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Best Inventory Management Software (Nov 2021)

You’ve heard the story. A client walks into your shop and attempts to purchase a item. They’re pretty excited about their new pair of sneakers, taking a couple of hours of research before shelling out the majority of their money when they check out. There’s a problem under the hood: the shoes aren’t in inventory. Software for managing inventory could be the difference in losing customers for the rest of their lives and retaining them for a long time to be.

Why? Because nobody would want to go to your site and spend minutes or even days looking at an item that’s even on the market.

This is the same for you on the back end.

The inventory of your store is its vitality. If you don’t have an item or you are unable to transfer a product via the correct channels of logistics You’ll encounter issues with current and potential customers.

This is where inventory management software can be found.

We’ve highlighted the best options below, with a few of them providing full inventory and sales suites and others offering smaller, simpler instruments for inventory control.

Editor’s Note: This article was first released on Oct. 14, 2016,, and was completely redesigned and updated to ensure completeness and accuracy.

What is Inventory Management Software?

The management of inventory is often an arduous and lengthy process for the majority of business owners. However, a computer program that has the right features could assist you in tackling some of the stress and stress that managing inventory can cause.

If you’re operating an e-commerce website or an online store, a brick-and-mortar shop or even a supermarket it’s inevitable that you’ll require a method of keeping the track of your inventory. These tools allow you to gain insight into all aspects of your product. Furthermore, keeping track of the manner in which your inventory is moved can provide you with more insight of your customers and what they expect from your company too.

Software for managing inventory can come with a range of standard attributes, including:
  • Barcode scanners to track and manage your merchandise
  • Optimization of inventory In order to make sure that you have the proper quantity of each product to your customers
  • Alerts on stock alerts to inform you when you’re either over or under-stocking an item, based on a defined threshold.
  • Management of multiple locations The ability to manage multiple points of sale and warehouses systems simultaneously.
  • Grouping of materials The idea is to group items into categories that are predefined to see the products that are most sought-after.
  • report generation Report generation: Review a history of sales and profits, keep track of the most popular item and control the inventory of items that aren’t achieving the sales levels
  • Purchase purchase records Track the items you’re stocking and the source you’re buying these items from.

The end result is that inventory management software can allow you to monitor the items in your business supply chain, which means you can keep track of everything from sales orders as well as your business’s specific requirements. Certain software applications have integrations to link to your barcoding strategy offline and accounting software, and many more.


Best Inventory Management Software

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to the most efficient inventory management system. In accordance with what you require from your inventory management system, it could be that you have to incorporate several tools in an integrated backend system.

For you to get to where you want to be, here are some of the most well-known tools available.

Inventory Management Software: QuickBooks Commerce

QuickBooks Commerce Platform QuickBooks Commerce Platform allows commerce companies to manage their wholesale and retail operations and applications through one, central platform. Its primary capabilities, as well as its large app ecosystem give businesses the capability to quickly automate order workflows, improving efficiency in operations and satisfaction of customers. It assists you in managing various channels for sales (including Shopify, Amazon, WooCommerce, Wayfair, and other) and fulfillment centers and expedite payment processing, as well as create private B2B eCommerce experiences for wholesale customers , and effortlessly automate the integration between multiple systems.

QuickBooks Commerce was designed for operations as well as supply chain professionals who want to streamline their businesses and free their time from mundane, low-level tasks that are susceptible to human errors and inefficiency. It lets you spend more time on developing customer relationships and increasing your revenue.

QuickBooks Commerce is ideal for medium and small enterprises, and the Founder plan starts at $39 per month..


Pricing are for QuickBooks Commerce start at around $35 per month for the Founder version which includes support for one user and 10 sales orders each month. You can also purchase an Lite model priced at just $69 monthly, a smaller company at just $169 per month as well as Business, which costs $49 per month. The more you pay the more features you’ll get as well as access to many more users. There are some premium plans to those who have more advanced requirements, like Enterprise and Premium plans.


  • Great for businesses of all sizes.
  • Support for various sales channels
  • Interface that is easy to use
  • Great for supply chain professionals.
  • Value for the money.


