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Wix Review 2021: Is It the Best Choice For You?

Our research-based projects, which are independently conducted, as well as impartial reviews are financed partly by affiliate commissions without additional cost to our readers.

The drag-and drop editor of Wix lets you create professional websites without knowing the basics of programming! There are hundreds of template options and powerful tools, Wix lets you create and sell on your site. Easy to learn and flexible, Wix is ideal for all kinds of projects from personal portfolios on the internet to small-sized sites for business.


What are The Pros along with the Cons of Wix?


The drag-and drop tools Wix uses to build its websites make editing its editor extremely simple to use, even for those without any technical expertise

Excellent help and support I have found the Wix Knowledge base searchable especially useful

Plenty of flexibility and creative freedom. This means that you can easily alter the template to make it look exactly the way you’d like it to


It is impossible to change your template after you’ve published your website without having to start starting from scratch

In order to scale your capacity over time you might have to shell out extra money to download third-party applications

It’s a bit overwhelming the moment you start loading the Wix editor. There are many features and design options which may feel overwhelming at first.

Who should use Wix? And Who Should Not?

Wix is ideal for creatives, small-sized businesses as well as beginners:

  • It’s feature-rich, has amazing SEO tools, as well as hundreds of applications.
  • Choose from more than 800 professional designed, customizable templates.
  • Anyone can design a stunning website using Wix even if you do not have any experience in technology.

However, I’m sure Wix isn’t the best choice for every user. If you’re looking to have complete control over all aspects of your website, Wix isn’t for you. You don’t get an input into your site’s hosting and updates or uptime. Wix is the ideal choice if are looking for something that is easy to manage since it handles all the task for you.

If you’re thinking Wix might be a good fit suitable for you, keep reading to read my complete review!

Overview of Wix

in 2021 Wix is expected to have more than 200 million customers in over 190 countries. Its popularity is mostly due to how simple the interface is. In the past you required programming skills to build an appealing website, but today everyone can do it. In addition, Wix allows it to be particularly simple.

Wix has a hefty name, but in Website Builder Expert It’s my task to look under the surface to tell you how great it is. I’m Lucy and I’ve spent many years testing, reviewing, and recommending websites in order to assist our customers build your online visibility.

In contrast to many Wix reviews on the web, on Web Builder Expert, we conduct our own extensive study and testing to give you an analysis that is thorough and accurate.

Through this evaluation of Wix I’ll help you discover its strengths and weaknesses, as well as how appropriate Wix is for different kinds of sites, and what it did in our tests of putting it through the paces.

Rating of Wix Broken

Wix was awarded 4.7 rating out of five overall, which makes it the top web-based builder that I with my research team, have tried so far. The areas that we have tested Wix on are:

  • Easy to use
  • Design
  • Price for value
  • Assistance and support
  • Ecommerce
  • Features

We also asked users to create websites using Wix and then rate their experiences. This meant we could collect real feedback on the ease of using and satisfaction of customers.

Here’s an overview of Wix’s performance across each of these areas:

Research category Wix’s star-rating /5 Expert insight
Easy to use 4.3 Wix is completely beginner-friendly. It works with drag-and-drop, which means you don’t require any programming skills and it even comes with Wix ADI, which creates your own custom-designed website.
Price for value 4.5 Wix isn’t the least expensive web-based builder, with a minimum cost of just $14 for a month (billed per year). However, it offers excellent value for money due to the many features it offers. There is also a no-cost plan that you can use for the duration you want.
Ecommerce 4.7 Wix is ideal for small-scale online stores but not for larger enterprises. It is possible to sell on the Wix Business Basic plan ($23 per month) or higher. There aren’t any transaction fees and the abandoned cart recovery is included in every ecommerce plan that is an essential option that is not usually included in basic plans.
Design Flexibility 3.6 Wix offers over 800 templates you can choose from The templates are all professionally developed. Certain templates are superior to others however, which is a shame because it’s not possible to switch templates after your site is online however, Wix’s design can provide an excellent template for your website.
Features 4.0 Wix boasts a plethora of features that are included in its plans. Additionally, its templates include built-in functions that are relevant to their field. For instance the restaurant template will include a book function available!
Support and assistance 5.0 Wix received high marks for its assistance and support options during testing. One thing Wix does not offer support via support via live chat service, yet it they make the up-side with helpful inside-editor help.
Customer score 5.0 In our tests, participants were more inclined to suggest Wix to friends, and awarded the site top marks for customer satisfaction.
Overall rating 4.7 Wix is a professional, powerful website builder that makes creating and running a site easy for anyone. It would score higher by allowing template swapping.

