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Top Lead Generation Companies and Services

The lead generation process is the vitality of your business.

Without leads that are qualified it is a waste of time trying to market in the darkness.

There are a myriad of lead generation services and companies available in the present. However, not all offer quality leads.

As I’m sure you’ve guessed 1,000 leads that are qualified are far more important than random email addresses.

No matter if you’re setting up a start-up business or are a well-established firm, every business needs customers to stay afloat. The best lead generation service will provide the services you require to help your business grow.

This is the Best Lead Generation Companies and Services

  1. LeadGeneration
  2. Callbox
  3. Upcall
  5. DiscoverOrg
  6. CandorWorks
  7. Overdrive Interactive

With the number of lead generation firms to select from, narrowing down your choice can be an impossible task. You’ve come to the right spot.

I’ve done all the exhaustive research needed to determine the most effective lead generation service. After hours of research I discovered seven leads I’m confident in recommending.

I’ve included a thorough review of each of the lead generation firms below. These reviews will assist you to determine the most effective lead generation company for your company.

The Leading Lead Generation Companies and Services Reviews:

1 – Lead Generation

Lead Generation is an excellent Lead generation tool.

They offer services to famous brands such as Aeropostale, Toshiba, and J.G. Wentworth. So you’ll be in great company if you work with their services.

They will provide an exclusive management team to assist your needs. The team develops an approach to lead development that is specific to the organization you work for.

You won’t be given an ineffective list of leads that don’t aid.

Leads are generated and then delivered directly to your in-person. Leads are delivered through text messages, email as well as directly through your CRM platform. Lead Generation can be integrated with CRM applications such as:

  • Salesforce
  • HubSpot
  • Highrise
  • Zoho
  • Infusionsoft
  • Pipedrive
  • Sugar CRM

Do not worry if your business has a different method of delivering leads. Get in touch with LeadGeneration’s LeadGeneration sales team to discuss the possibility of a custom integration and the lead delivery method.

The project management team at LeadGeneration will assist you in developing specific lead generation campaigns. They use a multi-channel approach and specialize in campaigns that are related to:

  • SEO or Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social media
  • Paid search
  • Whitepapers
  • Public Relations and Brand Awareness
  • Content distribution
  • Web development
  • Email marketing
  • Lead nurturing
  • Call tracker
  • Landing page creation
  • Setting appointment
  • Follow-up of the lead

As with most lead generation firms the pricing for lead generation is not accessible on the internet. You’ll have to ask for an estimate depending on your specific requirements. It’s possible to get free consultation by asking some basic questions.

You just need to give your company’s name, address, telephone number, email address, customers (B2B or B2C) as well as the budget for your month. Budget choices range between less than $1,000 and $10,000or more.

2- Callbox

Callbox specialises with B2B leads generation. If you are the owner or manager of an enterprise of a medium or small size, Callbox will be a ideal solution to think about.

I love this company since they provide special lead generation products that are targeted to specific niches. Callbox not only provides Callbox offer leads to B2B businesses and more specifically they offer B2B leads within these categories:

  • IT and Software
  • Consultancy
  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Advertising

When you first begin working with Callbox They’ll create an inventory of businesses that meet your business’s profile. Callbox goes to the next level by identifying most important stakeholders and potential customers in these companies.

Callbox will be in contact with these potential customers across all channels by through various media communications.

Making appointments and then confirming those meetings with a competent lead is the last step in their procedure.

When you talk with a lead already been through a series of steps through Callbox. The leads are well-prepared and ready for sales.

Alongside lead generation Callbox also offers databases as well as event marketing services and marketing that is based on accounts. Callbox takes the heavy lifting off of your hands to help with Lead generation for B2B.

3- Upcall

Upcall blends robust technology with top-quality sales professionals to create leads.

They’re trusted by big names such as LG, Airbnb, QuickBooks and Farmers Insurance.

