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6 Top Restaurant Website Builders

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We’ve assembled an extensive list of the top restaurant websites builders. Whether you’re looking for an informative site or one that can actually accept online orders, you’ll find suggestions that will meet your requirements. Find the best restaurant website builder by using our charts of comparison and lists below. Then, read further to find out their strengths as well as weaknesses for each in greater in depth.

Did you have the knowledge the fact that 90% of customers look up menus on the internet before eating out? To make a restaurant successful and be competitive it’s essential to have an online presence. In this day and age, when the majority of people are in their homes, it’s more essential to have a website.

If you just require a brochure site to present your menu as well as contact information, or an eCommerce site that allows customers to pay for orders and place payments online, we’ve put together the top restaurant websites builders for you to pick from.

We conducted specialized studies to produce this list, which means we don’t want to keep you waiting. The first thing to mention is the top websites builders for informational restaurant websites:

4 of the Best Informational restaurant website builders

  1. Wix the best informational restaurant web-based website builder.
  2. Squarespace Best-designed templates for restaurant websites and built-in features.
  3. Duda – Best for design guidance.
  4. Weebly is ideal for basic restaurants’ websites.

If you’re looking to accept online or payment orders on your restaurant’s website Here are the top four builders available:

Four Best Website Builders for Restaurants to Place Online Orders

  1. Square Web The best e-commerce restaurant web-based website builder.
  2. Squarespace is ideal for creating stunningly designed websites.
  3. Wix – Great value for money.
  4. Shopify Ideal for basic sales features.

We followed our typical research method and modified it to the restaurant’s requirements. This means that our research concentrated on the most crucial aspects of a restaurant’s website that includes menu functionality, deliveries and reservations.

We’re aware that a site for informational restaurants has distinct requirements from one that handles customer orders So we evaluated them against the most pertinent requirements for each. For instance brochure sites require an exceptional menu maker for a menu, while an online store also requires an online ordering system, and connection to delivery companies.

We also examined the basic requirements for building websites including user-friendliness and value for money to ensure you’re getting an all-inclusive package.

Are you looking for the ideal restaurant website builder to suit your company? Let’s discuss the best options!

The Best Restaurant Website Builders for Informational Websites

Do you want an easy site for your establishment? Customers can look over menus, make reservations, locate your contact information, and contact you? If yes, then this guide to the best four restaurants that provide informational services is perfect for you!

Find the top options using the tables below. Click the arrows below to compare various platforms. We’ve kicked the process with our top three choices:

  1. Wix

Wix is the highest-rated web builder designed for informational sites. It’s easy to use and gives you an amazing amount of creative flexibility, which makes it ideal for those who are new to web design, but you still require a significant amount of control over the design. There are many wonderful features that are packed into the built-in restaurant software We particularly liked its menu widget fully customizable and its easy phone order setup and reservation app.

Wix offers a free plan that is perfect to try out the builder, however it shows advertisements on your website – the cheapest plan is $14 monthly (billed each year). Check out the other scores it has below:

Wix’s customizable Menu widget It lets you choose which menu items to display, such as prices, menu options labelling for dishes, images. You can also modify the design of the menu to match the branding of your site.

Wix also has the integrated reservation widget to allow customers can book reservations directly on your restaurant’s site. You can alter the number of guests allowed to make reservations at any time, restrict the number of guests are permitted per group and also set the time frame for reservations.

You can also create an automatic confirmation email within the reservation settings Dashboard.

We would like to have seen in Wix is a phone booking call-to-action. While other builders such as Squarespace allow customers to call directly via an on-site call-to-action however, with Wix it isn’t possible to connect to a number.

One of the things we love that we like about Wix is the degree of creativity it offers its users, yet remaining very user-friendly. The menus and reservations forms are completely customizable to allow you to maintain your branding across all your websites and also include images and texts throughout the site.

Wix offers 69 restaurant and food templates to pick from, meaning it’s a lot of choices regardless of the design or style of your company. Our only issue regarding Wix’s template is that they don’t allow you to switch after publishing your website – so be sure that you’re pleased with your layout before making a final decision!

Wix offers the option of a no-cost plan that can be useful to try the building tool to determine whether it’s suitable for your restaurant’s needs. Wix offers four pricing plans that range between between $14 and $49 for a month for billing annually.

