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The Best Cheapest Website Builders Available Online in 2021

From nothing up to thousands Web builders are among the top ways to connect today.

It doesn’t matter if you’re building an online store selling your latest sock puppet or want to start your own blog on the topic of neutering animals, setting up the platform through a site builder is usually less expensive than hiring a professional developer to build it.

The simple website builders eliminate the need to be knowledgeable regarding HTML, CSS, or other coding languages. Furthermore, you can control the website using an interface that is generally user-friendly, instead of hiring a professional to take care of the work for you.

As stated as well, there are free web builders, and also some cheap ones. They can easily create and run smaller or mid-sized shops blog, business, and websites.

Actually, some of the suggestions we’ll talk about below are on our list of suggestions even when compared with the more costly web builders or the human web designer.

Keep studying to find out more about the options available to you.

Why You Should Consider Cheap Website Builders?

A few website owners are firm that they should not use free web builders, and that’s completely acceptable. But, the most basic builders such as Wix and Weebly provide stunning designs, basic tools for development, and most important, they are priced at a low cost. You can also create simple blogs or an online store at no cost.

In order to assist you in deciding whether an affordable web-based website builder is the right choice for you There are a few aspects to take into consideration

Check to see if you can identify

  • You’ve got a small amount of capital to start your blog or company.
  • If you run a small company, and all you’ll have to create is an informative website with some widgets or eCommerce modules.
  • It’s just the beginning of your blog. In most cases, you don’t requirement to spend a lot of money for a brand new blog.
  • It’s a personal website for your resume or portfolio. The sites typically require only a couple of pages, and you’re not receiving hundreds of people.
  • You don’t have to think about hosting fees or getting it set up.
  • The idea of playing with codes makes you want to weep.
  • You’re planning big in the near future. However, for the moment you must make savings.
  • A complex and robust web-based site builder isn’t the ideal investment of your time or money.


A Word of Warning Before Choosing the Cheapest Website Builders

While most of the items I have listed below are decent, you should be on the lookout for those that could be too troublesome.

Yes, the phrases “cheap” and “free’, sure sounds like a bargain , but you don’t want to be into a situation that the site is operating slow and isn’t able to upgrade to a better interface.

Here are some cautions to keep in mind when looking for a web-based website building software for free:

  • Certain of the cheaper alternatives completely block access to website files and the code. This can mean that you aren’t able to migrate to another platform until you’re required to upgrade.
  • Be sure not to get stuck in a place in which there aren’t better performing pricing plans that include more features. In the future, you may have a blog that isn’t very big however, it could grow into a bustling site that requires more features and a better host.
  • In the case of most free and cheap website builders , you’ll need to build websites that display advertisements. The problem is that you won’t receive any cash for the ads, and they usually don’t have any relevance to your customers.
  • Another disadvantage of many free services is that you won’t get an individual domain. Therefore, you might have something like
  • There are times when the offerings for SEO, marketing social media, SEO and many other things are very restricted.
  • It’s a common occurrence however, you’ll get what you spend for. Do not expect a lightning speed site with the most sophisticated editing tools. Although these low-cost builders offer great options but you shouldn’t be expecting to have a site that’s as impressive as your preferred Fortune 500 company.

Here’s that long-anticipated list…

Table of Contents

The Best Cheapest Website Builders

  2. Wix
  3. HubSpot CMS
  4. Strikingly
  6. Squarespace
  7. Free web store
  8. Weebly
  9. WooCommerce
  10. Zyro
  11. Big Cartel
  12. IMCreator
  13. 1&1 IONOS
  14. GoDaddy Website Builder
  15. Webnode
  16. Ucraft
  17. Jimdo
  18. Site123

The Best Cheapest Ecommerce Website Builders

  1. Shopify
  2. BigCommerce
  3. Square Online

The Cheapest Website Builders Available Online

Cheapest Website Builders: 1. was founded in 1999 and continues to provide web marketing, custom web design and development services to over 3 million users around the world.

With small-scale enterprises, companies as well as individuals are able to develop custom websites by themselves or get an expert team of experts to build it for them. In addition, not only will develop a world-class website for its customers and clients, but they also make sure that your website is listed on search engines , and ensure that you’re equipped to monitor the performance of your website following its launch.

The platform is geared towards sectors like retailers, contractors, and other businesses that are service-oriented and also to people who want to create web pages for personal portfolios for themselves. With over 150 designs that are professionally created to pick among, offers a wide selection of options to assist new users start their journey quickly and effortlessly.

People who wish to sell products or services online could get a place to sell their products or services on With plans that provide the capability to design and promote websites, consumers can transform their site into a profitable advantage for their company.

Here is a brief overview of some most important services that are offered by

  • Drag & Drop Website Builder: Yes
  • Professionally Designed Templates: Yes
  • Pre-Designed Content Blocks: Yes
  • Stock Imagery: Yes
  • Business Email Address: Yes
  • Complimentary Domain Name: Yes
  • Free Customer Support: Yes
  • Marketing and Directory Tools Yes, for certain packages
  • Online Stores Yes, for selected packages.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Yes

Pricing Details has three payment options you can choose from:

Starting Plan ($1.95 in the first month, and $10.00 every month after that) (or ($50 in your first annual cycle and $100 for your subsequent cycle of billing)

The Beginner Plan is designed for those who are just beginning their journey online and would like to have the experience of building websites for themselves. This plan comes with an easy-to-use website builder that you can do yourself with hundreds of design layouts as well as millions of pre-designed photos. Additionally, there is a free domain name that is included in this Starter plan. But, after the first year, the domain name will renew at its full cost that is currently $37.99 to “.com” extensions.

Marketing Program ($2.95 in the first month and then $15 monthly following the first month) (or ($75 in the first billing cycle of your year and $150 in the following cycle of billing)

This plan is designed for small businesses looking to build a new website and connect with many more potential customers through the web. Marketing Plan Marketing Plan features everything in the Starter Plan, as well as a profile for your business in numerous local directories, as well as an application to search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, Google and many more. Like the starter plan, the free domain name promotion is still available for this plan and will renew immediately at full price following one year.

Ecommerce Plans ($3.95 each month, and $20 monthly thereafter) as well ($100 in the first billing cycle of your year and $200 in the subsequent cycle of billing)

The Ecommerce plan was designed specifically for companies who sell their products online and accept transactions on their websites. The plan includes everything that is in the marketing and starter plans.

The Ecommerce package, you’ll be able to also take credit card payments using secure shopping carts to manage and track your orders and even make up to 500 items as well as join the Facebook Marketplace. The package also includes an unrestricted domain for the first year , and it automatically renews at the full cost after that.



