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Shopify POS Review (Nov 2021): Is it the Best Point of Sale System & Retail POS

It’s the way it operates. You’ll get the Shopify POS app to download to your mobile device. This lets you sell the items you normally sell through Your online Shopify store in person.

It’s simple.

Shopify POS Lite (or Shopify POS) is the default version of the software and is an integral part of the Shopify packages.

Simply browse through your Shopify catalog of products, pick your preferred product(s) the customer is looking to purchase. Then, they can take their credit card details, and then provide them with receipt.

You can accomplish all of that with the aid of Shopify POS.

It is no surprise that Shopify POS integrates near-on every aspect of your in-person and online sales through its platform.

Read on to learn all you should be aware of Shopify’s point of sale solution!

What’s Shopify POS?

As you may already know, Shopify‘s (read our Shopify reviews) one of the most well-known online selling platforms. Since 2005, it’s been a prominent player in the online shopping sector. Since 2013, they’ve branched out into the brick-and-mortar world through their Shopify POS application.

In simple terms, Shopify POS is an application that you can download on your iOS and Android devices. It’s an excellent system for business owners who want to sell their products in person- almost everywhere. If you’re selling products at a local marketplace or in your brick-and-mortar store, Shopify POS is an excellent alternative.

This app allows you to build your own shopping carts for every customer and accept payments (using many different methods) and generate recipients, all using the comfort of your phone or iPad.

The great thing about this app is it integrates with Your Online Shopify store. This way, you can monitor and manage your inventory and your orders across all channels of sales.

Note: If you’re planning to add hardware to the system (like chips and pin machines) You’ll require higher-end plans for payment, i.e., the “Shopify plan” or greater (more on these plans later). …).


Shopify POS or Shopify POS Pro?

Shopify POS comes in two different styles, depending on the features you require. If you’re looking for simplicity and convenience from the POS device, but do not want to pay for processing payments then the basic Shopify POS may be ideal for you.

There is no additional cost added to the cost of your Shopify package to use Shopify POS as an standard plan “Lite” version, as it’s referred to, comes in the other Shopify plans.

The Shopify POS Lite Features include:
  • Email cart add-on
  • Product QR codes
  • External card terminals
  • Discounts and gift cards
  • Partially paid
  • Split tenders
  • Payment types that are custom
  • Popular payment method support for
  • Card rates that are low in person
  • Hardware integration with Shopify
  • Tools for managing cash flow
  • No hidden fees
  • POS hardware
  • POS software
  • Screens for connectivity
  • Returns and shipping are free for POS tools
  • Compatible accessories
  • Customized checkout
  • Global search
  • Mobile checkout
  • Taxes
  • Discounts on custom orders
  • Customized receipts

The list of features is for ages, which is one of the reasons Shopify is awe-inspiring for its user reviews. In addition to an absolutely no-cost SSL certificate and a powerful builder as well as an all-encompassing POS that is free of fees for transactions.

If you’re looking to have an even more sophisticated experience then you should move the Shopify POS to Shopify POS Pro.

Shopify POS Pro features include:

  • Shop in-store and pick up your purchases
  • Support for shipping
  • Customized receipts
  • Cart options to save or retrieve
  • Unlimited staff Support for unlimited staff
  • Adjustments to stock
  • Purchase orders count inventory, purchase orders and inventory tracking
  • Ideas for items to sell
  • Complete inventory reports
  • Sales and cash tracking reports as well as sales reports
  • Forecasting demand
  • Low stock Reports

And much more.

How can I get running using Shopify POS?

The first step is to must download first the shopify-POS application. If already registered with an existing Shopify account and you’re prompted to sign into your account. Therefore, you should complete the process.

The app will automatically load all your products that you offer. If you don’t have an account on Shopify take advantage of the free trial. Even if you do not sell on the internet, you’ll require the Shopify account since it acts as the central point of control for your Shopify point of sale system.

You’ll be delighted to learn that there is no limit on the amount of products you’re able to create. But, there’s a limit on the number of products you can sell before your device begins to exhibit problems with performance. Additionally, there’s an limit on the number of places that you can sell your product. The flexibility of this is largely contingent upon the plan of payment you’ve selected for.

