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The Best Methods to Contact Wix Customer Service

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A website’s creation doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming it’s a breeze particularly with Wix. It is currently powering more than 4.5 million websites online, Wix is a simple user-friendly platform that allows you to build your personal website by starting from the ground up.

However, just that Wix is user-friendly (in our study of website builders, Wix scored an impressive 4.4 out of five) but that doesn’t mean you’ll never encounter a glitch at some point in your journey to build a website. It’s possible that you need assistance with opening and closing your account, or require assistance in installing a plugin, creating your website or optimizing it for search engine. You may also require some guidance on how to make your Wix site online – and also, upgrading your plan in order to get rid of ads or link with your domain.

This implies that sooner or later, you’ll need to connect with Wix’s customer support team. How do you accomplish this?

If it’s email, live chat or social media as well as self-service. In this post will provide a comprehensive overview of the options you have to get help and assistance from Wix. In addition to giving every number, handles and contact information you’ll require as well as our top suggestions for getting in touch with Wix Customer Support. Are you ready? Let’s start!

  1. Email

Wix does not offer traditional email support. That is, there’s not a specific email address that you can use to communicate your queries to. Do not let this worry you but there’s a better alternative.

Instead of sending an email or a phone call, you can use an online form for contact on the Wix website. After you log into your account, you’ll be given the option of selecting the category you’re putting your concern under: whether it’s the billing or subscriptions process, SEO, analytics, or everything else in between.

After you’ve chosen the subject (for this instance we’ll choose ‘Billing and Subscriptions, Charges and Billing’) you’ll be asked to narrow the scope of your query.

Then, you’ll be presented with a subtopic list which will allow you to narrow your problem even further. in this case, we’ve picked the option to upgrade to a Premium Plan’.

After that, you’ll receive some tips along with a range of alternatives you can select to get the place you want to be. If none of them fit the bill, then you’ll be able to speak to one of Wix’s “Customer Support Experts’ through chat. chat (which we’ll go over in detail in a moment).

For those who prefer to use Wix’s online contact form isn’t as easy (or the same) as sending an email. However, it still has numerous advantages that are available 24 hours a day and offers immediate assistance and is displayed in a way that anyone can comprehend.

We’d highly suggest Wix’s contact form online to inquire about:

  • Subscriptions and billing
  • Search Engine Optimization, marketing via email and web analytics
  • Connecting and buying mailboxes, as well as domain names
  • Controlling your account settings
  • Create your website using Wix’s ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) tool
  • Accepting payment through Wix

The Wix’s Contact Form online does have some drawbacks, particularly for those who aren’t a fan of having to go through some phases of automation before getting transferred to a customer service representative.

It is for obvious reasons that this type support offered by Wix service is not suited for those who prefer talking to “a real person”. If this is you, then head into” Call Center Support” in the “Call Center Support’ section below.

  1. Live Chat

If you’re unable to get the answers you’re looking for via the Wix online contact form You’ll be presented with the following list of options:

Simply click one of the options in the above screenshot to initiate the live chat for one of our customer service agents in real-time.

Wix’s representatives are pleasant and usually respond within minutes. Even though we had the live chat function active in the screenshot above it is also possible to access it through a smaller window and chat easily, and work on your Wix website simultaneously.

We’d suggest the live chat option for problems that aren’t resolved via the contact form online above, or in cases where you require further clarification. Live chat can also be useful when you have issues that aren’t as complex that you’re required to talk with an agent via phone, but require live interaction with an experts to determine the root of.

Live chat option is useful as – unlike Wix’s other phone service channels it is available 24/7. However, we can understand why some people prefer call support from a center, especially when they would prefer to speak their requests for support instead of writing them to an automated system.

  1. Support for Call Centers
    If you’re unable to contact Wix via the Wix contact form that we talked about previously fails and you don’t get a response, you’ll have the option to get a callback. It basically implies that one the Wix agents will contact you to offer personal service over the phone and you’ll have to send a callback request first. You must also be connected to your Wix account via your mobile or computer.

However, Wix doesn’t provide any contact numbers on its site, meaning you aren’t able to contact them directly for assistance via phone. However, Wix’s representatives tend to be quick in returning calls and – if that you can communicate in English, German, Portuguese or Spanish they are accessible 24/7. Wix also provides support via phone in additional five languages, however this is only available for the maximum of five days each week.

We’d highly recommend the call center service offered by Wix to resolve recurring or detailed problems, particularly issues that aren’t readily described through article suggestions or via an online chat bot. It is also recommended to use an online or automated route for the first point of call, using telephone-based support in case of should the solution not be immediate.

  1. Knowledge Base

All websites that are worth their salt provide the ability to learn, but Wix’s version – called the “Wix Help Center’ – is particularly impressive.

With over a thousand articles that provide tips on practically everything the builder offers whether it’s content, payments, app integrations POS services, more, this Wix Help Center is the ideal complement to Wix’s phone-based live chat and online customer support options.

It is recommended to start from the top by entering the keywords of your search in the box for searching.

If this doesn’t provide the information you require then scroll down Wix offers a wide selection of helpful guides and articles which are easily categorized by subject which makes it simple to swiftly find the guide you’re looking for.

The majority of the articles on this site deal with specific issues relevant to the functioning of your Wix website The Wix Help Center also contains amazing supplementary material that can help you with managing your online business during the COVID-19 epidemic. There’s also an additional section, which is reminiscent of social media, which outlines the latest topics in the news.

We’d recommend this Wix Help Center the most for those who have some time to spare. It’s likely that you’ll take more time locating the answers you require however, you getting some important tidbits of wisdom while you’re there as you discover new possibilities and possibilities for your Wix website that you never imagined to discover.