  • A few issues related to software bugs
  • Support for customers isn’t always the best.

Zoho Inventory Management

Zoho Inventory Management is one of the most well-known tools available, specifically designed to help businesses increase their sales, increase their operations and so on. Not only can Zoho Inventory help with things such as managing your offline and purchases, it will be integrated with other tools within selling strategies.

It is possible to connect Zoho with Your Amazon, eBay and Shopify accounts, make purchase orders, handle drop shipments , and much more all from one application. Additionally, you can have end-to-end tracking of every product in your inventory using serial number capabilities along with batch tracker. You can also select from various shipping integrations to be sure your goods are delivered to your customers as fast as is possible.

Zoho inventory includes advanced tools for managing inventory, like the ability to access accounting software as well as tools for asset management to help you make better informed business decision-making. If you’re in search of a full software solution designed for business owners of the present This could be the one for you.


There’s a no-cost version of the Zoho inventory, however it’s extremely limited in terms of options. The paid version costs $49.00 You can try it out on a no cost trial to start with.


  • Integrates with dedicated CRM
  • Fantastic for tracking inventory and customer service
  • Integrations with a variety of the most popular tools
  • Workflow tools to support human resources and marketing
  • Interface that is easy to use
  • Works with Amazon, eBay and Shopify accounts. Works with eBay, Amazon and Shopify


  • Tutorials aren’t very helpful.
  • Subscriptions are per user rather than for groups.


Fishbowl Inventory

Inventory from Fishbowl may not be as popular like Zoho Inventory or QuickBooks in relation to assets administration, tools for FIFO as well as accounting software, however it’s growing in popularity quickly. If you’re looking for an inventory management tool that allows you keep track of the amount of inventory you have and determine your business requirements and requirements, then Fishbowl might be the right choice for you.

Whatever you’re trying to achieve in your company, Fishbowl is there to assist, from dropshipping tracking to inventory information, barcoding as well as other sophisticated features. Furthermore, since this software is also integrated with other popular tools available that are available, you can accomplish more. For example, you could connect to Salesforce CRM, Quickbooks for accounting software as well as ShipStation to handle shipping.

Fishbowl includes everything from manufacturing equipment, work orders, as well as asset management information which are essential to assist small-scale businesses in growing as well as the tracking of assets and warehousing. You can access real-time inventory updates, monitor your inventory by lot numbers and keep track of the level of your assets across multiple locations simultaneously.


The initial cost for Fishbowl inventory management may be a bit expensive with a price of around $43,95. But, your license won’t expire so you don’t need to fret about renewing it every month or every year.


  • Integrates with various tools that are market-leading
  • Aids with work orders as well as Asset management
  • Perfect for tracking and reporting
  • Updates on inventory in real-time
  • Non-expiring subscription


  • It’s expensive at first.
  • Not a lot of people know about
  • There are no other languages than English

Stitch Labs

Also, regardless of regardless of whether your business is small or a large company, Stitch Labs will make your life simpler. This is a full-featured software that can track everything from invoicing to on-premise orders, as well as inventory products. It has the same kind of user-friendlyness which Quick books customers and Zoho customers expect with an easy-to-use interface. In addition, companies that are growing can utilize Stitch to market their products in a variety of ways and track the status of their inventory quickly across different channels.

The user-friendly experience of Stitch Labs is ideal for businesses that wish to create unique merchandise using everything from discounted inventory items to loyalty programs, and much more. You’ll have complete control of your inventory system and not needing to utilize costly tools.

Stitch provides solutions for managing orders B2B wholesale management purchasing and replenishment capabilities as well as in-depth reports and analytics. Whatever you require to determine what you can sell on the internet, Stitch Labs is there to assist you.


The pricing on Stich Labs starts at around $799 per month, which makes one of the more expensive options for managing inventory available. However, you will have access to numerous channels as well as users as well as exceptional customer assistance.


  • Innovative predictive analytics, sales forecasting
  • Sales channels auto syncing
  • Multi-channel and support for multi-users
  • User-friendly interface and advanced search
  • Excellent customizable experience


  • Costly price structure
  • Forecasting doesn’t always work.

