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Shopify Pricing Plans (Nov 2021)

Which Shopify Plan is Best for You? Basic Shopify vs Shopify vs Advanced Shopify

How much does Shopify cost? This is a short guide to select the most suitable Shopify cost plan.

Shopify is without doubt the most popular eCommerce system for quickly setting up a store and up and running, however it is a question that is one that seems to frequently arise when businesses begin to build their online stores. What Shopify price plan would be most suitable for you?

The Shopify team provides four plans to select from: Shopify Simple , Basic Shopify, Shopify and Advanced Shopify. It’s sometimes difficult to determine which one to choose as you do not wish to overspend for features that you don’t need.

Keep going to discover the actual costs you could anticipate when using Shopify, and view our suggestions for the various Shopify price plan in the table below.

Shopify Pricing

Shopify Plus gives you all the tools required for an extensive operation. It is necessary to get in touch with Shopify for assistance to set up a custom price, along with any additional features you require. It’s safe to say that this is a completely personalized plan and there’s no requirement to take care of it up front. It’s enough to speak to Shopify when your store requires this kind of assistance.

Shopify Pricing: See Exactly How Much any Pricing Plan Will Cost You per Month and the Shopify Fees

Price Plans for Shopify

Table of Contents

Shopify Pricing: Hosting, Domains, and Cancellations

While Shopify offers domain registration for only annual fee of $9, I’d recommend looking at other options such as GoDaddy and Name Cheap to browse for domains and determine if alternatives to pricing are offered.

Ah, and an update: In contrast to the past it, merchants no longer have to connect to Open SRS to alter the information associated with the Shopify purchased domains. They’ll be in a position to access the identical information from the Domain section. Merchants will now be able to access their administrator panel:

  • alter their A records MX records, CNAME records TXT records and AAAA record;
  • More efficiently, they can setup to set up Zoho and G Suite email accounts;
  • Add subdomains to the domains and
  • Auto-renew can be disabled or enabled.

Shopify offers monthly and year-round option for payment, and while you’re able to change your plans at anytime for free I’d recommend using the monthly plan to begin with. In this way, you don’t remain in a one-year cycle if you have to change your plan or quit using Shopify. The year-long plan is ideal if you already run an existing online company and you’re only migrating to Shopify as well, or in the event that you’ve had a great first year using Shopify. However, start-ups and inventors should definitely go for the monthly plan in the event that there’s a reason for you to stop operations.

You are able to cancel your plan at any time without having to pay any fees However, the annual payment is not refunded, which is another reason to keep an annual plan to begin. Let’s take a review of the 4 Plans for pricing on Shopify to determine which one is the best for you. The Shopify Lite Plan isn’t as obvious in the menus to the Shopify pricing page.

Shopify Pricing Plans Comparison: How Much Does Shopify Cost?

Before diving too deeply in Shopify and it’s pricing plans It is important to keep in mind the fact that there are 3 distinct plans offered by Shopify apart from the trial offer for free.

The 3 Shopify pricing choices are:

  • Basic Shopify is priced at $29.95 each month and it is by far the least expensive choice that is available. It includes everything you need to begin a new business online, which includes two staff accounts and 24/7 support. It also comes with unlimited products and an online store that includes a Blog, and sales channels. Additionally, you get a no-cost SSL certificate discounts, creating orders by hand, and abandoned cart recovery.
  • Shopify The HTML0 version is the most popular, and slightly more expensive choice. Shopify, which is the basic pricing plan, is available for $79 per month. It includes everything you will get with your basic Plan with Shopify plan, which includes gifts cards and professional reports along with five staff accounts
  • Advanced Shopify costs $299 per month The most expensive alternative available. The Advanced Shopify package comes with 15 employee accounts, and everything you get from the Shopify package. Additionally, you’ll have the access to an advanced report-building tool and third-party shipping costs.

