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Best CRM Software for CRM

Do you want to immediately get the solution? The best CRM program for the majority of people is HubSpot.

The best customer relations management (CRM) software is focused on the only factor that makes a company profitable: its customers.

To propel your business to the next step to succeed, you require CRM software to keep you organized and handle every customer task and interaction.

Finding the best CRM system for your company can be a challenge If you’re not sure what you should look for. This is why I decided to develop this guide.

I’ve examined dozens of CRM applications available. Below, I break the top nine best and then go into the details of each.

The 9 Top CRM Software Solutions of 2021

After analyzing and testing numerous CRM programs, I’ve come to the conclusion they’re the most effective 9 alternatives available in the present:
  1. HubSpot
  2. Salesflare
  3. Zoho CRM
  4. Freshsales
  5. Informative
  6. Apptivo
  7. Pipedrive
  8. EngageBay
  9. Salesforce

We’ll take a review of the features of each software, the advantages, and the pricing of each program in the following reviews. This guide will aid you in finding the most effective program for managing your CRM company.

The Best CRM Software Reviews

  1. HubSpot

HubSpot also a name that is well-known in the world of business. Their blog is among the top sources of content that deals with marketing, sales and other services.

HubSpot is different because they provide an unlimited, free CRM program. It also has CRM that can be used that can be used for different roles within an organization including:

  • CRM for sales managers
  • CRM for salespeople
  • Business owners can use CRM to manage their business
  • CRM for Operations Managers
  • CRM for customer service representatives
  • CRM for marketers

Certain CRM companies offer the option of a trial or free plan that comes with basic features. However, HubSpot’s plan goes above the features you’d typically receive for free.

The new users are sure to take advantage of everything HubSpot offers. The interface is simple and clean and makes it much easier to keep up-to-date information regarding your customers.

Sales people will be able to get an overview of the status of each customer in the process of being processed, and the ability to create filters and track sales in a manner that is logical.

This is just one aspect of what HubSpot’s no-cost edition of HubSpot can do to help. Here are a few of the most popular features of the free sales CRM:

  • Contact Management
  • Deal management
  • Task management
  • Notifications and tracking emails
  • Templates for email and scheduling
  • Document sharing
  • Meeting scheduling
  • Integration of email (Gmail along with Outlook)
  • Live chat

In the case of paid version, the cost varies depending on the kind of CRM you’re searching for and the amount of contacts you’ve.

The CRM for Marketing Sales CRM, Marketing CRM and Service CRM all come with plans that start with a monthly fee of $50. Enterprise plans for Sales and Service begin at $1200 per month, while the Marketing Enterprise begins at $3,200 per month.

My opinion is that the paid alternatives are worth the cost. They have higher-quality, more powerful tools to assist you in managing your relationship with prospective clients as well as your current client base to the best of your ability. The ROI you get from using this software for CRM will be difficult to beat.

If you require CRM software for multiple departments and purposes it for multiple departments, you can purchase an entire bundle from HubSpot also. Growth Suites (include Marketing, Sales, and Service) begins at $112.50 per month.

You could also design your own bundle that is based on the specific tools you are looking for.

2 – Salesflare

Salesflare is my recommendation to B2B sales teams that are looking to improve prospects, leads and managing customers.

It begins with easy automatic data collection from prospective and customers. The platform cleverly sifts data that comes from email (and even signatures of emails) as well as profile on social networks, as well as more.

Then , it fills in the sections in folders that are dedicated to every customer and fills in the gaps regarding details such as a contact’s job at their company and contact details. Salesflare will also record their actions — like the emails they’ve opened and clicks they’ve made–so you can have all the important information you need in one location.

This can be very beneficial to sales teams of all sizes. In keeping all this information together It lets any member of the team contact the client or the customer, even if they’ve not previously interacted with them.

Salesflare is also able to send targeted emails based on the information of customers and behaviors. You’ll first receive alerts when leads become warm after they’ve been to your site and opened a welcome email or spent a long time spent on your site’s pages.

Follow every lead at each stage of the pipeline. You and your team are on top of things, never losing the opportunity to guide prospective buyers to follow their journey.

The platform is integrated so well it is so well integrated with Gmail as well as Outlook that it’s simple as pie to follow the next step when you receive the notification.

