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The Top Five Website Builders for 2021

Are you looking to get straight to the solution? The best web-based website builder for most users is Wix.

You’d like to have a website and would like it to be launched quickly.

However, you don’t want to compromise high-quality for speed. This is where a reputable web design tool is a must.

With the right tool you can build your site from concept to completion in less time than the time it takes to watch an episode of your favorite show. They will provide you with beautiful templates for creating an attractive website even if you don’t have any knowledge.

To identify the best website builders, I looked over a variety of web builders and evaluated them on the quality of their products as well as their user-friendliness and customer support , to the price. I narrowed them to five of my favorite choices for the best web builders.

My research didn’t stop there. I also spoke with real users of the builders of websites to learn about their experience with the tools.

They discussed with me the good and the bad, and what they absolutely loved about all builder. They also shared the scores for platforms in three crucial indicators.

The 5 Top Website Builders:

My top five choices are:

  1. Wix the best web creator for the first time website
  2. Bluehost WordPress Website Builder Best for creating websites that expand along with your company
  3. Squarespace the best web-building tool for designers of all sorts
  4. Weebly is the best for earning money from an online store
  5. GoDaddy is the best for creating your website using your mobile

If you look over the content your posts, you’ll be surprised to learn that some of the users haven’t given an overall score for specific requirements. This is because they didn’t utilize blogs for the purpose of scoring and didn’t discuss a website builder’s effectiveness in reaching this goal.

As an example, I have one user who didn’t get an overall score for the Wix’s “Ability to earn money” requirement due to the fact that they didn’t use their site to make money.

Also, you may find that the scores do not necessarily affect your final ranking. It’s because I considered accessibility heavily when we compiled our rankings.

This is because the majority of people who read this article are beginners. We’re going to offer you the most effective advice that will allow you to create the most effective website in no time regardless of how knowledgeable you may be.

  1. Wix – Best Website Builder for Your First Website

Overall Score 3.7
User-Friendliness: 4.3
Customization Depth:4.3
Ability to earn money:2.5

If you’re an aspiring webmaster looking to create your first website There’s an easy choice: Wix.

It provides a method to make your website’s building process easy and fun. enjoyable.

Their AI can help you build your website after just some questions regarding your business goals. It’s similar to taking an online Buzz feed test, however, when you’re finished, you’ll will have a wonderful website (instead of wasting time in your day).

Every user who we spoke with attested to the ease with which Wix was to use, without compromising its quality. end product.

“Wixis extremely user-friendly and gives you excellent tools to build amazing web pages,” one user told me. They also praised the numerous templates that the builder has to offer, and praised the wide range of stunning designs, as well as “its simple drag-and-drop editor.”

They offer templates for music fashion, art travel, health construction, photography, and restaurant sites, just to scratch the surface.

Wix also provided numerous sources of revenue for an individual user who we spoke to.

“My Wix website got me some job offers,” they told me. “I’m also earning a steady monthly income from an online store I set up on my website.”

While Wix offers a user-friendly web design tool, they provide you a vast information base of content that which you can refer to should you get stuck.

“If I’m unclear about a particular topic I can quickly find out the help they provide,” one user told me.

If you’re in need of a bit more help from a person you can avail a 24-hour callback service for Americans so that you can talk to a real person who can guide through any issue.

This is a rare thing in the world of web-based website builders and certain to benefit you over the long term. In the event that you have a problem with your website or it fails, you’ll be able immediately contact someone to assist you.

Naturally I was eager to try the system for myself and so I got involved and made the personal Wix page completely from scratch.

Making a Website using Wix

When I created my Wix account I was shocked to discover that they offered me several options to set up my own website.

In the beginning, I could do some work and select a template to build my website from scratch from the ground.

You could also ask a few questions about the kind of website I wanted to design with Wix’s ADI builder will do the entire process for me. I was able to build a nice-looking website after a couple of answers.

When you select one of the templates, you can change everything including the logo, font and colors to images , and more. You can also make any of the gorgeous templates your own by doing just a bit of altering.

While testing Wix I was impressed by the ease of using it to find a template which was in line with our expectations. The AI kept me in mind as I changed the template to help me decide the next element to change and guiding me how to complete it.

Wix AI Wix AI matched my new site with my Facebook and Twitter accounts. It then used my logo as an color scheme for my website and then provided me with an initial template that was pre-populated with my logo as well as our street address. Connecting photos from social media accounts made it simple to integrate all the assets we had.