Every plan offered by Shopify also includes distinct Shopify payments conditions. For example your shopping online and charges for your credit card are as follows:

  • Basic Shopify Plan: 2.2% plus 30 cents
  • Shopify: 2.6% plus 30 cents
  • Advanced Shopify Plan: 2.4% plus 30 cents

The rates you pay for credit cards in person are:

  • Basic Shopify Plan: 2.7%
  • Shopify Plan: 2.4%
  • Advanced Shopify Plan: 2.4%

Additional fees for all payment services, except for Shopify payment are 2.5% for Shopify Basic, 1 percent for Shopify, and 0.5 percent for Advanced Shopify.

The Shopify Basic Package includes only one of the Shopify POS app and Third-party software for POS. The Shopify and Advanced Shopify pricing plans include hardware support, shifts at the register and pins for staff POS and various store locations.

The Shopify Lite Plan

The Shopify Lite plan is available for 9 dollars each month and includes the tools for making sales on Facebook and accepting credit card payment and buying buttons. It’s not a true online store, but it does have an online shopping cart, but it’s a good option for smaller businesses. I like it also for those trying to put some Buy buttons on your existing website, such as for your podcast or blog website.

A brand new feature is Facebook Messenger. Facebook Messenger app, which is available with Shopify Lite and allows you to talk to customers on Facebook Messenger. Facebook Messenger. This is a great feature for support for customers.

Who do you think the Shopify Pricing plan best for?

Shopify Lite isn’t a solution that can be achieved through the purchase of a hosting package The idea behind Shopify Lite is to include e-commerce capabilities to an existing website you have such as an information or blog. This means you’ll require a fully-fledged website equipped with hosting and an address and everything else. You could, for instance, set up Shopify Lite on an existing WordPress website.

The Basic Shopify Plan

The Standard Shopify Plan kicks the service to the next level as you will receive a discount engine as well as fraud detection tools and the capacity to create an infinite amount of items to the Shopify shop. The major benefit is that you can have the ability to run a fully functioning website and blog with Shopify. So, all of items and orders are controlled by Shopify, and you won’t require a separate website to get it working.

Other benefits include a no-cost SSL certificate and the ability to create orders manually labelling for shipping, unlimitable storage for files and 24 hour helpline.

The cost arrangement for The Basic Plan is $29/month plus 2.9 percent and 30C/per transaction that is slightly more expensive that the Lite Plan however, it allows you to grow the scope of your shopify site by offering a variety of items.

Who do you think the Shopify Pricing plan best for?

If you’re looking for a stunning and efficient online store but you don’t wish to spend for the extra features included in the more costly Shopify plan it’s the right place for you. It’s also the one you should choose if you don’t already have a site that you can use together with Lite plan.

The Shopify Plan

The most well-known Shopify option, the Shopify Plan costs for just $79 per month plus 2.6 percent and 30C/per transaction This is an impressive leap over The Standard Shopify plan, and yet you get almost all the features Shopify offers to provide.

Create unlimited products and benefit from everything you can get from basic Shopify Plan. basic Shopify Plan. Additionally, you get the access to the Shopify Point of Sale and gift cards expert Reports and abandon cart retrieval. It’s an tools for recovering abandoned carts is among the primary reasons why people choose to select for this Shopify Plan since it’s one of the most efficient methods to collect contact information from those who fail to complete their purchases.

This clearly indicates that the buyer was interested, and you could call them back at a later time to make a purchase. The most exciting thing is that the tool for abandoning carts sends out emails that are automated according to your preferences. For instance, if a customer abandons their cart at your store, you can select to email them with a promotional or reminder within 6 hours.

This is a big issue, as on average 67.89 percent of customers abandon their shopping carts. However, the people who abandon their carts pay 55 percent more when being marketed to. It is crucial to connect to the customers and discover the reason they’re leaving earlier.


Who do you think the Shopify Pricing plan best for?

The Shopify Plan is ideal for businesses that are planning to expand quickly because the unlimited items and unlimited storage will ensure that all your items will be able to fit on the site. If your website brings in more than $5,000 each month then the Shopify plan is a great option because the transaction fees are reduced in proportion to the volume that is generated when using third party payment gateways. Also, you can avail the highly sought-after lost cart recovery software which has been proven to boost sales without much effort on your part.

