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BigCommerce Reviews 2021 – 20 Pros and Cons of BigCommerce – How Does BigCommerce Work?

Are BigCommerce an actual competitor to Shopify? Do you think it will meet your needs? The following Bigcommerce review will help you decide.

With more than 95,000 live sites now making use of the BigCommerce method of selling products and accepting online payments There’s a good reasons to believe that BigCommerce offers a practical and robust platform for your e-commerce needs. Our BigCommerce Review encompasses all aspects of the e-commerce platform including features, security and customer support.

But there’s more: In early 2016, BigCommerce underwent an incredibly dramatic rebranding transformation, including the brand’s new structure along with more integrations and a host of new features that are available to customers. In short, the company said that the new logo is more in keeping with what the platform is intended to offer users and is referring to the rising trending chart logo. Furthermore the company has moved around the design of its website in order to offer an easier way to access information to everyone.

The brand’s design is great but what do you think of it as a user? The options range from Shopify to Squarespace one of the most difficult things in starting a business is to determine which of the leading ecommerce platforms is best for your company. BigCommerce is within the center of the debate, and it’s up to you determine if the processing of payments or managing products is more crucial. This is also true for things like security or website design.


Is BigCommerce Your Best Choice?

BigCommerce is an extremely high-end eCommerce platform that is perfect to go beyond the tools of eBay and Amazon to sell. It lets you create your own store, add products and then start earning money via your site. But it’s not the only thing. BigCommerce is also an expert eCommerce website builder.

Other website builders like Squarespace allow you to construct almost any type of website you like, ecommerce solutions such as BigCommerce are designed for businesses who require a user-friendly solution to build a site that can be used to sell goods and services.

BigCommerce certainly is a standout in the current market and boasts an average rate of growth for clients such as Toyata, Ben & Jerrys and Kodak that is close to 28% per year. It’s important to note that each builder has its advantages and disadvantages.

Shopify is making waves on the marketplace, the Square Online is recognized for its assistance to small-scale businesses in addition, Squarespace can be described as the (relatively) newcomer on the block however, what does that mean for BigCommerce?

Continue reading to learn more.

Based on a variety of messages and emails from our readers using BigCommerce it appears that they are significantly increasing costs for their more profitable customers (bringing more than $125,000 per year in revenues) and this makes it more expensive than its primary rival Shopify that has fixed pricing.

We’re constantly striving to provide the most effective comparisons and precise reviews. We also keep up to date our chart of comparisons every week.

If you’re not certain which platform for e-commerce is the best fit for your requirements, check it out!

Also, I’ve created an video of this review to help you in case you’d like to listen to my voice.

BigCommerce Reviews – Features

Its BigCommerce benefits start with the builder for websites, because it lets you create stunning, responsive designs without any prior knowledge about web design. Create and manage items without difficulty and also accept payment through many different choices.

customized shipping options are essential for all sellers and BigCommerce provides all of this. The flexible tax system as well as dropshipping capabilities make sure that you don’t need to alter your business model because of the e-commerce platform you use.

Notice: According to our readers, BigCommerce is largely indifferent to requests for features, which makes it hard for many customers to justify the expense. As an example that many of the features are designed to cater to primarily US customers, leaving the other countries without features beneficial. Additionally, users have complained about features that are repeatedly requested on forums, but never getting implemented (like being able to change the status of orders).

Apart from the issue with update, let’s talk about the benefits. From clever product rules to download sales tools, email marketing tools, to the latest search engine optimization techniques, BigCommerce does offer some amazing options. But the issue is: do these features cost an affordable cost and are they as good when used?

A Customizable Checkout

We’ve previously been able to say it was the BigCommerce checkout feature appeared outdated and was it was difficult for merchants to change. The situation has changed recently with the introduction of BigCommerce now allows access to the Checkout SDK which is an application that contains JavaScript elements that you can use for your checkout. Merchants are now able to customize each aspect of their checkout including backgrounds to how many steps required to get a customer through the checkout.

Learn more everything you can about checkout SDK by clicking here and view the examples of it being used.

BigCommerce Reviews – Ease of Use

For startups searching for online shopping platforms The first thing they typically inquire about is price. Then, accessibility of the platform is almost always the top priority. This is understandable, as the typical businessperson does not possess the technical skills to create a website starting from scratch, or to mess around with complicated building processes.


Is BigCommerce easy to make use of?

When you create your site using BigCommerce, they provide some great instructions and steps to help you going. However, our tests and feedback from our readers, suggest that the new Stencil Framework of BigCommerce is more suited to advanced developers. This is great news for businesses who can afford to hire a seasoned developer. However, those who aren’t technical have a difficult time make minor adjustments which is a necessity for an average inventor or entrepreneur.

Similar after similar to Shopify, BigCommerce has the capabilities needed by developers however it’s not as robust for the average person who doesn’t know much about technology. The first page you’ll get when you arrive on the dashboard will be a checklist of steps to follow to finish your store in only a few seconds. You can, for instance, create products, configure shipping options, and even manage the tax rates for your store.

Then, the process becomes more complex.

Integrations and apps allow for customizing your website, and themes for websites can be pre-built to make it appear like you have hired a professional to create your site. But, BigCommerce relies mostly on a company known as Pixel Union for its themes. They appear sleek and contemporary However, some users have expressed concern that the focus on a single designer leaves some room to improve in the uniqueness of the design. In addition, some users have pointed out that it’s simple to find some bugs that never have a chance to be addressed.

