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BigCommerce Pricing Plan (Nov 2021) What’s the Cost? You Supposed to Pay BigCommerce?

If you’re in search of BigCommerce. prices, you’re in the place to go

BigCommerce (read our complete BigCommerce review ) is a method for legitimate companies to create an investment in The online sales market is in flux and the fluidity of it . By genuine, I mean all plans offered by BigCommerce include a variety of products and tools to help you transform your profitable company into something unique.

What is the price BigCommerce cost? Is it more expensive , or more affordable than competitors? We’re here to discover So keep studying to find out more about the prices offered by BigCommerce, from their monthly plans to theme and the integration.

What are the costs you can expect to pay for BigCommerce?

In the end it is estimated that a BigCommerce store’s price begins from $29.95 each month with Standard plan. Standard plan. The Plus plan can be purchased with a price of $79.95 monthly and the Pro plan costs $249.95 monthly. The service provides a free 15-day trial which is perfect to try the service if you are interested in BigCommerce in any way (if you sign-up now, you’ll receive 1 month for free when you choose the plan you want to use).

In essence, BigCommerce has more features with its standard plan than many platforms have with their higher-end plans. But it’s difficult to determine what BigCommerce plans is right appropriate for you and how much you will have to pay at the final.

This is why I created an exhaustive review of each small fee and expense you’ll encounter with each plan. I also explained the individuals each plan is made for. Read on to discover the best plan for you.

What do you get with All BigCommerce Pricing?

Making the ideal online store can be a costly and time-consuming task.

The more features you would like to be able to access such as real-time editing tools in your back-end to abandon cart savers, as well as integrations with amazon and ebay, the more you’ll have to have to pay. While most e-commerce platforms will ask the payment of a premium for additional services, certain tools are less expensive than others.

The purchase of BigCommerce Enterprise and other plans with higher-end features from BigCommerce such as BigCommerce Pro will cost more because of the pricing structure of the company. When you take into account the number of features and additional functionality that you can avail, including social media buttons, to reports tools and gift cards, as well as API calls, and priority customer support, you’ll quickly understand the value of these plans. be.

No matter what pricing method you choose regardless of your pricing model, you’ll still be able to access:

  • A fantastic single-page checkout Check to ensure that your checkout process is fast and effortless for your customers by using an easy-to-use checkout tool that allows you for Paypal and credit card payments.
  • Unlimited products No matter the amount you pay for the pricing plans for BigCommerce, you’ll have the ability to create unlimited products and have all the storage space and bandwidth you’ll need. There’s no limit to be concerned about, even when using an option like the BigCommerce Standard package
  • Responsive site ideal for SEO, BigCommerce gives you a web design that is responsive and looks great for mobile and desktop.
  • Shipping quotes that are real-time The ability to deliver your goods to customers in a timely manner is essential if you wish to make it in the online world. You BigCommerce plan will grant you access to the most affordable shipping rates.
  • There are no transaction fees The monthly cost from BigCommerce doesn’t contain any requirements for transaction charges. It doesn’t matter if taking advantage of the pro plan or the Plus plan. But, you might need to pay to the payment gateways you’re using.
  • 24/7 priority assistance: BigCommerce ensures that every pricing plan include professional customer support even the basic plan. This means you will be able to easily find answers to any queries you might have.

Let’s look a little closer into BigCommerce pricing model. BigCommerce Pricing model.

Find out exactly how much a Pricing Plan Costs You per month


Comparing BigCommerce Pricing Plans

Price for BigCommerce Standard Plan

If all you want in your BigCommerce professional solution is a variety of crucial tools, such as payment processors checkout, payment processor, and a an ecommerce platform that is high-end, you’ll receive all you require in the standard plan.

The features are a lot even for a budget plan that comes from BigCommerce. For starters, you will receive support for unlimited storage and products so even big businesses can use this Standard Plan and make it work. Accept credit cards and payments via PayPal as well as pay the 1.5 percent transaction fee. This is not inclusive of processing charges for credit cards which could be a significant amount if not cautious.

You can pick from a wide range of design themes. You can use the internet-based editor on the web to design and alter the theme to make it look perfect for your business. The majority of themes are mobile-friendly as well as the program provides tools for sales, SEO and blogging, social media as well as coupons, gifting and promotions. The integration is fantastic with connections to Facebook, Square, SocialShop and Amazon. In addition it allows you to set up reviews of products, search results for products Wishlists, and more.