The Advanced Shopify Plan

The Advanced Shopify Plan costs $299 per month, plus 2.4 percent and 30C per transaction This plan comes with all the features available in previous plans, plus the ability to build reports with advanced features and the ability to calculate third party shipping costs. Unlimited product uploads are accessible, and your transaction percentage charges are lower by using an external payment gateway.

The greatest benefit that comes with the Advanced Shopify pricing plan is that everything is infinite thus the storage capacity is never-ending. You are at ease to add as many items as you like, upload the amount of video and images as you need and attract the amount of traffic you need. Cart recovery for abandoned carts is also included in an Advanced plan, and guarantees that you’ll be able to hit the sales figures that make the increase in cost of the plan worth it.

The abandoned cart function provides an easy-to-use section for managing customers who have abandoned their carts before closing to determine whether an email was sentto them, and to find out the reason for the early abandonment.

Additionally, you can give access to your dashboard to 15 users and you can also offer a 15% discount on shipping. Shipping discount is the most competitive that you can get in comparison to other plans.

Who do you think the Shopify Pricing plan best for?

The Advanced Shopify Plan caters to businesses that prefer to have their shipping taken care of by a third party. It’s also great for large-scale companies that need advanced reports that allow for testing and forecasting. It saves cash with reduced charges for transactions and the increased Shopify delivery discounts which makes it the perfect choice for companies that make more than $10,000 each month..

Shopify Plus Pricing

Shopify Plus is an enterprise-level system that allows you to concentrate on aspects like marketing and design instead of to managing orders. Your website is hosted completely, and you don’t incur any transaction charges. The 200TB of storage is plenty to handle the largest websites.

Cost: You need to get in touch with Shopify to obtain an estimate, which is expected to cost about 2000 dollars each month.

Who is This Shopify Plan Best For?

Big companies like Dodo Case as well as those like the Los Angeles Lakers. However, smaller companies are not exempt however, if you’re a business with an extensive team and you don’t wish to spend long hours managing your orders and orders, this is the method to simplify this. For more information, check out the review of Shopify and the Shopify Plus review.

Shopify Pricing: Monthly vs Annual vs Biannual Costs

There’s a slight discount available on the majority of Shopify Plans in the event that you decide to purchase for one-year plans. Annual plans will receive 10% off the monthly cost of all plans when you pay in advance in advance, and your biennial plans receive 20 percent off.

Shopify Pricing: Transaction Fees and Credit Card Rates Explained

If you use this Shopify payment processor, then you won’t need to be concerned about processing fees. However, if you select one of the alternatives, such as PayPal or You can anticipate to be charged about 30% + 30C/ transaction. In addition, Shopify will charge you based on the amount you spend, and this ranges from 0.5 percent to 2.5%.

Transaction charges and credit card fees are among the most irritating aspects of implementing a selling channel, or the point-of-sale service to your online store. In ideal circumstances the store’s owners should be in a position to achieve high volume sales and increase their revenue per month without needing to pay a dime. However, most checkout tools and platforms for e-commerce will cost you at least a minimum cost for transactions and credit card transactions.

The cost you have to pay for the transaction fee and other Shopify charges will depend on the plan you have chosen. includes. For example:

  • The Basic Shopify The Basic Shopify plan is available for $229 for a month Shopify’s simplest solution for the online shop includes everything you require to begin your business swiftly. The Basic plan has the transaction fee of 2.9 percent, plus 30 cents for each purchase. It’s the highest rate offered by Shopify..
  • Shopify: The annual plan from Shopify’s standard account for the month of $79 is slightly different rates for credit cards. For credit card transactions through this plan, you’ll have to make payments of 2.6 percent in addition to 30 cents for each transaction.
  • Advanced Shopify Then, even though the monthly Shopify fees for Advanced plan Advanced package are among the highest that the e-commerce company offers to provide however, the rates for transactions are among the lowest. The transaction costs for Shopify’s advanced plan will be Shopify Advanced plan are approximately 2.4 per cent and thirty cents for each transaction.

In essence, the greater the amount you pay for the use of your Shopify application and Point of Sale software and the lower the amount you’re likely to have to pay for the transactions. That means that you’re not worried about having to pay for all of the costs from shipping charges to charges for credit cards when you’re selling a lot through your website it could be worthwhile upgrading to Shopify’s Advanced Shopify program for you to process your transactions.

