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BigCommerce Enterprise Review and Everything You Need to Know

It’s an exciting moment currently for BigCommerce. The summer of 2015 they extended their office into Europe after they successfully raised $64 million. In addition, they’ve been accepted into in the Amazon Marketplace Developer council to assist Amazon Pro Sellers, as they’ve announced integrations, including Chase Pay We Pay and Instagram shopping.

Additionally, they also have their Enterprise package which was launched in the year 2015 has seen substantial increase.

What exactly is BigCommerce Enterprise?

BigCommerce Enterprise is an ecommerce platform designed for brands with high volumes..

The features and services they provide for Enterprise are at the top standard that BigCommerce provides to their customers. Because it’s designed for high-volume enterprises, the features can be adapted to handle the massive influx of traffic, and also control an extremely high rate of conversion.

Businesses that utilize Enterprise will enjoy 99.99 percent uptime. This means that your site won’t slow down even that you are the busiest. There are enhancements to filtering search results, built-in integrations, as well as faster checkout procedures.

BigCommerce Enterprise is the leading cloud-based e-commerce platform designed for companies that make $1 million or more in annual sales. there are some top-of-the-line customers who use BigCommerce Enterprise such as Toyota, Gibson and Ben & Jerry’s.

While they say on their primary site that they believe enterprises customers more than $1 million in annual revenues If you request for a demonstration it states that the definition of an Enterprise customer is more than $100 million per year. It’s worth noting this is because BigCommerce may not be able to take your request seriously when you’re earning a fixed $1 million per year, for example, yet show no sign of progress.

On-premise vs SaaS

In recent years, it’s unusual to observe how Software as a Service (SaaS) systems are now or even more capable of offering a top-quality web hosting services for high-end retailers.

It’s clear the reason, too, since BigCommerce’s SaaS isn’t hindered by these restrictions:

  • The Infrastructure Costs There is no cost to be used to pay for hosting of your website along with you own infrastructure for IT, security, and maintenance of your hardware
  • Create and Design With BigCommerce Enterprise you get full access to the front-end software (HTML, CSS and Javascript) that gives you the greatest flexibility. In contrast, an on-premise system will be more complex and lengthy to manage.
  • Integrations Advanced integrations like ERP, CRM and PIM can be extremely complicated and costly to integrate. It is also important to consider the time it will take, and whether it is even possible to work. SaaS already comes with an integrated service that comes with the most popular applications, as well as an API you can adapt to your requirements.
  • Application Time If you’ve decided to move onto an Enterprise package be sure to keep in the mind that SaaS will help you reach this goal in a faster time thanks to the above options
  • Help Costs when using an on-premise solution, a retainer is necessary for updating and fix problems and troubleshoot. Additionally, you must train your employees on how to use this. All of these concerns are taken care of by BigCommerce which means you don’t have to spend so many dollars
  • Software Updates Software upgrades and installations are long-lasting, and they can result in your store being unavailable, meaning you’ll lose the revenue. When you use BigCommerce Enterprise these are updated seamlessly in the background
  • Technical Staff Employment to run this system, you’ll need to employ at least one person, which will cost you up to $50k annually because of its technical aspects. BigCommerce can provide all this for you at no extra cost, even if it is a weekend or an urgent need.

BigCommerce also offers the to calculate the total cost of ownership to help you evaluate the savings you can make when choosing the SaaS alternative instead of an on-premise.

I entered that I have 1 million views per month, with an annual revenue that was $5,000,000. BigCommerce estimated that because of the fact that my money was not spent on the above options I was able to save $319,608. Then, they provide you with different options for what this money could be spent on as well as the boost in revenue it can provide.

BigCommerce Enterprise Review Pricing

There’s no price set to purchase BigCommerce Enterprise and it’s dependent on two primary factors: the average amount of your purchase as and the average amount of orders you handle every month.

Prices start around $400 per month and vary from $400 to as high as $2000 per month. If you go to BigCommerce’s pricing page , you will be able to see that they guarantee that their pricing to be “lower then Magento as well as Shopify Plus”.

