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The 6 Top Wedding Site Builders: Which One is the best for your Special Day?

Our research projects, which are conducted by independent researchers, and independent reviews are funded partly through affiliate commissions, and with no additional expense to readers.

Website builders are an essential tool to plan your wedding. The top wedding website builders can assist you in communicating with your guests and showcase your individual style. This page reviews the top wedding website builders, beginning with our comparison chart before diving into each one by one.

The wedding website is an excellent method of displaying your wedding day, sharing details, and making sure that your event goes smoothly. However, with so many web builders to pick from, it can be difficult to figure out where to begin.

To ease your work We’ve reviewed the tools we believe to be the top wedding websites currently available.

The 6 Best Wedding Websites Builders

  1. Wix is the ideal choice to build wedding-related websites.
  2. Squarespace Best price-for-money.
  3. Weebly is the best choice for a no-cost website.
  4. Duda Beautiful design, but costly.
  5. Site123 It is simple to use, but with limited features and options for customization.
  6. Inspiringly Basic, but other programs have better results.

Wix is the top wedding website builder as it comes with a free quality plan, custom RSVP tools, as well as forums to allow guests to connect with one another.

The second place is Squarespace, which has one of the most stunning designs that are available, ideal to showcase images and videos. Additionally, Weebly’s vast app store allows you to explore new ideas in customizing your website.

The majority of site builders have mobile-friendly templates, which means your website will appear like a masterpiece to visitors who visit your site on the go.

Check out the 6 Top Wedding Website Builders

Check out how the six wedding website builders compare against each other in crucial areas. Click the arrow at highest point of the graph to navigate through the various builders.

  1. Wix

The best way to build websites for weddings.


Wix was awarded an 4.6/5 within the “features” section of our study, which is the top of all builders that we have reviewed. Wix provides a variety of tools that can assist you in creating a successful wedding site, including:

  • Modifiable RSVP forms that can be customized
  • Google Maps widget to help guests locate your location
  • Contact forms
  • A forum for visitors to interact with one another.

With an average score of 4.3/5, Wix comes second just behind Squarespace on the “design flexibility” area of our research. There’s plenty of space to personalize your wedding website to match your wedding’s theme or showcase your personal style. Wix’s 20 Wedding templates are less attractive than those of Squarespace, but they are much easier to modify – Wix’s drag-and drop editor is among the top of the top of the line when it comes down to user-friendliness.

Pricing and Plans

Wix provides a free plan that is a great way of trying out the editor and becoming comfortable using the builder. It is possible to could create your wedding website using this plan for free, however we recommend moving to an premium Wix account which costs it starts at $14/month which includes 30 minutes of video for your website that you can capture the wedding for friends and family to watch in the future. You’ll also get to use your own custom website address (think, which is easier for guests to remember!

More details

  • Wix Examine This is our comprehensive overview of Wix and what it’s about. If you’re seeking more information , this is the best location to begin.
  • Wix Pricing Guidelines We break down the prices associated with each Wix plan, and then look at the details of what the costs include.


  1. Squarespace

The best price for the money


With a dazzling 4.8/5, Squarespace ranked first in the “value for money” section of our study partly because of its many useful features. You can:

  • Integrate with more than 20 social networks (including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube)
  • Use social feeds to promote your site
  • Create a custom gift registry or incorporate other registries easily
  • Create RSVP forms
  • A honeymoon option with a donation program

Squarespace is the first choice among the “design flexibility” category in our wedding website builders research due to its gorgeous templates that can’t be beat in terms of design.

Squarespace provides eight wedding-specific templates specifically designed for weddings and one glance shows that the builder is a proponent of quality over the quantity. You can count on Squarespace to create a stunning web design. Or, you can create your own style or design your own. Whatever you choose your website will be designed with an elegant style of its own!

Its premium templates aren’t as customizable as Wix’s, however it’s not that difficult to become comfortable with the editor. Once you’re comfortable, you’ll be able to expand your designs further than you can using Wix.

Plans and Prices

The most affordable Squarespace plans is the personal plan at $12 a month that is ideal for wedding websites. It comes with all the required options and templates, but without the extra complexities that a bigger website requires. Each plan comes with a 14-day trial which allows you to check if it’s the right builder before you commit.

Do you want to receive 10% off your Squarespace Plan?

Squarespace has provided us with an exclusive discount promo code that our customers can use. If you’re registering for the first time to a Squarespace plan, you can enter the coupon code ” WBE” at the time of checkout and save 10% off the cost!

