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Top Web Hosting Providers

Are you looking to get straight to the answer? The most reliable web hosting service for the majority of people is Hostinger.

The web hosting service you select is vital for the performance of your site.

With my firsthand experiences as a base I looked through all of the reliable hosting choices and focused on the best web hosting services.

Check out in-depth reviews of them below — as well as suggestions for conserving money. Also, I will discuss the most effective types of hosting for different scenarios as well as my strategy for selecting the best web hosting service.

This is the Most Popular 10 Top Webhosting Providers:

  1. Hostinger – Most Affordable Hosting Plans Overall
  2. Bluehost  the best web host for beginners
  3. Dreamhost – the most affordable month-to-month plan
  4. Hostgator – the best for Minimal/Lean needs
  5. GreenGeeks – the most eco-friendly hosting
  6. SiteGround – The Best for making your WordPress Site Faster and More Secure
  7. A2 Hosting – Reliable, Fast and Reliable Shared Hosting
  8. inMotion — the best VPS hosting
  9. WPEngine — the most well-managed WordPress Hosting
  10. Nexcess – The best for growth and scaling


1- Hostinger – Most Affordable Hosting Plans Overall

Hostinger is the ideal option for those looking to cut costs.

Actually, their lowest plan costs $1.39/month. That’s rock bottom.

If you look into the different plans available I believe you’ll discover that everything a new site requires is provided.

The prices listed are promotions, which means they’ll increase at renewal. However, you can secure these incredibly affordable prices by signing up for a longer subscription.

The company offers four years of hosted hosting for $66.72 This works at $1.39/month when you pay for the entire four years in advance. It’s a great bargain. But, keep in mind that the price doesn’t include domain names nor privacy for domains. Even with that added cost the total upfront cost is less than other options that are on the list.

Even after the promotion pricing closes, the cost is extremely affordable. The single-site plan costs $2.99/month which is among the lowest prices in the business. Actually, it’s around the same price as Bluehost’s promotion pricing.

The most appealing thing? Hostinger doesn’t feel like cheap hosting.

From marketing to from the marketing to UI for running your website It’s a high-end host that offers a wide array of features included in every plan.

Hostinger also has an additional plan that is exclusively for mail hosting. It starts at $0.99/month.

The uptime, speed of the site as well as support are very good as well. They provide an 99.9 100% uptime guarantee and with 24/7 assistance whenever you require assistance.

2- Bluehost – is the Best Web Host for beginners

Bluehost is among the most well-known and popular options for webhosting.

This is because they provide excellent web hosting solutions that are shared with extremely affordable costs. They also offer a custom-designed solution for those who are new to building websites.

Shared hosting starts at $8.99 per month. However, there are huge discounts available for new customer. Sign up for 3 years, and then lock-in a price at $2.75 monthly. This is a great deal particularly with the features you receive.

If you are stuck or are having a difficulty They offer 24/7 assistance via live chat or phone. They provide their support number as well as live chat options on their site which means you can get in touch for assistance in just two clicks.

Bluehost also provides fantastic analysis as well as SEO software to help you improve your website’s performance while increasing the number of visitors to your site.

The SEO tool of Google determines the quality and effectiveness of your website ranks for certain keywords. This gives you an idea of how to improve your website for the highest search ranking. They also provide hosting that can help in whatever direction your business takes.

Let’s suppose you have an ordinary shared hosting plan , and you want to set up WordPress. There is a quick and easy installation procedure to do this.

If your website is expanding and you’d like to switch your site to controlled WordPress hosting, which will speed up the performance of your website and increase security, they can do the option to do that, too.

If you’d like to have more control, consider upgrading to a dedicated or VPS hosting, they offer options for both.

Bluehost provides everything you’ll need from a hosting service. This is what makes them the top choice for novice website designers.

If you begin with them, you’ll never have to switch to a different service.

3- DreamHost – The Most Affordable Month-to Month Hosting Plan

DreamHost provides excellent month-to-month pricing with extremely solid hosting performance.

In fact, their month-to month plans begin at $4.95/month. The plan comes with one website with unlimited traffic, as well as the SSL Certificate that is free–a good bargain.

They also have three-year and one-year plans starting at $2.59/month which lets you get more even more money. While it’s not among the cheapest on the list (check the Hostinger Below for the cheapest contracts hosting plans) however, it’s an excellent value.

