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The best free email marketing tools and software for 2021

We’ve tested and compared This is the Winner
If you’re searching for a free mail marketing tools, you’ve come to the right place! In this list we’ve included six of the top tools available to you! They are among the most popular free marketing services for email which are set to make a splash in 2021. We’ll examine their features, their free plans’ limitations, the cost of an upgrade, as well as general advantages and disadvantages. After looking around for some time, here’s the final list we’ve settled on:
• Sendinblue
• HubSpot Email Marketing
• AWeber
• ConvertKit
• Omnisend
• Moosend
• MailerLite
• Sender
To help you decide what you want to do, we’ve created this table of comparisons:

The Best Free Marketing Email Tools
Tool Free email addresses Contacts to get free Cost of upgrading
Sendinblue 300/day (9,000 monthly) Unlimited $25/month
HubSpot Email Marketing 2 000 / month 1,000 $45 / month
AWeber 3000 / month 500 $16.15 per month
ConvertKit Unlimited 1,000 $25/month
Omnisend 15,000 / month Unlimited $16 / month
Moosend Unlimited 1,000 $8/month
MailerLite 12,000 / month 1,000 $7/month
Sender 15,000 / month 2,500 $11/month

Let’s see the features each one of these marketing tools for email brings into the mix:

Best Free Email Marketing Tool – Sendinblue

The Sendinblue is an relative newcomer in the market for email marketing as well as an underdog compared to other tools we’ll feature in the next section of this list. What makes it the No. 1 then? There are several excellent reasons to choose Sendinblue: The best thing about Sendinblue is that it’s an excellent all-around online marketing tool that goes far beyond email. It also has SMS messaging, a chat with customers tool and landing pages, CRM, along with Facebook Ads integration. Overall…impressive. Let’s talk about the features for email: Sendinblue has basically every email marketing feature you can ask for. It allows you to send broadcasts with it, enjoy amazing deliverability, use drip campaigns and automated emails and send transactional emails through an suitable e-commerce store (Shopify WooCommerce, Shopify etc.). Being able to have everything you need under one roof implies that you’ll likely never have to switch your marketing email platform even as your business expands. Sendinblue provides everything to offer you, no matter the size or how small your business could be. Of course the majority of Sendinblue’s products are absolutely no cost, which is the reason you’ve come here to learn initially.
The features included in the free plan include:
• Visual email builders tool that’s mobile-friendly , and that works with drag-and-drop
• Broadcast email campaigns
• A collection of email templates
• Marketing via SMS
• Personalization of SMS and emails (include the name of the recipient or number of recipients, etc.)
• Chat with customers (Sendinblue provides you with the chat module that you can put on your website)
• Contact segmentation
• Forms for sign-ups that you can customize
• Sales CRM
• Automation of marketing emails using an editor for workflows
• Real-time report
• GDPR Compliance
• API Integrations that integrate with RSS, Google Contacts, Typeform and many more.
• A WordPress plugin for WordPress.
The limitations in the version free include:
• Sendinblue does not limit the amount of users (this is the one software in this list that allows this)
• The maximum number of emails you can mail per day is 300.
• Marketing automation is a feature that can be used for up to 2000 contacts
Cost of upgrading:
Sendinblue provides three paid tiers that are depending on features and the email quantity you require:
• Light: Starting at $25/month for 10,000 emails per month and more
• Premium: starting at $65/mo for 20,000 emails per month and more
• Enterprise: individually negotiated
There are two plans available. Lite as well as Premium packages include additional features that are over and above what you’ll find in the free plan. The most important thing is that you get A/B tests, send times that are optimized (based on time zones) and a comprehensive tools for building landing pages and improved reports.
Who should buy Sendinblue:
Sendinblue Sendinblue is an all-in-one email marketing tool for all businesses. It may sound like a broad statement however that’s the reality. Sendinblue isn’t lacking in any way you’d expect from a program such as this, and it also offers an array of unique options that aren’t often observed in the other alternatives. It’s regarded as one of the top Mailchimp alternatives on the market. The reason that the free plan is fantastic is a lot to do with you can send unlimited emails to contacts. Check out our Sendinblue review here.
HubSpot Email Marketing
HubSpot’s email marketing software is part of their CRM platform. It’s created to help you expand your business by offering personalised experiences to your customers as well as your customers and. HubSpot is renowned for its top-quality CRM and is a used choice among small businesses and large corporations as evident by their more than 100k customers. The CRM gathers all kinds of data about your site’s users and contacts and the information it collects is used throughout the platform, allowing you to offer more enjoyable experiences for your customers. Automation and email marketing functions are especially popular with HubSpot’s users, and the integration with CRM natively is a solid and highly interactive strategy.