The management of your products is simple and unique, as it is possible to customize almost everything to your products.

In general access to APIs is simpler to access than products such as Volusion. Advanced users shouldn’t face problems using BigCommerce, however it’s the novices that we are concerned about.

BigCommerce Review – Pricing

At one time, BigCommerce had a competitive pricing which was quite comparable to Shopify’s pricing. Shopify. But, following a series of messages and emails by our customers, it appears that they have drastically raised prices for their most popular clients (making over $125,000 each year in revenues).

This is a massive loss for both BigCommerce customers as well as our opinion of the company as a overall. Yes, you can still avail some fixed costs we’ll detail below, but once reach a certain level of sales, you’ll get hit with a hefty monthly fees. It’s like BigCommerce wants to charge more customers who earn more by charging more.

Now, let’s look at the various plans you can select from. BigCommerce offers the option of a trial period of 30 days for free BigCommerce trial period before you can choose.

All of those costs might seem appealing initially, but there’s a aspect to be aware of. If your business grows to a certain size you’ll be upgraded (whether you’re happy with the change and/or not). We’ll return to this issue in a moment.

As we go, have a look at the specifics of BigCommerce’s pricing.

With any plan you can save 10 percent when you buy all of the year at one time (rather than month-by-month). This means you’ll pay around three hundred dollars on the Standard plan upfront. Another thing to bear in mind is that should you require more features than what you can get from”Pro, “Pro” model, you’ll be required to inquire for Enterprise. It’s fairly standard for most models currently.

For pricing, you can check out the following four plans:

  • Standard planfor $29.95 monthly you will get unlimited products Unlimited storage bandwidth, unlimited bandwidth, debit card, PayPal acceptance. There is there is no transaction cost! It is necessary to earn less than $50k annually in order to be eligible for the Standard plan, which means it’s not appropriate for smaller-sized e-commerce websites. The Standard package also does not have advanced features, such as segmentation and the ability to recover abandoned carts.
  • Plus planFor $79.95 monthly you will get the full range of Standard Plan features, no transaction costs, real-time carrier delivery, excellent payment processors and the abandoned cart-saver advanced customer segmentation feature and a checkout located on the domain of your choice. This BigCommerce Plus plan is ideal for small-sized online stores that generate an annual revenue of up to $150k. This plan allows you to use a number of additional features that are more sophisticated. You can also access the “Abandoned Cart Saver” is available on this page and allows you to communicate with customers who haven’t completed their purchase.
  • Pro Plan The HTML0 Pro Plan costs $299.95 monthly, you get every one of the Plus Plan features, no charges for transactions, Google customer reviews, product filtering , and a dedicated SSL. Warn: This plan starts at $299.95/mo for less than $400k in sales online. Then, they’ll require at minimum $150/month for each additional $200k of sales. In other words, they’ll pay the money if you reach that $400K threshold. This BigCommerce Pro plan also includes Faceted search that allows shoppers to sort and filter products. The plan will also allow store owners to use third-party SSL certificates.
  • Enterprise Plan The Enterprise Plan will require you to speak with BigCommerce to discuss pricing options however, you will get to receive all Plus Plan features, along with a separate IP address and SSL for setup and data migration prioritization, support for products, filtering advanced reporting tools, Google reliable stores, and much many more. Many of our customers have stated that it appears as if BigCommerce is urging clients who have been successful to use the plan. In other words, if you’re earning more than $125,000 in sales annually (or more than 3,000 orders each year) you could be charged anything between $900 and $1500 each month.
BigCommerce Pricing Plans Explained

Let’s take a review of who is the best person to consider every plan.

The BigCommerce Standard Plan

The prices for BigCommerce are determined by the annual sales from your website. This is a different model than many other eCommerce platforms currently offer. It’s an extremely transparent process which makes it much easier for businesses to determine the requirements they really require.

On any plan when you exceed the limits of what is to offer on the plan at any time, your BigCommerce team will inquire whether you’d like to upgrade. In this regard that if you’re running a small business that doesn’t require an extensive Support team, or even SKUs you can begin by using your Standard plan and move up.

Standard plan Standard plan is perfect for newbies, starting at $29.95 each month, for sales up to 50k per year and should cover many small businesses. The plan will set up with a comprehensive and powerful backend for your store, which includes access to many sales channels , from Apple payment and PayPal to Facebook, eBay and Amazon.

Also included:

  • Real time shipping quotes
  • Gift cards, coupons, and discounts
  • Multiple sale channel options
  • Unlimitless product choices
  • Unlimited personal accounts for staff
  • 24/7 Support
  • Ratings and reviews of products


The BigCommerce Plus Plan:

This BigCommerce Plus package is designed for those who may require more help, extra features or support for a larger store. If you’re planning to sell more than 150K worth of merchandise every year, you should consider purchasing the Plus package on

BigCommerce Plus is a premium plan. BigCommerce Plus package is available for $79.95/month and it includes all of the features you got from the initial plan, and some additional features. For example it is the very first BigCommerce plan to include an abandoned cart saving feature to assist you in regaining lost leads.

You can also get access to items such as:

  • Credit cards that are stored for later purchases
  • A permanent cart that provides real-time updates
  • Groups of customers and segments

If your company is growing and you wish to continue to grow The features of Plus can assist you in accomplish this. The automated emails that bring customers back are particularly helpful.

