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The 11 Top Website Builders for 2021

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We’ve tested more than 50 websites so far Here are the top 11 of them. Check them out side-by-side with our comparison chart or read on for more specific breakdowns of their strengths and weaknesses.

We’ve tested and researched several websites builders over the years and that’s why we’re confident Wix is the best. Wix is the most effective overall web builder available.

Wix is a user-friendly platform that combines simplicity with complete freedom of creativity and makes it simple for novices to design professional-looking websites. Squarespace isn’t far behind it offers the most impressive templates available which makes it ideal for those who are creative. GoDaddy ranks in the third position, due to its speed-of-service and an excellent range of design features.

They could represent our best three choices, however, we’ve tested more than 50 websites before narrowing it down to eleven. Check out the list at the list below for which made the top eight and then compare them to one another.

Check out the 11 Top Website Builders

Before we dive into the reviews of each site building platform, take a look at the table of summary below to gain an understanding of which builder could be the right fit for your needs. Click the arrow at top of the table to evaluate different platforms. We’ve begun using our best three: Wix, Squarespace and Weebly.

  1. Wix

Best Website Builder Overall

Pricing vary: free up to $57 per month

Wix Overview

Wix is an extremely user-friendly and beginner-friendly web builder that offers you complete control over the design of your site. Unlike some other builders, it doesn’t compromise quality or customization for ease rather, it blends simple drag-and drop editing tools with numerous options.

With an increase of 18% in its “Features” score in our research before 2021 mostly due to enhancements in its blogging and internationalization and internationalization Wix has proved itself to be the one that, in a way, does it all. But that doesn’t mean that it’ll be suitable for everyone, particularly due to its price tag and its cluttered visual editor.

It comes with a free plan, as well as 8 premium options that start at $14/month. It comes with more than 800 designs to pick from, but you must choose carefully You can’t change the template after your website is live.

Our tests revealed that Wix was awarded the top “likely to recommend” score from our customers which is why our recommendation is, if your not sure about which web builder to choose try Wix try it out free of charge and see what you can get on.


Wix offers a very affordable free plan that includes:

  • SEO-related tools (Search engine optimization) to assist your site be found by Google
  • Social sharing is one way you can advertise your site
  • Mobile editors, so that you could make sure your website look amazing on mobile devices.

Wix also has the massive app store If you’re looking for additional options, you are able to incorporate them on your site.


Wix has more than 800 template options that you can pick from. It’s an impressive number, particularly considering that they’re all professionally developed. Separated into various industries like ” Events” and ” Photography” The templates on Wix are simple to sort through until you’ve found the one that is perfect for you.

There is no way to alter templates after your website is live, but you can make sure you take your time when selecting.

It’s simple to create your own unique site Simply drag and drop elements like images and text boxes precisely the location you’d like them to be create pages, then remove anything you don’t need. Wix gives you total creative freedom!


Wix comes with a free plan that you can remain for as long as you want it’s great to get started. But, it comes with limitations to be honest, so if you want a professional website, you’ll have to check out the paid plans.

It is possible to choose from the eight plans with premium features that start at just $14 per month (billed annually). This eliminates Wix ads and lets you make use of the option of a personal domain name and also expanding your storage capacity. As we mentioned in the past that Wix isa slightly more expensive than many alternatives, however – when you consider it has additional features and functions over the other options and has a lot more features, we believe that the price is justified.

Are you a fan of you? Sound of Wix So Far?

Visit the Wix website to take more information about the features, templates and much more.

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  1. Squarespace

Best to use for Creatives and high-quality Designs

Pricing can be found in the range of $12 to $46 per month

Overview of Squarespace

Squarespace is a powerful web-based builder with a variety of options for business and creative individuals alike. It’s not the most intuitive builder out there however, it won’t take long to become accustomed to. It just requires some more time and perseverance over Wix.

The area where Squarespace excels is the templates that are among the best offered on the market and ideal for designers looking for a visually stunning website (and being distinctive is crucial considering that as of 2021, there were more than 1.8 billion websites online!). It’s not about design over fact, however – Squarespace offers an vast array of options to provide your website with the strength it requires.

Even better, Squarespace sports the best knowledge center in the market. You’ll find various visual, text and video guides and also an effortless onboarding experience, as well as clear navigational guidance and signs.

Squarespace also offers an 14-day trial for free. If you like the trial and would like to join the service for a premium plan, there are four plans you can choose from beginning at the price of $12 per month.


Squarespace isn’t just an attractive appearance: it comes with the top qualities of any building company, too. For instance With Squarespace you have the ability to:

  • Set up multiple templates that you can work on at one time
  • Use video backgrounds
  • Add custom codes
  • Music can be uploaded and shared.
  • Link your social accounts

Squarespace’s vast array of features is all designed in-house. That means you’re assured of the highest security and quality and will be able to enjoy everything you require in your reach.

If you’re looking to improve and increase the size of your site You can make use of Squarespace Extensions to connect with a wide range of third-party providers like Printful, Quickbooks, or ShipStation. Third-party extensions from Squarespace are an excellent option to expand your site without having to change your plans.

