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8 Best Blogging Platforms

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The best blogs begin with the top blogging platforms! We’ve analyzed the top eight blog builders to help you achieve success online. Compare features and pricing with each other in our handy chart as well as learn more about each blog’s website builder’s advantages and disadvantages in our review.

Based on our extensive analysis, conducted in-house, Squarespace is the top blogging platform available that’s available. Because of its gorgeous templates, numerous SEO advantages, and a low cost of entry, it’s the perfect choice for getting your blog’s message to a receptive crowd.

There are a myriad of web builders for blogs that can aid you in getting your great concepts online. The tough part is delving through the piles of junk to find the right tool which can meet your needs in blogging.

This is the reason why in this article, we’re focused on only the eight top blog platforms. Our research has did not just test these platforms for ourselves but also looked at their features, costs and other aspects – but we also invited other people from the everyday to try them out as well. Read on to determine which one is best for you!

Let’s look for the top blog builder. Our top choices are:

  1. Squarespace – best website builder for blogging.
  2. Wix is a great way to combine blogs with websites.
  3. Weebly is a good option for a blog that is very basic.
  4. – best for blogging tools built-in.
  5. Duda It’s pricey, but provides many options for those who are design-conscious.
  6. Site123 is the best option to use if you require a hand.
  7. is powered by Bluehost is the best option for controlling and customizing.
  8. Jimdo the most efficient to construct.

Squarespace has emerged as the best. Its beautiful designs and top quality images make it ideal for blogging, however it’s not suitable for all users. If you’re looking to start to start a blog as well as websites, Wix is the best platform. If you’re looking for maximum capacity and potential for growth, powered by Bluehost is a fantastic option.

We’re extremely proud of our research methodology since few websites can boast that they’ve performed such rigorous testing prior to making recommendations. We’ve also tailored our research method according to the nature of the website users would like to create.

We spoke to bloggers and learned which aspects are the most important to their readers and used their opinions for guiding our study. We also looked into all our categories of study, however, we focused more on the areas that we found to be most important to bloggers. These include:

  • User-friendly How easy is to upload and publish, categorize, and share blog entries?
  • The most important blogging features such as archives comments management, schedule sharing and search functions and analytics.
  • Pricing How much is it to create blogs? Do you have the ability to build it on a budget?
  • Design Does the platform come with blogging-specific templates? Are they attractive? nice?

These factors influenced the final score of each builder most We examined each builder individually to determine if they met the above requirements.

It’s a thorough process – it’s more than just a matter of whether the platform permits users to make remarks on blogs, as an example. Instead, we’re armed with an array of questions to figure out how much the features that each platform has. For instance, for comments, we can inquire:

  • Are you able to manage the comment settings, like switching them off or turning them back on?
  • Do you have the ability to make comments for members only?
  • Do you have the ability to monitor comments prior to you approve them?

In essence we examine how each platform can provide these capabilities, rather than checking a box either way.

Alongside this blog-focused study, we also conducted tests on the typical areas we look at when rating websites:

  • Design Flexibility
  • User-friendly
  • Price for value
  • Feature quality
  • Assistance and support
  • Customer satisfaction

When we test the usability and customer satisfaction, we will always invite groups of ordinary people to test the builders and provide feedback on their experiences using the blog platform. Then, we analyze this feedback to understand our the experiences of our customers. For instance we ask them if they enjoyed building tools, the things they appreciated about using it, and what they did not like or disliked, and so on to build a realistic picture of the features of the platform.

The scores you’ll find here are determined by the builder’s ability to blog, and performance in the general web builder research areas.

Find the Top 8 Blog Website Builders: 

Begin by choosing which blogging platforms you would like to compare using the table below by clicking the arrow located at high on the graph. You can then compare their ratings, pricing features, and more against each other to help you pick the most effective blog builder for your needs.

What do these terms have to do with them?