Of course there’s more! The Advanced Shopify plan also comes with additional features including the majority of customization possibilities for selling channels and support for high volume sales as well as social media integrations Advanced report-writing for monthly revenue and other features.

What else could you spend to buy with Shopify?

Apps come in various designs and size, and they are all included in the handy Shopify App Store for you to explore. The apps can assist with everything from marketing via email to automatized receipts and the majority of these are available for no cost.

However, certain Shopify applications require payment. For instance, S Loyalty is priced at $19.99 or $119.19 monthly according to your plan.

As a piece of advice I’d advise against paid applications in any way you can. The majority of the time, you’ll find a reliable solution that doesn’t need a payment. But, occasionally, you come on a paid app that’s simply too good to ignore. In this case, limit the paid applications to an absolute minimum and be selective about the ones which will pay for themselves in a short time.

Additional Shopify Costs

There are other charges to be aware of, beyond what your plan provides, if you want to enhance the functionality to Your Shopify user experience.

For example:

  • Shopify App store prices some of the third-party app developers on the Shopify marketplace for apps cost a small amount for you to include additional functions to your online store. If you’re interested in the advantages of adding additional plugins and applications, such as one that allows you to register your customers for subscriptions for instance or a plugin that allows dropshipping and Google analytics You may have to pay for these.
  • Domain names The domain name is a separate cost you’ll have to take into consideration when making use of Shopify. You can get your domain name through Shopify for the price of $14 for one year of registration. You can also choose to purchase the domain name elsewhere and move it to Shopify too.
  • Hosting for email: Shopify doesn’t provide email hosting as an internal feature however you can setup forwarding of emails to on your Shopify website through the third-party hosting service. Typically, you’ll need to pay for the email hosting service as part of your site’s hosting package.
Can You Avoid Shopify’s Transaction Fees?

While the charges for payments made through Shopify transactions aren’t too bad considering the number of payment processing services that your small business can avail as a result, many businesses don’t like with the amount they pay. To comprehend why you should to be concerned about fees for transactions Let’s look at how they function.

If a consumer purchases an item through your Shopify Point of Sale there is a transaction fee that is assessed. The cost of transactions varies based on the Shopify plan you choose to use. While this may seem unjust at first glance however, it needs energy and processing capacity for Shopify to manage things such as the storage of your files and the checkout process. Shopify costs customers for the work it performs to keep your business running and operating – even if you’re hosting thousands of customers to your website simultaneously.

Although it’s tempting to think that the monthly subscription that you pay for through Your Shopify shop will pay for the cost but the reality is that the only thing you’re paying for is tools for sales and software. The monthly cost covers support for the unlimited number of products that you sell on your site in addition to outstanding assistance and live-time hosting for store owners.

If you are still convinced that the transaction fees are unjust think about the fact that other businesses also have these fees as well. For example:

  • BigCommerce does not charge any fees for each sale you achieve. If you have more sales than normal in a month after another, then you’re moved into to higher plans. This means that you’re required to be paying more for the services you provide. It’s something Shopify does not offer.
  • Wix is also free of any transaction fee, but when you are looking to sell your products using the service, you’ll need to join the VIP or e-commerce plan. This means you have to pay a bit more for the service each month. In addition you are required to pay a certain percentage for each transaction you make to the payment gateway company and.
  • Volusion limit what bandwidth you are able to access to every month. It means you’ll be limited to the number of people who can access your site. However, Shopify doesn’t put a limitation on bandwidth. While you do not have to pay transaction costs for transactions with Volusion however, you won’t have as many chances for sales as Shopify does.

Of course, if do not want to take on fees associated with Shopify transactions costs and you want to avoid them, you can change to Shopify payments, and Shopify will take away the charges completely. Shopify Payments allows you to accept payments from clients and transfer them to the bank account of your choice. If you utilize this application it means that Shopify earns charges associated with credit cards so that charges for transactions are waived. Instead of paying transaction charges and any credit card charges You only pay the fees charged by your credit card.