Best Inventory Management Software for Ecommerce

Inventory Management Software: Seller Cloud

SellerCloud has a plethora of features as among the various suites we talked about in the previous paragraph. Through scheduled inventory listings shipping handling and tracking inventory along with customer feedback management as well as catalog development it offers a more than your typical inventory management software. The primary reason we love Seller Cloud so much is due to its wide array of integrations. For instance, you can join with channels such as Amazon or eBay as well as retailers, shopping carts repricers as well as payment gateways and much more.

As we’re mostly focusing on the management of inventory for this post Let’s review of some primary capabilities. For starters, you can keep your inventory synced across all platforms and allows the use of multi-warehouse solutions. The tool allows you to reserve certain inventory for deals or channels, and all feeds from vendors are updated to reflect changes in your inventory. Alerts for low stock are delivered to you, just in case you’d like make a new purchase. Additionally inventory tracking is built into the order for both the customer and you.


The ERP and inventory management software offered by Seller Cloud depends on how much you can sell. You’ll have to inform the company of how many orders you place for an accurate estimate. You’ll also have to decide whether you’d prefer an exclusive server, premium service, and the list goes on. The monthly minimum price is typically approximately $1000.


  • Simple and efficient supply chain management that is simple and convenient
  • The synchronization of all your orders and inventory quick
  • There is no need to keep separate connections to suppliers
  • Reorder features for fast and simple selling
  • Tools that are convenient
  • Pricing is simple and transparent.


  • It needs a lot of updating regularly
  • A bit intimidating for those who are new to the field.
  • Expensive for some


Inventory Management Software for Ecommerce: Channel Advisor

Channel Advisor is yet another E-commerce suite with many products to attract new customers in managing inventory, managing social commerce, and expanding your product’s knowledge. Channel Advisor software is designed to help Channel Advisor software assists companies who want to have their products distributed across the internet without adding unnecessary work to the process. For instance, Channel Advisor has a digital marketing “channel,” in which all your products are available on sites such as Google. Bing, Yahoo Facebook.

The system then shifts to marketplaces. For instance it will make sure that your inventory is stocked and available for sale through sites such as Amazon, Walmart, Sears and eBay. In addition, Channel Advisor has features to gain insights and understand the likelihood that people purchase specific products on the internet or offline. This information is converted into data that helps you determine the best way to increase the conversion rate as time passes. If you look, you will see that the majority of the products in the suite are devoted towards your stock, which makes it among the best options available.


The cost of Channel Advisor software is based on performance. Channel Advisor software depends on the performance. If sales fall and your expenses drop, your spending will also decrease. This helps you maintain the fulfillment of orders for your retail business , without running out of cash in a hurry. There are a variety of tool and reorder points to assist you in running your business efficiently.


  • Excellent customer experience and plenty of assistance
  • Assistance with orders across different marketplaces
  • The system is reliable and functions well.
  • The interface is very flexible and can be customized to suit your needs.
  • Pricing is determined by your cash flow
  • Convenient layout


  • A few problems concerning charging
  • Data is not always reliable, especially with reports


Inventory Management Software for Ecommerce: nChannel

The nChannel is an online multichannel system that connects sales channels to the fulfillment channels you use. It integrates sales channels that are front-end such as Shopify, Magento, Bigcommerce, Amazon, and eBay together with your back-end systems, like NetSuite, MS Dynamics GP, NAV, and RMS. Through the integration of these systems nChannel integrates your inventory and orders, and information about products management in one location.

This software for managing inventory ensures that you don’t oversell, by updating your inventory levels continuously across all of your sales channels when orders are made. It also sends the online order details back the fulfillment software in order to ensure that your orders are processed promptly and precisely. In the end, these tools aid in creating an improved customer experience. Customers will be aware of when inventory is in stock and also what’s happening with their purchase. If you’re committed to implementing multichannel, nChannel can help you get through the complexities.


nChannel is a great choice for those who want control their stock on an mobile device or even a website. With features for tracking orders as well as plenty of high-volume information and data it is easier to plan an effective business with fifo and LIFO accounting. Prices start at about $400 per month and there’s no trial version available for free. There’s also no trial period for free.