BigCommerce Enterprise Review: Features

Clearly, with BigCommerce Enterprise, you get all the features that are available to you by other plans, but with an added focus on API calls, facets that can be customized and personalised customer assistance.

BigCommerce already has amazing features, such as abandon cart savers and a one-page checkout, and connections for Apple Pay and Google Shopping.

You can check out our comprehensive review of BigCommerce here.

Alongside the fundamental attributes, BigCommerce Enterprise also offers the following features:

Onboarding 50% shorter setup time needed to start new BigCommerce Enterprise websites as compared to traditional on-premise platforms. BigCommerce said that as many as 95 percent of BigCommerce Enterprise merchants have been launched within 4 months or less. You can also get a savings of at least 75% in costs when compared with an on-premise solution for ecommerce like Magento. The BigCommerce Enterprise consultants have helped migrate over 220,000 customers out of Magento as well as Shopify Plus and will build an individual action plan specifically for you.

Security Secure, reliable and scalable hosting is now available. You’ll enjoy the advantages of 99.99 percent uptime for your service and infinite cloud-based scalability, and multiple layers of security and DDoS security to prevent problems with hacking

Integrations Native integrated, pre-built integrations that let users to connect to PIM software ERP software, OMS solutions, POS and automated marketing tools right in the package

Higher conversion rates There is an array of the top built-in conversion tools , including faceted search, which permits the fields you have created for your product to function as product filters. Additionally, there is an optimized checkout, and a flexible system for shipping rates which allows you to set rates based on the product dimensions, destination, dimension, and many more. More conversion rates can be attributed to the result of:

  • A single page checkout
  • A Dedicated SSL to ensure customer security
  • Address verification
  • Mobile optimization
  • Account creation that is compatible with your CRM
  • Support for guests to ensure quick checkouts

Flexible payment You have more choice in the way you handle payments and you also have the highest level of protection against fraud. Additionally, you will enjoy no transaction fees, depending on the gateway you prefer. BigCommerce Enterprise accepts payments through more than 250 local ways via Adyen.

The Custom SSL BigCommerce Enterprise BigCommerce Enterprise allows you to import an SSL certificate that you might have previously purchased from another SSL provider

Unlimited API calls – open architecture doesn’t limit your API calls. Enterprise offers you the possibility to transfer any information instantly across all your platform, such as customers, products payments, orders, and shipping

Support and service along with your customized strategy for onboarding. Enterprise customers are able to take advantage of 24 hour live chat, email and telephone support. Because you are a larger business you will receive priority support. This means that the Senior Technical Support team will be available to answer your phone within 30 seconds or less. In the future you will be able to count on our Premium Account Services team will provide business advice and suggestions to help you achieve your goals.

Partnerships – BigCommerce Enterprise offers a fantastically flexible platform to help you create a world-class store. This helps you to attract the top developers and designers around the globe who will desire to collaborate together with you.

Personalization The Personalization feature gives you the option of personalizing your online storefront with their code base that is flexible and can assist in converting customers. This could include changing the display’s language as well as highlighting certain products, and more.

Staging locally allows you to simultaneously preview any changes you’ve made to your mobile and desktop simultaneously. This means that you don’t have to publish the changes onto your online store to see the outcomes

BigCommerce Enterprise Review Integrations

BigCommerce appears to have hundreds on hundreds of integrations of which you are able to find the entire listing here.

  • ERP Integrate incredible platforms like Brightpearl as well as NetSuite to assist you in automatizing the back office tasks of your business , including accounting, inventory, and CRM as well as financial
  • Accounting Connect your accounting software whether it’s the Xero, Sage and Quickbooks to allow you to integrate your sales data in a direct way and resolve financial issues more quickly
  • Tax Tax Enterprise includes Avalara already built-in to assist you in identifying changing tax rates and ensure that you’re always tax-compliant
  • Point of Sales (POS) – if you operate a physical store or sometimes sell at pop-up events or other occasions, you can integrate automatically ShopKeep .
  • Marketing If you’re employing an email-marketing platform like Mailchimp or Adwords to make more money, These can be all incorporated to your Enterprise package to ensure everything is in one location
  • Google Shopping– the difficulties of editing the Google Shopping feed every time you make a change to your products could cause problems in a variety of ways, with one of the most significant being the time required to. In Enterprise you can connect with Google Shopping. Google Shopping app that will automatically update your items on your feed whenever you make changes on the website.

