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Squarespace Reviews (Nov 2021) 11 Benefits and Cons of Utilizing Squarespace

Find everything you need learn about Squarespace by reading this comprehensive Squarspace review.

In the beginning, Squarespace was only a SaaS-based content management system (CMS) which offered the ability to build websites with ease for designers, a blogging platform, as well as hosting services. In the present, Squarespace has spent time in the world of e-commerce to establish itself as a well-established competitor on the list of E-commerce platforms. The platform it uses is Squarespace Commerce, and it comes with stunning templates, a simple way to start a store as well as some great features. In this in-depth Squarespace Review we’ll cover the pricing structure as well as features and the kind of customer service you’ll get for your online store.

Squarespace is among the business and marketing tools that a majority of people are familiar with. The company is well-known for its years of successful marketing and promotional. But, there are many people in the world who’re not completely informed about the work that Squarespace is, or how it functions.

Similar to many online store builders such as Shopify to BigCommerce, Squarespace helps business owners build their ideal store. Through Squarespace you can create your website in a matter of minutes by using drag-and-drop to know precisely what you’re creating.

Squarespace lets you build websites without having to master a single line of code, or even find your own host. It offers some of the top themes in the website builder, and it’s loaded with features that are strong.

Squarespace Review Pros and Cons

The Squarespace platform and its commerce platform are excellent options for people who are looking to start online. You can make use of squarespace. com’s Squarespace portfolio to discover your place in the results of search engine pages. In addition, Squarespace has plenty of features for e-commerce to help you sell.

It’s true that Squarespace may not prove to be the ideal solution for all. For example, unlike rivals, Squarespace pricing does not come with permanent free plan. It only offers a 2 week trial for free. But the best part is that, since there’s no trial period and you don’t need to be concerned about Squarespace branding your websites.

Let’s take a look at both the positives and negatives in greater in Squarespace Pros:

  • You can create stunning websites Since it’s designed for creative small-business entrepreneurs, Squarespace is perfect for creating beautiful websites. It can be used to design a stunning website with themes that are stunning. Furthermore it doesn’t require the HTML or CSS expertise to dive right into.
  • High time to uptime: Squarespace is famous for its reliability and performance when compared to other web builders. Your website can be kept functioning smoothly for a lengthy period of time.
  • A domain free upon the purchaseSquarespace offers a free domain upon purchase of an annual package. If you pay annually for services and you’ve registered a domain name isn’t going to cost any money. If your website is located elsewhere Squarespace is going to charge an amount to transfer it.
  • Secure SSL for Free If you’re worried about the security of your business and want to be sure that you’re protected, go with Squarespace. When you sign up for your domain, you’ll be able to get a free WHOIS security as well as an SSL certificate that is included with the purchase. This will make it much easier to make sure that you put your audience members at ease while they interact with you.
  • Numerous features to sell online You can choose to use integration with social media, or an amazing online checkout system, Squarespace ensures that you can make money from your website easily. You can also create and manage inventory in your backend. Squarespace does not restrict the amount of products you can offer for sale.
  • Complete help center It’s possible that there won’t be a telephone support with Squarespace but you have a 24 hour email support feature including live chat and an extensive help library to start you off.

Squarespace Cons

  • Squarespace prices are high If you look at the squarespace plans with some of the other competitors on this market, their prices could appear to be quite expensive. There are no-cost plans through Wix or Weebly as an example, however, you won’t find the same low-cost personal plan through Squarespace.
  • Performs slowly The loading time of Squarespace can be quite slow, according to some reviews. This can be a problem for those who need to navigate through your shopping carts quickly especially when using mobile devices.
  • Paying with HTML0 is limited If you’re talking about moving customers to your online store, there’s not many payment options that are available through Squarespace. If you’re an author who wants to earn money or an e-commerce site administrator, then you’ll have to use Stripe only.
  • It can become difficult to use Web-based development needs to be as easy as is possible for people who are new to the field. While Squarespace is making an effort to make sure you don’t get too overwhelmed however, you’ll likely be somewhat overwhelmed by the process for a new user on squarespace at first.
  • Templates that are restrictive Although Squarespace ensures that your website is beautiful using excellent squarespace templates it may feel restricted to build your site by using blocks of content. It isn’t possible to have total control over the content you put on your site. This is meant to prevent novices from making errors but it can also cause a lack of creativity as well as an increased learning curve for certain people.