What Experts Say

After testing thoroughly Wix and listening to the comments from users and comparing it to other top-quality website builders available I am able to say that Wix is the best. Wix is an excellent site builder that is suitable for the right user.

People who appreciate creativity, freedom of expression, in-editor support, and easy access can get plenty from Wix as well, while more determined users who want to build complex and large-scale sites could run into a brick wall In this instance an CMS such as WordPress is the best choice.

All in all, I would recommend Wix to anyone looking for an easy and enjoyable build experience that doesn’t compromise on appearance and features. Wix is particularly suitable for small-sized companies due to its own features, huge app store along with SEO and other tools.

Wix Review Video

No matter if you’re an expert at computers or have a basic understanding basic concepts, Wix is user-friendly and fast for anyone – even my coworkers Hannah and Dan who’ve spent endless hours testing the builder their own. Find out what they had to review on Wix below:

Does Wix Sound Right For You?

If Wix has ticked all of the boxes on our review video, then why not test it yourself? Don’t forget, it’s free!

Wix User Reviews

Wix has been the one site builder that has the perfect 5-star customer rating in our analysis. The score is calculated by asking users how easy it is to use, as well as how likely they are to recommend it to their acquaintances.

I reached out to a variety of Wix users to get information about their experience using the site builder to develop and expand their online businesses.

What made you choose to create a website on your own?

I’m a professional with IT and Operations, so I was thinking it wouldn’t be too difficult. But then Wix proved me wrong.

Why did you select Wix to create your website?

After battling with a different website builder in the past , and being frustrated by the templates, I opted for Wix because of its claims of being simple. I was immediately impressed by its Wix Editor, which gave me professional results, with no programming experience. SEO Wiz provided me with the security I was able to have it handled (and my statistics tell me that it’s functioning!). Then I was drawn to it’s Ascend by Wix one-stop business solution that allows me to streamline the majority of my company’s functions.

How did you take to create your site?

It took about two hours to make the pages I needed to see them. This was the simple part. Then , it took me a couple of days of tweaking and revising my own content. Being an absolute perfectionist is extremely time-consuming!

How easy was it create your site?

I discovered Wix very easy to use. I decided to give myself some design flexibility by using Wix Editor. Wix Editor (rather than use templates) as well as the drag-and-drop capabilities made it easy to build the pages. I enjoyed being able to switch between the layouts and features, and watch them change on the screen, before finally choosing the one I found the most appealing. The Wix applications let me add instant functionality to my website easy including Wix Bookings. My bookings page was up and running within 45 minutes after dragging the app onto my page.

Do you have anything you would like to improve on Wix?

I’d like to see some more functions in the booking system, for instance, having the ability to offer my customers specific choices like the ability to let them choose their preferred yarn color from a variety of choices before the workshop.

What has having a website helped your company?

It’s the point of my business. I would be lost without it and my company would be far less an accomplishment! The app allows me to manage every booking, sell items, run my client community, post video tutorials, issue invoices and manage payment as well as run email marketing campaigns and track the number of visitors to my website in real time. The best aspect is that I manage all of this (for most of the time) via the Wix application on my phone regardless of where I happen to be.

What made you choose to create a website yourself?

We decided to create our own website as we did not have the funds to hire a web developer or designer. We attempt to build as much as we can ourselves.

Why did you select Wix to create your website?

We decided to use Wix to create our website because we received feedback from musicians in a similar spot to us who said it’s an excellent, user-friendly platform for creating a site. We also looked into reviews and Wix seemed to be the best fit for what we wanted to achieve.

What do you enjoy the most about Wix?

The thing I love most I like most about Wix is the simplicity and speed with creating attractive, professional-looking websites. We are musicians and our website serves as a showcase of our work, and therefore we don’t need a modern website.