Additionally, with the two pricing levels that are higher, you will get additional options for personalizing and segmenting the next batch of emails as well as tracking the response, and creating automated campaigns that will send out in response to any kind of information in Your Salesflare software.

Salesflare is not offering the free forever version as do other software on this list, however its pricing plans are reasonable and offer many of the features at the lowest level:

Growth — $29 per user per month

  • Automated collection of customer information
  • Monitor actions such as emails opened and web page visits
  • Simple integration of email via Gmail and Outlook
  • Additional integrations include PieSync, iCloud, and more
  • Personalized email campaigns
  • Mobile app

Pro — $49 per user per month

  • The Growth features are all included and more
  • Calendaring and workflows for emails
  • Permissions for users, including only-view users
  • Custom dashboards

Enterprise — $99 per user per month

  • All of the above, plus white-gloved service which includes
  • The account is managed by a dedicated manager
  • Customized training programs designed for your team
  • The data was managed to be transferred into Salesflare.

While the primary concentration is on emails and automation but there are some really useful collaboration tools within it and. Team members can find out which colleagues have connections that allow them to create an introduction with a potential client or access a shared list of addresses, as well as monitor prospects on a beautiful visual board that resembles a Kanban.

Salesflare is an effective tool to improve your lead management as well as speeding the sales process. Although there isn’t a free forever Version, you can try the software for no cost for a period of thirty days or reach out to Salesflare to request an initial demonstration.

3 – Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is among the most effective solutions for businesses who need a simple CRM that they can custom build their own.

I could suggest people who require more sophisticated CRM capabilities to Salesforce however, Zoho CRM will be much simpler to work with from the very first day. Particularly for smaller businesses that do not have the support of a lot of developers.

It’s not to say that Zoho CRM remains a simple. You can customize it extensively to record all the data that’s essential to you. You’ll also have a influence on the appearance as well as feel application, which you’ll be able to design your own way:

I discovered Zoho CRM extremely user-friendly. Each CRM will require a bit of time to set up however, Zoho requires the users to do less than other software I’ve encountered.

It will also tie into the entire Zoho range of products, all of which are of the highest quality. Actually, Zoho Books made our list of the most effective accounting software for business and Zoho Inventory is on our list of the most efficient products for managing inventory.

Major brands such as Bose, Netflix, Amazon, Ducati, and Suzuki all use Zoho CRM to manage managing customer relations.

Here’s a quick overview of pricing and plans of Zoho CRM:

Standard — $18 per user per month

  • Scoring rules
  • Emails and their insights
  • Conversion of workflows
  • Web Forms
  • Custom and unique fields
  • Customized dashboards and reports
  • Tags and groups
  • 100,000 records

Professional — $30 per user per month

  • Real-time notifications
  • Process management
  • Email integration across multiple devices
  • Web-to-case forms
  • Management of inventory
  • Google Ads integration
  • Validation rules
  • 2.5 million records

Enterprise — $45 per user per month

  • Analytics of sales on demand
  • Viewing the Pipeline for emails
  • Personalize your CRM’s visual display
  • Built-in analytics
  • Multi-user portals
  • Customized buttons and modules
  • Mobile SDK and application
  • Territory management
  • 5 million records

The prices listed are for month-to-month contracts. You could save 20% by signing the option of an annual agreement.

Zoho offers an Ultimate Plan that is only available annually. It includes features such as advanced customization, improved storage, sentiment for emails, and automation recommendations. You’ll need to speak with Zoho’s Zoho sales team to request an individual quote.

In addition, there’s a cost-free version of Zoho CRM, but it’s extremely limited and is only feasible for a small, home-based company.

4 – Freshsales

Freshsales is designed specifically especially for teams of sales.

They assist your team to identify and manage all of your leads for sales. They will enable you to have relevant conversations with prospective customers and increase the pipeline of sales.