It’s also evident that Squarespace is committed to expanding the variety of its offerings. The vast improvements made in this sector bolstered Squarespace’s rating of 4/5 in our research’s “Value for money section (that’s an increase of 1.4 stars over the previous ratings) and vast improvements in the Squarespace UX has boosted both the builder’s “Ease of use and UX Quality scores.


Squarespace offers the highest quality designs of any builder of websites that is available. With its sleek, modern contemporary templates that create stunning websites. It is ideal for designers and people seeking real customization, Squarespace knows how to make your website look great.

It is easy to switch your template after you’ve uploaded your website you can also use multiple templates simultaneously.

Furthermore, Squarespace doesn’t just appear nice and is simple to use as well. One of the users we tried said about the service:

“I found this app to be much simpler to utilize than Wix and less than the overwhelming. There’s a lot less dependence on apps, which makes it easier to use and more efficient. “.

Overall, Squarespace does limit you in terms of the design and customization. However in terms of giving you all the features to allow you to create an amazing online presence you are happy with, the platform is an unbeatable choice in the building websites area.


Squarespace offers a 14-day no-cost trial period, so you can test its builder for free. Then, you can choose from four premium plans that you can select from, which range from $12 and up to $46, each month (billed per year). The two most expensive plans allow for advanced eCommerce functions.

Like we discussed in the past, pricing was an area where Squarespace has seen growth in due to our 2021 update to our web builder ratings. In actual fact, Squarespace’s initial price is currently 2 dollars less per month than Wix which means it’s a good fit for those with the budget of a shoe.

Do You Need a Beautiful Website?

Squarespace offers style and power which makes it a fantastic option for those who are creative.

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  1. GoDaddy

The best way to create and publish websites quickly

Price range $9.99 to $19.99 each month

GoDaddy Overview

GoDaddy is extremely user-friendly as well as the fastest website builder to create a site. Its design help means that you simply need to enter your information, and GoDaddy makes a customized site that you can personalize.

Simple layouts and instructions for the addition of elements to your website will result in a very simple and quick creation. Our most recent round of research bear the truth – GoDaddy’s score is an overall 11.6 percent increase over our prior assessments.

It’s true that GoDaddy does not make the ideal choice for powerful or complicated websites It may provide the speed and ease however, this implies that it’s not the ideal option for creating a completely personal website. However, GoDaddy should tick all the boxes for smaller website products and small businesses, especially due to its easy layout and user-friendly design-assisted layout.

In reality, GoDaddy has transformed itself in a way since our pre-2021 rankings by boosting its design and performance score in our most recent analysis by 14 percent. The increase was primarily driven by GoDaddy’s new templates and enhanced customization, which has transformed GoDaddy from a bland “Plain Jane” into one of the most highly-rated (and attractive) builders available.

GoDaddy is perhaps the best web builder that is fast as well as its pricing is also impressive. Plans vary between $9.99 up to $19.99 each month. It’s good news that GoDaddy offers an cost-free plan along with an exceptionally generous one-month trial that lets you check if it’s the right one for you prior to signing up.


In our most recent 2021 research conducted in-house, GoDaddy came out with an unimpressive score of 3.3 for how good the features They do not have the range or power.

While the basic plan, which is the least expensive, includes the majority of fundamentals needed to start a website with the tools for marketing in-house – it doesn’t offer SEO and your site may struggle to get noticed online. However, it is important to understand that when we say there’s no SEO isn’t entirely correct. GoDaddy does provide SEO however, it’s self-managed. It doesn’t offer its customers with a built-in optimization tool, so you’ll need some technical expertise to be able to set your GoDaddy site for success in SEO.

It is also important to be aware that they don’t use SEO. It’s all by themselves . They don’t even offer users their built-in optimization tool for websites.

When you consider that Wix along with other building platforms also include SEO tools, even in their free plans which is a huge disadvantage of using GoDaddy.


One reason GoDaddy is so quick to develop with is that it utilizes ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) to create a customized template that you can modify. This helps you save time and allows you to customize your template much more easily because the bulk of the work already completed for you.

The editor at GoDaddy is quite simple, which is why it’s easier to stay within the template instead of pushing the boundaries to much. In addition, due to the more restrictive block elements it isn’t possible to alter the size or move images outside of the site’s parameters. With that said If you’re looking for the flexibility of design, GoDaddy isn’t for you!

One of our users who we have tested For instance, one of our users said:

“I believe this type of site is ideal for coffee shops or a small , independent businesses. It’s packed with all the pages you’d like to have however it’s not overloaded that it’s going to take over your life. It’s ideal when you don’t have a very solid, non-negotiable position on what you would like your website to look, but need something simple, tidy and professional. “.


GoDaddy offers a free plan, in addition to providing a lavish one-month trial on its paid plans. This provides plenty of time to determine if it’s the right fit for your needs.

There’s four plans with prices to select from that range between $9.99 up to $19.99 monthly (billed each year). If you want to use the SEO features, you’ll require at least $10.49 per month for the Standard plan. Although GoDaddy was once thoughtto be quite expensive Recent changes to pricing have meant that it’s now more affordable than the most popular alternatives, like Wix, Squarespace, and Jimdo. This is not bad!

Are you in a hurry?

GoDaddy is the most efficient website builder you can find; great to get a basic site up and running in a matter of minutes!

