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Website builders can be a straightforward and affordable method of creating your own website. As with all things in life, you’ll never need to sacrifice quality in exchange for cost. That’s why we’ve compiled our list of best 15 websites that cost the least that offer great value for budget. Take a look at each of them side-by-side in our chart, and then look further to discover the best choice for you.

The importance of sticking to a budget is crucial, even when you’re developing a website. This list is divided into four categories to help you choose the best builder.

We’ve placed the Squarespace as the cheapest web-based portfolio builder that cost just $10.80 per month if you apply our WBE discount coupon. In terms of building an online store, Square Online’s pricing of $6/month is the most attractive spot and Weebly being the most affordable builder for small-scale businesses, costing only five dollars per month. In the end, comes top of the list for blogging, with a price of $4 per month.

Each website builder listed on this listing has been evaluated by us. Some of them are better worth your time than others, however they’re all reliable names. We’ll tell you the facts on each, providing you with the details that you require to make the best decision.

Cheapest Web Builders that are suitable for small Businesses

  1. Weebly $5 per month for the two-year plan – Best Price!
  2. Zyro – $8.90 per month
  3. GoDaddy – $9.99 per month
  4. 1 and 1 IONOS 1 & 1.
  5. Squarespace  $10.80 per month, with discount coupon code WBE

Cheapest Website Builders available for Online Stores

  1. Square On-line – – $12/month the best value!
  2. Wix $18/month on a 3-year contract
  3. Squarespace  $16.20 per month, with discount coupon code WBE
  4. Shopify  $21.70 per month on a 3-year plan
  5. Big Cartel – $9.99 per month


Cheapest website builders for portfolios

  1. Squarespace  $10.80 per month, with discount coupon code WBE
  2. GoDaddy – $9.99 per month
  3. Jimdo $ 8 per month on a two-year plan The Best Value!
  4. Amazingly $7 per month for a 2-year plan
  5. Wix $10 per month for a 3-year contract

Cheapest Web Builders to Build Blogs

  1. – $4 per month
  2. Squarespace  $10.80 per month, with discount coupon WBE
  3. Wix $10 per month for a 3-year contract
  4. Weebly $5 per month for the two-year plan – Best Price!
  5. GoDaddy – $9.99 per month

Compare the 15 most affordable Website Builders

The price isn’t the only crucial factor when it comes down to building websites. This chart shows the main characteristics of each platform’s lowest paid plan to determine which one offers the most value for money. Utilize the arrows to evaluate the different platforms one-to-one.

We’ve been testing websites builders for more than 10 years. Over the years we’ve encountered some fantastic websites builders, and bad ones as well. We’ve come across fantastic free platforms as well as terrible paid platforms. And throughout the process, we’ve discovered the importance of quality and value, as well as cost.

Today, our research is focused on the importance of value for money being one of our key aspects of our research strategy. This is a reference to:

  • If a platform offers an unpaid plan or a free trial
  • The cheapest plan with a paid subscription
  • The highest priced paid plan that is available
  • What features are available in each plan?

The final “feature against price” topic of research aids us in determining if the platform is worth it for the money. Sure, a budget plan is nice however, how much storage capacity is it offering? Do you want to have ads displayed on your website or have access to SEO tools that will allow your site is able to begin ranking on the results of Google?

We’ve tested every website builder listed that’s on this list, so we are confident that each offers value to users who are the right ones. Only one thing to do is to choose the ideal platform so that you can begin creating your own website!

You may think that you’re asking a question that’s trickier but we’re here to assure you that it’s not. Simply because a site builder has a low cost doesn’t guarantee that it’s worth the cost. It might be less burdensome on your wallet strings, but generally inexpensive pricing plans don’t include many features.

This is the reason why the websites builders we’ve listed at the top of the list below may not have the highest overall score. It’s crucial to consider what is most important to you and which features are not negotiable before committing to an online builder. There’s a good chance that if you select one solely because of the low price , you may be disappointed in other areas.

Cheapest Web Builders that are suitable for small Businesses

  1. Weebly $5 per month on 2 year plan

The most affordable starting point for an online business with a small budget

Weebly In A At A

Weebly is an excellent web design tool for small-scale businesses which are just beginning. Its reasonable prices make it easy to create a website quickly. However, the higher-end packages will serve you very well when your business expands and needs a more comprehensive service. In the end, Weebly won the top position for value through our analysis with a score of 5/5.

5 dollars per month for a personal plan needs to be aware of:

  • Connect your personal domain
  • No domains for free
  • 500MB of storage
  • Adverts are displayed on your site
  • SEO is a feature of Google.
  • Email and chat support (no telephone support)

While it does have a drag-and-drop editor however, Weebly doesn’t necessarily make the best tool for building. Based on our study It’s 23% more difficult to utilize than Wix and its user design style is somewhat outdated. It’s safe to say that it may take a while to understand how everything works together this is the reason it got 3.4 out of 5 in our tests with users. Once you’ve mastered the art of it, the process of creating your website will be relatively easy thanks because you are able to select the elements you’d like and simply drop them into the right spot.

But there are aspects that Weebly must work on improving on. The absence of an “undo button was one of the things the users complained about as particularly annoying along with the lack of overall customization and the inability to use mobile-friendly formatting.

Weebly is a great value for the money, especially due to its free plan. However, it comes with some annoying ads on the site We’d suggest opting to one of its Three paid plans :

  • Personal: $5 per month
  • Professional: $12 per month
  • Performance: $26 per month

At just $5 per month the personal plan from Weebly is an excellent choice for those who you’re starting out from scratch however, you should be aware that the plan comes with a few limitations. You’ll need to deal with ads on your site as well as only 500MB storage. It’s not a domain for free neither! If you’re looking to be able to enjoy that low cost mark, you’ll need sign up for a two-year contract to secure it. However, overall price is where Weebly excels and that’s why it scored a dazzling 5/5 in our analysis!

Weebly does not have the greatest selection of templates, and its smaller selection could be better. This is particularly true with regard to mobile-friendly design. Weebly isn’t a great choice for this and its layouts don’t move between screen sizes efficiently.

However the fact that they all have an attractive and professional style which is ideal for an entrepreneur with a small-scale company. Furthermore, they’re all completely free, meaning you don’t have to spend any money and add to your monthly costs.

In terms of capabilities, Weebly came third out of all the builders that we test scoring an overall 3.5 out of 5.

It’s extremely effective on the SEO department and comes packed with a variety of functions that include a helpful guide if you’re not familiar with Search engine Optimization. It also includes the ability to secure your members’ area with a password as well as a chatbot feature and its own analytics system that tracks the success of your website. It is also possible to integrate email marketing into your website using Weebly’s personal Weebly Promote. There’s a no-cost plan to use this feature, or upgrading to an upgraded subscription beginning at $8 per month.

Should We suggest  Weebly’s Cheapest Plan?

Sure… But it’s not forever! This plan can be a fantastic start for any new company because it lets you get online quickly and without any effort. But, once your brand grows you’ll be able to grow beyond this plan quickly.

If you’re looking for an upscale look immediately We recommend you move right into the Professional plan. The price is 12 dollars per month, which is an enormous leap however, we believe is a better value the money.

Setting up a Small Business Site Do you have a budget?

Weebly is a cost-effective beginning point to build an online business site starting at 5 dollars per month.


  1. Zyro: $8.90 per month

The business-friendly, cheap site builder you should be watching

Zyro At A Glance

Zyro is the latest child in town, however it’s already making waves in the world of website building. Its most notable feature is its simplicity of use and that means everyone can make use of it to get the website online in a short time. It also comes with cutting-edge tools, including its AI writer that is helpful for smaller companies who aren’t able to afford freelancers. This is the reason the reason it earned the rating that was 4.1 from 5 which puts it at fourth in this particular category. Because it’s new, it’s basic in some ways.

$8.90 monthly Basic Plan must be aware of:

  • 3GB bandwidth
  • 1GB of storage
  • Connect your domain
  • AI-powered tools built into the system
  • Tools for blogging
  • Three months free of email
  • It’s impossible to sell this plan.

Because of its grid-based drag and drop editor Zyro can be described as one of the builders that is easy to use and scored 4 out of 5 on our tests of ease of use. It gives you a great deal of creativity, but without becoming overwhelming. This is ideal if you’re searching for a simple basic, simple-to-use website to help your business.

The reason it’s so simple it’s because it’s not as robust as other builders on the market. It’s got the basics however, if you’re looking for something that is more complex it will require some programming knowledge to be able to do it, which isn’t exactly beginner-friendly!

Zyro excels when it comes to value for cost, scoring 4.2 from 5 for this category. Zyro offers a no-cost trial so that you can begin developing your website without investing one cent, but you’ll need to upgrade when you plan to make it live. There are Three plans are available To choose from:

  • Basic: $8.90 per month
  • The Unleashed $12.49 per month
  • eCommerce: $24.49 per month
  • eCommerce Plus: $29.99 per month

Unleashed is a great package for small businesses. Unleashed package is great for small-scale businesses, and has enough features to assist those who are just getting started. If, however, you’d like to make use of your website to sell goods we recommend you move into an eCommerce solution.