  • The archive lets your readers locate your most recent posts easily
  • Comments section: A Comments section allows users to communicate with you about your posts
  • The search function allows you to locate a particular post on your blog
  • Analytics features permit you to monitor the performance of your blog in the course of time.
  • The scheduled posts allow you to set an exact date and time for the publication of your post.

We’ve provided the cost of the lowest cost plan offered by each of the builders on the table. If you’re trying to make the best savings possible, you should know that Wix Weebly as well as Site123 all offer free plans. But if you’re looking to create a blog using an affordable plan, you’ll need to cut out some of the most important tools, like custom domain names, and ads-free pages.

When it comes down to finding the best blog platform for you, it’s not a one-size-fits-all answer. Find out more about the best platform for your needs.

  1. Squarespace

The best website builder to create blogs

From $12 to 40 dollars per month to be billed annually

Squarespace is the top blogger website builder on the market. Its gorgeous designs create stunning blog posts and its powerful SEO tools can help you to get your blog content noticed by many readers.

Blogging Features: 4.6/5

Squarespace has scored highly for features during our user testing. Through this building tool, you will be able to:

  • Display blogging categories
  • Let comments
  • Include an RSS Feed

Squarespace’s blogging tools are robust and have grown better in the last few years. The old system was that on their most affordable paid plan you could only use only 20 pages. This limit has been completely lifted. Squarespace has also provided powerful SEO tools to aid your blog’s posts to attract readers. If you’re an SEO novice, it could take some time to master these tools. However, Squarespace provides comprehensive SEO guides to assist you in your journey!

Design: 4.4/5

Squarespace is well-known for its beautiful templates. They’re an integral reason for that this platform is ranked the number one choice for blogging.

You can search for the free or paid template categories by business, and pick one that best suits the needs of your blog. There are even six templates that were specially designed especially for blog sites. Squarespace has carefully considered the way that your content appears on the templates. The templates are top of the line and features such as grid layouts and 3D scrolling will provide your blog with a unique style and look.

It can be a bit like a blog-building project from the future!

Pricing: 3.7/5

Squarespace’s Personal plan of $12/month is the cheapest pricing plan, and includes numerous features that are scalable. The Personal plan offers all the features you need to begin blogging. If you’re ever looking to make money from your blog, then you’ll have change to the Business plan for $18/month..

Squarespace also offers two special eCommerce plans, which are specifically designed for websites, not blogs. Here’s a brief overview of all plans from Squarespace. which are billed annually:

  • Personal: $12/month – best for new blogs
  • Commercial: $18/month – best to grow blogs and make money from content
  • Basis Commerce $26/month, designed for small-sized online stores
  • Advanced Commerce 40$/month. Designed for bigger online stores

While Squarespace does not come with an unlimited plan but the company does begin every plan with 14 days of free trial, so that you can try it for yourself at no cost.

It’s not the cheapest plan on the list, however, Squarespace is rated higher in price-for-value over cheaper builders such as Site123 or Jimdo. With Squarespace you’re paying for premium service!

Receive 10% off any Squarespace Plan

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Are you an undergraduate student? Squarespace offers students 50% off of any plan with an educational email addresses (Terms and conditions apply).

Do You Want to Create a Beautiful Blog?

Squarespace cannot be beat by its gorgeous designs and visually appealing templates. If you’re looking for looks and features, this is a good option!

Additional Information:

  1. Wix

It is perfect to integrate your blog into your website

From $14 to $99.49 monthly, billable annually (free plan is also available)

Wix is an easy web-based site builder that lets you incorporate a blog with the click of a mouse. It’s user-friendly and is with a variety of options. Additionally, Wix makes it simple to integrate your blog into a an entire website.

Blogging Features: 4.1/5

Wix provides:

  • Analytics allows you to analyze the performance of your blog
  • comments sections to allow readers to interact with your content
  • Social Bookmarking allows readers to quickly return to your blog
  • search feature to help you and your visitors get the most out of your blog

Furthermore, Wix is also strong on mobile devices. Making changes to your mobile blog is simple. Consider this if you’re an individual who travels frequently and is planning to post while on the go.

