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Volusion Pricing (Nov 2021): The Complete Guide

Volusion is considered to be one of the most “out-of-the-box” ecommerce solutions as it allows for small-sized businesses to started and sell their products in a fast and simple method. The templates that are less expensive are simple, however they’ll do the job. There is also the option to invest a bit more in order to create something individual. Find out how you can choose the right Volusion Pricing plan along with other suggestions and tricks regarding the Volusion ecommerce platform.

Volusion offers an affordable choice that I highly recommend trying the 14-day trial in order to test the system first. However, it’s difficult to determine which plan of payment is best for you following your trial. Over the past one year Volusion changed their entire pricing model in response to feedback from customers and also in order to be more closely against Shopify as well as BigCommerce.

This is why I created an in-depth analysis of every pricing plan that outlines everything you’ll pay for when you select Volusion. Volusion platform. Find out what plan is best suited to your needs right now.

Volusion Pricing How Much Does Volusion cost?

Volusion offers four price plans you can choose from, beginning with the personal plan. The Professional plan costs only $79 per month and the final plan is the Business plan that costs $299.99 per month. The premier custom plan is created for your company from the beginning and has a distinctive cost. You’ll get 10% off each payment if you sign up for a year-long.

Comparing Volusion Pricing Plans

If you’re considering making use of Volusion to create the online stores of your dreams, you’ll have to think about several things that range from the type of features you’ll obtain from this application and the excellent customer service available.

However, the main factor for entrepreneurs will always be the budget. Even the top online shopping cart or software for e-commerce is useless in the event that you aren’t able to purchase it.

Volusion isn’t the most affordable eCommerce service available. When compared to other platforms designed specifically for newbies, such as Squarespace or Wix the Volusion service can be quite costly. But, you receive a variety of features for the amount you pay. Additionally, even though Volusion is highly feature-rich, the features you get cost the ease of use.

Let’s glance at pricing plans that you may be able to look into should you be considering making a decision to invest in Volusion.

Volusion Personal Plan

Its Volusion Personal Plan is designed specifically for small-scale retailers. It comes with an upper limit of PS50k annually with a max upload capacity of 100 items. What’s amazing to know about Volusion is that there aren’t any charges for transactions are included in any of their plans. in addition, credit card charges can be set to 2.15 percent which is a great deal in comparison to seemingly higher competitors like the Shopify (2.9 30% + 30c) or BigCommerce (2.9 percent + 30c).

Since the beginning of this year, too Volusion has offered unlimited bandwidth on all their plans and is on par with rivals. In the past, they offered 1G of bandwidth on their cheapest plan, which was quite restrictive and turned off many startups.

In the personal plan and also on the personal plan, you have access to one employee account. That means that every person who logs in will share the same access rights and will be granted the same permissions. This is the reason it was designed for small businesses. If you are a larger workforce and wish to split the degree of access for specific departments, you could think about an Professional package.


If you are on the personal plan, you will only be able to access the chat feature on the internet. Support can be reached 24 hours a day and usually takes several hours to respond. It’s worth noting that Volusion’s primary support team is located at its headquarters located in Austin, Texas. This means that it could take longer for you if you’re not an US retailer.

Volusion is also provides an assistance center divided into various categories to help you meet your requirements as a business owner:

  • Get Started
  • Launch Your Business
  • Grown Your Business
  • Run Your Business
  • Design Your Website
  • Know Your Numbers
  • Extend Your Site
  • Release Notes
  • Connect With Customers
  • Developers

In each section, you’ll find an array of information that will assist you in getting your business off the ground. This is especially useful for people who are just starting out and you can evaluate each article on how useful it is. The articles are updated often, and for instance the whole “Launch Your Business” system was last week updated.

Volusion Personal Plan: Features

Through the personal plan, you have an online checkout that is secure and also the ability to accept payment securely. This is crucial to get trust from your customers as well as to ensure they finish their transactions.

You can access eleven free responsive themes in their store. This may not seem like an amount however, there’s a impressive selections available, to ensure that you will find something that fits the essence of your business.

Volusion offers integrated social media into their own plan that allows you to share an item or category via your Dashboard directly to social channels. Facebook will automatically generate an image on the product’s page however, Twitter doesn’t offer the option of including an image.

It is also possible to take advantage of Volusion’s SEO tools built-in. Just go into the Inventory Categories Categories and then include a meta title as well as meta description and keywords to your product or the pages of your category.

Volusion is also a useful tool that can help you manage your inventory through identifying your products using SKU numbers, so that you don’t have to spend time looking for. Also, it allows you to maintain track of return items using a simple returns merchandise authorization process which allows you to easily determine the product that was returned and by which customer to quickly credit the item.

Price $29 per month (monthly), $26.10 per month (annually)

Who is Volusion Personal Best For?

The Personal Plan is the barebones solution for all sellers on the e-commerce market. It’s perfect for companies that is just beginning to test the waters the realm of selling on ecommerce. The 100 items are enough to test whether Volusion or online selling generally, is the right choice for you. I like this also for small businesses or inventors that just sell a few special products. You can’t go wrong with the price of $29 per month, too.