Here’s a look at their plans as well as features they offer:

Blossom — – $19/month per user ($12 for an annual subscription)

  • Contact, account, lead and deal management
  • Visual sales pipeline
  • Lead scoring
  • SMS integration
  • Market apps that allow access to
  • API access

Garden – $35 per month for each user ($25 for an annual agreement)

  • 1,000 contacts for free
  • 250 bulk emails per user per day
  • 5 sales sequences per user
  • 10 teams
  • 10 workflow automations
  • Territories and lead assignments
  • Advanced reports

Estate -$65 per month for each user ($49 with a contract for an annual period)

  • Advanced CRM personalization
  • Auto enhancement of your profile (with information from social media)
  • Reporting dashboard
  • Event monitoring
  • Support for multi-currency
  • Sales goals

Forest – $179 per month (billed every year)

  • EEA data center
  • IP whitelisting
  • Audit logs
  • A dedicated account manager

You are able to test each plan for absolutely free by registering for a 21-day trial. Freshsales also offers a no-cost forever startup plan that includes basic features.

It’s affordable and ideal for a growing sales force. It’s easy to upgrade to a better tier when your business expands.

5- Insightfully

Insightly is not as common in comparison to other choices we’ve looked at to date. Apart from marketing and sales, Insightly CRM puts a emphasis on managing projects. All of these functions within one system.

The benefits of Insightly CRM are:

  • Management of datasets
  • Develop and deploy custom applications
  • Customize dashboards for tracking metric data
  • Lead routing
  • Automation of workflows
  • Track, send and manage email
  • Linking relationships

There’s a fantastic mobile application for those traveling. Take business cards and scan them, change your tasks in real time, and make new opportunities at the location of a client.

Popular applications like G Suite, Gmail, QuickBooks, Google Drive, Mail Chimp, Slack, and Dropbox all work with Insightly.

Every one of the Insightly CRM programs are invoiced annually. Here’s an overview of the costs:

  • Plus — $29 per user per month
  • Professional — $49 per user per month
  • Enterprise — $99 per user per month

Request a demonstration and test it at no cost. Insightly offers a forever-free plan that comes with basic features and is available to two users.

6 – Apptivo

Apptivo is another option to use CRM programs. It’s utilized by more than 200,000 companies across 200 countries. Apptivo CRM is a unique solution. Apptivo CRM is distinctive because it blends several apps into one solution.

Apart from Apptivo’s CRM service, Apptivo also offers:

  • Online invoice
  • Web help desk
  • Management of projects
  • Cost reports
  • Field Service tools
  • Email marketing
  • Procurement as a tool for managing supply chain

For those looking for additional services, you can handle everything in one place using Apptivo CRM. This is a lot easier than having to manage various apps with different functions.

The CRM apps that are available for Apptivo are classified into one of the categories below:

  • Contracts
  • Sales planning
  • Territory management
  • Competitors
  • Work orders
  • Customers
  • Contacts
  • Opportunities
  • Cases
  • Leads

Apptivo incorporates tools like Slack, Office 365, G Suite, and more.

This is a quick review of the pricing and plans in Apptivo CRM.

Starter — $0

  • Three users or more
  • 500 MB
  • Basic contact sharing
  • Standard reports
  • Standard support

Premium -$10 per month, per user ($8 with a contract for an annual period)

  • 3 GB per user
  • 1,000 mass emails per user
  • 2000 API calls
  • Standard support

Ultimate -$ 25 per month ($20 when you sign an annual contract)

  • 10 GB per user
  • 3,000 emails per user
  • 20000 API calls
  • Priority assistance

Enterprise -Pricing can be customized

  • 5,000 emails per user
  • White labeling
  • Custom integrations
  • SLA support and a dedicated account manager

You could save 20% when you sign up to yearly billing instead of month-tomonth.

Apptivo is widely used by businesses involved in real tourism, hospitality, and real estate wholesale, retail manufacturing, utilities and energy and utilities industries.

7-  Pipedrive

Pipedrive CRM was created to streamline your sales process.

More than 90,000 companies use Pipedrive CRM. More than 90,000 businesses use Pipedrive. It’s a simple platform that’s simple to use by anyone who wants to learn.

The CRM was designed to increase leads and organize your sales from one place. It can help you eliminate administrative tasks that don’t yield results. It is designed to increase sales while requiring less effort on your part.

Some of the most popular features and advantages of Pipedrive CRM are:

  • Management of the lead
  • Deal management
  • Tracking of communications
  • Automation
  • In-depth insights and reports
  • Security and privacy for data of business
  • Mobile app access
  • 150+ integrations with third-party partners

Over $24 billion of sales have been closed with Pipedrive. On average, businesses improve their closing percentage by 28% following the first year of using this CRM.