But, you aren’t able to make an archive with Wix’s blogging tools as well as create an RSS feed, making it difficult to make changes to content.

Design: 4.3/5

In the realm of designing your blog, Wix has a great collection of gorgeous and modern templates that you can pick from.

Wix recently updated its editor of content. In addition to the other features, now you can:

  • Personalize galleries of images
  • Include captions as well as hyperlinks to images
  • Incorporate video clips from YouTube as well as Vimeo

The sophisticated editor of Wix lets you feel as if you’re creating your own blog using the best products. The ability to customize your blog is easy.

Pricing: 4.3/5

You can start blogs using your Wix site with any plan, starting from the Free plan onwards. To connect your domain, you’ll have to join 14 bucks per month Combo package. This will allow users to stop receiving Wix advertisements. We recommend moving to the premium Wix plan. It’s a modest price you pay for the ability to have your blog appear professional.

More professionally your blog, the better your readers will believe inyou. Take a look. When you visit the book store and you are looking for a book, would you buy one with ads on the cover as well as various authors’ names printed on the cover? Perhaps not!

This is why we suggest choosing the Combo as well as the Unlimited plans to build the blog you want to run. Here’s a full list of Wix’s plans for websites which are all annually billed:

  • The free plan Cost: $0/month. Advertisements shown on your blog
  • Combo package: $14/month – perfect for professional but small-sized blogs
  • Unlimited plans: $18/month – generous features to grow your blog
  • Plan Pro: $29/month. Best for fully-branded blogs
  • Plan VIP: $39/month – suitable for large-scale business blogs

If you’re looking to make money from your blog, look into its ecommerce options:

  • Business Basic Plan $29/month This is the plan that we suggest for those who want to accept payments on your blog.
  • Business Unlimited Plan $27/month – the cheapest plan for selling subscriptions
  • Business VIP plans: $49/month – designed to be used in very large stores and not suitable for all bloggers


Does Wix Sound Like Your Winner?

Wix is a great way to combine blogs and websites. Explore the features, templates and more to find out whether it’s the right choice for you!

Additional Information:

  1. Weebly

Excellent choice for a basic blog.

Between $6 and $26 per month billable annually (free plan available too)

Weebly is among the most popular blog builders due to the ease with which the interface is. To include a blog on your site and fill it with amazing material, you need to do is click and point using its easy drag-and-drop editor.

Blogging Features: 4.2/5

With Weebly you can design your own website and create blogs without having to edit any code. Weebly will handle all the technical lifting in the background. It will also ensure that your blog loads quickly and is available to visitors.

Weebly also provides an amazing array of blogging tools. This is one of the reasons for it to earn an 4.2/5 rating in the “features” category of our research on blogging.

Take a look at the tools Weebly has to offer:

  • Comprehensive analytics of the performance of your blog
  • A simple-to-access archive
  • Comment section
  • Social bookmarking can help your blog become viral

The ability to schedule publishing is a breeze with Weebly. You can schedule your blog to be published at a particular date and time. For instance, if you’re writing you blog in the daytime, however, Weebly analytics inform you that your readers read it at night and you want to delay publishing until that time.

Design: 3.3/5

Drag-and-drop themes for websites are easy to create, meaning you’ll have the ability to get your blog organized and running in no time without any technical issues. The themes offered by Weebly are mobile-friendly, which means you can view your blog while on the go, too.

But, you won’t enjoy as much freedom in design when using Weebly like you do with more sophisticated builders. The templates offered by Weebly are fairly organized, which means you won’t have the same control over the layouts and color schemes like you do with builders such as Squarespace or Wix.

Pricing: 4.5/5

The possibility of creating a blog is available with the basis of anyof the pricing plans offered by Weebly starting at the Free plan and progress up to $26/month Performance plan for stores on the internet:

  • The free plan is No ads on the blog however you can earn money immediately!
  • Personal: $6/month – still have ads, but it is connected to an individual domain
  • Professional $13/month to remove advertisements for a professional blog
  • Efficiency: $26/month – designed to work with more online stores and not blog sites.

