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Shopify Plus Review (Nov 2021): An In-Depth Guide to the Best Enterprise Ecommerce Platform

In this Shopify Plus review We’ll look at how the product offers enterprise-level selling capabilities, without the hassles and timeframes or the hefty cost of traditional enterprise software.

It’s time for us to dispel this myth, that Shopify is just for small and medium-sized enterprises.

You’ve probably heard that Shopify is intended for “mom and pop shops” and, while that’s true it’s just one part of the truth. It’s the truth it’s true that Shopify can be regarded as the top platform to build and manage an online website, yet it’s certainly not only for medium or small-sized enterprises (read our complete Shopify analysis).

The Shopify Plus plan high-volume, high-growth merchants can also expand and grow their business on Shopify.

Let’s see whether Shopify Plus is right for you.

What is Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is an advanced eCommerce platform specifically designed to cater to large-scale enterprises.

Its main benefit is that it gives you greater control, flexibility and automated features for your typical commerce setup along with faster speeds and more omnichannel-friendly services.

Shopify Plus It is an advanced fully hosted SaaS eCommerce platform. Contrary to self-hosted traditional platforms like Magento Enterprise or SAP Hybris, hosted solutions like Shopify Plus are infinitely more secure because the platform is continuously monitored and updated to ensure the highest performance and reliability.


Additionally, because Shopify Plus is hosted, you can access an efficient, secure and robust hosting network designed to enhance the search engine optimization of your site as well as maintain high speeds (even in times of increased traffic) and remove the requirement to manage your own server or find an hosting provider that can manage your site.

This is just the beginning. Read the Shopify Plus review to find out more about our experiences with it.

Shopify Plus Key Features

What makes Shopify Plus an excellent choice for your company?

There are many things to discover, such as:

  • Unlimited bandwidth. Focus on growing your business , without restrictions
  • Support to process up to 8000 orders per minute per store.
  • Highly adaptable SaaS Shopify Plus cloud software
  • Simple management of up to 10 stores simultaneously
  • Simple management of flash sales with Shopify Plus Launchpad. Shopify Plus Launchpad tool
  • Automated task management
  • It is easy to create complicated scripts (gifts with purchase or free shipping)
  • Follow your campaign’s progress with live event dashboard
  • Wholesale channel management
  • You can review orders prior to billing to check for specific information
  • Completely customizable to Your Shopify Plus eCommerce store
  • JavaScript as well CSS support
  • Advanced security through SSL certifications and level 1 PCI DSS conformity
  • Shopify Flow is a customized back-end workflows
  • Integrations with more than 1500 apps
  • Discounts that can be customized using Shopify Plus Scripts
  • A dedicated success manager is on hand


Shopify Plus Review: It’s Super Scalable

If it’s a major Flash sale Black Friday, or simply a regular huge number of shoppers, Shopify Plus can handle the ad-hoc volume of traffic that only enterprises encounter.

The infinitely adaptable Plus platform can handle thousands of transactions every minute, which means your site remains operational and customers will always have a quick and enjoyable experience browsing.

There’s no limit on sales volume, quantity of products, bandwidth and there are no transaction costs. You can continue to grow in the future Plus without worrying about whether your ecommerce software is able to cope with it.

Shopify Plus held up against 200,000 shoppers who flooded into the Kylie Cosmetics store in a New York pop-up event. It also contributed to Deathwish coffee make $2,083 a minute after their Superbowl advertisement was a huge success.

For retailers such as Black Milk Clothing, Shopify Plus’s capacity to handle high traffic was a welcome relief.

“Before we moved onto Shopify Plus, our website was crashing on every launch,” says Cameron Parker, Head of Marketing at Black Milk. “But after we switched, it was like, ‘Hallelujah. The first version was smooth and seamless. The website did not blink. Our clients walked out smooth and in peace and it was a pleasant days.”


Shopify Plus Web Design and Templates

The two Shopify and Shopify Plus offer more than 60 theme-based templates to choose from.

There are 10 themes for free as well as 59 options for paid ones.

Some templates can be expensive – however, you’re investing in the image of your business and that’s why you should take this into consideration.

The templates available to create Your Shopify Plus web design are also available in a variety of languages. It’s a good option if need to get customers to different countries.

The fundamental customization of your website is done via Shopify’s Shopify website editor. Upload a list of your items, select the location you would like them to appear, and then divide them into categories.


Shopify Plus is intended for businesses with more control. It does, however, require you to be familiar with the coding process, as well as Shopify’s primary language, Liquid.