Choose a company you already have a relationship with and then see what close the Wix AI is to replicating it. I chose the local yoga studio for an example. Wix closely matched the existing website of the studio. Plus, I’m betting they paid a web developer somewhat for their layout, and I created my own for absolutely nothing using an AI assistant

Pros and cons to Wix’s website builder

Be aware that every plan offered by Wix is automatically renewed. The sticker shock can be real particularly in the case of the introductory price. According to one of our users said, “the price per month is usually quite expensive.”

It could be a big issue if you’re a small-scale startup that is trying to save and make as much as you can. If you’re looking to recover some of your expenses by launching an online store but you’ll have to pay for the more cost-effective plan for the monthly subscription.

Our panel rated the website not enough on its capacity to generate revenue. This could be due to the fact that our panel was not entirely focused on making direct revenues on their site, with the exception of one customer who had e-commerce.

However, it’s crucial to be aware of this even though Wix may not be the best choice for earning money directly from your site (I would not recommend it for E-commerce) The templates for websites will help you build an impressive portfolio or professional site that will bring you other opportunities, such as connecting you to clients or job offers.

The majority of our users we spoke with did make use of Wix to create their personal portfolios and blogs. This allowed them to connect with customers and clients.

Because Wix often includes the users they own on their blog, it could result in greater opportunities for you , if you decide to use Wix as your platform. That’s exactly what happened for an individual user who stated, “Being featured on Wix gave me a few freelance opportunities and eventually led to my first new full-time position.”

Why We Ranked It as 1

In the end, Wix offers the best combination of flexibility and personalization to provide the majority of people who read this (users creating web pages for this very first time) the most enjoyable experience.

This is why we placed it at the top. If you’re starting out then you should definitely opt for Wix.

The themes they offer are diverse and amazing. You’ll also have the tools to modify its appearance and feel to meet your specific requirements, or pretty close to them.

Wix offers you the possibility to build your site for users using their AI website builder. It’s an amazing feature none of the other websites builders we’ve reviewed has. It removes the guesswork from everything, particularly if you are looking to get a website running in a matter of minutes.

The bottom line is: Wix is the most effective web builder for newbies who want to create a stunning blog straight out from the box.

  1.  Bluehost WordPress Website Builder The best for building websites that will grow with You

Final Score 4.3 Ease of Use:4
Customization Depth:4.3
Ability to earn money:4.6

A brief disclaimer: WordPress is the content management system (CMS) we use at Quicksprout. They don’t pay us for it be a part of it, but we do like the service. Therefore, I personally confirm the quality of it is.

We’re not the only ones. If you’re using WordPress you’ll join other websites like Vogue, Bloomberg, and even Beyonce’s personal website, which make use of it as their CMS.

It’s not only extremely customizable however, it’s also highly flexible. It’s an CMS that can be scaled to whatever size you like or be scaled down to a size you’d like.

Don’t believe me for it; our customers thought the exact similar thing.

“With no experience with WordPress at the time I began it was an uphill learning curve, however I was able to master the process fast enough” according to one person who used the site. “WordPress is extremely intuitive and if you are unable to solve a problem it’s best to search for it on Google or YouTube and you’ll likely discover the answer.”

Another user was impressed with the versatility WordPress was able to be flexible. This is because it’s an open-source application and its back-end programming code can be readily accessible, allowing creators and developers to develop custom themes and widgets as well as plug-ins for WordPress. CMS.

There are an number of possibilities to combine and match themes and plugins available. If you’re looking to learn how to do it yourself then you can dive into the backend of your computer and modify your website according to your personal preference.

WordPress also offers over 11,000 theme options. A majority of themes are free, but others are paid.

My suggestion: Go with a paid theme if you can pay for it. One of our customers who paid for the theme and then and then customized the hell out of it and made them their own.

The advantage of such a thing is that you site is sure to distinguish itself from the others. If you choose one of the well-known free themes, it’s going to be a copy of thousands of similar WordPress websites. But, if you do some effort and a bit of money, you’ll create a site which is uniquely yours.

If you’re not sure about spending money, WordPress scored well for Ability to Make Money. Each of our users designed their websites specifically to draw in customers, leads, and sales.

The CMS enabled them to accomplish this with ease-of-integration Ecommerce functions, as with effective SEO tools like Yoast to increase organic traffic.

“I was able to make money off my site using the affiliate market,” one user told me, “along with info products like mini courses and e-books after my followers grew enough.”

The user has an online genealogy site aimed at connecting people to relatives. They could use their genealogy-specific blog and a well-known newsletter to create an unwavering group of users (and consequently customers).