If you’re launching your own personal or hobby-related blog and you’re looking to build a blog for your hobby, we suggest opting for the monthly fee of $6 Plan for personal use. It includes the same features of the free plan, but with the added benefit of connecting to your own domain so that your site can be presented with an appearance that is more professional.

But, in order to get rid of Weebly ads from your blog you’ll have move to the Professional plan for $12/month..

The plan that we would recommend to all Weebly users as it comes with amazing features and an excellent value. For just $12 a month, you will be able to enjoy features like unlimited storage, a domain for free as well as password-protected pages that are perfect to release unique content exclusively to customers!

The professional plan will be the ideal option for bloggers who want to establish a blog that will be viewed as serious by its readers instead of being viewed as “just to have entertainment” or a short-term venture.

In general We suggest that bloggers avoid either the no-cost plan as well as that of the more costly Performance plan since neither is specifically designed to meet bloggers’ requirements.

Do you require a blog in a hurry?

Weebly is a great platform for creating blogs quickly and efficiently It even comes with an array of reliable blogging tools. Test it out for absolutely no cost!

More Information:


Ideal for tools that are built-in to blogging.

Between $4 and $45 . $45 each month to be paid annually (free plan is also available) is a hosting for blogs service provided by the same company that is behind

It’s completely free to create your blog using, but you must pay for additional features, such as storage or your own domain. Similar to Wix and Weebly for removing the logo, you must change to one’s paid plans. These begin at just $4 per month.

Blogging Features: 4.5/5

Here’s a quick overview of the main attributes that make it among the most popular blogging platforms:

  • Themes that are mobile-friendly ensure that your blog looks amazing on any device.
  • Maintenance of technical aspects with updates to software, hosting, and registration of domains.
  • Modern site design.
  • Analytics that are advanced that will help figure out what readers are interested in. and

If you’re here, you’re probably wondering what the distinction exists among or

In essence, can be described as the fully hosted version which takes care of the technical aspect that your website needs. Its operation is more like Wix or Weebly in comparison to When using it is not as easy of use in order to have access to the codes and greater options for customization. For more on the differences of or, visit our WordPress Review.

Design: 2.4/5 installation is swift and it is simple to master. On the other hand, customization opportunities are restricted particularly when compared to It isn’t possible to modify the code, and you can’t control everything about your blog.

There is the possibility of a more extensive modification of your blog when you use This is due to the fact that premium blogs are equipped with customized CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). CSS is a programming language and being able to modify it means that you can create truly comprehensive modifications on your website. Be aware of this when you are considering long-term goals to your website.

A wide range of customizable options, along with hosting and maintenance It makes an excellent alternative to and drag-and drop website builders. It’s the perfect choice If you’re not looking to work with the mechanics managing a blog however, you’re concerned that using a builder such as Wix might be too restrictive in the longer term.

Pricing: 4.3/5

With a rating of 4.3/5, ranks third in our research on blogging price-for-value it is second in comparison to Weebly along with Wix. Let’s take a look at its pricing plans, which are each one of which is billed annually.

  • Plan for free: $10.00/month for ads to your blog
  • Personal plan 4$/month, remove ads and make money from your blog
  • Premium Plan: $8/month – advanced social tools, analytics, and customization tools
  • Plans for businesses: $25/month – remove all branding, access the business tools
  • eCommerce Plan: $45/month – suitable for stores that are online, but not blogs

You can write with’s no-cost plan however, for the best chance to start off, you need the option of a custom domain as well as an ad-free website, we recommend you begin by signing up for the Personal plan at the price of $4/month. The Personal plan includes an email address and live chat support, which aren’t offered on the free plan.

Are Your Favorite Website So Far? provides powerful tools for blogging, but without the technical requirements of Plus, it’s completely free!

  1. Duda

The price is high, but it offers many options for the fashion-conscious

From $14 to $44 per month which is billed annually

Duda is a unique design-focused site builder that doesn’t require any skills in technology Consider it a less robust alternative to Squarespace. Its wide selection of elegant templates and easy to usage make it a great option for creating your blog in a short time, however there aren’t many outstanding features at the cost. In reality, Duda only scores 1.4/5 according to our analysis of the value you get for your money!