The Good Part

The first thing to note is that Web com‘s $1.95 Starter package includes a free domain name that is incredibly cheap. Not only for the Starter Plan but all packages are reasonably priced. Even though the discount rates are only for one month. In terms of functionality, provides you with specific templates for your industry, including headings, free pictures menus, as well as other content that can assist in saving you lots of time and effort.

Additionally, because they provide 24/7 phone support, you are guaranteed of being able to contact them at any time. It’s also reassuring to know they’ve got someone available to answer your queries regardless of the time zone you’re in.

The Not-So-Good Part

As stated in the previous article,’s payment plans are extremely affordable in the initial month. From the second month, or year onward, the price of the webbuilder plan is significantly more expensive. However, their renewal costs are reasonable in comparison to similar services. For instance the Starter plan is only $10 per month. But, does not offer any trial or plans for free.

In terms of features, only offers basic modifications. If you’re searching for something artistic or professional, this might not be the ideal website builder you’re looking for. But, users can get access to more than 150 templates when they start creating their own website.

Cheapest Website Builders: 2. Wix

Pricing Details

Wix provides a free plan that is primarily for creating personal websites using your default domain. It is also possible to change to an upgraded version for just $5 per month which gives you the use of your own domain name and an a small amount of website space.

The majority of Wix plans are quite affordable. For instance, you can buy for the Combo plan for just $10 per month The Unlimited package for just $14 The ecommerce plan is $17 and the VIP plan for $25. Most serious firms would opt for Unlimited as it comes with unlimited bandwidth and storage of 10GB. In addition, it eliminates the irritating Wix advertisements that nobody would like to view.

The Good Part

Each of the WIX plans come with incredible editing tools that drag and drop. The tools include one of the top frontend developers for beginners. It is also possible to shell out a lot of money to get a domain name. The Unlimited plan is the lowest price you can find for a genuine website that doesn’t have advertising.

The Not-so-good Part

Wix isn’t doing a great job in providing access to the site’s documents. Even though you are able to upgrade to a higher Wix plan, it’s hard to switch to a different provider. Additionally certain plans offer Wix advertisements, and customer service is abysmal.

Read our entire report on Wix right here.


Cheapest Website Builders: 3 HubSpot CMS Hub

HubSpot CMS Hub comes with three plans that you can pay for to select from: Professional, Starter Enterprise, and Professional.

Starter monthly cost: $23 you pay annually (or $25 per month if you pay monthly)

The Starter plan comes with the basics tools you need to start your site without any issues. It comes with:

  • Premium hosting
  • Standard SSL certificate
  • 99.99 percent of measured uptime
  • Content delivery network (CDN)
  • Themes for websites optimized for mobile phones.
  • 24/7 security monitoring and detection of threats
  • Blog functionality
  • Five currencies or more
  • Free HubSpot CRM lets you track and record information about your visitors
  • The HubSpot tools are free to help with sales, marketing customer service, operations

Professional monthly fee: $360 if the bill is made annually (or $400 from month-to month)

The plan Professional is for online stores which want to focus on creating personalized customer experiences and developing their strategy of content.

This plan you’ll get everything you get in Starter Plus:

  • Intelligent content and dynamic page personalization
  • Pages password-protected
  • A/B testing
  • Custom reporting , website traffic analytics
  • More than 100 blogs
  • unlimited subdomains as well as CCTLDs for more than 10 primary domains
  • More than 30 currency options
  • Included SEO tips for SEO
  • Visitor identification with a valid login

Enterprise 1200: $1200 per month when invoiced annually

The Enterprise plan comes with more sophisticated features to enable you to create strong experiences and help grow teams.

In addition to the features that are included in Professional Professional, you also receive:

  • Web-based applications
  • Memberships
  • API
  • Testing of pages that adapt to the user (up to five variations)
  • Up 200 to 300 currencies
  • Content partitioning
  • Code alerts
  • Reverse proxy configuration
  • Activity logs
  • SSO (single sign-on)

The Good Part

HubSpot offers everything you need to get your business and running, as well as everything you require to grow it. The web-based design tool is built it’s HubSpot CRM, which allows you to collect all kinds of information about your customers and then customize their experience with your company’s brand.

The program is extremely efficient and simple to use. It is a simple process that requires minimal technical expertise, but it is suitable for users who have a strong technical background and require a more custom-made website. There are many responsive themes as well as hundreds of app integrations.

Your site also has the option of free business tools that can help you manage your store such as mail marketing, advertising Live chat software for ticketing and many more.

The Not-so-Good Part

HubSpot CMS plans can get very expensive for the most attractive features. It is also possible to create third-party integrations to access e-commerce-specific features since HubSpot does not come with these kinds of functions.

Cheapest Website Builders: 4. Strikingly

Pricing Details

The website offers a completely free (forever!) plan. This is fantastic for people who want to try their website builder prior to committing to spending any money.

But you’ll need accept the domain that is attached to your sub-domain’s domain name, that’s not the most professional-looking of URLs. Another drawback of this plan for free is the fact that it’s only able to sell one product on each website. However, you’re entitled to 24/7 support from a customer service representative and you’re able to start as many free websites as you’d like and you’ll get five gigabytes of bandwidth every month therefore, it’s at all bad!

The least expensive of Strikingly’s pay-for package is their Limited bundle. It is possible to pay just $2 per month or shell out for a whole year’s subscription at once that’s equal to around $8. The Limited package includes everything that is included that is included in the free plan plus:

  • It is possible to connect your website to a domain that you’ve created (and take advantage of a no-cost domain name using Yearly!)
  • You can create up to two websites
  • 50GB of data bandwidth every month
  • You are able to list and sell up to five products on your website.

The next plan comes the Pro plan that will set your monthly cost at $20 and, If you’re paying annually for the year, the cost is $16 per month. The plan includes everything you’ll need you need in the Limited plan and more, including:

  • Three Pro sites
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • An easy e-commerce store in which you can offer 300 products per website
  • You can create a variety of websites
  • Access to Strikingly’s App Store
  • Access to buttons for mobile action
  • The HTML/CSS/JavaScript can be embedded
  • The elimination of all branding associated with Strikingly.
  • It is possible to password-protect every website
  • You can also add a’site search feature
  • You may invite other content creators to join your team.
  • Access to Strikingly’s “full” collection of fonts.’

Like you’ll see the plan lets you access a variety of options!

The last but not least the most expensive plan offered by Strikingly is the VIP plan. The cost is $49 per month, and will be charged annually. The VIP plan grants you access to all the benefits of the Pro plan plus:

  • Five pro sites
  • Newsletters can be sent to your e-mail lists (but you’re only allowed 10,000 emails per month)
  • A simple online store where you can offer 500 products per page
  • Priority customer service as well as English phone assistance
  • Account management

The Good Part

One of the most appealing aspects about Strikingly is their quality of their customer service. As low-cost websites are concerned, they’re quite proficient in responding to their clients with prompt answers.