The BigCommerce Pro Plan:

This BigCommerce Pro plan is the last option to consider before changing to Enterprise. When compared to other providers such as Wix and the initial plans within the BigCommerce portfolio, this is an expensive choice. The monthly cost is around $299.95 per month..

The best part is that you don’t have to purchase any additional features to enhance the capabilities of this plan as it comes with everything you need. Custom pricing options are that are available for larger average orders, and you’ll have access to features such as faceted search and an individual SSL to ensure security.

In addition you can also take advantage of features such as Google reviews of customers to increase your sales potential Pro plans also include Google customer reviews to boost sales. Pro plan comes with the same features you enjoyed from previous plans, like Amazon payment options, groups of customers and the ability to recover abandoned carts.

The most useful advantages in BigCommerce Pro are the customizable SSL and the option to filter products. They allow you to provide your customers a better experience when visiting your website. It is possible to make shopping easier by using product search filters and build trust with the name of a well-known brand like Google.

If your business is expanding larger however you do not want to explore Enterprise as of yet, then Pro could be the best option for you.

BigCommerce Enterprise: Is it Worth It?

Similar to the majority of ecommerce enterprise plans such as this BigCommerce Enterprise package is more expensive than other options available to business owners. It’s a reason you’ll need to consider whether it’s worth the cost.

The Enterprise solution includes all of the essential features you’d like from BigCommerce which includes Unlimited API call, customized features, and additional tools specifically designed specifically to meet the requirements of particular merchants. In addition to Stripe payments, you can also use the option of a PayPal Express checkout, single page checkouts, as well as social media integrations that let your customers can share the joy of their purchase.

Alongside these basic features In addition to those basic features, on top of that, Enterprise package for owners of online businesses offers items such as reliable hosting and security. You’ll get a guarantee of uptime of 99.99 percent, which means you don’t need to worry over losing your access to the website. Additionally, you get bank-grade security and DDoS security. Other options include:

  • Modern technology for conversion: The ability to convert is essential for all users of BigCommerce regardless of regardless of whether they’re small companies or large corporations. The Enterprise plan includes tools such as Abandoned Cart Saver. Abandoned Cart Saver, which aids in earning customers who have abandoned their carts without purchasing any items. BigCommerce provides 15% of the amount that is recovered for abandoned carts. It also has a filtered search feature to help customers find the items they require.
  • Additional shipping assistance Shipping Enterprise Version of BigCommerce includes ShipperHQ. ShipperHQ plugin. The tool for enterprise calculates shipping costs and provides customers a live estimate of the amount they will pay for shipping.
  • Customized Product Filtering: are able to apply your own product field as filters for your own customization.
  • Limitless API calls Transfer information between your integrations in real-time, without restrictions whatsoever.
  • Customer service that is high-end: Enterprise plan clients get their queries answered and being placed at the top of the list. When you’re contacting us about the product’s options or have a problem you’ll always be addressed and handled first. You could even be assigned your personal account manager.

Its BigCommerce Enterprise plan is for those who want the ultimate VIP experience. In addition, you’ll be able to access the priority support service and customized filtering options, as well being able to use a stage development environment and an account manager that is specifically assigned to you.

As you exceed your Plus or Pro plan, BigCommerce may not be the right option for all firms. While we love BigCommerce capabilities and designs, charging so amount for the most successful customers is an odd business model.

These changes in 2016 will make BigCommerce much more expensive than its closest rival Shopify with fixed costs.

BigCommerce Pros and Cons

Also Is the BigCommerce platform the right tool to implement your e-commerce strategy?

It all depends on the individual. Like every tool it has pros and cons to be considered.

BigCommerce Pros

  • Great management tools, such as products management, order management reports, analytics, and every other feature you can think of. BigCommerce is ideal for managing stores on a day-to-day basis.
  • Marketing module, with AdWords Integrations, coupon codes and much more. You can also nurture your followers by integrating marketing tools for email, such as Mailchimp.
  • BigCommerce is a great value considering the variety of features it has as well as the reality that there is no limit to the amount of customers you are able to serveor the variety of products you’re able to offer.
  • 24/7 customer support: The help from BigCommerce is decent. You can even receive assistance with things like SEO, and the basics of marketing.
  • The variety of apps you can choose from Integrate your store into the platforms you most frequently use such as QuickbooksMailchimp and many more.
  • Make use of the currencies that work for you , including multiple currencies with different timings.
  • No transaction costs: Even when you’re using an alternative payment gateway from a third party, BigCommerce doesn’t charge any transaction charges.
  • The tool that saves details of abandoned carts is a great tool to get customers back to your shop at the time you need them.
  • You can create as many accounts for staff as you require in any plan.
  • Built-in marketing tools are readily available and include the ability to connect to an integrated blog without the need to add something like WordPress.
  • The product is free to test at no cost up to 14 days.

BigCommerce Cons

  • If you’d like to modify your online store, the themes could be quite costly, especially in the case of the most expensive range.
  • It’s not easy to alter all aspects of your home page , for example, the contents of the page.
  • The homepage carousel needs some trial and error to make it look stunning.
  • The design adjustments features aren’t always working in the way you’d like it to.
  • You will need to pay for access to access to services such as the abandoned cart feature.
  • There’s a limit to the number of online sales you can sell. If you surpass the limit, you’ll have to buy the more expensive plan.
  • Themes may be similar to one another in the free category.
  • VAT MOSS rates can’t be easily controlled for those who sell digital goods.
  • It can be difficult to find dropshipping apps you require on the app store.


