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This is the Best Domain Registrar

Here’s the ONE DOMAINE REGISTRAR I’d recommend to you AND THE REASON I USE it.

Do you need hosting? Get a free domain with the top web hosting. You can get your domain name for free by signing to sign up for Bluehost hosting (starting at just $2.75/month!) It is highly recommended to sign up when you require an account with a hosting provider for your brand new domain and that’s what most people use.

Need a domain without hosting? is the ideal domain registrar for users who only require an existing domain name, and have hosting. It’s the least expensive and simple to use. Click here to receive 25 percent off at by using discount promo code QUICKSPROUT.

A domain registrar could determine the success or failure of your website building experience.

Luckily, there’s no need to worry about it.

Below I’ve reviewed the domain with seven other solid options that I’ve learned from many years of experiences. In my time running, starting and selling businesses I’ve acquired numerous domains.

Find out the most reliable domain registry for your needs.

Professional Tip: Get a no-cost domain when you bundle domain registration and hosting with BlueHost

While you might be tempted to bundle your domain registry with your hosting provider but if you’re considering purchasing multiple domains at a time, it is best to keep them apart.

It’s not that difficult to buy both of them if you’re working on something basic, such as creating a portfolio website or even a personal blog. Domain websites and domain names have distinct skills and it’s recommended to choose a reputable service for both.

If you have a particular requirement and don’t believe that you’ll ever need additional domains, then you could save money by signing up through Bluehost as you begin your site or blog.

Bluehost offers a no-cost domain name when you sign up for its web hosting services. This is my suggestion for those who are looking combine these two services with the same company.

Continue reading for opinions on the other domain registration companies on our list.


The 7 Top Domain Registrars

Bluehost  HTML0 The best for making your first website — Top choice for hassle-free transfer of domains

Porkbun — Best deals on unique domain extensions

Network Solutions — The best for interlocking domains for many years

GoDaddy — Best domain registrar for protecting your personal data

Namecheap — Best domain registrar for tight budgets

NameSilo — The most affordable domains with large purchases

We’ve reviewed the top choices in detail in the following article. Bluehost can get your website up and running in a matter of minutes however it may not be the right choice for all users.

Each registrar manage domains in a different way. Continue reading to be aware of your options and to make an informed choice on purchasing the domain.

Best Domain Registrar Reviews

1 – Bluehost — the best for creating your first website

Bluehost is the right choice in order to secure both a domain that is free and web hosting all in one shot.

This is the best option when you’re creating a brand new website, or your first website. This is particularly true in the event that you’re considering using WordPress since it’s an installation that’s one-click with Bluehost.

In actual fact, we highly suggest Bluehost top of the list in our reviews for the top web hosting service and in our post on making your first website. Their reason is simple: they offer an extremely intuitive and simple method for anybody (regardless of their technical expertise) to build websites.

When you bundle your domain and web hosting and web host, you save more money over the long term. If you’re planning to launch your own website and would like for a bundle of your domain with a web hosting, Bluehost is the only service provider that can provide the two services.

A free domain is included with every hosting plan. Shared hosting packages beginning at $2.75 each month (subject to variations due to promotions) It is hard to get a better price elsewhere. Not from a service that provides top-quality hosting and high-quality domains.

When you’ve selected an hosting plan, you’ll be directed to this page where you can set up your domain

The Bluehost domain management makes it easy for anyone to purchase and track, transfer and edit domain names using a single dashboard. Also, you’ll get a complimentary SSL certificate this is something other domain registrars attempt to offer in order to make an additional sale.

They also offer auto renewal. This means that you don’t need to think about manually renewing every year.

You can add domain privacy and security to your domain registration for only $0.99 each month. You can also block unauthorised domain transfers by using a domain lock. This is $1.99 per month.

I’ve always loved the ease with which Bluehost helps you put the foundations in place for an entirely new website. Start your website off in the right direction with Bluehost.

2. The Best for Free Domain Transfers without headaches is our best overall choice because of the ease of use and high-quality of the service.