It’s that easy: Upcall provides your business with a team of expert callers. They’ll take the calls and communicate with leads on your behalf. You’ll have the ability to see and follow their progress in real-time through Upcalls user-friendly software.

It’s a fantastic lead generation system that doesn’t require any touch. It gives you everything you require to connect with a potential customer, but without having to actually conduct the call by yourself.

I love Upcall because they don’t waste time in contacting leads. Every time a new lead is discovered Upcall gets in touch with them within minutes.

The calls are handled by experienced veterans. The more than 1 million call calls are completed by the experts at Upcall.

There are four major service categories:

Lead Generation

  • Cold calling
  • Candidate screening
  • Setting appointment
  • Telemarketing
  • Outsourcing sales

Lead Qualification

  • Facebook’s influence
  • Scheduling appointments and confirmation
  • Lead nurturing
  • Upselling and cross-selling

Market Research

  • Phone surveys
  • Stock check
  • Mystery shopping
  • Data collection
  • Fundraising

Customer Engagement

  • Customer feedback
  • Customer retention
  • Follow-up on the event
  • A reminder to pay
  • Customer surveys

Upcall is a service that can be utilized to support customers throughout their entire experience process. From the generation of leads to feedback from customers Upcall offers a variety of solutions for companies of all sizes.

4 – The CIENCE

CIENCE is a combination of human intelligence and machine learning to create leads for B2B companies.

They offer four “people-as-a-service” (PaaS) models for you to consider:

SDR Team

  • Two devoting staffers (researcher as well as SDR)
  • 3-month pilot program
  • Affordable 40 hours of working per person
  • About 1,000 leads per month.
  • Maximum 25 SDR teams for a company.

Inbound SDR Team

  • 1 staff member dedicated (inbound sales associate)
  • Monthly service cost
  • Guaranteed 40 hours per week
  • Maximum 15 SDR’s inbound inbound per company


  • 1 staff member dedicated (researcher)
  • Monthly service charge
  • Guaranteed 40 hours per week
  • About 750-1,250 leads per month
  • Max 10 researchers per company


  • Unlimited staff
  • Cost based upon the contract
  • Each week, every month and per lead for project list of deliverability
  • Outputs determined by contract

Aren’t sure what you require? Do not worry, you can tailor your PaaS plans to provide lead generation. You can pick one or a few of the teams listed above.

CIENCE offers solutions to businesses, sales teams and marketing managers too. With CIENCE you will be able to ensure that your sales team is selling throughout the day.

Lead response and research prospecting is a task that can be assigned to the team that is outsourced to CIENCE. It will free you and your team time to concentrate on other aspects to expand your company.

5 – DiscoverOrg

DiscoverOrg is a database for business contacts. They’ll connect you directly to B2B leads and will provide you with information about your company and sales data to provide you the information needed to pitch to a potential customer.

DiscoverOrg ensures that their data has at best 95% precise. The process they employ blends researchers and technology with.

Specialties and expertise areas from DiscoverOrg are:

  • Sales leadership
  • Sales development
  • Demand generation and marketing
  • Operations for marketing and sales
  • Recruiting

Cloud-based platforms are easy and simple for everyone to utilize. It will provide you with an advantage over your B2B competition.

One of the cool things about DiscoverOrg is the trial for free. It’s not something you see all that often when it comes to lead generation sector. If you’re contemplating a move You can try it out without committing to anything.

The trial for free will include:

  • Organization chart for departments
  • Verified email addresses
  • Direct line numbers
  • Data on intent and buying signals
  • Technological and firmographic details
  • Responsibilities and duties of the job

This trial is a great way to get started with Discover Org. It provides a clear picture of what the database offers however on an enumeration level.

6 – Candor Works

Candor Works lets your team concentrate on sales while managing your lead-generation process.

The company is specialized on integrated demand generation. It allows them to offer an uninterrupted stream of high-quality leads to your company.