Volusion Professional Plan

The Professional Plan is the second option in Volusion’s pricing plans that is designed specifically for online sellers who are selling up to $100k in a year. That amounts to double that of the Personal plan.

There are also no charges for transactions and capacity is unlimitable. The speed is definitely in terms of products that are part of the professional plan since you can add up to 5000 items. You can also access five staff accounts, so you can assign responsibilities and gain access to the level of the store’s owner.


The Professional Plan provides accessibility to our help desk along with live chat service, as along with telephone assistance.

Access is available 24/7 to assistance via phone and support in three countries that include the US, UK and Australia. The numbers for support are:

1.800.646.6517 – US
0800.520.0312 – UK
1800.55.28.65 – Australia

You can also make calls from your Volusion dashboard to speak with an agent at your time.

Volusion Professional Plan: Features

Volusion Professional Plan amps up the features a lot from personal plan.

Abandoned cart reports are included as part of the Professional Plan that will assist you in get those customers back. Reviews and ratings are included in this plan, to build a community and demonstrating how many customers are satisfied with your product. People trust the opinions of other customers which is why this is a great method of conversion.

Additionally, you can use tools to create marketing emails via email. You can then create and analyse the results of your marketing campaigns within the Volusion dashboard.

It is also possible to import and export data into your store through an CSV file. Many companies already have lists of their customers and products, therefore it’s good to be able to import a spreadsheet to make your store up and running.

You are also able to take orders via phone with the Professional Plan, this is especially beneficial if you sell very complex or expensive items and your customers would like to talk to someone before making a purchase.

In addition, you can make use of Volusion’s CRM program. In case you get questions from your customers regarding the products or services you offer, you can save them within the system. This helps ensure that the communication between your employees and customers run exactly as they ought to.

Price $79 per month (monthly), $71.10 per month (annually)

Who is Volusion Professional Best For?

Volusion Professional is perfect for small businesses which is already generating cash flow in the form of sales, and they are looking to establish more sophisticated methods like rating products and imports. The reports on abandoned carts show that you have a plan to plan for the future and are willing to invest some extra cash to project your forecast using these reports. You can also send out emails with marketing messages to attract customers back. As we’ve mentioned before, phone support can be particularly beneficial for those who sell costly products.

Volusion Business Plan

Volusion’s Volusion Business Plan is where the top-of-the-line customers are. The plan has a limit of $500k per year in online sales (not including telephone orders). Also, there are no transaction costs and you get unlimited bandwidth. You are also able to list an unlimited number of products This is great when you want to make use of the export and import capabilities offered to you.

Additionally, you have access to 15 accounts for staff, so there’s more flexibility to define responsibilities for your team. This includes office personnel in addition to inventory or warehouse workers.


You can access the online and telephone support just as you would on the professional plan, but you will have priority access and be able to have your calls handled prior to users of the two plans with lower prices.

Alongside support, you can also count on an experienced team of success specialists who can offer assistance on your journey to ecommerce.

Volsuion Business Plan: Features

In addition to all the features that were included in the earlier plan, Volusion Business comes with an Amazon and eBay integration.

This lets you sell your products seamlessly on Amazon or eBay. You can build your listings for these channels from within your Volusion store, and then fulfill and ship your orders without having to leave your administrator area.

You could also concentrate on your customers by offering daily deals as well as a loyalty program. Daily deals, like the one illustrated below, permits you to promote a specific item on your site, as well as your social media and email campaigns.

It is the Volusion Business Plan gives you the possibility of offering something to your customers , based on the amount of reward points they have earned.

Access to APIs is the primary highlight of this plan as it lets you modify the appearance and function of your website so that you really show the best aspects of your brand and make your store appear unique.

You are able to go above and beyond the standard report that is included on the two other pricing plans. You can monitor and compare sales between two products or categories while also creating custom reports.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to connect with Volusion’s trusted and reliable shipping partners such as FedEx, UPS and the United States Postal Service. This means that you don’t need to figure out which is the most affordable rate for your customers. Live rates are sourced from the suppliers and shipping charges are determined.

Along with third party shipping options, you can also access more than 30 payment gateways. Your customers will have the ability to pay for your site using PayPal as well as Amazon that can accelerate the checkout process and boost your conversion rates.

At the time of setting up during the setup phase, one of Volusion’s eCommerce consultants will assist you in modifying your website and assist you in making it operational quickly, so that you can concentrate on the way you plan to announce the launch.

Price Monthly: $299 (monthly), $269.10 per month (annually)

Who is Volusion Business Plan Best For?

The Volusion Business plan is designed for midsize to large businesses that have a sound marketing budget. If you employ a web design professional or someone who has these capabilities on your team the plan gives you access to the API for the website and lets you not opt for already-designed Volusion templates.

In the end, I’d recommend it to a company that has already made a profit and would like to expand its reach using new methods of marketing, like loyalty programs, deals and discounts of the moment.

Volusion Prime Plan

On Volusions’ Prime Plan the monthly price is determined by the annual sales you make and is designed for those who earn more than $500k per year.

You can have unlimited amounts of employee accounts in this system which is ideal for high-end or enterprise sellers.