Strikingly’s templates for websites are fantastic to set up a blog on. So if you’re just starting out as a blogger, pay attention! It’s also quite simple to change the Strikingly templatesIf you’ve got an ideal vision for your brand’s online presence theoretically you’ll be able to create it!

The Not-so-Good Part

If you’re planning to take your e-commerce venture seriously, the Strikingly isn’t the right website builder you should choose. Its capability for selling online is a bit limited, and it’s best to create an online store on another platform. This is especially true when you’re looking to expand your business. The growth potential of Strikingly isn’t very high. Therefore, this method is ideal for those who are interested in hobbies or people who have a side hustle that don’t require the business full-time.


Pricing Details does have an equivalent that is called It’s completely free, however it’s not self-hosted as

When you choose you’ll get the top web-based builder with regard to design and versatility, and all for no cost. It’s true that the WordPress software is open-source and it is free to download.

It is important to purchase your own hosting service, which starts at about $3 per month. It can then reach 100 dollars per month. Then, you’ll have to purchase an domain, which costs approximately 10 dollars per calendar year. The majority of people go for the WordPress theme for about $50. In the end, if you opt for a less expensive shared hosting plan, it’s not going to cost you about $5-$10 per month.

The Good Part is completely free to download, and the additional features tend to be quite inexpensive. In addition it is possible to create any kind of website, like an e-commerce or membership or real estate websites. The reason why you should choose is to have more control and flexibility in terms of customization. There’s an array of extensions and plugins, which means your best option for developing a unique and effective website (without the pricey cost) is to use WordPress.

The Not-so-good Part

A few beginners may find to be too complicated. It’s not difficult to learn, however you’ll still need to locate the best hosting service, manage backups, safeguard your site and create the layout for the entire site.

Find our complete review here..

  1. Squarespace

Pricing Details

Squarespace offers four payment plans to select from:

The personal package ($12 per month, annually billed or $16 per month)

As you might have discovered, this bundle is the best for creating a personal site. Selling online isn’t allowed however, you’ll be able to use Squarespace’s editor, web templates, as well as round 24/7 assistance. Additionally, you’ll receive a custom domain as well as the SSL secure certificate.

A Business Plan ($18 per month, billed annually or $26 monthly-to-month)

If you’re looking to make use of Squarespace for selling physical goods on the internet, you’ll need upgrade to their ‘Business plan.

Be aware that it’s only cost-effective when selling small amounts of items occasionally and you’ll be paying a hefty 3percent transaction fee for every item you sell.

An Online Basic Store ($26 per month, annually billed or $30 per month)

This is a much more affordable option for those who take online sales seriously. You’ll have a range of tools that will assist you in managing your online store:

  • Mobile-friendly checkouts
  • Integrated accounting
  • Customer accounts
  • You can also sell directly on Instagram

The Advanced Online Store ($40 each month, annually charged or $46 monthly-to-month)

If you’re looking to expand your business using Squarespace consider investing in their highest-priced plan, which will give you access to the most advanced selling and marketing options, including:

  • Emails that were abandoned by carts
  • The gift card option is available
  • Discounts can be applied to your merchandise
  • Advanced shipping tools for shipping

The Good Part

One of the great things that is great about Squarespace is the high-quality of their templates for websites. They not only offer responsive designs however, their templates are extremely sleek. Additionally they allow you to modify these themes with an editor that offers an even greater quality of flexibility than other builders for websites.

We’re also impressed with Squarespace’s customer service. Customers can avail the benefits of e-mail or live chat. If you opt to contact their support team , you will get a response in less than one hour. That’s fast!

The Not-so-Good Part

The most common complaint that users have about squarespace is that the interface isn’t completely ‘newbie’ user-friendly. If, however, you’ve already used a web site builder before, you’ll be good to go.

Another complaint that users are facing is that, compared to other cheap website builders It’s on the higher end of the spectrum which means that in the event that you’re on a limited budget, this might not be the best option for you.

  1. Freewebstore

Pricing Details

As the name implies, Freewebstore really allows you to build an online store completely free of cost. It’s possible to create a website and begin selling up to 20 items without spending a dime! Instead of charging customers for paid-for plans, Freewebstore earns money through the sale of paid apps to their customers and you can locate them in their marketplace of apps.

If 20 products does not work for you or you’re a business with a larger volume of sales, you can check out their paid-for eCommerce platform for enterprisecalled “Ridge.’

The Good Part

You will receive a no-cost SSL certificate! This is great for establishing trust with prospective customers. Additionally, you’ll have access to many payment processors, including: Stripe, PayPal, Skrill and 2Checkout.

And the best part is, there are no transaction fees , which is an enormous relief as they eat into your profit!

In addition, you have access to some very sophisticated e-commerce features. For instance, you can import and export your products using CSV and also can send automated e-mails to abandoned cartsto mention just a few!

The Not-so-good-part

The dashboard of their site is extremely complicated, which makes the process of creating an online presence even more difficult particularly for the tech difficult to reach!

Additionally, if you wish to sell digital items, Freewebstore isn’t the right choice for you. At when this article was written you’re only able to sell physical items through the Freewebstore website.

  1. Weebly

Pricing Details

Weebly isn’t too different from Wix on the price front with the exception that the mid-range plans are slightly less expensive. Additionally, the user interface and drag-and-drop editing isn’t as fluid as Wix.

It is true that Weebly can be worth looking at as everybody has their own preference. The initial Weebly plan is free and includes the drag-and-drop builder, Weebly ads, 500MB of storage space, and an Weebly subdomain. My favorite feature of Weebly cost is that following price of $8 per month will remove Weebly advertisements. You can also connect your personal domain. The plans cost you $22 per month or 25 dollars per month.

There’s a lack of ecommerce support on Weebly and the $25 per month plan includes a tool for registering as a member.

The Good Part

To begin, Weebly is a fine drag and drop website builder. It has a an elegant interface and large selection of website components. It also comes with an SSL certificate with every plan to ensure the security of your website.

I love that you pay only an annual fee of $8 to join a domain and eliminate advertisements. It’s also great that you have no transaction fees for e-commerce, however it’s only for the $25/month plan.

Additionally, there’s a special membership tool.

The Not-so-good Part

You’re stuck with ads on Weebly as well as a subdomain on the price plan for free. Most pricing plans charge the 3% transaction cost when you run any kind of online shop. The marketing options aren’t the best.