You can buy an .com domain through for only $9.99 annually. also gives you the option to purchase this domain for up to five years. This means you can put it in place and leave it for the next five years.

However, where they shine is in the ease with which they make it easy to transfer domains to or out of their services. If you’re unhappy with the current registrar of your domain and you’re not happy with their service, there are only two steps to transfer your domain registered with them, and potentially be charged a lower price in the process.

They have a 24 hour support service available to assist you with the transfer of your domain, or to help with any queries. We don’t think that you’ll need it, but it’s good to know that should there’s a problem you’re able to call them or send an email and assistance is on the way.

It is also very easy, as it’s their primary product. You just enter the domain you’re looking for and then click “purchase” in the event that it’s still available. You’ll be able to purchase the domain you want in just five minutes.

From check-out to moving, provides an incredibly easy and simple option to buy domain names.

One drawbackis that costs $8.99/year for privacy and protection. This feature lets you protect your personal information from your domain registration, preventing it from being publically accessible. In the event that it is not your address and name is available for anyone to view.

I can get around this issue by using my domains registered under a corporate name, which I’m okay with being open to public. However, if you’re purchasing domains on your own, I’d secure your personal information even in the event that it costs slightly more.

While you’re going through the checkout procedure, will hit you with additional upsells that is a standard practice within the domain registrar market. They provide services such as G Suite, web hosting, SSL certificates, and SiteLock.

It is possible to skip these add-ons. G Suite is something that you can buy on your own or direct from Google. SSL and SiteLock are required with any web hosting service.

The entire process of purchasing a domain is completed in less than a time of just a few minutes. This is great for those who are planning to buy multiple domains and then jump on the market quickly. With 24/7 support for customers, is a great alternative for domain transfers too.

It is fitting for, which is its own domain identity, should be one of the first sites you go to look for the domain. Take 25% discount when you use coupon code QuickSPROUT

3 – Porkbun: Best Deals on Unique Extensions

The web as we know it’s been in existence for some time but one of the disadvantages of it is the fact that a lot of the prime property has been sold. It’s almost impossible to locate a genuinely active .com or even if you do locate one, you’re often paying more than the market price for it.

In this case it’s best to use other domain extensions which make your URL simple to remember and to type in. That’s why Porkbun is very useful.

A search for terms on Porkbun will bring up a variety of brand new and popular domain extensions you can pick from. Are you planning to start a blog on the top camping equipment? Get an .reviews TLD. Do you have a portfolio that you can display and earn new gigs? You can try using one of .studio, .art, or .design.

A variety of these unusual but easily-remembered extensions are available on Porkbun for less than $8 for the first year. They have hundreds of options to choose from which means you can make nearly infinite combinations that match your desired keyword phrases for your URL.

In fact, right now you can purchase an .shop extensions for your online store beginning with $2.04 for the first year. It’s a great deal at first and renews for the still affordable $26.85/year following the initial. This is a better price for renewal than almost any other deal in this listing.

You can also buy several years in on the front end, up to 10. You’ll miss out on the fantastic first-year discount however, you’ll have the option of securing your domain for as long as 10 years at Porkbun’s amazing prices. This .shop extension is locked in for 10 years for only $228.93 which is a much cheaper rate than their renewal price.

Additionally each domain purchase includes these extras for no cost:

  • WHOIS privacy
  • SSL certificate
  • Forwarding URLs
  • Trials of Porkbun’s web designer, hosting for websites and email hosting

A large portion of the task of searching for domains today is figuring out the best combination of extensions and keywords. This can be a challenge when you don’t know what’s available. However, Porkbun’s pages for popular TLDs as well as their top deals will help you find an affordable and effective solution. As of the time of article, Porkbun has the lowest price for registration for more than 200 extensions.

Therefore, think of a unique way to design your URL and create something unique that doesn’t cost you an the cost of an arm and leg to sign up. Create your own unique home for your website by registration of a domain using Porkbun.