Volsuion Prime: Support

In addition to support via phone and online You also get VIP support, which is a level higher than prior support. You have access to exclusive support representatives who can help you in the areas of Design, Finance Marketing, and Engineering. Each of them can provide diverse and devoted support to enable you to reach your highest potential.

Volsuion Prime: Features

Alongside everything that is that is included in the business plans, you also get a personal Account Manager from Volusion.

The concept behind this is to let you to focus working on your company, and let the account manager offer strategies for optimizing your site as well as arranging to a private training session. You’ll still need to handle the majority of your website however, the account manager is your contact person in case you need help or any issues that arise.

Price: Custom

Who is This Plan Best For?

The Volusion Prime Plan is best suited for stores that require lots of space to expand. If you’re planning to grow quickly or selling a lot of items through your website then this plan is for you. It’s not a guarantee you’ll have an account manager who will be able be able to manage your entire site for you. However, it’s good to have a personal contact should anything go wrong.

What amount of money you’ll spend on hosting and domains with Volusion?

Remember that Volusion is not an enterprise-level E-commerce solution however they do recommend Mozu for businesses that needs that. You’ll need to reach Mozu to request a quote.

When it comes to domain names, Volusion sells these directly on its website. They usually cost about $11.99 for the first year.

Technically speaking, Volusion hosting is available at no cost when you sign up an amount for the plan we mentioned in the previous paragraphs. However, you need to buy the safe SSL certificate to ensure that you are legal and to show your customers that you’re secure with their data. These certificates cost only $89 for a year, (or $149 for two) years.

What About Volusion Apps and Themes?

Volusion provides the majority of tools you require to manage an eCommerce store as part of its offerings which include the ability to accept a variety of payments via all of them, from Stripe through PayPal. As this isn’t an exhaustive Volusion review and we’re not going go over everything you can do and cannot use using Volusion in this article.

However, it’s important to provide a quick overview to the add-ons and plugins that are available for Volusion because some of these add-ons could raise the price you have to pay for Volusion all-in-all.

While Volusion offers robust features within its standard packages, it is possible to enhance the capabilities to handle tasks like refunds on shipping or small-business accounting. Volusion App Store Volusion App Store has everything you need to do this and more, including Quickbooks integrations and other tools which help you track the inventory at your points of sale. Most of them are available for free, however, depending on the features you’re seeking, you could be charged a fixed or monthly charge. For instance Order Cup Shipping Tool costs $20 per month. shipping tool for the Order Cup costs $20 per month.

It is also worth looking at applications that will aid your business’s growth online. Many companies utilize plugins made by Volusion and other tools for eCommerce to boost their search engine Optimization strategy. SEO plugins that aid in helping you be visible on Google pages for search engines will increase your chance of earning more money, which means you can have more money to invest in your eCommerce tools.

If you’re not sure, you can opt to explore third-party apps that can help with your payment processing or marketing. While Volusion offers a range of marketing tools such as newsletter management it is possible to enhance the functionality of Volusion with more functionality. You could even opt to connect your website with your Facebook store for more opportunities to sell as time passes. Maybe you’d like to connect the Volusion website to one of the payment processors, such as to allow contactless transactions and transactions with credit cards on the go. This is a fantastic solution for people looking to transform their online shop into an online pop-up.

Ecommerce themes for websites created by Volusion are known as templates and the basic ones are available for free. If you are looking to enhance the appearance of your website you could end up paying between $50 and $1000. Services for designing are available, but you need to contact Volusion for a quote.

Volusion Pricing: Are they appropriate for you?

There are plenty of websites builders to choose from currently, each offering their particular set of features that you should look at. The most important thing to consider when choosing the most suitable product for your requirements is to select a product that has all of the features you require at the price you can afford.

The good news is that most businesses consider Volusion policies to provide great value-for-money, especially for those expanding.

Volusion‘s revamp of pricing plans has resulted in an enormous improvement. They are now on par with their rivals like Shopify and BigCommerce because they are more generous in their bandwidth. Their approach of offering zero fee for transactions and credit card charges that are low of 2.15 percent means they are far ahead of their competitors in this field.

Discounts for annual subscriptions of up to 10% can be a great option to save money and to reward customers who intend to remain beyond a year. Volusion’s plans are perfect for small-scale bands that are one-person up to an enterprise-level business, and they can be tailored to your needs when your business expands.

Volusion Pricing: Conclusion

Although Volusion isn’t the most affordable option available for creating a virtual storefront it’s important to note that you have a lot in return for the cost you pay. If you’re in search of an eCommerce website builder with the ability to support unlimited products and customization options using HTML and CSS as well as a variety of other features that you’ll be able to be disappointed using Volusion.

The Volusion payments you make could be a bit more than what you’d have to pay for a similar service as Square’s online store. However, you’ll get access to additional features as well which includes blogs, mini-SEO, Google tools CRM technology, many more. If you were to pay for every single tool that you receive with Volusion including dropshipping services to email marketing on its own it would likely cost significantly more.

Send a message in the comment section if you’re planning to join Volusion or If you have any additional concerns prior to you sign up.

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