Pay attention to Zyro’s pricing, since they frequently have sales that can cutting the price by as much as 69 percent! This means that the Unleashed plan will cost just $2.90 each month which makes it extremely affordable and a great value in terms of value.

Zyro is a collection of modern and mobile-friendly templates that are great for small businesses that want to advertise. You also have the option of creating your own template from scratch, which is great if you’re looking to make your brand’s identity at the forefront.

Yet, Zyro does fall down in terms of customization options. To make things easy it’s not possible to do enough to your templates to different from others which means it’s a bit difficult to give them a distinctive spin. This is the compromise you’ll have to come up with for the simple-to-use editor.

It’s important to remember that you’ll be unable to modify your templates after they’ve been published So make sure you’re 100% satisfied with your selection prior to publishing!

As a relatively new builder for websites Zyro’s feature set isn’t as extensive which is the reason it received 2.4 from 5 in this category during our research. It does not have an app marketplace, and instead, it relies on Zapier for integration with third-party apps.

The lowest plan includes an email address that is free for three months basic SEO tools that can aid with development, the ability to connect to an Instagram feed and 1GB of storage space.

It also has the most unique AI tools that allow it to seem like a contemporary builder. This includes an AI writer to create keywords-rich content and the logo creator that’s helpful if you want to cut costs and don’t have the budget for designers.

Do We recommend Zyro’s Cheapest Plan?

Yes We do, however, not if you intend to market items. The Unleashed plan is ideal for small-scale businesses who want to use their websites to provide information. However, if you require it to function like an online shop, we suggest choosing an eCommerce option.

Are you looking for something Cheap as well as Easy?

Zyro is a great builder that is perfect for small-scale businesses and is extremely user-friendly for beginners. Start with $8.90 or wait for Zyro’s sales to grab the basic plan for just $2.90!


  1. GoDaddy: $9.99 per month

The cheapest and most affordable small business website builder

GoDaddy at a Review

GoDaddy’s artificial design technology allows it to be the most efficient method to design a small business website. And at $9.99 each month it’s quite affordable as well! Each plan comes with GoDaddy Insight, which offers an action plan that is specifically tailored to improve your web presence. It’s an excellent solution for small-scale companies. GoDaddy has seen a significant improvement on our list of rankings earning the overall rating at 4.4 from 5 which is an increase of 11.6 percent from the previous score showing a dedication to improving. This is a great indicator for anyone seeking the long-term development of their website builder!

$9.99 monthly Basic Plan must be aware of:

  • One month free trial
  • No domain for free
  • There are no ads on your site.
  • 24/7 support via phone
  • GoDaddy Insight analytics
  • No built-in SEO website optimizer
  • Integrate with one platform for social media
  • Make appointments for one-time only (no regular appointment bookings)
  • No ecommerce

GoDaddy is extremely user-friendly since it handles the majority of the job on your behalf. It makes use of Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) which asks you couple of questions and then utilizes your answers to build your own personalized website. This is why it received an astonishing 4.1 out of five stars in our user-friendliness test.

The ADI builder will ensure that your template is equipped with pertinent features already included, and you are able to jump right into creating your own by filling in your own content prior to publishing.

GoDaddy has a free plan, along with its price plans that are premium, each of which include one month of one-month trial period that lets you try it for free before beginning your journey correctly. The most affordable premium plan costs $9.99 each month for a year of payment:

  • Basic: $9.99 per month
  • Standard: $14.99 per month
  • Premium: $19.99 per month
  • Ecommerce: $24.99 per month

The Basic plan offers you a good toolkit however, it’s designed to be used on simple websites. The majority of small-sized businesses will be able to feel its limitations before long due to the absence of tools for SEO, its limited integrations with social media and its limited appointments features.

With GoDaddy it isn’t necessary to begin by selecting your own template, since the site is designed for you by using an ADI editor. However, this doesn’t mean you’re restricted to what it suggests for you. You can alter the layout and design quickly. It’s not possible to customize your site, therefore the more complex branding can be difficult however it’s not too difficult to create your own unique mark on your website.

GoDaddy was created to help small and mid-sized companies It is apparent through its range of marketing tools. GoDaddy Insight proves especially beneficial in that it evaluates your website in relation to other similar ones, and gives you specific action plans to help you make improvements.

If you’re not an entirely new small-business and you’re a new business, you might be able to find the features of the lowest plan insufficient. The biggest disappointment is the inability to use advanced SEO capabilities and the lack of online appointment bookings that are recurring. There’s also no domain for free make sure you make room in your budget to purchase one!

Do We recommend GoDaddy’s Cheapest Plan?

It’s true, however not for forever. GoDaddy’s most affordable plan is ideal for those who need a basic site and need to publish it quick. It’s essentially the best beginning point, especially considering how helpful the GoDaddy Insight tool can be! You’ll have to upgrade your plan as your business expands. This is due to the fact that GoDaddy’s higher priced plans provide the most value for money particularly when it comes to sophisticated SEO features.

Do You Need to Get a Simple Website Live Today?

If your small-scale business needs to be fast then the GoDaddy $9.99 each month package is perfect.


  1. 1 and 1 Ionos One dollar per month during the first twelve months.

The most affordable plan, however, it has a limited number of features

1&1 Ionos At A Glance

1&1 Ionos is designed specifically to help businesses get online. It is distinct from other websites due to its extremely low pricing plans. Some begin at just $1 a month in the initial year! It’s also great for scalability when your business grows and also allows you to translate your website into different languages to increase your reach across the globe.

1$ per month The Starter Plan must be aware of:

  • Free domain for the initial year
  • Professional email address
  • Design and customization capabilities are limited.
  • Effective online marketing tools for marketing
  • No advertisements
  • Prices are renewed at a higher rate during the 2nd year the subscription

1&1 Ionos isn’t the most user-friendly to use website builder as evidenced by its scores in the range of 2.8 from 5 during our tests of user-friendliness. The editor is organized in sections. Although it ensures that your website’s appearance is tidy and neat but it can be quite challenging when you try to move things around. All in all, it can make editing feel rather restricted.

On the other hand it’s easy to add pages to your site and even expand it. Furthermore, each webpage is an empty page which means you can design it in any way you’d like. This is perfect if you prefer to have more control over the design however it can cause difficulties if you simply need to get your site up and running as fast as you can.

1&1 Ionos provides two kinds of pricing plans: one designed for websites builders and another specifically designed for stores that sell online. Both start at just $1 per month however, if you go for the website builder option you are able to add a store option if you wish to. Due to its extremely low beginning plans, cost-effectiveness is one aspect where this builder excels with a score of 4.2 five out of 5 in this particular category.

Three plans are available: three web-based builder plans you can pick from:

  • Starter: $1 per month
  • Plus: $5 per month
  • Pro: $10 per month

It is important to note that these are only introductory rates and, if renewal is scheduled for your next year, the cost will increase. This will increase the annual price of the Starter price to $5.5 The Plus plan will cost $10 while the Pro plan will cost you $15 per month.

Unfortunately 1&1 Ionos isn’t renowned for its outstanding design capabilities. The templates offered feel old-fashioned however, there’s themes for every field you can imagine. In addition looking through them to locate one that you like may take some time due to the absence of the search bar.

It’s also difficult to gain any kind of creative control using this builder for websites. The customization options are limited and is often limited to the design you’ve picked.

Despite its poor design, 1&1 Ionos does come with a modest but effective collection of tools that can aid small businesses to get online. It comes with a no-cost domain in the initial year of registration, an individual email account, and powerful SEO tools that will aid in the growth of your business.

My Website Now is a My Website Now builder is also specially designed to assist beginners create websites quickly. It’s a great option if you’re not interested in creating a website complete with bells and whistles, instead, you’re looking for something practical to market your company.

Do We Recommend 1&1’s Cheapest Plan?

But not really. In fact, we’d advise going directly onto the plus plan. This is due to the fact that, while it’s extremely affordable at one dollar per month during the initial year however, the Starter plan isn’t very customizable and isn’t scalable enough.

If you choose the Plus plan, you can design an even more dynamic website and then translate it into various languages. You can also connect your website to social networks, and include a blog, as well as advanced features, such as gallery galleries, scroll effects as well as video background.

Do you need to keep costs down?

1 and 1. Ionos is the most affordable website builder on the market which means you can have your website up and running for just one dollar per month for the initial year!


  1. Squarespace. $10.80 for a month, with discount coupon code ‘WBE’

The best for beautiful small-scale websites for business.

Squarespace At A At A

Squarespace is among the major players in the web-building industry and with good reason. It’s an excellent option for small businesses due to its built-in analytics tool, excellent SEO performance, and its extensions library. It offers a solid platform for small companies to expand their size and reach. Additionally, it’s a good cost-effective, particularly when you use our 10 percent discount for businesses with WBE coupon that reduces the cost for The Personal Plan from 12 dollars per month down to $10.80.