Blogging Features: 3.8/5

In terms of blogging, Duda has the basic requirements covered. This includes:

  • List categories
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Functions for searching
  • RSS feeds

Duda also provides statistics and site stats to help you effortlessly keep track of everything from the amount of visitors to the pages they’re visiting.

The problem is that Duda has a missing two crucial features of blogging: it doesn’t offer an archive feature or a comments section Two gaps that make it much more difficult for readers to engage with your blog posts.

Design: 4.4/5

Duda provides the 98 stunningly designed templates and all are designed to ensure that your blog can be displayed effortlessly across mobile, desktop tablets, and desktops (and you can test the views before selecting the template). There are pre-filled templates , or templates that offer some design flexibility and the creativity can be as complex as you’d like it to be.

The changes that you do to the template take place directly on the screen, which means you won’t have to open another confusing window each time you’re looking to make small adjustments!

With an average of 4.1/5, Duda comes second only to Wix in the category of ease of use of our research on blogging, and its drag-and-drop templates are the main reason. The ease of use isn’t without its drawbacks. It does come with some restrictions on the design options you can choose to use However, if you’re experienced in the field of technology or have a high-tech background, you shouldn’t be averse to Duda’s less customization when compared to designers like Squarespace.

Pricing: 1.4/5

Pricing is one of the company’s weaknesses. Duda provides a 14-day no-cost trial, but it does not offer a free plan following that.

  • Standard plan $13/month. Billed annually. Best suited for a blog that is that is run by one person.
  • Plan for teams: $12/month. Annually billed, with better support and tools for team collaboration
  • Plan for agencies: $47/month. Billed annually. Unlock an editor for widgets to build customized content

The Duda Basic package is the most affordable option , at $14 per month. This can be an acceptable price, or slightly expensive, depending on the features you can get for your money. With Duda it isn’t going to offer the same amount of scalability or numerous features as you do using Wix or Squarespace both of which provide blog comments as well as more customizable templates in their less expensive basic plans.

Are you interested in Duda’s simple style?

This builder is a fantastic beginning point for anyone who wants to be creative You can also try Duda’s templates for free. the 14-day trial.

Additional Information:

  1. SITE123

The best option if you require assistance

$12.80 between $34.80 monthly, bill annually (free plan is also available)

Site123 is a basic builder, which isn’t ideal for more complex or challenging blogs, however the interface is simple and easy to master as you begin. There is a great live chat option, making it ideal for novices who may be a little uncomfortable or require an additional level of assistance.

Blogging Features: 3.1/5

SITE123 is designed for small, personal blogs. It has a wealth of features that are included, but it’s more about quantity than quality. This being said, here’s some of the features that you can expect from SITE123:

  • Templates for blogs that are specific to the blog
  • Comment system
  • Blog post scheduling
  • RSS
  • Comment-Reply tool
  • Comment auto-confirmation
  • Integration of social media

In addition to the blogging tools built into the software, you also have access to SITE123 Application Market. It gives you a myriad of options to improve your blog including Google Analytics to live chat applications. There’s a range of premium and free apps that you can choose from. As with everything else on SITE123 The App Market is simple to use and is designed to assist you!

Although it’s not a blogging tool It’s worth mentioning the excellent live chat service. It makes it simple to get help, and can save you time if you experience a glitch when building your site.

Design: 3.3/5

The templates for blogging at SITE123 are designed to look stunning on both desktop and mobile devices and are completely mobile-friendly. They’re not going to make you swoon as Squarespace’s themes do, or provide you with a ton of control over your creativity, similar to however, they’re clean and clean.

The primary thing you need to be aware of about SITE123’s templates is that you aren’t able to change the design after the blog has been published.