Benefits of the plan for free:
• Drag-and-drop email builders
• Custom-built, pre-designed email templates tailored for your particular needs
• Personalization tokens that allow you to segment and personalize your email messages according to your subscribers’ details
• Tracking of email replies
• Automated follow-up emails
• Free CRM
• Free landing page creator with form and popup builder with live chat, and more to build an entire lead generation funnel
• A WordPress plugin for WordPress.
Some limitations that come with the trial version include:
• Up to 2,000 emails sent per month
• Five dynamic lists and 1,000 static lists
• The free HubSpot CRM and marketing tools and sales, customer care and operations
Cost of upgrading:
If you update the features of your HubSpot software for marketing via email, you upgrade the entire marketing platform of HubSpot and, as a result, gain a amount more than simple email marketing program. There are three paid plans you can choose from:
• Starter starts at $45 a month and you can send more than 5,000 emails. You can also take out any HubSpot brand from the emails you send.
• Professional starts from $800 per year, and allows you to send up to 10,000 emails. You can avail the majority of automated and a/b-testing features along with advanced SEO, analytics, and blogging tools, as well as more.
• Enterprise starts at $3,200 per month, and is designed for larger organizations who require a complete marketing automation system.
Who should sign up for HubSpot:
HubSpot is a great choice for a small-scale company or small-scale business that wants to grow and automate specific processes, but also in the event that you’re already quite large and need a system to help you grow. It’s also a great option if you prefer not the hassle of managing multiple applications and prefer having everything in one place and also if you’re looking for individualization. Check out our HubSpot Marketing Hub review.
On the other side of the spectrum from Sendinblue, AWeber is among the most well-known brands in the world of email marketing and is among the most enduring of these tools which was established in 1998. AWeber was a provider of email marketing services at a time when only the most committed online marketers were using these features. This experience must result in a positive outcome somehow…and it is! AWeber’s primary focus is making your marketing emails as efficient as they can be and also providing all the features you could require in one location. However, AWeber’s free plan is actually an innovation. The company underwent a changes in its branding recently and has open its doors to small-sized businesses with a limited money to invest their marketing through email. In terms of features, you’ll not be dissatisfied. AWeber offers a powerful email design tool that operates using drag-and-drop, and AI-powered (that’s the latest trend nowadays) as well as an online landing page creator as well as a library of email templates, and more. You can also use the automation feature for when you want to move things to the highest step.

The features included in the plan for free:

• A visual drag-and-drop editor for crafting your emails
• Broadcast email campaigns
• Autoresponders and tools for email automation
• RSS-to-email (send newsletters following your most recent post on your blog automatically)
• A collection of email templates
• HTML emails
• Content that is dynamic (based upon presets)
• AAMP-friendly emails (hyper-optimized for mobile devices – can increase the rate of open)
• Many professional images to select from to include in your emails
• A landing page creator tool (you can design an unlimited quantity of these)
• Templates for landing pages
• A collection of signup forms
• Email list segmentation
• A simple Subscriber with message analytics
• AWeber Ecommerce allows you to sell items directly by email
• Web push notifications
• A WordPress plugin for WordPress.
Some limitations that come with the trial version include:
• 500 contacts or more
• A minimum of 3,000 emails can be sent every month
• Up to 50,000 Web push notification subscribers
Cost of upgrading:
The cost of upgrading to a paid plan costs $16.15/mo (billed each year). At that cost you’ll receive exactly the same number of contacts however, you will gain access to additional features like split testing as well as cart abandonment options, white labeling and custom list segmentation more accurate reporting, and additional. In the event that you would like to increase the amount (billed per year):
• $26.15/mo for 250 contacts
• $46.15/mo for 5 contacts
• $66.15/mo per 10,000 contact
Who should sign up for AWeber?
AWeber is a great choice if you’re just starting out with a small number of subscribers, or if you’re creating a list from the ground up. You might also want to consider AWeber when you’re looking to explore the idea of e-commerce through AWeber Ecommerce. Take a look at the Review of AWeber here.