Transaction Fees

One of the most important concerns that businesses face when looking to compare their eCommerce store builder choices is whether or not there are extra charges. It’s nice to believe that you’re aware of exactly how the new tool you choose will fit within your budget. However, it’s quite a shock to discover that you need to shell out extra money for things such as onboarding and transactions.

The great thing with BigCommerce can be that it doesn’t charge any transaction charges. There are a variety of intriguing features available for every plan, and there aren’t any extra fees we are able to observe. However, if you factor in the annual sales limit for each package, BigCommerce can be expensive regardless of whether you need to think about transaction costs.

Mobile Apps, Integrations and Add-Ons

Selecting the right tool for your online store usually will not be as simple as finding one that fits your budget. It could also involve evaluating other aspects that go beyond what the tool is able to accomplish, such as looking at what services it works with, as well as the locations where you can utilize it.

If, for instance, you frequently need to manage your online business while on the move, BigCommerce can assist you with this. The BigCommerce software is available with mobile applications available for iOS and Android which allows you to easily and quickly manage the various aspects of your site from your mobile. In the mobile app you will be able to view the most important performance metrics of your company, make changes to orders and browse through customer.

Furthermore The BigCommerce program allows you to expand the functionality of your website store however you want to. With the tool there are integrations that let you integrate your website’s design and eCommerce system with other software and applications. For example, BigCommerce comes with various integrated integrations that are pre-built with the top ERP solutions such as NetSuite. Additionally, it has an established partnership that works with Avalara to collect sales taxes. Additional integrations are:

  • Tools for accounting and sales tax such as Sage, Xero, and QuickBooks
  • Conversion and marketing apps such as Google AdWords and Mailchimp
  • Leading POS systems like Shop keep.
  • Shopping systems, such as Google Shopping feeds

If, for some reason, you aren’t able to find the application you’re looking for found on the Apps and Integrations page of BigCommerce or your developers, they could be able to create an entirely new app for you , thanks to BigCommerce API services. Developers aren’t having any issues connecting multiple apps to your store because there is no limit on the API requests to the service. This API, which is BigCommerce’s RESTful makes use of non-proprietary language and open documentation options, too.

BigCommerce Multi Currency Features

The most thrilling new features added in BigCommerce’s portfolio BigCommerce range, which was recently added has been the introduction of new multi-currency options which the company is offering to all its customers. Multi-currency options help consolidate BigCommerce as an industry-leading platform that is open SaaS platform.

By using these software, you are able to adjust your prices at an even deeper level by using pricing lists. This is something isn’t possible with other market leaders such as Shopify. In addition merchants can choose payment processors too. This is different from other tools which often force business owners to choose integrated payment solutions to support multi-currency solutions.

BigCommerce always offers 5 gateway options for multi-currency support and has a variety of alternatives on the horizon as well. The multi-currency capabilities allow retailers to increase and improve the efficiency of their operations across borders. While doing so customers from all over the world enjoy an experience of shopping that is specific to their currency and their language.

In order to make your experience more impressive to make it even more memorable, the Multi Currency options are available on all plan types that are offered by BigCommerce without additional cost. That means that retailers are able to natively display information and conduct transactions in different currency (over 100) by integrating with some of the most well-known payment processors, including PayPal as well as Stripe.

Some of the features accessible from the cross-border multi-currency feature offered by BigCommerce include:

  • No additional costs Customers are able to check out using their preferred currency. This means they do not have to think about any additional charges, such as exchange rates at their bank.
  • Checkout prices that are accurate with currency exchange rates that shoppers can change with a single click, shoppers can be sure that they are aware of the exact amount they’ll pay when they get to the point of purchase.
  • Flexibility and freedom of choice The multi-currency feature provided by BigCommerce is integrated with the most popular international payment gateways in the market. Merchants can select the one that is appropriate for their needs in any region.
  • Complete control: A further Benefit of BigCommerce is merchants are able to easily set the prices for each currency through advanced SKUs.

The wide range of multi-currency capabilities that are now available on BigCommerce allows it to be recognized in the crowd of most reputable platforms for truly global companies.

BigCommerce Transaction Fees and Hidden Costs

As with many eCommerce instruments, BigCommerce seems to start out fairly affordable but then increase in price as time goes by. This may be fine but you’re not making use of many of the other tools. In the end, all standard plans have features such as:

  • Unlimited products in terms of bandwidth, storage for files The idea is to sell as much as you’d like, without worrying about bandwidth limitations
  • Instant shipping quotes You must ensure that you are turning customers into customers by providing the lowest shipping prices.
  • Websites that are responsive Check that your website looks stunning on both mobile and desktop.
  • One-page checkout reduces your chance of carts being abandoned by making your transaction as smooth as it can be.
  • Live customer support 24/7 You will receive all the answers to all your queries immediately.

In addition, BigCommerce comes with no transaction fees at all. There aren’t any costs to cover – regardless of how much your customers spend on your website.

But, there’s one drawback. BigCommerce has a distinct method of pricing, providing each of their plans with the option of a threshold. This means that if you make more than $50k per year, you’ll not be able to keep using the Standard plan. You’ll be moved into the Pro plan immediately. It’s a huge $50 increase in your monthly expenses.

There’s no option of staying with your plan that isn’t as functional. The updates are managed automatically by BigCommerce This means that the higher your sales increase and your costs rise as well.

Keep this in mind prior to deciding to utilize BigCommerce..