While its initial price isn’t cheap with $13 for a month (billed every year), Wix offers good value for money. We have given the service 4.4 5 stars from five which puts it in the middle of Squarespace in regards to price.

We suggest moving to a pay subscription for all websites for businesses to eliminate Wix advertisements from your website or increase storage capacity, and join an official domain.

Wix can be described as the most simple restaurant website builder you can make use of It’s not just that this make it ideal for those who are new to the field however, it could also be a great option for busy business owners who don’t have the enough time to master their way through a complicated editor.

One of the main reasons Wix is so simple to use is because of it’s edit tools that drag and drop that allow you to drag and drop elements, like images or text boxes wherever you’d like them on your site. This gives you complete freedom over your website, but could be a bit overwhelming if do not have a lot of experience in best practices in web design.

In the end you’ll be able to find Wix easy to use. There’s no learning curve and the editor is user-friendly. It’s easy to jump into building your first website!

Wix has received high marks for its assistance and support services. Wix offers a help center, a 24/7 callback service Support tickets, callbacks, and more.

The most popular feature in Wix’s options for support is the in-editor support with question mark bubbles. They offer helpful tips, hints and advice to ensure that you won’t need to go outside the editor to seek answers as you’re building.

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  1. Squarespace

Squarespace is packed with amazing features and most elegant restaurant templates available. It even has an option for e-commerce, should you want to expand later .

Squarespace offers a 14-day no-cost trial, but there is no free plans – however it’s a good value-for-money thanks to its variety of premium, integrated restaurant-related features. See what it scored in our study below:

Squarespace beat its competition in features we’ve studied and, when you examine the features it can offer to restaurants it’s easy to discern the reason.

There are menus integrated into the templates for its restaurant websites as well as a selection of reservation options online. Squarespace connects to Open Table and Open Table, but it also has an in-house scheduling tool that alerts you when the table becomes available. It also shows the number of guests you’ve scheduled at what point and at what time. This is especially crucial in the current age that is characterized by social distancing.

Customers will also get an automated confirmation email after they’ve made a reservation on their Squarespace website. You can also give clients the option of calling your restaurant directly using the phone number and an action button.

The only downside to Squarespace’s capabilities is that the menu builders aren’t fully customizable, like Wix’s.

Not but is it true that Squarespace provide the most appealing designs available that are available however, it also offers templates that are specifically created for restaurants. This makes designing a chic website even more simple, as it’s already customized to the industry you’re in – for instance the menu is already integrated into your website.

There are 10 templates specifically designed for restaurants available for you to select from. Each one is contemporary, elegant and follows the latest design practices. If aesthetics are equally important to you as the features then Squarespace provides everything you need!

But, as you can see with the menu widget you’re not in complete control in the design of your website which Wix can provide. It’s just a matter of preferences.

We have awarded Squarespace the best value for money , scoring 4.5 out of five stars in recognition of the number of features that you can avail in return. It’s not exactly the most expensive builder we’ve reviewed however, it’s not the most expensive. With the price of $12 per month It’s less expensive that the other two, Wix and Duda and offers more options than the other two.

Squarespace is available with the 14-day trial period for free which means that even if there isn’t an affordable plan it is still possible to test it without risk before making a decision on the right plan.

The ease of use was the one area that Squarespace was the worst in the end, scoring 3.5 points out of five. It’s because it has higher education curve than other builders such as Wix and Wix, which lets you just drag any item anywhere. Although you don’t require any tech knowledge to utilize Squarespace however, you’ll require some time and perseverance.

Instead of jumping right into it, we recommend having a look around Squarespace to master the basics of its editor before beginning working on your website The 14-day trial is ideal to learn the basics.

Squarespace has a broad variety of support channels which include:

  • Knowledge base
  • Chat live chat Monday through Friday
  • 24/7 support for social media through Twitter
  • 24/7 support via email
  • Community forum

Additionally, you can find webinars as well as videos in the knowledge base.

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  1. Duda

Duda is a web-based builder that focuses on providing a fast professional and efficient method for users to build web pages. It has stylish templates that have structured designs and edits are guided by the template’s limitations. The most striking feature of Duda is the wide array of widgets and applications on offer, which makes creating a custom website a breeze.

The main drawbacks of Duda are its price and its features are a bit middle of the middle of the road. This results in Duda to be the most expensive value out of the four restaurants website builders:

Duda offers some appealing attributes – particularly in terms of designing customization, however, when it comes to features for restaurants the company could be better. It, for instance, depends upon the openTable app for online reservations. The built-in booking function of Duda is targeted at bookings for paid services like haircuts, therefore isn’t suitable for reservations in restaurants.