12 per month Personal plan should be aware of:

  • Connect a custom domain
  • Free domain registration for the initial year
  • There are no ads
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Comprehensive SEO features
  • Fantastic 24/7 customer service and assistance
  • There’s no e-commerce on the lowest plan
  • Basic analytics software

The past few years, Squarespace had received a poor rap due to its simplicity of use but recently, it’s been working to make its editor simpler. This has led to it being currently rated as one of the easiest web builders to use with a score of 4.0 out of five on our tests with users. This is a huge 15% improvement from the previous score!

The editor makes use of rows to arrange its designs it gives you the capability to arrange elements within sections. This could be too restrictive for those who want to be able to drag and drop wherever you want however it’s a great option for those with no knowledge of design and wish to keep their site neat and beautiful as they can.

However, Squarespace isn’t a no-cost service, and offers users a 14-day trial instead. This is great if are looking to give it try and determine whether it’s the right choice for you however, to make your website live and make it up for live, you’ll have to move to any of the Four paid plan options before you can start.

The plans are priced between $10 to $40 If you decide to pay for the entire cost up front:

  • Personal: $12 per month
  • Business: $18 per month
  • Basic Commerce $26 per month
  • Advanced Commerce $ 40 per month

If the monthly cost of $12 seems expensive to you, then we’ve got positive news that you can save 10% off of the entire price by using our exclusive discount code WBE. Enter the code “WBE” at the time of checkout, and you’ll capable of reducing the monthly cost to $10.80. Sounds like an incredible deal, doesn’t it?

This is how Squarespace is able to claim its title. It’s the king of beautiful visual design, and all of its templates are made to work with high-resolution media. The templates are stunning regardless of what device they’re displayed on. Unlike other builders like Shopify the templates are all completely free.

It’s important to note that you will not be able to modify the base code of your website when you’re on the Personal plan. This type of modification is only available to the Business plan upwards. If you’re just beginning however, this restriction gives you a security cover, as you will not make a mistake and modify the code in error and alter your website’s elegant appearance!

The plans offered by Squarespace come with a hefty dose of premium features. All of them are designed by the company’s own staff, and are designed to work with your site. Of course, the higher priced your plan and the more features you’ll be able to access The Personal plan comes with an impressive collection blog tools top-quality SEO options, and space for two site contributors. The basic analytics feature also gives you an analysis of your performance.

If you require any extra functionality, make certain to look at the extension library available on Squarespace. It’s essentially an app store which gives you access to plugins like Delighted, Quickbooks, Mailchimp Smart SEO, and more.

Do We recommend the Squarespace’s Cheapest Plan?

Yes we do! The plan you choose for personal use comes with sufficient features to get your company up and running The beautiful templates will surely make an impression on potential clients. In addition, if you decide to outgrow your program, Squarespace has three others plans to pick from, meaning you can grow your business without fear.


Are you looking for a stunning website at A Reasonably Price?

If yes, Squarespace is the perfect solution for you. Particularly when you can take advantage of our exclusive WBE discount Receive 10 discount of 10 percent Your subscription’s cost. Simply enter “WBE” When you are at the check-out!

Setting up or managing a Small Business Website? Learn More

Cheapest Website Builders to build Online Stores

  1. Square Online: $12 per month

Best online store builder for value

Square Online At A Glance

Square Online strikes a great balance of providing affordable starting pricing while offering scalable features. Beginning with the $12 per month Professional plan, you are able to sell an unlimited amount of items. It’s simple to use and particularly suitable when you’re looking to sync offline businesses to your store online.

12 dollars per month for Professional plan should be aware of:

  • Sell an unlimited variety of items
  • One year of free domains
  • No ads in your store
  • Automatic sync with Square POS
  • Offer delivery, pickup or even shipping
  • There is no abandoned cart
  • There are no product reviews
  • 2.9 30% Plus 30 cents transaction cost

Square Online is easy to use, which makes it a perfect option for those who are new or sellers who want to make money fast. The process for setting up your site is quick and easy. It also aids you in the process by asking questions about your business to ensure that it can customize your website to your requirements.

But, things can get more difficult as you move into the editor. This is due to the fact that Square utilizes its own terms for the most well-known features of ecommerce It can be a challenge to find the component you’re looking for in the numerous tabs of the toolbar. Once you’ve become familiar with the terminology but, it’s not going to be simpler to set up your store and get it up and running.

Square Online has a free plan that is instantly superior to other plans because of the fact that it allows you to offer an unlimited number of items!

To eliminate ads on your shop fronts, you’ll have to select one of three premium plans. These begin with $11 per month when you pay annual:

  • Professional: $12 per month
  • Performance: $26 per month
  • Premium: $72 per month

The lowest Professional plan eliminates ads, and offers the domain for free for a year, or allows you to connect to your custom domain, if you already have one. Other features included in the plan are Instagram integration Square POS syncing, curbside pickup as well as text-based alerts on order status on behalf of customers, gift card and much more.

Square Online scored well for design during our study. The site doesn’t begin by selecting a template; instead, it develops an individual store for you by analyzing the data you supply during set-up. You end up having a store that is in line with the best practices in e-commerce in your field.

There are enough tools available to alter your design and the final result is typically a neat modern-looking storefront that is designed to display your items.

Square Online provides the usual online shopping necessities, like the management of inventory shipping tools, inventory management, and the creation of gift cards. However, it offers the most advanced features – for example, abandon cart recovery and shipping discounts for higher-priced plans.

Additionally, it offers unique features that indicate the fact that Square Online is paying attention to the needs of sellers and keeping up with the times. For instance, order text alerts curbside pickup and customizing in-store orders that allows customers to edit their orders as well as set the hours for pickup. All of these options are included with the lowest-cost plan.

Do We recommend the Square Online’s Cheapest Plan?

Yes! Square Online’s lowest price of Professional plan, which costs $12 per month, is ideal for a small online store. While it’s lacking more substantial features such as recovering abandoned carts, it is a fantastic value for sellers who require a stylish and feature-rich site.

Do You Need a Top Value Online Store Builder?

Square Online’s monthly fee of $12 plan is a great value as well as all the tools you require to get started selling!


  1. Wix: $23 per month

The best website builder of the highest quality for e-commerce

Wix At A At A

Wix is a web-based website builder, which also offers ecommerce plans for those looking to set up the online shop. The $23-per-month lowest plan is a great balance between brand-focused creativity and sales tools that are geared towards growth which makes it ideal for small-scale businesses that want to grow. Additionally, if you opt to go with three years of service the cost will be just $18 which would be five dollars less per month!

$33 per month for Business Basic plan must be aware of:

  • Sell an unlimited variety of items
  • One year of free domains
  • No ads in your store
  • 20GB of storage
  • Abandoned cart Recovery
  • Sell on social media channels
  • Customer accounts available
  • There is no integration of the marketplace
  • Zero transaction cost
  • Doesn’t support multiple currencies

Wix is an easy method to create your own online shop. Its drag-and-drop editor is extremely intuitive and ideal for branding as you can drag and drop anything from anywhere. It provides helpful tips and suggestions while building, too. the on-page support feature is a standout feature of Wix!

There’s a little conflict between your storefront’s design and managing your inventory. You have to switch between both on your dashboard. It’s easy if you’ve got a only a few products.

Wix has a variety of plans, however only three of them allow online sales. The cheapest costs $23 per month when you decide to pay annually. $18 when you select an annual plan for three years:

  • Business Basic Monthly cost: $23
  • Business Unlimited $27 per month
  • Business VIP Monthly cost: $49

Its Business Basic plan offers useful tools for starting and growing the online presence of your store. You can sell an unlimited amount of items to begin with, and you have abandoned cart recovery as well as selling via social media as well, both of which can be helpful in increasing sales. The plan comes with no transaction costs for any of the Wix plans.

Wix offers a wide variety of templates for online stores to pick from, about 110! These templates cover a vast spectrum of industries and niches including fashion, pets or sports to CBD!

Additionally, you get access to the template’s personalization and you are able to alter the colors, fonts and layouts however you want. This is an excellent option for creating your own unique branding, but it could also be overwhelming and lead to a messy design if you’re not privy to the best practices for e-commerce.

The Wix’s least expensive Business Basic Plan is specifically designed for smaller or brand new websites, offering basic tools for e-commerce to help you start. This includes:

  • Unlimited amount of products
  • 20GB of storage space
  • 5 hours of video
  • Sell on social media channels

Additionally, you get more sophisticated tools to aid in the growth of your business, such as abandon cart recoveries, accounts for customers along with $300 of advertising vouchers.

Do We recommend Wix’s Cheapest Ecommerce Service?

Yes! It’s an excellent price plan for smaller online stores . We particularly love the fact that it offers room to grow using tools like the ability to recover abandoned carts. There aren’t any transaction costs even on the least expensive $33 per month Business Basic plan that allows you to sell unlimited items.

Are you planning to start an Small Online Store?

The cheapest plan offered by Wix is a the best value for online sellers that want to balance design and expandable features.

  1. Squarespace $16.20 for a month, with discount coupon code WBE

The most affordable alternative for stores that focus on brands

Squarespace At A At A

The cheapest plan for Squarespace’s eCommerce is $18 per month and is charged annually. This is ideal for small-scale businesses that are focused on design and branding Thanks to Squarespace’s top-of-the-line design, it is possible to make an attractive, unique store. It’s not a full-featured eCommerce suite however, you’ll get a solid starter sales pack. Additionally, if you take advantage of WBE’s special 10% discount coupon, you’ll be able to save some cash and bring the cost of your monthly subscription to $16.20!