Pricing: 3.1/5

You can create your blog on the cheap with SITE123’s no-cost plan, which includes 500MB of storage space with 1GB data bandwidth. You can also move onto the $12.80 per month Premium plan to get additional features like free domains 10GB of storage and the ability to sell products online.

After you’ve signed up with SITE123 it will offer more plans than what’s in its site. This is a brief overview of the plans available, which are annually billed:

  • The free plan is No cost per month – suitable for blogs that are hobbyist-oriented It comes with SITE123 advertisements
  • Basis plan $12.80/month includes removal of floating ads, connects to a the custom domain, sends 100 mail list messages
  • Premium plan $19.80/month The cheapest way to get rid of the SITE123 footer tag with the brand name.
  • Professional Plan: $28.80/month You can unlock the statistics of your website to monitor the performance of your blog
  • Gold Plan: $34.80/month – add up to five additional languages for a blog that is multilingual

Do You Need A Assistance?

SITE123 will help you throughout the process, so if you’re an anxious newbie, this is the best option.

Additional Information:

  1. (powered by Bluehost)

The best option for control and customization

WordPress Free to Use!
Bluehost hosting: $2.95 – $5.45 per month is a completely free and open source software that has helped millions of users create blogs online. Actually, is so popular that it is the main reason for 40 percent of websites by 2021. This is a great social suggestion!

To make use of it is necessary to have a hosting. itself recommends Bluehost for this , and also do we because of how well it has performed during our study of WordPress blogs.

Blogging Features: 4.2/5 offers a wide range of robust blogging tools, ranging from forums and comments as well as RSS feeds, analytics and RSS. Furthermore, WordPress integrates with thousands of plugins available, both paid and free. Plugins can provide a variety of functions to your blog. These include:

  • Management of comments
  • Email marketing
  • Visual Analytics
  • SEO
  • Anti-spam

The possibilities are practically infinite!

With many of the core features, such as storage space bandwidth, and security are provided by your web hosting provider.

If you select Bluehost as your service, you’ll get an automatic WordPress installation (saving your the time and energy) and automated WordPress updates (to ensure your website is in good order and secure) and a free domain for a year, and at least 50GB of storage. It all on the most affordable plan!

Design: 2.2/5

Open source is the term used to describe how you can experiment with the code. The result is that you have total control over the appearance and appearance for your site. It’s as if you were in charge of the color, font and images on your book’s cover. The only caveat is that you’ll require some technical expertise (or money to employ developers) to make the the full advantage of this freedom. is an excellent option for technical bloggers seeking to create a more complicated blog in the long run. One drawback of WordPress’s popularity is that users who aren’t as technical will discover the learning curve to be more difficult than creating a blog with the drag-and-drop site builder such as Wix and Squarespace.

Pricing: 4/5

Although is a free platform, platform is completely free however, the costs for hosting security, registration, and hosting your domain name could increase. This is why we suggest an reliable web hosting provider such as Bluehost which offers an unlimited domain for a year. It also comes with integrated security features that protect your blog from hackers.

Hosting is the act of giving your blog a space to be online. This can be a hassle to bloggers that aren’t computer-savvy.

The good news is that Bluehost offers one-click integration to to save you time and hassle. It offers hosting plans that are specially made to work with WordPress websites, also known as hosted WordPress hosting.

This is a brief overview of Bluehost’s pricing plans. We’ve included annual plans as well as three-year plans since you will save money by opting for a long-term contract:

  • Standard plan $4.95/month and is billed each year, which is $2.95/month for a 3-year contract
  • Plus plans: $7.45/month, billed annually, which is $5.45/month for a 3-year contract.
  • The Choice Plus Plan: $7.45/month, billed annually that is $5.45/month for a 3-year contract.

Hosting plans function a bit differently than plans for building websites since you can avail massive discounts on your first month. For instance, Bluehost’s most affordable plan starts at $2.95 for a month. This is a great option if you’re beginning your journey on a tight budget!

If you’d like to start your own blog on click the button beneath the image to start.

Is WordPress the ideal match for you?