However, we were impressed by Duda’s built-in menu widget lets you upload an CSV document to download your menu which it then changes formats to fit your website’s branding. It also lets you choose whether to display prices, dish labels as well as dish choices and images on your menu.

Duda is a great choice if you need to customize your restaurant’s website thanks to its user-friendly widgets and appsthat permit you to customize interactions to your website in accordance with factors like the location.

Design is Duda’s most popular area and is evident in its rating. The company has a limited selection of seven templates for restaurants, all of which are contemporary, clean and easy to use.

Templates from Duda are well-organized and you are able to alter the design within the limits of your template If you attempt to alter your style too much, you’ll end up finding Duda uncomfortable and difficult to navigate.

It’s not worth beating at the same time There’s no need to be a debate. Duda’s pricing plans are costly. With no free plan and prices starting at $14 per month if they are billed annually (and $19 for a month-by-month plan) It’s also the most expensive restaurant information builder we’ve looked at.

It would be fine in the event that it had some amazing features, however, as our research revealed its specific offerings for restaurants don’t compare to Squarespace’s. It offers more value for money.

The good news is that Duda comes with an 14-day trial for free that allows you to try it out for a test and drive it before you decide to purchase some of their plans.

Duda is a remarkably easy builder. As long as you adhere to the design defined by the template, you’ll be able to utilize. When compared to its most popular competitors, it’s simpler to utilize than Squarespace however, it’s isn’t as as user-friendly as Wix.

The assistance you are entitled to is contingent on the cost plan you pick.

On the lowest price of $14 per month on the Basic plan can only get support via email, and the help center of Duda. The $22 monthly plan also grants chat as well as phone support and the highest priced Agency plan provides prioritised email support for a fee that is $44 per month (billed per year).

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  1. Weebly

Weebly is a well-known builder that’s great for making a website online quickly and quickly with no effort. It won’t give you the most stunning restaurant-related website, so we wouldn’t recommend it to businesses that have a sexy image. However, it’s a reliable website builder which has a good user rating in our testing. Find out how weebly did in the areas we tested:

Weebly is packed with tools for SEO and blogging, among others. tools, however we weren’t impressed with its menu widget as well as its reservation options. While the menu widget is as a template for restaurant menus however, it’s fairly basic particularly when compared to Squarespace or Wix.

The menu has the format of a pre-determined layout. You have a choice of choices, but on the all, the design is pretty much fixed. It is possible to edit text however that’s it and there aren’t any options for images.

The reservation feature was evident in its absence If you’re using Weebly you’ll have to install an application from a third-party such as Restaurant System to accept bookings and reservations on your restaurant’s website.

It’s because of these reasons that Weebly has an lower score on features than its typical top rivals, Wix and Squarespace.

Weebly offers an small selection of templates There isn’t a separate restaurant section, however, you can find a variety of elegant restaurant and food-related designs with an integrated menu section. You can change templates at any point or use code to personalize your website.

Weebly’s design won’t knock your socks off, however the customization options are difficult unless you’re proficient with code. If you’re looking for an stunning restaurant site then you should go using Squarespace and Wix.

Weebly offers the large free plan as well as the three plans that are paid that start at just monthly fee of $5 (billed annually) and All plans offered by Weebly include online shopping. This makes Weebly an extremely budget-friendly website builder however, it didn’t impress us with its the value it offers.

The plan that is the cheapest doesn’t provide the best value for money. We suggest not using it at all and going straight to the $12/month Pro plan instead. It’s the least expensive plan for removing ads from your site and makes the money you spend be spent far more effectively.

In terms of user-friendliness using, Weebly received the same score as Squarespace We learned from our user tests is that Weebly isn’t quite as easy for users to utilize as it initially appears.

At first glance, the interface is simple – it’s a editing tools that drag and drop, much as Wix however, with less freedom of creativity. You can drag items on the screen, however they’ll be formatted into predesigned sections. In other words, you’re not able to drag anything anyplace.

If you decide to expand your template to the limits of its capabilities, you’ll be struggling to the point where users were frustrated by Weebly and their user-friendliness score dropped due to this. The fundamentals are easy, but unless you’re able to code the code, you’ll find more the advanced customization difficult and clunky.