How to Get to Know Squarespace?

Squarespace was established in 2004 by Anthony Casalena in 2004 and has slowly added updates throughout the years. The most significant update came in July 2012, when they introduced Squarespace 6, which added portfolio templates as well as responsive designs, and provided more control to developers.

In a way, SquareSpace is an online tool that focuses on helping creatives create the ideal website to showcase their work.

Squarespace can assist a variety of business owners create the online stores of their choice. But, the customers who profit the most from the use of a Squarespace website are typically talented individuals such as designers, artists, and fashion retailers. This is what helps set Squarespace apart from other options such as Weebly.

However, this review isn’t only about the typical Squarespace platform that allows you to create websites. It’s also a review about Squarespace Commerce-Squarespace’s primary ecommerce package.

In the end, even though the entire Squarespace is designed to help you make the most value from your sales strategies online, it’s the eCommerce component of the site that’s going blow the lid off your brand new website.

Technically speaking, users of Squarespace websites have been able of selling online through the use of PayPal and Ecwid. However, that was not the best option.

We’d like to find out more about the true platform that helps businesses grow rapidly as well as legitimate stores online. If this sounds like something you would be interested in read on to learn more.

Squarespace Review: The Features

Squarespace is a great option for anyone who wishes to make your website to look stunning and attract the interest of potential clients. Therefore, it follows that using the SquareSpace commerce platform will allow you to showcase your site online too.

As as a CMS, or content control system (CMS,) Squarespace offers a variety of features including widgets, widgets and integrations. It allows integration with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more. It’s not as user-friendly as WordPress however, it’s not lacking in important features. Indeed, Squarespace offers more built-in tools than WordPress. But, WordPress tends to have the advantage of extensions since Squarespace does not have an app or store for plugins.

As an online platform the list of features is rapidly growing and appears to concentrate on the key elements of e-commerce.

Squarespace remains a great choice for small or mid-sized businesses, but it also supports the use of unlimited merchandise and trades. Additionally, both websites for personal and business use are now integrated with e-commerce tools (Awhile earlier, you had to purchase Squarespace Commerce to use the Squarespace Commerce plan).

There are several options for you to choose from. Business Squarespace sites require a small transaction fee, however you can get rid of this by upgrading to an online store that is basic.

In terms of the features, it is impossible to evaluate Squarespace with Shopify or BigCommerce.. I’d like to compare its features list with Big Cartel. It’s not as heavy, but has all the necessary features that are required by most buyers selling online (basic coupons packing slips and packing slips as well as MailChimp integrations, custom emails, and much more).

But, Squarespace Commerce has improved since its beginning, offering no-cost domains SSL safety, 24/7 shipping to carriers and abandoned cart recovery discounts that are automatic and much many more. The one thing that Squarespace isn’t able to offer in comparison with Shopify is an app store. Squarespace does not have.

Overall, I love the user interface of Squarespace for smaller and mid-sized stores that require a stunning website with no need for a lot of work. The price is reasonable but you still get the basic features. Are you looking to make an online gift card? Squarespace allows you to. Do you want to print labels using ShipStation? There’s no problem.


Squarespace Review User-Friendliness

Making a website and an online store using Squarespace Commerce is quite simple. The dashboard is sleek and contemporary, with the menu on the left hand side that allows you to move between pages.

For example, you may need to look over your inventory, add an offer, and then focus to improve your sales. The various tabs are only a mouse click away on the dashboard. You could even say that this interface is simpler to comprehend than Shopify’s. Shopify.

It can be a bit complicated when you’re trying to accomplish something that’s complicated. As an example, for instance, you’re probably not likely to modify much beyond of the options that the Squarespace theme provides you with – that is, with no customized coding.