“One aspect that was helpful in the creation of an email subscriber list as well as an email newsletter with the Mailchimp plugin” they added. “It’s an absolute must-have for those who intend to profit from your website.”

Making a website using WordPress;

As I mentioned, this is the system we do here at Quicksprout. I’m knowledgeable about WordPress.

However, there’s some learning curve for newcomers. The dashboard on the backend can seem intimidating.

The best part is that, after an hour of exploration and playing around, you’ll be able to be able to master it within a matter of minutes.

On your dashboard there’s the ability to make everything from creating the new page for your website, writing blog posts, to download the latest themes and plugins or widgets.

The editor for pages and blogs makes use of WordPress the company’s proprietary Gutenberg interface. It’s a simple blog editor and page creator that makes use of drag-and drop tools to create the website you’ve always wanted.

It’s not quite the What You see is what You Find interface Square space or Wix do, but it’s pretty similar to. If you’d like to see what your blog post looks like when it’s the final format you’ll need to click the Preview button on the upper right in the editors. It will open another tab showing a preview of your blog post or page.

It’s a lot more intuitive than its previous editor and can give any WYSIWYG editor a fright for it’s money.

As I said before, WordPress is scalable. If you’re looking to build large-scale websites with numerous resources, you can pick the best plugins for your needs. It is possible to hire developers (or yourself if you’ve got PHP expertise) to get involved in the back end to build exactly what you require.

“WordPress provided me with all the tools I required to build the blog I had in mind,” one user told us. “It gave me a simple platform to publish my blog and also everything I wanted or needed for my blog, including A subscription box, author’s section; it’s all about the design I was looking for and the ability to alter things as required.”

I strongly suggest that you begin with a small amount of plugins. My personal favorite is called Yoast SEO. It can help you improve the way your website and blog posts appear higher in Google results through helping you identify optimization opportunities within your content.

Selecting the right host

If you’re looking to build an online presence using WordPress it offers two choices:

  • Develop it for no cost. It means that your website is hosted on WordPress. We do not suggest this for many reasons. One of the obvious ones is that you’ll have to have a WordPress branded subdomain (e.g Be aware that is their completely hosted version for free. If you’d like the self-hosted version (which I highly recommend) it’s best opt for
  • Host it elsewhere. If you host it elsewhere, you’ll gain access to additional sources and (potentially) an unbranded, free domain name. This is the reason WordPress. org comes in.

There is more details about this in our post about the most reliable web hosting and the best website hosting for WordPress–but our quick answer is to choose Bluehost.

It’s among the most well-known web hosts available. It’s also one that I would recommend to novices.

Each Bluehost plan includes one-click WordPress installation, which allows users to create a site using the CMS after you have signed up.

Every plan includes the option of a cost-free domain name registration as well. In a single swoop you’ll have the ability to find a good domain, establish a efficient and cost-effective website hosting and then create your own WordPress website. Triple win!

The majority of our users who were who were surveyed utilized this powerful combo of WordPress and Bluehost. “I’m staying with Bluehost after 4 years for all of my websites,” said one user. “It’s excellent for newbies because of the way the pricing structure is laid out.”

Bluehost offers promotional pricing that is rock bottom beginning at $2.75 for a month.

Each Bluehost package comes with 24 hours customer service. You’ll be able send them an email and they’ll assist you in resolving the issue as quickly as it is possible.

It was the same for One of our customers who’s website went down. They stated, “I contacted their chat support, and they were able identify the problem (a malfunctioning plugin) and immediately fix it. I’m very thankful for this.”

They’ll also assist you in moving to their service in the event that you’re moving from a different host. This is often the biggest problem for every website owner, but Bluehost can make it easy.

“The transition of the website was astonishingly simple!” one user told me. “And I actually prefer Bluehost’s website Bluehost in comparison to the old site, and the service is much better for me personally.”

The cons of the WordPress Website Builder

When it came to negatives, our panel voted on one point: it’s not the easiest website builder.

In fact, each expressed their displeasure in using this CMS for their first time. One person said, “I don’t like how it requires some time to learn curve to learn how to use. Sometimes I’d prefer to have my hands held during the creation process instead of looking for a plethora of YouTube instructional videos to find out how.”

The dashboard is confusing at first glance. Once you’ve mastered it and master it, you’ll be able enter your back end of every WordPress website and be able to navigate it with ease. This is a great ability to possess, and one that employers are often looking for.