The overall cost of their month-to-month plans is an ideal choice for those who aren’t confident about a commitment to a longer period for reasons of any kind.

In addition to their affordable prices, DreamHost also stands out for their approach to managing their web hosting providers. They don’t utilize the traditional cPanel that the majority of hosts utilize. However, DreamHost offers a completely customized control panel for managing your site. This is ideal for developers who need greater control over their websites.

There’s a problem that makes it harder to move from DreamHost. However, moving from DreamHost is simpler than it has ever been.

The free migration tool allows you to transfer your site in just only a couple of steps. Additionally, you’ll be able to increase the size of your hosting plan when your site expands.

If you are a non-profit organization I would highly recommend DreamHost. They offer a no-cost Unlimited hosted hosting service for 501(c)(3) organization’s. This is a deal that you can’t beat.

DreamHost is one of WordPress’s recommended hosts. It also includes managed WordPress hosting options in its base shared plans. They also offer an upgraded managed plan with additional bells and whistles dubbed Dream Press. It has an industry-leading trial period with a 97-day money-back assurance.

Customer service is less conventional in that email support is available all day long, but live chat is only available during working hours. If you need technical support via phone, you’ll have add an additional $9.95.

If, however, you go for either Dream Press Plus or Pro managed WordPress plans, support via phone is provided along with other features that are premium.

Join DreamHost immediately for the lowest price on hosting with no long-term commitment.


4- Hostgator is the best for Small/Lean Needs

HostGator is ideal for any company seeking for easy websites.

If you don’t require an abundance of additional features from your web hosting service choose HostGator.

I’m talking about sites or portfolios in which you need the contact information of a potential visitor. Maybe you’re looking for an information page. or a landing page to gather leads.

HostGator has a wide selection of guides for technical assistance. If you are unable to find the information you’re looking for then you can contact live chat, phone, or email support.

In contrast to some hosts HostGator offers support throughout plans. If you’re looking for an affordable hosting plan and comes with support it is the right host for you.

If you’re keen to be able to do some work There’s some process to master to take advantage of their more advanced options.

HostGator provides Windows hosting as well as Linux along with various alternatives to upgrade, such as cloud hosting VPS hosting, Managed WordPress and dedicated servers. Shared hosting plans begin with $2.64/month with a 3-year contract.

If you’re considering exploring HostGator I would suggest using the full benefit of their 45-day guarantee on money-back and trying the support thoroughly prior to taking the plunge.

Overall, it’s an excellent choice for easy deployment and use for a business site that may not receive a lot of traffic every month. With VPS options, it’s able to let you scale up when you need to.

5. GreenGeeks Greenest Eco-Friendly Hosting

GreenGeeks is the green option to alternative web hosting services.

What exactly does this means? It’s a sign that they’ve utilized renewable energy sources to power their website hosting services.

In addition to being good for the world Their website hosting solutions are of the highest quality.

They provide rapid speeds, a solid uptime, and excellent solutions for:

  • WordPress Hosting
  • WooCommerce Hosting
  • Reseller Web Hosting
  • Virtual Private Servers
  • Shared Hosting

The bottom line is that they’re the perfect choice for environmentally conscious companies and websites.

Here’s an overview of their pricing for hosted sharing.

Similar to the other host, they offer the automatic 1-Click WordPress Installer as well as automatic updates to ensure that your WordPress site current.

They also offer regular backups, as well as security features to ensure that you keep your data secure and safe.

GreenGeeks stays up-to-date with most advanced technology such as SSD, PHP7, CDN and many more. This will ensure that your website will always be quick and secure.

They also offer 24-hour assistance via chat, phone or through the ticketing system. They tend to be quick to respond and help with a variety of problems.

I’m a big fan of GreenGeeks for their great service and dedication to helping the planet with their environmentally-friendly web hosting plans. If you’re searching for an “green” hosting provider, GreenGeeks is just what you’re looking for.


6- Site Ground is the best for making your WordPress website Fast and Secure

Rapid loading speeds are crucial for websites that want to be successful. Nine of ten potential users will leave a site in the event that a website takes more than five seconds to load.

SiteGround is designed to provide top-quality speed to customers in addition to solid security. It is especially designed for WordPress websites.