  1. WooCommerce

Pricing Details

WooCommerce does not cost any money to download, however you could have to pay an amount for any of the extensions or themes that integrates with WooCommerce. The themes cost about $50, and the extensions could cost anything from $15-$300. In most cases, there is no need for an extension, however it’s up to your store.

Additionally, WooCommerce relies on WordPress as a system for managing content So, you’ll also require hosting.

The Good Part

WooCommerce transforms the WordPress website into an online store. Create items, provide coupons, accept payment, and even design your shopping cart to provide the best user experience. And, of course, the plugin is completely free.

The Not-so-good Part

WooCommerce provides an additional level of sophistication to WordPress. There are many tutorials available to help you learn about it, but occasionally you’ll need a small package to begin selling online. Additionally, prices can be expensive if you require an entire theme or a few extensions.

  1. Zyro

Pricing Details

Zyro provides 3 pricing plans that are risk-free because they offer a 30 day money-back assurance for each package. Live chat is available 24/7 assistance for each of the Zyro plans so that you do not have to worry about prioritizing support. In any case, here’s the features of all Zyro plans and the features they offer:

Basic Plan

This plan, called the Basic one is designed for personal branding and is priced at $8.90 per month. However, it currently, it is on an introductory discount of 67% and costs $2.90 per month. The package includes 1GB storage, 3GB bandwidth, no-cost email for three months, SEO features, AI business branding, blogger tools, custom-designed templates and security via SSL and the option of connecting your domain to your.

Unleashed Plan

Unleashed is a plan for businesses. Unleashed plan is specifically designed for business and typically goes for $12.49 monthly , however it is available at the market at a discount of 69% and is priced at $3.90 each month. The plan offers unlimited bandwidth and storage space, as well as security via SSL, a domain that is free for one year, messenger live chat Google Tag Manager, visitor remarketing WhatsApp live chat and Stripe payment integration. embed codes, Google Analytics, blogging tools, custom-designed templates, AI business branding, the option of connecting your domain to Facebook pixel and free email for three months, SEO tools.

Ecommerce Plan

The ecommerce plan is designed for businesses who plan to sell their products online. The current price is $9.90 at 60% off, but typically, it costs $24.49. It allows you to include up to 100 items and receive online payments taxes and shipping administration with no commissions, emails including gift cards, discount coupons as well as order management Facebook Shop with multiple payment options as well as inventory control. The eCommerce plan comes with similar features as Unleashed. Unleashed package.

Ecommerce Plus

Zyro’s eCommerce Plus plan is for companies which are looking to expand or are in the process to expansion. The plan is priced at $14.90 per month at present, but generally costs $29.99 per month. The ecommerce Plus plan along with the other features offered by the Unleashed and eCommerce plans, it also includes the following: the capability to add up to 2500 items and recover abandoned carts, the ability to filter your product’s content, Instagram Store, and your products being sold on Amazon.

One of the most impressive features this web builder provides in regards to prices is Zyro Pricing Wizard that will assist you in selecting the right plan if not sure what plan you should pick. The tool asks you a few questions, and according to your answers, will determine the best plan for you.

The Good Part

Zyro provides an “no credit card required” trial for free that lets you to try a particular plan and the service overall. Furthermore, Zyro is a very user-friendly, no-code website builder with a fast speed of build for customers (usually one hour). Its eCommerce plans also come with options that businesses who are online will appreciate in increasing their revenues and branding beyond the simple design of a site such as the ability to recover abandoned carts, coupons for discounts or gift cards.

The-Not-So-Good Part

If you have a huge eCommerce store with more than 2500 items then Zyro isn’t suitable for you. The selection of templates Zyro has isn’t as extensive as compared to other builders. Additionally, for the moment, there’s no built-in app store to download plugins to enhance the capabilities of your website.

  1. Big Cartel

Pricing Details

BigCartel offers plans that allow for five products with the use of a limited number of features. But, you don’t need to pay any of the features. After that, the price rises up to $9.99 each month, for 25 items after which it increases to $19.99 monthly for 100 products or $29.99 each month to purchase 300 items.

The Good Part

There’s a really sweet free plan that includes order management, an easy installation, and amazing themes. There’s no need to buy hosting of your own and the theme is strong enough to create an online store in a matter of moments.

The Not-so-good Part

There’s no reason not to go to Big Cartel if you have the ambition of creating a massive online store. Additionally, custom domains including inventory tracking, multiple images of the product, Google Analytics, and discount codes aren’t available in the plan for free.

  1. IMCreator

Pricing Details

If you’re a student artist, or non-profit, the platform is totally free. IMCreator’s IMCreator premium account for everyone else begins at just $8 per month. You can also get unlimited white-label licensing and support for $350 per year.

The Good Part

Non-profits, students and artists can create websites for free. The hosting plan is unlimited and includes e-commerce and no advertisements on the website. Actually all pricing plans feature advertisements.

While it can take a bit to become comfortable with the interface, this website builder for free gives you a fantastic design experience for those who are new to the field. It’s smarter than other options available and it is possible to use these themes in order to make the process simpler.

The Not-so-good Part

For those who aren’t a scholar or artist, or a non-profit organization, you’re not able to get a website at no cost. There’s also an education curve for designing websites.

While the designs look contemporary elegant and stylish, the templates generally appear as single-page sites or landing pages.

  1. 1&1 IONOS

Pricing Details

1 and 1. IONOS provides three pricing plans: Essential, Business and E-commerce. Each plan includes an accessible mobile website as well as all the online space you’ll ever require, and all-hours assistance.

The Online Plan

In the initial six months, this plan cost $1 per monthly (excluding VAT). After that, the cost increases to a monthly cost in the amount of five dollars (excluding the VAT).

You’ll get:

  • A free domain on the web and five email accounts using any of these domain extension: .com, .biz, .org, .uk, .me, .online, .net,, .info.
  • The social media tools: You could link your website via the handles of your Facebook as well as Instagram handles in addition to integrating videos you’ve uploaded on YouTube or Vimeo. You can also upload and manage photos that you’ve saved to Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • Business widgets, such as reviews from customers and online scheduling systems
  • A multilingual site

The Business Pack ($15 monthly)

If you’re looking to launch an attractive and professional website it is recommended to go with the preference for the 1&1 IONOS plan.

Everything is included in the Online plan , in addition to:

  • Ten e-mail accounts
  • You can design a customized experience for your customers. For instance, you can create pop-ups with information according to the requirements of the customer, i.e., their whereabouts, their device they’re using it on, the holiday, time of year or if they’re a new or returning visitor, etc.
  • You can send out 300 emails to your subscribers, view the latest campaign statistics and make use of mobile-friendly templates to build your email campaigns.
  • SEO tutorials
  • You are able to list up to 5,000 products in your website and accept a variety of currencies like cards, PayPal, vouchers, and bank transfer payment.
  • You can link your online store into the Facebook Store. Facebook Shop.