More details

  • Squarespace Reviews Are you looking to learn more information about Squarespace and find out what the heck it’s about? Review our in-depth review to find out whether it’s the ideal wedding site builder that you need.
  • Squarespace Price Guide We look more closely at the premium plans offered by Squarespace and explain the prices that are involved.
  1. Weebly

The best free website


If you’d like your wedding site to provide guests an easy experience and preserve memories for the future It’s best to choose the paid plan of any website builder you pick. However, if having a no-cost plan is your top choice and you’re looking for a free plan, then Weebly’s Free is the best option. If you’re on the free plan, you’ll have access to The Weebly App Center in which you can access wedding-specific, free or wedding-specific tools such as:

  • The Hotel as well as the AirBnB guest search tools for visitors
  • RSVP forms
  • Calendar of dates
  • Timer to countdown for the special day

Its designs aren’t as robust as those offered by Squarespace and Wix however, they can appear a bit basic . This is okay when you’re looking to simplify things and keep it simple. However, if you’re looking to add an individual touch This builder might not be the best fit for you!

Plans and Prices

Our free service is among the top of its kind because there are many free programs you can utilize to maximize the use of it.

If you choose to upgrade to an paid Weebly account you’ll be pleased to learn that plans start at only $6/month. The plans offered by Weebly are inexpensive, and there are no tricks to be found However, Weebly remains third in comparison to Wix in comparison to Squarespace in the price-to-value ratio. It’s because, even though Weebly’s plans cost less however, they do not offer the same amount of features or the quality of templates designs.

Is Weebly the creator of your Ideals?

Weebly is an excellent choice for those who require additional functions thanks to its large app store as well as its low-cost pricing. Have a look!

More details

  • Weebly Testimonial Find out about the features of Weebly’s in our comprehensive review to find out whether it’s the perfect wedding website builder you’ve been searching for.
  • Our Weebly Pricing Guidelines Pricing Guide for HTML0 – We examine Weebly’s pricing, and then explain the cost associated with.
  1. Duda

Great design, but high cost


Duda came in fourth place in our study of “features” It has excellent tools to help you get up and running, but you might be thinking that you’re not getting enough for the cost. You can design the perfect RSVP function using Duda however it’s not as easy as the solutions that are pre-made offered by Wix or Squarespace.

With Duda it is possible to create pop-ups and other special messages on your site to make it more enjoyable. The site also comes with an inbuilt photo editor making it possible to share your photos of your day later.

Duda does not offer as many integrations with apps as Weebly, however there is one app that is particularly helpful: Duda offers an integration with a web accessibility service known as Audio Eye which will help in making your website more accessible for visitors who have disabilities.


As with Wix, Duda is easy to use. It was ranked second in this class with an average of 4.1/5. Furthermore, Duda’s template designs can definitely be competitive with Squarespace’s top-quality standard.

It’s not as flexible as Squarespace and its drag-and drop template isn’t as flexible as Wix. However, if you’re looking to have your template to do the majority all the heavy lifting, Duda is a good choice. Editing content that is pre-filled is simple, and it is possible to create new sections (like photo galleries or contact forms) with just a few clicks.

Duda stands out from Weebly in terms of design flexibility which means if you’re trying to find an ideal balance between user-friendly using and freedom of design It might be the right choice for you.

Pricing and Plans

Plans from Duda begin at just $14 per month and are a bit more expensive than its rivals. Four plans can be found available in the total however, in our case, we’ll concentrate on the two most affordable plans:

  • the Basic plan ($14/month) is the cheapest option and includes basic integrations with apps and personalization. You can create an online wedding site on this plan.
  • Team Plan ($22/month) offers additional features, including comments sections, as well as the capability to add several editors to your website. Certain wedding websites will not need this kind of bells and whistles, however, they can benefit from the Team plan is one of the few Duda plan that gives the option of a 14-day trial which means you can test it for free.

Are you interested to see Duda’s Designs?

Duda offers high-quality designs and an easy and fast construction. You can create professional websites without technical skills!

More details

  1. Site123

Simple to use, however only a few features and limited the ability to customize


Site123 offers everything you need to help you get your wedding site up and running. It also includes an app marketplace with tools like:

  • Form builders for guests to record details
  • Accessibility tools to visitors who are disabled
  • Social media links (but no embedded social media feeds)

But, Site123 lacks a dedicated RSVP feature. You can instead make use of an event calendar page to sign up guests who accept your invitations. However, it isn’t as easy as it is on other websites like Wix or Squarespace.