More Information:

  1. Weebly

Best to use its Generous Free Plan

Pricing vary: free to $29/month

Weebly Overview

Weebly is a basic website builder , but it packs a an impressive punch in terms of options, including blogging and e-commerce. It’s fairly easy to use, however it’s less flexible than rivals in regards to design and customization.

Furthermore, Weebly was the most well-known website builder that we tested and saw the highest decrease in score across every category during our research for 2021. The most notable thing is that Weebly’s “Design score recorded a massive 36% decline which suggests the platform isn’t just obsolete in comparison to the other competitors but also has been ignored by the market in general.

It does come with a free option along with 3 paid options that range from as little as $6 to $26 each month (billed each year). These low-cost starter plans make the Weebly platform an option for cheapest website builders available. However, ultimately, Weebly is a platform that can be used by someone beginning to build websites, not for long-term expansion or growth.

Similar to Wix, Weebly is a drag-and-drop web-based builder, however it provides less freedom of creativity than its competition. Weebly offers more well-organized templates, which allows you to create a site for those who want to have more direction regarding the layout of your webpages, however it could be limiting when you want absolute creative control. This sense of restriction was quite evident in the people we tested came across as one. One user said:

“The templates were very bland and they had nothing distinctive stylistically in the templates. The help center was very outdated, and the images from the tutorials were in line with what I was using. I wouldn’t recommend this program at all but at the very least, in the absence of other builders available that can do the job more effectively. .”

Users also faced issues with the poor mobile layout of Weebly and layout, even within the Weebly set of templates that are pre-made. In the drag-and-drop interface of Weebly itself blocks are too slippery, which makes customization not only more challenging than it has to be, but also essentially redundant. We believe this is to have to do with Weebly receiving less time and attention than payments provider Square which was acquired by Weebly in the year 2018. It has resulted in the platform’s updates, which has slowed Weebly’s growth, and caused it to fall a significant amount against the rivals.



Despite the setbacks Weebly has faced, its free plan remains the most effective we’ve seen. Dollar for dollar, its standard pricing plan is better than those of its competitors in addition, its 3 premium options start at the incredibly affordable cost of just six dollars monthly (billed every year). It is possible to sell on the internet using all Weebly’s paid options, making it a reasonable choice for small companies – but not for those seeking to expand.


Is Weebly The Right Choice for You?

Weebly was the top-rated website builder with regards to features. It is ideal for growing the online presence of your business.

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  1. Zyro

The best for the basics

Pricing Range: $10.90 per month

Zyro Overview

Zyro is a simple-to-use website builder that comes with attractive clean and tidy templates. Its features offers provide are top-quality however it does not provide the same numerous features as the top builders. In reality, Zyro can almost be considered a type of “mini Wix’. It’s cheaper than our best website builder selection, yet it lacks all the bells and whistles offered by the Wix service.

For instance, Zyro lets you include blogs on your website This is fantastic – however it does not include search archives, commenting, or search tools.

We were impressed with the quality of Zyro’s templates . Not only do they provide excellent UX for your website’s users and users, but they’re also very easy to modify even in the absence of technical skills. They’re not a lot of customizable, however, so if adding an individual touch to your branding is a high goal, you may be better off using Squarespace instead.

The main point is Zyro can be described as a system that has the potential to be a great deal of potential, with certain aspects of it not yet realized. It’s like Zyro isn’t completely rolled specific capabilities, and isn’t the place it’d like to be compared to its website builders competitors. Zyro certainly has some great plans, but it will be a major player in the near future. Be on the lookout for this!

Are you interested in Zyro?

You’ve got good taste! We love Zyro’s clean , crisp templates and its well-designed features for sales.


The most notable features of Zyro is its selling tools, beginning in the knowledge that each its plans for e-commerce are commission-free. You get to retain all the money you earn from sales. In addition, Zyro’s eCommerce plans include more than 50 payment options for shoppers on the internet such as PayPal as well as American Express.

However, when it comes to features that aren’t e-commerce related, such as SEO and marketing, Zyro falls a little below the rest of the pack. It can perform the basic such as editing meta titles and alt tags but there’s no keywords support or SEO integrations. There’s no app market or any other form of email marketing capabilities.

Yet, Zyro does stand out from the crowd a by offering a distinct collection of artificial intelligence (AI) instruments that integrate in conjunction with its website building tool. Their AI writer tool can create SEO-friendly content by focusing on a handful of broad themes you choose and it’s AI logo maker tool can aid in the development of the branding process for your site.


Zyro provides 127 templates you can choose from or you can create your own by starting from scratch using the blank template.

Templates themselves are top-quality and feature many sleek lines and modern, stylish appearance. Furthermore, creating websites with Zyro is a breeze. The drag-and-drop editor uses useful lines to help you navigate through the process – so it’s a lot harder to make a bad design choice. Moreover, the grid layout that is extremely helpful is perfect for those who are new to site building.

The problem is that Zyro’s templates don’t have a lot of customization. The editor is extremely section-based, which means that you aren’t able to depart from the layout you’ve picked. Also, you can’t alter templates after your site goes in operation, which means you must be committed to the design you’ve chosen. This is what one our users who we contacted to test Zyro was able to say:

“Templates were very good and easy to follow, but there was there was not much room for individual personalization. Additionally, there was no website-wide editing for fonts, for instance which was frustrating. “.