However, it’s not likely to be the best website builder for you if you’re trying to create a site from scratch without any site construction experience or understanding. In that case, we suggest that you consider Squarespace and Wix instead.

If you’re willing to do the work to learn, even the fundamentals of WordPress will yield an enormous ROI. You’ll not only be able to build an entire website that is fully customizable and have it up and running, but you’ll also possess an essential skill that employers will be looking for.

Another point to note is that WordPress isn’t the most robust support system. “I I would love to have an help desk can be reached via email or via chat,” one user opined.

The only choice WordPress provides for assistance is a forum on which you can post questions or raise issues on your website.

I decided to join and try it out. I asked a question regarding an issue that I thought was fake and having with my site. It took me about two hours before I got an answer. Although the response was thorough and addressed my query but it took nearly two hours before I was resolved.

If I owned an enterprise and depended on this income to keep the lights on that two hours would be my income. I’d need help much faster than the two hours.

The Reason We Ranked It at 2

WordPress scored extremely well on all three aspects because of its customization and scaling.

Our users enjoyed how quickly they could make money from their blogs and turn their sites into revenue-generating engines.

Although there’s a curve, once you’ve got to grips with it, we guarantee you’ll never look back. When you’re done you’ll have a website that can be customized to your liking, and be able to expand as large as your business or you get.

If you’re starting your blog for your love of writing, and your blog is gaining to a large audience then you can transform your blog’sWordPress website into an website that earns revenues for you through your readers.

The bottom line is: It’s going to take an extra bit of work however, once you’ve created an WordPress website it will be a custom website that you can modify to be whatever you would like you want it to. Combine that with Bluehost, and it will be possible achieve this in a single swoop.

  1. Squarespace The Top Website Builder for creators of all stripes

Overall Score 4.6
User-Friendliness: 4.6
Customization Depth:4.6
Ability to earn money:4.6

Squarespace is without doubt an example of graphic website builders available. This means that visual assets such as illustrations, photos as well as graphic design are often prominent on every Squarespace website.

It’s not a coincidence that everyone on our group had websites that focused on creating. The panelists included a web designer who guides students to design stunning websites, as well as an interior designing website that showcases stunning home tours on their site.

The reason they selected Squarespace is due to the ease with which it can be used to build a visually stunning website. Our panel gave it a high rating all around due to the same reasons.

“I believe I got my blog up and running in less than a one day,”” stated one of the users. “Squarespace provides beautiful, clean templates that you can easily modify.”

Making a website with Squarespace

In my research, I discovered that Squarespace provides an easy method to begin your own blog, much as Wix. However, I must admit that, as much as I loved Wix’s themes Squarespace could win the Best In Show ribbon for the gorgeous design of their themes.

Backend editors are quite user-friendly. This is great for novices like the recently graduated graphic designer trying for a portfolio to showcase their work or a photographer wanting to build their first website for business.

They’re also ideal for the younger generation of influencers and creators using platforms like YouTube as well as TikTok to provide a place for your brand beyond these platforms. Squarespace is particularly compatible with YouTube which allows you to embed videos, along with other details or content that is only on your site.

“They offer a fantastic What You See is what you get builder” claimed one customer. “That means that when you’re creating the page, you can see how the site will appear when you’re creating it.”

Actually it’s something that builders such as Squarespace and Wix have an advantage over WordPress. It is easy to see the changes you’re making to your site while you’re working on the changes. You won’t have to switch between the preview windows.

This makes it simple to use even if you’re just beginning to get started. Even experienced webmasters may be able to breathe a sigh of fresh air when compared to other alternatives.

“Sometimes like with WordPress you’re editing your site’s backend, but you must go back to the frontend to see what it will look like once you’re done,” the user said. “With Squarespace, as you’re writing your blog post you’re able to see changes taking place simultaneously. It’s beneficial. It’s one thing that makes it simple to make use of.”

The cons of the Website Builder from Squarespace

Although Squarespace was rated fairly high in terms of customization, it was an area of contention for members of our group who interviewees and surveying users.

One user was impressed with the features Squarespace provided with regard to customization options as well as additional tools like an e-commerce feature as well as integrated email marketing and support for podcasts. However, it’s insufficient when compared with the vast customization capabilities of WordPress. Additionally that you may need to shell out more for the widgets and plugins that you’ll need to ensure that things function.

“Custom CSS can only be found on the Business Plan,” said one user. “It’s possible for my site. I’ve found some great tutorials online for additional CSS modifications and I needed to purchase a plugin for sidebars as it wasn’t incorporated into my template. For more complex websites , this could be a challenge.”