It all starts with the technology that their hosting service is built on. SiteGround uses Google Cloud to maintain swift and stable connections. their SSD permanent storage for data ensures low latency.

In addition, SiteGround’s ingenious developers launched their own, superior PHP solution in the second quarter of 2020: Ultrafast PHP. With the use of it SiteGround provides site speed which are 30% faster than the standard PHP and also reduces time to the first byte by half and the amount of memory used by 15 percentage.

I’ll take care of doing the math on your own. SiteGround can make your website so quick that you’ll be measuring page load speeds in fractions instead of complete ones.

Ultrafast PHP is also a perfect example of SiteGround’s dedication towards proactive security. They are able to update firewall rules for the proprietary PHP every week.

SiteGround separates accounts on their servers therefore shared hosting customers don’t need to worry about a affected account negatively impacting another.

In addition, they are always vigilant in keeping their clients’ websites secure and steady. SiteGround performs server health checks every 0.5 seconds, and its AI-driven anti-bot system prevents between 500 and 2 million brute force attacks every hour.

The combination of security and speed will be effective for all websites. However, as an one of WordPress’ top hosting providers, SiteGround is particularly apt to provide this kind of performance for WordPress websites.

They provide an additional layer of security by constantly looking for new vulnerabilities in platforms and providing automatic updates.

Furthermore plus, all SiteGround plans, not only their WordPress hosting plans–feature one-click WordPress installation as well as WP Starter, the WP Starter site builder, and automatic updating for each of the WordPress platforms and the plugins it comes with.

All in all, there’s a lot of value:

  • Start-Up:$3.99/month for one year and each year
  • Grow Big $6.69/month for one year, and paid annually
  • Go Geek $10.69/month for one year, and paid annually

Be aware that every plan will be renewed at a higher price at the end of one year. Site Ground also offers the option when you the checkout page to pay for either a 36-month or 24-month duration instead.

The good news is that Site Ground offers attractive discounts on renewals lasting more that one calendar year. Two-year renewals receive 20% off the renewal price base, while three-year renewals receive 30 percent off.

In terms of the long-term, you’re receiving the most value through taking advantage of their amazing introductory cost for one year upfront.

Overall, SiteGround offers the top technology and service for hosting your WordPress site , and to keep it secure and fast for everyone who visits it.


7- A2 Hosting – Fast and Reliable Shared Hosting

A2 Hosting stands out for its speedy speeds and cheap costs.

In every hosting level (shared VPS, dedicated,) A2 Hosting outperforms other hosting providers in speed. If you’re currently using a shared web hosting provider You’re likely to notice an improvement in loading speed when you move to A2 Hosting.

If you sign up for the Turbo Boost and Turbo Max plans, you’ll gain an access point to Turbo Servers. They claim that they can speed up their servers by 20 times faster than other servers. It also includes:

  • 40 percent faster AMD EPYC Performance of CPU
  • 2x faster than the the first 2x faster than the first
  • Control 9x more traffic
  • 3x faster speeds for reading and writing with NVMe drives.

A2 Hosting also offers a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee for all plans, so you can be sure you’ll get an dependable host which won’t have to be down all the time.

They provide free site migrations with every plan, too. If you’ve set up your site up with a poor hosting service and are looking to change hosts to a new host, this is an excellent deal. It will save you a lot of hours spent trying to rebuild your site. The team at A2 Hosting takes charge of the task for you.

As with many websites, they is a 1-click installations for all of the well-known CMS tools, including WordPress, Magento, and Drupal.

Note: Their initial plan only includes one website.

If you are planning to host several websites at the same time, you’ll have to buy the Drive plan. It costs additional $2/month after the promotional period is over.

One way to save money on A2 Hosting is that the promotional rates expire when they renew. To secure the discount of 63% for as long as is possible choose to go for the tri-annual bill which will be billed for three years in a row. You’ll get two year of hosting for absolutely nothing.


8-InMotion Hosting – The Best VPS Hosting

InMotion provides truly outstanding technology, a broad selection of plans, as well as a plethora of loyal customers.

InMotion offers an enormous self-help information base. If you’re having trouble you’re experiencing, there’s likely to be a tutorial available to assist you.