Weebly offers a help desk and a community forum. It also offers live chat and email support to all of its users. However, phone support is available only to users who purchase the higher-priced Pro and Business plans.

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The Best Website Builders for Restaurants Using Online ordering

Do you wish to have to have a restaurant website on which your customers are able to not just browse through your delicious menus but also place online orders and make payment? Also, where you can connect your inventory and control the delivery options?

If yes, you’ll need an online restaurant site that is equipped with E-commerce tools. Find the top solutions for your needs in the table below. Utilize the arrows at the top to review pricing, features and other aspects to find the best match for you. We’ve got you started with our top three choices:


  1. Square Online

Square Online is the top restaurant web-based builder for companies who want to accept online orders via their website. It also overcame its rivals in the majority of the crucial areas we tested.

Square Online’s strengths lie in its features and its value-for-money. It’s also the most user-friendly e-commerce restaurant website builder, which means designing and managing your restaurant’s ordering site is a breeze. Check out the scores below:

Square Online impressed us with its variety of restaurant features. Its menu creator inbuilt is completely customizable and you can alter prices, images and descriptions, as well as enter nutrition information for customers, and add delivery and pickup choices.

Yes, many other website builders for restaurants have similar features. However, Square Online is a step above the rest and lets customers can personalize their meals and earn points when they are fussy customers or those with special specific dietary needs. Additionally, it has the capability of updating your inventory in accordance with orders made via the menu.

Square Online’s functions have been created to make your life easy as you can Expect inventory syncing as well as the integration of delivery through Deliveroo as well as Uber Eats, as well as an exclusive POS system that you can connect directly to the store.

The only issue could be it’s Square Online doesn’t have reservations built-in instead you’ll have to utilize it in conjunction with Open Table application.

Square Online is an ecommerce builder in the first place which is why it’s not surprising that it scored highly on selling features. The process of adding products is simple You also get powerful inventory management and (our most loved) you allow customers to customize their purchases. Ideal for food orders!

Square Online is ideal if you’re already using Square as an payment processor, or even for your company’s EPOS. You’ll be able to experience effortless integration between the physical and digital presence.

Square Online puts most of its efforts into its features. Where it is a little weak is in its design and customizing. For starters, Square Online does not offer any templates for restaurants which means you might have trouble customizing your style.

There aren’t many options for customization particularly if you’ve used the builder Wix and you want to achieve the same level of creativity. If you’re looking to use the template to guide your design, then you’ll appreciate the organized feel that Square Online’s editors provide.

One thing that makes a difference with Square Online is how affordable the price plans are. It is possible to offer your services for free through Square Online, which is extremely uncommon!

Its no-cost plan is very generous. Among many other features, it allows you:

  • Sell an unlimited variety of items
  • Automatically transfer inventory, items and orders to your Square POS
  • Offer delivery, pickup or even shipping

The most affordable paid plan cost just $12 for a month (billed each year) This allows you to remove ads and also connect to with a domain that you have created for an even more professional website.

Another point worth noting is that you can easily include Square Online payments links on your website for no cost and only have to pay Square’s transaction fees. You can also add hyperlinks to Wix, Squarespace, and WordPress websites. This is a cost-effective option worth considering if you wish to allow customers to shop and pay through your website.

With the variety of options you can avail the prices of Square Online are excellent value for money and is only beaten in terms of quality with Wix Ecommerce, which also received 4.5 out of 5 stars during our tests.

Square Online is very user-friendly and setting up your site takes no time. You’ll be asked to answer a couple of questions regarding your company, like your company’s name and industry, and then you’ll be provided with a general web layout based upon your answers.

Our user tests showed that participants gave Square Online the highest scores for ease of use among these restaurant websites! This means that even if you’re just starting out it won’t be a problem making your restaurant’s site using Square Online.

Square Online’s assistance and support options aren’t among the best there, but they’re definitely not the most effective, neither. It’s not the best of other providers, and can provide assistance via:

  • Phone
  • Live chat
  • Email
  • Knowledge center

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  1. Squarespace

Squarespace is the most reliable restaurant site builder that provides information But what about the ability to sell online and make orders? We were surprised! Squarespace might not offer the same capabilities for inventory management, syncing and personalizing orders as Square Online does, but it has many features.

