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How to Use Your Brand’s Story to Increase Sales

Every person has a story to tell. What’s yours?

This isn’t referring to your personal story, though there are instances when that is fascinating too. In this case, I’m talking about the way you began your business.

What was the motivation behind your decision?

Yes, everybody is in business to earn money, but there’s got to be more beyond the fact that. Stories are a great method of connecting with your target audience.

They can trigger various emotions. The trick is to find ways to increase sales by controlling the feelings.

One of my favorites ways to accomplish this is to use your brand’s story to tell your story.

I am sure you’re thinking the same thing. Your brand’s story isn’t engaging or worthy of sharing. Perhaps you have an intriguing story but aren’t sure how to tell the story.

However, if you are able to master the art of storytelling this can aid in increasing sales.

Are you unsure of how to tackle this? Don’t worry. I’ll show you how to use your brand’s story to generate more revenue. Here’s what you must be aware of.

Your story should be easy to understand

In the beginning, it’s essential to be simple.

We’re not trying to make an original Martin Scorsese film here. Avoid plot twists, mystery or enlightening endings that have an unresolved interpretation.

Your story should be clear about its beginning, middle and a clear conclusion. Before you tell your story, you should take time to work these elements out.

Here are a few examples of most commonly used aspects that must be part of your brand’s story

While you’d like to include the most information you can however, you must ensure that the information is simple for the reader to comprehend.

The easiest method to accomplish this is to begin your story with a specific type of issue that you’ve discovered. Your readers will be able to recognize the issue as the main reason you’re starting a business.

After you have shared the issue, and your brand is recognized it is time to speak about your solutions.

Did you come up with a new idea? How did you add value to an in use product?

This section in your tale will to show why your company is distinct from other companies within this segment. This is your time to shine.

In the end, your story must be concluded with your achievement. The process of coming up with an idea is different from figuring out a way that is successful.

Here’s an excellent example of it taken from The SAXX Underwear brand:

SAXX produces and sells men’s underwear featuring a unique support pouch. Their story explains how they came across this particular design.

The story explains the story of how their founder was fishing and was uncomfortable with the clothes was on his body during the trip. This is the issue.

The idea was to design an enveloping hammock made to keep men comfortable and dry. This is the solution.

But he’s still not quite in the “success” part of the story. They keep on saying that it took them 14 prototypes before they could finalize the first item. This is their story of success.

It’s crucial that the conclusion in your tale doesn’t appear as if it’s finished. It is important to emphasize that your company remains operating. You’re working to expand to prosper and grow on the road to achievement.

SAXX is a great example of this. They conclude the story by stating that even all the years after they are still focusing on the same.

Take this as a guideline to help you convey your brand’s unique story.

Tell a story that your clients can identify with

Based on the state your business is in the present it is possible that your customers won’t be able to connect with your business.

Your company may be earning several hundred thousand dollars a year and most people won’t be capable of wrapping their head around.

This is the perfect time to reflect on where you began. Did you find it difficult to achieve success?

The battle to achieve success is something that people are familiar with. Many people face it daily. Make sure to maintain a simple approach as described in the previous paragraphs.

It is essential to adhere to the crucial particulars. For instance, no one cares about the negotiations you had with your banker when you are trying to get an initial loan.

If you’re looking to tell an account of how you went from rags to riches You could tell the story like, “We had $100 in the bank,” and it will give a realistic picture without making your readers think you’re wasting their time with trivial details.

Look at the way Mush Oatmeal tells their story of brand:

Instead of writing it down instead of writing it, which is a more traditional method, they chose to use video content to show the reason of their company. This is a good idea since the use of video marketing techniques improve the sales.

Indeed, 43% of people think they would like marketers to create more marketing videos.

In addition to being imaginative in their approach to sharing their story, Mush also made the story easy to relate to.

The conversation revolves around how families can purchase huge varieties of oatmeal with added sugar and preservatives at shops like Costco.

The co-founders of the brand shared a love for wellness and health. They believed big companies were driven by profit and not by the health of their customers. Mush was driven by the fact that it offered consumers nutritional supplements.

It was then that they thought of the idea of providing freshly-made and cold oatmeal which is different from the kind the majority of people would expect from a typical warm breakfast bowl.

They identified a need that people could relate to and developed an innovative solution. These are the elements of a compelling brand story that can entice customers to purchase your products.

The stories that you tell are a way to show the persona of your business. It’s not just a name without an identity.

Your customers can see that you share more and with them that they believe, and this will inspire them to join your business.

Create trust and build credibility

What qualifies you to perform the work you want to do?

Here’s where your story could aid you in your efforts to give credibility to your brand’s identity.

As an example, suppose that your business sells surfboards. In the event that you’ve been a pro surfer for over 20 years, you’re likely to be a competent in this field.

It is possible to discuss the transition from surfing to creating yourself your own board.

Do you hold an education that is relevant to your company? What were you studying? Discuss your previous jobs and experiences that helped you become capable of running your company.