The Good Part

1&1 IONOS The pricing of 1&1 IONOS is very transparent, especially when compared to their rivals. Some website builders fail to clearly define what the customers really receive in return. This results in confusion, a loss in trust, and more often frustrated customers.

We also like the fact that 1&1 IONOS provides users with regular backups to their servers. Additionally, they have numerous apps for download. They can be extremely helpful in increasing the effectiveness of your website.

1&1 IONOS The customer service they provide is another benefit that is different from other competitors, they provide 24/7 support via phone. A few customers report that they wait less than a minute before talking to the customer service rep! There’s also the possibility that when they’re not able to solve the issue over telephone, the rep will be able to get back to you via email with a solution that is helpfulHow awesome is that? !

The Not-so-Good Part

The 90s called…they would like to bring back their interface. Whatever the joke their dashboard isn’t easy to work with. Another major issue is the quality of their templates for websites as they’re poorly developed, especially when compared to their competition.

The last thing to mention is that the majority of the 1&1 IONOS customers would appreciate to have a no-cost plan. It’s logical that people aren’t able to dive into the water with their cash without a web-based website builder before them.

  1. GoDaddy

Pricing Details

GoDaddy offers four pricing plans available: they are the Personal, Business, Business Plus as well as Online Store packages.

Here’s a brief breakdown of the various payment plans:

The personal plan: $5.99 monthly when it is billed annually

This plan is ideal for those looking to create a website to make money from a hobby, since the plan grants you:

  • Website templates that are responsive to mobile designs
  • Hosting for websites
  • One month’s free trialwithout credit card needed
  • Speedy page loading times
  • Support around the clock
  • Blogging functionality
  • Security (SSL certificate)

The Business Plan $9.99 each month, it is billed annually

This strategy is ideal for entrepreneurs looking to start and market their businesses with a small budget.

Alongside everything else mentioned on the Personal Plan you also have the right to:

  • You can place a ‘PayPal Buy Now’ button on your website (or an option to donate)
  • Tools for Search Engine Optimization

Business Plus $14.99 each month when you pay annually

This is ideal for entrepreneurs who want to expand their business or expand their reach and make more appointments. This is ideal for entrepreneurs who offer services like consulting or coaching.

Alongside your business plans, you’ll get these perks:

  • Tools for marketing via email
  • An Google My Business listing and the possibility of responding reviews that are left here
  • Integrations with social media
  • You are able to accept credit card payment through Square and PayPal to book appointments
  • Two-way calendar sync using one of the following: Google, O365, Outlook or iCal
  • Tools for managing clients

online store: $19.99 each month. This is the account is billed annually

This plan is ideal for online sellers as well as service providers. You can not only set up appointments with clients and appointments, but you also have the ability to offer physical items for sale.

Online Store customers have access to all of the Business Plus features, in addition to:

  • An online store with a speedy checkout. Customers can pay using debit or credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, and many more.
  • You can modify taxes and shipping costs.
  • You could offer discounts to shoppers as well as promotions
  • Allow customers to write product reviews
  • Emails about abandoned carts are automatically sent out when customers quit your store and do not purchase items from the cart they placed in.

The Good Part

GoDaddy‘s website builder is amazingly simple to use. When you sign up for your account and are directed through the entire set-up procedure. Simply tell them the niche you’re in and they’ll choose a theme that is appropriate to your business. They also offer high-quality, license-free images! As far as web builders that aren’t expensive GoDaddy is one of the best to create attractive sites (with an own domain) and it’s fast.

Do not fret, if aren’t happy with the design GoDaddy suggests for your particular niche you can pick an alternative from their different templates (all that have a mobile-friendly designs). You can alter the theme to make your dream come to life.

Additionally, GoDaddy‘s customer assistance is quite amazing. They’re trained to solve virtually every problem that customers confront while using their site builder.

The Not-so-Good Part

If you’re looking for an site builder that lets you alter more than the basic design’ options, GoDaddy isn’t the right choice for you. In essence, you can only alter things like the color and font.

There are also technical restrictions. For instance, you aren’t able to access the following options: (or if you can however, it’s just a little):

  • Integrations of social media
  • A blog
  • The most advanced SEO and marketing tools
  • Social buttons for sharing

The last thing to mention is that The GoDaddy‘s web builder tool is a bit difficult to display. This is because of the amount of JavaScript must be processed!

  1. Webnode

Pricing Details

Webnode provides four payment options to select from: Limited, Mini, Standard and Profi.

The Plan with a Limit ($3.95 monthly)

Be aware of this that this plan will require you to purchase and use your own domain name prior to you begin.

In this plan, you’ll receive:

  • 100 MB of storage
  • 1GB of bandwidth
  • Top-notch customer support

The Mini Plan ($5.95 per month)

The plan includes everything with the Limited plan as well as:

  • A domain free to use for one calendar year (alternatively you can also make use of the domain you own)
  • 500MB of storage
  • 3GB of bandwidth
  • One e-mail account
  • Form builder
  • The option of incorporating the background video
  • Analytics and stats about your site’s performance

The Standard Plan ($11.95 per month)

Webnode’s most well-known payment plan, and that’s because it allows you to start and manage all sorts of websites using it. In addition to the features of the Mini Plan you’ll also enjoy the benefits of:

  • Two GB of storage
  • TenGB of bandwidth
  • 20 accounts for e-mail
  • An online store
  • You won’t see Webnode’s ads on your site.
  • The integration of Google Analytics. Google Analytics integration
  • Registration for membership (up for 100 people)
  • Two languages to choose from
  • Five backups

The Profi Plan ($19.95 per month)

This plan is comprehensive for those who wish to build and maintain attractive websites. Alongside everything else in the standard plan, you’ll get:

  • Five GB of storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 100 accounts for e-mail
  • A limitless number of membership registrations
  • Unending choices of languages
  • There are endless backup options

The Good Part

Webnode’s interface is extremely user-friendly Anyone who’s previously used MS Office before shouldn’t have difficulty learning to utilize Webnode.

We are also thrilled how all Webnode sites are responsive to mobile devices. Therefore, it isn’t a matter of what device the users use, they should be able get the best user experience.

The last thing to mention is when you’re trying to reach the world at large, Webnode might be the web-based website builders to choose. The solution is available in more than 13 languages! Many believe that this is Webnode’s most popular feature, because other web builders do not have the same features.

