commerce feature. They cost between $9.99 to $24.99/month and are adapted to meet your specific needs.

It’s like a no-brainer, but if only want to have a personal site the Basic plan from GoDaddy is the best choice. If you’re an aspiring enterprise, it’s best to check out one of the Standard and Premium plan. These plans offer greater features, like more social media posts and emails for marketing campaigns each month.

Each of GoDaddy’s plans comes with the marketing tool GoDaddy Insight which makes use of information to give you continuous information on how to improve you online visibility. This is built into the GoDaddy plan, along with crucial features like SSL security.

Did You Find Something You Loved?

All GoDaddy plans include the option of a free trial for one month and you can begin creating today, and only join if you’re satisfied within 30 days!


Wix and GoDaddy: Price for Value: The verdict

Wix provides the best value for money compared to GoDaddy. GoDaddy is cheaper but Wix’s plans offer the most value for money. Wix offers more features and overall quality, which makes its plans more value. It even has the option of a free plan, which means should you only want to start a site at a reasonable cost you don’t need to shell out a fortune.

Do You Want Great Value For your Money?

Wix provides greater value for your price than GoDaddy as well as offering the option of a free account to enjoy for as long as you would like. Why not give it a shot?

Additional Information


  1. What are alternatives for Wix as well as GoDaddy?

You’re aware that Wix as well as GoDaddy aren’t the only site builders available. There are many to choose from. Should you don’t think Wix or GoDaddy do what you want take a look at one of the following alternatives.


If you’re looking for stunning designs, you can’t get more impressive than Squarespace. It offers the highest quality templates available, and features of top quality to be matched. Prices start at only $12 for a month and is well worth every penny! It’s slightly more difficult to utilize than Wix and takes longer to setup than GoDaddy However, for pure visual appeal, it’s worth the effort.

Additional Information


Weebly is a reliable website builder that offers simple beautiful templates and plenty of options. It’s among the most affordable builders to get selling online and is ideal for portfolios and small businesses. Similar to Wix, Weebly has a free plan, and pricing starts at only 12 dollars per month. It is more structured in its templates that Wix which is why it’s the best choice for those who want to get more direction regarding your design choices.

Additional Information


If you’re looking for pure simplicity and exceptional customer service then you should try SITE123. With its excellent live chat support , it’s the perfect choice for people who are new and require assistance throughout the process. Similar to GoDaddy or Wix ADI, SITE123 uses design aid to make the creation of basic websites simple and straightforward. You can choose to join the free plan or to the $10.80 per month monthly paid plan. Do not expect a lot of features or a lot of creativity, but If it’s user-friendliness that you’re looking for, then SITE123 is an option to consider.

More Information


If you are looking for great blogging tools, along with a simple, user-friendly design Strikingly is a excellent option. Similar to Wix It also offers the option of a free plan, and it uses a drag-and-drop to make the creation of your website easy. The prices start at 8 dollars per month. It allows you to create elegant one-page websites and focuses on making building websites easy for anyone regardless of your technical abilities!

Additional Information


If you’re looking to sell online there’s no more efficient than Shopify to sell online! It’s an excellent alternative to Wix If you’re looking for an extra power to your store online. It comes with a more expensive cost, beginning at $29 a month, but it’s worth the investment. Shopify is an e-commerce platform, not a site builder. It is with features designed specifically to assist you in getting started and prepare you to be successful.

More Information


  1. GoDaddy or Wix: The Conclusion

It was an impressive performance from two of the top platforms, however, in the end, Wix has emerged victorious. We said that you can simply gain more with Wix with more options, more control plus more benefits.

Wix is a stronger builder than GoDaddy offering superior quality features as well as more flexible plans. GoDaddy is, on the other however, is more restricted in terms of features and customization . However, the power it lacks however, it makes up in speed!

Let’s recap. Let’s take the look at who has was the winner in each of the categories:

Wix Vs GoDaddy Wix GoDaddy
User-Friendliness The option of using the editor ADI or the editor in general Make use of ADI for a speedy and easy approach to web design
Design A wide selection of industry-specific themes, and intuitive drag-and-drop Themes you can style your site with, including the ability to edit your site using the side panel
Features A wide range of top-quality features, huge app store that has nearly every feature you can imagine Good in-built features however, there is there is no app store out of the features
SEO You have control over keywords and meta titles/descriptions and SEO-friendly apps The standard features of Wix and SEO-friendly analytics; upload your sitemap to engines to scan
Assistance and Assistance and Support via email and phone Excellent help center editing assistance 24/7 support for phones Live chat and a handy help center
Value for money There are a variety of excellent value plans available There are many great value plans to choose from, including a no-cost one. Four pricing plans, each aimed to certain people

GoDaddy’s ADI editor is an efficient, simple choice for beginners. On the other hand, Wix gives you a greater degree of creativity for users of any level of ability. Wix even lets you decide between ADI or the more traditional editor. However, GoDaddy is still the most efficient builder available.

Wix is designed for those who want complete control over their design and want a site that will evolve with it. It’s not bad at selling too in the event that you want to venture into the world of online shopping.

GoDaddy is designed for those who want to get their site online quickly. It’s quick and simple to make use of. It will cost you some creativity control, but it will provide a variety of tools to manage your website.

We suggest GoDaddy for those who require a basic site immediately. It’s not going make you swoon however it will complete the task quick. Wix is the best all-rounder option – it is easy to use with gorgeous templates and robust features. If you want fashion and substance, go with Wix.

In conclusion, we’d suggest Wix to anyone who’s not trying to get their site up and up and running. Take a bit of time into designing and you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful site which you can continue to customize with new and interesting features.


Is Wix the most suitable builder for You?

Wix is a great choice for novices professional, and even creatives But is it the right choice for you? Join its free trial to find out now!

Is GoDaddy the most suitable builder for You?

GoDaddy is the perfect choice for anyone who requires a straightforward attractive and elegant website in an instant. Do you sound like that? Try the one-month free trial a shot!

Wix against GoDaddy FAQs

It’s not! There is no need for any programming skills However, you are able to access Wix’s code to make sophisticated changes, if you want. There are a lot of tutorials in Wix’s help centre that will guide you through the steps to using Wix Coding.

GoDaddy is the world’s biggest domain registrar. GoDaddy it also provides web hosting and security for websites. GoCentral, its website builder GoCentral is a one-stop solution but you are able to create your site in other ways and then purchase individual components via one of GoDaddy’s other offerings.

We strongly recommend Wix for those who are focusing on e-commerce. It has superior selling features over GoDaddy! Wix has three e-commerce plans in comparison to GoDaddy’s single and that means Wix offers more potential for developing your business over the long term. You can build a complete online store using Wix at just 20 dollars per month.

If you are looking to create an online shop, check out the Wix Review of eCommerce or browse our Ecommerce Website Builder Comparison Chart.

It’s actually an advantage! Each of Wix and GoDaddy provide ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence). This is the process where your builder will ask you questions like what’s the main purpose of your website and uses your answers to build your own custom website and all within a matter of minutes! Wix lets you choose between of either a manual editor, as well as Wix ADI.

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