4. Network Solutions: is the best choice for locking down Domains for decades

It’s essential to secure the domain you want to own. You’ll want to have the best property on the internet to the maximum extent you can without having to worry about renewals, or losing the domain completely.

Network Solutions goes way beyond other registrars available. You can lock in your domain between one year and 100 years.

You’ll need to make a payment in advance for the entire 100 years, if that’s your preferred route to take (and there’s no prorated refunds if you change your mind at the half-century mark). If you’re betting on the long-term viability of your business, organization or your personal image, Network Solutions makes it simple to set your domain for the long run.

A century-long term may be too much however, the options available to the registrar for 20 and 10-year terms are definitely a plus when over the other options listed.

Even if you opt for shorter terms at only $9.99 per domain you’ll obtain protection against expiration. If you fail to renew, can’t in the past, or have an old credit card that won’t be charged once you’re due for renewal, Network Solutions will keep your domain free from rate hikes and poachers for up to one year.

Network Solutions also offers two popular features, domain transfers and private registration but they’re slightly more expensive than the other options listed in terms of price.

The good news is that Network Solutions has better search capabilities than the majority of its competitors, allowing users to make use of their site to offer domains that are expired and place a certified bid on domains held, look through the selection of premium reseller domains look up in bulk searches with up to 25 keywords (or phrases) and also score pre-registration discounts on domain extensions that are new.

In any event it’s the registrar to choose for locking down your ideal domain for the long haul.

Visit Network Solutions to search for your domain today and make use of promo code QUICKSPROUT to take 25 % off.

 5- GoDaddy:  the Best Domain Registrar to Protect Your Personal Data

GoDaddy provides a reasonable and easy domain registrar.

What I like most about these is that they provide the basic privacy of domains and security when you make a domain purchase. This means that personal information such as your email address, address name, your phone number is kept private from public view. You can upgrade it to their complete domain privacy and protection plan to get moreprotection like you find below.

This is ideal if privacy as well as security are important to you. This is a good thing, as it will shield your identity from threats such as hackers, scammers, and others.

They also offer amazing discounts when you combine an existing domain site. You could save as much as 45 percent on your domain and get an excellent website that comes of SEO-related tools as well as privacy security. They also provide a great eCommerce plan for those who are looking to set up an online store.

A different standout feature they provide is their domain search tool that is bulk. In just a couple of clicks, you’ll be able search for more than 500 domains, and buy all of the domains that are available.

This lets you effortlessly register domains or park them using GoDaddy too, perfect should you decide to enter the investing in domains.

If you find that a domain that you desire is not available and you’re not able to get it, GoDaddy offers a Domain Broker Service. They’ll assign a designated agent to serve acting as an intermediary between the owner and you. They’ll help you negotiate the best price you can get for it.

Check out GoDaddy and save up to 45 percent off your domain and site.

6 – Namecheap:  Best Domain Registrar for Tight Budgets

Like their namesake, Name cheap offers excellent domain names at extremely low costs.

They also offer the fastest domain purchase experience. In less than two minutes you can purchase as well as register your domain at a cost that is less than the cost of a meal at UberEats.

There are also a few upsells. There’s nothing that’s confusing in the way of the purchase, there’s nothing to hinder your progress.

It’s everything I would want when buying a domain and everything I’d like to.

If you’re at the point of checkout We’ve got a suggestion for what you should take advantage of: Take your time and ignore all other upsells. In reality, there’s nothing you’ll need to buy additional. Namecheap already offers domain privacy through an WhoisGuard subscription, and it’s free for the duration of time.

It is a must to have WhoisGuard. It’s a privacy security that protects personal information about you from being included in the public WHOIS database. If your domain is registered with Namecheap it will never cost you for WhoisGuard. GoDaddy however, on contrary is charged $10 per year, and most web hosts that provide domain registrations cost $12 per year.

After you’ve purchased your domain, your dashboard will be clear and easy to navigate.

I’ve found the Knowledge Base of Namecheap to be extensive and informative. A well-written documentation is essential purchasing and setting up domains isn’t part of many people’s skills. It’s not something you’re doing every day.