Mobile modification is another aspect that users have raised. One user found it to be particularly aggravating because they needed to build their website twice: once for desktop , and then again for mobile.

However, it’s to be not forgotten it is possible that using the Squarespace version you’re using may produce the mobile experience being different from the desktop experience. For instance, Squarespace version 7.0 might contain templates with additional mobile-specific styles that alter the appearance of your website dependent on the gadget you’re browsing on.

While the site builder is user-friendly however, it could be more user-friendly. This is an area in which Wix is ahead of Squarespace. One user has told us “It may be easier to understand the steps to take in order to complete certain tasks. Sometimes, you need to search for the right button and then click it. Every now and then , I’ve mistakenly deleted a blog when I clicked on the wrong button.”

The Reason We Ranked It at 3

Squarespace is an excellent web-based builder that has excellent scores across all of our requirements. Users all gave glowing comments about the templates on the platform especially.

It’s still a step lower than WordPress because of its customizability and scaling.

You’ll be able to build an attractive portfolio or blog. However, if you’re trying to increase the size of your site for huge amounts of visitors, you’d prefer to go somewhere other.

It’s also not as easy to use as Wix therefore we had to lower it on the list. Our users voiced a discomfort with the Squarespace dashboard, and also criticized that its mobile app customization was lacking.

The website builder’s stunning templates and features for creators made it onto the list at number 3. Their designs can’t be rivaled.

The bottom word: If you’re a creator who wants to showcase amazing images of your work images, photos, graphic design and much many more, then Squarespace is the ideal builder for your needs.

  1. Weebly The Best for Earning Money from an Ecommerce Store

The Total Score is 4.4
Usability: 4.6

Customization Depth:4.3

Ability to earn money:5

Weebly is another flexible and out-of-the-box site builder from the family of Wix as well as Squarespace. However, what sets them in the crowd is their ecommerce features.

The plans for ecommerce builders are among the most affordable available. They are cheaper in cost than Wix as well as Squarespace. In fact, they offer the option of a free plan which gives the basic functionality of e-commerce for free. If you’re just beginning and want to move up to the next level from an Etsy shop and establish your own platform, I strongly recommend Weebly.

Indeed, their e-commerce capability was one of their prominent features for our panel of customers who gave the product a perfect five on the spectrum for the profitability.

Our panelists ranged from an artist who made use of Weebly to market music direct to their fans an LinkedIn blogger and coach who offered her coaching services through sessions that she hosted directly through her website, to an online designer who utilized her Weebly website to attract new customers.

“I decided to use Weebly to create my entire websites a few in the past with the thought that it would be simple enough for my clients to make changes to their website,” said the web designer. The user then said they had purchased Weebly templates from third parties to have access to additional design choices for her customers and herself.

The ease of use was an important factor for our users. One user told us that they were pleased to establish their site “in just a few minutes.”

“The themes are the perfect starting point , but they provide plenty of space for anyone to design their own website using little or no knowledge of digital,” the user added. “Once you’ve got your brand’s colors, it’s easy to modify the look and feel of your branding, and then expand it through the addition of your own pictures or testimonials.”

Weebly is also powered by Square, the company behind the popular point-of-sale software. If you’re selling items in person, such as at a market for farmers it will be possible to seamlessly connect your POS sales to your website.

This is another area in which Weebly is ahead of other builders such as Wix and Squarespace. If they provide this kind of integration on a more priced plan (Wix) and with the ability to integrate only in a limited way (Squarespace), Weebly just provides it.

Making a website using Weebly

After hearing the glowing reviews of our users about the ease of Weebly’s site building process, I was compelled to join in for myself.

In their words, our customers believed them when they said it was simple. Weebly provides a simple procedure for creating a website. It’s as easy as selecting a domain as well as a template for making the website.

It’s also simple to add pages to your site. One of our customers told us, “Creating the blog section on my website was incredibly easy and took only five minutes to create.”

I discovered that Weebly is compatible with third-party tools you’ll certainly want for your site, such as Google Analytics and Mail chimp.

The builder is drag-and-drop like Wix or Squarespace. Like those platforms it’s a breeze and stress-free. The image you view is the one receive.

You can use tools for email SEO, SEO, site analysis shipping, inventory, and email for the e-commerce plan. It is possible to incorporate a product search into your online store, which I really enjoy. If you’ve got a large catalogue of services and products You’ll want to include this feature in.

