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Best Access Control Systems

The security of sensitive information and employees at-site is vital. However, many businesses with many locations struggle to accomplish this, particularly in cases where staff members have different levels of access. It’s a huge issue.

However, there’s a solution access control systems are a way to safeguard companies by allowing them the ability to control who has access to their facilities and in which manner, thereby solving the issue in the end.

I looked into the most effective security systems for access control available today.

The Top 5 Most Effective Access Control Systems

  1. Honeywell The Best for Large TeamsThe best for large Teams
  2. SALTO –The Most Effective for Wireless Access Control
  3. Envoy — The Top Option for Health Checks Customized to Your Specific Needs
  4. ISONAS -The Best Single User Experience
  5. Bosch Control Access Control -The Most Scalable

These are my top choices. Let’s dig a little deeper into these.

1- Honeywell: The Most Suitable for Large Teams

The bigger your group is, the greater chance there is for sensitive information to be lost or fall into in the wrong hands. Honeywell provides a solution for this problem with their access control solution that won’t play around.

There are many pieces of great software to choose from in this article, but one that is that is worth mentioning is the integrated security software WIN-PAK. This program provides the ability to control access and video security and intrusion detection with an integrated and single interface. It’s a simple browser-based interface that allows users to execute access control functions wherever and at any time.

For teams with a large number of employees The best part is that WIN-PAK can be adapted in any way you like, from a single place to a multi-regional operation. There’s no limit to what you can accomplish here regardless of how big your team. This makes it an ideal enterprise-level tool yet still suitable for anyone in all sizes and shapes.

I appreciate the possibility to incorporate third-party solutions, like BioConnect Suprema and Morpho Biometric, two important biometric multiple-factor authentication solutions.

Honeywell provides dedicated support for their products as well and offers an online portal, knowledge base and knowledge base and also telephone support whenever you require it.

Prices are not publicly published, so it’s best to call Honeywell to request a estimate.

2 – SALTO The best option for Wireless Access Control

If you require security via wireless, above everything other requirements, SALTO is a top choice that won’t let anyone let you down.

SALTO offers companies easy control access systems that do not require wires or power from outside. In essence, it’s wireless access control that doesn’t require any other equipment, and it’s one of the easiest solutions listed here to implement.

With SALTO the user will be able to access wireless locks as well as readers and battery-powered accessibility control devices. It works with everything from cards reader to digital locks and access can be set at the most precise level via the local server. That is, you choose the security level you require and can manage the system from the distance.

I am particularly impressed by the ability of the system to allow access via mobile applications–not every access control system allow this feature, removing the need for keycards and key fobs , which frequently get lost. The average person is less likely to lose or misplace their phones and it’s an advanced system because of it.

For the ultimate in wireless convenience and reliable accessibility control, you cannot do much wrong with this. Similar to many access control systems, there’s no price available, so it’s recommended to call SALTO to request a customized quote. You can get that by clicking here.

3- It’s the Most Effective for Health Checks Customized to Your Specific Needs

Envoy provides a range of access control tools that will help ensure that your employees are secure and safe.

There’s never been a better moment to ensure your team members are healthy and well. The outbreak has shown how crucial it is to avoid infections in the workplace. Envoy, in the quickest time ever, provides a quick solution to this problem in the shape of the Envoy Protect.

Envoy Protect is a specific focus on the health aspect of things. It can provide custom health screenings which can verify whether employees’ health is good prior to they arrive at work. You’ll be able set limits on capacity so that you are able to determine with confidence how many employees are on the premises at any moment.

It is possible to establish guidelines for who can be allowed to be on site based on the answers to questionnaires. This is directly integrated with Access Control System. It is a great way to ensure only healthy employees go to work or at the site, and those who are sick can stay at home and work at a distance.

It’s not even talking about the options for sign-ins that are touchless as well as a complete employee record to allow you to plan the week ahead, and contract tracing in the workplace. Workplace contract tracking allows you to track who was exposed to an unhealthy employee solely based on the data from sign-ins and then you can take action accordingly.

Plus, Envoy transparently lists its pricing in four levels:

The initial tier is completely free, and even though it is limited in features however, it is an ideal starting point for small-sized workplaces. Higher levels will naturally provide higher-end features, such as limitations on capacity, photos of visitors as well as directory integrations.

The second level is priced at $99 per location for a month, and 50 employees for each location. You can try it along with the third level at no cost.

4- ISONAS: The Most Effective for Single Users

Access control solutions can become confusing however ISONAS is determined to make it easier by introducing an IP Access Control System that is based on your current network. The idea is to make the installation as easy as it can be.

You can choose between either cloud-based and local connection when you use the system. In essence, ISONAS does away with the requirement for complex installation because it transforms your previous setup to IP systems that are compatible using its program.