Squarespace provides a capable design tool that lets you modify elements like your lock screen template, logo as well as a variety of options in your style editor. In reality, all elements of your template can be customizable. If you’re stuck there’s an CSS module you can play with.

It’s an editor that is live, however it doesn’t include drag and drop features. However the settings are simple enough for beginners to use.

Squarespace Review: Pricing

Squarespace Commerce used to be the sole method to accept online payments transactions, but that’s changed. In reality all plans offered by Squarespace can include the ability to integrate ecommerce features.

For instance The Business Plan, as listed below, gives you the option of selling your products online. It is possible to technically integrate something similar to the PayPal button in your Personal account, however there’s no longer a full eCommerce support.

Squarespace Website Builder Prices

The monthly price of the business plan will be less however the drawback is that Squarespace charges a transaction cost:

  • Personal – $12 per month. This will give you a website that has 20 pages, the support of an indefinite amount of products. The site also comes with an option to accept donations. There are no e-commerce tools with this plan but an SSL is included and you are able to test the PayPal button if you’d like.
  • Business Business $48 for an integrated online store, with 3.3% transaction fee. The company also offers advertising pop-ups for promotions, Google email accounts, and Google AdWords credits. You can sell unlimited items and build websites with unlimited pages.

This is great news for businesses looking to get into the e-commerce world. It is possible to use your existing Squarespace website and see the products that might be a hit on your site. The site will be charged a transaction cost, but at a minimum, your monthly expenses stay the same.

Squarespace Ecommerce Pricing

For the standard squarespace Commerce plan, there aren’t charges for transactions and the features are enhanced:

  • Basic Commerce Basic Commerce HTML0 $26 per month for a plan that has no transaction costs (besides the cost of credit cards) all features included in business plans, including unlimited items, free custom web domain, optimized mobile SSL security, robust analytics for commerce, a checkout module for Squarespace’s domain, Xero integration, label printing inventory, orders, customer accounts, taxes, and discounts. The checkout also is hosted on your domain.
  • Advanced Commerce – $40 per month for all the options in the prior plans. The checkout will remain on your domain. You also get the most powerful metrics for commerce including inventory, orders, coupons, taxes abandoned cart recovery delivery of your order in real-time, flexible offers, gift card and the API for orders.

Squarespace is not known as a low-cost web-based builder. It’s a premium platform and has a higher price tag than other platforms. The majority of templates available for free are very good quality So I’m convinced it’s worth the cost.

Like the Shopify‘s templates, you’re receiving a design for your website which is probably worth more than $10,000 at only a tiny fraction of the cost.

However it’s true it’s true that Shopify provides a plan for $9 while Big Cartel offers plans anywhere between free and $20 It’s hard for Squarespace to be competitive. The Personal plans of $12 and $18 and Business plans are excellent beginnings, especially when you consider that the fact that not everyone would like to shell out thirty dollars per month for an online store. However, you’ll still have to pay the transaction charges in the lower plans.

Read the pricing for Squarespace guide for more details.


Squarespace Evaluation: Templates & Design

That’s Squarespace Commerce‘s strong feature. The company is known for its the design. The templates available are outstanding. I have counted 16 online store themes as well as more than 80 themes that are standard that have hipster names such as Devlin, Five, Wells, Hudson, and Dovetail. They’re gorgeous.

They are easily customizable and are also flexible, making them mobile-friendly. They’ve been developed with art, blogging, and creative thinking in mind. with a neat little category specifically designed for ecommerce.

I’m not certain how much difference it does however, at first it appears that Shopify’s themes are designed to be sold, while themes from Squarespace are designed to be beautiful. Squarespace has diversified its collection of themes, compared to have only 10 themes overall. So, the number of 80+ is on par with giants like Shopify or Bigcommerce. My personal opinion I think the Squarespace themes are much more appealing.

Shopify is now over 150, Bigcommerce has more than 100 as well Volusion offers over 120 However, you have to pay additional for some of them particularly with Volusion certain templates aren’t even worth the cost. The majority of Squarespace’s templates are good quality. In the present, I’d think that Squarespace’s design is exceptional and, despite the small number of templates available I would place them higher than most other e-commerce platforms.