The first step in establishing an effective WordPress blog is to choose a reliable web hosting service. We suggest Bluehost. Take an overview to discover the reason!

More Information:

  1. Jimdo

Fastest time to build

A monthly cost of $9 to $40 The bill is annually (free plan is also available)

Jimdo received a score from customers of 4.0/5 according to our study. It’s a fantastic builder for people who want to get their blog up and running fast, but it’s not one of the easiest editing tools or the most attractive templates.

Blogging Features: 3.7/5

Jimdo’s blogging capabilities include analytics as well as post comments and social bookmarking. In other terms, everything you’ll need to start your blog. You can create tags and create categories for your blog posts. And for each category you create the new page will be created under “Blog” on your website’s Navigation Menu.

The most basic aspect of blogging that Jimdo has a problem with is the archive option. There it possible to create the archive feature on your Jimdo blog however it’s not as easy or automated like it is with other builders of blog websites. With Jimdo you must alter your navigation bar in order to create subpages for each year you would like to archive and make distinct category for every month in that year.

Design: 2.3/5

Jimdo provides simple designs that don’t require any technical skills. However, If you’re more sophisticated, you might be wishing for more freedom of imagination than the tools this builder provides.

With an average of 3.7/5, Jimdo came 4th in the user-friendliness category of our blog research. Jimdo’s drag-and-drop templates let you easily edit text and to reposition images. However, some clients we spoke to were slightly dissatisfied by Jimdo’s editor. The most frequent complainant was that while it’s simple to include your own content into the template, it’s difficult to modify the template’s default structure.

Pricing: 3.3/5

Jimdo provides a free version that is enough for a brief test of the builder and determining whether it’s suitable for you. However, if you’re committed towards the use of Jimdo as a platform for blogging and you want to use it for your blog, then you’ll have to upgrade at the very least the Start plan with the lowest price at just $9 per month.

But it is important to note that the Start plan can only accommodate 10 web pages, meaning websites looking to expand quickly may find the plan to be restrictive. If this is the case you’ll need to think about using the Growing plan priced at $15 per month that includes 50 web pages.

To help you decide to make the right choice, here’s the complete list of Jimdo’s plans for the year:

  • Play plan: $0/month – free plan with ads, great to test Jimdo
  • Starting plan 9$/month, the most cost-effective plan for starting an ad-free blog
  • Plan to Grow: 15$/month is the best to grow your blog using more features
  • Unlimited 39$/month, best for businesses , not blogs.

Jimdo also offers a different package of plans for the Jimdo Creator coding editor, that range from $10 to $40 per month, which is billed annually.

You’re thinking of Jimdo?

This website offers a fast process to become online with a wide range of user-friendly templates to pick from.

Additional Information:

Tips for Selecting an appropriate blogging platform

The eight top blogging platforms available currently available. Perhaps one caught your eye immediately you but what if struggling to decide? How do you select the right one for your blog?

Here are some of the questions you should ask that will aid you in finding the right blog system best suited to the needs of.

  1. Do You Want to Make Money from Your Blog?

Weebly makes it simple to begin monetizing your blog by utilizing affiliate marketing and Google AdSense, so it’s the most straightforward platform for newbies to earn money from blogging.

If you’re more technologically advanced or are looking to turn your blog to a large income stream then along with Bluehost is the best solution for you. It’s more scalable. By using these software, you’ll be able to make use of all sorts of plugins that can aid your blog in making profits.

Top tip!

If you’re planning to sell some products through your website, then why don’t you use Square Online Checkout’s checkout links? This checkout option makes it easy to accept payments on your blog without paying for an e-commerce plugin.

For starting, all you have to do is sign up for an account free of Square Online, give whatever item you’re selling a title as well as a price, and make a checkout link that you can post in your website. Easy!

  1. What’s the main focus of your Blog?

Are you a professional photographer that has lots of photos or even using your blog’s purpose as an exhibition space, you’ll need a platform to showcase your talents! Choosing a platform such as Squarespace can give your blog the room and style you need to really shine.