Zyro comes with the amazing 30-day money-back assurance, so you’ll have plenty of time to determine whether you’re happy with it or not. There’s no no-cost plan however, the single plan (impressively called “Unleashed”) is reasonably priced at $10.90 for a month.

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  1. Jimdo

The Best Value for the Money

Pricing can be found in the following range: free – $40 per month

Jimdo Overview

Jimdo is a simple website builder designed for making simple websites instead of anything complicated or flashy. Although it’s less flexible than many of its competitors (especially in regards to its capabilities and the possibility of customizing it) it compensates the difference with its high level of usability.

Jimdo includes all the essential tools you require to create your own website. If you’re looking to have the ability to modify, personalize or even create something more sophisticated the builder can begin to become rigid quickly.

Jimdo is available as a free trial which allows you to create your own website risk-free. It also comes with two additional paid plans , ranging between $9 and 15 dollars each month (billed per year).


Jimdo can be described as a mid-range web-based builder It’s easy to learn to use and comes with some useful tools that are built into. But it’s not the most intuitive to utilize and doesn’t offer the top (or the most useful) features. In comparison to Wix as an example Jimdo’s features score is 61% lower and demonstrates the restricted functionality that’s offered.

A few advantages include the fact it is possible to market up to 5 items with this plan for free and get rid of ads for only $10 per month on the lowest paid plan. There are some drawbacks, such as Jimdo’s inability to provide a blogging feature, its limited SEO capabilities, and a deficiency of direct marketing capabilities. Jimdo does not currently offer members’ areas or password-protected pages, meaning it will be difficult to create an active, loyal fan base or create a membership site.

Jimdo’s Help and Support ranking – with a low 2.5/5 is also a bit low due to the limited assistance that customers of the platform’s premium plans are forced to accept. With these plans, those looking for help and support may anticipate a response time of 1 to 2 business days. On Jimdo’s Grow plan, it’s just an hour!


If you’re looking to get a website quick and easy to create, Jimdo is an option It works in similar to GoDaddy and uses ADI to build a custom site for you. Imagine GoDaddy however, with Squarespace’s emphasis on white space and you’ll have something similar to Jimdo. We’d suggest it for people who are stretched out or aren’t confident in the design. Jimdo creates your brand for you according to one customers who tried it out to conduct our research at home has said:

“Simple, Jimdo does it for you. I loved it. However, anything that goes beyond the basic appearances was almost impossible and the lack of advertising was worrying. “.

With Jimdo it’s easy to include images, text and other elements with only two clicks, however once you’ve put them on the page, it’s difficult to modify and personalize your site. It’s pretty rigid and provides only a limited amount of creative freedom to users to alter the layout of the template.



With Jimdo You can build free of charge. If you decide to pay for an upgrade it is possible to select two packages you can choose from:

  • Starting: $9 per month (billed annually)
  • Growing: $15 per month (billed annually)

Are you interested in Zyro?

You’ve got good taste! We like Zyro’s clean and crisp templates and the robust sales features.

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  1. Duda Overview

Duda can be described as an absolute winner for those looking for a website design that is clean, polished, and easy to use.

The builder is simple to use, providing drag-and-drop features, along with well-structured and elegant templates. This makes it ideal for anyone who is interested in design but isn’t yet ready to be completely creative with their website.

The templates are more than 90 designs to pick from, which cover a wide range of industries, from businesses to leisure. You have the ability to make your own modifications, but you must stay within the limitations of the template – you’re still mostly dependent on the design you choose to use.

These capabilities are what make Duda perfect for web developers who want to create numerous websites for their clients. In fact, that’s exactly what Duda was initially designed to do! Duda lets you develop custom web applications, which is a an enormous benefit for every serious owner of a business.

But, all this costs money and is one reason that Duda is on average , 59 percent more costly than Squarespace. Cost is the main disadvantage – it’s also the most expensive web-based builder that we’ve reviewed and prices start at $13 per month. However, it offers an offer of a 14-day trial period that you can take advantage of to try the chance to try.

We’d highly suggest Duda for businesses in web design who want to build simple and effective websites for clients who don’t wish to make use of WordPress.


Duda has a wealth of design options that range from thousands of styles for fonts and an integrated photo editor. It’s not quite packing the same punch when it comes to features like, for instance, Wix or Weebly but Duda definitely provides the tools necessary to aid in the growth of your site.

It’s particularly useful for web designers who are creating websites for clients. It has the additional benefit by having an integrated widget maker which allows you to modify the features of your website. Duda is also unique in offering e-commerce features with its lowest plan which means you can begin selling on the first day.


Design is the area where Duda truly shines. Duda’s templates are suitable for all industries they cover, are professionally designed and have been designed to users through the process of customizing. They are also easy to customize according to your specifications and our research points out that Duda has a 22% user-friendliness and is simpler to work with than typical web-based builder, and has the primary focus on the minimalist, clean user experience.

This is what makes Duda an excellent option for people who are looking for an attractive website but don’t want to design it by themselves. Our verified users can attest:

“I highly suggest this to anyone looking to build a comprehensive complete website for their company. There are a myriad of options you can use to improve your users’ experience when visiting your site and to build trust with your company and brand. However, the interface itself might be a bit more user-friendly navigate (a like the Wix )”.