If you are able to answer these questions and present yourself as a reliable source, your customers are more likely purchase your product based on the distinctive features of your product that make it apart from other products.

Here’s an excellent example of this method taken from the EO Product:

The story tells of the humble beginnings of creating soap using a 3-gallon pot they made in their garage. The story then transforms into an account of two pioneers of the field of cosmetics.

EO Products was tasked to make a hand wash using non-GMO components. They came up with how to make organic alcohol extracted from sugarcane.

The brand was granted FDA approval as an approved OTC producer of these products.

They were also one of the very first brands for personal care to be was accredited through the Non-GMO Certified Project..

When their brand was established as trustworthy as well as credibility EO Products launched a extension of their product line named Love Everybody. The products were created to appeal to families and people who needed high-quality natural products at a low cost.

Stories like these can make the brand more appealing to the public, making consumers more inclined to purchase its products.

Invoke an emotional reaction

The best stories are ones that are emotionally charged.

There may not be an experience that your customers could connect to, but that doesn’t mean you cannot convince them to feel certain ways.

One of the finest examples of this type of brand story is the the TOMS Shoes story:

Its founder Blake Mycoskie, built an organization to assist people who are in need.

While traveling through Argentina He noticed how many kids lived there without shoes. He was determined to change this. This was the reason he started his business.

The business model he uses is very simple. For every pair of shoes bought the shoes of a second pair are donated to a person in need.

Although potential customers might not have a similar story, they will nonetheless be willing to purchase items to aid in this cause due to their emotions.

This kind of story triggers an emotional response which drives sales. The emotions evoked can differ depending on the individual.

For instance, one might be moved by the suffering of those suffering or decide to purchase because they admire the company that helps. Some may even feel satisfaction and joy when they make purchases, knowing that the money they spend will benefit an excellent cause.

Whatever the reason or the sentiment behind the story, you can employ the same method in your narrative to increase the sales.

Invite customers to share your own tales

Your story is crucial for your brand.

However, not all will be able to relate to the same experience. Your services and products may be unique to your clients.

Let them share these stories with other people, thus creating content that is created by users. Stories shared by your customers could ultimately to shape the overall story of your brand.

What did your product do to improve their lives or make life simpler for them?

The customer you served had a concern and your product was able to solve the issue. Tell them about the experience. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is being engaged in social networks.

Create contests or promotions that encourage people to tell their experiences.

You could even publish the stories on your website. You can dedicate a section on your website to stories from users.

Here’s a great illustration for the way Tesla utilizes this technique on their site:

Tesla manufactures and sells electric cars that is revolutionary in the field of motor vehicles.

The stories of their clients reveal how the electric vehicles have helped them improve their lives. In the images above, there’s an array of different kinds in this site.

One story details how two people could fit eight beer kegs inside an SUV. Another article describes the way a mother utilizes her Tesla to take care of her five children.

Be authentic

You don’t want to look fake or false when you tell the story of your brand.

Don’t fabricate things or alter the facts in order to appear more credible. If you are accused of lying this could be a backfire that could even destroy your company.

You aren’t going to need to go through that. I’ve just talked about the importance of it to establish trust and build credibility So don’t mess up the trust and credibility you have built.

However, being authentic means more than simply telling the truth.

Let your persona shine. If you’re funny, make sure to be amusing in your tale.

If you felt emotional as you created your business, you should be sure to share your emotions with your customers.

Be sure that what you speak about is a true portrayal of you as well as your business.

Tell your story

If a buyer purchases something it should be like they’re purchasing more than a mere product.

If you promote your brand correctly, people will purchase a part of your story and making it a part in their lives.

It might sound complicated however it is easily accomplished. FFTOB is an excellent illustration of how to make use of this method:

After a certain period duration, the firefighters will need to take off their uniforms.

Instead of letting these old suits get thrown away The company converts the suits into unique bags made by hand.

Customers who purchase these bags are buying more than the story of the brand. They are purchasing the story of an actual hero.

The uniforms were worn by courageous people who put their lives at risk every day to protect their communities. The idea of turning these outfits into bag bags are innovative and makes it difficult for consumers to resist the urge to become a part of it. That’s why they purchase these bags.

Anywhere they go, carrying the bags they carry, their story is along with them.

Some bags even have discoloration because they were exposed to fire. If you’ve got a tale that is this special that you want to tell the world about it.


If you’re in search of an innovative method to increase more sales take a look at your own.

Consider the way your brand was born and what motivated you to get into business. It’s been a long and difficult journey and is worth sharing.

Make sure that your story is clear and simple to follow.

Find a way to allow your customers to be able to connect with the story behind your brand. This will help you build trust and credibility within your field.

A good story will trigger feelings from those who read it. Utilize this powerful emotion to steer your customers into making a purchase.

Also, you should encourage your customers to share their own personal stories. These individual pieces of content created by users will to shape the overall story of your brand.

Promote your story as an addition to your offerings. Whatever your plan is, it’s essential to be authentic always.

Use these suggestions if you are looking to increase sales using your brand’s unique story to drive sales.

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