BigCommerce Reviews – Templates and Design

If you browse The BigCommerce Theme Store you’ll gain an idea of the features you’d get when you choose to use BigCommerce. It’s generally an excellent store offering both paid and free choices for different budgets.

BigCommerce provides a surprisingly impressive selection of responsive templates you can trust to get the most value of the design of your online store. Twelve themes for you to select from They’re contemporary and clean which makes them a great beginning.

Furthermore, there are over 100 themes for paid use priced between $145 and $235 , based on the features you require. The majority of themes come with various variations so that you can modify them to your personal preferences.

The themes for free are among the best I’ve seen in quite a while and it’s not difficult to alter the look or function of whatever you like. The majority of themes that are paid for are responsive, elegant and simple to use. However certain originality you’ll discover elsewhere doesn’t be available on BigCommerce. We think it’s because the majority of the themes originate from a single company, Pixel Union. They’re not poor designers however it would be nice to have new ideas from other developers.

However, you are able to make your own personalized design should you wish to. All you have to do is open your store’s theme and then play around. It’s possible to make use of any theme to market practically any item or service with just some tweaking.

Simply click to open”Style Editor” or “Style Editor” function and experiment with standard colors that reflect your brand or alter the fonts. It is also possible to enable mobile themes, alter the main carousel or even add your logo. If you have a bit of a developer background you may also utilize your CSS or raw HTML code to modify your theme as well.

Overall, you don’t have to pay at least $150 to $200 to get the best theme. It’s on par with the competition.

From March 23rd onwards, customers will be able to access the 67 responsive, new themes that aim to increase your options in merchandising, promotions, and a seamless checkout. While we haven’t had the time to play with them, these new themes cost between $145 and $235 and come with modern merchandising features to help expand your brand. The themes are available from the store for themes.

BigCommerce Review – Inventory

The inventory feature is an outstanding feature because you have the option to upload your items, create inventory tracking, and change your stock levels in only the span of a few minutes.

Make use of the flexible rules for products and inventory tools to ensure you aren’t slowed down with a lot of rules that are only applicable to a few industries. There have been times when I’ve witnessed the situation where a system can hinder companies selling clothing to offer anything as small as size. The key is to customize their product range, so there is no reason to be concerned.

You can offer things such as events, downloads, and even services straight from the box, which is quite amazing. The management of which products aren’t in inventory is pretty simple.

An Inventory Plus: Amazon Linking and Importing

A lot of platforms for selling online offer integrations with Amazon to allow you to sync the products of your store with your website’s page on Amazon. This is wonderful and all, however BigCommerce comes with a feature to reverse that sync, ensuring you can continue to focus on bringing visitors to your site. This way, you’ll be capable of increasing the number of loyal customers you have and drive traffic to your website rather than Amazon’s.

This Amazon Import and Link tool uses all of the items that you’ve got in the Amazon store and then imports them into your BigCommerce store. This creates an easy transition for sellers who sell exclusively on Amazon currently. Additionally, you’ll find incredible features to prevent duplicates, running the sync several times as well as linking to Amazon products that you have already published online.

In essence, it’s a great way to brand your website and gaining customers to join your email list , instead of Amazon’s.

BigCommerce Reviews – Shipping

There’s more to selecting the best online store builder than analyzing the types of URLs are available or looking at the cost of the software you use to build your store. It is also important to consider ways you’ll be able to provide items that your buyers want to purchase.

The great thing lies in the fact that BigCommerce offers a broad variety of shipping options, including real-time shipping rates for those who are purchasing higher-end packages. It also allows you to provide free shipping to customers if you’d like and can print shipping labels using the integrations provided by third-party companies with BigCommerce.

Furthermore, BigCommerce also offers its own, all-in-one shipping tools. The app is free and known as BigCommerce Shipping, which permits you to take advantage of special shipping discounts around the globe through top firms such as DHL, USPS, Fedex and many other companies. Additionally, you can ensure that your customers are satisfied by offering services such as in-store pick-up and next-day delivery, tracker tracking of shipping, and much more.

Based on the pricing option you’re using with BigCommerce You might be in a position to automate some of your shipping processes as well!

BigCommerce is revealing a brand new and improved process for shipping customers who want to get more discounts and a more simple set-up. The shipping plan will go live in March of 2019, and will offer the following benefits:

  • Faster shipping with FedEx Express, along with some of the highest-negotiated prices available.
  • The shipping prices that are listed on your website are exactly the same as the one that appears on shipping labels.
  • BigCommerce has increased in the precision of live rates it provides, allowing more conversions.
  • We’ll get discounts offered by UPS, USPS, DHL and Fedex.
  • BigCommerce dashboard BigCommerce dashboard will give you an automated place to configure your shipping. In this way, you won’t need to visit an unrelated site.
  • Merchants will soon begin to see huge discounts on shipping rates that have been pre-negotiated. BigCommerce is expecting 50-60% savings on shipping costs in general.

BigCommerce Reviews – It’s the Fastest Ecommerce Platform on the Market

The speed and efficiency of your site comes into play for a range of reasons. For starters, Google along with other major search engines consider your website’s speed serious. They know that user experience is diminished if users have to have to wait around for webpages to be loaded. So, a faster site can improve the rankings of your website in search engines. Additionally, your visitors are much more likely to stay and purchase something!