We also use their blog and email marketing features which have helped us spread our name around. It’s wonderful to have a platform that is all-in-one to manage your blog, site along with email marketing.

Do you have anything you would like to improve on Wix?

I believe that one of the improvements Wix could do is to fix the issues and slow loading times. Sometimes it is difficult to edit when the error message appears and you have to refresh your web page during design this can be very irritating.

What has having a website benefitted your group?

The internet has allowed us to expand the band. It’s made us appear more professional when we email people to make bookings for gigs. It also gives us the opportunity to present our content as well as increase the our fan base. We’ve also received inquiries from people through our website organically by Google searches.

Would you suggest Wix to other people?

I’d definitely recommend Wix to freelancers and other creatives who are looking to create an easy portfolio or basic small-scale business website. It’s a simple tool to build a professional web site quickly.

What made you choose to create a website on your own?

I decided to create an online presence myself, because I’d made one using Wix to run wedding planning businesses and was impressed by how simple and user-friendly it was. I also wanted to reduce costs when I launched my vegan bakery since I didn’t have enough money to invest in branding or web design. I also realized that how I could design exactly what I wanted it to look and make changes as needed.

What made you decide to choose Wix to create your website?

Wix was my first choice following WordPress I had a go at and I was impressed by how simple for me to navigate. I looked at Squarespace as well, since I’m aware that lots of people who are using it, but I was unable to get into it and so decided to stick on Wix.

How easy was it construct your site?

Wix is extremely simple to use. It almost makes me think of Microsoft Word as it uses an easy drag-and-drop method. You can choose one of the features and drag them where you’ll need to design the layout of your site.

What was the most difficult when creating your site using Wix ?

I wanted to include the option of subscription on my website that would let people receive boxes of cookies and brownies delivered to their homes every month! When I first started looking the option, it wasn’t there but I was able to think of a way and created an app to implement the subscription feature.

Do you believe Wix is a good value for price?

I’m thinking Wix is fairly cheap for what it is. I made one fee for the entire year, and it comes out to an affordable monthly cost.

Would you suggest Wix to other people?

I’d highly recommend Wix for anyone wanting to develop their own website at a reasonable cost. It’s a breeze to use and allows you to modify every aspect of your website.

Could Wix Work for You?

When you’re creating your own small-business website, portfolio, or online store Try it and see which is the ideal web-based builder for you!

How easy is How Easy is Wix To Use?

I have asked a lot of regular people to try Wix the chance and let me know what they thought about it.

The feedback I received will speak for itself: the majority of users loved Wix! Here are a few of their feedback:

“I was really surprised to learn to discover that creating a website can be completed so fast. I was skeptical that it could be done in the time allotted and in less than an hour, I’ve accomplished everything.”

“Once I was familiar with the software, it became extremely simple. I can definitely see myself making use of Wix to create my own website.”

But, no web-based site builder will be able to make all users satisfied So here’s what users did not like about using Wix:

“There is just so much on offer I don’t know exactly where to begin.”

“The first 5 minutes were a blur of information. I had to review every single thing, and then try to find out what it was doing. After the first five minutes, everything became easy.”

After everyone was done testing Wix I asked the users if they’d be willing to would recommend the service.. Now, the results are in and they’re positive.

An overwhelming 88% of users who tried it would would recommend it to someone they know.

To place that score in the context of your needs this recommendation:

  • 24% more than Weebly’s
  • 20% more than Squarespace’s
  • 12percent more than GoDaddy’s

They loved the freedom Wix allowed them to edit and how simple they could drag content on their site. They were also impressed by the speed at which they could come up with something they’d be thrilled to share online.

The only critique people have was that at first, Wix can feel overwhelming. There’s so many options in terms of templates, features and personalization – that it can take just only a few minutes to get into the system.

In terms of user-friendliness and creative control, Wix is unrivalled.

Which Wix Editor is more user-friendly?

With Wix you can choose between two options: Wix or ADI as well as Wix Editor:

  • Wix ADI develops your site in your behalf, based on your responses to a couple of questions. You are able to edit the final design, however this isn’t the best option when you’re looking to have total control.
  • Wix Editor incorporates drag-and drop functionality which means anything you have on your site can be moved by simply pressing and holding the object and then moving it to the position you’d like to.