They also offer you the ability to attach badges to your services and products for the time they are on sale or when stock is in short supply for an item. This is a great way to instill a sense of scarcity into your offerings and make customers want to click that purchase button more.

The setup process is easy and easy and easy to set up. Because it’s an WYSIWYG builder, I am able to easily change the prices, products and descriptions, as well as with digital assets such as logos, images of products, or banner images. Making a basic store took me less than five minutes after registration.

I was also impressed by the fact that I could accept payments through gateways such as Paypal, Stripe, and–of course, Square. These options are great for customers who will be capable of choosing the payment method they prefer.

The cons of Weebly’s Website Builder

One of our users was unhappy with the fact that Weebly does not allow users to “save” modifications to your website prior to going live. This would be a great option if you are planning to redesign your website. If you’ve got a lot of merchandise on your site or have an abundance of customers arriving, it means that if something isn’t working or breaks down, the issue is likely be a lot more difficult to repair.

One of the users we spoke to did not like how complex they had to set up to sync their inventory on the Weebly web site as well as their Square POS system.

“Square and Weebly occasionally don’t work with me or one another,” the user said. “So I’m not able to have a complete exact inventory information reflected between the two organizations.”

Another user commented on the need to move back and forth to Square Support and Weebly in the event of needing assistance to fix an problem. It’s like playing tennis where it’s like playing the game with a ball.

“If I need to repair something, and I go to Weebly and they say “No, you should go to Square and Square says “No, you’ll have to return on Weebly.”

The Reason We Ranked It at 4

Weebly provides a fantastic and cost-effective e-commerce service for website developers.

As Wix and Squarespace, Weebly also lacks the extensive customization and scaling capabilities of WordPress.

In the end, I placed it in the top 4 because many of the people reading this article won’t really need an online shopping option. Many just want to build private websites for their portfolio or blog. If you’re an avid reader who wants to build an online store that is simple I strongly recommend you go to Weebly since it will make the whole process a breeze for you.

The bottom line is: If you’re building the possibility of an online shop then you should choose Weebly.

  1. GoDaddy:  The Best for creating your website on your phone

Overall Score 3.7 Usability:4.6
Customization Depth:3.3
Ability to earn money:3.3

Alongside its excellent hosting and domain services, GoDaddy offers an easy and straightforward site builder.

It’s not always the best at all areas, but consider the concept like “jack of all trades yet mastering all.” In everything from e-commerce sites to portfolios to blogs There are a myriad of templates that can aid you in creating the website that is perfect for you.

If there is one thing that GoDaddy excels at, it is its simplicity and intuitiveness. This was the most notable drawback for Gabriel Smith, one of the GoDaddy users we spoke with. Actually, Gabriel built his GoDaddy website using his smartphone when he was homeless and living in the streets.

That’s right. He was finishing his memoir using the phone. He was looking to put his thoughts out on the web. He stumbled upon GoDaddy and began developing a website entirely from his mobile.

“I actually did this because I had no money,” Gabe told me laughing. “What else can I do? Perhaps, someway, I would tell my story, but I wasn’t sure of the number of people I could help.”

Gabe could quickly make his website using just one of his very few tools that is the smartphone. Utilizing only the mobile editor the author was able make a site that worked for him and the goal of marketing his book.

He rates GoDaddy’s user-friendliness as a five “only since the tenth option isn’t available.” Therefore, the simplicity of use is certainlya strength for GoDaddy’s website builder.

With a bit of determination and perseverance, Gabriel was able to obtain speaking engagements due to his website and book, along with coaching opportunities for those facing similar challenges to Gabriel. He now has gained a great reputation as a motivational coach and self-improvement writer.

Making a website with GoDaddy

I tested it for myself and discovered that Gabe was right. GoDaddy offers a user-friendly method to build a website using a mobile editor, or desktop-based site builder.

It’s not meant to diminish Gabriel’s incredible feat of constructing an impressive website entirely on his own, while living rough but just to confirm that the website is user-friendly.

I love that it provides you the tools to book appointments, market various items and services and even make reservations. The drag-and-drop builder for websites allows you to create a website.

One of the users we spoke to has a garden shop that often provides classes. They mentioned that they appreciate the method GoDaddy “easily integrates workshops and appointments within the site.”

The entire group of us enjoyed the tools we provided, but often, they would like more. One person who runs an espresso shop said the company was “able to create an email database using our Godaddy website . This is a highly effective method to expand, however beyond this, the tools to grow were only limited.”

The simplicity of the interface is both a benefit but also a disadvantage (as we’ll discuss in the coming days). Overall, I like it due to how simple to use.