ConvertKit has been initially advertised as the ideal email program for bloggers. It certainly has something there. While the majority of marketing tools for email concentrate on aiding you to “build the base of customers,” ConvertKit is more focused on aiding you to “connect with your followers.” Granted, this could be merely an issue of positioning but it does paint an image of the kind of user ConvertKit hopes to draw. The whole platform is geared towards helping you determine what kind of content you’d like to publish and how you can connect with your audience, and also how to structure your story efficiently. Of course all the fancy automated and email marketing features are available to ensure that you can make your email marketing campaigns profitable for your company.
Benefits of the plan for free:
• A tool for creating visual emails that includes templates as well as access to a catalogue of images that you are able to make use of for free
• The tools for creating landing pages such as sales pages, landing pages, and link pages (a kind like a bio for social media that you can hyperlink to all your projects)
• Create a custom domain name on your ConvertKit profile
• An online signup form tool
• The free delivery of incentives for opt-in via welcome email (for example in the event that you give the recipients a prize in exchange for them signing for your email newsletter)
• List segmentation
• Reports
• Autoresponders and automated email.
• ConvertKit Commerce – a tool that lets you sell digital goods directly out of your email newsletters
• It is possible to run a paid-for newsletter (charge subscribers to gain access) and also on a basis of membership (with regular payments made via credit cards)
• A WordPress plugin for WordPress.
Some limitations that come with the trial version include:
• Up 1,000 contacts
• Unlimited email sends
• Unlimited traffic on your website
Cost of upgrading:
Upgrade to a plan that is paid starts at just $25/month (paid each year). The plan comes with the same limitation on subscribers of 1,000. If you want to add more subscribers then the cost increases quickly: 55,000 subscribers cost $66/month or $93/month depending on the tier in the plan that is paid for you to select. In general, ConvertKit is not the most affordable tool available it once you decide to upgrade. The additional features that you can avail include a tool for migration (if you’re shifting your list to another email marketing service) automated sequences and funnels, connection to Facebook custom audiences as well as a referral system to your newsletters via email, and advanced reports.

Who should be the first to get ConvertKit?

ConvertKit is an excellent option for bloggers looking to start with a simple set of tools that allow you to interact to your followers. Also, at the that you’re able to manage a the limited number of contacts that you can offer with your free account. The additional tools, including page templates, landing pages an E-commerce module and more will allow you to get your website up and running quickly and maybe make your first money prior to needing the option of upgrading your account. Read the details of our ConvertKit overview here.