Templates from Site123 have been well designed and are simple to integrate with applications. With an average of 4.0/5, Site123 came third in the “ease of use” category of our study mostly because of its easy-to-use templates.

The site is as the last among design flexibility – therefore, if you’re seeking an immersive wedding website design experience, you might prefer one that’s more customizable such as Squarespace.

Plans and Prices

Website123’s plans for paid users begin at $12.80/month as well as provides a cost-free plan. The free plan offers 500MB of storage however – and will be limited if you plan to add videos to your site . Additionally, it does not allow for a custom domain name.

Are you interested in Site123?

The builder is highly rated for its user-friendliness and you’ll be able to get your site up and running in a flash.

More details

  1. Inspiringly

Basic, but other people are better at it.


Strikingly was as the last one in our “features” area of our study with an average of 2.6/5. Although its features aren’t as effective than those of its competitors, Strikingly still manages to provide some essential wedding websites like:

  • Embeddable RSVP forms via Google Forms
  • Social share feature to share your site’s content on other platforms
  • Create or connect to an online cash gift registry

The templates of Strikingly are elegant yet simple. The builder is at the top of the pack in terms of the flexibility of design and its accessibility, however, you’ll be able to design an easy wedding website without difficulty.

The templates from Strikingly are simple to modify should you not like the design, which is a great way to add an individual design. Take note that the free plan may be limited in that it only permits you to build single-page websites.

Pricing and Plans

Strikingly provides a free plan that includes 500MB of storage space and a domain that ends in “” Should you just require the essentials of a wedding website builder it’s not any kind of deal!

Strikingly’s lowest priced monthly paid subscription is an $8/month Limited plan that is cheaper than many other competitors. However, you’ll get the value you pay for: the Limited plan is limited to 1GB of storage however, which isn’t enough for you to upload lots of pictures or videos. This Limited plan also allows the creation of a single page website. You aren’t able to use a navigational bar to arrange your site into multiple pages.

Strikingly’s second-lowest Pro Plan ($16/month) provides 3GB of storage and the ability to 20 pages.

Is Strikingly the ideal Builder?

It’s a basic platform that can get the job completed. It’s not the most efficient platform but it’s reliable and simple to use.

More details

Additional Wedding Website Builders

Of course, the six websites which are listed above aren’t necessarily only the only wedding websites available but they were chosen as the most effective wedding websites builders during our study. There are, however, some promising websites that we haven’t yet evaluated but we’d like to ensure that you are aware of all your options So there are three more builders to keep an eye on:

The Knot

Knot Pros: 

  • The user-friendly interface is great with excellent onboarding
  • Free to use
  • It also doubles in the role of an on-line wedding organizer

Knot Cons Knot Cons

  • Restrictive editor is a way to “think out of the box”
  • No additional apps or apps to spice up your website with

The Knot is the United States’ number one destination for wedding-related information and inspiration, therefore it’s no surprise that the website offers its own wedding website builder as well.

That’s right, it’s completely free! and with no additional premium plans This means that you have all the benefits The Knot has to offer right from the beginning and can be extremely beneficial for those with the tightest budget.

But, The Knot lacks personalization in all areas. Its templates are more paint-by numbers than those of the top competitors The Knot’s RSVP form isn’t design-able. For instance, you aren’t able to alter the wording options that appear on the forms. You’re basically left with “accept” or “regret,” and you cannot add any additional questions or remarks to the form.


Appy Couple

Appy The Couple’s Pros

  • It is possible to plan a wedding ceremony from one location
  • The package includes a custom wedding application

Appy Couple Cons

  • A one-time payment, with no trial or free trial.
  • More time to set-up than other builders because of the number of options

Appy Couple is distinctive due to the wedding apps that are personalized that family and friends are able to download to get directions, details, and recording the event itself as well as an excellent method to save money on the cost of a photographer!

The platform doesn’t provide free plans and you must register for a paid account as soon as possible. It can be difficult since it’s difficult to make a decision to join the builder prior to having designed your website or viewed the editor. If you’re willing to pay a single payment upfront (plans begin at $49) and you’ll get access to more than 500 wedding templates and invitations that are digitally printed.


Joy Pros

  • Free to use
  • Simple and easy to learn
  • These handy tools will help you plan your wedding.