To make your life easier, Shopify POS is compatible with an assortment different retail equipment such as:

  • Cash drawers,
  • iPad stands,
  • Printers that print receipts
  • Barcode scanners,

You’ll get the concept!

It is possible to utilize Shopify POS while using multiple cash registers together because you can download the app to multiple gadgets ( at no extra cost). Furthermore, the activity of your store across all your devices is automatically synced with your Shopify administrator.

If you do not have these kinds of equipment, you could still make sales with these devices. Shopify POS is a POS that allows you to process sales. Shopify POS you can set up payment options that you can customize, such ascash, debit cards IOU’s, cash, etc.

If, however, it’s Shopify POS for Android rather than iOS it is required to make use of an Swipe Card Reader. If you’re using an iPad or iPhone all you require to have is the Shopify POS application as well as an account with a Shopify account.

Shopify POS Review: What Payment Methods Can Customers Use?

In the case of either an iPad as well as an iPhone you can pay with almost any payment method. For Canada and the US and Canada the customers are able to swipe their credit cards in order to complete an online payment.

Alternately, when you’re operating your business from UK and Ireland, you may be able to accept credit card transactions and contactless payments by using the EMV compliant Tap, Chip, and Swipe card reader.

If, however, you’re in a country that’s not listed then you’ll need purchase an additional credit card machine through a reliable payment processor.

It’s also possible to provide an option for split-payment alternative that your users can use (if you’re using an iPad as well as an iPhone). It’s quite simple to allow your customers to pay using a variety of options to pay for one transaction.

Shopify POS Pricing

Shopify POS offers a convenient checkout option for Shopify customers. The Shopify POS is included in the majority of Shopify plans. This means that regardless of what model of Shopify you choose to use you’ll still have an individual POS system included.

This version Shopify POS that is included in all plans is the regular POS. It includes features such as:

  • Customer profiles for better customer service
  • Order and product management for small businesses
  • A mobile POS as well as hardware accessories
  • Rates for in-person credit card transactions start at 2.4 percent plus 0.01 cents
The Shopify Lite Plan

Shopify  will cost you the sum of $9 monthly. However, you will not have an online store with this bundle.

This plan, however, suffocates its customers in with the highest charges for credit cards. It will cost you 2.7 percent per order you place. You’ll also need to utilize one of Shopify’s payment processors.

But, on the plus aspect, you can get any number of devices and make use of any number of devices you’d like. In case you encounter difficulties, you will have access to their support for customers, 24.7- yay!

The Basic Shopify Plan

Basic Shopify is the cheapest option. basic Shopify package is the next level and is priced at $29.95 each month. However, unlike the “Lite Plan that you’ll receive an online store. When you make a purchase, online , credit card rates are 2.9 percent plus 30 centsper. While in-person transactions are able to boast the same rates as the ‘Lite Plan.’

This bundle comes with the same benefits as the “Lite Plan” as well as two accounts for staff and Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter sales channels.

The Shopify Plan

It’s true that the Shopify plan is a hefty price, and will cost you a staggering $179 each month. It’s the same benefits of the ‘Basic Shopify plan but your credit card charges are much more affordable:

  • On-line store 2.6 percent +30Cor
  • In-person: 2.5% + 0C/
  • Additional charge for a payment gateways: 1.0%

You’ll also receive:

  • Five accounts of staff
  • Professional reports
  • Abandoned cart Recovery

In the end this is an amazing bargain!

The Advanced Shopify Plan

Advanced Shopify is the second-most comprehensive of all payment choices. It is priced at monthly fee of $299.

Not surprisingly, it is awash with the highest rates for credit cards of all payment plans included:

  • In-person sales: 2.4% + 0C/
  • Online sales: 2.4% + 30C/
  • An additional cost for using an alternative payment processor: 0.5%

Alongside everything else in Shopify Plan, in addition to everything else included within Shopify Plan, you’ll also benefit from:

  • 15 accounts for staff
  • Gift cards
  • An advanced report creator
  • Third-party calculated shipping costs

It is obvious that this can be used by bigger companies!