There are more than 90 templates that are all are responsive to mobile devices and you are able to change your style at any time and still keep your original content.


Due to the many features it incorporates into its website builder, the plans are expensive in comparison to other options especially when you consider the assistance and support offered to its basic plans is limited to email. In Duda’s premium plans there are four options to pick from. The cheapest plan costs $13 per month, while the most sophisticated plan has a custom-designed pricing.

There’s no plan for free, however, Duda’s $22 monthly Team plan for free in 14 days.

Does Duda Sound Like Your Perfect Match?

Duda is ideal for those looking for a stunning website, but without the trouble.

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Ideal for blogs and content-heavy Websites

Pricing can be found in the following range: free – $45 per month Overview

WordPress .com is the primary website building platform that is provided by WordPress. WordPress .org, is on the other hand is a more sophisticated CMS system that has greater power, however it requires more technical knowledge. If you’re curious about You can look into our comparison. contrast. However, for the moment we’ll look at isn’t the simplest web builder to use. in order to get the most of the builder’s features and build your website, you’ll have to master some fundamental coding. offers a free plan as well as four premium plans which range between  $4 and $45 each month (billed every year). There’s plenty of options and also excellent value for money and value for money.’s most affordable pricing plan is particularly a great bargains for the money particularly for those looking for the most basic website.

A variety of features, top quality tools for blogging, and reasonable cost are what make an excellent option. It is easier to work with than but not suitable for beginners, is perfect for bloggers who have some technological proficiency.


Features provides all the tools for blogging you’ll ever need, which includes:

  • Social Bookmarking
  • Feed RSS
  • Archives
  • Comments
  • The Search function

You can also control information like showing the author’s bio on single posts or the places you would like the featured images to be displayed.

If you’d like to build an online store or a business website You can do this as well, but it works best when it’s combined with the blog. If you attempt to alter to make something not an online blog, you’ll begin to experience some difficulties pretty early. The inconsistent frontend and backend experience isn’t helping and is that needs to be improved.


There are over 300 themes you can choose from Some are completely free, while some require payment. Prices for themes vary, but generally range between $30-$80 (one-off one-time payment).

It is possible to customize your template. This can be made easier for those who know basic programming. Beginners may have difficulty with the editing of layouts that isn’t as easy as drag-and-drop builders such as Wix and Weebly.

It’s hard to truly modify templates for any other purpose beyond blogging. Therefore, you need to think about the kind of website you’d like to build. For instance, it’s difficult to design a portfolio website using!

It’s worth noting that the WordPress .com platform was designed to show what the primary screen of the .org variant looks as, with the hope that users can switch to version in the future as their needs exceed those of the less basic platform. The only downside to’s reflection of the more sophisticated counterpart – as our users have pointed out it – is that the platform isn’t easy to grasp:

“First impressions are that this does come with a bit of a steep learning curve”.

The platform’s confusing terminology isn’t helping as does its lack of templates for specific industries. Additionally,’s lack of an auto save feature at times makes the process of building websites more trouble than it’s value!

Pricing offers a no-cost plan, as well as four paid plans, ranging from $4-$45 monthly (billed per year). If you’re looking for a platform that is as flexible and extensible as this is, we think it’s quite a bargain!

Do You Have the Lust to Start a Blog? is the most popular site builder available in the market. Take the time to look at it!

More Information:

  1. SITE123

The best for reliability and speed of site.

Pricing can be found in the following range: free up to $11 monthly

SITE123 Overview

SITE123 goes back to the basics and provides an easy and simple web-based builder. It’s ideal for those not tech-savvy because it could quickly limit you if you try to ask too much of it.

SITE123 allows you to build simple websites. Because of its live chat service and easy-to-use layout, you can launch your site without waiting a second.

Excellent customer service is the website builder’s greatest strengths. Its live chat feature lets you easily seek assistance if encounter difficulties while designing or editing your website. If you’re new to the web or want to create your website quickly and easily, SITE123 is a good option.

It’s not an extremely powerful builder, it’s not equipped with advanced features and it’s not a viable solution for expanding your website. With an cost-free plan and a great customer service it’s a great option for builders who are just starting out. We prefer to consider it an ‘all-inclusive type of platform that offers excellent value for money however, (according to our users at the very least) there’s nothing unique about it.

It’s also confirmed by the 12% drop in SITE123’s in its overall score performance from our research rankings prior to 2021. For us, this shows how little the building company has made progress or improvements in the past two years, suggesting that it’s not the best option for ambitious, growth-oriented businesses that want to grow.


SITE123 gives you the basic information that you require to get an online site on the right track, such as integration with social media and information collected from Google Analytics.

Its most notable attribute is its ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) configuration. It is a simple process where you answer a few questions, such as the kind of site you want to create – and SITE123 develops a custom template that includes all the necessary features integrated. It’s pretty neat, isn’t it?



The templates offered by SITE123 are responsive to mobile devices, which means your site will automatically adapt to accommodate different sizes of screens. The template you choose to use can’t be changed after your website is in place it is important to ensure you’re satisfied prior to pressing publish. It’s important to note that some users weren’t impressed by the layout and the lack of functionality that The templates offered by SITE123 are not very user-friendly. Some have called them “pretty uninspiring”, and we’re with them. Plus, they’re not going to be a catalyst for actual business growth.