Wix ADI is simpler to utilize since it performs the majority of the job for you by making an online site that is tailored to your requirements. All you have change is to tweak the site and you’re all set to go live! But, I suggest using the old Wix Editor instead – it’s super simple to use, but it offers more control of your ideas.

Wix has scored an astounding 4.3/5 during our study for user-friendliness and I was especially impressed by the speed at which you can build an online site using its drag-and-drop editor.

If you’re more technologically adept and have a bit of experience, you could also try Velo from Wix. This allows you to access and modify the basic HTML of your template to enable more customization. The use of Velo by Wix is not necessary, but it’s available if you wish to explore a bit more.

Will You Like Wix?

There’s only one method to discover! 88% of the people who used Wix during our study would recommend the service. test it for yourself to discover how to use it.

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Prices and Wix Value the Money

Wix offers a no-cost plans (ranked as our number one online website building tool) and a two-week guarantee for money-back on all seven pay-per-month packages. Wix also offers a high-end business option known as Wix Enterprise which is a custom-designed pricing plan for large companies. In the end, Wix earns a 4.5/5 in the “value for money” area of our analysis.

More Resources:

To get a complete overview of the features of each Wix pricing plan as well as its options, read the Wix Price Review.

The longer you register for ahead, the greater value the price-based Wix plan will offer. For instance, you’ll wind paying less per month for an annual price plan. Find out the differentiators in the pricing of each Wix pricing plan here:

Plan Paid Monthly Yearly payment
Combo $18/month $17/month
Unlimited $23/month $18/month
Pro $28/month $23/month
VIP $47/month $39/month
Business Basic $28/month $23/month
Business Unlimited $33/month $27/month
Business VIP $56/month $49/month

If you’re looking for value and value you’re looking for, then the Wix Pro plan is perfect for you. It’s designed specifically for small companies that need their branding handled for them. The logo is free made – typically valued at $50. You also get accessibility to Events Calendar app and social media logos.

One of the most popular plans offered by Wix however, is its Business Unlimited plan. You receive unlimited bandwidth as well as access to Wix’s assistance services, features and applications. You can even create the online stores of your dreams using Wix’s powerful e-commerce tools.

Do You Want Great Value For Money?

Wix’s Pro plan is the best price-to-value However, no matter which plan you pick you’ll get a great value for your money.


How good are Wix’s Templates?

Wix is a website that more than 800 templates There are a variety of options to pick from. Although they’re all professionally designed, there are some that look more appealing than others. I would suggest taking time to select the right template – particularly since you won’t be able to change designs when your site is live.

While some designs may appear outdated On the whole, you’ll see that the majority of designs are current with the current fashions.

All Wix templates can be classified into different types of websites – for example, blogging, business photography, etc. They are also mobile-responsive. This means that your website will automatically adjust to accommodate tablets and mobile screens.

Wix has over 800 templates

You can also browse through them all absolutely free! Look over Wix’s gorgeous designs to determine whether it has the ideal design for your site.

I had a conversation with an industry-leading expert on web design to find out their opinions about Wix’s templates in comparison to other top platforms there. Here’s what they had say:

“I find it appealing to use Wix because it offers the same features that are consistent through the site. It’s the only site builder that has a distinct individuality, though Weebly and Squarespace are likely to use more consistent design patterns”

Design Customization

Wix’s templates are pre-designed websites on their own. They are all fully designed with content and photos already included. To truly customize the template you’ll have to swap the dummy content to your own color scheme, images and messages!

Wix allows basic tweaks to be simple. For instance, to edit text, simply click on the text placeholder and then write away. The ability to change the size of text is an easy task of moving a slider

Wix simplifies simple tweaks such as editing text or altering font size. Click here to go to Wix and try building your own site!

If you begin to become more imaginative, Wix really comes into its own. It’s not long before you’ll be able to truly transform the template into something truly unique.

Wix provides a vast collection of professional graphics, photos and videos that are all available for free on your website. Wix’s free content on media can help you save a lot of time and effort.

Wix also offers a variety of additional features available on their site that you can incorporate by simply dragging them onto the template.