In addition, there are there are no transaction fees applicable for these plans, aside from processing charges.

Price: $29.95 per month

Who is this Pricing Plan Ideal for?

It is the Basic Plan of the BigCommerce is truly an exclusive kind of plan, as it offers an array of features that what you can find on other platforms that offer basic or standard plans to newbies to the world of online selling. I’d say that any business from small – to medium-sized businesses can be benefited by the BigCommerce Standard Plan, because it offers everything from unlimited items including dropshipping.

Smaller shops might discover that this program is too complicated or expensive for what they want I’d recommend businesses with only the smallest number of products search for a different eCommerce solution.


Pricing for BigCommerce: Plus Plan

BigCommerce Plus Plan BigCommerce Plus Plan comes with all of the Standard Plan features. Additional benefits include real-time carriers shipping, which provides precise rates, the most reliable payment processors and an abandon cart saver.

A sophisticated customer segmentation system is great to narrow down the customers you wish to reach. Another great benefit is the fact that checkout pages are hosted on your domain which means that your customers will never be directed to a third-party payment page. This helps keep customers returning to your site to buy more. EBay listing are supported as are the retail and wholesale pricing groups are able to create new sources of revenue.

Price: $79.95 per month

Who is this plan best for?

It’s unclear whether it’s clear if the Plus or Pro plans are suitable for every business. Since the start of the year, BigCommerce made some drastic modifications to its pricing plans. They added the Pro account, which you’ll find below, as well as significantly increasing the prices for customers who earn over $125,000 in sales each year.

A few readers have complained that they’ve been pushed to sign up for being forced into the Enterprise plan that can cost between $900 and $1,500 per month. It seems that BigCommerce has been trying to utilize its Plus plans and Pro plans to persuade people to pay even more. We cannot suggest either of the Pro or Plus plans for anybody until we determine whether Bigcommerce returns to its standard fixed pricing.


Price of BigCommerce The Pro Plan

Again, the BigCommerce Pro Plan seems like the next step to take for companies that are growing however, those who exceed more than 3,000 transactions per year will be hit with additional charges. Yes, you can have everything you had from prior plans, but that does not change any factual issue that suggests the BigCommerce pricing system is completely off the mark.

Based on the feedback we’ve received from readers, you’ll be almost forced to sign up for an pricey Enterprise plans.

Price: $299.95 per month

Who is this plan best for?

Although $299.95 monthly cost may sound appealing but our readers have told us that they’ve been forced into to the Enterprise plan, which has increased the cost by $900 per month or even in price to $1,000 each month. As of this moment, we’re not able to declare that Pro is the best option. Pro plan is suitable for businesses that want to know in full detail the amount their expenses will be.


Pricing for BigCommerce: Enterprise Plan

If you’re looking to get something that is completely unique to your BigCommerce pricing then you’ll have to look into the business plan.

The BigCommerce Enterprise Plan is focused on supporting large volume companies and includes all the features discussed in the previous plans. Additionally, you will receive a customized configuration and data transfer which allows you to focus in your business. Priority support is offered to these customers because your store may be somewhat more complicated and you’re entitled to priority assistance from experts.

NOTE: Yes, the features and services are good however, the price is ridiculous. Even more troubling is that a lot of Bigcommerce customers are forced to join the Enterprise plan when they have exceeded certain revenue levels. It’s not uncommon in the marketplace however the prices are excessively high.

However, the sophisticated tools for reporting are a great feature, and the accounts with dedicated management are available to sit down and think about your website and transferring certain responsibilities on your website to an experienced professional. Product filtering is one my top features, and the dedicated IP address and SSL addresses protect your website and make it appear more professional. Again, there are no transaction costs with this plan and product uploads are unlimitable.

Pricing: need to make contact with BigCommerce for a custom price to meet your specific business needs.

Who is this Plan Ideal for?

This Enterprise plan will be a good fit for companies which are growing fast however, it is apparent that the majority of customers are being forced to sign up for the program that we’re having difficulty recommending the plan. A few of our reports indicate that some customers are the equivalent of $1,500 per month to go over the annual $125,000 revenue limit. It’s not a good thing at all.


What is Bigcommerce’s Pricing similar to domains as well as Hosting?

You can purchase a domain with BigCommerce or transfer an existing purchased domain from another company. Domains typically cost about $12.27 annually. Other domain selling websites such as GoDaddy have lower prices So feel free to investigate those too. Support for all domains is offered here.

