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The 7 best resume website builders 2021. Make an online resume that’s killer

Our research projects, which are conducted by independent researchers, and independent reviews are funded partly through affiliate commissions, and without expense to readers.

In order to help your resume make an impression on the internet We’ve put together the top seven resume building websites available. On this page , you can evaluate the top resume builder websites side-by side in our chart of comparisons as well as examine your strengths and weak points in greater depth in their evaluations.

In an extremely competitive field having a professional resume is essential, however it’s not groundbreaking. A website for your resume website is a great opportunity to showcase your accomplishments and make yourself stand out from the rest It is believed that just 7 out of 100 job applicants are currently using one!

What’s more, designing a resume website is a lot simpler (and less expensive!) than you imagine. These are the top tools for the job:

7 Best Resume Builders Online: 

  1. Squarespace – The best overall resume builder
  2. Weebly – Cheap and great value
  3. Wix is the best choice for SEO
  4. – Cheap but limiting
  5. Duda – Standout designs, but expensive
  6. Site123 Easy to configure, but only limited
  7. – Steep learning curve

Squarespace outperformed every other website during our study with its sleek, professional designs with robust features. We’d highly recommend Squarespace for all types of resumes, however, it’s particularly for those who work in creative fields.

When it is time to recommend the top platform, we have no room to make a guess here at WBE. We recommend that the platforms undergo an exhaustive study procedure to create distinctive scores, and we are able to confidently compare them with the same accuracy.

We have looked over amazing examples of online resume websites, and speaking to the individuals who created the websites We have gained unique insight into the most crucial elements of a resume builder. These elements have been assigned more weight in our ranking:

  • Affordability The goal is not for your resume to deplete the bank, so you’d prefer the option of a monthly payment.
  • SEO This is helpful when your website can serve as an instrument for recruiters to find you, not the reverse.
  • Design Unsurprisingly the appearance of a resume is an absolute must.
  • Resume has features including scheduling and contact forms.


Check out the 7 Top Resume Builder Websites

In the chart below, you will be able to compare our top-rated resume building websites with respect to their main attributes, ratings, pricing and more. Select the web builders you wish to compare using the drop-down menus at highest of the charts.

  1. Squarespace

Best Resume Builder Website Builder

The most effective resumes are clean minimalist, clear, and simple which is what the Squarespace‘s designs provide in abundance. Starting at $12 It’s not the most affordable platform , but the option of paying monthly allows you to make your website up during the months when you’re looking for employment. We love how simple it is for prospective employers to arrange for a chat with you. It’s an extremely nice, unique feature.


We analyzed each of the website builder’s features from the viewpoint of someone who is building resumes, Squarespace performed best, with the highest rating that was 4.7 out of five. Squarespace offers a number of good features built-in regardless but they were particularly effective for resumes:

  1. Contact form that can be edited Along with offering a variety of stunning contact forms you can integrate directly onto your contact page Squarespace also allows users to make an appointment that can be an effective opportunity to get the attention of employers.
  2. A good SEO Do you want to be found on Google? Squarespace comes with all the features you’ll need to ensure your success — but you’ll need look around for them.
  3. The option to Download Upload a resume in PDF to your site to print it easily

Its blogging capabilities are excellent too with social sharing, a variety of ways to display posts, as well as podcasts.

The best suggestion! Not all templates automatically include social icons in the navigation of your site. To include (or take away) social icons simply look over your top menu, then go into edit > elements and then toggle the Social Links switch on or off.


Squarespace’s design is the star of the show and earned it 4.5 from 5 on our research on resumes for its design adaptability. The Personal & CV category contains eight high-quality templates to create your online resume using.

If you’re looking for a design which is playful as well as professional Squarespace provides a stylish minimalist option for you. With Squarespace version 7.1 It’s simple to add missing elements to your website.


Squarespace websites are designed with an elegant appearance, but at an expense that’s fairly average.

If you would like to have your resume website to be online throughout the year, you must pay per year for The personal plan ($144/year equivalent to the equivalent of $12 per month). If you prefer to pay month-by-month (until you get the perfect job) it will increase to $16 per month.

Based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the typical time it takes to find a work can be around 24 weeks which means that paying month-to-month is quite sensible!

The prices of $12 and $16 per month seem like a modest and worthwhile investment in the quality of the website and the possibility of attracting more clients or even a better job.

You can evaluate any plan completely with an 14-day free trial as well as we offer the exclusive Squarespace coupon promo code for our readers that will reduce 10 percent on the price for any of the plans.