You can include blogs, menus from restaurants Contact forms, contact form maps, music players, contact forms interactive slideshows, background videos… There’s more than we’re able to mention here!

Do You Need a Beautiful Site?

Wix offers you complete creative control using its simple drag-and-drop toolsthat make modifications quick and easy for both pros and beginners alike.

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Ecommerce Selling Online Using Wix?

Yes, you are able to sell your products online with Wix!

Wix allows you to sell an unlimited number of products , whether digital or physical or service-based. You can also design promo codes and discount codes manage your shipping options and manage your store while on the move by using its mobile app. The mobile app is advantageous, considering that mobile commerce is predicted to comprise 45 percent of the US eCommerce market in 2020.

If you’re looking to elevate your online store to the highest level, we suggest making use of an Wix application named Ecwid. It allows you to access guest checkouts and inventory tracking, social commerce, and much more.

Wix has also invested a lot of effort into making its e-commerce analytics more effective. With its dashboard store analytics, customers can have access to in-house data comparable to those of the e-commerce platforms with dedicated platforms.

However, if you’re earning six figures in monthly income and require a robust platform that can handle massive orders and scaling along according to your requirements, you should consider or the Shopify and BigCommerce.

Do You Want to Earn Money online?

Wix is among the top platforms for selling online. Custom-designed templates and plenty of tools for sales make it a fantastic choice for small stores.

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Who Can We Recommend Wix For?

Wix is the top overall web-based builder currently available however that doesn’t suggest that it’s the ideal option for you. Here’s a quick overview of the different industries Wix is most suitable for: click on each drop-down menu to find out more information about each.

Wix’s business websites serve as Wix’s toast and cheese. There are hundreds of templates available to select from The product is designed to be used in a variety of industries. From useful services to marketing and advertising real estate, law and finance Everything is provided.

Wix also comes with a variety of fantastic business-related features such as appointments bookings, subscription forms and email marketing – as well as an app market that is full of incredible extensions.

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The personal websites feature another feature of Wix’s. If you require a website for an occasion (like the day of your wedding ) or a portfolio to display your work or even an Online resume , Wix has you covered.

There are templates for nearly anything you can think of and, with Wix’s easy-to-use editor, you’ll be able make your mark.

If you’re involved in a creative area like graphic design, photography, or art you might prefer Squarespace. The designs are gorgeous and better suited to these fields.

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Wix has plenty of features to allow you to Make a great blog . But, if require a site solely to blog, There are better choices that are available .

Wix allows you to make blog posts, divide them into categories, and include a comment section and search bar to your visitors. It is perfect if you wish to have to have a blog section on your website – which many of us do because companies that have blogs get an average of 55% higher site visits than those that don’t.

If you want a more complete experience, however you shouldn’t overlook Squarespace. Its blogging tools are better than Wix’s, and its blog design and layout are superior to Wix’s. Take a look at our list of most popular blogs platforms to find out the way Squarespace and Wix are compared.


A Note on Scalability

When we spoke to our customers there was some concern over the possibility of outgrowing an existing Wix website. This is a legitimate worry, and that’s why I wouldn’t suggest Wix for very massive, enterprise-level stores or extremely complex websites. But generally speaking, Wix provides more than adequate options, tools, applications and resources that can scale to grow with you as you expand your website.

The app market on Wix is excellent and constantly adding new and exciting extensions which will improve the functionality of their websites – with regard to the features it is able to accomplish, or the performance of the existing ones.

In the past, if you are looking for a massive and powerful eCommerce website, Wix may not be the ideal choice. However, the Wix developers are always improving the platform and can keep up with nearly every requirement. I’ll take you through Wix’s features and tools later on!

The Wix Tools and Features

Wix was awarded 4 stars out of five on its functions during tests, so if are looking for the general takeaway from this particular section, I’m able to assure you that Wix is a great, flexible features. Here’s a brief overview of the key features of Wix:

  • App Market the Wix App Market is stocked with hundreds of paid and free integrations that you can download by one click
  • Domain name: Every Wix’s premium annual plans include the option of a domain name free for the first year.
  • Integration with social media: Connect your site to your social media accounts to include social buttons on your website
  • SEO the SEO Wizard tool of Wix will create a custom action plan that you can implement to optimize your site for search engines such as Google
  • Secure: The site you have created automatically has a free SSL certificate that is vital nowadays. Wix also offers an autosave feature that backs your site automatically
  • Marketing Wix Ascend offers Wix’s integrated marketing suite in-house which includes email marketing chat, live chat and Wix automations

To learn more about the features listed Click on the titles below for more details about each feature:

The tools built into Wix are fantastic but they’re not able accomplish everything. If there’s anything they’re not able to accomplish it’s likely that there’s a App Wix that.