The Shopify Plus Plan

Shopify Plus is the most sophisticated payment plan that is suitable for large-scale companies. It’s customized to meet your requirements therefore you’ll need to talk to Shopify to finalize the specifics.

One of the major advantages that comes with Shopify Plus is that it includes an sophisticated Version that is Shopify POS. In addition to essential features such as discounts codes to reward customers and a robust e-commerce platform, and the possibility of selling via social media platforms, Shopify Plus also includes Shopify POS Pro.

Shopify POS Pro Pricing

Although Shopify POS comes as part of the overall package that comes with every Shopify plans, there’s an option to improve the features and functions that you receive. Shopify POS Pro is the upgraded version of the basic point of sale offered by Shopify.

To get access to the more advanced versions of Shopify POS it is necessary to purchase any of the Shopify packages, and then pay an additional cost for a month of $89 for each location. This means that the more stores you wish to include in Shopify POS pro, the greater the cost.

While it’s true that the Pro Version that comes with Shopify POS is a little costly, it has additional features that you cannot get with the standard service. This includes the following features:

  • Staff of the store is unlimited
  • Unlimited registrations
  • Intelligent inventory management
  • Omnichannel selling
  • Permissions to staff and roles
  • Omnichannel selling features
  • Analytics in-store

If you have Shopify Plus, then you don’t have to pay cost to gain access to all these features. POS Pro is included as part of the overall experience.


Things To Note…

The prices shown here DO NOT include sales tax for state-based businesses, therefore, you’ll have to add the cost in your spending plan. But, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that if you choose to sign up on their monthly plan Shopify rewards you with 10% discount, and 20% discount if you purchase the biannual plan. 10 discount as well as an additional 20 discount of 20 percent for those who purchase Biannual Plan.

Each pricing plan includes the possibility for adding an additional “Retail Package” this costs an additional $49 per month and includes:

  • Hardware integrations
  • Accounts of staff
  • Register shifts

If you don’t have an account with Shopify account, you’ll take advantage of a free two-week trial. You don’t need to register your credit card- thus you’ll never be surprised by charges on your account!

The Benefits of Shopify POS

In the end, the benefits of Shopify’s The benefits of POS are the following:

  • You can get a premium service that is priced in a fair structure.
  • The style of the software is easy to use.
  • Their customer service is unparalleled.
  • Shopify constantly updating their application to address any issue as quickly as is possible.
  • The software instantly syncs directly with the online Shopify store.
  • Flexible: Shopify POS offers you an abundance of flexibility. There are five POS categories and many options to choose from. So, there’s likely to be an POS solution that will meet the requirements of your business as well as your financial budget.
  • Hardware for free: We love that Shopify’s users who shop at points of sale can save dollars on POS equipment when they choose to go with either Shopify plan or the Shopify Advanced plans. The plan comes with a Cash drawer as well as a receipt printer along with a scanner for barcodes! This deal will save you a one or two dollars on what is usually thought to be costly equipment.
  • Make use of multiple payment methods: Shopify POS lets customers use multiple payment methods for an entire transaction.
  • gift cards If you’d like to begin making gift cards available to clients (and we strongly recommend you do! ), you can do so, effortlessly. Through Shopify POS you can either send your customers an email with a gift card, or print it by using your receipt printer.
  • You are able to make transaction offline.You are able to make sales if you don’t have internet access. When you next connect to the internet, the in-person sales you generated will be automatically synchronized with your entire Shopify inventory.
  • Customized payment methods: For the convenience of your customers, you may make payment methods that are customized for your customers. This means that you can accept cheques as well as other difficult payment techniques.
  • Coupons and discounts: With Shopify POS you can offer customers discounts and special promotions on certain items. You can also apply discounts to the entire purchase.
  • Applications: You’ll have access to more than 2,400 apps which means that if you’re looking to enhance the functionality for your POS solution, you’re able to do this.
  • Options for customizing: Shopify’s point of sale software lets you personalize your email messages as well as your invoices and the URL of your online store.
  • daily outputs With Shopify’s Point of Sale, you can keep an watch on your daily sums. This is crucial to monitor your bottom line.
Shopify POS is Incredibly Easy to Use

In terms of style, Shopify POS is top of the line. The process of using the app is extremely simple. When you launch the application both the front-end as well as back-end features are extremely easy to comprehend.