Omnisend is one of the most effective and easy to use tools for automating emails on the market. It was created specifically with e-commerce in the mind since it has top integrations with Shopify (and many other third-party integrations). Since its debut in 2014, it was branded Soundest The brand has evolved into one of the top E-commerce marketing platforms in the present. Omnisend has a variety of templates that allow you to create customized emails. There are also a variety of automatization features that allow you to segment your email lists and sending emails. Additionally, it is able to seamlessly integrate with SMS marketing campaigns as well as Facebook Messenger. Additionally, as anyone who has ever conducted any email-based marketing campaigns understands that lead generation is an essential stage. Additionally, Omnisend comes with capabilities that let you design powerful, engaging and compelling leads generation templates. There are a myriad of types of forms you can choose from, including these (all that you could incorporate with your marketing emails):
• Interactive and interactive wheel of fortune form
• Sign-up boxes
• Pop-ups
Last but not the last, every email marketing campaign should be accompanied by a an in-depth analysis. This is where Omnisend’s report features are a highlight. Its reporting tools include real-time dashboards and click maps, so you can ensure that you are able to access all the information needed to accurately and effectively evaluate the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign. In the end, Omnisend provides everything that you require to streamline and automate your marketing email processes.
Benefits of the plan for free:
• Templates for email that are pre-designed and ready to use. You can pick from, modify and then send
• 15000 emails per month and 2000 emails every day.
• Drag and drop editor for email
• Make 3 active signup forms
• Click maps
• Sales reporting
• Email Segmentation
• The tracking of websites on a month’s information
The limitations that come with the trial version include:
• It is only possible to design just a few email segments in the free option, however in paying plans, users are able to make 20 email segments and beyond.
• The feature for audience segmentation is not included in the free plan.
• Priority support isn’t available with the free plan.
• No matter how big your email database, you are able to only send out 15,000 emails per month, and 2000 emails per day.
Cost of upgrading:
Omnisend offers three paid plans that users are able to upgrade to:
• Standard plan Pricing starts at $16 a month for 15,000 emails per month. The cost and amount of emails sent increases proportionally to how large your list of email addresses.
• Pro plan starts at $99 per month and includes 15,000 email messages per month. $99 worth of credit for SMS per month. The price and amount of emails sent will increase depending on the amount of emails you have on your account.
• Enterprise Plans Custom pricing for unlimited email monthly as well as free SMS credits.
The premium and standard plans include additional features not offered in the free plan , such as automated email workflows that are pre-built and push notifications on the web, priority support, SMS campaigns as well as automation.

Who should be the recipient of Omnisend:

Omnisend is a great tool for e-commerce marketers who are sales-driven and looking for sophisticated and automated tools for marketing their emails. Features such as a drag and drop editor, pre-designed email templates that can be personalized allow the process of email marketing to be easy. This solution is a step above the standard general email marketing platforms, by providing features like automated email, audience segmentation and in-depth analytics as well as reporting that are real-time with dashboards. If you’re looking to find an effective email marketing platform that can automate processes and has been designed for success in eCommerce Then Omnisend is the right choice for you. As an example, Omnisend integrates seamlessly with more than 30 apps like Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce,, ShipStation, and This makes using the email platform a lot simpler for online retailers. Read the Omnisend reviews here.


The Moosend is a more reasonable alternative to this list. By “affordable” I really mean the cost is free. It has all the options you’d expect, as well as the reporting, analytics as well as a fully functional email builder. All in all, Moosend is up to the standard of the other tools discussed in this article. But, Moosend also brings a couple of innovative concepts that are not available elsewhere. For instance, they have an AI module to integrate e-commerce. It examines customer interactions, and matches their preferences and tastes, and sends them emails in response to that. Then, there’s intelligent personalization. It is superior to the standard [NAMEtags and [NAME] tags, and gives you conditional blocks that permit to display exclusive content depending on your subscriber’s personal profile.

Benefits of the free plan include:

o Visual email builders using drag-and-drop for customizing your email messages quickly
o Send out emails to broadcast campaigns
• Templates and sign-up forms (also can be used as pop-ups, floating boxes, inline forms or embeddable form)
• Templates for email
• Basic image manipulating tools
• Timers for counting down
• Content that is conditional
• The above “AI-Engine Products Recommendations”
• GDPR compliance
• Templates for automation workflows as well as templates
• Reports and monitoring
• A/B testing (for example, testing different subjects)
• Analytics using Heatmaps
• 100+ integrations with other tools
• A WordPress plugin for WordPress.
Some limitations in the version free include:
• up to 1000 subscribers
• Unlimited number of email addresses
Cost of upgrading:
It is the second-lowest marketing software that is on the list (after MailerLite). The entry-level plan starts at $8/month (paid per year). At that cost you’ll be able to send emails to 2,000 users and avail several other features. In the main, you’ll receive transactionsal emails and landing pages, as well as telephone support, and the SMTP server. There’s also an option called Enterprise to get more advanced configurations.
Who should be the recipient of Moosend:
the Moosend is another great tool in this list that provides a fair and free account and inexpensive upgrades once you have. It is worth an opportunity in case advanced tracking and report features are essential to you, things like A/B tests, heatmaps, real time analytics, devices and geography reporting and more.