The Not-so-good Part

It appears to us that the most common complaint of Webnode clients is lack of customer service. They provide basic contact options such as email and forums. Forum users report that searching to find answers can be an exhausting and sometimes lengthy procedure. In addition, there are evidently a large number of unanswered questions (which just adds to the stress!) It’s been reported that their email customer service isn’t the best and users complain about having to wait for long periods to receive an answer.

Another issue is the high-quality of the templates they offer. Webnode’s templates can best be described as outdated , and at worst…boring. Most importantly, the customization options are restricted; it’s a huge task to make these themes more appealing!

  1. Ucraft

Pricing Details

Ucraft provides four pricing plans, which gradually increase in price and value. You can find the more specifics on each package below.

  1. The Free Website

With Ucraft’s website for free it is possible to set up appealing websites to attract and nurture leads. The most difficult part is the need to live Ucraft’s logo everywhere on your site.

You’ll be able to enjoy the benefits listed below:

  • Your site can be linked to your domain name
  • You’ll be issued an SSL security certificate.
  • Access to the basic elements
  • You can modify your website’s content
  • Access to Ucraft’s SEO App
  • The integration of Google Analytics. Google Analytics integration
  • You can also add or modify the color of the paint
  • Most importantly, you’ll receive a customized domain
  1. The Professional Website ($10 per month, payable annually)

Ucraft’s most well-known plan and is ideal for retailers that sell more than 50 products. This package (and all other Ucraft bundles that are paid for) include the option of a 14-day trial for freethis is great for those who like to test before buying! The best part is that you won’t be able to have Ucraft’s brand altering the look of your website. This is a great way to create credibility and professionalism. design.

When you sign up for the Pro Website, you’ll receive everything included in the plan for free, plus:

  • One multilingual website
  • Access to all elements of the web site
  • Access to the ‘Articles’ app
  • Invite team members to join the team.
  • Support for customers round the clock
  • Favicon
  • Google fonts
  • You can embed HTML/CSS/JS in your website.
  • You can use password protection to secure your website pages
  • It is possible to provide your visitors with a search feature on your website
  • Effects
  • No transaction costs!
  • Multi-currency sales
  • Real-time tracking
  • You can manage your orders and also payments.
  • Customers can choose from more than 70 different payment and delivery options.
  1. The Pro Shop ($21 per month, payable annually)

This option is more for serious sellers of e-commerce since it lets you start an online shop. This plan lets you offer as many as 1,000 items at once!

The plan will include everything that was in the two previous plans, in addition to:

  • Discount coupons are a feature
  • Access to a store management application
  • You can give shoppers an option to add favorites or wishlists
  • Tax exemption is available to you.
  • You can make changes to your invoices
  1. BigCommerce ($39 per month, payable annually)

The last but not least, BigCommerce is Ucraft’s most expensive plan. It allows you to sell unlimited items and connect your online shop with other online stores like eBay, Facebook, Amazon, Yandex, and Google’s shopping feed.

The Good Part

If you’re looking to create an attractive website it’s easy with Ucraft. Ucraft’s templates are ideal for businesses with imagery that really punches.

We also like the fact that all plans include security for free along with analytics — and that isn’t something other web builders can offer!

The Not-so-Good Part

Ucraft‘s Page Editor isn’t quite as simple to utilize as other drag-and-drop builders. It’s possible that you’ll need to spend time to become familiar with the interface. There are some Ucraft users are also unhappy with the amount of features they offer. It’s been reported that Ucraft’s feature set isn’t as impressive as its rivals; Wix and Squarespace.

The last but not last, if there is an idea of how you would like your website to appear like, or if you are looking for a site with sophisticated functionality, take a look elsewhere. Ucraft will not be the best web-building tool for you.


  1. Jimdo

Pricing Details

Jimdo‘s web-based builder provides five plans that include Play, Start, Expand, Ecommerce, and Unlimited. Therefore, you’ll be able to find one that is suitable for you and your finances as well as demands of your venture.

Play (Completely for free! )

With Jimdo’s no-cost plan you’ll have access to their core features. But, you’ll need to endure their subdomain.

The Beginning Plan ($9 monthly, to be billed annually)

The Start plan kicks things up a an notch by providing customers with a custom domain names for their first year, as and an ad-free site!

The Grow Plan ($15 per month, annually billed)

The next one on the list next on the list is next on the list is Grow plan. This is a great choice for business owners who require an appealing and professional site to showcase their company. Alongside everything else mentioned in the two previous packs, the bundle will also receive:

  • SEO tools
  • Support for customers via personal contact
  • Information on statistics for visitors.

the E-commerce Program ($19 per month, charged annually)

If you’re interested in taking online selling seriously then this plan is for you. Apart from everything you get from the prior plans, you’ll be able to set up an online store so that you can offer an unlimited quantity of products. And you’ll not be charged Jimdo’s commissions for sales.

The Unlimited Plan ($39 per month, to be billed annually)

Then, last but not least last, we’ll look at Jimdo’s most extensive plan. Its most prominent benefits include an unlimited amount of webspace as well as high-quality support (you will receive a response within an hour) as well as a professional review regarding your current web design.

The Good Parts

The process of signing up is simple. It is as simple as creating an account and confirm your email address -it’s easy as it gets. Jimdo’s simplicity extends to user-friendliness. It’s extremely user-friendly and simple to master. Choose your template, then modify it according to your preferences by using their drag and drop editor.

In particular, Jimdo has a impressive AI editor (in addition to their page builders DIY option). Simply input the information about the type of site you’re thinking of and Jimdo will give you an easy-to-follow guide for bringing the idea to life!

If you’re an European retailer, Jimdo is definitely worth looking into. It is a reputable company with a robust European presence. So, you can rest assured that your website is protected by top-quality privacy and data protection regulations. They make GDPR appear easy!

The Not-so-Good Parts

As simple and easy in the way it’s to create and start an Jimdo web site however, it comes with cost. Like all website builders that are easy-to-use however, you will not have complete control over the design of your website. If you’re looking to expand beyond editing the fundamental elements of design, Jimdo isn’t for you since you aren’t able to edit the CSS.

This is a problem that will get worse when your site becomes an important aspect of your business. It leaves little space for expansion, and unlike other competitors, you aren’t able to fix this issue by downloading extensions or logging into your website’s HTML since Jimdo isn’t able to provide solutions to solve this issue.

Some users are also complaining that they cannot create a new page without making it a part of their overall site navigation.

  1. Site123

Pricing Details

The Free Plan

You don’t pay a cent for the website included with the free plan. The users also get 500MB worth of storage as well as one GB of bandwidth. You’ll be able to have access to the subdomain, not the fully-customized URL.

The basic plan ($10.80 each month, for twelve months)

Premium plans are for anyone looking to create a personal website as a pastime.