In essence, this means that there are some tools Wix doesn’t offer in its primary offerings To fill this need, Wix provides 1-click easy installation of tools developed by third party service providers.

The Wix apps are similar to the ‘plugins’ that you can include to WordPress or the extensions you can add to Chrome with different names, but the same thing.

“Serving the needs of Wix owners of websites is our top priority. Our aim is to provide many different apps that offer the most sought-after and niche features Wix customers have been asking for , or that are able to address future and current market developments.”

” Avishai Abrahami Wix CEO and Founder

Wix App Market provides helpful integrations, such as shopping carts as well as live chat widgets, and marketing tools. The majority of these applications are free, however some give users premium versions at the cost of a monthly subscription in order to access additional features.

App spotlight: 123FormBuilder

With hundreds of applications to pick from, it’s difficult to figure out which one to choose. I suggest the 123FormBuilder It is a cloud-based program that is designed to be used by any person or business that needs to gather data online as well as offline. The platform is flexible and offers many options for the creation of any kind of questionnaire, form, survey or quiz as well as timesheets

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If you sign up for one of Wix’s premium plans you’ll receive an Domain name that you have created The first year is free. The renewal cost is $16.89 annually. You can move an old domain, and then connect with your Wix site after upgrading to the paid plan.

Connecting your site to the social networks you use is a fantastic way to increase engagement for both. Wix lets you incorporate Social buttons, Likes feeds, shares and follower count to your site, so that people are able to easily follow and find you from anywhere.

One area Wix hasn’t yet solved is the multichannel sales. At present, it’s not possible to sell your products directly through platforms or social media, as they do with the Shopify or BigCommerce.

In terms of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Wix is one of the top web builders that can help your site rank well on Google through its built-in SEO tools . You can modify meta descriptions and titles, modify URLs and alter header code.

There’s a plethora of SEO apps that are available through Wix’s app marketplace for those who require guidance or assistance with keywords. Based on our own SEO tests we found that only Weebly did not come close to Wix for how great its SEO products were.

Are you interested in learning more about SEO? Explore our SEO guides for SEO tips that are practical:

All Wix websites are equipped that have built-in SSL Security certificates. SSL is a shorthand for ‘Secure SSL Layer’ and what it actually signifies is that the visitors will be aware that the site they’re visiting is secure due to the padlock icon that is displayed next to your website’s URL.

To prevent you from pulling the hair off should something occur, Wix also has a helpful automated save function. Different versions of your site are backed up which means you can restore your site to a prior version with a handful of clicks. It’s a relief!

Like the name implies, Ascend Wix  can help your business grow to higher levels. It’s a comprehensive solution to connect with customers, automate workflows and increase the visibility of your business.

What is it that makes Ascend distinct? Although the likes of Squarespace along with Weebly have added new marketing tools but The Wix package is more adventurous. It covers 20 product categories all in one place which includes:

  • Live chat
  • Automated Wix features (like customized messages and alerts)
  • Email marketing
  • Social media posts
  • SEO

Are you intrigued by this? It’s free! Ascend by Wix comes with all Wix plans, while its premium plans are offered in a separate subscription with prices ranging from $10 to $49 for a month. Let’s look at the features you can avail with each plan.

This shows how Wix can assist your business expand, and having three price options to choose from, the site can be used by all kinds of users. Are you sure your website will be on the spotlight this year?

How Effective is Wix’s Support and Help?

Wix scored 5/5 on our analysis for support and assistance. This makes it our top builder in terms of customer support and the only one to earn higher than 4.5/5.

Questions mark icons that are scattered in Wix’s editor are quite small in size, yet incredibly helpful!