This app is an ideal solution for businesses who do not have the time nor ability to work with complex systems. In a matter of a few clicks you’ll be able to:

  • Run reports,
  • Add customers,
  • Importing products,
  • Variations on the Set,
  • Sell your products,

You could be in motion within an time of an!

Shopify POS Review: Reporting

Shopify POS allows users to access various analytics tools which include:

  • A dashboard that tracks orders, sales, and patterns of traffic.
  • Product reports: They provide you with the items that are the most popular.
  • The ability to filter sales by staff members locations, dates, customers and more.
  • All of your reports can export and be transformed to spreadsheets.
Shopify POS Review: Integrations

There are various integration options to pick from. There’s an app for nearly everything. From accounting software to programs to help you promote your business There’s bound to be something you could utilize!

If you’re a coder and are able to create your own apps by using Shopify’s API.

Although the amount of integrated services Shopify provides is impressive However, some of these integrations cost money, so you should take that into consideration when planning your budget.

Shopify POS Review: Customer Service

If you’re stuck, don’t panic – Shopify provides their customers with 24 hour tech support. You can contact their customer support staff via chat via email, phone, or.

Overall their live chat service tends to be fast to respond, and typically, they offer helpful and helpful advice. However the email support process takes some time to respond- but, they typically reply in 24 hours.

Shopify POS Review: Store Management

You are able to manage the entire operations of your shop from the back on Your Shopify account. For instance in the case of refunds, you can offer customers the funds back through the payment method they used to pay without difficulty. (You should be aware that this feature is only available for plans like Shopify or Shopify Advanced payment plans).

In addition, using the same bundles, you will be able to monitor the changes to your cash flow as well as any changes to your personnel. Similar to employees’ PINs You can create several safe pin numbers for employees to use. This means you can keep track of the cash register’s activity using the distinct numbers.

You can also monitor the history of your orders (both offline and online). To aid you in finding an order that you are looking for you can filter the transactions by the customer, product or the date.

Shopify POS Review: Manage Your Customers

If a new customer purchases something it automatically creates a fresh customer profile. This is a great way to gain more insight into your customers’ shopping habits.

It does not matter where your potential customers made their purchase Your order history is recorded and synced with the information in your Shopify store.

If you want to see your customer’s contact information or the order history, you can download this information in just two clicks of your mouse. This is fantastic for conducting emails for marketingUtilize these email addresses to connect with your customers and develop an online relationship.

You could, for instance, mail your customers an mailer that informs customers of any special events you’re running. Additionally, you could offer them useful information that will help them establish trust in the email lists you have. There are many things to do with this tool!

Shopify on Mobile

If you’re an entrepreneurial who’s on mobile You’ll be delighted to learn that there are plenty of options for you to accomplish by using Shopify the POS on your mobile device.

You can, for instance, use the Shopify dashboard to manage any issue that requires attention, swiftly and effectively. It is also possible to manage your products inventory, i.e. adding, changing, or the removal of items in your catalogue.

The Disadvantages of Shopify POS

Like all program, Shopify POS has its own drawbacks. Here are a few of the major problems with the app:

  • According to the users they have noticed that some options aren’t working. This may be due to the fact that the program is still a bit shaky. A lot of customers have complained that these issues affect their user experience. Additionally many users have expressed their desire to receive an alert about low stocks.
  • The offline mode of their system isn’t as efficient in comparison to their internet settings. For instance, you aren’t able to use credit cards while offline.
  • If you’re looking to offer a discount for all stores on a specific set of items it can be quite difficult. Each deduction has to be done manually and this can take a lot of time especially if you have tons of products for sale.
  • As we’ve mentioned, you’ll need to pay an additional $49 a month to get”Retail” or the “Retail Package.” This allows you to access additional features such as tracking hardware integrations, extra employees’ accounts, etc. Some customers claim that these basic POS functions should be included in higher-priced payment options.
  • Not to mention not least, the analytics functions could be improved. The reports that are standard are extremely basic. Even if you’ve chosen some of the most sophisticated programs, their reports do not match up to those of their rivals.
Shopify POS: Hardware & Operating System Requirements

If you’re looking to utilize Shopify POS, you’ll need the proper hardware. If you don’t, you won’t capable of processing payments from customers regardless of whether it’s cash or card.