Hosting is included in each pricing plan of BigCommerce. It includes enterprise-level security to protect you as well as your customers. Be aware that you have to move over or purchase the SSL certificate through BigCommerce. Prices vary and can be a bit different, but you should expect to pay between $100-$80 per year. Find out how to use SSL certification here.


What is the BigCommerce price for themes and apps?

BigCommerce is a BigCommerce Platform can be famous for its rich app Store and flexible templates (here an assortment of the top BigCommerce theme available). For starters, the apps cover everything from the synchronization of your marketing tools for email to creating the affiliate programs. A majority of these apps are completely free, however you can pay a monthly or one-time fee based on the app requirements, for instance that for instance, the Loyalty application is completely free, however, it costs $49 per month. Referral Candy app costs costing $49 per month.

Themes can be purchased for both money and free. A lot of free themes are very useful however, you are able to pay anywhere from $100 to $250 for premium themes. In terms of the latest and most contemporary theme, BigCommerce plans to release 67 new options on March 23rd in 2016. The themes are available in the theme store and the prices vary between the $145-$235 range. We’ve not yet tried the products, but it is believed that they offer modern merchandising capabilities to fully showcase the potential of your brand while increasing your sales.

It’s time to find out the price you should expect to shell out for this BigCommerce ecommerce system. In the moment small businesses can get the features they require at an affordable price, however as you progress to Plus, Pro and Enterprise plans, BigCommerce has shown they do not hesitate to increase rates to a ridiculous amount.


BigCommerce Pricing: Payment Providers

All pricing plans of BigCommerce begin with processing fees of 2.9 percent + $0.30. This covers processing for debit and credit cards.

You could also qualify to receive a discount rate through PayPal through Braintree. It’s recommended to speak to an BigCommerce representative to be aware of the conditions to qualify for that. One of the conditions to qualify for the discount is that you have your business from the United States.

The deals from PayPal are as they are:

  • Standard Plan Standard Plan 2.9 percent + $0.30CPer transaction
  • Plus Plan Plus Plan 2.5 percent + $0.30Cper transaction
  • Pro Plan – 2.2% + $0.30C/ per transaction
  • Enterprise Plan Enterprise Plan 2.2 percent + $0.30Cor less per transaction

We’ve mentioned that you contact an agent for discounts, however here’s all the details you’ll need:

Whatever plan you purchase you’ll be getting an agreed-upon rate. This means that the majority of your debit and credit card processing charges will be less when using BigCommerce as compared to other platforms.

As you progress into higher-level plans, your chance for lower rates rises. Additionally to that, the Enterprise plan may be lower than 2.2 percent + $0.30.

Apart from that other than that, none one of the BigCommerce plans have transaction fees. The only thing that you’re concerned about.

Selecting Payment Gateways that Make BigCommerce Pricing Less Expensive

There is obviously a benefit using PayPal via BigCommerce. It’s more likely that your processing fees will decrease in time and you don’t have to negotiate rates on your own (not which the processors will allow for that).

There are more than 65 payment gateways integrated with some that accept various countries and payment methods local to across the globe. Actually, the location of your business can play a significant role in the choice of payment gateway you choose. From the more than 65 payment gateways, BigCommerce offers options from more than 100 countries and more than 250 payment options.

A majority of them use their own one-click configurations but you might choose a different solution such as Cyber Source as well or Adyen offers better rates depending on your needs.


A lot of e-commerce platforms charge additional costs for third-party payments gateways. For example, Shopify doesn’t charge anything for its own payment processor, however there is a charge of as little as 2.2% cost in the event that you choose to work through an outside company. This is a bit shady in particular since many businesses require third-party payment processors in order to expand their the number of customers they serve.

BigCommerce , on the other hand, does not charge any fee for the third-party integrations. You may find that certain payment gateways charge higher charges, but this is the place where your research comes in. You can be assured that BigCommerce does not charge another charge.

The payment options offered that BigCommerce offers BigCommerce include:

  • AfterPay
  • BlueSnap
  • NetBilling
  • Skrill
  • Realex
  • More

You can also visit this page and select the top payment solutions depending on the country in which you do business in.

For instance, if I go to Italy I will see that several of these payment gateways are available in Italy:


BigCommerce Pricing Experts, Experts and Consultants

In the course of time you’re likely to run into a situation where aren’t equipped with the knowledge required to make changes or enhancement to your online website, or your in-house developers are struggling dealing with a issue.