The following are plans as well as costs for Pipedrive CRM. Pipedrive CRM:

essential — $17/month for each user ($12.50 with an annual contract)

  • Custom pipelines
  • Custom fields
  • AI sales assistance
  • Setting goals for users and companies
  • Custom dashboard

Advanced -$31 per month per user ($24.90 with a year-long contract)

  • Automating sales tasks
  • Integration of email
  • Email templates and automated email
  • Catalogue of products

Professional – $59/month per user ($49.50 with a year-long contract)

  • Call for tracking
  • Click-to-call
  • Unlimited meeting scheduling
  • Batch emails
  • Team Management
  • Multi-dashboard support
  • Revenue forecasts
  • Custom admin and user permissions

Essential -$99 per month for each User (billed every year)

  • Minimum 10 users
  • Account manager dedicated to each account
  • Telephone support
  • Import of data
  • Security enhancing
  • Additional user permissions are required for complete control

Pipedrive also comes with an “Leadbooster” upgrade costing 39 dollars per month ($32.50 with an annual contract). This tool is paid by the company and rather than per individual user. It is designed to convert more website visitors into leads. It’s essentially chatbot. It interacts with customers via instant responses , making it simple to set up meetings.

Test Pipedrive CRM for free with 14-day trial.

8- EngageBay

A well-designed CRM can help you keep track of all your contacts as well as the associated data in a manner that helps make your sales more efficient. A excellent CRM takes this information and applies it to your customer and marketing service teams, and includes an abundance of automation to truly simplify things.

EngageBay can be one of the best examples for the former.

It’s a CRM that is a great fit for any business, but can really help teams where after-sales customer service is as crucial as making the purchase. This CRM is also available at an affordable cost, too.

EngageBay’s no-cost forever plan includes everything that an organization would require for low-demand settings. There are a myriad of marketing options, such as customized forms and email sequences, web pop-ups and an online landing page creator.

In addition, important integrations such as Gmail, Outlook, and Office 365 are also included. Most CRMs require that you sign into a paid plan to gain access to the features.

The EngageBay social suite to keep an eye-to-eye view of your social media interactions as well as tools for service managing contact and ticket management as well as live chat widget.

All of that is covered under the free forever plan.

However, you’re only restricted to a certain extent. You can only create so many sequences, create multiple pages and send up 1,000 emails per month with branded content for this plan.

The Basic plan doesn’t include many new features, but it does increase the number of contacts and lists you can manage, as well as increases the number of emails that you are able to send out, the sequences that you can make and much more. It costs $8.99 per month per user.

You can unlock the automation tools by registering at level Growth plans, and it costs $29.99 per month per user. This also comes with essential features like calls reports and push notifications for service team members as well as unique URLs for landing page landing pages that you design. Additionally, you get an individual EngageBay account representative in this level.

The whole package comes with the Pro plan for $47.99 per month for each user. It greatly increases the amount of automations you can setup as well as the number of contacts you can create (unlimited at this price) and the email messages you can send.

If you’d prefer to concentrate on the needs of a specific team You can also purchase plans that are focused solely on marketing, the service area or a combination of both tools for service and CRM.

Enhance every aspect of your operation starting with lead generation, all the way to continuous customer support by selecting EngageBay.

9 – Salesforce

Salesforce CRM is among the most sought-after CRM solutions for customer relations that are available today.

150,000+ companies rely upon them to provide their customers service solutions. Some of them you recognize, such as Spotify, Amazon, Macy’s, Toyota, and U.S. Bank. If you choose to join them you’ll be in excellent company.

Salesforce has a broad range of CRM tools that you can choose from. They provide solutions that are based on the type of business or role, requirement, and industry. Examples include:

  • Small-scale businesses
  • Service
  • Sales
  • Service and sales
  • Marketing
  • Commerce

It’s among the most comprehensive CRM product lines you’ll discover in the marketplace currently. They also provide advice services, success plans efficiency tools and integrations and comprehensive analysis.