This implies it is possible that the Shopify payment system can help you save cash in the right situations. The rate of credit cards that you pay using Shopify by itself generally are much cheaper than the rates you’ll receive from PayPal. This means you’ll be able reduce your expenses over time.

Is It a Good Idea to Use Shopify Payments?

If you’re seeking for an opportunity to improve your sales strategies that isn’t based on selling items through Amazon and ebay, Shopify is a excellent choice. It offers its own app store and an array of wonderful Shopify applications to enable you to personalize every transaction. Furthermore, Shopify stands out as one of the most secure and safe solutions available on the market in the present.

However, since you’ll are only able to utilize Shopify for free for only a short amount of time, you’ll to have to make sure you come to an agreement with the cost before you are able to run your business on the platform. If transaction costs are something you don’t like and you don’t want to pay them, it’s possible that Shopify Payments could be an ideal option to get rid of these costs. It will save you money by using Shopify Payments than you do with other eCommerce website builders as well!

Because of to features like unlimitable bandwidth Shopify offers you the opportunity to expand your business at your own pace, for as long as you want using their services. Additionally you can do this using Shopify Payments, you can cut out those pesky transaction costs totally. That’s likely the reason Shopify claims that 85 percent of their customers use Shopify Payments whenever it’s an option.

Shopify POS Pricing

If you’re eager to expand the Shopify approach to the highest level, you may choose to utilize Shopify POS. Shopify Point of Sale system as well. Shopify POS is the solution that is available for those selling offline today and wish to sell offline, and also for creating an online presence. retailer.

The Shopify Point of Sale is integrated with your eCommerce platform to make sure that you are able to sell easily offline and online. The great news for the business owners of today is that it’s very simple to connect to Shopify POS. The version that is Lite version of the software comes in all Shopify Plans.

Whichever Shopify package you select you’ll have access to Shopify Point of Sale and Lite and the ability to connect to the mobile and Hardware accessories. When you use Shopify POS Lite, you are able to use Shopify profile of your customers to manage sales, and purchase and products management tools, too. It also allows for credit card transactions in person beginning at 1.5 percent plus 0 pence.

To make brick and mortar sales on an even higher quality, why not check out Shopify POS Pro? The system is absolutely free to make use of until 31, 2020, so far. But, you’ll need to purchase for the service following that date. Shopify POS Pro is a different cost to add to the cost of your Shopify subscription. You pay for the plan you choose for you Shopify package, and then you pay the cost of $89 per month for every location you’ll require to serve.

The Shopify Pro POS Pro solution includes everything you’ve got in Shopify the POS Lite and also features such as:

  • Unlimited registrations
  • Unlimited store employees
  • Intelligent inventory management
  • Support for employees’ roles and authorizations
  • Store-based reporting and analytics
  • Omnichannel selling features

Check out our complete Shopify POS review.


How to Choose the Best Shopify Plan for Your Business?

Shopify plans are similar to stores. They come in a range of sizes. Finding the perfect package for you is about determining the exact requirements you require from the online store.

This can mean contemplating the type of products you’re planning to sell and how many customers you’re dealing with, and other things like that.

Basic Shopify

Basic Shopify is the most affordable option for those who wish to begin by launching a simple product. In this edition of Shopify it is possible to have access to assistance for an unlimited amount of products. If you’re a retailer with a broad selection of products, you’re likely to require this flexibility.

Shopify does not limit your storage space for files or selling solutions. Shopify Basic and that’s the reason it’s more attractive over Shopify Lite for those who are growing their online presence. Basic Shopify also includes abandoned cart recovery tools, and telephone support. It doesn’t give you access to items like professional analytics , or gift cards.


This is the basic plan for those who are looking for the best option to grow their site and also their presence offline. While the price difference among Basic and Shopify can be vast, it’s well worth the extra expense should your company need the space to expand.

The Shopify package offers everything you require to sell your products in the current digital world. The price you must pay to be paying for the use of credit cards is 0.3 less than the rate it is for Basic, and you get professional reports. Analytics help to identify where you should to be focusing to improve your earnings. Additionally, you can access items such as gift cards with this software. This will make it easier to communicate with your clients and keep your customers returning for more.