The main drawback to accessing Wix’s knowledgebase – apart of the fact it’s much less personal than a chat or a live chat is that it can be like a bit overwhelming. It’s so numerous areas to look through and select from that it’s easy to become frustrated and even give up. However, we’re here to help you. and keep working and be rewarded!

You can go to Wix Help Center from here. Wix Help Center from here.

Twitter, Facebook , and Instagram
Wix is a prominent presence on social media platforms, with an up-to-date YouTube page and a slick blog. If you view social media as less of a relaxing distraction and more of a quick and efficient method to get top-quality customer support, then you’ll have to go to the major three platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This is where you can get in touch with Wix on each of these:

Of all of them, Facebook provides the quickest way to answer your question. Wix is described as being ‘Very Receptive on its official site as well as it’s Facebook Messenger live chat bot generally responds within an hour.

Twitter, like most businesses, is the place you should go if you are concerned about something you’d like to share with the world. Most people turn to Twitter as the last resort in the event that they don’t receive an answer after several attempts to contact a business with the goal of making the company look bad and causing responding. You’re unlikely to need to use this method using Wix but, as you’ve witnessed thus far their support channels are as fast and efficient as they come.

However, if you’ve got an issue that isn’t addressed via any of the methods for support that we’ve talked about previously, you may reach out to Wix on Twitter by tweeting @Wix.

You can also seek assistance by slipping through the Wix DMs (direct messages) on Instagram or by including @wix on a post. It’s unlikely that we’d be fast to suggest Instagram as a customer service channel if you’re looking for quick responses, but we recommend suggest visiting Wix’s page on the platform. Filled with vivid photos with actionable tips, as well as easy links to Wix’s podcast and blog content It’s definitely worth following.

Wix’s Instagram account under the appropriately-named account, which is easy to remember @wix.


  1. Top Tips to Contact Wix Customer Support

With all of the Wix customer support channels covered we’ll wrap by presenting our top three ways to contact Wix support. This advice can be applied regardless of which Wix support option you pick So go through it before we wrap up and you’ll never be wrong!

Tip 1 Double-check the status of the Wix’s Customer Services First

We’ve all experienced how irritating it is to wait for a callback which never comes through or be stuck in a queue waiting for a customer support representative to answer the phone (all while hearing horrible, irritating call-waiting song!). Therefore, before getting to contact Wix you must make sure everything is working in the way it should.

It’s quite easy to accomplish this. Just visit Wix Services Status Page Wix Service Status page to find the most current information on the status of all of Wix’s services. If it looks like this it’s right place:

However, if it’s not, some of Wix’s services or website might be unavailable. If this is it’s the case, you’ll find out immediately, rather than needing to contact any of Wix’s customer support agents directly in order for them to provide the same response. Although it might appear like a bit complicated at first, we’d suggest making Wix’s Wix Services Status Page your partner – it’s got the potential to save you lots of time!

Tip 2 Use the Wix Technical Assistant

Although it looks like an robotic anthropomorph however, the Wix Technical Assistant is actually a straightforward website. It’s claim it to be simple however it provides a wealth of information, making the complicated technical jargon more understandable and easy to comprehend.

This page on the Technical Assistance has various collapsible pieces of self-service tips that can assist you in getting to the root of any issues that have the technical roots. These suggestions suggest resolving issues using a variety of options you might not have thought of – check the below image to see the full list.

If all else fails then you can open an online chat using Wix’s Wix Tech Assistant Troubleshooter. It’s similar to Wix’s normal chat feature. chat option (which we reviewed at the start of this post) however, it tackles more complicated issues, like securing your website using the SSL certificate or removing a custom codes.

Tip 3 Get a Wix Partner!

Although wix can beone of the simplest ways to build a site even if you’re not equipped with technical skills in coding, or the ability to figure out your own hosting and domain but it’s not suitable for every person. If you’re finding yourself in contact with Wix assistance more frequently than not this could be a sign that you’re not ready to play the game of building websites.

Don’t be worried but don’t worry – Wix offers a solution for this, too. Wix has gathered the services of freelance website designers, SEO experts as well as content writers and ecommerce experts to assist you with any aspect of your web-building experience you require additional assistance with.

Go to Wix Marketplace. Wix Marketplace to get a little more information, and then click “Get Started”.

Simply fill in the form with your needs then Wix is able to connect to experts who can meet your needs. While it’s not customer support as such however it can help you save a lot of time and effort normally associated in creating a website. Try it and tell us how you go!

For more information, contact Wix Customer Service The Summary

In the event of contacting Wix’s famous customer support There are a variety of routes you can take. Let’s go over the basics:

  • Wix’s contact form online: in place of email, it allows users to get support fast and efficiently through Wix’s website. The first step is to navigate several relevant articles, and then have the option of talking to an agent or request for a callback.
  • live chat:set up a chat in just a few minutes and get responses to your questions in real-time on Wix’s website.
  • Support for Call Centers: available 24/7 in four languages and seven days per week in five languages. The phone support offered by Wix is excellent. There’s no number to call , which is somewhat annoying, but Wix’s staff generally responds promptly.
  • Knowledge Base An extensive, useful library of guides and guides The Wix Help Center leaves no scratch unturned.
  • Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram: head there for the support for customers, and remain for the amazing content!

In the meantime, you’ll have everything you require to get in touch with Wix customer service – by whatever method you prefer to reach them. However, our journey isn’t over. We’d love to hear what you think in the comments below, or send us a message to let us know the source of this article.

Or, you can go through the Wix Review? Wix review in its entirety and for a more practical solution, check out our detailed guide on how to make use of Wix. Come on down!

*Source: Wix Usage Statistics


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