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What is Wix Velo? Everything you Need to Know

A brief introduction to Wix Velo

Wix Velo also known as “Velo by Wix” as it’s sometimes called as, is a full-stack web development platform developed by the company that is known as one of the simplest website-building tools available. Wix Velo assists developers develop more sophisticated effective solutions that are easy to use for creation managing, deployment and management.

Although wix is most famous for its easiest tools for code-free web developing around, it offers a variety of other options to choose from based on the specific requirements of you. Wix Velo integrates into your Wix ecosystem to allow you to create more sophisticated websites. This means that you can build and manage databases easily and create dynamic pages and even host content created by users.

If you’re a JavaScript expert JavaScript expertise, you can also design custom interactions such as menus that fold and make use of the API provided by Wix for connecting your website to other applications like Google Drive, Facebook, or Zapier.

Today, we’ll explain exactly how Wix Velo can do.

Introducing Wix Velo

Wix Velo is a tool to provide Wix editors with the tools they require to create more immersive websites and applications. You can tap into your artistic side and your programming skills to make the most advanced enterprise projects. Users can also reduce a substantial amount of money through cutting their typical development time by half.

Visual UI tools as well as a fast set-up environment allow you to eliminate hours of coding and maintenance work, so you can get the work completed much quicker. You can also access secure hosting, which means you’re sure to be able to rest assured that you need to secure your service or application.

Already, many businesses have used Velo as an application to help them create, manage, and deploy technology at a rapid pace. Velo is a platform that combines all of the tools that companies require today to transform their ideas into apps that are professional. It includes:

  • Database for information collection
  • Dynamic pages
  • Node.JS server
  • Collections of databases from outside
  • Monitoring of the site
  • Connections to elements of the site
  • Wix stores
  • Wix booking
  • Wix CRM
  • Wix Payment API
  • Wix Blog
  • User Input
  • Tools for marketing and integrations
  • Import and Export
  • Analytics
  • Roles and Permissions
  • Members Area
  • Coding
  • Release manager
  • Roles and Permissions
  • Members Area
  • Customized interactions
  • Wix editor elements
  • Database APIs
  • HTTP functions
  • Web-based web modules
  • Routers

As you will observe, Wix Velo definitely has plenty to provide. We’ll go into the features a bit more in the next paragraph however, first let’s look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of Wix Velo.

Wix Velo Pros and Cons

Wix Velo is an interesting strategy of Wix to provide developers with additional tools needed to make incredible websites and apps. While it’s not the most comprehensive programming system available but it’s among the most simple tools to use. All you have to do is press some buttons and you’ll have the ability to build your very first database within a matter of minutes.


  • There aren’t any technical issues related to things like maintenance and installations.
  • The bulk working is completed behind the scenes by Wix
  • Even if you’re using API calls or JavaScript however, you don’t necessarily require this information to begin developing your first web sites and applications.
  • It is possible to make your expenditure in Wix more effective by incorporating dynamic pages and hooking databases to additional stunning websites.
  • You’ll be able to access a variety of tutorials and guides to help you start your journey.
  • There’s a group available should you require assistance


  • You’ll have to purchase an account to manage your website.
  • There isn’t access Wix source codes. Wix source code
  • You can’t utilize PHP to run server-side scripts
  • The Wix code can only be run inside the Wix ecosystem

In the end, Wix Velo is a platform that was specifically designed for a specific group of users. It’s not an extremely flexible programming platform, which means it’s not possible to move codes from one platform to another when you wish to. However you don’t require an extensive knowledge of programming to begin. If you’ve got plenty of experience in coding then this option might be more basic for you. If you don’t have any programming prior experience, Wix will help you to dive in headfirst.

It is true that the Wix Velo user interface is extremely powerful but it comes with a number of restrictions, including not having connection to PHP. In general, the tool appears targeted at people who already have an existing Wix website and want to ensure they can accomplish as much as they can using it.

Wix Velo Features: The Database Features

Wix Velo is a Wix Velo ecosystem is split into several different components to let you unleash the maximum potential of the application. It starts in an element called the “database” system. It is the area where you’ll be able to save the various records as well as content in collections making them accessible any time you want to use them on your site. The database environment includes:

  • Pages that are dynamic One page layout that offers unlimited possibilities for pages. It is possible to create pages that have their own URL with SEO, content, and URL for specific reasons.
  • Connect Elements Connecting elements of a website is simple. There’s no requirement to write one line of code to begin.
  • user input as well as customized forms You’ll have the ability to design customized forms using distinct elements that can submit data anywhere you want.
  • Export or import Import your data from a collection or codebase or collect it elsewhere.
  • External databases Create services or databases to virtual collections, and incorporate that information within your programs.
  • Database connects This feature allows users to build connections between databases to create master-detail layouts.

Wix features let you build a range of pages that include dynamic pages due to the database function. After you’ve created the database using Wix by using the basic backend interface, you just need to build an example of dynamic content by using fake content, and then connect the fields to the components that make up the page. The Wix software handles everything else by creating pages specific to every row of data.

Databases also let you make repeating layouts. Simply select an appropriate repetition layout using the options (Lists as well as Grids) and then modify it to meet your requirements and then connect elements to the appropriate field within your database.

Wix lets webmasters gather information about users and then keep it in databases, by through a form, and connecting it to a data set. From there, you can convert the field fields of the form into the right database entries each when a user fills out an application, the data is automatically stored into your database.


Wix Velo Features: The Coding Features

The next set within Wix’s Velo environment fall into “coding. “coding” category. This will affect the way you interact with Code within your Wix Velo setting. Like we said it is likely that you’ll require at least some basic coding skills to begin although maybe not as much as you’d require to construct an application or site from scratch.

