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How to reach Squarespace Customer Service

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Today, despite all the technology we have that we have at our disposal, contacting the company to get assistance doesn’t seem all an easy task. The days are gone when you’d simply call and talk to someone; today there are many ways to connect with the customer service team.

Here, we’ll discuss the many ways to contact the renowned web-based builder Squarespace. When you’re building and maintaining your online presence, you’ll require assistance as well as support. It could be regarding the design of your website and features, or integrations, and much more. But before you call your phone, it’s important to determine which point of contact is best suited to your needs.

It doesn’t matter if it’s email or live chat twitter, email or an automatic article recommendation bot we’ll cover the various ways you can contact Squarespace’s customer support team. Find out the most suitable option for you!


Squarespace provides a dedicated email support that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Simply reach out to, or – alternatively – go through Squarespace’s ‘Contact Customer Support’ page, which looks like this:

Click on the icon that says “Squarespace,” then when you’re logged into your account – you’ll be taken to a drop-down menu where you’ll be able to choose the issue you’re dealing with. You’ll be then presented with Another dropdown menu, which lets you further narrow down your search, following which Squarespace offers an array of articles to help be able to solve your problem.

If none of these options work for you, then you’ll have the option of getting into contact via Squarespace’s support email or go through the live chat alternative.

Usually, support via email isn’t the most efficient. Generally speaking live chat is the fastest and most effective (and the most personal!) method of communicating with a company even without telephone support, at the very least. However, Squarespace’s email support offers one major advantages over its live chat counterpart , in the sense that it’s accessible 24 hours a day.

However, the live chat is fantastic. According to Squarespace’s own words:

“We’ve heard feedback from users that real-time chat support is like calling on the phone since it’s a live-streamed conversation.”

In that light we’d recommend live chat in the event that you need to contact Squarespace during the time it’s available. If it’s late in the night and you require customer support, now- email is the best option.

  1. Live Chat

The live chat tool gives you access to support in real-time by having a chat online between one of the support staff. Consider Facebook (or, for those who are a bit more experienced, MSN) Messenger.

We’ve stated it before and we’ll repeat it once more – the live chat tool is the most simple and most efficient method of receiving quick and helpful customer service. Contrary to the web builder’s support via email, the live chat isn’t available 24/7 , and even on weekends. But , during the normal hours of Mondays, we’d recommend using Squarespace your primary source for quick customer service.

  1. Support Assistant

It is Squarespace support Assistant can be described as an automatic tool you can access by pressing the tiny icon (it’s made of the shape of a question mark within the speech box) on the right-bottom corner of your screen. It will open a new window that includes Squarespace’s chatbot and – after brief greeting, will offer several suggestions for recommended reading to assist you in resolving the issue you’re facing.

Although Squarespace Support Assistant Squarespace Support Assistant looks a similar to an actual live chat feature but there’s a key difference between them:

  • Live chat function is run via a live person there’s a live customer service rep seated on a keyboard somewhere, chatting into your account.
  • It’s the Squarespace Support Assistant completely automated. There is no human person responding. Instead your Support Agent will “ask you questions and then provide you with links to documents and guides that are most pertinent to the issue you’re facing.

We’ve found that our Squarespace Support Assistant the best for more general, non-technical questions. If you’re certain that there’s an document or article within Squarespace’s library that can handle your needs the Support Assistant is an easier method to reach your goal rather than, for instance, digging through the knowledge base at Squarespace yourself.

Additionally you can access your Support Manager from any place on Squarespace’s website with just a single click. Even better, the “conversation” will be within a collapsible, resizable window, which means you won’t risk losing it when you navigate the website.

  1. Twitter using @SquarespaceHelp

In contrast to its competitors such as Wix and Shopify It is different from its rivals – notably, Shopify and Wix. Squarespace does not just have one Twitter account that is the main one, however, it has a separate one created solely for customer service.

For assistance through this method, just log into your Twitter account, and then compose an account on Twitter and tweet outlining the issue (in the most concise manner! ) by tagging @Squarespace Help during the process. You will receive a response promptly and can contact you directly for further information or to offer ideas for articles.