You’ll get:

  • A free custom domain to use for the first year
  • 10 GB of storage
  • Five GB of bandwidth
  • Site123’s floating tag has been removed
  • You are able to connect to your Site123 website to your own domain name
  • Access to 100 messages from the mailing list

The Advanced Plan ($16.80 per month for 12 months)

This package is ideal for small-sized businesses since it includes everything included in the “Basic plan’, along with:

  • 30 GB of storage
  • 15GB of bandwidth
  • Access to 1,000 mailing lists E-mails
  • Two mailboxes
  • The possibility of adding an additional language
  • The removal of the footer tag

The Professional Plan ($22.80 per month , for 12 months)

If you are looking to start an online shop look into the Professional plan.

You have access to everything contained in the two previous packages, in addition to:

  • 90 GB of storage
  • 45 GB of bandwidth
  • Access to more than 2,500 mailing list E-mails
  • Five mailboxes
  • The possibility of adding three more languages.
  • E-commerce is a feature that allows for a maximum of 500 orders per month
  • Credit gateways for cards

The Gold Plan ($28.80 per month)

It’s the crème for Site123’s plans to charge. In addition to the features that are already mentioned You’ll also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Storage capacity of 270 GB
  • 135 GB of bandwidth
  • Gain access to 10,000 mailing lists E-mails
  • Ten mailboxes
  • Five additional languages
  • You are able to accept an unlimited amount of orders.
  • Access to more sophisticated capabilities for e-commerce

The Good Part

One of the great features of Site123 is that the process of getting your site up and running is simple and quick. They offer their customers step-by-step instructions on how to modify your theme and to add content to your website.

In addition, users have access to various integrations that enhance the functionality of their website. The plugin library at Site123 is quite extensive, so you’re likely to find the plugin you’re looking to find.

The Not-so-Good Part

One of the biggest drawbacks for Site123 is that, compared to its rivals (most especially Wix as well as Weebly) it’s much more expensive…and isn’t as able to provide the same worth. For example there’s no way that Site123 provide customers with unlimited bandwidth or storage.

There are also complaints from users that if they don’t like the design you’re given, constructing the design you’re comfortable with isn’t easy. If, in fact, you’re interested in more than changing the basic design, Site123 isn’t the right choice for you. It isn’t able to alter the layout, layout, or web elements of the page, or alter your HTML as well as CSS.

  1. is easily among the most well-known tools for building websites that are available on the market currently. Not only is it great for content marketing and blogging for purposes, but it offers a user-friendly interface as well. If you’re looking to create your own website and also get your own website hosting, you’ll need

It’s crucial to understand the fact that along with are two distinct solutions in web-based design. does not offer the identical experience like that focuses primarily on programming and HTML. But it is true that with the .com solution, you’ll are able to begin creating a website for novice.

Pricing Details is among the most well-known web builders because of a myriad of reasons. Not only is it extremely versatile and simple to use to design websites, it’s cost-effective also. Pricing for the initial design of your website will start at around four dollars per month with”personal” package “personal” package.

If you’d like access to CSS and tools for design, you’ll require the premium plan for $8 per month, which is billed annually. The Business plan is available at a cost of $25 per month and comes with additional capabilities like custom plugins as well as themes. Additionally, you get live chat as well as 200GB of space.

The eCommerce plan for WordPress costs $45 per month. It has functions that let you to build and design your own online store.

WordPress also provides a variety of other pricing options. They begin by Pressable for multi-site launches and hosting, as well as WordPress VIP. The VIP plan is priced at $1,700 per month, and you’ll receive the most complete WordPress experience.

The Good Part is an ideal alternative if you’re searching for an option that offers all the content and blogging capabilities you’ll need. If you’re looking to market your website by putting up content, it’s best to use

The Not-so-Good Part

One of the most adaptable WordPress experience is offered by However, setting up the .org website is more expensive due to the fact that you will need to take care of issues like hosting and purchasing the domain name on your own. Additionally, you must maintain your own site and share hosting with hosting companies such as hostgator. If you’re planning to create an affiliate site then you’ll have to manage the affiliate commissions you earn yourself.

The Cheapest Website Builders for Ecommerce

This section we’ll examine some of the top website designs to consider if you’re looking to develop your own eCommerce website.

Keep in mind that many of the less expensive website builders available are pricey because they do not include some features, such as the ability to store items and check out. A few of these web builders may seem expensive initially, but they offer a lot of important features.

  1. Shopify

Shopify is the most well-known site builder tool for ecommerce around the world.

The platform provides everything businesses need to increase sales from contact forms and checkout page, Shopify has it all. Shopify is a great choice of top-quality tools to pick from, in addition to an app market that is flexible.

If you’re looking to begin selling your products online as fast as you can, Shopify can assist you in that. You can set up your store quickly and efficiently using advanced tools that make customizing your store an easy task. There are also a lot of additional features you can avail for free, such as continuous assistance and payment methods that are integrated.

Shopify offers a no-cost SSL certificate. With this certificate, you’ll be able give your customers discount coupons as well as gift cards and many more.

Pricing Details:

Prices for Basic Shopify start at $29 per month and it comes with 2 employees accounts, online store’s capabilities unlimited products, customer assistance, channels for sales as well as up to 4 store options.

You can avail discount coupons as well as an SSL certificate and tools to bring people back to their abandoned carts and gift cards, too. The entire shopifyplan is priced at $79 per month and it includes 5 locations, 5 accounts for staff as well as all the features that are standard and professional reports.

Advanced Shopify includes everything you’ve come to expect from Shopify as well as an advanced report maker with excellent shipping rates, 15 employee accounts, and 8 locations for just $299 per month.

Shopify also provides Shopify Lite, which comes with the possibility of adding products on any website for $9, as well as Shopify Plus for companies.

The Good Part:

Shopify provides everything you require to run your online store in a solid and reliable package. It offers a no-cost trial to help you get up and running, numerous themes to pick from, and a wide range of plugins that allow for flexibility. There are also integrated payment options and an amazing array of functions to suit any type of business.

The Not so Good Part:

The cost of fees charged by Shopify can be a bit high and fast, especially in the case of additional features and plugins. The blog functionality is extremely basic when compared to alternatives such as WordPress. This can be a challenge when it comes to marketing content.

  1. BigCommerce

BigCommerce can be a fantastic option for selling on the internet. If you’re looking for ways to sell on different channels under your name and brand name, then BigCommerce is the ideal choice. BigCommerce is a flexible solution for businesses of today and offers exceptional online selling and growth opportunities.

