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The Best Ways to Contact Shopify Customer Service

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To say that Shopify is the most well-known brand in the world is an understatement. With an audience of more than one million*, global sales of $200 billion up to date and a logo deeply embedded into the contemporary popular culture, Shopify is here to remain.

Yet just because a million users have rely on Shopify to create and manage their online stores, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the site can be allthat simple to use. In our latest study of eight eCommerce website developers, Shopify placed in the lowest quartile for ‘Ease of Use’ with the average rating of 3.5/5.

It’s no surprise, it’s true that if you’re already using Shopify or are considering it , eventually you’ll need to reach out to the company’s customer service. If it’s choosing the right design template, connecting the store’s functionality with other applications or managing your SEO, you’ll need to be confident knowing that reliable customer service is just a call or click or a mouse click away.

In this post, we’ll explore the various ways in that you can get assistance from Shopify. With live chat and email, as well as phone forums, as well as self-service online assistance available You’re spoiled for choices So let’s dive in!

  1. Community Forum

When it comes time to contact an organization for assistance the majority of our thoughts are focused on sending an email or calling a number. However, sometimes it’s more beneficial to consult the experience of people who have had the experience, been there, done that, and even gotten the t-shirt prior to you even pick up the phone.

This is the point where Shopify Community is into. It’s basically an online community that has more than 9000 members. Here, you’ll see more than 1.15 million messages. There are discussions about Shopify’s apps as well as its designs and for those who are tech-savvy it’s range of API (Application Programming Interface) integrations. This forum is searchable and will be able to answer nearly every query you can think of regarding managing an Shopify website.

In this way the Shopify community forum functions much like an information base. It’s it’s free, easy to navigate, and available to anyone – all day long. The only difference is The fact that Shopify Community Shopify Community can be powered through the smart minds and curious voices of other Shopify users All of them have had to overcome the same challenges like you.

It’s true that it’s true that the Shopify Community won’t be suitable for all enquiries. It will require some research to determine what you’re looking for, so when compared to live chat at a minimum – it’s not the quickest method to reach assistance. We’d suggest this method of Shopify customer service for people who want less fast response, and more of a learning experience or to learn about the broader range of subjects relevant to selling with Shopify.

We’d we would suggest joining in! It’s free to sign-up and participate in the discussions And who knows – very soon, you’ll be on the road to becoming one of them!

  1. Help Center

The Shopify Help Center is the e-commerce site’s information base. Similar to Shopify Community, it is a self-service resource. Shopify Community (the open forum we’ve discussed) it’s similar to the Shopify Community. The Help Center is an online self-service tool. It means that unlike live chat telephone, live chat or social media help it is your responsibility to find your own answers , not Shopify’s employees.

It’s a breeze to accomplish. Just type your question in the search box…

… And Shopify will produce a collection of FAQs that can be collapsible to help out. If these aren’t the answers you’re seeking The Shopify Help Center will also offer a set of related articles that look a lot like Google’s search results. If you’re not able to locate the information you’re seeking there – or on the community forum of Shopify, you’re probably right that self-service support won’t meet your needs. The time is now to get some big-name vendors…

  1. Live Chat Support

We believe that the most simple to use, fastest, and most straight path to get the most solution is the Shopify live chat is definitely worth looking into.

To chat with the Shopify customer service representative live, just visit its live chat page available through the Shopify Help Center – and complete what appears to be the form online to start.

Input the information to the max, and a small window will appear and you’ll be able to start talking to Shopify’s experts in real-time. We discovered them to be extremely knowledgeable and extremely friendly and helpful!

We’d suggest live chat for… every type of question! It’s simple, quick to access, and offers an added benefit of providing an extra dose of human interaction that can brighten your day.

If your support inquiry has more to do with a general or general request it’s possible that you’ll be redirected to Shopify’s relevant pieces about the topic. However, that’s okay – it means you don’t have to search for this content yourself and frees your time to concentrate on the things that matter (growing the size of your Shopify store! ).

  1. Email

There are times when email isn’t the fastest method of contacting customer service however – for nostalgic, at the very the very least – there’s plenty to appreciate about an old-fashioned, reliable email service. Today, however there are a few companies (in the building of websites at least!) actually provide email addresses. Wix is one example. However, it does not – you must use their live chat support and knowledge base, rather.

For contact with Shopify by email contact, or use the form below to access the Help Center.

When you fill out this form, it will transmit your name and message directly to Shopify, and also give Shopify with an email address so that they can respond promptly. Also, there is an image field, in it you could drag images to describe the problem.

To be honest, we’re not too quick to recommend this type of support in comparison to, say using the live chat feature. It’s slower and less efficient in that there’s no open-ended window to talk with an agent in real time. But, Shopify’s support through email might still be appealing to traditionalists, or to those who have an internet connection that isn’t stable enough to support chat in real time! chat conversation!

  1. Support for Phones

Support requests that require more focus than a basic information base, or email chain could provide, Shopify’s representatives are at the other side of the phone 24 hours a day to help you.