The customer service is one of the top. Are you skeptical? Test it for yourself. The 90-day trial period offered by InMotion for hosted services is among the longest and offers you ample time to experience InMotion’s customer support.

InMotion’s plans are simple and virtually the same. If the plan is upgraded, users will gain more efficient servers, as well as additional websites, databases and subdomains. It’s an easy approach that I love, particularly for small-sized sites and businesses which aren’t too complex. There aren’t any upsells that push you or confusing tiers to fret about.

Even the basic plans come with outstanding customer support. The support is available 24/7 through 5 channels of communication: phone chat, email, chat tutorials, and Q&A that were promptly addressed.

I also appreciate the fact that the support provided is not difficult to locate or hidden. The number for support is displayed on the homepage at the top. Also, the login to chat support is easily found within your administrator panel.

There’s nothing worse than 24/7 support that demands you to find contact options by yourself. It’s time-wasting and tells me precisely what I have to be aware of concerning the web host.

I also appreciate that assistance is at your level, whether you’re starting out and require someone to take you through the basics with a welcoming and helpful manner, or someone who can discuss about technical details and details like a professional The InMotion support team is there to help.

InMotion also has the most reliable VPS hosting choices. InMotion even offers two kinds of VPS hosting to ensure that you have the amount of flexibility or support you need:

InMotion frequently offers promo pricing and offers that begin at just $5 per month. The standard prices for shared hosting goes up to $8 to $9 per month after the initial contract expires.

Apart from shared hosting services, InMotion also offers updates to manage WordPress hosting. It also offers VPS hosting as well as dedicated servers.

9- WP Engine – The Best Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress Engine is among the most reliable (if not the top) WordPress hosts out there. Complete stop.

They’ve created a fantastic product, which is optimized for WordPress web pages. If you’re looking for all the speed and storage you can possibly get for your WordPress blog or online store This is the right host for you.

However, it comes at cost however. A fully-managed WordPress hosting provider is noticeably more expensive than shared hosting services.

The lowest priced plan on WP Engine’s website is $30 per month, and that’s just for one site that’s 10GB and maximum 25,000 monthly visitors.

In the event that you opt for an annual membership and save a amount of money since they’ll give the subscriber three months for no cost.

Yes, the cost is more expensive than other hosts, however when you consider the features WP Engine does, it’s an extremely appealing choice for WordPress website owners.

As an managed WordPress hosting service, WP Engine only provides service only to WordPress users, meaning that the entire infrastructure of WP Engine can be optimised for WordPress. Your website will run speedy, you’ll have almost no downtime, and a lot of maintenance tasks are handled in a way that is automatic.

The bottom line is that if you’re looking for a lightning-fast website where everything is taken into consideration automatically You’ll need WP Engine.

Support for customers is also focused on WordPress this allows for extremely knowledgeable and skilled support personnel available via ticket tracking and live chat all day, every day.

It will cost you more to receive much more. WP Engine is the ultimate option for businesses that run on WordPress. If you don’t wish to be wasting time managing hosting components of your site, this is the platform you should be using.


10- Nexcess is the best for growing and scaling

Nexcess is a web hosting solution by Liquid Web — a service I’ve included as a part of my rankings for the best Web hosting dedicated to you, the best VPS hosting as well as the best WordPress hosting.

It’s not a surprise that Nexcess is on my list for the best web hosts. What they excel at is with managed E-commerce hosting. In reality, they provide e-Commerce hosting for:

  • Magento
  • Woocommerce
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • BigCommerce
  • Sylius
  • ExpressionEngine
  • Craft CMS
  • Orocrm

If you’re trying to start an online shop you should consider these as an option for you.

The Nexcess Cloud Accelerator feature is one which adds a layer to the cloud stack, which increases performance of website’s loading speed. It’s an enormous benefit because speed is crucial when it is keeping your visitors engaged on your site and surfing.

They also provide a vast array of plans for every one of their website hosts. Here are the plans offered by only WordPress for an example:

This means that Nexcess the ideal solution for every business growing seeking to expand. Wherever you are in your business there’s probably a plan for you using Nexcess.

Additionally there is a dedicated team of support that is available 24 hours a day to help with any technical issues when they arise. Important in the world of web hosting.

If you’re operating an e-commerce website, or an idea that you are confident will expand rapidly, Nexcess should definitely be considered.