In this article, we’re going concentrate upon the CRM for Sales offered by Salesforce. According to me, it’s the most effective one that they provide. Here’s a summary of the sales plans:

Essentials — $25 per user per month

  • Support and sales all-in-one
  • Management of accounts
  • Management of the lead
  • Contact Management
  • Management of opportunities
  • Integration of emails
  • Salesforce mobile app

Professional — $75 per user per month

  • All Essentials features
  • Ideal for all teams
  • Lead registration
  • Lead scoring
  • Collaborative forecasting

Enterprise — $150 per user per month

  • CRM that can be customized
  • All Professional features
  • Automation of workflows
  • Approval automation

Unlimited — $300 per user per month

  • The best power and support for all plans
  • For large businesses
  • All Enterprise features
  • 24/7 support and support for configuration and support services

It’s important to note that these are rates when you opt to pay annually. The rates will increase if you simply want to test it out month-to-month.

In fact, the Essentials and Professional plans will suffice for most companies. You can test Salesforce at no cost with 30 days of trial.

How do you use CRM?

CRM is “customer relation management.” It’s a method that allows you to manage the entire interaction of your company with customers.

In general, CRM is specific software that can do this task for you. A CRM program that is effective improves sales log communication, leads management, and even assists in marketing campaigns.

In at the conclusion of each day but it’s there to enhance the relationship you have with your clients. This will help you retain your existing customers as well as bringing in new customers.

Why you should have CRM?

The customers you have are the primary key to success. Simple and straightforward. CRM software offers everyone within your business the chance to build a stronger relationships with your customer by using tools like:

  • Sales reporting
  • Customer information
  • Segmentation
  • Lead reporting
  • Marketing analysis
  • Customer service

In the past, CRM software was utilized only by large companies and corporations. However, today CRM has been developed to meet the requirements of all businesses regardless of their size and industry.

That’s why you need to invest in a CRM program, even when your business isn’t big.

What Should You Consider When Choosing the Best CRM Software for Your Small Business?

CRM software is an extremely complex subject. With numerous options to pick from, determining the right solution for your company could seem difficult.

This is the approach we use on our site at Quick Sprout to help narrow your search. I’ll discuss each component in more detail so that you can make an informed decision in accordance with your requirements.

Team Size

Your company and your team will have an impact on the CRM that you select. Certain CRMs are more suitable for small-sized businesses, while others specialize in large-scale software.

You can also find tools to manage CRM for teams consisting of one or two persons.


Software to manage customer relations is a wide-ranging software. It’s a broad term and is used in different departments, and for many reasons.

Common CRM categories are:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Management of projects

There are other options for customer service. Some companies combine all CRM functions on one platform. Others focus on one particular area over the other.

There are CRM applications that are available as an all-in-one package. In other instances you’ll need to purchase the software on its own or bundle the software into a single package.


It is recommended to look for CRM software that is compatible with the popular tools you already use. This will enable you and your team members to manage all of your tasks from one dashboard.

If you are constantly having to switch between different platforms to manage your leads and customers it is not a good idea using CRM to simplify your processes.


The price will always be an important factor when deciding the CRM you select.

Most of the time pricing is determined by the amount of users you have. It is dependent on the platform used it is possible to have pricing determined by the amount of storage or contacts you’ll need.

Find an option within your budget. Pricing for CRM software varies from $0 to $300plus per user.


What is the most effective CRM software? The answer is different based on the type of business you run and the features you’re seeking.

Our top choice for the majority of customers would be HubSpot With its features-rich modules as well as a robust plan for free.

Salesflare is a great choice for B2B businesses seeking to enhance their client and lead management. People who want to improve their sales funnel’s effectiveness by streamlining and simplifying it will appreciate the features included with Pipedrive.

If you already use Zoho Books to manage your finances ( which we also have a thorough review of), Zoho CRM is an ideal option for seamless integration.

Teams in sales looking for an option to use to last a long time are likely to be satisfied with either the Freshsales as well as Salesforce two of the most prominent brands in the CRM market.

Do you want to support your service and marketing teams, as and your sales team? Join EngageBay and enhance the three aspects of your operation.

Teams looking to leverage their CRM to aid in managing projects will find the tools in Insightly extremely useful. If you’re looking for a little more, and you also need marketing tools that are included (but you don’t need to purchase Hubspot for their complete package), Apptivo provides the complete solution at an affordable price.

From small businesses to large enterprises and sales to marketing as well as project management. I’m sure that you’ll find the top Software for CRM for your organization in this listing.

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