  • Simple solutions for businesses that have large amounts of information
  • Different possibilities for integration
  • A very flexible interface
  • Many support services to track orders
  • Straightforward user interface


  • There is no trial for free.
  • Integrations can be difficult


Inventory Management Software: Katana

In contrast to the majority of software for managing inventory we’ve reviewed, Katana tends to concentrate on small-scale manufacturers. It’s an online-based application that aids medium and small factories to manage their operations with complete inventory control, as well as scheduling production and planning.

However, the efficient managing raw materials and finished products is the main job in this case. To facilitate this, Katana compiles data about the recipes for products as well as purchase and sales orders warehouse statuses, product manufacturing, operations and raw materials. It also provides an intuitive dashboard that allows for simple and simple monitoring of all critical procedures.

The thing you’ll really appreciate in this application is the seamless transitions between spreadsheets of information and integrations with various different business platforms. For online sales, for example you are able to easily integrate the Katana software by integrating it with WooCommerceand Shopify. If you’re looking to track your information regarding your payments, inventory purchase orders, inventory, and financials, QuickBooks and Xero integrations can be very useful.


Katana provides companies with a wonderful solution to streamline manufacturing and sales without spending the money. Unfortunately, there isn’t a cost-free version of the software however, you can start with an initial trial for free. Prices start around $99 for a month.


  • Ideal for streamlining invoices and inventory management, as well as production
  • Excellent value for the money.
  • Katana MRP has been designed to be simple to make use of
  • Knowledgebase is great for beginning users.
  • Fantastic Support team


  • It is difficult for newbies.
  • The organization of orders is difficult.


Inventory Management Software: 4PSite

The software 4PSite is a multi-channel , cloud-based inventory and order management software that connects to many of the most popular online stores like Bigcommerce, Magento, Shopify and Volusion. Additionally, you can connect your inventory to make sales on marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Rakuten, Etsy and Newegg. This is a totally online inventory management tool, meaning that it is only necessary to access one interface for all these marketplaces and platforms. You can, for instance, verify the availability of an item in real time while a consumer puts it in the shopping cart.

Many options are included in the software 4PSite. First, customers will not ever place an order on an item that is out of inventory. The system provides barcodes and cost tracking along with filtering, searching and bundles. This module for inventory overview is helpful to forecast, and the shipping management module is integrated in the software. Forecasting inventory is a major advantage, and you are able to use it to handle reorders as well as suppliers. With the right optimization and inventory reports as well as QuickBooks connectivity, 4PSite allows your business to keep accurate counts of units and makes buying effortless and simple.


Supply chain services can prove extremely expensive based on the features you require. Pricing for 4PSite begins at about $350 per month. It is an excellent product that comes with plenty of support and features.


  • Multi-channel cloud-based solution
  • There are many features to explore.
  • Excellent customer support and service
  • QuickBooks integration available
  • Reasonable pricing


  • Refunds aren’t simple to get
  • It takes time to understand how to make use of


Inventory Management Software: Dear Systems

Dear Systems is primarily for small-sized businesses, which makes it less expensive and easier to manage than many others inventory management software we’ve discussed in the past. The most important feature to consider for e-commerce is how it allows you to make sales and manage various channels for sales. Manufacturing and purchasing sales, sales, and accounting inventory management are all integrated in the software creating a well integrated system.

When it comes to Inventory management software, customers have access to families of products, or variants of the same item with different SKUs. There are also options for loading your products from your online store as well as multi-warehouse management. Barcode scanning simplifies and streamlines the entire management of inventory process. Additionally, the numerous integrations with platforms such as Shopify, eBay and WooCommerce can be useful as well.


Dear Systems isn’t one of the most affordable choices for managing inventory the world, but it does have lots of features to provide. It costs about $2000 USD on this service and it is capped at 3000 SKUs that you can monitor. You can also get discounts for a larger SKU number. There’s a chance to test the program without cost.