Squarespace Review: Inventory

Squarespace Commerce supports multiple-dimensional variations of product (size color, size, weight). It does not restrict your quantity of products or SKUs therefore it’s not unreasonable to imagine that you could operate a massive store on the platform. The management of inventory is easy thanks to the capability to send shipping notifications and manage refunds directly from the dashboard. There are options to update stock as well as rapidly making shipping tags.

The barcode scanning and shipping in real-time is a sign the fact that Squarespace appears to have moved away from only supporting small-sized stores to supporting large-scale businesses.

Squarespace Commerce Review: SEO & Marketing

The features of Squarespace Commerce’s marketing and SEO functions are quite good. It is possible to edit the page’s meta description, page titles as well as create custom URLs and all of them include XML sitemaps as well as legitimate XHTML code. It is also possible to utilize redirects 301. It supports full social integration that allows you to connect to your clients via Twitter, Facebook, and other websites.

The issue that is different about SEO generally is that there’s only a certain amount that your e-commerce platform is able to accomplish. Then it’s up to you to get started blogging, using Google Webmaster Tools, adding alt text for images, and many more. The best part is Squarespace provides SEO guides that will guide you through everything.

You can also sell your products on Facebook and also post your products for sale on Pinterest as well as Instagram. Squarespace has also added the ability to display a promotional popup that will draw attention from customers. The abandoned checkout recovery feature can be located on the highest priced plan. It also includes automated discounts for your customers.

Because Squarespace is a newer eCommerce platform and doesn’t include any specific apps for marketing or ecommerce that can enhance the capabilities of the stores. As of now marketing platforms are limited to the features built into the platform. I wrote a separate post for you to know more this, which I believe is the most effective website builder for eCommerce.

Notice: Squarespace adds marketing tools regularly. A feature that will be added in the near future is email marketing.


Squarespace Review Pays

Squarespace Commerce only provides a handful of payment options, however they’re among the most well-known options available. As the default payment processor, Stripe has been integrated into Squarespace and acts as the primary payment option that you can choose from. But, you have the option of going using PayPal and Apple Pay. Credit cards of all major types are accepted no matter the method.

Stripe is simple to setup and is extremely popular across countries like the US, UK, Ireland as well as Australia.

It’s all about the country you are using Stripe in however, you should anticipate the transaction fee to be around 2.9 percent and 30 cents for each successful payment. Similar to PayPal.

There aren’t any monthly charges or any other fees associated in connection with Stripe as well as PayPal. They accept any major credit card and have your money in your bank account in two or three business days. Apple Pay is another alternative for making payments.

Squarespace Commerce Review: Security

The Squarespace has demonstrated that it can handle huge volume of traffic on your site while protecting your customers’ information. SSL security is a part of both of the primary commerce plans and it’s displayed prominently to customers via the browser’s bar, meaning they’re more likely believe in you.

If you’re curious that this is an encryption of 2048 bits SSL encryption which is the most secure standard in online security. In addition, all transactions processed through Stripe are PCI certified.

Squarespace Review Customer Support

Squarespace provides a complete knowledge base to build websites. Its documentation on e-commerce is quickly expanding. For instance, Squarespace has a excellent webinar series to guide through the configuration of an e-commerce site and make sure all the way from ordering inventory runs smoothly.

The company provides 24/7 support, which is included in any plan and live chat support and a live forum to help peer-to-peer. Calling their 24/7 support can take a bit of time to get someone to answer the phone however their support staff are excellent. Squarespace doesn’t outsource their support staff as do many of its other competitors.


Squarespace Evaluation: Who is it Suitable for?

Squarespace is among the largest market-leading solutions that are available currently. It is always growing and improving, with more templates and features available to explore. While Squarespace was initially a better fit to companies that were creative and selling digital goods, it has quickly changed.

Today, companies are able to create impressive eCommerce websites using Squarespace. As with other eCommerce website creator, Squarespace has some areas that it is better than other platforms. For instance, it is one of the top tools for anyone seeking to build stunning websites with stunning visual appeal. If your site is focused on images and optimized for mobile, Squarespace can help you with that.