The Wix code environment offers:

  • Node.JS server: Used for front-end and backend JavaScript writing
  • Site monitoring: Integrations with third party system for logging, so you can observe and review logs and application errors.
  • Release manager: Set up a release manager to slowly release content and release updates to your website or application.
  • Custom interactions: Add code events to elements of the site for custom customer interactions.
  • APIs These APIs Wix Editor Element APIs allow users to write code that regulates the behavior of various website elements. Remember that you’ll need an extensive knowledge of coding.
  • Data APIs for Databases. You’ll be able to access Wix Data and Wix Dataset APIs to expand and manage data within your collection.
  • Web Modules: These components permit you to invoke backend functions directly from your client’s code directly.
  • HTTP functions HTTP Functions: With HTTP Functions you are able to create serverless functions that expose the functionality of your website by way of API
  • Routers: Routers enable Wix developers to develop customized search engine optimization and route descriptions to certain web pages on their websites.
  • NPM packages: NPM packages permit users to download Node packages and integrate with other JavaScript libraries
  • A built-in Online IDE feature allows you to code more efficiently with the help of an IDE built-in which includes code completion as well as syntax highlights.
  • Functional testing Test backend: Trigger and test capabilities within the IDE and have an access point to the Wix editor
  • Velo packages: Play around with and install code packages created by Velo to improve the efficiency of your site quickly.

Wix Velo Review: Business Features

The customized functionality you can build for your Wix website using Wix Velo is great for anyone looking expand beyond standard features offered by most drag-and drop solutions. By using Wix Velo, you are able to alter the way you interact with your customers on your online store and add distinctive elements to your web applications as well as other features. To help businesses, Wix Velo offers a special set of features that will assist you in increasing conversions.

In the dropdown menu of business that includes HTML templates and web-based applications, you’ll see:

  • Wix store are tools to enhance the performance of your store’s web pages
  • Reservations on Wix CSS and HTML solutions to accept reservations from customers
  • Wix CRM is a tool to manage relations with Wix customers
  • The Wix API Find new ways to accept payment on your website
  • Wix blog Web developers are able to make use of this blog feature to include more features to their blogs
  • Roles and Permissions Web designers with experience can assign users specific roles on their website, for example, separating users from administrators
  • Members ‘ area: Wix can enable Velo users to build exclusive members areas for subscribers to websites that includes their own landing page as well as distinct elements

Wix Velo Review: Marketing Features

The last part in Velo’s environment is focused on marketing. Wix.com is, as do many other website builders, has various marketing options such as integrations with top SEO tools to help establish your online presence. The Wix Velo platform lets you create more specific strategies for your business. The main areas of focus for the Wix Velo marketing tools include:

  • Integrations and marketing tools:Just as you can develop a myriad of integrations between third-party software on WordPress and Wix, you can create them using Wix. Integrations with marketing tools will assist you in tracking the performance of your marketing processes as well as set up A/B tests and much more.
  • Analytics Companies can design custom-made events that trigger Google analytics Facebook Pixel, and Google tag manager for greater insight.
  • SEO It is possible to alter the SEO settings of your website can be a game changer for many businesses. You’ll be able adjust things such as SEO patterns, metadata description and titles

The robust Wix software development platform implies that most of the modifications you’ll do to your site will likely be made using connections to other tools.

What Can Wix Velo Do?

Wix Velo, like Wix Corvid and Wix ADI are all examples of how the company is trying to reach out to a wider population with their technological. In its own terms it, this Wix site builder may not be exactly the most sophisticated solution for developing websites. While you can make simple changes to your site with The Wix Editor, and integrate with Wix Apps however, the capabilities aren’t anywhere near what you can expect from something similar to Wix Velo, and the Wix Velo API environment.

Simply put, Wix Velo gives you the tools to extend the capabilities of Wix can offer, providing developers with a means to interface with its native tongue of Wix platform (JavaScript). This means that professionals can connect their site to a variety of online websites, and connect various elements of Wix including the Bookings application and Contact page.

In addition you will find that the Wix code experience is much simpler than learning to code an entire site completely from scratch. There is plenty of help with the process of connecting elements. Beginning users can handle bigger sites and more complex projects with less experience. However, there are negatives too.

Understanding how to utilize Wix Velo does not mean that you’ll be able to code websites from zero. It’s just a basic understanding of the basics of using Velo but it won’t translate into various open-source website development projects or similar tasks. In addition while Velo is more user-friendly than other programming environments, it has an learning curve.

Finishing Thoughts on Wix Velo

If you have some prior experience in programming, or would rather invest an hour or two into developing your understanding regarding this Wix Velo platform, you are sure to benefit from this program. The Wix Velo interface is user-friendly and flexible, offering numerous opportunities to design customized experiences and interactions.

The more adept you become in navigating the Velo landscape and the more you are able to explore things like making your own web-based applications or developing unique and dynamic web pages. But, Velo won’t be the ideal choice for all users. The software doesn’t allow PHP servers-side code development that is challenging for serious developers.

Furthermore, learning to utilize Wix Velo takes much more time and effort than just making a site using some of the drag-and-drop features offered by the basic Wix platform, or alternatively, Shopify. If you’re looking to achieve ease of use and quick speed, Velo isn’t the fastest choice available.

We’d definitely suggest Wix Velo to anyone who is impressed by the capabilities of a software such as Wix but would like to accomplish more with the technology. You’ll have to commit to your learning for a while before you get the basics down and the basics, it’s not long to see the advantages of your Velo expertise in coding.


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