If you don’t have one of these platforms, there’s no problem. Because of the unlimited API calls, your developer will not have any issues connecting any app to your store.

BigCommerce Enterprise Review: Payments

BigCommerce is awash with payment gateways you can connect to including the latest versions integration We Pay along with Chase Pay.

It has all the big heavyweights like PayPalStripe and Square. BigCommerce also provides an integrated integration to VISA Checkout which will help you simplify and improve the process of making payments to your clients.

It is also possible to partner to Paypal (powered by Braintree) They provide discounted rates on transaction charges in exchange for BigCommerce customers. The fee per Paypal payment is 2.9 30% + 30 cents for each transaction.

BigCommerce Enterprise Review: Customer Support

As we’ve mentioned in the previous paragraph, as an Enterprise customer, you can enjoy excellent support available to you. These include:

  • Onboarding – When you sign up , you’ll be given a specific action plan, and a dedicated team will make sure your store won’t take more than 4 months before going live. This is a huge advantage compared to an on-premise model that can take up to 8 months
  • Business The BigCommerce Premier Account Service will provide you with expert advice on ecommerce on the best opportunities, suggested integrations and partners to make sure your company is always growing.
  • Technical Email or phone web ticket, or live chat all available 24 hours a day. Make sure you have your store PIN on hand because this is what gives you the 30-second response time priority I previously mentioned.

BigCommerce Enterprise Review: Security

As I’ve already mentioned, BigCommerce Enterprise comes with built-in Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) security. This can be very costly because it’s on the same level as the security that banks will utilize.

Enterprise also has level 1 PCI DSS 3.2 protection that ensures that it meets the data of the payment card industry security standards and is completely conformant.

BigCommerce Enterprise Pros

As you’ve discovered, there are many great reasons to choose BigCommerce Enterprise but I thought I’d share what I thought was the three main areas in which it is successful.

Support for HTML0 regardless of whether you are during the initial onboarding phase or as your company is expanding, the BigCommerce support team is there to help. Since you’re an Enterprise customer it is possible to be sure that your request will be attended to first.

Conversions that are SSL-specific, one-page checkout as well being able to personalize your shopping experience for customers depending on their language and the products This ensures that BigCommerce will make every effort to make sure you turn visitors to customers

Uptime As a large company, having your site be down for even just a few minutes could be devastating. BigCommerce guarantees that you have a 99.99 percent uptime, and also handles all updates and troubleshooting issues in the background to give you peace of mind.

BigCommerce Enterprise Cons

PayPal There are no savings in the transaction costs for Enterprise customers. You will pay the same charges as if you paid $30 per month on the basic package.

Coding assistance As you are able to access all the HTML, CSS and Javascript of the site, you will often encounter problems. Since these are all individual, don’t expect to receive a prompt answer from the BigCommerce technical team.

BigCommerce Enterprise Review: Conclusion

Utilizing the SaaS option instead of an on-premise solution to fulfill your eCommerce requirements in 2018 is a easy decision.

BigCommerce is aware of how challenging it is to set up the foundation for an Enterprise store, as it needs the ability to be customized to your company’s needs as you integrate accounts, payment options and integrations. This is particularly the case when you’re transitioning your site from another platform, such as Magento and Shopify Plus.

So they’ve absolutely perfected the initial help you get when you are onboarding. BigCommerce is growing and adding integrations every day, so they’re only scratching the surface of what is already a fantastic package.

Have you ever used BigCommerce Enterprise? Do you have any comments about how it has worked for you? Are you planning to move to Magento to Shopify Plus? Comment here and we’ll get the discussion to begin.

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