If you’re looking for specific hardware specifically designed for brick and mortar stores, you’ll need to upgrade to Shopify’s Shopify plan or greater. This lets you integrate Shopify’s Shopify’s Point of Sale software with other devices such as the receipt printer, barcode scanners scales, label printers and cash registers.

Shopify’s Point of Sale Solution: Card Readers

The type of card reader you go for is largely based on the area you live in as well as the payment company you’re using, as well as the device that you’re using to operate Shopify POS. Shopify POS app.

Shopify POS supports its card readers:

  • It is a Tap, Chip or Swipe card reader
  • The Moneris iPP320 terminal
  • A Chip and Chip reader
  • It is the Chip and Swipe reader
  • This is Swipe card readers

All of these integrate All of them integrate with Shopify POS. If you pay through Shopify’s point-of-sale solution and the information about the purchase are displayed in the dashboard of your Shopify dashboard.

For Shopify to support reader cards, you must to meet the following requirements (the one exception to this is Moneris’ iPP320):

The brick and mortar shop must be somewhere in U.S., the U.K., Canada or Ireland.

You will need to use Shopify Payments or some other third-party payment service that is supported by the Shopify Point of Sale.

Shopify’s POS: FAQs

Here are a few frequently asked questions about Shopify’s point-of-sale and the solutions:

How Much Does Shopify POS Cost?

The ‘Basic Shopify plan will provide all the essentials you need to launch the creation of a brand new. It will cost you just $29 per month.

The Shopify package comes with a variety of tools for growing your business, and it will cost you $79 per month.

The ‘Advanced Shopify plan is ideal for entrepreneurs who wish to grow their business . It costs $29 per month.

How Does Shopify POS Work?

In simple terms, Shopify POS is a tool for entrepreneurs who sell online through the Shopify store. Businesses can download the Shopify POS application to the iOS as well as Android device. This program lets you take payments in brick and mortar stores as well as pop-up-style stalls.

With the ease of the convenience of your Shopify administrator dashboard, you will be able to handle all of the background management and functions of POS for both your Shopify store and your in-person selling ventures.

Does Square POS work with Shopify?

Unfortunately, Square POS isn’t compatible with Shopify POS.

Is it possible to use iZettle in conjunction together with Shopify?

Unfortunately, iZettle isn’t compatible with Shopify’s point-of-sale solution.

Which payment options can my Shopify customers Use? POS?

In the event that you’re using Shopify Point of Sale in conjunction with an iPad, or iPhone it is possible to accept almost every payment method. For those in America and Canada, you can accept credit cards. US and Canada you can use credit cards. However, if you’re in the US or the UK or Ireland you’ll be able to accept credit cards and payment via contactless using an EMV compatible Tap, Chip, and Swipe card reader.

If the device you’re running is the Android device to power Shopify’s Shopify POS app, you can accept credit or cash as well as swipe credit card by using this Swipe Card Reader.


Can I Use Shopify POS Outside the US?

In short, yes.

If you’d like to utilize Shopify POS out of US and your store is located in one of the US, Canada, the UK or Ireland it is possible to utilize Shopify POS. You just need to use Shopify’s Shopify credit card scanner to process your customers’ credit card transactions. You can use this feature anyplace in the world so long as you’re connected to the internet.

What hardware can I use for Shopify’s POS?

If your company is operating in either the US, Canada, the UK or Ireland You can purchase a hardware set or individual products through the Shopify Hardware Store.

Unfortunately, as of the moment of writing, Shopify doesn’t sell their hardware kits outside of these countries. Therefore, you’ll need purchase supported hardware at a licensed reseller.

In addition, if you have some retail hardware in your possession and you want to switch out of the app you’re using currently for POS to Storeify to make use of your current hardware.

What Are Others Saying About Shopify POS?