Given that speed is crucial in today’s highly competitive online marketplace, it’s exciting to know that BigCommerce has become the top-performing e-commerce platform to choose. There are many reasons behind this. One is that BigCommerce is the first to have adopted Google AMP on its platform. This is an open-source framework created by Google that is a reference to Accelerated Mobile Pages. It speeds up page loading and increases the visibility of search engines on mobile-friendly product or category websites.

BigCommerce also includes “The Akamai Image Manager built into the platform. All BigCommerce customers are able to directly access the image manager that optimizes automatically the image content on your website.

BigCommerce Reviews – SEO & Marketing

SEO is another advantage in BigCommerce because of the fact that its unique content delivery network will load your site’s pages quicker than competitors. This enhances the experience for the users, and it makes search engines notice this also. It’s not easy to find the settings to alter the SEO of your site, however they’re located in the product area.

Remember that a lot users have complained that the BigCommerce’s marketing and SEO tools aren’t up to their expectations. It’s possible that you can move away from platforms like Volusion and 3dCart and begin to attract more customers into the site. Yet, BigCommerce seems like it’s more focused on being an online payment processor and that’s all it is. All in all, you’ll need to do the majority of the work by yourself.

It is possible to connect to Google Shopping to grab all of the shoppers who go through this route. Additionally that the reviews and microdata on your website are all available through search engines. These are known to keep the search engines and your customers satisfied.

What’s included with the marketing capabilities? We’re talking promotions and coupons as well as email marketing SEO and social media marketing, as well as multi-channel marketing. The question of whether or not it performs this well is the subject of discussion. It is possible to consider using Mailchimp or something similar to that, to market your email however, BigCommerce has an app to do this.

Instagram Story Shopping

Instagram has been consistently the best option for advertising an online business. It took a while to find some effective marketing tools. But they’re slowly coming up. BigCommerce now offers selling on Instagram for all merchants that use the platform.

Sellers can create posts on Instagram and include the product within the images. Customers click through and is directed to the website that you choose.

BigCommerce Review – Payments

The great thing about BigCommerce is that you’re not required to pick one payment method for your customers over the other. Instead, you’re able to connect your store to any payment processor you prefer.

The platform can work with over 60 payment gateways, which means that you are able to accept payments directly through your store instead of sending them off to a third party such as PayPal. Offline payments are accepted, and you will also get awesome features such as various currencies, customized shipping rates along with secure checkouts, and printing shipping labels.

BigCommerce Review – Security

All websites run on BigCommerce are certified level 1 PCI compliant, which means your customers won’t need to be concerned about their personal or financial data. Your infrastructure for your business is secured by an enterprise-grade network design.

I am particularly pleased that you can use with others an SSL certificate or purchase your own. We need more options like this. A shared SSL implies that your payment isn’t on your own website. It appears as if it’s however, the user is going via a different path. It’s like Shopify.

As I mentioned, BigCommerce has the option of having a separate SSL certificate If you have money, you could go with this.

In the end, security is one of the advantages of BigCommerce.

BigCommerce Review – Customer Support

If BigCommerce has one thing it does superior to the other and that’s customer service online. You can visit their Customer Support page and read exactly what I’m talking to you about. The type of support offered is online forums videos, tutorials, as well as a knowledge base. This is great for people who are looking to do their own study.

If you sign up with BigCommerce you can get help via live chat, phone as well as email as well as the forums. But, some users have said that the phone or live chat aren’t very helpful. Sometimes, you’re stuck in the phone line for long periods of time, and at other times, it appears that the agents aren’t properly trained.

All that being said the community is far more effective than other E-commerce platforms. One of my most popular is BigCommerce University, a series of educational and fun videos to help your website be more effective in bringing in cash.

BigCommerce Product Updates

It’s great to have a continuous list of new features and product updates that are released through one platform. If you’re waiting on an upcoming feature prior to taking the plunge or you’re already an existing BigCommerce customer and want to know about all the new updates, make sure you save or bookmark this Product News webpage.

How to build an online Store using BigCommerce?

Making an online store using BigCommerce is much easier than you believe.

It’s the basic registration process that is something you should definitely try using the BigCommerce free trial to get started with. You’ll have to fill in some basic information about your store, like the items you’ll be selling, the location where you’re located and the name of your business is.

This is all there is to it when it comes time to signing up.

If you click the “Create my Store now” button, you’ll log into your own control panel, from which you’ll be able to follow an on-screen tour, and look over some of the features available.


Step 1: Exploring the Dashboard

The most prominent view from your control panel comes from the dashboard, which is where you can view important information such as recent sales, orders and the products.

On your account dashboard, you’ll have access to useful BigCommerce options, like the search feature that lets you search through items, orders as well as customer information. You can also browse your store’s details by clicking the icon of your store, or set up notifications the time that customers purchase items.

Once you are comfortable with the dashboard, you’re able to start building an online business.

Step 2: Creating your online BigCommerce Store

BigCommerce gives you the possibility of designing your store in a way that will work for virtually every purpose. Whatever product you’re selling, you’ll be able to locate the right product for your needs.

After you click on”Edit Settings,” or the “Edit Settings” button in your dashboard there’s the option to modify your store’s layout, either by altering the color scheme to match your branding or installing a premium theme.

Be aware that the paid themes you can utilize to upgrade your store’s appearance can become expensive. It may be better to choose a no-cost design and use some of the CSS as well as HTML editing tools to make your site more “you.” Remember, even free themes can be mobile responsive.