Advanced Shopify

Advanced Shopify is the most expensive plan. The credit card payments are the lowest option, and it provides better shipping options for customers in the US as well. This is the best choice for anyone looking to improve their sales strategies quickly. If you require things such as live carrier shipping in real time to increase your connection with your clients this plan is for you.

Advanced Shopify has a powerful reporting and analytics system that allows businesses to tailor their reports to their requirements.

Shopify Plus

It’s the ideal solution for companies that are larger and require to expand at a rapid speed. The majority of small businesses don’t require anything similar to Shopify Plus, as it’s designed for companies that bring an enormous amount of money each month. The cost differs in between Advanced Shopify and Shopify Plus is significant and so you must be prepared to pay for it.

Shopify Plus makes sure that teams have the resources they require to be successful. There’s a dedicated team of support to help you create an exciting launch opportunity. Additionally, your developers will have accessibility to Shopify’s Shopify system for customization, APIs that are specifically designed for, and cart scripting. This allows you to make your store individual to you.

Shopify Lite

According to us, it’s likely to suffice for many growing businesses. If you’re looking to start by selling digitally and you don’t have a huge budget and you’re looking for a solution, Shopify’s Lite might help to take a step towards the right direction. Shopify Lite will only allow users to offer sales on an current site or via social media.

Shopify Lite also includes a Facebook Messenger app which allows users to contact your clients and help them better. Shopify Lite is really only an option for businesses that already have an online presence using websites or social media.

Selecting the most effective Shopify strategymeans contemplating not only the things you’re trying to achieve today, but also what you’d like to achieve in the future Consider:

  • What number of products do I own to sell?
  • What kinds of products do I selling? (physical as well as digital)
  • How large is my team? do I require Shopify access for employees?
  • What number of customers can I count on?
  • What is the amount of revenue I am producing every month?
  • How much money can I be able to pay for transaction fees?
  • What is the importance to include additional features such as analytics?

Smaller businesses typically start by experimenting with Shopify with or the basic plan and Shopify Basic. As your business expands then you’re likely to have to change to the packages that have more options. Don’t be scared to move your software to an even higher level whenever you’re required to.

Shopify Pricing: A Quick Video Recap

Shopify Pricing FAQ

That’s all there is for finding out the Shopify program is best for you..

Here are some commonly asked concerns regarding Shopify charges and solutions by our specialists.

How much is Shopify?

There are three main levels in relation to Shopify pricing 3 levels of pricing: Basic Shopify ($29 per month), Shopify ($79 / month), Advanced Shopify ($299 per month). When you join for an entire one year (or more) prior to the start of the year, you’ll receive a discount:

  • 10 10% discountwhen joining Shopify for their year-long plan
  • 20 20% off when you sign for for two years
  • 25 percent off when you sign to sign up for three years in the front.

Apart from the primary fee, there are additional fees for transactions and processing for credit cards. Find out more in the next section.

Does Shopify have transaction charges? What are the charges for credit cards and processing charges?

There is a difference. and no. If you choose to use Shopify Payments which is Shopify’s payment gateway, there are no charges for transaction processing. When you are using other Payment gateways (such such as Stripe or PayPal) they are charged additional fees depending on the subscription plan you have:

  • Simple Shopify Plan – 2.2% per transaction
  • Shopify Plan – 1 cent per transaction
  • Advanced Shopify Plan – 0.5 percent per transaction

Whatever your payment method regardless of the payment method you use, you’ll additionally be assessed processing charges in the event that your customer decides to make use of credit card to make the payment. The exact rate will also depend on the subscription plan you have chosen:

  • Simple Shopify plan- 2.9 percent + 30C/per transaction
  • Shopify Plans -2.6 percent + 30 cents per transaction
  • Advanced Shopify Plan- 2.4 30% + 30C/ transaction
What are “Shopify Payments”?

Shopify Payments are Shopify’s payment processing service. If you decide to utilize Shopify Payments, you won’t be charged any additional transaction fees in addition to the normal processing charges for credit cards.