  • Highly secure program that seldom has to deal with bugs.
  • Connectivity With eBay, Shopify, and WooCommerce
  • Barcode scanning capabilities
  • Many SKU provide support
  • Convenient and easy to use layout


  • The website isn’t functional.
  • Quite expensive


Inventory Management Software for Ecommerce: Stitch Labs

Alongside integrations with platforms such as Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify and Amazon and WooCommerce, the inventory software from StitchLabs comes with an excellent set of main attributes. You can, for instance, receive full inventory control using an attractive dashboard and astounding insight. The cross-departmental integration allows your team to collaborate and the multi-channel inventory system is fully automated.

The software for managing inventory has been specifically designed to help you accurately forecast demand and take action whenever demand is changing. We also love the fact that it works with QuickBooks as your accounting books will be grateful to you at the end of the year due to the benefits of the continuous inventory tracking.


Stitch Labs is one of the most expensive items available. With inventory models that span multiple channels and a myriad of options to try this is an amazing product in terms of technological innovation. It is however, Stitch Labs costs around $799 per month, which can seem too high for many businesses.


  • A great option for centralizing data
  • Excellent customer service
  • Ideal for teams that require to work together.
  • Multi-channel inventory module that includes automated
  • Free trial trial is available


  • The price is ridiculously high.
  • It is possible that you will have to pay extra assistance


Best Inventory Management Software for Small Businesses

If you are a small company, the inventory management software you require could differ from the type of software that a bigger company is searching for. It could be that you require assistance with dropshipping for instance, and less assistance with things such as barcode scanning and work orders.

It is good to know that whatever the most important characteristics of your tool for managing assets there are options that can be used by all sizes of companies. Some of the most sought-after software to manage inventory for smaller businesses are:



Veeqo is a complete software application that assists small-sized businesses to manage things such as managing inventory, orders, as well as shipping. Since you have everything you require to expand your business in one easy-to-use back-end, it’s much simpler to allow your brand to grow rapidly.

With Veeqo the business owners are able to benefit from a multi-channel inventory control platform that can be integrated the use of up to sixteen channels. Additionally, it supports multiple warehouses, returns , and wholesale orders, as well as detailed reports on revenue. Veeqo offers the latest technology for packing and picking which includes barcode scanners to pick items. It also supports up to 21 shipping order integrations.

If you’re unsure if you’re sure that the Veeqo software is suitable for you, you could always try a the free trial.


Veeqo provides excellent logistics and inventory control for brands on the internet at the price of the rate of $120 per year. It is among the more affordable options available on the market, which makes it an ideal choice for small-sized businesses.


  • Excellent customer service and support
  • It is compatible with 16 channels
  • 21 different integrations for shipping orders
  • Free trial is available to start with
  • A useful system for back-end


  • It is afflicted by a variety of bugs.
  • Supplier codes are difficult to implement.



Odoro can be a amazing tool that is designed to cut down on the amount of time required to run your company. The asset tracking software has a variety of sophisticated tools for setting up smaller-sized firms. In this program includes everything you require to run a successful company with the ability to print shipping labels on a batch basis in just a few clicks. Additionally, you can secure the most affordable shipping costs with massive USPS discounts.

You can connect Ordoro into all of your sales channels and assign barcodes to SKUs, and then issue purchase orders with unique numbers as your inventory levels begin to fall. Ordoro can even sync automatically and track inventory updates for you.

Ordoro is especially useful for businesses that have an interest in dropshipping because it facilitates the process of routing dropshipping requests to vendors and permits dropshippers to process their orders via a separate vendor portal.


Ordoro offers two categories of pricing. It offers a basic option for online shipping, and a Pro option to manage inventory and shipping. The basic service is free for fifty orders per month. If you’d like an inventory management system you’ll require the Pro service, which starts at $39 a month for up 100 orders.


  • Affordable for novices
  • Barcode scanning is easy with our support and sales channels
  • It is useful for companies that are interested in dropshipping
  • Print shipping labels in batches
  • Excellent savings on shipping costs


  • The customer service isn’t the greatest.
  • Has a few issues



CIN7 is a great way to cut down on time spent managing inventory and making reports on inventory. This powerful inventory management software can assist you in tracking the life of your products swiftly and efficiently, as well as make sure that you keep reordering your most valuable items before they are out of stock.