As always, its stunning restaurant templates aren’t without a mention. Its highest score was for design, however it scored very well all over the board. check out the scores below:

Squarespace has a number of amazing restaurant-related features like its menu widget built-in and its online reservation service, Squarespace Scheduling. Scheduling lets customers view the availability of tables, book tables and make payments. The online ordering option of Squarespace is very impressive, too and you shouldn’t face problems managing your orders.

Squarespace lets you update inventory in response to your online purchases However, you are able to only update the entire menu and not specific ingredients. This may mean more work to figure out how many ingredients are left over after a hectic day.

Customers are able to customize their online purchases through the integration of Squarespace with Chow Now.

Thanks to this Chow Now connection, your customers are able to look at the menu, make their order and pay via an easily collapseable Chow Now ordering page. The good news is that all of this happens in the same place on your Squarespace website, with no redirection to another site.

Contrary to Square Online, Squarespace doesn’t come with a dedicated point of sale to allow you to sync your inventory with your physical restaurant. You can provide delivery services or store pickups but there’s no integration with delivery services like Deliveroo.

Squarespace isn’t a bad choice in terms of sales features. It offers a variety of payment gateways as well as no transaction costs for as long as you choose between its two e-commerce plans.

Squarespace offers an Square integration that makes it much easier to connect your inventory while you have pop-up stands as well as market stands.

Design is the place where Squarespace excels. It comes with stunning specific restaurant templates and built-in features, like an integrated menu widget to help you build your website faster.

The only downside of Squarespace’s gorgeous designs is that it is difficult to customize. There’s a lot more freedom of imagination over Square Online, but it’ll take longer to setup.

Squarespace does not offer a free plan however, you are able to test it for at no cost during 14 days before deciding on an option of paid plan.

The cheapest plan offering ecommerce capabilities is the $18 monthly Business plan. To get rid of the transaction fee, you’ll need at least the $26 monthly Basic Commerce plan.

Comparatively to its rivals, Squarespace offers better price over Shopify however, it is smaller in comparison to Square Online and Wix Ecommerce.

There’s no doubt that Squarespace isn’t easy to master at first. But in our belief, it’s well worth the effort when you’re proficient as a Squarespace professional will be able to develop a powerful and appealing restaurant ordering site.

When we say Squarespace can be difficult to use, we aren’t saying that it needs coding or technological expertise. It’s just that that the learning curve is a bit steeper when compared to builders such as Square Online – instead, you must spend your time learning about Squarespace for the best experience from it.

Squarespace offers all the standard support channels, including email, knowledge base and live chat as well as social media, but it does not offer support via phone. If you’re old-fashioned and would prefer to dial a number for support, Squarespace isn’t the right option.

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  1. Wix

Wix is an excellent all-arounder, and while its online ordering options could be improved however, it was a top performer on both the value-for-money and customer support and assistance – and also an impressive score from our customers.

We wouldn’t recommend Wix for restaurants that are large because of its lack of updates to inventory and the customization options for online orders. However, it’s a good fit for small cafés or a neighborhood restaurant. Look up its scores to decide which one is the best fit for you.

Wix isn’t equipped with the necessary tools to run the needs of a restaurant that has large number of customers. The Wix Restaurant app, integrated into its food and restaurant templates, does not provide inventory updates for the online order system. This can make it difficult to monitor your stock levels.

The good news is that it is possible to offer delivery and customer pickup using Wix however there’s no in-house integrations with delivery services like Deliveroo and Uber Eats.

Wix offers many options when it comes to choosing an online payment service that has more than 15 payment options to pick from. And the company doesn’t add transaction costs as well.

Abandoned carts are a fantastic opportunity to re-engage the attention of those who have left items from their carts, and you’ll be able find the missing features you’re looking for within the vast app market of Wix!

Wix offers an wide range of templates that include restaurant-specific designs and a simple to use editor that makes use of drag-and-drop technology to give you complete control of your site’s design.

The primary drawback to Wix’s design capabilities is that you aren’t able to change templates after you’ve launched your website – this isn’t much of a problem in the event that you decide to rebrand in the future.

Wix’s plans for e-commerce begin with $33 for a month (billed annually) For the features that you can avail this price represents an excellent value. We have given this plan 4.5 5 stars from five that’s comparable to Square Online.

If you compare the two builders against each other However, we’d recommend Square Online when you’re in a tight budget. There are more features to choose from with a smaller cost and we’re aware that every penny counts when operating an enterprise!