If you opt to utilize an external payment service (such like PayPal or Stripe) You will have to pay additional charges depending on the subscription plan you choose to use:

  • Simple Shopify Plan – 2.2% per transaction
  • Shopify Plan – 1 cent per transaction
  • Advanced Shopify Plan – 0.5 percent per transaction

Explore our extensive Shopify Payments review.

Do you have any Shopify set-up fees?

No. There are no additional costs in addition to your regular Shopify monthly price and the fees per transaction.

is Shopify free to make use of?

Yes, but you can begin by registering with Shopify through their 14-day trial. During the trial, you are able to develop your online store and offer it to customers.

In order to be able to earn sales and when your trial is completed, you’ll have to select one of the plans that are paid for:

  • The basic version of Shopify($29 per month),
  • Shopify($79 per month)
  • Advanced Shopify ($299 per month).

Shopify does not offer a no-cost plan as of now.

Do I require credit card to begin the Shopify test?

No. Shopify comes with 14 days of free trial with no commitments. It is possible to test the system to see how you like it, even set up your store and let it be visible to people in the general public. You are able to perform all this without having to input the details of your credit card. The time comes at the end of your trial that you can decide if you’d like to switch to the paid plan and you’ll need to enter your credit card.

The which Shopify plan is the most suitable for the launch of a store?

The Standard Shopify Plan is generally the ideal choice for an enterprise that is just beginning to get online. The plan costs $29 when you pay per month. If you choose to pay for an entire year, 2 years or 3 years in advance, you will get discounts of 10% 20 %, 20% or 25%, depending on the.

There aren’t any setup costs that are required to launch an website store. Every transaction you make could become subject to additional charges. Check out one of the questions above.

Is Shopify less expensive in comparison to WooCommerce?

Generally, no. However, you receive what you spend for using both of the setups. For instance, launching a new store using the basic version of Shopify and having to pay for the service annually costs you 312 dollars each year. The same WooCommerce store, you’ll pay at $13 for your domain and $70-$120 for WordPress hosting. This is actually cheaper than Shopify however, with WooCommerce you will also need to be knowledgeable about building websites and E-commerce stores by yourself.

With Shopify the entire work is handled through Shopify itself. This includes setting up, maintenance security, setup, etc. This means that you only need to focus on selling.


Does my entire team participate in this store?

Shopify permits users to create employee accounts, however the number is contingent depending on your Shopify program you’ve selected:

How many items can be sold through Shopify?

Shopify does not restrict the amount of products that you are able to offering or in other ways. You can offer unlimited items on any Shopify plans.

What is the maximum amount of sales and website visitors will I get?

There aren’t any restrictions or costs associated with the level of popularity your shop can be. You will receive unlimited visits and unlimited sales and orders for the various Shopify plans.

Shopify Pricing: Finishing Thoughts

Shopify charges are among the many aspects that business owners may find difficult or even difficult when they’re just developing their online store. It is often challenging to realize that, in addition to the monthly cost, you also need to pay transaction costs and charges for credit cards too..

However, even though the pricing may be difficult to manage initially, Shopify continues to be one of the most reliable and most well-known hosted ecommerce tools available that are available today. With a wide range of E-commerce tools to pick from, a vast app store and an enormous group of theme creators and experts to benefit from, Shopify is a great option for every business owner.

Although Shopify may not be the most affordable e-commerce platform available today but it could be the most appropriate choice for entrepreneurs who are determined to invest into the development of their business. Prices at Shopify aren’t astronomically or unreasonable – especially when you consider the value you’ll receive from them. However, they’re not the best choice for the smaller companies that don’t have the budget to spend on their web website at present.

However If you have the funds to put into one of the top tier choices offered by Shopify or to include the Shopify payment system to your account, you can keep your costs to a minimum, and access a broad range of functions and eCommerce options simultaneously.

We hope that this Shopify prices guide has provided you with the details you require to make the best decision regarding the quality of your Shopify experiences.

It’s your turn to make a contribution to the discussion, so tell us in the comments below if there was a chance to explore Shopify’s Shopify marketing tools. If yes, what would you suggest as the best Shopify Pricing plan for your company? Do you find it simple to modify or lower the capabilities of your website if you want to alter the features of your website? Comment in the comments section below!

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