It’s a good value the plans start at $9.99 per month. I strongly recommend it if you’re or have been making use of GoDaddy for your web hosting or domain.

The cons of the GoDaddy Website Builder

GoDaddy seems to sacrifice the simplicity for greater personalization.

In reality they’re far too simple in a few ways. One user stated that even though it was easy to use the editor with drag-and-drop, and is simple to use however, it’s “quite restricted and it’s not possible to change things such as the font size.”

Another user complained about the way editing tools become if there are more than one digital asset that are on your page.

If you’re trying to send your email to a website that you prefer it’s going to be difficult. “I think the biggest problem in their website mail that is linked to their site,” another user stated. “After an extremely difficult time of my email messages to customers being stuck in spam filters, I decided to quit and move to Gmail for any correspondence. GoDaddy is unable to solve the problem.”

They went on to say, “It’s a bummer because I’m paying for the service and need an email address that is professional, but I’m unable to use it with confidence it will be delivered to the people I want to send it.”

A user recently made the switch between GoDaddy to WordPress due to the fact that they felt they were forced to “compromise in certain elements” of their site when developing using GoDaddy.

“I wanted to have a list of stores of locations where customers could purchase our products. It wasn’t there,” said one user. They had to think up a menu tool in order to make this site, but it wasn’t optimal.

The user further added, “The lack of ability to make periodic purchases for our product subscription service was a major factor in our decision to move to Godaddy for WordPress.”

Why We Ranked It 5

If you’re looking for a way to build an online presence quickly and easily and don’t anticipate to maintain it too often, GoDaddy could be a ideal option for you.

However, the platform isn’t able to compete with similar builders like Wix, Squarespace, and Weebly. GoDaddy isn’t equipped with the stunning templates that Squarespace is and neither does it offer the great balance of customization and integrations as well as the simplicity of Wix and also doesn’t offer the same e-commerce features as Weebly.

But, it’s a great alternative for professional who is always on the go or someone who’s restricted in the ways they can build their own website seeking for an extremely simple web-based builder that can complete the task.

In any event, Gabriel is more than satisfied to let you know that he’s very happy with GoDaddy. That makes it an excellent choice in my opinion.

The Bottom Line: GoDaddy offers an easy, simple web-based builder–but there’s not much else.

How Do We Choose Which Products to Examine

I selected all five web builders based upon three criteria:


Customization Depth

Ability to earn money

I went through many of the most well-known web builders available currently, and then compared each one against the three attributes listed above.

For each builder of websites I came across, I set up an account free of charge on blog websites and built an unstructured website to try the tools and features. I also considered the features offered by Premium paid subscriptions.

Utilizing this technique I was able to limit my choices from more than 12 web builders to the ones I considered as the five top. The five top ones exemplified the three criteria mentioned above with unique, but effective methods.

The totality of this stage in the process of research took me two days to accomplish. When I had finished the research, I was able to find actual people who had used the products.

What we reviewed for each product

At Quicksprout We believe that in order to gain real insights regarding products or services you must meet with real customers.

It isn’t enough to trust the web builder’s advertising or the testimonials that you can find on review sites. You must look for people who have worked with the builders previously. Then, you can find the good, bad, and the frustrating.

To locate users and confirm that they had actually used the site builders I was sure that I did these things:

  • We used an advanced query which provided us with results for bloggers who use Wix, the website for Squarespace as well as Wix.
  • Check out the featured lists of real users that are officially released in the official publications of Wix, Squarespace, Weebly and GoDaddy.
  • Finding a list of verified Bluehost customers, and then performing a the simple check of their page source to confirm that they utilize WordPress.
  • The websites of every platform are for examples of people who have utilized their builders.
  • We reached out to local and well-known companies in each major US state. We found their websites, and then checked the source of the website to determine the building software they employed to build the page.

My objective was to find the three most active users for each of the builders for websites. In all, I wrote and contacted around 120 users from each builder to find the 15 that are featured in this article.

Every participant agreed to either a telephone interview or a questionnaire. The questions for both were the same and also included a rating of the product using the three criteria of five points (one being the most harmful and five the highest). The sum of each user’s score determined what the score would be for the item.

What We Learned from Choosing the best blogging platform

There’s not an “perfect” web-based builder. Each one has an individual set of capabilities and options for the different types of user.

The one you decide to go with could include GoDaddy as it’s at the fifth spot on our list. And that’s as true as a person selecting Wix that’s at the top of the list.