Prices can vary based on the CMS platform you choose to utilize. However, WordPress plans begin at $15.84/month.

Review of a specific web hosting service.

I’ve gone deep into every aspect about web hosting. Here’s a collection of additional reviews and guidelines to assist you in making the right choice for the perfect hosting service.

Hosting Company Reviews:


Types of Hosting for Web Hosting

How To Choose The Perfect Host for You

You don’t need to be an expert in web development to be able to host your site.

However, knowing how to evaluate certain key elements helps greatly.

I’ll discuss each throughout this article. You’ll be able to evaluate your options, choose the best solution for you and not have to worry about hosting for time.

So how do I evaluate web hosts? What really matters?

Let’s review the most important things.

Site Uptime

The most important thing is uptime. It’s the primary element of a reliable web hosting service. If your website isn’t running it won’t earn any money or reach out to a wider audience.

The first and most important thing is that you need a web hosting service with a great uptime. This means your site is always online and is never down.

To keep from the “just believe us” guarantee of near-perfect service Most hosts offer an assurance that is at least 99.9 per cent uptime. However, this isn’t anything like a promise. It simply means that the bill will be reduced should there be unexpected downtime. There’s lots of fine print regarding these warranties and that includes refusing to accept self-reported or third-party data on uptime, and not offering refunds for downtime that is outside of the control of the host (for instance, a storm).

Site Speed

Speed of your website affects everything connected to your website. Are you looking to increase your search engine rankings? Make sure your site is fast. Are you looking to increase conversions on your site? Create it as fast as you can. Want happy users? Accelerate it.

Every aspect of your business is affected through the performance of your website.

If you’re looking at various web hosting providers, ensure you select a web host who will be able to handle every page split.

There is a nuance in speed of the site.

In the beginning it is essential to have an internet host that is quick “enough.” The host isn’t necessary to be super speed, but it has to be quick.

Imagine Amazon. In the past, when Amazon only sold books the site had to be speedy, but it wasn’t required to be instantaneous.

With the increasing number of customers using Amazon for all of their purchases Amazon’s website can’t be quick enough.

The larger your site gets the more efficient you’ll need to be. If you’re planning to create an extremely popular website it is essential to choose a web hosting provider which can keep up with the speed for big sites.

Customer Support

If you own a website support for your web host is the most crucial service a web hosting company can provide.

Reading through user reviews won’t necessarily provide an conclusive conclusion about the quality of customer support offered by a specific web hosting service.

Keep an eye out for glowing reviews in popular publications, but they’re not always accurate.

One test is the best for testing the support level at any hosting company.

The trial support for customers is a free test.

Every web hosting service offers a money-back guarantee for the shared hosting plan they offer that means you can create your website and then see what you think about the service for very little risk only your time, and any additional costs you decide to take such as the cost for Domain registration. I suggest getting involved with support for your customers during the trial period. Join live chat or open tickets, get onto the phone as often as you can, and see whether you’re satisfied with the service you’re offered.

Many web hosts provide an initial trial period. I suggest using this time to fully explore the customer service of your hostits knowledge center and particularly support personnel on all platforms. That will give you the full truth.

Traffic Volume

The volume of traffic you experience has a major impact on the type of hosting you require.

If your site receives 300 visits per month, almost any hosting plan will suffice. As long as your website host offers a strong customer support You’re in good shape.

As you get larger and more complex, the smallest aspects become significant much more.

Are the PHP files server you are using being continuously updated? Do you have an CDN for your website?

Is your website being regularly backed up and is it possible to restore it in 15 minutes in the event that something goes wrong?

Are you using an SSL certificate? Does your server have the capacity to be able to handle a huge spike in traffic during a promotional event?

If I’m building a bigger website, I look for the best hosting service that takes the responsibility of this for me. And , if I’m considering creating a massive website I look for an internet hosting provider that can easily grow to millions of monthly visitors. I’m willing to pay more in order to be sure of simple upgrades in the future.

Don’t skimp if you’re going big.

If you’re hoping to keep your monthly visitors under 50,000 opt for a shared hosting plan. There’s no reason to be concerned about the latest features.


While you’re not looking to overpay for hosting, you certainly aren’t looking to underpay.

Don’t choose a place solely by price.