“I was not impressed with this builder in any way. The overall design was basic and limiting. It seemed like the most basics (edit the text) were easy however, they were it was a bit limited (as as, I could not insert a photo wherever I would like) However, if you wanted to go more involved beyond that it didn’t feel easy to use. The absence of social feeds and pop-ups and having to have to upgrade in order to use the analytics tools even for the most basic ones did not make for a pleasant experience. I was not happy with it. “.

It isn’t as customizable, but it is simple, which makes this an ideal choice for novices instead of designers who are ambitious or look-conscious. We also appreciate the abundance of stock images that SITE123 provides, providing you with a an easy and quick method of adding that additional touch of elegance to your website’s appearance.



SITE123 offers a no-cost plan and a paid plan, which is priced at $12.80 monthly. If you opt for the free plan you’ll be able to access more premium plans that range between $12.80 and up $17.40 each month (billed per year). Amazingly, SITE123 does not place any restrictions on the assistance and assistance offered, regardless of which plan you pick.

Are you interested in learning more about SITE123?

SITE123 is a cost-free and simple way to create basic websites. It’s the perfect alternative for newbies!

More Information:

  • Check out the Site123 review for deeper insight into the most popular web-based builder.
  • Check out how SITE123 stands up to the competition in this article about what are Cheapest Web Builders available
  1. It’s strikingly

Simple to use

Prices: Free up to $159 per month

Astonishingly Overview

The Strikingly is another user-friendly website builder that is specialized in one-page websites.

It’s not the ideal choice for more complex websites, however Strikingly’s free plan has a lot of basic features that make it popular among freelancers and bloggers. But, you might consider the one-page layout and the basic level of customization unsatisfactory in the event of big plans for your website.

If you’d like to get an individual domain name you’ll require one of Strikingly’s three premium plans. They are priced between  $8 and $49 monthly (billed every year).

Although Strikingly is not without its merits however, our most recent analysis of our own shows that the website builder is out of the ever-changing site builder industry. In contrast to its counterpart on the list of SITE123 Strikingly is not a great site speed performer (in actual fact it’s among the most sluggish! ).

It is also the sole platform that our research has identified as “poor”, and dismally performs poorly compared to its leading competitors by a total of 48 percent.

It’s even better, Strikingly not only has the capacity to store a lot of data and customer support, but it also is outstanding. It offers a live chat bot to assist you throughout your web design journey. One customer in particular loved:

“The excellent chat feature was a really handy go-to when the location of a feature was missing”.

Oh, and a great onboarding tool!

“I thought the customer experience and support was excellent, right down to the walkthrough, which was concise and informative without ever being too long”.


The free plan offered by Strikingly is ample, but if are looking for higher-end features, there are three premium plans to pick from. They range from $8 and up to $49.50 per month (billed annually) Each comes with a 14-day trial for free.

Do You Want Great Value For Money?

Strikingly is a basic website builder that’s ideal for those who are just starting out on a budget.

More Information:

  • Check out our Review of the Inspiringly  Review for details on the features of this builder, its user-friendliness and cost
  1. 1 and 1 IONOS

Best for its Affordable Price Plan

Price range 7 to $33 for a month A monthly cost of $7 to $30.

1&1 IONOS Overview

1 and 1. IONOS includes everything you require to make an efficient, standard-looking website. It’s not going to look like an Squarespace site , nor will it win awards for its design, but it’ll complete the job. The builder offers all the essential tools you need, specifically for small businesses and its fastest response time to server and its incredibly fast speed on mobile sites are impressive.

It’s also an ideal option for those with a limited budget as 1&1 IONOS does not offer a free plan, it’s priced at only 7 dollars per month.

One of the major disadvantages that 1 and1 IONOS can be that its designs appear outdated in comparison to the other top web builders on this list. 1&1 IONOS is a practical and not a stylish site builder. It won’t make the most beautiful website online however it does have the tools to help your business or website succeed.

1&1 IONOS is free during the first month, and it charges 7 dollars per month thereafter on the most affordable plan. The plan offers three plans available and one is designed for developing web-based stores.


One of the major benefits that is a major benefit of 1&1 IONOS is the multi-lingual features that is available on every plan. This feature can be very beneficial in expanding the number of visitors to your site and for creating modern websites.

Additional features are email marketing as well as Social media-related widgets. These features and tools support growth in your business and make 1 and 1 IONOS the ideal choice for expanding your site.

Another benefit is that you can get an unlimited domain for while you’re on your plan . Other builders will only offer you free domains for the first year. After that you’ll have to pay.

There’s more than just rainbows and sunshine, however. A few of the users we evaluated in our 2021 research independent study were adamant about 1and! Its capabilities (or absence of it! ):

“The selection of features is so poor compared to any other website builders available. You’re only able to include the basic elements to your website, like images, text and contact forms, and gallery. Anything else , you’ll have to embed code for it, or be able to include it in any way. I was shocked to learn that you couldn’t even insert videos without having to embed the code onto the site. It was like a basic feature and was way further than its competitors. “.