$16.20 monthly Business Plan should be aware of:

  • Sell an unlimited variety of items
  • One year of free domains
  • No ads in your store
  • Advanced analytics for websites
  • No POS integration
  • There is no abandoned cart
  • There aren’t any products are available on Instagram integration
  • A 3 Percent transaction fee

Squarespace allows you to create your own online shop without any programming skills You start with the professionally created template that you can modify using the section-based drag-and-drop editor.

We suggest taking time to get familiar with Squarespace since, upon initial glance, it may not be an user-friendly system and may take some time to become familiar with. However, first impressions may be misleading as Squarespace actually was ranked as the best builder in our user-friendliness test, with the highest scores in the range of 4.2 out of five! The best part is that it’s a 15% increase over its prior score in our previous ranking prior to 2021.

Squarespace offers three different ecommerce plans. You might be familiar with the Personal plan that costs just $12 per month however, it doesn’t work with online stores. The cheapest plan for ecommerce can be found in the business plan priced at $48 per month in the event of billing annually:

  • Business: $18 per month
  • Basic Commerce Basic Commerce: $26 per month
  • Advanced Commerce 40$ per month

Business plan business plan is a kind of half-ecommerce solution. It’s specifically designed for businesses that wish to sell their products as well as host their primary website.

You will get basic tools for e-commerce with the Business plan. You can sell an unlimited amount of items, make gift cards, and take donations. There is however an additional 3% transaction cost that isn’t included in the two other plans for e-commerce.

Squarespace always impresses with its design and its templates for online stores are no different. It comes with ecommerce-specific templates that are with useful pages, and also features that automatically are included like “Shop Today” actions as well as galleries of product images.

Squarespace has a robust eCommerce offering, however the majority of its important selling features are only available to customers who have the Basic Commerce and Advanced Commerce plans.

But, you’ll get useful features with the $18/month Business plan, which include:

  • Pop-ups for promotions
  • Donations
  • Creation of gift cards
  • Inventory, order, and catalog management for product catalogs
  • Taxes, payments and shipping tools

Do We recommend The Squarespace’s Cheapest Online-Commerce Plan?

A little… It’s a good idea. suggest it if you’re selling items as a side hustle or you are a specialist in online sales or subscriptions. If you’re planning to launch an web-based store, you’ll require the $26 per month Basic Commerce plan, which eliminates transaction costs and gives you access to POS and ecommerce analytics as well as the option to allow your customers on your site to purchase on your own domain.

This $16.20 monthly Business Plan is a good price (especially because of our discount coupon code ‘WBE’!) If you’re selling a limited amount of items and struggle to stand out when you’re seeking an impressive set of sales tools to your business.

Are you a brand-focused store owner?

The $18-per-month Business plan might not be the strongest however, its designs are beautiful!


  1. Shopify: $29 per month

Cheapest alternative for bigger stores

Shopify at a Review

Shopify is an e-commerce platform. Its main purpose is to aid merchants to build and run online stores. This means that all plans as well as themes and features are specifically designed to sell online, which makes it more appropriate for larger enterprises. The cheapest plan is $29 per month or $21.75 when you sign up for the three-year option therefore, make sure that you are using its features if need value for your cost.

The basic Shopify price is $29 per month. must be aware of:

  • Sell an unlimited variety of items
  • No domain for free
  • No ads in your store
  • Multichannel selling
  • Abandoned cart Recovery
  • Discount vouchers and gift card creation
  • Shipping discounts are available (up to 74 percent)
  • Print shipping labels for shipping
  • A transaction fee of 2 for transactions, unless you are using Shopify Payments
  • POS integration

Shopify is a great option to use for those who are new – it’s an extremely robust, feature-rich platform and therefore can take a bit longer to create as opposed to a simple website builder.

However, Shopify’s logical layout and focus on inventory has been a huge win for our users during our testing and showed that even the most novice of tech users are able to begin using the power of Shopify!

Our customers were impressed with how Shopify helped them with their store’s setup. Your store won’t be up and running in five seconds, but it shouldn’t want to smash your head against the wall, either.

Shopify is a very sophisticated e-commerce platform which is evident its pricing. There’s no free plan available, however, it offers the opportunity to try a 14-day trial for free to test the platform. The cheapest plan is $29.95 per month which is $21.75 when the plan is signed up for a three-year contract immediately:

  • Shopify Basic: $29 per month
  • Shopify: $79 per month
  • Advanced Shopify: $299/month

Prices can rise quickly between plans, so you should think ahead before you commit whether you will be able to upgrade your plan in the future?

Shopify is dependent on applications to enhance the features of your website, and to enable you to grow without having for every 5 minutes to update your plans. There are free apps , as well as some paid.

We recommend looking through Shopify’s app store and adding the apps you may require to figure out the additional expenses to plan for when you start to develop and expand your business.

The Shopify designs are designed specifically for online stores.

The themes are nine themes for free however the majority of them are paid for – the most affordable of these is about $100 while the most expensive one costing $180. If you don’t love one of the Shopify free themes it’s a huge initial cost you’ll have to plan for!

As far as design, Shopify’s themes look amazing. They’re all mobile responsive, and cover a variety of sectors, as well as some are with a variety of styles to pick from. The themes are designed to fit a particular sector, with appropriate features automatically added.

Shopify is a robust online store builder with a variety of options. If you choose the cheapest plan, you will get:

  • Two accounts for staff
  • Multichannel sales across all marketplaces and social media
  • Synchronizing inventory using as many as four places
  • Abandoned cart Recovery
  • Discount coupons
  • Gift cards
  • Shipping discounts
  • Print shipping labels for shipping
  • Analysis of fraud
  • Shopify POS Lite – accept in-person payments
  • Sell in more than 20 different languages.

There are even more interesting options on the more advanced plans, like real-time shipping rates as well as the ability to manually calculate foreign exchange rates along with professional report reports.

Shopify’s most valuable benefit is its enormous app store It’s pretty dependent on third-party integrations. As such, most likely you’ll have to install at minimum several apps in order to maximize the value from your shop.

Do We recommend the Shopify’s Cheapest eCommerce Plan?

It’s a good choice… It’s a good choice if you require its powerful features. There’s no doubt that Shopify is a mighty ecommerce platform. If you don’t require the majority of its features and features, then even the monthly price of $29 could be a bit costly. Be sure to plan for themes as well as apps and domains too. Shopify doesn’t offer the use of a domain for free in any plans. For the best value you must take a serious approach to scaling your business and making use of the tools available.

Do You Need Features to Expand Your Business?

Shopify provides the most value in the event that you’re making maximum use of the features to increase the size of your business.


  1. Big Cartel: $9.99 per month

Cheapest ecommerce website builder

Big Cartel At A Glance

Big Cartel is a small-scale basic e-commerce website builder, which is perfect for anyone who wants to sell their products using a platform just one more than the marketplace. It’s not the easiest to use and the features it offers could be improved, but it’s an affordable option to sell a small number of products. The greatest aspect of Big Cartel is how cheap it is. It has an unpaid plan, and the most affordable paid plan is $9.99 per month if you decide to pay it annually.

$9.99 monthly for the Platinum plan must be aware of:

  • You can sell up to 50 items
  • Zero transaction cost
  • No domain for free
  • Connect your personal domain
  • No ads in your store
  • No carts abandoned for recovery
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Only 5 images per item
  • Sell on the internet and in person

Big Cartel has a user-friendly onboarding procedure which assists you with prompts and advice. While this can be helpful for new sellers, during testing, we found that our customers were unable to get started to a point where they could not – and in actuality, Big Cartel is the most difficult platform for e-commerce we’ve seen thus far!

It’s important to note that, although it may appear to be a great beginner’s tool however, you’ll require programming skills to benefit from Big Cartel – which is likely to turn off people who don’t have coding experience.

Big Cartel is one of the few online marketplaces that allow you to sell your goods for no cost. It allows you to sell five items at no cost . And in the event that you exceed this limit then you can move to an paid plan. You can choose from three plans that are paid with prices ranging between $9.99 up to $29.99 monthly:

  • Platinum: $9.99 per month
  • Diamond: $19.99 per month
  • Titanium: $29.99 per month

The most affordable Platinum plan allows you to make as many as 50 items. The plan comes with the standard selling features: you can upload 5 images per item, make use of an individual domain, monitor shipping and track inventory, to name a few.

Big Cartel has a small selection of themes to pick from. They’re clean, modern and fun They’re all mobile-friendly as well and you’re able to change your template at any point.

However, Big Cartel’s templates may not be the most appealing however, and the customization options are limited This is why programming skills can really help to elevate your store’s appearance to the next step. If you don’t, your customers could be disinterested when it comes to branding visuals.

Big Cartel covers the basics The Big Cartel covers the basics, starting with Google Analytics integration to discounts and promotions. However, it’s lacking several essential features for ecommerce such as abandon cart recovery.