Step 3: Configure Currency and Payment Settings

After you’ve set up your theme it is now time to move on to one of the most vital aspects of any store – products.

Click on the “Settings” option on the left-hand side and take a take a look at the basic elements of your business sorted. The things you must do are:

  • Uploading images from stores
  • Adding product descriptions
  • Price adjustments

The most important tasks you can begin with is choosing the currency you’ll use to run your business. Make sure that you have the right amount of money by clicking Settings followed by Currencies.

It is also possible to establish details like how you’ll accept payment (through PayPal, bank transfer or bank transfer, etc.). BigCommerce lets you pick among a number of options . This is ideal if you wish to offer your customers some choice in the way they will pay.

Step 4: Add products in your BigCommerce Store

Once you’ve got the payment details completed, you are able to start adding products to the primary store’s main module. If you click on the “Products” tab there will be a variety of products that you can use as examples.

You can get rid of them and begin creating your own items.

For every product you sell in your online store There are a variety of useful parameters you can input. For instance, you’ll have the option to assign your items the price, the name and a category, as well as weight, and an tax class. The idea is that everything you need is in place to provide your customers a wealth of information regarding the product they are purchasing.

In addition to the “basics” You may also get into more detail based on the amount of detail you think your clients require. For instance, you can:

  • Offer your customers an unlimited choice Your customers can select the color, size and even the design of the product they are purchasing, or include personalization to the item.
  • Create smart product rules When your customers purchase more than $200 worth of goods offer them additional benefits, like free shipping.
  • Monitor your inventory Track your inventory: Add Google shopping, and then set specific parameters for each product. You must be aware of all you have to be aware of regarding your store online.

Step 5: Showcase Your Products to your Homepage Page

After you’ve compiled a list of all the products you have available and services, you can begin advertising them on your homepage for your business. BigCommerce allows you to create this page in a myriad of ways.

Another option is to label particular items (such as those which are your top-selling products) or as being a “featured” product. Simply click an icon next to your product’s listing on the main page of your product to make it a featured.

A different option would be to go to the homepage’s customization options and then add an “Carousel” that showcases your most loved items. You can go to Settings and then “Design” to access the Carousel option.

You can upload pictures of your items from your computer. You can also add an uncomplicated paragraph and include an online link to the product you’d like to market.

In a flash, you’ll have incredible ways to showcase your most recent products.

Step 6: Begin Marketing your Product

When you’re ready for bringing your website to life do not forget to browse through the tools for marketing offered by BigCommerce. There are plenty of choices to pick from such as Google AdWords, coupons, and banners.

With banners, you’ll be able to make sure that you highlight certain products and sales on your website’s homepage. You can also use visual content for promotion or non-promotional uses. Coupon codes allow you to draw attention to your site and ensure that you’re generating as many sales as you can and so do discounts.

“Abandoned Cart Notifications” feature is a must “Abandoned Cart Notifications” feature is especially useful as it lets you contact clients to remind them about the items they’ve forgotten to put inside their shopping carts. Keep in mind that some features will not be included in the Standard BigCommerce product.

BigCommerce reporting and Analytics

The creation of a stunning online store is just the beginning in the right direction to BigCommerce customers. After you’ve built a great store, you’ll need to determine if the store is running as per your goals.

This is the point at which the BigCommerce‘s analytics and reporting features can help. It offers a wide range of options for reporting and includes:

  • Information about your customers: Where your customers are from what number of returning and new customers you have, and the amount your customers are spending.
  • Search data records the phrases that customers use to search for your product or stores.
  • Marketing reports: Gain insight into the ways you got customers by using Biocommerce’s advertising products.
  • Financial reports: A look at tax reports, sales and profit.
  • Reports of abandoned carts What percentage of customers have abandoned your items and not buying?

BigCommerce additionally offers the “Insights” report to companies who are willing to pay an additional cost. It provides a range of detailed information on your customers, products, as well as abandoned carts. If you’re in”Standard” or the “Standard” or “Plus” plan the cost will be an extra $49 each month. Pro customers must be paying the sum of $99 per year (for more information) Enterprise customers will be charged around $299 per month.

Overall overall, BigCommerce’s BigCommerce Analytics and Reporting software is efficient and very impressive. The greatest thing about the reporting capabilities of BigCommerce is the fact that it allows you to can access most of the features you need , no matter which plan you’re on. It’s not always the case with competitors such as Shopify.

With Shopify it is required to purchase a plan of $79 to access all sales and customer reports. In addition using BigCommerce you can improve the analytics of your store by installing Google features as well. Some of the reporting capabilities you will get from BigCommerce include:

  • In-depth statistics for merchants who want to increase sales, attract customers and target their customers.
  • Quick snapshots of your dashboard, which include AOV the conversion rate and sales channel information, and more.
  • The ability to drill into comprehensive reports from the dashboard of your account at any point. The reports on analytics for E-commerce focus upon the effectiveness of your shop.


Dropshipping via BigCommerce

A lot of companies who are considering making use of BigCommerce in the near future will be eager to learn how it handles issues such as Dropshipping.

If you’re unfamiliar with this concept, Dropshipping is simply the term used to describe how you don’t hold the items you sell in stock or packed into a warehouse. Instead, you accept the orders of your clients, then send details to a vendor, and someone else is responsible for the shipping and packaging.

The best thing about drop shipping is that it means you need only a small amount of capital to start. It is not necessary to hold any stocks before you start selling.