It’s more complex than it actually is however, suffice to say that it removes much of the hassle when it comes to these systems.

You’ll have the option of choosing among readers for ID badges, fobs and cards and even PIN-based access. Whatever you require, there’s a security solution for it. The program lets users access the readers with their mobile phones or simple proximity scanners. It then integrates with the overall system.

For those who are single It’s an excellent option due to its user-friendliness and versatility. ISONAS is available with a range of doors from one to five.

It is important to note that there are two choices of software in this case: Pure Access Cloud and Pure Access Manager. Pure Access Cloud is hosted using controllers that are connected to the cloud. While the second is an on-premises application which allows you to control your access from every device within the network. Both are great alternatives, however Pure Access Manager does give users access from any location which makes it an excellent option.

There are no prices publically accessible, however, you’re required to call ISONAS for a customized estimate.

5.  Bosch Access Control -The Best for Scalability

The requirement to have an access control system that is able to scale with your business is not a new one Bosch’s access management solution provides that all the way.

Bosch provides a system that which you can rely on for virtually any task regardless of the size of your first project or how large you grow.

Users start by using Access Management System (AMS) and can then upgrade to the BIS Access Engine (BIS-ACE) as needed. This is small-scale businesses that require security that is comparable to airports. Effectively, Bosch provides that level of scalability. However, the hardware remains the same.

Many access control systems claim to provide the ability to scale, but Bosch is able to deliver it in a rather remarkable manner. The best part is that it’s not complicated and the software simply adapts to the needs of your business.

The scalability of the system is supported by other fantastic features, such as 15 adjustable threat levels, real-time updates of what’s happening at the door and a powerful visitor management. Bosch’s system is also combined with various video systems, such as BVMS or Milestone XProtect.

To use this highly effective access control system you’ll need to call Bosch to request a quote based on the exact needs.

How to Choose the Best Access Control Systems?

Access control systems can be complex, even at the best of times, which is why choosing one could be even more difficult. The basic function that an access control system does – protection as well as control over access to employees remains the same across all products, even though.

The technology used to create these systems differs dramatically. For instance, some can be installed easily and operate wirelessly, but others will require a thorough and complicated installation.

To help you make the process easier to make things easier, we’ve listed a few of the most crucial areas to be thinking about prior to you begin to select the best system for your needs.


It’s reasonable to state that access control systems of all kinds will require professional installation regardless of how straightforward they appear.

The service provider will handle the installation of every system, however, you have to know the length and complexity of the process will be prior to the installation. Make sure you ask the provider who is responsible for the installation, the method of carrying it out, the totality of the project, as well as a an accurate estimation of the cost total.

The installation is a concern for the entire buyer base, and as such I believe it’s one of the primary factors to take into consideration when buying an access-control system. Simply put, be aware of the details of what you’re committing to prior to jumping into the fray. These are intricate systems that benefit those who plan ahead.


In the main an Access control device is about security and how you manage it. Therefore, it’s important to know the technology behind it.

In the ideal scenario, you’ll need to seek out systems that have the most recent technology, systems that replace the physical locks with a higher degree of security. Some examples include door locks and tamper alarms which can make it more difficult to get in.

Then, consider the level of security you’ll have to offer your employees, then proceed from there.

Access Cards

Like the previous example access cards are also an important consideration. You should look for an organization that can provide the printers for access cards as well as the consumables required to make them.

Certain advanced access systems include security features, such as encryption and holograms. If you require the highest stage of security you should consider them however, be aware of the cost associated with such technologies.


You should think about the extent to which they will scale for the future. It’s a pain to be constantly switching software and access control systems aren’t any different.

If you reach out to your supplier, make certain to inquire regarding the amount of staff that the system is serving as well as the number of doors that are covered.

Certain access control systems can adapt to your needs however others will be far more restricted. Take into consideration the capacity of your system as well as the way it is connected to your business.

Access to Reporting

Although it’s not the most important aspect to think about but it’s worth thinking about how you can access the reporting interface within the access management system you use.

For instance access is granted locally or through the cloud? Cloud access lets you begin the system from any device you are, making it a more convenient alternative if it’s accessible right from the beginning.

Reporting interfaces permit you to track where employees are in an organization and assist with attendance tracking So, be certain to learn how easy it is to use the interfaces before you sign.


In the present access control systems are essential. They safeguard sensitive data and, most importantly make sure that employees are secure when they work.

If you’re a part of a larger group, you should choose Honeywell as well as SALTO is a great option for easy wireless access.

Envoy provides a wonderful solution for customized health checks The best option for individuals is ISONAS.

If you’re a company concerned about scaling, Bosch Access Control more than meets the needs.

Consider the setting up of your system, along with the security technology that powers it and the accessibility to reporting capabilities and the capacity.

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