Joy Cons

  • Very few layout options
  • Insufficiency of creativity
  • It’s difficult to use your personal web address for your personal site.

Joy is a wedding website builder initially designed by its creator’s sister! As a builder for free, Joy is well-equipped with options – it even supplies an app for phones which guests can utilize to share pictures and directions to the venue, or to call Uber following the reception.

Joy’s templates are easy and easy to create and is a great time-saver , but at the cost of personalization. It is possible to alter the fonts and colors, but the overall structure of the site is quite solid. If you’re not a fan of split screen designs (half fixed image, half scrolling content) If you don’t like split-screen designs, then you might prefer a different site!

How to Select the Perfect Wedding Website Builder

A lot of couples are realizing that developing a personal website can be a fantastic way to plan, document the moment and share your memorable day with your loved ones. A wedding website isn’t simply any site, so it is important to select your website platform on the basis of a couple of key factors. The search for a platform that meets all of these needs isn’t easy, so it’s helpful to pinpoint the most important criteria, and select the one that best meets the requirements for the most effective.

Which platforms are the most cost-effective?

Whatever way you cut it, selecting an online wedding site builder is significantly less costly that hiring an expert web developer and often you’ll also save on expensive invitations. It’s more than money as making your invitations digital and RSVPs simplifies the process more efficiently than mail!

Of course, you’ll save most on your monthly bill with a no-cost plan. Many platforms including Joy to Site123 offers free plans, however the apps and integrations that you get from Weebly’s no-cost plan are the most popular out of the bunch.

If you’d prefer to use a domain name that you can customize (like or get rid of ads on your site and get additional storage space for photos and videos, you’ll need to consider an affordable plan. If that’s the scenario, Squarespace ranks highest for “value for price” with scores of 4.8/5.

What platforms are the easiest to create?

Planning your wedding can be time-consuming so the very last thing that you need to be worrying about is the design of your site – after everything, the wedding site should make planning more simple!

The main thing here is to search for a platform that offers simple-to-design designs and high-quality design. We suggest Wix as the most well-balanced builderIt’s our top performer in terms of simplicity of use and is second to Squarespace in terms of design flexibility.

Which platforms are the most effective in terms of features?

Making a cost-effective website using an outstanding template indicates that you’ve covered the basics But what happens after that?

It is important to choose a builder that has the ability to provide easy features for you and your guests, such as custom RSVP forms as well as Google Maps directions to the location. We suggest Wix for the most advanced tools available and Weebly’s App Center offers excellent value in terms of price.

The Best Wedding Website Builders Summary

A wedding web site ought to be painless as is possible. To make that wish a reality we’ve given you the details on the top wedding website builders available:

The best wedding websites for builders

  1. Wix is the best choice for creating an online wedding site ($0 between $14 and $13 per month).
  2. Squarespace The most price for the price ($12/month).
  3. Weebly is the best choice for a website that is free ($0 $ 6/month).
  4. Duda Fantastic design, but expensive ($14/month).
  5. Site123 Simple to use, however, it has limited options and features. ($0 $0 – $12.80/month).
  6. Inspiringly Basic, and other companies offer better services ($0 $ 8/month).

As we mentioned, the most appropriate choice is ultimately down to what the top priority is, be it top-quality features or a simple template design. If you’re stuck but don’t choose to go with Wix It’s the top performer in each crucial category and is a clear top choice overall.



Squarespace is without question! It has the most appealing designs of any site builder available – when you have large stunning wedding photographs to display then this is the ideal option. The templates are visually appealing and appealing, while you can include image galleries, and even videos!

We suggest you sign up to a paid-for plan to design your wedding website since it lets you build an impressively professional website. For instance, you could make use of your personal website address, get rid of ads and get access to better apps!

Wix is the most user-friendly wedding web-based design toolWe recommend it because it’s user-friendly without sacrificing the creative control. The wedding website builders listed here are suitable for beginners however, Wix gives the best results at the lowest cost.

Yes! You can secure your website with a password wedding website so that only guests that you select can access it. Many website builders permit this with just a couple of clicks. You will be able to modify this setting at any later time if you decide to change your decision.

Yes! Wedding websites are an ideal keepsake since it is possible to update it with pictures or videos and even comments, both before or after the wedding wedding. If you opt for a free or paid option you’ll be able to return to your site as often as you want – just remember that the free trials of websites will be canceled in the event that you do not choose one prior to the end of the trial!

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