The Squarespace platform is an excellent option for those always on the move. The mobile apps that are available in the Squarespace service allow you can modify pages at any time. You can also restore deleted posts and pages which means you don’t need to worry about making mistakes. However, the absence the app stores implies that you’re bound by limitations on how much you can extend the capabilities of your store.

Here are a few people who could be benefited from creating a site using Squarespace:

  • Blogs: Squarespace might not be as effective as WordPress for creating blogs However, it’s an acceptable option for those who run an imaginative business and need to market your business using content. It’s not possible to integrate things such as Yoast and other SEO options to your Squarespace website, however the built-in blogging tools are quite simple to make use of. You can allow multiple contributors to contribute and sync your blog to social media platforms and publish posts on social media, and also utilize templates specifically made for blogging.
  • Sales of business services: If you’re looking to sell your services via the internet, Squarespace is an ideal option. The builder is a great option for anyone who wants to build showcases that show their works since there are plenty of templates available that allow the showcase of the work you’ve done with visual displays and carousels. Squarespace is an excellent tool to create an appealing and attractive brand for your business, also. It is also possible to integrate your blog and website with other features, including the built-in tools for analytics and email campaigns SEO tools, eCommerce capabilities and much more.
  • Sales from eCommerce: Squarespace was not always the best option for eCommerce, especially when compared to alternatives like Shopify. However, the service is always evolving and improving to provide more appealing features for owners of websites. There are a number of payment processors to enable you to sell physical goods. There are dedicated payment plans designed specifically for eCommerce. These plans include tools for managing inventory and abandoned cart recovery.

Others Business Owners who might benefit from Squarespace

The number of options offered by Squarespace grows, the platform is becoming more appealing to all types businesses. One of the recent improvements to Squarespace and its eCommerce plans is an connection with Square.

Square is an online retailer and POS company which assists businesses with managing transactions online and offline. Through its Squarespace Commerce service, as well as the industry’s top hardware, companies selling both offline and online are able to benefit from Squarespace. If you’re planning on taking your business in the field or opening pop-up shops, then Squarespace is an excellent choice.

If you sell your products offline using Squarespace there is no need to be concerned about updating your details in the future. Everything is synchronized all in one location, meaning you won’t be able to lose the track of your inventory. Squarespace and Square’s integration allows you to set one-time discounts and to gather customer email addresses while you travel.

You can currently benefit from the integration to Squarespace and Square when you’re using access to the Square Commerce mobile application. However Square’s eCommerce team is currently working on integrating the iPad as well as Android version of this app as well.

You can also utilize Squarespace to build an individual portfolio. If you’re looking to showcase your work and demonstrate to the world how you accomplish, Squarespace offers some of the finest templates for this. The themes are developed by experts in the company, and you are able to customize them as well.

Squarespace is quick and simple to change images as well as fonts, colors, and colors in addition to sharing information on social media platforms and integrating with third-party services such as Google Drive and Adobe Creative and many more.

Squarespace Point of Sale (Point Of Sale)

Point of Sale allows customers to connect card readers as well as other sales hardware along with their online store to allow them to sell their products in the physical store, and also online. Like we said, Squarespace has recently seen a significant improvement in this area because of the appropriate integrations.

Squarespace is great for pop-up markets, market stalls, shops as well as events and permanently-based retail stores – everything that you could need to offer products. It is possible to sync your technology so that your page for products always has the appropriate quantity of inventory after the purchase of an item online.

As you POS as well as your online shop are connected it’s easier to keep track the inventory count as well as tax rates and other vital information for business owners to remain ahead of the game.

Up until recently, Squarespace didn’t actually have any POS technology. It’s only because of an integration of Square that Squarespace can offer the ideal solution for the current teams. It allows you to incorporate some of the top POS software into the point-of-sale environment So you don’t have to be concerned about using a variety of different apps and tools.

Even if you’re on an entry-level plan using Squarespace it will provide the tools you require to communicate with your customers and increase sales, both offline and online. Be aware that, for the moment the integrations to Square are a bit limited. You’re only able to utilize the mobile app in conjunction with your Squarespace solution This means you aren’t able to go far using your hardware.