If you require additional support, Namecheap has 24/7 live chat support and a two-hour response time to tickets.

Maximize your budget by purchasing a domain with Namecheap.

Like their namesake, Namecheap offers excellent domain names at extremely affordable costs.

They also provide the fastest domain purchase experience. In less than two minutes you’ll be able purchase as well as register your domain at a cost that is less than that of a typical meal on UberEats.

Additionally, there are a few upsells, there’s nothing unclear regarding the procedure, there’s nothing to hinder your experience.

It’s everything I’d like for a domain purchase experience and everything I need.

When you reach the checkout page, here’s our advice for what upsells to invest into: Don’t pay attention to all of them. Seriously, there’s nothing that you have to buy extra. Namecheap already offers domain privacy through the WhoisGuard subscription. It’s also free forever.

You must have WhoisGuard. It’s an privacy safeguard that blocks your personal information about you from appearing in the public WHOIS Database. As long that your domain’s registered hosted by Namecheap and you don’t be charged the price for WhoisGuard. GoDaddy is on the other hand costs $10 per year, and the majority of web hosts offering domain registrations charge $12/year.

After you’ve bought your domain, your dashboard is clear and easy to navigate.

I’ve found the information base comprehensive and useful. Great documentation is crucial when purchasing and setting up a domain aren’t an area of expertise for most people. It’s just not something you’re doing every day.

If you require more assistance, Namecheap has 24/7 live chat support and a two-hour response time to tickets.

Maximize your budget by purchasing a domain with Namecheap.

7. NameSilo: the Most affordable Domain Deals, with Bulk purchasing

NameSilo is the second fastest-growing domain registrar around the globe. The main reason is the simple and inexpensive method to purchase domains at a bulk price.

In just a couple of clicks and a few clicks, you’ll be able find hundreds of domain names and then purchase these domains. There is a significant discount on large domain purchase.

In reality their lowest rates come around at $8.39 per domain for a year when you buy 5 or more domains. It’s the lowest rate available for domains.

Naturally, it’s true that you’d need purchase enough domains in order to cover a small city, but If your business is looking to take advantage of a variety of brand opportunities or wants to start a domain trading industry then this is the most efficient option to achieve this easily and inexpensively.

There are no upsells and you can get started setting up your domain during checkout, linking it to a third party service (like the website constructor) and entering your own name servers.

Oh I forgot to mention that NameSilo offers domain privacy at no cost (though you’ll need to choose to opt-in by choosing it when you add it to your cart).

You can begin setting up your domain’s name in the checkout flow of NameSilo. Don’t forget to enroll in WHOIS privacy security.

Start using NameSilo today!.

How to Find the Best Domain Registrar for You??

Selecting the best domain registrar to register your company isn’t easy. Even with a list such as this what do you do to choose?

Fortunately, we’re here assist you.

Below are the factors we considered when making our criteria. We evaluated each item against these benchmarks to determine what they did. Utilize them to you make the best choice.


Free vs. Paid Domain Protection

If you register for a domain name, you must provide details for WHOIS. This is a public database with information on users who purchased domain names or established the IP.

Imagine it as a phone book on the Internet. As with a phonebook could use it to locate the personal details (including names, the phone number, email addresses and postal address) of any person who owns a domain.

Spammers are awestruck by spammers love the WHOIS directory. It provides them with easy access to the various individuals they could try to contact, as well as contact details.

Fortunately you can secure the data from their reach with security and privacy for domains.

Most domain registrars, like Namecheap, include WHOIS protection for free. They don’t have to charge $12 per year, like Bluehost.

It could affect your final choice on which domain registrar to choose. You should definitely look up the domain registry’s WHOIS privacy policies and whether you’ll need to purchase it when you check out.

You could also use your business information since it’s publicly available. Don’t ever use private information, though.

Do You Need a Web Host and a Domain?