The features offered are the same for all three plans The only thing that has changed is the amount of products you’re permitted to sell.

The majority of e-commerce platforms allow you to sell an unlimited amount of products with the cheapest plan, as well as upgrade options on higher priced plans It’s important to ask yourself what exactly you’re paying extra to get with Big Cartel.

Do We recommend The Big Cartel’s Cheapest Plan?

A little… however only in the case of selling a few items on the side. The Big Cartel’s $9.99 per month subscription is difficult to ignore simply because it’s so affordable. If you’ve got a couple of items to sell the basic features and limited design could not be a problem. If you’re planning to establish a genuine web-based store, then you’ll be able to get greater value by using a more advanced platform over this.

Do You Have a Plan to Sell Some Items?

The Big Cartel’s most affordable plan is $9.99 monthly, however it’s only designed for selling an occasional item.

Are you building or running an Online Store? Learn More

Cheapest website builders for portfolios:

  1. Squarespace: $10.80 per month with discount coupon code “WBE”

Best cheap portfolio builder

Squarespace At A At A

Squarespace is our top-rated portfolio site builder. It was rated 4.8 five stars during our analysis, beating out all the other competitors. You can enjoy amazing features like powerful SEO tools, unlimited storage, along with the best templates. All that for only the price of $12 per month is fantastic value in terms of price however, it’s even better with our discount code for WBE! Use the code “WBE” at the checkout to receive 10% off your selected plan, which will reduce the monthly cost to as low as $10.80.

12 dollars for a month. Personal plans must be aware of:

  • Connect your personal domain
  • Free domain available
  • There are no ads on your site
  • Unlimited storage space and bandwidth
  • SEO tools in full
  • 24/7 Support
  • Access to all templates
  • Basic analytics
  • No ecommerce

It’s not the simplest of builders however recent enhancements have had a significant impact! Through our tests with users, it scored a respectable 4/5 for user-friendliness which is 15% improvement over its previous ranking of. It is now one of the easiest builders we’ve seen.

We recommend taking your time getting acquainted with the editor Once you’re aware of the basics, creating your website using this platform is easier. The editor’s layout clearly indicates the important elements and its layout that is row-oriented is ideal for keeping your website clean and professional.

Contrary to other portfolio websites we’ve reviewed, Squarespace doesn’t have a free plan. It instead comes with the 14-day trial and is a risk-free opportunity to test out the premium features it offers. There is no need for card details to sign up, all you need is an email address, making it simple to sign up.

Squarespace offers four pricing plans which range between $10.80 up to $45 for a year of payment:

  • Personal: $10.80 per month (with our discount code ” WBE’)
  • Business: $18 per month
  • Basic Commerce $26 per month
  • Advanced Commerce 40$ per month

Its Personal Plan comes with a lot of options. Unlimited bandwidth and storage are perfect for portfolios that are heavy on media Strong SEO tools can help customers find your work. A free domain can save you a bit of more cost.

The most important thing missing is eCommerce tools that you aren’t able to sell using Squarespace’s lowest plan. Instead, you should consider the $18/month Business plan in order to begin selling your portfolio.

Whatever plan you choose be sure to make use of our discount code for WBE. Inputting the code “WBE” at checkout will help you save 10 percent of the total price, and if you opt for personal plan it will lower your monthly payment to only $10.80.

Squarespace offers the most appealing templates on the market with the highest rating that is 4.7 out of five in the design category. If you’re looking for a design-focused template you’ll find it a great option. The templates are all mobile-friendly and feature large images with lots of white space to give an elegant appearance.

There’s no need to pay extra for the templates offered by Squarespace – they’re all included in cost of your plan. It’s easy to customize and you’re able to modify the template to your liking. It is recommended change to the $18 monthly Business plan in order to alter the design with codes.

Squarespace develops its majority of features in-house. This means that they are focused on quality. That’s why we gave the site an average that was 4.4 out of five for the features on its website. The blogging and SEO tools merit a special note for their extensiveness and many portfolio templates have email sign-up forms as well as newsletter sign-ups that are automatically integrated for users to either use or delete.

You can add additional features to your site by using the Squarespace extensions which allow you to connect your portfolio to select third-party services like Printful, QuickBooks, and Smart SEO. It lets you customize the features of your website and style!

Do We recommend The Squarespace’s Cheapest Plan?

It is possible, particularly when you take advantage of your Discount for WBE! If you need an impressive modern portfolio with stunning design and options, the Squarespace $10.80 monthly Personal Plan is a perfect match. You can’t sell on the internet it is important to keep this in mind. However it’s a fantastic price for smaller but professional websites.

Do You Want to Get the Best for Your Portfolio?

Squarespace is the most effective portfolio builder and also one of the most affordable options for just $12 per month!


  1. GoDaddy: $9.99 per month

Cheapest way to get your portfolio online quickly

GoDaddy at a Review

If you’re looking to start your portfolio off on the ground as fast as possible GoDaddy is an excellent choice. It makes use of the power of design to design an individual website for you within the flash of an eye. This is why it is often called the most efficient website builder on the market. Additionally, it comes with numerous useful features, like advertising on social networks, integrated email marketing, and 24 hour assistance, but they are only available on the basic plan. In the end it is worth noting that during our research in 2021, GoDaddy achieved an overall score of 4.4 out of five, which is an increase of 11.6 percent from its previous rating, and demonstrating a massive improvements across the entire platform.

$9.99 for a month. Basic plan must be aware of:

  • Connect your custom domain
  • No domain for free
  • No SEO tools that are advanced
  • GoDaddy Insight analytics
  • There are no ads
  • 24/7 support via phone
  • No ecommerce tools

GoDaddy is a bit different from other builders of websites due to the way it makes use of Artifical Design Intelligence (ADI) to build a site based on your needs. Alternately, you can select your custom template from the options available.

However, that doesn’t mean you aren’t in control over your design when you choose to make use of an ADI builder. After GoDaddy has created your website it is possible to use the editor to insert your own content, and then modify the overall layout. It’s ideal for those who don’t want to be wasting time tweaking your site and would prefer to have your site up and running as quickly as you can!

Similar to Squarespace, GoDaddy has no free plan, however, it offers a large one-month trial for free that gives you the chance to try out the capabilities of GoDaddy. When your trial is over and you’re required to choose one of its Four different plans :

  • Basic: $9.99 per month
  • Standard: $14.99 per month
  • Premium: $19.99 per month
  • Ecommerce: $24.99 per month

The GoDaddy plans do exactly what’s on the label, with only the basic plan offering the minimum. It permits you to schedule one-time meetings with potential clients and also connect to one social media platform sending up to 100 messages each month.

But portfolios that are more sophisticated require a larger list of tools for marketing. In addition it is the Basic plan’s deficiency in SEO options is a major disadvantage that limits its efficacy in particular because you’ll need the most people to see your portfolio as much as you can. It’s more depressing considering that nearly all web developers today offer SEO on its paid-for plans and some extending it for their plans that are free as well.

Design isn’t the primary focus of GoDaddy. Its unique selling feature is the fact that it makes use of ADI to create websites. Rapid . This isn’t to say that the final product isn’t beautiful however. GoDaddy’s templates have a lot of images and are designed specifically to meet your specific requirements.

You are able to make some changes to the final appearance of your website by rearranging rows, altering the color scheme and altering the font you use however, for the most aspect, GoDaddy does all of the hard work for you.

If you’re looking to have greater control on how your portfolio functions we suggest you look into the options of Squarespace and Wix.

The cheapest Basic plan from GoDaddy is a bit lacking in terms of features. It does a great job by providing excellent analytical tools, and we like the fact the fact that marketing via email is an integral part of the plan, instead of an add-on.

However, the absence of SEO features is a major drawback as well as the reality that many applications are only available if you upgrade. For instance, you’ll only be able to send out up 100 emails. Additionally, it’s not possible to integrate with more than one social network. It’s not the ideal solution for the growth of your website!

Do We recommend GoDaddy’s Cheapest Plan?

Yes but not all the time. Thanks to its great analytics tools and the speed with that you can launch your site GoDaddy is the best choice to get your new portfolio site up and running. But, the absence of modern SEO tools limit the amount your website’s potential expands and will not help you grow the number of potential visitors to your website. We recommend that you upgrade whenever you are able!

Do You Want To Build a Portfolio Quickly?

GoDaddy is the fastest site builder on the market and, at $9.99 monthly, the ADI builder will have your portfolio online in the shortest time possible!


  1. Jimdo $18 per month for two-year plans

Ideal for creating a budget portfolio, with no ads

Jimdo At A Glance

Jimdo is a simple builder with two options to create a site – by using its ADI builder or traditional editor. We’ll concentrate on the ADI builder at this point since it allows the user to put their site up and running quickly. Both options are free but the capabilities aren’t as extensive, making growing your site a challenge.

9 per month. plan should be aware of:

  • 10GB bandwidth
  • Free domain
  • 5GB of storage
  • Do you have the ability to connect your domain
  • Customer support response time is between 1 and 2 days
  • Maximum number of 10 websites pages
  • There are no social marketing tools

As with GoDaddy like GoDaddy, Jimdo’s ADI editor makes the creation of your site quick and simple. After filling out the questionnaire and providing Jimdo precisely what you’re looking for it will create a website that is in line with your requirements including the color scheme you prefer.