Wix is known as easy to use for beginners, and so you may be wondering why it didn’t get an even higher user-friendliness score this time. We found that the limitations of its capabilities had a direct impact on how easy our users could make their own websites.

For instance, to permit customers to personalize the order they place online it is necessary to manually alter the option options and add an notes section to allow customers to make any remarks regarding their purchase. This is much more trouble than a builder which automatically provides a way for customers to alter their order!

Wix was a top performer in terms of assistance and support as it reminds us that in the end is a user-friendly platform. You can find answers through the videos, knowledge centers or social media, phone or email, or even tips on the page while building, Wix has got you covered!

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4. Shopify

Shopify is renowned for its ability to be an e-commerce platform that is powerful, therefore, why don’t we rate it higher? Although it’s not ideal for every business and its absence of specific features for restaurants disappointed us in our tests. However, it does pack punches in terms of sales tools and we appreciated the ability to connect directly to the POS system.

Shopify was awarded the top customer score from our customers. It also came in top position for sales tools however, it was last in terms of value for money and performance. See how it fared across all areas below:

It’s safe to say that we were a bit disappointed by the restaurant features offered by Shopify. First off, there’s no integrated reservations system and we’re hesitant to recommend any third-party reservation software due to the bad reviews from users.

It is possible to add an interactive call-to-action that allows customers to call the restaurant directly, but you’ll need programming skills to create this It’s not as simple like the other builders we’ve tested.

But, Shopify does have online ordering capabilities, and your inventory can be updated and synced through the Shopify dashboard. Shopify also comes with their very own program for POS that can be used to link and sync your website with your restaurant.

It is possible to offer delivery and collection for customers however there isn’t any integration with delivery companies like Deliveroo as well as Uber Eats.

Also, it’s important to know that Shopify does not support an in-house menu maker. Instead of having the menu section built within the template, you’ll have to purchase and install an app from a third party to add a menu section to your website. It didn’t impress us during our tests, particularly with restaurants that include an automatic menu creator.

One area in which Shopify has always done well is its sales functions. It is an e-commerce builder from the beginning and the features it offers reflect that You get all the tools you use to develop and grow an online store that is reputable.

Shopify’s sales tools were designed for stores that are online – among other things, you have access to:

  • Cart recovery for abandoned abandonment
  • Multi-channel integration
  • Dropshipping
  • 100+ payment gateways
  • Multiple currencies
  • Tax calculation is automatic and built-in

This is a great option for a variety of companies that are ambitious, however, it’s not for all. It’s up to you decide if these features can be enough to overcome Shopify’s inability to provide specific features for restaurants.

Shopify offers a variety of both paid and free templates, which all are stylishly designed. The Shopify templates include more than 20 templates that fall under the “Food and Drink” industry category, and 18 of them include premium templates. The costs for Shopify’s food and drinks themes start at just $100 and increase to $180.

Shopify’s latest Express template can be well worth looking into if need a site for your restaurant fast and quickly.

It’s a no-cost theme that was designed to help businesses that aren’t traditionally represented to get online quickly and without any effort The theme was launched by Shopify launched the theme in response to restaurants’ difficulties during the outbreak. It’s designed for one-page shops and has a strong mobile-friendly focus.

It’s important to note there’s no way Shopify’s Food or drinks themes have an integrated menu feature.

Shopify ranked last in price-for-quality It scored poorly for features during our tests however, it’s one of the restaurant builders with the highest price that we evaluated. Prices begin at 29 dollars per month and can be quite a bit if you’re paying for third-party applications for simple features such as menus.

Although it’s a powerful online store creator, Shopify is still nice and simple to use. In general, you don’t need programming skills and its themes are easy to alter and create your own. The process of adding products, changing colors, changing text, it’s all easy, and you’ll not be able to master the basics of Shopify!

Shopify offers a wide variety of support options which include:

  • 24/7-hour phone
  • Live 24/7 chat
  • Email
  • Help center
  • Community forum
  • Video tutorials

Whatever way you decide to seek answers, you’ll find something that will fill your ears!

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How to Select the best restaurant website builder Four Questions

It’s possible that you’re overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices available to you right now. how do you choose the best restaurant builder for your company? Do not worry, we’re here to guide you to the proper direction!

  1. Do You Plan to accept online orders?

The first thing you need to do is to determine what kind the restaurant builders you want. If you’re looking for an area for your customers to browse your menus, make reservations, or find your contact info, the information-based restaurant builder might be the best choice for you.