If you’re in the market to create an entirely new online store or change certain checkout components the best option is to hire an experienced developer or designer.

It’s a hassle to begin searching websites such as Craigslist and other job sites to find reputable developers. This is why BigCommerce has a number of programs that can connect you with the perfect company or person.

Talk to a BigCommerce consultant

The best way to understand your way around the bigcommerce platform and possibly receiving some suggestions regarding plans and development strategies is to use the consultant program. You could argue that it is essentially a support/sales line however BigCommerce has a phone number (1-888-248-9325) for customers to contact for support if that’s all you need.

We’ve found that this line of consultants isn’t likely cost you anything. Actually, the whole goal is to address any questions you might have without creating an atmosphere where you feel like you’re being offered something. If you’ve got urgent questions regarding the features or prices it’s the right number to dial.

Tech Support Customization

Sometimes all you require is a minor change to the colors or the motion in an image. The majority of smaller tasks don’t require the expertise of a specialist and you can reach the technical team to find out what they can offer you. The phone number that this group can be reached at is 1-866-91-0872.

It is possible to call them and discuss everything from integrations to customized. They can help with advice and possible development help. It all depends on the person you talk to when you call, however you will at least have someone to contact at any time to get started on investigating. One reason I like this service is that it’s free, and you could be able receive some help with your development from them.

And, not only that, you might not know that the job you’re asking about is fairly simple and can be accomplished on your own. Therefore, you’ll gain knowledge and be able to fix the problem at your own pace in the future.

BigCommerce Partner Program

The majority of the assistance from experts we’ve provided to date is completely absolutely free. Which means, where do you be spending your cash?

Through the BigCommerce Partner Program.

It is the webpage you should look for if you needed urgent assistance with creating, customizing, or expanding your website. The partnership program helps you find the best people for any job you’re looking for. There’s no reason for you to visit a job board online and play with the mess that is the hiring on the internet.

Each of them has been verified and recommended by BigCommerce. Actually, a lot of the designers and developers companies are proficient in working with BigCommerce whether exclusively or regularly. They are therefore aware of the details of the platform and will take much of the development and design work from you.

What’s the motivation to employ an expert such as this? You might have to build a entirely new website from the ground up. Maybe you’re searching for an agency that can provide full-service advertising to help spread the word about your brand new product. Maybe you’re interested in an expert in the development of your product to help you navigate the process of developing and releasing your new product.

No matter what your circumstance, BigCommerce experts can assist you. The experts are divided by two types of groups: Agency Partners and Technology Partners.

The price is dependent on the company or individual you choose to work with, however here’s a description of the differences between two options:

  • Agency Partners – for when you need help with paid advertisements and marketing. They can help improve your SEO and improve the effectiveness of your conversions. The idea behind this is to find someone who has more knowledge of marketing and advertising than you do.
  • Technology Partners – If you’re thinking of adding elements to your layout or you’re looking to modify an experience when shopping. Technology partners are basically third-party integrations. Therefore, you may not have a designer working on your behalf However, you’ll likely get a contacts from representatives of the software you’re trying to connect.

Let’s get started with the pricing of Agency Partners. The categories include developers, designers and ad agencies, as well as Marketing services and Ecommerce consultants.

The majority of companies do not post their prices through the BigCommerce website and you’ll need call them to make certain. However everything depends on the nature of your project as well as the company you choose to go with. Smaller projects could be around a few hundred dollars, whereas the entire overhaul or something more intricate that requires customization can go up to 10-15k or higher.

A few among the tech partners are Shogun, Rivet Works, and Lucky Orange, and the categories cover options such as retail, payment CRMs, shipping.

It’s the same with this one, and it’s based on the service you want connecting to. It is not common to charge for the integration but rather for the company you’re integrating. This is the same way that most of the BigCommerce applications work.

In other words, you don’t need to spend any money to connect with this feature. Shogun Page Builder. But, the actual Shogun Page Builder service starts at $49 per month following an initial trial.

Another example is another example is the Insightful through Beeketing Analytics integration. They’re charging you for connecting to BigCommerce However, after a trial period of 30 days it will require installments that amount to the amount of $20 each month.

It’s essential to keep in mind the kinds of additional payments you’ll have to make in the future. It is hoped that these expenses will enable your store to grow and expand to earn even more revenue.


What are the BigCommerce Prices on Apps?