Don’t be afraid – it’s not as difficult as it might sound.

There are many guides available to teach you how to experiment with Liquid to alter the look and functions in your online store.

One of the most useful features in Shopify Plus for web design is that you will get your own launch manager. They’re there to ensure that you’re able to integrate your new site fully with Shopify.

If you are having issues Shopify’s support team can assist you create your code and get you running with the basis of a custom theme.

Even better?

Shopify can also let you change your checkout details – unlike the conventional Shopify application.

Shopify Plus Review: Extreme Customization and Integration Options

Each business is unique and, therefore, each merchant is unique. Shopify Plus Merchants can have total control over their own customization.

What does this mean for you?

You can control the layout, content and branding however you prefer. Furthermore, Shopify Plus can increase the functionality of stores by providing thousands of professionally-designed applications at discounted prices on Shopify App Store. Shopify App Store.

Apps such as Klaviyo and let Shopify Plus merchants to integrate targeted marketing campaigns via email as well as LoyaltyLion offers a rewards for customers program to ensure that customers keep returning.

Businesses are also able to connect their store to existing IT platforms in order to build an seamless, integrated platform through Shopify Plus API. Shopify Plus API. This can include ERP, CRM, or accounting systems, in addition to any other applications you may have installed.

Is it not enough?

Shopify Plus has a collection of expertly-selected developers, designers as well as partners who can design customized experiences or features available on Shopify Plus. Shopify Plus platform. It doesn’t matter if a business requires an award-winning design, customized features, or an extensive social media program, Shopify Plus provides businesses with the assistance they require.

Shopify Plus Review: Multi-channel Selling

For the owner of a business Neil Waller, co-founder of the watch company Shore Projects, the Shopify Plus Multi-channel sales was crucial in advancing his business

“As we started to transition to brick and mortar, the fact that Shopify has a POS system that links up to our online store gave us an impressively slick operation.”

For the owner of a business Neil Waller, co-founder of the watch label Shore Projects, the Shopify Plus Multi-channel sales was crucial in advancing his business

“As we started to transition to brick and mortar, the fact that Shopify has a POS system that links up to our online store gave us an impressively slick operation.”

In another way, Shopify Plus allows companies to sell on the internet and in-store using Shopify’s point of sale software (read the review of our Shopify POS overview).

Furthermore, Shopify Plus allows enterprise sellers to sell their products quickly across social networks such as Facebook and Pinterest to ensure maximum exposure for their merchandise.

How do you make those vital payments?

Shopify Plus accepts over 70 different payment options that include PayPal and Bitcoin which allows stores to sell their products across multiple countries and in various languages. This ability to serve customers no matter where they are located is crucial for any business that wants to expand their customer base and attract new customers.


Shopify Plus Review: Ecommerce Automation

One of the aspects that makes Shopify Plus so impressive is the amount of time that it offers. If your online store can automate significant aspects of your sales process for you, this allows you to concentrate on other things.

This is where the ecommerce automated module comes in. It consolidates the complex workflow of the backend and frontend. It assists you in automating those processes using “trigger, condition, action” formulas.

What can this aid you?

This means that you don’t have to deal with as many software and add-ons as all automated tools are available within Shopify Plus. Shopify Plus system and customized to your specific business.

Automation tools are available to help you improve the customer service process. It is also possible to manage your inventory, orders and other products by using automation tools. I especially like the possibilities of tagging and segmenting customers as doing this manually would require way too long.

An excellent example could be an exclusive customer program that you may want to create. In general, you’d need look through your customer list and choose those are purchasing the most at your store. Then, you’ll tag them as VIPs and possibly offer them occasional discounts.

Utilizing the Shopify Plus automation tools, you can set a rule that anyone who has a monthly spending of more than $100 in a single month would be designated a VIP client automatically. This can be used to reorder inventory that is low or assessing the risk for fraudulent transactions.

They are executed by means of campaigns, in which you add triggers to the workflow, and then customize the outcomes that occur due to those triggers.

Shopify Plus Review: Wholesale

Typically, selling to business is more difficult than selling to regular customers and selling the same product time and time.

Customers who are business-oriented often require an extra boost, such as customized prices for wholesale orders and many more. Shopify Plus does a solid job at taking these custom specific situations and allows wholesalers to simplify sales processes.

In the end, wholesale becomes much easier with Shopify Plus. Shopify Plus dashboard.

For starters, you’re allowed to set up your own password-secured website for some of your largest customers (or the businesses who have signed agreements together with your company).