Presently, Shopify POS has an 3.1 percent 5 stars rating from its Shopify application store (out out of 71 review). It’s safe to say that the feedback is quite mixed. Here’s a short overview of what people comment on the software:

“This is a great option for us! The only problem we have is that it will always default to credit, which means we have take a back-out for cash. This means we need to press two extra buttons on every sale. It’s not a huge issue, however when we are busy, the time begins to increase. It would be nice to have an option for credit or cash. ‘ Jps Bears

I use it for my POS for my online store. It is very effective on all items that accepting discounts. It does not automatically apply discounts at the POS. I’m not happy about this as I know that the program is available, and it applies it to stores online. Why not the POS?? ? Lincoln City Gifts

This is an excellent tool that will keep my sales in person and online effortless! Its hardware choices are fantastic as well! ‘ Brew Lucky

The item was shipped in a prompt manner and was working perfectly. I am extremely satisfied with this product. ‘Newmodeus

This is not compatible with what most businesses use such as the computer. It’s true. It is only compatible with phones and tablets. Our website was moved to Shopify after speaking with their customer support via phone and only discovered this when we had launched our website. VERY DISAPPOINTING! The double data entry continues in our case.’ Biggs Ltd


Viable Shopify POS Alternatives

If you’re in search of several feasible Shopify’s Point of Sale alternatives, take a look at the list below:

Shopify POS Alternative: Square POS

Square (read our Square reviews) is focused on the simplicity. If you’re searching for an easy-to-use POS system, Square POS is another great option. It’s also not that costly. If you choose the right plan choose, you’ll receive an in-built white card reader that can process transactions in person. If you opt for one of Square’s latest readers they can take both debit and chip transactions, as also contactless payments.

Shopify POS Alternative: Light speed POS

Light speed’s Point of Sale (read the Review of Light speed) offers the retailers with products and services that enable them to make informed decisions based on data. With this information available they are able to provide the best possible experience to their customers.

Light speed POS provides a cloud-based point of sale software that has many options and integrations that provide an incredible level of performance. The software is more suited to larger and mid-sized independent brands.

Shopify POS Alternative: iZettle

iZettle is a POS service that includes an inventory register, cash register tracker and analytics tools. It’s a one-stop solution for anyone who wants to sell their products by using a platform that’s cost-effective and pleasing to the eyes.

Shopify POS Alternative: Bindo POS

If you’re local business and want to expand your business, Bindo POS will be an excellent option for your. They provide an iPad as well as an iPhone point-of-sale service that’s very simple and easy for small business proprietors to utilize. You can manage and add the inventory of your products in a matter of minutes, all with the ease using Bindo POS. Bindo POS cloud.

This POS system will also allow you to expand your reach online by offering your customers an application. With this application you will be able to meet local shoppers and let them purchase and receive same-day delivery.

It is important to note that, just as Shopify’s Point of Sale, Bindo POS also ensures that your in-store and online transactions are updated in real-time. You’ll be able to ensure that you’re working with the most current copy of the inventory. Additionally, you’ll have access to a variety of analytical tools, such as the following metrics: sales, profits, consumer behavior, etc.

Shopify POS Alternative: Air POS

Air Point of Sale (read the Air review of the POS) can be described as a simple point of sale software. It doesn’t matter if you need to accept cash payments from your customers or conduct contactless card transactions. The software will handle everything. This is in addition to the management of inventory and integration with the accounting programs and sales report.

Air POS works on iPad, Android, and Windows devices, and you’ll be able to download the software that works with your device as well as credit card reader. Additionally, Air POS also offers till setups, printers barcode scanners and card readers and will be delivered the following day (should you purchase one).

Who Should Use Shopify POS?

If you’re a brick & mortar shop and you’re making use of Shopify to sell your products online and offline, you must look into the use of Shopify the POS. The platform seamlessly syncs everything you sell on your online store together with your bricks and mortar inventory for a very affordable cost.

If you’ve ever had experience with Shopify’s POS tell us about it by leaving a comment. We’d like to hear your thoughts and thoughts regarding the topic. Please share your thoughts soon!

Don’t forget to check out our complete Shopify Review.

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