The majority of Web hosting packages fall priced between $10-$20 per month. Yes, there are lower alternatives. Certain of them are promotional deals that end when renewals are due. Other plans are hosting plans that have poor support and downtime.

My rule of thumb is that if the price is too appealing to be real, it likely is.

I’m also not worried about trying to get promotional offers in order in order to conserve a couple of bucks. For every website I’ve operated, I’ve always utilized the same host and never switched. Once you’ve found a host that you are happy with, switching for the sake of saving a couple dollars will not be worthwhile. Promos are often gone quite quickly.

Features of Migration

The ability to quickly and swiftly migrate your existing website will make your life easier by reducing the time you spend.

Even a simple WordPress website can be quite a hassle to transfer. You must first install a brand new WordPress installation on the new hosting service. You then need to export your database of content from your previous site and import it to your new one. Then you need to reconfigure everything on WordPress such as the themes, plugins and settings.

This is a major pain point and that’s the reason I’ve created an extensive guide to WordPress Migration.

There is a way to avoid all of this.

Some hosts offer one-click transfer for popular web builders like WordPress.

If you’re moving hosts and are handling the transition yourself, search for an easy-to-use migration feature. This is a great method to decide on the best option after narrowing it down to just a few choices.

Managed Hosting

Here’s how a typical host operates:

  • After you sign up, you get a login.
  • The login will take you to cPanel. This cPanel is an application that runs on your server that allows you to control it using a UI without the need to know how to code everything.
  • Your server can be configured however you’d like.
  • There’s an FTP option to manually upload files on your web server.
  • There are also easy solutions for installing WordPress as well as other software for websites If you’d like.
  • You are granted complete access to the site and can do whatever you like. It’s an “choose the adventure of your choice.” You can install WordPress, Drupal, Magento or create the entire site yourself.

There are also hosted web hosting companies that are managed. They can customize your hosting environment and handle the hosting environment for you.

WordPress Engine is the most exemplary illustration, it’s a managed host for WordPress. Instead of an cPanel login which lets me do whatever I want, WP Engine gives me access to their own interface designed to control WordPress websites in particular.

When a web hosting service is specifically optimized for WordPress Three key things occur. The first is that it’s quicker than anything shared hosting provider could ever dream of. The entire system can be customized to make WordPress perform at its peak whether that’s optimizing site caching or tweaking the command tool for line. The hosting provider only has to be aware of the ways to work with WordPress in comparison to Joomla, for instance, and an Node server, or some kind of custom-made website and so on.

Second Third: Websites become more safe and stable. A managed WordPress host can develop an system that anticipates as well as accommodates and patches every WordPress vulnerability. This means less malicious attacks and lesser downtime.

And, perhaps the most important for small companies: administration and maintenance for websites becomes much simpler. It is crucial since WordPress hosting that is managed WordPress hosting is considerably more expensive than shared hosting.

Although I sacrifice some flexibility because I don’t have an unreliable web server as many other hosting providers, the managed hosting service manages a variety of tasks that I’d typically have to manage myself.

If you’re operating a smaller website for your business, a standard hosting service is sufficient. If you’re planning to build a bigger website, a managed hosting can save you a lot of time over the long term and is well worth the cost.


From hundreds of hosting companies on the internet, I have limited it to 10 of my best choices for the top web hosting companies.

If you’re not familiar with the process or are aware that you’ll require a little more advice Look for no other option than Bluehost.

SiteGround is the best option for WordPress websites that require secure and reliable speed.

Do you want to maximize your spending? DreamHost provides the most competitive rates for month-to month hosting, and Hostinger has the lowest cost for hosting plans, without sacrificing the features or resources.

If you are sure that you don’t require any bells and bells from your hosting service, HostGator is the best choice for your basic website.

For websites that require you to rely on speedy loading speeds, A2Hosting and Inmotion are excellent choices especially for hosted hosting shared and VPS respectively.

Have you got a serious expansion in your agenda? Nexcess is the web hosting service that is best suited for scaling your website.

Bluehost is among WordPress’ top web hosting providers, however, you can also obtain managed WordPress hosting from the experts on WP Engine and WP Engine, which are also highly recommended from WordPress.

Also, for any business or operation which are concerned with ethical, green hosting GreenGeeks is the service provider that shares your personal values.

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