CIN7 streamlines the process of integrated inventory management, which allows smaller and expanding brands to market their products to clients all over the globe. You can try a trial for free to get you going, and when you sign in, you’ll have access to an inventory management platform that is complete which allows you to ensure that your stock is according to your orders in every stock channel and location. CIN7 provides access to a variety of integrated point-of-sale systems including warehouse management tools as well as special features to automate your business too.

With CIN7, you can manage every aspect of order flow to inventory assets, stock locations , and various sales channels into one solution.


The price for CIN7 is affordable when you take into account the number of features you can avail. You can try a trial for free to start, and the starter plan can be purchased at a cost of around 299 dollars per month. It’s a lot less than some inventory software


  • Simple and quick to use
  • Support for inventory management via Connected Inventory
  • Ideal for small and new business
  • It is a good idea to have centralized order
  • The support is excellent.


  • The warehouse management isn’t very good.
  • It may be difficult to get support from the beginning


Other Top Choices for Inventory Management

There isn’t a universal system for accounting or enterprise resource management, there’s no the best software for inventory management that will be suitable for all businesses. The software that is best for your needs will be contingent on the type of company you operate along with numerous other variables.

The best part? There are lots of fantastic inventory management software available for businesses with particular requirements as well. For example, if you’re looking for an inventory software that will simplify your restaurant’s and you’re looking for Shopify as well as WooCommerce experience, you can try these choices:


Best Inventory Management Software for Restaurants

Light speed

Today, the best inventory management and POS system that is available to restaurants has been identified as the one that is offered by Light speed. The most popular software in the market is made for the busy restaurant business, allowing owners to swiftly and effortlessly manage their businesses from a single place.

Light speed provides access to flexible floor plans for your restaurant, numerous menu management tools and workflow strategies that are timed and staff management software. Furthermore, you’ll have the ability to use the same tools you require to run your restaurant whatever the situation, whether on the internet or off.

Light speed also offers tables-side ordering, so you can assign orders to tables or chairs and then send them to the bar or kitchen in the event of a need.


Light speed simplifies life simpler for businesses that wish to stay clear of the need for complicated software for managing inventory. It is fast and reliable as well as easy to use. Prices start around $69 per month for a single user.


  • Tableside ordering available
  • Rapid and reliable performance
  • A very user-friendly back-end
  • Good for customer support
  • Affordable


  • It is possible to be affected by a few bugs


The Best Inventory Management Software for Shopify


There are plenty of great inventory management software solutions available that are made to work with Shopify. Shopify shop. One of our favorites happens been that of the Katana for the Shopify application. It’s a solution software made specifically to support Shopify order management in the event that you’re in the business of making products.

Katana is an approved Shopify partner, so you’ll get the highest quality service. This order management software will allow you to keep track of the sales you make, your orders and inventory, making sure that you have the right environment to make money.

Katana comes with an automated booking engine, a full sales fulfillment syncing platform and a variety of efficient production processes that keep your team operating efficiently. Katana is especially helpful if you’re in a manufacturing industry, since it can help keep complicated processes as easy as is possible.


The Best Inventory Management Software for WooCommerce

Trade Gecko

We have an amazing inventory management software that works with Shopify But what happens do you do if you want to make use of WooCommerce for WordPress? Tools like Veeqo are excellent to use together with WooCommerce However, there is many other plugins you can look into. The most well-known multi-channel inventory management software tools available from WooCommerce is Trade Gecko.

Trade Gecko continually and seamlessly performs adjustments to stocks, stock updates and purchase orders that meet the requirements of your store. Inventory management tools are synced with your sales strategies across all channels. Mobile apps are also that are available for Android or iOS phones, allowing you to manage your orders and products any time, anywhere.

Trade Gecko offers all the tools needed to run a wholesale company, including wholesale price lists for your products , too. The entire experience is user-friendly and the seamless integration with WooCommerce simply makes your life much easier.


Over to You

If you run a small-scale business I’d strongly suggest Dear Systems. Beyond this, it’s entirely your decision which software for managing inventory to select. If you’ve experienced any issues with any of the programs mentioned above, please feel free to discuss your experiences in the comments section below.

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