1&1 IONOS is also lacking more advanced nonetheless important – features for marketing including pop-ups and an expanded feed of social media collection.


  1. IONOS isn’t the most effective website builder that can create an amazing portfolio or website In all honesty, its designs are rather outdated and it gives you only a limited amount of creative control. Moving elements around on the page could be a hassle which makes it unsuitable for projects that require creativity.

It’s something that the people who tested 1&1 IONOS on our behalf were pleased with. Prior to 2021, they expressed their displeasure with how old the design and imagery of the platform were. It still seems to be the case today. When it comes to images, users told us they’d “definitely recommend uploading your own rather than relying on 1&1’s image library”.

When compared to other great web builders, its templates layouts are simple and not as appealing. The lack of customization options is a sign that it feels like 1&1 IONOS is keeping users from being able to design something unique and over the long-term.

One thing we discovered in our research about 1&1 IONOS and one thing we love is that you can add pages and optimize your site for search engines inside the editor’s. This is great since it allows you to do everything you’ll need within one place instead of having to go through another area of your website’s backend.


1 and 1. IONOS does not offer a free plan or trial. It has three pricing plans to select from, comprising two plans for websites and one e-commerce plan.

Do You Enjoy the sound of 1&1 INOOS?

1&1 IONOS is a budget-friendly alternative for businesses with white collars as well as multilingual websites.

More Information:

5 Other Great Website Builders

So far , we’ve guided the readers through our best 11 web builders. But what about those platforms which didn’t get the recognition they deserve? Here are a few other solid alternatives:

  1. Webflow

Webflow is a robust platform, however it’s not one we’d recommend for users who are not a regular user. Similar to Duda, Webflow is pitched at web designers around the globe. However, unlike Duda Webflow, it hasn’t been translated into a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. The number of tutorials available is impressive however while the application is moving towards an upward direction.

  1. Format

Format is becoming increasingly popular in the photography/portfolio space, and it’s one we’re keeping an eye on. We’re not sure if it’s an alternative to similar platforms like Squarespace as of yet, and it’s not particularly suited for non-portfolio sites We’re curious to see how the platform expands and evolves.

  1. PageCloud

PageCloud is a simple drag-and-drop website builder, however when we tested it we found it to be lacking in two areas: responsiveness to mobile devices, and cost. You must edit on the mobile-friendly version of your PageCloud website on your own to ensure that it’s formatted correctly on mobile devices, and the prices start at just $20 per month that would make the platform most expensive in this list. Although it’s not on our top 10 list at time, we believe that it has lots of potential.


  1. Carrd

Carrd is an fascinating platform. Although it’s not a good fit for every typical website but it’s extremely effective in its particular niche: one-page websites. It’s a great option when you need to do more than the standard PDF format, be it for your resume, personal website, or even a project outline. It’s free that lets you build up to three websites for $9 a year, which makes it an excellent value.

  1. Mozello

Although Mozello was not able to make our top 11 list, it’s an excellent alternative for people who need an online site that is available in several languages. If you’re one of them then it’s definitely a site to look into! It also comes with a great mobile editor and has was on our list of most popular free web builders.

4 . Website builders to avoid

What goes up has to come down. In our search for the top website builders, we came across some which we wouldn’t recommend.

  1. WebStarts

WebStarts homepage has a distinct cheap feel and isn’t exactly the most positive first impression. Unfortunately, after we had a chance to test WebStarts on our own it did nothing to restore our faith. WebStarts brings nothing unique to the table and is in fact, far ahead of its rivals in regards to user experience.

  1. Yola

There’s nothing wrong in Yola but it’s way behind its competitors that are higher the list, that we don’t imagine it ever catching up. But, at a minimum, its pricing reflects this (there’s an option for a free trial, and plans for paid ones start at $4.95/month).


Similar to, although its designs are more outdated and its plans are more expensive. was acquired by Vista print in 2011 The process for establishing an account, and then beginning to create your website feels a bit disjointed that comes from the mergers.

  1. builds you your website in using the ADI method. Simply enter the information for your website and will create a website that is compatible with. It’s unfortunate that Wix, Weebly and GoDaddy already have ADI alternatives, and even though is more affordable but the other three are more reliable (and Two of them have a no-cost plan). is too reluctant to let you sign up without submitting card information (either for domain names, or a web hosting plan) which is not common according to our experience, and is not something we would prefer to find out about.

How Do You Choose the best website builder for You?

You’ve got the top 11 web builders available. However, what if you’re in a bind? Which one of these builders should you select?

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to understand your thoughts on the screen and give you what to do. Only you can determine the kind of website you’d like to make as well as your needs specific to your site and if you’ll be selling goods or posting content or displaying your work.

We could provide you with some helpful tips on how to choose the perfect web-based website builder. Continue to read for three easy and practical suggestions…

  1. Get the most value from the Free Trials as well as Free Plans

The majority of website builders we’ve listed offer either a trial for free or a no-cost plan to you to utilize. This is a great method to determine if it’s the right web design tool for you. You can try creating a website and then work out:

  • How simple it is
  • How long does it take?
  • What you enjoy and aren’t fond of
  • What would you like to stand out
  • If you’re pleased with the website you created, you can

After that, try out more web builders. Even even if that first website builder you use is perfect, it’s worthwhile to have something else to compare it with.