But, if you’re looking to take online orders, connect with a point of sale system and even deliver on-line orders, you’ll require an online restaurant builder. A reliable e-commerce restaurant builder includes menu maker, reservations, and templates that are tailored to the restaurant to give you the most efficient of both.

  1. How much time or technical Skills Are You Possessing?

Certain builders are quicker and simpler to use than other builders. For instance, Square Online comes with amazing features, yet is still extremely fast and simple to set up and operate. Squarespace is another highly rated restaurant builder, however it can take a bit longer to learn to use but it’s well worth the effort but when you’re short on time, you’re better off using a simpler builder.

All the builders in our list are able to be used with out any programming knowledge Don’t fret even if you don’t have prior experience in technology!

  1. How Important is Branding?

Consider the aesthetics of your restaurant Consider the style of your restaurant ideally your website should reflect the branding of your restaurant. If you need a modern, beautiful website and you’re looking for a modern, contemporary website, then Squarespace is the best option. If branding isn’t a priority and you just want a clean basic design such as Square Online or Weebly will be able to do the job.

  1. How Much is Your Budget?

In reality, how much will you put into building your restaurant’s website? Consider the price at the beginning of the website builder you’re looking at and determine what you can manage it in keeping to your the budget. Square Online, Weebly, and Wix all offer free plans, and Squarespace, Duda, and Shopify offer trial-based trials for free.

We don’t suggest staying to a free plan for over a long period of time as you won’t be able to build an expert website to promote your business on a budget Always check the prices for the initial start of free builders as well.


You are now aware of the top restaurant website builders available on the market and are aware of which one is the best fit for your company and you.

We’ve divided this list into two kinds of restaurant builders – both ecommerce and informational. Here’s a quick overview to conclude:

The best Informational restaurant website builders

  1. Wix
  2. Squarespace
  3. Duda
  4. Weebly

The Best Restaurant Website Builders for online orders

  1. Square Online
  2. Squarespace
  3. Wix
  4. Shopify

Now is the time to provide your dining the online visibility it deserves, and offer customers both old and new the ideal opportunity to help your company – and also take advantage of some tasty dishes while doing it.

Whichever restaurant website builder pick, we’re here to encourage you – return and tell us what you did with us in your comments!


If you pick one of the builders listed it’s similar however there are some variations based on the one you choose. In general, you’ll need:

  1. Select an HTML0 template which is best suited to a restaurant style!
  2. Customize your design – change colors, add new images, pick fresh fonts
  3. Include the content of your choice like welcome messages, page information and contact information
  4. Connect any additional information like the feeds of social media, map or contact forms
  5. Review your website to see if there are any mistakes or any missing information
  6. Create a restaurant’s website!
  7. Choose a paid plan You may need to make this change prior to publication, depending on the builder you use.
  8. Connect to a custom domain It makes your site appear more professional, and easy to locate

Certain restaurant website builders – such as Square Online, Weebly, and Wix are actually let you create publishing, publish, and manage your website without cost. Others, like Squarespace, Shopify, and Duda offer trial trials for free to let you test their builder for free.

In general, a restaurant’s website builder could cost anything from $15 to 30 dollars per month. Certain builders such as Weebly are more affordable, but for quality tools, you’re getting a monthly cost of $12 minimum.

Most builders charge annually and if you’d like an individual domain, it’s typically an additional $12 per year. Some builders will give you a domain for free so be on the lookout for those if you’re working trying to stay within your budget!

Yes! The majority of builders have an app store in which you can select extra options to make your website more effective, or more beneficial to your users. For instance, you might decide to add an contact form or map to assist visitors in getting to know more. Applications can be completely free or require an annual subscription, so make sure to verify prior to installing.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of altering your site to ensure that it is ranked higher in search results, such as Google and Bing. Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace all offer excellent SEO features. These include the ability to modify metadata, alter URL slugs, and even install specific software that helps to optimize your site.

Yes, some of them! Our top-rated restaurant ecommerce websites include Square Online, Squarespace, Wix, and Shopify. If you’re trying to market a homemade pasta sauce or promote your latest cookbook, you could sell directly to your customers via your site.

First, verify that the website builder offers templates specifically designed for restaurants. This provides you with a basis to build off. Second, and the most important is the functionality offered. The ideal platform will include features such as menu design along with email marketing and a booking system.

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