Once you’re in the editing area, it can become somewhat complicated. The layout isn’t user-friendly, and it’s difficult to determine which icons perform what. When compared to the standard ADI procedure, any additional modification feels a bit limited. That is the reason Jimdo did not score 3.4 out of five in our user-friendliness test.

Jimdo’s ADI builder is equipped with Three different pricing plans You have a variety of plans to pick from, among which is a no-cost plan to choose from:

  • Play: $0 per month
  • Start: $9 per month
  • Grow: $15 per month

While the free plan appears as a great way to start a website without spending a dime, it’s extremely restricted. It’s not possible to have more than five ads scattered across your web pages which is a bit restricted for a professional portfolio There’s also no support or assistance available in case you’re stuck.

The Start plan can solve a lot of these issues, since it is free of advertisements and comes with a domain name for free. Additionally, you’ll have access to additional SEO options, too. We do not rate it as high due to the fact that it has an upper limit of 10 pages per page and it could take anywhere between one and two days to get help and support to respond to your request.

Although they’re not awful Jimdo’s designs could do need some modernization. They’re nice looking but there’s nothing enthralling regarding the ADI sites or templates they provide from the manual editors. Furthermore, customization is not as easy, and affects the amount of personality you can add to your site.

The features Jimdo offers aren’t impressive to put it mildly. There are limitations on every plan that means you’ll need invest more money to receive an adequate service on the site. This is why it was rated a dismal 1.9 five out of five during our tests.

If you don’t choose one of the more expensive Grow plan, you will not be able to add over 10 webpages on your site Also, you won’t be able integrate your website with social media platforms, either. The most surprising thing is the fact that support and help are given priority based upon your plan. For instance, users on the Start plan can expect to wait for up to two days for a reply as opposed to just four hours for those who are on The Grow plan. If you opt for to go with the no-cost plan you’ll not receive any assistance or assistance.

Would We Like to Recommend Jimdo’s Cheapest Plan?

The truth is that HTML0 doesn’t at all. This is because although Jimdo’s plans are free of ads, their lowest plan has only a few features which isn’t ideal in the event that you want to increase your business and increase your reach on the internet. We’d suggest that you go with that you use the free plan smaller, but it’s an excellent opportunity to explore Jimdo’s platform. Jimdo platform and see if you’re interested in it.

Do you want to build an portfolio with no ads?

Build a professional-looking portfolio fast by using Jimdo for only 9 dollars per month.


  1. Intriguingly, $7 per month for a two-year plan

Ideal for portfolios that are inexpensive and one-page.

The Strikingly At A Look

Strikingly creates single-page portfolio sites and is aiming to provide an editor that is user-friendly for simple building. Although it can provide this, it’s too basic. The single-page layout doesn’t work for portfolios with large amounts of work. In fact, it’s best for showcasing only a tiny quantity of work electronically.

$8 per month , limited plan should be aware of:

  • Connect your personal domain
  • Free domain for the initial year
  • Ideal for single-page websites.
  • 1GB storage per site
  • 50 GB bandwidth
  • You can sell up to 5 items
  • A transaction fee of 5%
  • Live chat function is available on-page as well as 24/7 assistance
  • You can publish two Limited plan websites for the cost of one

Strikingly is very simple to use and the editor allows you to modify your preferred template. If you’re stuck, the program comes with an in-page live chat function that’s particularly helpful to help you get to get out of sticky situations.

In some instances it’s simplicity isn’t always good for its simplicity. As you get more familiar with it you’ll soon outgrow the features this platform can provide. It’s probable that you’ll get frustrated and want higher-end features.

With Strikingly, you are able to keep the free plan or choose one of the three premium plans. They range in cost starting at From $8 to $49 per month If you pay annually:

  • Free: $0 per month
  • Limited: $8 per month
  • Pro: $16 per month
  • VIP: $49 per month

The most affordable Limited plan actually is quite generous, providing you with a domain free for the duration of the year, and the ability to publish two Limited features at the cost of one. It’s rare to find an entry-level plan offering e-commerce capabilities, however Strikingly lets users to sell up to five items. However, despite these advantages you’ll not be able to rid yourself of the branding of Strikingly in the event that you decide to upgrade to the Pro plan.

The templates of Strikingly aren’t dull however they aren’t very innovative. They’ll be able to aid you in building an appealing website, however they’re not pushing the limits of design. You could become bored with the limited possibilities for customization after a few months.

It’s good is that you are able to switch templates at any point. We consider this to be the best option over making changes to your website’s design. It’s more relaxing, and less stress!

Because of the single-page layout of Strikingly’s sites, we wouldn’t recommend it for those who want to create an online portfolio that is more comprehensive. It’s ideal if you just have a few items to display, however it’s also able for you to market up to five items is an excellent option in the event that those items are available for sale.

Like we said as well, the Limited plan includes an initial domain free during the beginning of the year but keep in mind that the plan will renew for $24.95 an year per custom domain. When compared to other domain registration companies the price is quite high and we recommend looking for a different option before committing to this!

Are We Recommending the Strikingly’s Cheapest Plan?

It’s not really. The reality it costs $8 per month Limited plan doesn’t remove of the branding of Strikingly is a major flaw in it. It will affect the professional appearance of your portfolio right from the beginning. In addition, it isn’t suitable for larger portfolios due to the fact of its single-page layout. If you’re looking to make an impression on your viewers and show your work in greater detail we suggest using the Pro plan.

Do You Need an easy, single-page portfolio?

Strikingly is a great tool for creating simple portfolios with just one page, starting at only $ 8 per month.


  1. Wix $5 per month for the three-year plan

Best all-around general website builder

Wix At A At A

Wix is a web-based builder which can do all kinds of things and is equipped to host the creation of a portfolio site. Expect to find a wide selection of fashionable and minimalist designs that are ideal to put your website on the map, as well as strong SEO tools that assist in increasing the number of visitors and customers.

$10/month plan must be aware of:

  • Custom domain
  • Free domain registration for one year
  • There aren’t any ads on your site
  • 3GB of storage space
  • 30-minutes of playback video
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Pay less each month when you commit to an annual plan for three years.

Wix stood out as the best in our user-friendliness test and scored an impressive 4.4 out of five. This means that it’s extremely user-friendly however it doesn’t compromise its style or features. This is due to its grid-based drag-and-drop builder This means that you can choose elements to drag into your template and then insert them where you’d like, in just a couple of clicks.

The editor of Wix can be sometimes overwhelming, however, it’s also brimming with useful hints and tricks also. By clicking on the icon for the question mark is the most effective method to seek professional help if you’re stuck. This is especially useful in the case of your first time building websites.

Wix provides a no-cost plan However, we don’t suggest this as a portfolio site. This is because it comes with Wix advertisements and an Wix subdomain which aren’t ideal to draw new customers. Instead, we’d suggest choosing one of its Four paid plans , instead:

  • Combo: $14 per month
  • Unlimited: $18 per month
  • Pro: $23 per month
  • VIP: $39 per month

The options may seem expensive However, the longer you’re using Wix the lower the monthly installments will be. It has contracts that run each month, annually each year, twice a year, and every three years. If you select the three-year option it will only cost you be paying 10 dollars each month. The negative is that you’re enticed to the use of Wix more than you’d prefer!

Wix has more than 800 templates available and a significant portion of them are ideal for Portfolios because of their sleek, clean design. Plus, they’re all completely free so you don’t have to shell out extra money to get an advanced version.

In the case of 800 templates, there are likely to be a handful of bad eggs, which is why it’s worth taking your time to select the right one for your needs. This is crucial because after you’ve chosen your template and have published your website it will be impossible to make a change and change templates at a later time.

Wix’s Combo plan includes 3GB of storage. This is an ideal base for building an impressive digital portfolio that is rich in images. We also like that you can drag pictures any place you’d like and then display them in stunning galleries. However, if you’re using video frequently in your job It’s worth keeping your eyes on the fact that you’ll receive 30 minutes of playtime while the Unlimited plan extends this to an hour.

Furthermore, Wix allows you to create a blog. This is not just a way to interact with your users, but will help to give your SEO boost.

Do We recommend the Wix’s Cheapest Plan?

Yes! The Wix Combo plan is a fantastic start for anyone who is building portfolios, and its elegant templates are designed with a modern minimalist design that will make your work stand out on the page. We also love the flexibility to include videos and images wherever you want – which allows you to show your work wherever you’d like!

Do you want to have Complete Creative Control?

Wix can be described as the best flexible web-based builder available, and you’ll be in complete control of your portfolio starting at just the price of $10 per month!


Are you in the process of creating or running a Portfolio? Learn More

Cheapest Site Builders that Blogs can use

  1. $4 per month

Cheapest web-based builder to create websites for blogging. At A View is a low-cost web-based builder, designed to facilitate blogging, which makes it an affordable but powerful option. It offers an unpaid plan as well as 4 paid plan options with the lowest priced at just $4 per month if opt to pay per year.