It is common for domain registrars to provide Web hosting service. It’s also normal for web hosting companies to provide domain registration.

The bundles may seem appealing However, most of the time you need to make sure that each service is distinct.

This allows you to have more flexibility in changing your hosting providers and/or domain registrars in the near future. It also increases the quality of service offered on both.

I’d suggest only to register a domain as well as hosting from the same provider in the event that you don’t plan to purchase additional domains in the near future.

If you’re looking join your domain with a web host, it is recommended to choose Bluehost. Bluehost is the only service who can provide all of those services.

This is a good choice for something unique and straightforward, such as an online blog or a small personal website.

Quick and Easy Domain Transfers

Domain transfers are an incredibly crucial aspect of a successful registry. This is especially true when you’ve chosen for a bundle of services.

Why? It’s as simple as that: you’re likely to transfer your domain, particularly when you’ve opted to combine it with a provider like Bluehost. Although we strongly recommend the use of Bluehost for those who are just starting out but it’s not the only place your site will be based in case you wish to seriously begin to grow your web traffic and online presence.

It is also possible that you will end up having a better deal with an alternative domain registrar later. You might not like the current registrar.

Whatever the motive, you’ll seek out the right domain registrar who has an easy and clear transfer policy. It will not cost you a lot of money or time spent on calling a support representative just to transfer your domain transferred to a different registry.

When you do your research, consider the steps needed in order to move a domain to their platform. Make sure that it’s written in clear and easy to understand words. If you don’t, you could be kicking yourself later on in the future.

Bulk Domain Purchasing

It’s unlikely to apply to the majority of you, but for those who it might apply to, it’s an a crucial consideration.

Is the domain registrar you’re looking into offers bulk purchases? This could be a valuable option for many companies especially when you’re trying to build several websites or you’re trying to enter the domain parking market.

Platforms such as Namecheap, NameSilo, and GoDaddy are excellent alternatives if you wish to buy domains in the bulk. They also offer fantastic promotions and discounts if you choose to do this with them as well.

A few things to remember you’ll need to locate the domain registrar who has an easy and user-friendlybulk buying tool. This means that it’s simple to use and has no additional fees or upsells.

It’s easy to become entangled in the latest gadget only to realize that you’ve purchased an entire set of upsells that you didn’t actually require.

Recap of the Best Domain Registrars for 2021

A domain name purchase can be a bit daunting if you’ve never been through it before. Locating a reputable domain registrar can simplify your life. The best choices are:

  1. Bluehost Ideal for starting your first site
  2. is the best choice for hassle-free domain transfer
  3. Porkbun — Best deals on unique domain extensions
  4. Network Solutions Ideal to secure domains for many years
  5. GoDaddy — Best domain registrar for protecting your personal data
  6. Namecheap — Best domain registrar for tight budgets
  7. NameSilo — The most affordable domains with the option of bulk purchase

No matter what your circumstances or budget, no matter what kind, you’ll be in a position to purchase a domain from any of the registrars listed on this list.

Need to start from the beginning? Bluehost’s free domain name service that comes along with web hosting is the ideal starting point for newbies and websites to begin. is a great choice for the majority of people’s buying needs for domains, and it’s the best option to transfer domains. Don’t forget that you can take 25% off when you use coupon code Quicksprout .

Have a tight budget? Namecheap is the most affordable choice in the marketplace overall. NameSilo will give you a bargain on large domain purchases.

What’s the point of having a domain if you don’t be able to keep it for the long run? By using Network Solutions you can lock your domain down for years, or even for a whole century.

If privacy is important to you, GoDaddy is a good option. They are not only affordable with bulk and single-domain purchases and bulk purchases, but you also get WHOIS privacy at no cost. You can also add additional security and privacy features with them that you cannot find anywhere else.

With numerous .com URLs taken or being resold for a price that is astronomical costs, Porkbun is the most efficient instrument for registering and finding other domain extensions. You’ll also get the best price for these domains, too.

You now know enough to be able to take your business to the next level and find a bargain on domain names. Have fun!

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