In other news on social media, Squarespace also maintains presences across all major platforms that include Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. However the actual support for customers assistance Squarespace offers via these channels is sporadic.

Contrary to the majority of other builders of websites like the likes of WixZyro as well as GoDaddy among others however, Squarespace does not offer the capability to initiate live chat through Facebook Messenger. Although this isn’t going to be a major issue for live chat support is of course accessible via the website of Squarespace but it could suggest that there’s room for Squarespace to grow in this particular area.

  1. Why is Phone Support Not Support Available

Despite the many ways to contact Squarespace customer service, calling support isn’t among them.

If those with more traditional inclination may be disappointed by this, the rationale of Squarespace’s decision not to provide phone support is an excellent one. In the actual fact Squarespace offers a entire page on its website to explain the reason:

We don’t provide phone support because we are convinced that it’s impossible to offer the same quality assistance by phone. Support is always available due to a number of reasons:

  • We are able to instantly see your site’s activity, account activity, details of your system and other data so that we can effectively troubleshoot.
  • Making an online site is a visual procedure. We often request images, videos, and links to let us know what you’re experiencing. We’re also able to send you videos and screenshots to direct you in the correct direction.
  • It’s quicker. We’re able to quickly find the answer of your issues without having you wait.
  • Online support records all of your information all in one location. This will ensure that nothing is lost in translation in the event that we have to escalate your problem. We’ll always have access the previous tickets, which means you don’t need to ask the same questions again.

It’s true that with the level of service offered by Squarespace’s 24-hour support via Twitter and email as well as its live chat assistance during the week, having a phone-based service in the end isn’t really essential.

But, if the lack of a phone-based customer support isa problem your way, you can try other site builders, such as Wix do provide the option of calling back. To learn more about the various ways Wix assists its customer base, take a look at our guide on the most effective methods to contact Wix Customer Support.

  1. Top Tips for Contacting Squarespace Customer Service

After we’ve covered the various ways to get in touch with Squarespace customer support, let’s look at our top suggestions to follow:

Make sure you are specific in your request

If you send the request Squarespace the more vague your request is, the more ambiguous and less useful the response you get will be.

In this regard, make sure to be as precise as you can with the information you’re seeking. Be specific about your request and clearly define the desired outcome and timeline. Be sure to be precise, but that doesn’t mean you need to complicate things and make your words in knots by using technical terms or confusing jargon.

Be clear and specific You can’t make a mistake.

Include Screenshots as well as a Recording If possible.

Making clear your request is just one part of the equation However, it is a significant part. The other is to provide solid, cold evidence to support your request.

If you are able, capture images that show the problem you’ve experienced. Images, naturally, will be more valuable than words and you can be sure that any screen images you’re able to take will help you describe the issue more succinctly than your words.

The same applies to videos. Making a video of the procedure you’re struggling with will go a great way in helping the Squarespace Support agent getting at the root of the issue quickly. This is an especially good option for more complicated problems, where screen grabs and static images aren’t enough to tell the whole of the story.

Be prepared to be verified!

If you contact the support team at Squarespace typically, you’ll need confirm that you’re actually the owner of the website before they’re allowed to dish advice.

This is a normal process and is intended to safeguard the security and security the integrity of you Squarespace account. To make things easier you should ensure that you’re signed in to your account prior to contacting support. If it is the case that you are asked for additional proof that you’re the account’s owner be prepared with answers to security questions for your account (or an identification card) on hand.

Overall it’s not a huge problem, but it’s something to be prepared for.

For more information, contact Squarespace Customer Service The Summary

How can you get in touch with Squarespace’s customer support team? Let’s count the ways:

  • Email. 24/7 available This is the most secure method to reach Squarespace’s customer support staff
  • Live chat. Although they’re only available during working hours the live chat helpdesk agents are helpful and efficient.
  • The Squarespace Support Assistant. This automated robot can assist you find relevant articles for your query or issue
  • Twitter. Simply add the handle @SquarespaceHelp into an email describing the issue and someone will respond to you.

This is it from us! If you’ve still not got your Squarespace fill today Make an acquaintance with the Squarespace critique and for a deeper analysis of the site user-friendliness and ease of use, check out our guide on how to make use of Squarespace.

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