The most effective method to handle dropshipping on the BigCommerce is to use an app from a third party. The most popular choices that BigCommerce provides are:

  • Dropshipping from AliExpress
  • Printful
  • Spreadr
  • Sunrise
  • Wholesale 2B

A majority of these apps offer trial versions so that you can try them before you purchase them. But one thing you should keep in mind is some of these applications are readily available when you search for them by using”Drop Ship” in the “Drop Ship” category in the BigCommerce app store. You may have to look for them by using the keyword “Dropship” rather than “Dropship.

The sale of digital Products on BigCommerce

In addition to easing sales of physical goods through BigCommerce, which includes drop shipping There’s also the option to sell digital files. BigCommerce describes digital products in the form of “downloadable items.” They’re quick and simple methods of selling the digital products to customers. When a customer places the digital item in their cart , and then completes their checkout the shipping section of the checkout process will be taken away.

Before you attempt to sell digital goods via BigCommerce, keep in mind:

  • There’s no limit on the amount of files you can add to a product that is downloadable.
  • Connecting the file to BigCommerce is an option
  • The maximum file size is 512MB.
  • Uploading files can be done through a control panel , or via the WebDAV
  • Products that can be downloaded are not available to pre-order, but they could be developed as opposed to. the import of CSV.

If you intend to sell digital goods, you’ll need to educate yourself with the notion of “VAT MOSS” within the EU. This means you have to apply country-specific rates for VAT to your products if you earn greater than 10000 euros each year from selling digital goods.

It’s a lengthy process and tedious and boring, which is among the major issues facing BigCommerce sellers of digital goods. In the near future, it would be great to see BigCommerce to follow Shopify‘s method, so that you could apply VAT MOSS immediately to digital goods.

BigCommerce POS

One of the great advantages of BigCommerce is it’s not designed only to help you manage your online store. It also lets users to connect to a point-of-sale solution, in addition.

Through integrations with Springboard Retail, Shopkeep, and Square POS, you can accept payments directly from customers and transfer inventory to your computer when you’re in a physical place like an artisan market or retail store. There are also other integrations in the pipeline.

You’ll have to look into the various providers available to ensure that you’re getting the most of this brand new POS solution. It’s helpful to be aware that you’re likely have a variety of choices to pick from. The majority of other eCommerce platforms don’t provide POS or any other features as well as they’re quite restricting in terms of the equipment you can utilize.

BigCommerce App Store

Another way you can enhance the quality of your BigCommerce customer experience is by incorporate new features via BigCommerce’s app store. BigCommerce application store.

Its Ecommerce Apps Marketplace is designed to improve the performance of your online store by providing the most extensive range of options and integrations. It is possible to integrate apps that handle different aspects of managing your online store which include CRM tools transportation calculators, advertising and many more.

Integrations are accessible in a variety of SaaS applications, such as ZendeskSalesforce, and Xero along with Mailchimp to aid in your marketing through email.

All in all, you have access up to 650 apps for the use of your BigCommerce store, but we would not recommend using them all.

Although BigCommerce may not be as flexible like Shopify in relation to the integration options available however, it offers tools you won’t find elsewhere. There’s for instance no direct connection with Mailchimp. Shopify and Mailchimp However, you are able to access Mailchimp quickly via BigCommerce.


BigCommerce Reviews FAQ

Does BigCommerce have a free version?

A One thing to note is that just the fact that there aren’t charges for transactions on BigCommerce does not mean that it’s free. It is possible to get the 14-day trial period for free however, after that, you’ll have to be charged at least $29.95 for the basic plan. If you’re looking for higher-end features, you might need an upgrade to your plan more.

Which one is better? Shopify or BigCommerce?

It’s difficult to answer if you don’t know the requirements and challenges facing your company. Shopify is BigCommerce’s primary competitor. Both are priced similarly and have a wide range of features that you can choose from. The difference is that BigCommerce has a greater number of features for free.

What kinds of items can I sell on BigCommerce?

BigCommerce lets you set up an online store in any way you’d like to. Whatever industry that you’re in, you’ll be able to offer physical and digital goods as well as offline items. BigCommerce is compatible into POS solutions for selling offline and drop shipping services and many more.

Does BigCommerce have a inbuilt BigCommerce blogger feature?

If blogging is a vital element for your business’s growth and expansion, then BigCommerce is the right tool for you. It comes with built-in blogging features, which are essential for the majority of advertising campaigns that are inbound. It isn’t as competitive as WordPress regarding performance however, it will assist you in attracting more users to your website.

Are there any apps that work with BigCommerce?

BigCommerce does not offer any apps that can assist you with managing your online store while in the move. Although there were apps before, these have been removed. It is possible to still receive notifications of sales from your store however, these will only be sent to you via emails.

BigCommerce Reviews Conclusion

All in all, BigCommerce works for everyone who doesn’t need to invest in an Enterprise Level System. It’s not to say you shouldn’t consider the BigCommerce business plan isn’t worthwhile however, I believe there are better alternatives out there. I’m not a fan of recommending BigCommerce to larger companies as you’ll get the tools you require with Shopify or the Magento. Being a new startup, Volusion is an extremely expensive option to not take advantage of.

BigCommerce is a great choice for small businesses However, you must make your choice according to how you intend to scale up in the near future. You could be paying a lot of charges if you fail to pass an amount of sales.

If you’re looking for additional features straight off of the start, you should give their 15 days trial to try.

Do you have a view about BigCommerce? Tell me your take in the comments below.


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