A lot of the high-volume sales you make can be handled through this site and it has an adaptive mobile version, which means you don’t need to write any programming yourself.

The functions inside of the B2B dashboard appear to be endless.

The first step is to offer your customers the choice to buy, track and then reorder if needed. It is also possible to allow them to look over orders prior to when you bill for the deals you have negotiated.

In addition, the integration of loyalty and rewards programs can be completed automatically, which means all you need to do is determine how much reward you’re planning to offer your customers.

The major component of the wholesale site from Shopify Plus is automation. We’ve discussed the subject in the regular Shopify Plus plan, but managing a wholesale website requires a lot of automation. In the course of my Shopify Plus review I came across a number of options to set minimum quantities, maximums, and increments for your products.

Additionally, it allows you to establish minimum purchase quantities for specific customers. You can also set this kind of minimum for the whole shop. Alongside syncing options to inventory, integrations with other systems such as 3PL and tools for personalizing your shopping experience, Shopify Plus wholesale package Shopify Plus wholesale package is an intriguing proposition.

Shopify Plus Review: Campaigns and Flash Sales

Let’s say that you wish to sell a product on your website for e-commerce.

The objective is to increase the performance of some items in April, seeing that sales tend to be lower than the rest of the month for your business.

In general, when there is an event like a flash sale or promotion there is a lot of work required prior to the sale, throughout, and even following the sale. In addition, it is often difficult to ensure that you are monitoring and optimizing the sale over.

Shopify Plus provides a wonderful campaign and flash sale module packed with tools for automation including real-time monitoring and much more. It offers options to check for the top-selling items, as well as statistics for sales, acquisition channels as well as conversion rate. The data is presented in minute-by-minute format. This means that you don’t have to wait until the sale has ended to make adjustments or to predict what the future will proceed.

This is an amazing command center that all employees within your organization has access to (at at the very least, those you grant permission to). The part that Shopify plus is Shopify plus is known as Launchpad It’s made to increase sales, create the urgency of sales, improve performance and also transfer certain sales to other channels of sales.

Since many of these promotions can be repeated several times within the process, automated process ensures that you’re not repeating the same thing repeatedly. If, for instance, you consider making a sale during the time of year and it’s a hit then there’s no need to go back and start the offer again, since the system will do it automatically.


Shopify Plus is Compliant & Secure

Shopify Plus is PCI Level 1 DSS-compliant, which means that the customer’s data including debit and credit card details — are secured by the same level of security provided by banks.

From annual assessments of the site to ongoing risk management Shopify Plus makes sure that their shopping cart software as well as hosting for e-commerce is secure from fraud and hackers. Therefore, not only can a company feel secure knowing that their website will not crash however, online shoppers are sure that their personal information is safe and secure.

Shopify Plus is a highly safe SaaS platform that is created to provide you with more security than Magneto and other competitors.

It isn’t possible to gain access to the codebase for your online store this means it’s much more secure end-to end.


Shopify Plus Review: The White-glove Treatment in Support

Shopify Plus is all about helping merchants to become world class. Shopify Plus Account Managers available to provide personalized and attentive support to Plus merchants, helping them to maximize the value from their investments. Not only do account managers oversee the store’s day-to-day operations They also are in constant contact with their customers to help them improve their business.

In the same way, companies that are using Shopify Plus receive instant access to Shopify’s 24/7 customer support using an email and the Shopify Plus priority support phone number and email address.

How Does Shopify Plus Compare to Other Enterprise Level Solutions?

So what is the best way to judge how Shopify Plus compare to other similar enterprise-level competitors?

Let’s look around

Shopify Plus vs. BigCommerce Enterprise

From a broader view, both tools have a lot in common. They’re both designed to decrease your maintenance costs, as well as cost of ownership and speed up the times to market.

But here’s the truth the truth is that Shopify Plus is more proven in different business levels and also has a bigger client base. It is more advanced for the company and the more complex their business requirements is the more likely they will be to utilize Shopify Plus.

Shopify Plus gives you a few things that you won’t find in BigCommerce Enterprise which include:

  • More than 20 sales channels, including the possibility of wholesale commerce.
  • Shopify Scripts are highly relevant and customized checkout options
  • A wide range of autopilot options that increase customer conversion rates
  • 24/7 priority assistance from a dedicated manager
  • Ecommerce automation tools that save time, such as Shopify Launchpad as well as Flow
  • The largest global ecosystem of partners and apps

While smaller businesses can certainly manage with the services they receive through Big Commerce, there’s nothing better than the complete experience you can get with Shopify Plus.