  1. Consider What You Would Like to Create

It’s a simple thing to do but a lot of users choose a web builder based on how it’s advertised or because of the freebies they get added. This is not a good approach to pick the right website builder.

You’ve already made the first step through this article – next step is to decide what you want your website for. Second step is to determine the goal of your site and narrow your list of builders in accordance with this. Don’t get caught up in sales rates, or features you don’t actually need!

For instance, if you are looking to create an online portfolio site, the best choices are Squarespace, Wix, Weebly and Duda. Test them all, and decide which you like most.

In this case, selecting the most suitable website builder is much simpler, since you won’t have to choose others (such like 1&1 IONOS as well as because even though they have other strengths, they aren’t suited to your particular requirements.

  1. Include this in your budget

It’s not a good idea to spend too much on your website – it’s easy as that. Take a look at the pricing plans of each developer, determine what you’ll be able to invest, and then figure out whether you’d like to buy in advance for the entire year or monthly (monthly prices are higher, but they will allow you greater flexibility).

Avoid the trap of not funding your website enough however, and you should always go with the best website builder you can afford. There are plenty of free options out available, but free plans will not give your website the features you need to make it successful over the long haul.

Best Website Builders: Round-Up

We’ve just reviewed our list of the best web builders available We hope you’ve now gained a better understanding of which ones are the best suited for your needs.

Our recommendations are based on thorough research and feedback from individuals similar to you and aren’t pulled from thin air. Therefore, you can rest assured that the advice we’ve given to you in this article is true and reliable.

Let’s take a look at a brief recap of our top eleven website developers…

As you can see from our selection, each website builder offers its particular strengths. If you’re looking for an innovative and stylish site, great value in terms of price, or assistance there is an online builder that can help you.

However the best web builder that we have found is Wix. Its simple drag-and-drop interface is user-friendly (even for those who aren’t tech-savvy) and its vast variety of templates and features like contact forms as well as media gallery, mean you can completely customize your site and personalize it to your liking.

If you’re not sure what to do using Wix’s free plan is an excellent way to begin creating and discover what’s right and wrong for you.

Test the most websites makers feasible by taking advantage of the free trial versions (or plans) offered. This will give you a thorough understanding of each , and make sure that you select the most suitable one that meets your needs.


Not sure which Website Builder is Right for You?


These are a few of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our readers regarding website builders.

Have you come across a question you’d like to know an answer to? Use the plus sign button to find your answer.

Website builders are very affordable, generally costing $5-$40 per month, based on the purpose you want your site to be used for. Certain website builders, like Wix and Weebly provide cost-free plans that let you build and publish your own website absolutely for free (although your website will be loaded with advertisements, and you will not be able to connect a website name).

The software for building websites is incredibly popular with millions of users making use of it across the globe. Wix for instance, boasts more than 109 million users and 45,000 sign in every day. Similar to that, Weebly has increased its user base from 15 million to over 40 million over the last few years.

Website builders let you create a website quickly and quickly for an affordable monthly fee and without knowing what to do with code. It means that you don’t have to employ a web designer to create your site which can save you hundreds of dollars. Website builders are perfect for people who aren’t tech-savvy, or with a limited amount of money.

However, these advantages are not as great as the limited possibilities for customizing your site. Contrary to it isn’t possible to have full control over the way your site should appear. Your site may be subject to slow(ish) loading times because of the sheer number of websites hosted by a server of the website creator as well as some developers don’t permit backups of your site.

Website builders are mostly utilized by small to medium size companies. They’re generally flexible except if you’re planning to offer products in large quantities. If you’re planning to do that you’ll need an online website builder like Shopify or BigCommerce that are both effective online store builders utilized by large-scale businesses.

Squarespace was the winner of our overall design contest However, for the ultimate flexibility, it must the best choice. Wix. It is possible to drag and drop anything anyplace. This is one of the main reasons Wix is so simple to use, however be aware that it could cause problems as well. The majority of website builders limit the site’s design to meet the best practices for design, but with Wix the entire process is up to you.

Absolutely. The templates that you can choose from when you decide to pick one is merely populated with examples of content. All images as well as text, buttons and other features are customizable. The idea is to give you an notion of what your website’s design will look like. It’s also important to pick the right template for your business, since there’s a good chance that it will have the features you require in place.

A custom domain name is the one that users type into their browsers, i.e. ‘’. Some web builders provide you with the year’s domain for free when you sign up for the premium plan, but you can expect to renew it at about $10 per year. In the event that you’re signing up for a no-cost plan, you’ll receive an extra domain with the name of the company that runs the website, e.g. ‘‘.

First of all There are two different versions in WordPress: and The latter is more like a normal website builder, and is used mostly for blogs. is more advanced and is utilized by developers as a basis to build their clients websites on.

Website builders are a web-based platform that allows you to create your own web page. web hosting also known as self-hosted sites, is the process of paying for an online space to host your site. Typically the cost for hosting your site is part of your monthly cost for a web builder.

If you don’t have cash to burn, then the use of a web-based builder is a good option. They’re simple to use and allow you to take full control of the website you create. If you hire a developer or designer it’s possible to end up spending several thousands of dollars to get an elegant website, and then need to shell out more each time you require an update or tweak.


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