Don’t let ranking get in the way of making a decision. We’d rather provide a few of the criteria we considered when choosing the items for the list. Use them to guide your research and ultimately your choice.


If you’re reading this article, you’re probably a novice. Everybody has to start somewhere.

That means that the ease of use will play a more of a factor in the final choice than ever before.

It’s easy to become exhausted and frustrated when you’re learning a new skill such as website design. This could lead to dropping your efforts to build a website completely.

To avoid this it is important to make it as simple as you can in the beginning. We highly recommend using a platform to aid you in creating your website quickly and efficiently.

This is the reason Wix is our preferred option. It’s the simplest way to get your website up and running fast.

“Wix’s user-friendly and offers amazing tools for creating unique websites,” one Wix user said to us.

We also like that it will be there to help you through the entire process and develop the site for you , if you’d like.

But, Squarespace, Weebly, and GoDaddy are all easy-to-use services also. It’s all about what you’re searching for.

If, for instance, you’re searching for an excellent WYSIWYG website builder tool to build beautiful portfolios and blogs, Squarespace is for you.

If you are looking to build an inexpensive but lucrative web-based store Weebly could be for you.

If you’re looking for a basic builder that has a fantastic mobile editor then look at GoDaddy.

Customization and Customization Depth

The ability to modify your site to have the exact appearance and feel you desire is essential, but it can also make your learning curve for the developer a little more difficult.

This is a tricky balance act. When you’ve mastered it the platform will let you not only be in line with your brand’s image however, it will also attract the kind of customers and readers that you’d like to attract.

Customization can also include things that are not part of how your site appears. It also gives you the option to include the features you require to achieve your goals.

If, for instance, you’re looking to create an email subscriber list for an email newsletter, you’ll need to locate a site builder that lets you quickly capture the details for contact. In this case, you may prefer Wix, Squarespace, or WordPress since they provide the tools native to do this or let you download third-party software like Mailchimp.

Some platforms do not provide the same level of customization. A web-based website builder such as WordPress provides the highest degree of customization available on this list. It is possible to build the website you’d like to have provided you have the ability to edit and code or hire someone to edit your website.

A website builder tool like GoDaddy provides the least amount of customization. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be able make a quality website. It’s just not open source. There’s also no community that is dedicated to the creation of widgets, plugins and themes for GoDaddy’s websites.

A builder such as Squarespace lets you add things like E-commerce stores straight out of the box.

“One reason I would recommend Squarespace for small-sized entrepreneurs or bloggers is that it doesn’t require you to buy a third-party plug-in to set up a shop, to include your Instagram on the footer or even create an mailing list,” told one of our customers. “It’s truly an all-in-one solution that is fantastic.”

All it takes is the templates they offer you. It starts with a template and can make use of it as a starting point. When you alter and personalize the theme to meet your needs the site can be transformed into any kind of site you would like you want it to become.

The ability to earn money

If you’re developing a site for your company, portfolio or perhaps a simple blog, it’s likely that you would like to earn some money out of it.

Websites are marketing channels , after all. They serve to advertise brands or products, services, trends and many more.

The web builder you choose can have a major effect on how much you will make.

If, for instance, you are looking to create an online store that is good I highly suggest choosing Squarespace and Weebly. Both of them have native ecommerce store builders.

It is worth noting that Weebly has a partnership with Square, and has ecommerce options available in all of Plans (including the free version). Therefore, if you’re looking to find a way to ensure that every aspect of your sales process is in sync from inventory from card swipes to price changes (while conserving money) It’s the right choice for you.

If you have an information product company, offering online courses, e-books, similar products, WordPress is a great alternative for this. WordPress offers a wide range of excellent third party plugins that can assist you in creating an online presence and market.

You won’t get an out-of-the-box e-Commerce feature. However, WordPress offers a greater potential in terms of being able to personalize your website , and even create additional revenue opportunities beyond sales.


My top choices for the top web builders are:

  1. Wix the best web creator for the first time website
  2. Bluehost WordPress Web Builder The best for creating websites that grow along with your business
  3. Squarespace the best web-building tool for designers of all sorts
  4. Weebly is the best for earning money from an e-commerce store
  5. GoDaddy The most simple builder with simple control

Keep in mind that there’s no universal solution. What is working for one individual or company will not be the best fit for you. That’s fine!

It’s important to choose a web-based builder that does the job for you. You can forget about the rest.

However, whatever you decide to do make sure you continue to visit Quicksprout for information on the most effective advice as well as tips and tricks for creating your own website.

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