Shopify Plus vs Magneto Enterprise

Magneto is among the most sought-after Ecommerce platforms for enterprises.

It’s likely to be the most powerful competition with Shopify. Shopify has.

Is it really better than the Shopify Plus?

Not necessarily. Both tools have major corporations that are on their side, and they each offer a great deal of flexibility to assist in the creation of a superior eCommerce store. But they differ in that Magneto is targeted at more complex sites that are available, Shopify Plus is designed for all users who wants to shop anywhere.

Magneto isn’t the same user-friendly experience than Shopify Plus.


  • The first thing to note is that Magneto is hosted by itself, in contrast to Shopify which has hosting. This means you’ll need to set aside more time to handle any technical issues with your online store.
  • Security and compliance on your servers is the responsibility of you.
  • PCI security isn’t provided as part of the service on Magneto however it is available on Shopify Plus.
  • Shopify has created its product specifically for marketing professionals so that you can focus on creating the most efficient online store.

Furthermore, making modifications to your application in Shopify isn’t a lengthy process that requires extensive training or coding expertise.

You can alter and improve your store without spending the professional developer you’d require to use Magneto.

Shopify Plus vs. Volusion Prime

The two Shopify Plus and Volusion are both platforms which help businesses build an amazing online store.

Both choices can be “hosted,” so you aren’t required for managing the server by yourself.

In addition, both of these services work in your browser, meaning there’s not any software you’ll need to install and manage locally.

Which is the best?

Shopify Plus is significantly easier to utilize than Volusion it offers you numerous themes to select from and allows you to sell an unlimited number of products with each plan. Furthermore unlike Volusion the ability to blog is with the plan, and there’s an array of payment gateways available.

Other advantages that come with Shopify Plus over Volusion include:

  • The ability to use Shopify Payment, Shopify Payment system with no cost of transaction or fees.
  • Support for point-of-sale functionality and customization
  • More apps and integrations to pick from
  • Cart functionality that has been abandoned is accessible at a bargain cost ($29 bundle for Shopify and an additional $79 for Volusion)
  • Simple to use features such as SEO and AMP.

Shopify has also a bigger customer base, which means you’re always able to reach the community for assistance when you require assistance.

Of of course, Volusion has benefits to provide, too. For instance, no transaction charges on any plan, or integrated affiliate programs as well as CRM integrations. But, it’s safe affirm it’s safe to say that Shopify Plus once again comes in the top position.

Shopify Plus vs Advanced Shopify

If you’re planning to enhance the quality of your shopify experience, why not simply use Advanced? Advanced package?

The Advanced service provides access to 15 accounts for staff as well as some of the top Shopify delivery rates as well as an advanced report maker to help you keep track of your success.

It’s also possible to use third-party calculated shipping costs – this is helpful if you’re shipping goods to clients from across the globe.

But, Shopify Plus is the sole enterprise-level software that Shopify has made available. Shopify.

It’s employed for some of the largest stores around the globe and is awe-inspiring when compared to other services available from Shopify.

Although Shopify Plus is a lot more expensive than the Advanced option, it offers the user upgraded features that cannot find anywhere else. For example:

  • The ability to handle 10,000 checkouts per minute.
  • A dual content delivery network for next-level reliability
  • Standardized APIs that allow for fast and simple data management
  • Social commerce support with buyable pins and shopping on Facebook
  • Kits for software development specifically designed for mobile applications

If your eCommerce company reaches an point where you’re reeling in high-level sales, then Shopify Plus is a tool that can’t be beat.

It’s not a good choice for businesses that are just beginning or for companies that appear to be running smoothly. It’s better Shopify Plus is for those massive, mature and big-scale retailers who wish to stay ahead of the curve.

Shopify Plus Pros

Let’s concentrate on the areas the areas where Shopify Plus shines:

  • Shopify Plus helps you save lots of time as you don’t need to worry about things like managing the backend of your website, adding new features or managing the bandwidth
  • The price is affordable for what you’re getting. It’s much less than paying the developer retainer and hosting charges.
  • At a business level, Shopify Plus is one of the most reliable tools available on the market. The uptime is amazing.
  • Shopify Plus exceeds at excellent quality of service to customers. You’ll be assigned a success coordinator who is dedicated to helping make your company shine.
  • Shopify Plus can be extraordinarily adaptable and can manage everything from huge sales to downturns in business. There’s no limit to the volume of sales or bandwidth.
  • Shopify Plus is extremely customizable with an array of features and options that you can choose from. You can also change the appearance and appearance of your checkout
  • Support for marketing is top-notch You’ll have no difficulty with anything from SEO to integrating your marketing plan by incorporating social media.
  • The APIs and SDKs accessible via Shopify Plus are incredibly easy to utilize whatever your plan may be.