Every button opens an enticing box stuffed with suggestions for the tool that it’s associated with, pulled from Wix’s vast Support Center. The boxes can even include videos that explain the process:

If you’re seeking a more personal service, Wix provides a 24/7 callback service and you can complete the Customer Care contact form to get personalized assistance.

Wix does not currently provide live chat support However, you can get your queries addressed by making contact with Wix directly via social media or through another user on Wix’s forum.

Are you concerned about support?

We all require a little help every now and then. Wix offers excellent on-page assistance as you build, and an experienced team that can give assistance if you’re stuck.

Wix Example Gallery

It’s fine to read the long Wix review however, all that work isn’t exactly relaxing. If what you really want is some ideas Here’s a brief review of three websites that use Wix to illustrate exactly what you can do with this web-based creator…

  1. CeliaB Fashion

Celia Bernado is the founder of CeliaB Fashion, a brand which uses Wix to display its exciting merchandise. The website uses Wix’s eCommerce tools to market its products as well as features videos, slideshow galleries Newsletter subscriptions, social integration and much more.

  1. Unusual treasures: Graphic Design Shop and Studio

Useless Treasures is a graphic design site that makes use of Wix to connect studio and shop – I love how this website integrates ecommerce and a style of portfolio. It’s a fantastic gallery showcase that shows off Wix’s galleries, animation features , as and its ecommerce features.

  1. Mikaela Reuben: Culinary Nutrition Consulting

Mikaela Reuben works as a food and nutritionist. Her website is filled with recipes videos, as well as an area for press to help her get in touch with her clients. I love how this website highlights Wix’s video backgrounds, contacts form, search feature and especially the lightbox. Together, they create an extremely professional website!

Wix Review Summary

I would recommend Wix to anyone who wants to create a small personal or business-related site. For businesses, Wix has amazing templates as well as marketing and SEO tools, and a variety of apps that can aid in the growth of your business. If you’re looking for personal sites, Wix can have everything you require for portfolios, blogging, or CVs.

The most appealing aspects of Wix include:
  • It’s so easy and easy to learn! Anyone can create an impressive, professional site using Wix. There are no need for coding expertise.
  • It’s designer templates Okay, so they’re not the most beautiful, but of 800, there are still hundreds of stunning templates available which gives you a huge starting point and plenty of creativity.
  • It’s an excellent value plan. Wix’s best premium features are only less than a few dollars a month. They’re a great value and will make your customers believe that you paid thousands of dollars to have an entirely custom-built site.
Wix does not have everything to suit everyone however. The negatives that aren’t great about Wix can be:
  • The lack of control over all technical components of the website like hosting, server locations and so on.
  • The functions for ecommerce aren’t as efficient or robust in the long run as Shopify’s
  • It’s not possible to change templates once your website is in operation, which makes redesigning difficult.

There are no drawbacks that are issues that I would consider a deal-breaker for. For example, for those who aren’t tech-savvy the absence of maintenance for technical issues is a plus rather than a drawback, since it allows you to concentrate on running your website instead of battling with updates or security issues.

In the end, Wix is easy (and cost-free) to begin with and if you’re uncertain about whether it’s right for your needs I would definitely suggest trying it out for yourself. It’s after all the only way to know the truth about which Wix is the best choice for you!

Are You Ready to Test Wix?

Wix is user-friendly with beautiful designs and an affordable free plan. Don’t believe us Test it out risk-free and determine if it’s the right choice for you.


Wix FAQs

Hosting is included in the monthly cost. It’s the same with your security and domain. If you’re on the Wix free plan, you won’t have to pay a dime – however, you’ll have the Wix domain and Wix advertisements on your website.

Wix as well as WordPress both are different platforms that are used to build websites. Wix is a complete solution that takes to be taken care of. WordPress is an open source software and can be used as an online blogging system ( or as a fully-fledged CMS (

Yes! Make a website using your native language and, when you’re prepared, you can translate it using Wix’s new tool , Wix Multilingual. Text-based backgrounds and links SEO settings along with Wix Stores can all be translated into a second language. It’s great!

Wix lets you have multiple editors , each with various levels of power. It also allows you to set limits to ensure that certain editors are not able to access specific areas of your site. This is an extremely useful option if you are planning to have a group help you edit, manage or create your website.

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