Receive 10% off any Squarespace Plan

Save 10% off the price on any Squarespace plan by using our special coupon code. For the discount to be redeemed take these steps:

  1. Copy the code and then go to Squarespace
  2. Create an account with Squarespace. Squarespace account
  3. Select a paid subscription and then enter the coupon code at the time of checkout.

Do You Love the sound of Squarespace?

Squarespace is a powerful platform that combines professional designs for a an elegant, beautiful resume. Have a look!

More details

  1. Weebly

Affordable and Value

Is Squarespace a bit expensive? Weebly is a much more affordable alternative. The designs that are final do not have the same WOW effect, however, the resume options are powerful, and it’s user-friendly.


We have already mentioned that Weebly is a great platform What is it that stands out? First, there are a lot of SEO-friendly guides to aid you in finding work using Google (a much more hands direct’ assistance in this regard than Squarespace provides). You can upload PDF files or create a contact form and these are all included (and for free).

Weebly scored 4.5 from 5 stars for features. It’s well-equipped to put together a professional resume and attracting people to see it.


The designs of Weebly don’t have the same impact as Squarespace’s, however, they’re quite nice and they have a few selections of specifically designed template resumes which can be a good starting point to work from.

Everyone seemed to agree but they did agree that Weebly was easier and easier to navigate than Squarespace and, of the two, our test subjects had a higher likelihood of recommending Weebly.

You can change the design of the template of your website on Weebly at any point without needing to begin all over again. This is a fantastic feature to ensure the long-term achievement of your resume website. If you’re planning an opportunity to change careers or choose to go with a different format It is essential to be able to offer this flexibility.


Pricing is the area where Weebly truly shines. The Personal plan is about $6 per month (when you sign up for a whole year upfront) or $9/month with monthly plans. When we spoke with film director Jonny Dry about his resume-slash-portfolio, built with Weebly, he said:

I’ve utilized Squarespace previously for other websites I’ve been involved in I believe it’s the most reliable choice. But for me, Weebly came the closest to other alternatives with a half cost.’

…and we completely agree!

Are you ready to test Weebly?

Weebly is an affordable and reliable builder to design your online resume using. Try it for free to find out if it’s suitable for you!

More details

  • Review the Weebly review to learn more about the website builders array of options, features, usability Pros and cons and much more.
  • Take a look at our in-depth Weebly Price Analysis in order to take a comprehensive analysis of this builder’s pricing plans, the value of money, upgrade options and much more.
  1. Wix

The best for SEO

We’ve talked about SEO a number of times in the past however, if you’re looking for hiring managers to find them (e.g. through a search for ‘Marketing Executive Chicago’) rather than you getting them an SEO expert, a strong SEO is crucial as well as the Wix website builder is the site builder that we would recommend the most for the task.


Wix’s SEO Wiz functions as your personal SEO assistance, offering individual recommendations that will assist you in climbing Google’s rankings instead of providing general guidelines and suggestions.

Other Wix features that will make your resume stand out include:

  • More than 100 fonts to pick from
  • Contact forms and boxes to leave testimonials
  • Visuals include background images and videos galleries, scroll effects

You can also add a variety of additional features via Wix’s App Market which includes contact forms, social links and FAQ sections, completely customizable.


Wix provides more than 20 template templates classified as ‘Resume’ or CV’. Some of them aren’t good, but there’s certainly more variety. While Squarespace is geared towards creative and white collar professions are offered a wider selection using Wix.

It’s also much simpler in creating your own designs, too Simply click and hold components to move them to their desired locations. Be sure to switch between the mobile and desktop versions frequently to ensure that the design is still readable on different devices.


Wix offers the option of a absolutely free plan however, we wouldn’t suggest this for resumes since it’s not exactly professional (you’ll receive Wix advertisements that are displayed on your website, but you can’t connect a domain name that you have created). The most affordable ad-free plan cost $14/month for a year-long payment for a month, or $18 per month if you pay month-to month which is slightly higher than Squarespace and is on the top of this list.

Is Wix the right choice for you?

Wix is extremely user-friendly and offers a lot of creative flexibility. Test it for free to determine if this is the right fit for you!

More details

  • Check out the reviews of Wix for a comprehensive analysis of the features this website builder can offer you.
  • Check out the Wix Price Review to get a comprehensive overview of the pricing plans offered by Wix and the one that offers the best price-for-value for your money.