The toll-free phone number for customer service for support in the US is 1-888-747-7439, and the number for those who live in other countries Shopify’s international customer service numbers are:

United Kingdom: 0800-808-5233


New Zealand: 07-788-6026



Singapore: 800-181-1121

Indonesia: 007-803-651-0008

Although you may find it can be nice to talk with an agent over the phone – even to make sure they’re actually a human being however we’d be reluctant to suggest phone-based support over live chat or self-service alternatives. It is possible that you will experience long wait times and also you might find that it is more difficult to resolve problems without text or links in the screen to guide you.

In this regard We’d recommend only pursuing Shopify’s telephone-based support only in the event of a business-critical situation, such as if your store suddenly stopped working and urgent intervention is needed.

  1. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Shopify has established a formidable presence across all different social networks. With more than four million Facebook followers, more than 3,000 photos on Instagram and over 325,000 followers on Twitter, Shopify is certainly popular. However, what worth do these platforms provide in terms of assistance from customers?

Let’s begin with Facebook which – after you’ve navigated through the Shopify Facebook page You can begin setting with a live chat using the “Message” button (to the right-hand bottom corner of the image below)

It’s still not the same speed or as effective than using Shopify’s live chat tool that Shopify offers on its website. But it is definitely be beneficial for those who are a frequent Facebook user, especially since it opens the window of Your Facebook Messenger, so you can chat with an Shopify support representative without leaving the social media website.

Shopify’s Twitter page, for instance although it has a lot of fun and funny content – is a bit slower. As opposed to Facebook the account can’t chat in real-time and instead have send a tweet to @shopify your question. Naturally, it comes with the advantage of making your customer service request public . This means Shopify will be able to take care of its image to respond in the event that it hasn’t already, therefore Twitter could be a good option in the event that you haven’t received a response as of yet.

Of the three major popular social platforms Instagram has the lowest rating. efficient when it comes to customer assistance. We’re currently unable to contact Shopify directly via the platform. However, similar to Twitter you can include Shopify in your posts (or stories) and include a summary of your problem or support request in the caption of your image.

  1. Top Tips for contacting Shopify Customer Support

In the above article, we’ve provided the best methods to contact Shopify customer service. Before you dive into the process, here are our top tips to contact Shopify’s customer support customer service team:

Tip 1 Do not forget about YouTube!

With all the focus on the ‘big three social media platforms’ that we’ve discussed another way to support customers is ignored and is often overlooked – YouTube!

It is brimming with audiovisual tutorials covering everything from signing up for a trial to choosing a payment processor the YouTube channel of Shopify is more valuable than a glance the 143,000 subscribers prove it!

Tip 2 Go to an event with Shopify Community Event

For complete customer service chat rooms, live chat or community forum are fantastic… however there’s nothing likelike attending an event in person to find out the full story.

It’s true that this is something that the COVID-19 epidemic has caused us to forget for a bit. Why not visit the Shopify Community Events page and look up the events happening in your region? It could be a class to help you start your journey using Shopify in Miami or some fun e-commerce tips for the holidays in Manila There’s something for all ages in the community – all over the world!!


Tip 3 Tune Into a Webinar

If you’ve enjoyed the nearly entirely virtual nature of events in the past 18 months, then a webinar could be more on your alley. Shopify offers four webinars that are completely free to register for and are held every day. They are:

  • How can I transfer from Etsy to Shopify?
  • How do I install Shopify on Google Shopping? Google Shopping App with Shopify
  • Beginning with Oberlo
  • Starting with Shopify

If you’re content with relying on a faceless representative for help – or make a request for assistance from your keyboard, there aren’t many better ways to get started than this!

The Best Methods to Contact Customer Service at Shopify Summary

Are you still in touch with us? Let’s review some of the most effective ways you can reach Shopify customer service:

  • Shopify Community: used by more than 900,00 Shopify Store owners. This community is a fantastic first port of contact for self-service queries.
  • Help Center This section of the Shopify website functions as a resource for knowledge that’s ready to explode with useful tutorials and articles. It can also serve as a platform for you to access other ways of support, for example, Live chat as well as email.
  • Live Chat is the fastest, most simple method of reaching Shopify customer service, although it’s not always the right choice for all types of inquiries.
  • E-mail: Go through Shopify’s Help Center or send an email at to get help via email.
  • Telephone: Shopify offers 24/7 phone-based assistance in the US and across the globe.
  • Social Media: You can chat with Shopify in real-time through Facebook however the company’s Instagram as well as Twitter accounts are smaller in this.

We mentioned it at the beginning of this post, Shopify’s “Ease of Use score in our research on website builders did not come out as hot. One area where Shopify did excel however, was its ‘Help and Support rating. With an average that was 3.8/5, Shopify tied for second place behind Wix being beaten with Square’s 4.0/5.

In the end, Shopify may not be an easy platform to use. But if or if you run into problems, you’ll feel confident that Shopify has a top support staff to assist you.

What’s next? If you enjoyed this post, make sure to read the Shopify Review and our in-depth look at the way Shopify operates. You can also tell us what you think of this post – or give us personal insights about your own experiences using Shopify’s support infrastructure in the comments section below.

*Source: Shopify Statistics

**Source: Further Shopify Statistics

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