The cost that you are charged to use BigCommerce is subject to change based on more than just the plan you select, but also the additional features you choose to add to your plan. Software like BigCommerce let users get all the tools that they require to start an effective business from the same place. But, they also permit businesses and entrepreneurs to enhance their capabilities with additions.

BigCommerce offers a wide range of apps and add-ons to boost the sales you make online. These tools span all from payment systems such as Square and PayPal, to applications to help you market your email. While some of these applications are completely free however, others will need an additional monthly cost or one-time purchases.

For example: Square to BigCommerce

If you’re looking to enhance your shopping card to offer additional payment options for your customers then Square is able to help you with the process. Its Square application for BigCommerce connects to your current website to link the Point of Sale in the physical world to your online store.

It’s easy to import your catalogue of products to Square and then transfer it to BigCommerce and then use the syncing feature to monitor the availability of your products. In the event that you already use Square for sales that are not online This could be a great opportunity to invest in. There’s no requirement to pay any upfront fees however, you’ll need for Square transaction charges and use the service as an payment processor.

Lightspeed from Kosmos

Lightspeed Retail is another possibility to connect the Point of Sale and BigCommerce store. You can try it for 14 days free to help you get started with the service, and Kosmos will offer the option of a monthly fee of approximately $150 worth of options to think about. The Kosmos solution will allow you to market your items across multiple platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Google shopping.

You can sell your items in a variety of size and color options, select the standard items or products that are matrix, and many more. You can also use the option for inventory syncing to avoid the possibility of stockouts and eliminate the issues that come with overselling when you’re selling both offline and online simultaneously. Lightspeed can also

Bindo POS

Bindo is a different alternative to POS that allows you to connect your eCommerce site to an online store. Bindo is a great option for integrating your website with BigCommerce. BigCommerce Bindo integration ensures you will be able to sync all of your customer information including product information, customer data, and reports from one location. Create items on at the POS and your name as well as quantities, prices, images, and much more will be synced to the service in a matter of minutes. With real-time syncing the moment an item is taken out of stock at the store the item will appear as out of stock in your website as well.

BigCommerce and Bindo provide crucial customer information, so you are able to get to know your customers at a greater level, better segment your sales strategies and increase your odds of long-term customer loyalty while at the same time. Prices start about $89.

Other apps available for BigCommerce

There are more than POS connections that are available to enhance your BigCommerce strategy. You can also get tools that assist with every aspect from recovering abandoned carts to email marketing and social media selling and the ability to search faceted for your e-commerce store.

The more you’d like to achieve with your applications the more you’ll have to invest in these apps. This cost will be in addition to paying for things such as your domain name, hosting and services.

What is BigCommerce Pricing to Themes?

BigCommerce themes come with their own cost attached to the themes. If you’re looking to win the minds and hearts of as many groups of customers as you can, BigCommerce themes can definitely aid. There are themes that include FAQs, as well as sections for Google reviews, which will improve your chances of getting people’s attention.

They also work when combined with BigCommerce site builder meaning you can modify your website to meet the needs of small businesses and the channels for sales that you utilize. BigCommerce themes can be expensive, and range between a couple hundred up to hundreds of dollars.

The most expensive themes are typically capable of performing the more SaaS tasks, including displaying dynamic content, or adjusting automatically to the needs of your website.

In addition to things like credit card fees for your site , tools for selling at points of sale such as customized SSL certificates, as well as domain registrations, you may see the costs of themes will quickly rise. Be aware that new businesses should also consider the additional costs associated with creating personnel accounts for the support team, too.


What will the BigCommerce Pricing going to be for you?

It is evident that there are some points to be considered when you are determining BigCommerce pricing. From implementing the best shopping cart software as well as accessing themes and other add-ons, the top ecommerce platforms come with additional fees to be considered. If you’re thinking of creating your own storefront, whether using a program such as BigCommerce, Wix, or WooCommerce, it’s important to make sure you’re considering all expenses.

Let’s put this all together.

An BigCommerce Standard Plan costs $29.95 per month. This is the smallest amount of money you’ll need to shell out. When you begin to make sales, you’ll have to take into account the processing charges per transaction.

The best part is you won’t need to shell out for hosting since it’s all included in the monthly cost.

In addition there are costs to pay for the themes or plugins. There are plenty of the free plugins and themes that will keep costs low, however I would say that serious business owners will invest a bit of money on a good theme. Also, expect to shell out approximately $100 for it as well as a possible monthly cost for the plugins you need.

If you have any concerns regarding BigCommerce’s pricing Let us know in the comment section below!

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