Luckily, because this Square as well as Squarespace integration is relatively recent, there’s a high possibility that both companies will continue to build their partnership with additional features in the future. Be on the lookout for more features to come in the near future.

Is Squarespace the right choice for you?

Squarespace is an online website builder that is designed to provide you with everything you require to create an amazing website. Built for those who are new to the world of technology, Squarespace is a leading website builder with a great reason.

With Squarespace it is possible to access the top designs and themes available currently available, which are perfect for businesses that are innovative. Furthermore, you will have a fun and visually appealing way to establish your online brand. It’s true that it’s not going to work for every person. Although the user interface for non-technical users is very easy to use However, there are some limitations with Squarespace that could make it difficult to master for some builders.

In addition, Squarespace seems to be more suitable for users who have a low level of technical proficiency. You won’t get the capacity you require from Squarespace If you’re able to create more sophisticated websites online.

All in all, Squarespace is likely to be a great option for those with an eye for gorgeous things and is looking to launch their website with minimal effort.

Squarespace Review Answers to FAQ

Does Squarespace Free?

A: There’s no free plan that is available on the Squarespace platform. You are able to try the service with the trial period of 14 days, however. After your trial period expires then you’ll have to sign up to a premium subscription.

Is Squarespace expensive?

A The truth is that there are more expensive software out there that are less expensive than Squarespace and you’ll have to pay a fair amount for this site builder tool. The personal plan, the most affordable option to business-owners, costs approximately 12 dollars per month. When compared with Wix or Weebly that offer plans starting at $ 8 which can be to be a bit costly.

Is Squarespace eCommerce friendly?

A: Yes, Squarespace has plenty of tools that can aid you in selling online. There is also Squarespace Commerce, which is a features of the Squarespace Commerce feature specifically designed for website owners. Its features include everything from unlimited product support , to an integrated shopping cart. There are limitations with regards to payment options , however.

Are Squarespace SEO friendly?

Answer: Squarespace has many tools that are built in the Squarespace platform to aid your website be ranked in Google results for search. There are things you can do such as titles tags and mobile-friendly design. You can, however, modify the title of your website to match your URL for reasons of ranking.

Are Squarespace better than WordPress?

A: It’s all dependent on what you require. WordPress is an CMS which means that it has everything you require to get your online business. Its open-source nature WordPress is what makes it more adaptable in comparison to Squarespace however, it can be a bit more difficult to work with.

Is Squarespace superior to Shopify?

The answer is Shopify is an online website creator designed specifically to be used for eCommerce selling. Many people like Squarespace because of its simplicity however, others you’ll find Shopify more extensible. If you’re looking to add additional widget capabilities and integrations to your website, Shopify is the better option.

Are Squarespace more effective than Wix?

A The Wix website builder is a less expensive alternative than Squarespace. The builder for websites allows you to be more imaginative with your website creating, especially if you prefer customizing you’re the code. It’s true that Squarespace can be a more suitable option for those who are just starting out. If you’re looking to go with something a bit more simple and focused on design and user-friendly, then you’ll probably prefer Squarespace.

Squarespace Alternative Options

You probably have an concept of what to be expecting when you buy Squarespace. We’ve gone through the tools of the builder, its prices, as well as design features. The final point it’s up to you to figure out which tool is best for you.

Although Squarespace is regarded for being among the most effective web-based builders available for a variety of companies but it’s not going be the best solution for every person. Many people feel that the product is too complex for their requirements, or is too restricting when they want to be as innovative as they can. It’s not surprising that it requires more than unlimited bandwidth to keep everyone content.

If Squarespace does not seem to be the best choice for your requirements, you can look at these alternative alternatives instead.


Shopify is certainly one of the largest and most well-known platforms for creating ecommerce websites in the world of digital. The sleek and user-friendly platform offers a variety of templates that can be customized that are available in both premium and free formats. There’s also a lot of simple integration with third-party applications, which means you can always expand the functionality of your store based on what you require.