Cheap, but Restrictive It is‘s less popular however, it is a much more user-friendly younger sibling. Although is an online content management system (more on that later), is in an online builder model like the other platforms listed in this ranking.

It’s possible to discover rather restricted regarding design however, at $4/month, it’s an excellent low-cost alternative.

Features includes the most well-known WordPress plugins (the equivalent to apps) that are all set to use and installed. Some of the most popular ones are:

  • Essential SEO
  • Security
  • For form builders (for Contact forms)
  • Advanced galleries

Both versions of WordPress were created specifically for blogs and are with many tools to help you achieve this (comments archives, comments.). If you’re looking to incorporate blogs to your website it is a great option.

Overall, is pretty feature-rich and has a lot of features, especially considering the low cost and scored an impressive 4.1 from 5 during our study.


Design is’s most problematic area. The themes you can download free in the directory of themes could appear outdated and even making simple modifications can be a challenge and difficult to tweak the layout of a website. WordPress was not a great choice for user-friendliness due to this.

Pricing is a fantastic deal. For resumes,’s Personal plan will be perfect, and it costs only 4 dollars per month.

More details

  1. Duda

Design-spinning, but expensive

Duda could be an awesome platform however, it’s in fifth position mainly because it’s made mostly for agencies and isn’t suitable for the majority of people who want to create an resume. If you’re planning to create more of a portfolio, it might be very effective – but it’s costly.


Duda’s features are designed to support small-sized companies than resume sites and it only scored 3.4 from 5 marks in this category. Marketing and analytics are the mainstays of most of the number of apps available which is something that you won’t need to have in your resume. However, the essentials of a resume – being able to upload PDFs that can be downloaded and contact forms, etc. All of these are in place.


Design concepts by Duda are an impressive attraction, combining the sleek design of Squarespace and the user-friendly interface you’ll find with Wix as well as other drag-and-drop builders. However, there aren’t any templates that would be that are suitable for a basic resume. They’re more of a portfolio-style.


Duda is the most expensive option in this list and it makes sense given that it’s geared more toward business-oriented sites. But, the price isn’t that bad as the Basic plan is priced at $14.95/month (billed every year) which is $29/month (if you pay month-to-month). the month).

Do you want to invest an extra few dollars on stunning design?

Duda is a robust platform that has amazing designs, which is ideal for tackling a larger project.

More details

  • Check out the Duda review for more details about its design, its quality for the money and more.


  1. Site123

Simple to Set-up However, it is not as easy to set up.

Site123 is a fast and simple method to build an online CV. If Duda isn’t enough to create a basic Resume, then Site123 would be “underkill as it is simple and inexpensive, however it lacks the features and sleek design that other websites have, which is the reason it’s in the sixth spot.


Site123’s features are fairly basic when compared with other websites. Forms for contact, as an instance are there, but they aren’t easy to customize. Even though the SEO basic concepts are in place but you’re not able to access the more sophisticated aspects. It’s a popular design.


Site123 offers three resume templates. They’re fine however, they appear somewhat outdated. While it’s simple to add your own content as well as images on your Site123 site but it’s not as easy to change the design of the site of the website itself.

Aimed at those who need a quick and easy method to make a website online, ‘ease-of-use is a strong Site123 factor (4 out five stars) however, its design versatility… it’s not as too much (2.9 out of five stars).


Pricing is yet another problem for Site123. The most affordable paid plan (there’s an unpaid plan however we wouldn’t suggest it) is $12.80/month (paid annually) or $19/month (paid for three months at one time) and there’s no option to pay per month. At the current price, Squarespace will be a more suitable option for nearly everybody!

Site123 can create simple resumes.

Site123 is a simple and simple method to set up a resume site Don’t be expecting the most attractive design.

More details

  • Take a look at the Site123 review for more details about its design, the value it offers and much more.

Steep Learning Curve is a slightly different kettle of fish. It’s a system for managing content instead of a website builder. This means that you must connect different elements and then pay for them separately (rather than paying an all-in cost for a website builder).

With a little patience and a bit of patience, it’s possible to make a website can be an extremely cost-effective method to get your resume moving through the background. If you’re looking for smooth experience, elegant design, or month-to-month payment options, this isn’t the best platform to do the job.

Features offers a wide range of more features due to a well-stocked database of WordPress plugins, which anyone is able to make contributions to (a plugin is the same thing as an app that can be used as web-based website builders).

There are paid and free plugins to choose from however, you must pay attention to the reviews. The possibility the fact that anyone can add a plugin to this directory may not be the best option and you should keep an eye for the high-quality!