Candor Works promises 100% accuracy of their lead data. If you find invalid leads Candor Works can replace the leads. The only leads you pay for are produced and qualified leads. They’ll also help you with strategies, guidance execution and follow-up of the lead-generation campaigns you run.

I am a fan of Candor Works because they offer a variety of pricing models that fit the requirements and preferences of various companies:

  • Retainer-based
  • Fixed fee
  • Project is based on
  • Performance-based

Alongside lead generation CandorWorks offers marketing information management services, account-based advertising along with MarTech-related management.

Engaging with CandorWorks is very adaptable. It is easy to ramp-up or reduce your preferences and there are no charges for signing up in advance.

7 – Overdrive Interactive

Overdrive Interactive specializes in end-to-end demand and lead generation for enterprises. This service assists you to maintain and improve your most effective channel for lead generation.

The strategy begins with every stage that the buyer journey takes. From the first impression a potential customer gets to the last nurture message that eventually converts, Overdrive Interactive is there every step of the way.

Overdrive Interactive will engineer an complete marketing system to generate leads that is in sync with sales and marketing efforts of your business.

The multi-channel strategy for creating leads and generating demand include:

  • Marketing that is based on account
  • Paid search
  • SEO or Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Retargeting
  • Inbound marketing
  • Marketing via social media
  • Social media management for paid
  • Email list rental
  • Sponsorship of newsletters
  • Content development
  • Automating marketing
  • Testing and development of landing pages
  • Mobile advertising
  • Digital PR and native ads

Global corporations in healthcare, finance technology, consumer, and finance industries rely on Overdrive Interactive for lead generation. Some of their most-respected clients are Dell, GE, Samsonite, IBM, John Hancock, AIG, and Harley Davidson.

How to Choose the Most Effective Lead Generation Service and Company for Your business?

The search for the most effective lead generation solution for your company could be difficult. There are some aspects you can take into consideration to help you make a decision process.

This is the method we use for narrowing your choices:

Niche-Specific Leads

Beware of lead generation firms that cater meant for “everyone.” It is likely that you will not get the most reliable and precise leads by doing this. Certain services are specialized in B2B while others are more suitable for small-sized businesses as well as B2C businesses.

Choose an agency that can generate leads and has expertise in your field. It doesn’t matter if it’s healthcare, technology or retail, look for a company that is that is in your field.

Lead Generation Process

The process of generating leads isn’t developed equally. Each service has distinct ways in which they create leads. It is important to choose a service according to how you would like to receive your leads.

Some companies will just give you leads’ names with contact details. Others take the additional step of contacting leads and arranging dates for you.

There are lead generation companies that provide PaaS (people-as-a-service), which essentially means you’re outsourcing a full-time lead generation staff.

Do you only need leads delivered? Do you need leads scoring information and nurture assistance? These are some of the questions you should think about when you are evaluating the lead generation processes of a business.

Competitive Price

However, many lead generation providers don’t advertise their prices on the internet. It’s because they offer specific quotes that is based on your specific requirements.

You might also obtain an estimate from one of your top choices. The cost should be reasonable and in line with your budget. If not the lead generation process can negatively impact your ROI.

Certain companies provide different pricing options. You may only be charged for leads who are qualified. Others may be billed on a contract or monthly basis for each campaign.


Each lead generation service will succeed in selling their services on their website. But , it is up to you

You could do some research by yourself before you make your final choice.

Check out the case studies, customer reviews and testimonials to discover the ways in which this company has assisted businesses in generating leads. If you are unable to find this information online, you might want to think about looking at a different service.


A lot of companies have had success creating leads through the social networks. There’s plenty you can achieve by spending no money and creating an organic online presence. But it will take time.

A lead generation solution can significantly improve your sales process today. You’ll get qualified leads and your sales staff will be able to spend more time selling.

With so many lead generation companies available it’s really just the few I’d recommend.

Whatever your business’s structure or sector you’re in will find the information you’re looking for in this list.

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