Per month, $4 Personal should be aware of:

  • One year of free domains
  • 6GB of storage
  • Your site will have fewer ads
  • footer branding
  • Support via email (no real-time chat support)
  • There is no Google Analytics integration
  • Accept payments
  • Basic design customization isn’t the most user-friendly when compared with other web-based builders. However, it is significantly more user-friendly than the well-known open-source platform.

If you’re looking to have the features and power of blogging of without the technical language If so, is an excellent option. If you are looking for a user-friendly website builder, you could be a bit overwhelmed when starting out.

Our user tests revealed that was rated as having lower “likely to suggest” scores from users, who reported it to be confusing to use.

But, does combat its high learning curve by offering helpful suggestions and tips as you are building, which is an excellent resource! has a completely free plan that includes the option of paying for four plans. It’s a fairly scalable option and, most importantly this is an extremely low-cost web-based builder starting with a plan costing just $4 per month if you pay annually:

  • Free: $0 per month
  • Personal: $4 per month
  • Premium: $8 per month
  • Business: $25 per month
  • Ecommerce: $45 per month

The cheapest plan for paid, Personal, includes a domain free for a year and 6GB of storage space. There are fewer ads on your website than the free plan, however there will remain branding on your site’s footer.

There aren’t many features available like the ability to upload videos or to integrate the service with Google Analytics, but it’s nevertheless a fantastic price for such a small amount of amount of money.’s templates are ideal for building blogs. There are both free and paid templates to pick from, meaning you can find a design that fits your budgets.

The disadvantage for’s design is the fact that it has a limited customization.

It’s fairly limited in the event that you’re coding and in that case, you could modify your website’s CSS to give you more control over design. You get a basic version of this with the lowest plan, but to get full customization options, you’ll require the $8 monthly Premium plan. offers a vast variety of blogging options. It’s a website builder designed specifically to facilitate blogging which is why it’s not a surprise that it scored incredible 4.3 ratings out of five in our tests of features.

Expect everything starting from social bookmarking to comment management that will help your blog, and also features like social media integration, as well as helpful analytics tools.

Are We Recommending’s Cheapest Plan?

Yes! If you’re starting blogs,’s $4 per month Personal plan is a fantastic price.

There are lots of features in this plan, including built-in blogging tools as well as access to themes that are free for blogging. You will get a domain for free for one year, as well as lots of storage space, which at the capacity is greater than what a many starter plans provide.

But, novices may receive lower value for their money due to’s high learning curve. We suggest trying the free plan prior to committing to a paid subscription for this reason.

Beginning a blog on a budget? is the most affordable website builder that lets you start your blog. It also comes with its plan of just $4 per month with a variety of features!


  1. Squarespace: $10.80 per month with discount coupon code WBE

Ideal for blogs with a high-impact design

Squarespace At A View

In terms of blog hosting, Squarespace offers the complete package. It offers stunning designs, and is also providing blog-specific SEO and blogging features that are a big deal. It is however more costly than other builders, however, you can get 10 percent off the price if you utilize our exclusive discount code WBE, reducing it from $12 to $10.80.

$10.80 each month. Personal plan should be aware of:

  • Connect a custom domain
  • Free domain for the initial year
  • No ads
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Comprehensive SEO features
  • Fantastic 24/7 customer service and assistance
  • No ecommerce with the cheapest plan
  • There are no analytics specific to blogs.

At first glance, Squarespace may not appear to be the most straightforward of builders but it’s actually the easiest to use. When we conducted our latest test of its ease of use it was rated 4/5, which is a staggering 15% improvement from the previous score! Its editor breaks each design into sections, which makes it simple to focus on and alter specific aspects of the layout. This makes sure that your blog remains clear and tidy regardless of the number of additional elements you wish to include!

But, this way of building websites is quite a controversial one You either like it or aren’t! If you prefer working in a structured manner You’ll be happy with the limitations however, if you’d like to have more freedom of choice it’s possible that you’ll feel the constraints are a bit limiting.

While it isn’t the most cost-effective, Squarespace does deliver awesome value in terms of price. It offers a range of four different plans :

  • Personal: $10.80 per month (with our discount code ” WBE’)
  • Business: $18 per month
  • Basic Commerce $26 per month
  • Advanced Commerce $ 40 per month

However, Squarespace isn’t offering a no-cost plan however it does offer an initial 14-day trial period that lets you check it out and be sure it meets all your boxes before committing. If you select the Personal plan it’s important to keep the fact that you will not be allowed to sell products through your website. If you decide to ever monetize your website, then you’ll have change to the Business Plan.

Whatever you shop for, you’ll make savings and lower the overall cost with our exclusive WBE discount coupon. Enter ‘WBE’ during the check-out, and you’ll be able to take 10 percent discount. That means the Personal plan costs your $10.90 each month. It’s certainly a good deal!

Design is the area where Squarespace is at its best. It’s by far the most attractive builder of the rest, and it’s sure to provide you with an appealing blog. With more than 100 templates to pick from, you’re bound to find one that will appeal to you.

However, it does come with certain drawbacks. The search feature is, for instance, only available on a handful of template designs (Brine, Farro, and Skye) as well as you’ll not be able to modify the website’s code if using the personal plan.

The blogging capabilities of Squarespace are top-quality and help it distinguish itself from the rest of the pack. If you choose the lowest plan, you can get:

  • Comments
  • An RSS feed
  • The ability to display blog categories
  • Social sharing
  • Blog post scheduling
  • SEO tools specifically for blogs

The two main things that are not included from this list is an archive function and blog analytics. This last one could, at a minimum, be solved by linking your blog to Google Analytics.

Do We recommend the Squarespace’s Cheapest Plan?

Absolutely! Squarespace’s most affordable plan offers great value-for-money and it’s ideal for bloggers. It provides access to an array of blogging tools and the templates will ensure that your blog will be among the most appealing blog you’ve ever seen.

Do You Have the Lust to Build A Beautiful Blog?

If you’re thinking of creating the perfect blog that packs an attractive look we suggest you take Squarespace to test it out for only $10.80 each month. This is when you apply our discount code for WBE. Simply enter ‘ WBE When you reach the point of purchase!


  1. Wix $ 10 per month on the 3 year plan

Best way to combine blogs and websites

Wix At A Review

Wix has seen significant improvement in the past few years, meaning it’s blogging features are one of the top. Our analysis found that it’s actually the second most popular platform overall for blogging, after Squarespace. It’s accessible to beginners and comes with a wide array of blogging options to use. Additionally, it’s a all-in-one solution for creating the blog and website in the same place.

$10/month plan must be aware of:

  • Custom domain
  • Free domain registration for one year
  • There are no ads on your site
  • 3GB of storage space
  • 30-minutes of playback video
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Pay less for each month if you sign up for an annual plan for three years.
  • There is no built-in search function


With its drag-and-drop design Based on our research, we found it to be Wix is the most simple builder to utilize, with a score of 4.4 from 5 in this area. Its amazing control of creativity lets users take over the control and provides them with the tools they need to create your dream blog without any code to be seen.

This is why it’s crucial to not let the editor on Wix put you off initially. It’s a little confusing, since there’s many things to do and see and also the fact that blogging features are separated from other features on the website could be confusing. But, Wix is on hand to assist. If you find yourself stuck, simply use the icon with the question mark to access extra assistance.

In contrast to Squarespace, Wix offers a quite comprehensive free plan, making it possible to start blogging without paying a monthly fee. We wouldn’t suggest this. But, the free plan has a non-negotiable domain as well as Wix advertisements all over your website, which doesn’t look an upscale look. If you’d like your blog to be considered professional It’s best to change to one of the following plans. Four different plans :

  • Combo: $14 per month
  • Unlimited: $18 per month
  • Pro: $23 per month
  • VIP: $39 per month

Wix isn’t exactly what we’d normally consider to be cheap, but there’s a method to keep costs low if you’re certain Wix is the perfect builder you’re looking for: opt for the three-year plan. The more time you’ll commit to remaining with Wix the lower you’ll be required to pay. If you opt the option of paying for 3 years rather than the standard period the monthly cost will drop to $10.

Wix is renowned for its extensive template collection, so you’re likely to locate a template that you are happy with from the many templates offered. You can also search for templates by specific industry and narrow it to templates specifically designed for blogs. This isn’t something you should take lightly – ensure that you’re satisfied with your selection, because you’ll be unable to alter it after you’ve made your website public.

Every template has amazing customization options due to the drag-and-drop free-range editor. You can alter the fonts and colors or add your own gallery and images and even add videos to enhance your blog’s appearance.

Wix is a powerful variety of blogging tools to facilitate the creation and maintaining your blog easy. The features available include:

  • Profiles of Writers
  • Analytics
  • The ability to show blog categories
  • Comments
  • Sharing and Bookmarking via social media
  • Blog post scheduling
  • SEO specific to blogs

Everything Wix doesn’t provide upfront is able to be added through its vast app library. For instance, since it doesn’t have the ability to search it is something that must be added in a separate manner. Keep in mind that certain apps have an additional cost associated and could cause your monthly expenditures up.

Do We recommend the Wix’s Cheapest Plan?