Shopify Plus Cons

There is no perfect platform.

Shopify Plus has its limitations also, which include:

  • The limitations of content It’s not very effective for managing content even though there are blogging tools built-in to it.
  • Lock-in to the platform If Shopify encounters any issues financially, then you’ll end up in danger. But, this is the same with any other hosted platform.
  • Learn curve – The use of Shopify Plus requires some knowledge of the Shopify Language Liquid, although it’s relatively simple to master


The Best Examples of Stores Using Shopify Plus

So, let’s take an look at what you could do using Shopify Plus.

Shopify Plus Store Example: Bombas

Bombas is a great eCommerce store, with pop-ups which offer fast deals to make customers shop quickly. The theme’s color scheme is sleek and elegant as is the cart that is very modern as it is lowered to the right part of the site.

Shopify Plus Store Example: Allbirds

Another fantastic example of a fantastic store on Shopify Plus. The Allbirds The website is clean, modern and simple to navigate. It’s possible to set up an account, alter the language on the site and change the settings for your currency as well. This site has a feature for a sliding checkout which allows customers to make simple, secure transactions.


Shopify Plus Store Example: It is simple and beautiful is simple and beautiful even on mobile. The Italic store is an elegant site that showcases the superior capabilities and functionality of Shopify Plus tool. The process of adding items to your cart is effortless and browsing the various sections of the store is easy.


Shopify Plus Store Example: John Elliot

The greatest thing about John Elliot Store is how it quickly takes leads via pop-ups at the end of the page inquiring for your email address. If you sign for the service with Shopify Plus, Shopify Plus scripting will give you 10 percent off your first purchase. The pop-up doesn’t seem as intrusive like some of the notifications that are found on other websites.


Shopify Plus Store Example: Carat London

Ideal for showcasing the unique design of Carat. Carat brand The website is full of elegance and class. The site has a pop-up window at the end of the page for GDPR reasons, and there’s a no-cost shipping promotion on high-up on the website. The checkout feature for the store is simple and elegant.

Shopify Plus Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking for more specific answers to your concerns than you can find from the majority of Shopify Plus reviews?

Take a look at this FAQ:

Is Shopify the best platform for e-commerce?

You are the only one who can answer this question. Shopify is among the most well-known eCommerce platforms available and also the one that has possibly the best customer support. But, the best platform for you is dependent on your specific preferences and needs.

What number of Shopify and stores can you find?

There are over 500 000 active shops on Shopify There are 2500 merchants are using Shopify Plus. Shopify Plus tool to grow their businesses.

What’s the distinction in the two Shopify services? Shopify and Shopify Plus?

Shopify offers an eCommerce solution for small and mid-sized companies who require an scalable sales platform. Shopify Plus is a much bigger and more sophisticated platform that is designed for enterprises who are selling thousands of products each day. If you’re not among that eCommerce world’s elite, then you’ll be fine with Shopify.

Is Shopify Plus Easy to Use?

There’s a a learning curve for Shopify Plus, as you’ll require a basic understanding of programming and a basic understanding of Liquid language which Shopify utilizes. But, there are numerous tutorials that can help you get to get started. In addition when you sign up to Shopify Plus, you get an account manager that is dedicated to ensure that you are on the right path.

Is Shopify Plus for Best for Your Business?

Even though Shopify will always be a fantastic choice for smaller and mid-sized enterprises, Shopify Plus redefines how high-growth large-volume merchants buy, install and manage their ecommerce platform. Shopify Plus offers customers the power they need, but without the hassles.

After reading my Shopify Plus review, I am able to conclude that it’s a great option for large online companies generally. There are many excellent expansion products available with Shopify Plus that make it especially useful for niche industries and businesses. You can, for instance, create a robust B2B e-commerce store using Shopify Plus.

Multi-channel options are also offered to sell in-person or get your products listed on Amazon. Pop-up shops are advised to look into Shopify Plus, especially if you’re experiencing rapid growth. In addition, Shopify Plus can be a great option for global and wholesale businesses.

The smaller online stores offer the benefits of Shopify however it’s nice to know that you’ve got the possibility of upgrading to a more powerful version such as Shopify Plus, should the day ever come.

In case you’ve got any queries regarding your experience reading this Shopify Plus review please let us know via the comment section below. You can also discuss your experiences with Shopify Plus in the event that you have these.

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