  1. How confident are you in your technical abilities?

Wix and Weebly are both user-friendly choices that strike the right middle ground between basic editing capabilities and more advanced features. This means that can create a stunning blog with no technical skills.

If you’re comfortable having more technical responsibility If so, along with Bluehost can be extremely rewarding , but there’s little guidance available throughout the process.

  1. How will People Find You?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is crucial for getting a position on Google and being found within search results. If you pick an editor that has weak SEO tools, it’s more difficult for your blog content to be noticed by the readers they deserve!


ix is ranked number one in our list of five top website builder for SEO and its easy-to-use SEO tools let anyone to make blog posts more visible.

  1. What are your design-focused priorities?

Are stylish design and layout of your blog crucial to you? If yes, you should consider an online platform that has stylish, modern templates to provide your visitors with the most enjoyable experience on your site.

Squarespace offers the most beautiful designs available and is the perfect choice for creating stunning blogs. The designs are modern clean and always top-quality. Check out its blog templates to get a better idea!

We’re also our own personal experts on how to get the look of your blog just right isn’t an easy task Let us assist you. We’ve created the top fifteen of the most effective blog designs to help you get inspired in 2021 . Why not explore them yourself?

  1. What is the reason you are creating Blogs?

The purpose behind your blog is an important yet often ignored element to consider when choosing the correct blog platform. For instance, if you’re merely creating a personal blog, then a free basic platform such as Weebly is fine. However, if you’d like to earn money from your blog, promote it on social media, or include it on an resume you’ll need an experienced, reliable and scalable builder such as squarespace.

  1. What are the most important features to You?

If you intend to use lots of pictures, you’ll require a software that can provide large amounts in storage. If you’re operating the blog for a side hustle it’s best to look for scheduling your posts so you don’t need to be connected to your blog 24 hours a day.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of features available Consider the ones that are crucial in the eyes of your needs.

More Reading

Before you begin to build your blog is a good idea to figure out what it will cost you to start and maintain over the long run. We’ve completed all the calculations and hard work for you to answer the most important question: What is the cost to create a blog?

Best Blogging Platforms: Summary

Here’s a quick reminder of our top 8 blogging platforms and what are the best to use them for:

  1. Squarespace – best website builder for blogging.
  2. Wix ideal for combining the blog and website.
  3. Weebly is a good option for a blog that is very basic.
  4. – best for blogging tools built-in.
  5. Duda is costly, but it offers plenty of options for those with a design eye.
  6. Site123 is the best choice for those who need a helping hand.
  7. is powered by Bluehost the best choice for customization and control.
  8. Jimdo the fastest to create.

If you’re not sure which one to go with it’s best to go using Squarespace the top all-around blogging service. Squarespace’s blogging capabilities, along with the stunning design templates provide the perfect recipe to be successful.

Whatever builder you pick Have fun and have a great time blogging!

Best Blogging Platforms: FAQs

If you’ve got top quality images, the templates at Squarespace will truly showcase them! There are also great built-in features, including permitting multiple contributors, and synchronizing with social media, so your blog will not only appear attractive, but it will also support the long-term growth of your blog too. Read the Squarespace Review for more details. isn’t suitable for all people. If you’re a tech-savvy person with expertise, is the most suitable alternative. If you don’t wish to learn how to code, try Weebly It has excellent blog features, beautiful layouts, and a great SEO. It’s very user-friendly and is scalable too.

Weebly is a fantastic platform to monetize blogs for those who are just beginning. If you’re more skilled or would like to create an extremely scalable business out the blog you have created, provides the power tools and the customization you’ll require.

Wix, Duda, and Site123 are among the top three blogs that are the easiest to use according to our study. With the exception of free plans, all have a cost of just over $10 per month however, Wix is the sole one to offer the most value for your money in terms of blogging capabilities.

There are several easy methods for newbies to earn money blogging for instance, Google AdSense is the best way to begin. It’s a tool for free that allows you to earn money by displaying advertisements in your blog posts It’s also very easy to use in conjunction with many websites builders.

More Information:


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