Yes We are! Wix’s cheapest Combo plan is ideal for those who blog, and not the least because it lets you pick your own domain and eliminates those irritating ads. While it may not be the most cost-effective choice, the cost does reflect the quality of service on the plan which is why If this is something you’re interested in then we believe it’s worth the extra cost for.

Do You Need a Blog with A LOT of Flexibility?

Wix is our most comprehensive web design tool, and it includes a wealth of features that will assist you in creating your ideal blog for just $1 per month if you sign up to a three-year contract!


  1. Weebly 5 dollars per month on two-year plans

Best value blogging plans

Weebly at a View

Weebly is a site builder that has strong SEO and blogging tools as well as a selection of budget cost plans – a mix that makes it the top web-based website builder for bloggers that we’ve tried. But its most affordable plan comes with a few restrictions to be aware of. Also, should you wish to pay the lowest rate at $5/month, then you’ll have to purchase a 2 year plan from the beginning.

Five dollars per month per person Personal should be aware of:

  • Connect your custom domain
  • No domains for free
  • 500MB of storage
  • Advertisements are displayed on your website
  • Email and chat support (no telephone support)
  • The ability to sell unlimited items via your blog


The first thing to note is that Weebly is more user-friendly in comparison to It uses drag-and-drop editing. You drag sections of blocks around to build your website exactly as you’d see it on screen. You can also code if wish to however it’s not necessary.

However, Weebly could be easier yet. The amount of customization available is quite small, which some of our users were frustrated with during our testing and impacted its overall user-friendliness score. Overall, however, Weebly shouldn’t present a difficult task for beginners.

Weebly offers a completely free plan, that shows ads on your site as well as three paid plans that range between $6 and $26 per month:

  • Free Cost: $0
  • Personal: $6 per month
  • Professional: $12 per month
  • Performance: $26 per month

The most affordable plan is $6 per month. personal plan is a very reasonable entry-level plan, however it has some disadvantages. It’s not possible to eliminate ads within your website, for instance you don’t get a free domain. Also, you’re limited to 500MB of storage.

It’s important to note that you are able to sell unlimited digital and physical items on the Personal plan that is a remarkably expansive feature at such a low an cost. If you’re looking to earn money from your blog This plan is the best option!

Weebly offers a limited but attractive selection of blog templates. It is possible to change your template at any time you want and, the best thing is that the templates offered by Weebly are all completely free. When with you purchase premium designs With Weebly you don’t have to pay any additional charges when choosing your preferred template.

Weebly was rated 4.2 from 5 points for its blogging capabilities in our analysis. The tools specifically designed for blogging include internal analytics, a comments section as well as scheduled publishing.

Other beneficial features include SEO tools that can aid your blog’s position in search results. Also, there is a an app store that is huge and full of both paid and free applications to quickly grow your website.

Are We recommend Weebly’s Cheapest Plan?

Yes! Only if you’re establishing an individual blog. The limitations of the $5 per month Personal plan means it’s not suitable for professional use – You have a small amount of storage and you’ll see ads that are displayed on your website.

Although it offers excellent value for money due to its extensive features, low-cost online tools, and an affordable cost, you’ll need move up to the $12-per-month plan for better outcomes.

Do You Seek Value for Your Money?

If you’re planning to create a personal blog, the Weebly’s $5/month Personal plan is the perfect (and excellent value) option!


  1. GoDaddy: $9.99 per month

Cheapest for a blog that is ad-free

GoDaddy at a Review

GoDaddy employs design assistance to design your own custom website and is the fastest method to create a site We’ll go over this further in the ease of use section below. Although GoDaddy offers a variety of excellent marketing tools that are included in the various plans it offers but there are a few essentials not included in the $9.99 monthly Basic Plan (ironically).

$9.99 for a month. Basic plans should be aware of:

  • Connect your custom domain
  • No domains for free
  • No SEO tools
  • GoDaddy Insight analytics
  • There are no advertisements shown on your website
  • 24/7 support via phone
  • No ecommerce tools


GoDaddy utilizes Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) to build an online presence for you that’s specifically tailored to your requirements. If you inform GoDaddy that you’re creating blogs, for instance it will generate an appropriate blogging template for you. It’s simple and is the primary reason for why GoDaddy was rated 4.1 out of five in our user-friendliness test.

When you set up your site, you input information such as the name and description of your site. You then choose the most appealing style options then GoDaddy provides you with a pre-designed site!

The result is that GoDaddy has become one of the most efficient and most simple builders to build an online site using since it does the majority of your work. You can modify the layout and create your own content however you don’t have to start from beginning to finish.

GoDaddy provides a free plan, in addition to its four pricing plans that all come with the one-month trial which means you have time to play around with the tools available. The most affordable GoDaddy plans cost $9.99 each month when you decide to pay each year:

  • Basic: $9.99 per month
  • Standard: $14.99 per month
  • Premium: $19.99 per month
  • Ecommerce: $24.99 per month

The most affordable Standard plan does exactly what it says in its name. It covers the basics needed for the launch of an unassuming, small-sized website. You can connect to the one platform for social media and can send 100 email each month, which new websites may be unable to handle.

The most significant drawback with The Basic package is the absence of GoDaddy’s own SEO tool for optimizing websites. Weebly and both provide SEO features for less which is why it’s disappointing that GoDaddy offers this more advanced degree of SEO features for customers who are willing to shell out $14.99 monthly. However, it is a decent choice when it comes to value-for-money and scored 4.3 five out of 5. according to our study.

It isn’t necessary to choose the template you want to use with GoDaddy instead you choose the template it generates for you, and then modify it by using the template. You can alter your style, change the color scheme and other things, but in general, the choices for customization are extremely restricted.

It’s a website builder designed for people who value speed over design If you’re looking to have total control over your blog’s appearance then you should consider an online builder such as Weebly.

GoDaddy can be quite good with blogging tools – you’ll get the typical blogs and the RSS feeds quickly enough. But, where it really excels is its analytics and marketing tools that you might be able to use to take your website to the next step.

For instance, GoDaddy Insights gives you a specific action strategy for helping you meet the goals of your website and lets you see how your site is doing against similar websites.

However, the features offered by GoDaddy are rather limited in its most basic plan. You’re able to access GoDaddy Insights but not all of GoDaddy’s SEO tools. This may be a bit unproductive.

Do We recommend GoDaddy’s Cheapest Plan?

Yes however, only for a brief period! GoDaddy offers a variety of amazing benefits, including help with design and analytics and you’ll be able to have your blog online within a matter of minutes. But, the Limited plan is a good match the name and will not take long to move out of, particularly once you reach the point that you’ll require more advanced SEO tools.

Are You in a Rush?

Pay for speed and ease with GoDaddy’s $9.99 per month plan!

Writing or running a blog? Learn More:

Cheapest Website Builders: Summary

You may require a portfolio, blog or an online store small business site You now know the most affordable website builders to meet your needs. is the most affordable of the low-cost ones at just $4 per month, however ensure that you select one that is compatible with your requirements – it’s the most effective way to ensure that you get the best value from your investment.

Here’s a brief overview of the website builders with the lowest prices and their prices:

Cheapest Web Builders that are suitable for small Businesses

  1. Weebly $4/month the best value!
  2. Zyro – $3.90 per month
  3. GoDaddy – $9.99 per month
  4. 1 and 1 IONOS $1 monthly for the very first twelve months
  5. Squarespace  $10.80 per month when you use WBE discount coupon


Cheapest Website Builders available for Online Stores

  1. Square online for $12 per month the best value!
  2. Wix $48 per month on a 3 year plan
  3. Squarespace  $16.20 per month when you use WBE discount coupon
  4. Shopify  $21.70 per month on a 3-year plan
  5. B3ig Cartel – $9.99 per month

Cheapest website builders for portfolios

  1. Squarespace  $10.80 per month, with WBE discount coupon
  2. GoDaddy – $9.99 per month
  3. Jimdo $ 8 per month for a 2-year contract The Best Value!
  4. Amazingly $7 per month for a 2-year plan
  5. Wix $10 per month on a 3-year plan

Cheapest Web Builders to Build Blogs

  1. – $4 per month
  2. Squarespace  $10.80 per month when you use discount code WBE
  3. Wix – – $10 per month on a 3-year plan
  4. Weebly $ 6 per month – The Best Price!
  5. GoDaddy – $9.99 per month

Certain website builders that are cheap are certainly better than other ones. Make sure you know what features are included in exchange for the price, to ensure you get the most value for money.


Some builders provide free plans, however they’re mostly demos. Wix offers a free plan, for instance however, your website will include ads and you can’t connect a domain to it It’s not exactly professional. The free plans can be great to test the waters, however, that’s all it is.

Weebly is the most effective website builder for small businesses as it comes with the most effective features to assist you in build a website that is more robust and also the most number of applications. Additionally, it’s the most effective web builder to use for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that helps users find your business much more easily.

Both platforms have no-cost plans, but Weebly is cheaper than Wix since it has a lower price for entry. Yet, Wix is actually better price-to-value over Weebly overall . It has superior features and support for customers as well as being simpler to use.

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