Design offers a free theme directory that includes 38 themes that have been tagged as being suitable for resumes. Although some of them are more akin to an agency-like feel, some truly meet the’ simple resume’ requirements and appear much more similar to a pdf rather than an online site.

Whatever theme you pick Do not expect changes to layout or design to be simple – in fact, many will require some knowledge in HTML and CSS.


There are a variety of expenses associated with the development of a website, however when you reduce it to the minimum requirements it is possible to get away by only paying for the domain name and hosting.

Domain names can be purchased for between $10 and $20 per year. You can find shared hosting as low as $0.90/month (although the cost is related to a minimum of a two-year contract and can quickly increase if you choose to pay month-to-month). We suggest making use of Bluehost to host you WordPress web site (it has been rated as our most rated WordPress hosting provider in the end) Plans start at $2.95/month (paid each year).

More details

Other Resume Builders Online

In this article we’ve focused on online resume building tools that help you create your resume’s website. There are three primary motives for this.

Why we recommend creating your own Resume Website

  1. They will help you make yourself stand out

Finding an interview can be a stressful process even if you’re qualified for the job however you need to stand out from the thousands of resumes being put out.

A website for your resume can make you stand out from the rest of the applicants as evidenced by Weebly estimates that only 7 out of 100 job applicants have a website for their resumes. This can be particularly helpful in the case of jobs that require digital or artistic skills. this is a concrete example of how you can put it together!

  1. They can help you find them.

Resume websites not only make you stand out when you apply for jobs, however, they also help recruiters find you. Through a well-designed SEO strategy you will be able to be discovered through your work and area This means that you can be able to keep getting opportunities even if you’re not searching for them.

  1. They allow you to display your work

If you decide to build your resume into an portfolio, or to increase your presence with blogs, you can take advantage of the option of creating an online resume site.

Free Online Career Builders (for pdf resumes)

If you’re searching for a program to create a stunning PDF resume We have six suggestions:

In a perfect world, a chic web-based resume and a sleek PDF is a winning combination, so why not combine them?

Top Resume Builder Websites for Summary

In this article we’ve provided you with the top websites for online resumes and outlined the reasons we believe that a resume site is a good idea for job search. This is a summary of our top seven websites:

7 Best Resume Builders Online

  1. Squarespace – The best overall resume builder
  2. Weebly affordable and great value
  3. Wix is the best choice for SEO
  4. – Cheap however, it is restrictive
  5. Duda – Standout designs, but expensive
  6. Site123 Easy to setup, however only limited
  7. – Steep learning curve

If you’re not sure be sure to remember that Squarespace is a reliable choice and our top recommendation as well as Weebly is close (and somewhat more affordable) second spot. If another platform caught your attention for an appealing design or feature combination, then go for it!


It’s an personalized website which informs employers all they require to be aware of regarding you as well as your professional background, including your work experiences, qualifications and passions. It’s a great method to advertise your skills and distinguish yourself from the thousands of candidates who all want the same dream job you.

Wix and Weebly offer free plans but your resume will be adorned with advertisements everywhere and it won’t allow you to connect with a customized domain. This could put the credibility of your resume in the spotlight, and it’s worth updating.

The majority of resume builders are targeted at those who aren’t able to code or possess an undergraduate degree of web-related design. Squarespace is a great website with beautiful designs and provides you with a lot of creativity. Wix and Weebly are drag-and-drop editors that are user-friendly and allow you to make professional resumes.

Browse through the templates and select a style you like. You can customize the template to highlight your experience, skills and interests. You can also add options like social media hyperlinks. After that, just click publish and it’ll be available for recruiters to discover on the internet.

It’s not required but we strongly suggest it. If you don’t have an individual domain your URL will be lengthy and complicated and will be a mess when you add the website builder’s address. For example: This is hard to recall, which means employers may not be interested in your website.

Like a physical resume, there is no hard and fast rule that can determine what length an online CV should have. Be wary of making the resume longer because your web builder permits it! Your resume should be a single page if you’re just beginning your career. Also, it will grow with your knowledge: A resume that is two pages for a 10-year career is sensible. If you have six pages then you’ve gone far!

An online resume is able to incorporate multimedia, ranging from links to your work online as well as social media or a blogs to video and photo galleries that showcase your capabilities in motion. Think about what downloads or media could enhance your resume and make sure your online resume builder is compatible with the use of these media. But don’t overdo it Simple is always more effective.

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