Shopify is great for offering unlimited storage options, much as Squarespace. It’s also great to extend functionality, with connectivity all the way from opentable up and opentable to Google Analytics, so that you are confident that you will be able to run the kind of online enterprise that’s best for you. Shopify is ideal for businesses that need access to the latest features such as social media as well as customer service dropshipping and managing inventory.

In contrast to Squarespace, Shopify also provides point of sale technologies and advanced reporting options along with SEO. Shopify also has a wider variety of payment gateways accessible through Shopify too.


Another excellent CMS that a majority of companies will likely be familiar with when they first begin to build sites online. WordPress is the top choice for web-based site builders. In the world, many businesses depend upon WordPress for keeping their businesses operating. The dazzling tool is among the most popular open-source platforms available.

While WordPress is open source, and not like Squarespace it’s surprisingly simple to use, and comes with numerous templates and plugins that can assist you in creating the ideal website. WordPress is also well-known for the extensive support and resources from the community that it provides to help to get started. In contrast to Squarespace, WordPress is also much more adaptable for those who are looking to be creative in their web design.

WordPress is also a great platform for making it easy to move your website out of the Squarespace platform to the WP platform should you’d like to.


Volusion It is an additional open source software as a service that allows users to create their own online store. As opposed to squarespace, Volusion comes with both premium and free themes, all of which are mobile-friendly.

The template editor built into Volusion allows users modify as well CSS as well as HTML stylesheets. In addition, you have access to all the features that come with a well-known shopping cart and the ability to connect with more than thirty payment processors.

SquareSpace is an excellent device, yet it’s no where nearly as flexible as Volusion. If you’re looking for something that offers infinitely flexible tools to improve your business’s efficiency, Volusion could be the best choice. It’s unfortunate that you can’t avail blogging capabilities in Volusion.


In the end, BigCommerce is an amazing eCommerce platform that is hosted on the web perfect for the creation of websites which allow you to sell physical and digital items. BigCommerce is a very popular choice on the internet because it allows you create stores quickly and offers a wide range of back-end support as well as numerous management features.

BigCommerce offers features such as SEO support abandon cart tools, and even product reviews. It also has integrations with a variety of email marketing tools as well as social media widgets along with payment processing gateways.

In comparison with the Squarespace, BigCommerce offers a greater amount of functionality and flexibility in the control of CSS and HTML code of templates and pages.


Similar to like SquarespaceWix is another well-known site builder. It’s among the easiest-to-use alternatives available with the ability to create more than 60 million web pages. The website gives access to gorgeous designs in different categories, so you’ll be able to truly find something to fit the image of your company.

Of course, there’s more to Wix than its templates designs. This is a highly rich in features for entrepreneurs. It has drag-and-drop layouts, a variety of hosting options, and a floating toolbars that allow editing in-vitro. Wix is also able to benefit from the most extensive variety of widgets within the industry, covering all kinds of things including Amazon and Google. Furthermore like squarespace, Wix supports Adsense and PayPal with no fee for transactions from your revenue.

Squarespace Review Finale

Then what do you think? Is squarespace the most effective e-commerce platform to meet your needs?

All depends on you.

I was really happy with the creation of my online store and website with Squarespace. The company has always enjoyed an excellent reputation as a blog/portfolio site builder, and so the move to e-commerce was an easy option. Squarespace Commerce could be an ideal e-commerce platform for those looking to design a beautiful online store that offers unlimited products as well as an ever-growing array of tools for marketing.

I’m beginning to believe that Squarespace is starting to compete with the giants such as BigCommerceShopify as well as CoreCommerce. Squarespace hasn’t got the option of an application store however its built-in functions are impressive, and they are constantly expanding its integrations with high-profile names to compensate for the absence of an app store.

I’m also thinking it could be a great option for sellers via Etsy as well as eBay who want to make the switch. In the end, it’s the best choice in terms of templates and it’s hard to find an option in Shopify or BigCommerce that isn’t available in Squarespace.

Do you have a view about Squarespace Commerce? Visit the comments section and tell us your thoughts on the Squarespace Commerce review.

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