With BigCommerce it comes with an extensive array of features to try out. most of the functionality is built-in, which means that you don’t need to add ons as with Shopify. If you’re selling your products through Instagram, Amazon, Square and eBay, BigCommerce is right for you.

BigCommerce provides a variety of features for sales to select from, however you have to ensure that you possess the skills or expertise needed to make use of all of the features. There’s a bit of an learning curve to be considered in this regard.

Pricing Details:

The basic edition of BigCommerce is priced at $29.95 per month. In addition, it is compatible with the top payment gateways, a myriad of integrated features, live agent support, checkouts on a single page and much more.

There’s an outlet and a large number of sales on the internet each year, as well as a dedicated SSL that comes equipped with BigCommerce and professional tools for reporting.

The Plus package costs $79.95 per month. it includes everything included in the Standard version, and numerous extras including Google Shopping, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Amazon Pay, and absolutely zero transaction fees.

The Pro package costs $299.95 per month, and comes with everything included in the plus package. It also includes additional features like storage of credit card, search advanced and employee accounts.

BigCommerce also has an enterprise option, but you’ll need to contact them for an estimate.

The Good Part

BigCommerce provides paid plans that are quite affordable for the amount you pay. You don’t have to pay for unlimited storage, so you can add-on options similar to those offered Shopify. Shopify as you’ll get everything you require integrated into the platform.

Another huge advantage of BigCommerce is the fact that there aren’t transaction costs. BigCommerce provides the benefits of a CMS hosting service, hosting services, and options for support at checkout with a cost-effective and easy environment.

The Not So Good Part

The pricing model for BigCommerce is a bit complicated. There’s also no easy ADI solution similar to the one you can get from Shopify. It’s not as simple to fully set-up. BigCommerce also has fewer themes available as compared to other businesses.

  1. Square Online

If you’re looking for an e-commerce web-based builder who is dedicated to making selling more convenient no matter where you are, Square is the best option. With Square you can integrate your offline shop with your online store to discover more ways to earn money.

If you own an Square Point of Sale system or you’re making use of Square to be your service for merchants you could create a website for no cost.

Square Online comes with everything you need should you’re planning to put your own website online. It’s ideal for freelancers and store owners, as it offers many themes to pick from including inventory management, as well as an array of other amazing experiences you can explore.

Pricing Details:

The greatest benefit of the online shop of Square is it allows you to start at no cost. There aren’t any costs associated when you create your store. all you have to do is choose Square for your service as a merchant service and pay the transaction charges that are required.

Square will pay 2.75 percent of each transaction when you sell online. The same applies no what the business card or kind.

If you’re looking to make your business offline and have it go offline, Square will provide you with POS solutions at a cost. The cost of these services will vary based on the services you’ll need. Square provides various options for restaurants, retail as well as other kinds of businesses.

The Good Part:

Square is a great alternative for those short of cash since it allows you to build your site at no cost. The only cost is transaction costs. If you are already a part of your account with the Square community, or are looking to become active both offline and online, Square is an excellent tool.

Square is also an excellent option if you’re looking for something that’s simple to use for novices. There’s inventory management as well as other features that are more advanced to investigate. In addition, Square has AI tools that are built-in to assist with more efficient selling.

The Not so Good Part

For a website builder that is free, Square does have certain limitations. You aren’t able customize your website in the same way you can with a service similar to Shopify. Your payment options are restricted also. There are limits on the choices for processing payments. But, you can create an attractive website for your business without spending a fortune.

The pros and cons of Creating a Website with the help of a Website Builder that is inexpensive

The Pros

Let’s begin with the benefits…

You Don’t Have to Write a Line of Code

The primary advantage of using a website creator is the fact that you do not have to be a programmer (phew!) It’s a great option for those who are new to the field and want to create and launch a site on their own. Many users say they’ve been able to get their website online in just half an hour!

They’re Cost-Effective

It’s almost an automatic statement that website builders are typically more affordable than hiring an expert web developer or designer. They’re therefore a feasible option for hobbyists, and business owners with a tight budget who wish to develop a website.

You Don’t Need to be a Web Designer

When you make use of any of the template templates offered by a web page builders You don’t need to think about color schemes, layouts and typography or anything else. It’s all taken care of for you! If design doesn’t seem like something that comes naturally to you it’s not a reason to be concerned.

The Cons

Then, look over the drawbacks…

These Websites Aren’t Always Suitable for Businesses

When you’re trying to take your new business seriously There are a few items your company should be able to meet which include —

  • Top-notch design
  • Excellent SEO coding
  • Professional website page has offers

The most important thing to do is provide a new client with a poor-looking website. This could affect your credibility and cause people to lose faith in your company’s reputation. This greatly increases the likelihood that a potential customer will leave your site and going to your competitor’s websites.

Domain Names

The free plans do not always permit users to register their own domain. In most cases, you’ll need to be able to tag your URL on the last line of your personal sub-domain. This hardly is professional.

Branding and Ads

Website builders that are free also have an inclination to cover the websites of their users with their own logos and advertisements — however, this isn’t the most appealing impression on visitors to websites.

Other Issues

The problem for the bulk of the cheap web builders is that their templates are a little generic. In addition that they aren’t equipped with responsive designs and SEO functions are generally restricted.

In the realm of SEO Web builders are often involved in coding that is messy and, as such isn’t good for SEO. This is a huge problem for lots of business owners.

Slower Loading Times

If you’re using a no-cost website builder to design your website it’s likely that your website will load slower than one built using paid-for software. It’s essential to have a fast load time to ensure a great user experience. It’s an excellent SEO benefit. an all-in-one win!

Inadequate Customer Service

Free website builders are known for their poor customer service. It can be a disaster when you encounter an issue that is technical! Most of the time it may take several days before you get an email answer to your question.


Our Recommendations for the Best Website Builder

I’m going to defy the rules and pick three alternatives for you three options: one that’s self-hosted an alternative that’s not self-hosted and one that’s designed specifically made for e-commerce.

Self-hosted is the best option, and it’s There are other open source options available however I chose not to discuss them in this piece.

WordPress offers a free version available in the form of and version allows you to have complete control over the site you design. It’s more complex than sites such as Wix or Weebly however all you need to pay for is the shared host, theme and a domain.

I also recommend Wix If you’re planning to purchase an account where hosting service is part of the. It’s more robust than Weebly and the free pricing plan is too tempting to refuse, especially when you’re just creating small or personal website.

In the end, BigCartel makes the most sense as a basic and no-cost web-based store building tool. It’s a small site however, you’ll be able to surpass the simplicity of using. Sure, WooCommerce is superior but it’s more complex to operate.

So, this concludes my suggestions for the most affordable web builders online on the Internet. Should you need to ask any questions you have, post them in the comments section below.


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