MailerLite is distinctive because of at least two factors. It has an affordable plan for free that’s large enough and comparable to the other alternatives available. Additionally, it’s among the most affordable email marketing options that you can find after you’ve decided to put money into your email marketing efforts. Don’t be fooled by that “Lite” element of their name deceive you. There is nothing lacking in MailerLite’s range of features. You can rest assured that MailerLite will be capable of handling all your marketing requirements via email. MailerLite has been praised by more than a million companies and startups across the globe, which means they must be doing things right.
Benefits of the free plan include:
• A drag-and-drop-friendly email builder that is user-friendly.
• Built-in tools for editing photos (to ensure that every image that you send out look stunning)
• File management (to manage all your digital assets you’re distributing to subscribers)
• Templates for newsletters that are mobile-friendly
• A tool for creating landing pages
• Templates and sign-up forms (they also function as pop-ups)
• Excellent list of management tools
• Unsubscribe page builders (not something that’s commonly found among other programs)
• Email automation features
• Advanced segmentation
• RSS campaigns (to automate newsletters that are derived from the latest blog posts)
• A/B testing (not often seen in free tools)
• Analytics and reports
• Surveys (you can make them) and then embed them in emails)
• GDPR compliance
Some limitations in the version free include:
• More than 1,000 contact
• 12,000 email sends monthly
• Support for customers is only available via email
• You will receive one mini-website, and five landing pages.
• Unlimited access to your mini-website, as well as forms
Cost of upgrading:
As I said, MailerLite is one of the most affordable tools available, after you’ve decided to upgrade. The basic plan costs $7/month for 1,000 users (paid each year). After that, the following levels include:
• $10.50/mo per 2,500 customers
• $29/month for 5,000 subscribers.
• $35/month for 10,000 subscribers.
• and so on.
Also, read: The ultimate guide to MailerLite pricing.
Who should be the first to get MailerLite:
All in all, MailerLite is an excellent choice for email marketing for small-sized business owners with an extremely limited budget and wish to keep costs down for as long as they can. MailerLite has no issues with many essential attributes, so it’s not as if you’re making an exchange for the lower price. Also, MailerLite is one of the few programs in this list that allow A/B test for no cost. Take a look at the mailerLite reviews here.
Sender is a well-established platform for marketing via email that’s been in existence for some time, but began becoming more popular only recently. One thing that is distinctive about the service offered by Sender is the generous nature of its free plan. It’s uncommon with an online platform for marketing that can let more than 2,500 subscribers and 15,000 emails per month without having to pay. It’s also interesting that the range of features aren’t limited by any means compared to paid plans. There’s only a difference the amount of emails you’re able to send.

Benefits of the free plan include:

• A tool for designing emails visually with drag-and drop to personalize your email messages easily
• A variety of template templates (all of them mobile-friendly and responsive)
• Advanced tools to assist with HTML email creation
• Email list segmentation
• Form templates and pop-ups for sign-ups
• Integrations with popular ecommerce platforms ( WooCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop, and more)
• Emails from abandoned carts
• Email automation
• Analytics and reports on various metrics
• Connectivity with tools from third parties
• A WordPress plugin for WordPress.
The limitations in the version free include:
• A maximum of 2,500 customers
• One to 15,000 emails a month
The features included are all part of the no-cost plan , with no additional restrictions. Cost of upgrading: Upgrading to a paid plan that includes Emailer is quite inexpensive. Its entry-level plan costs only $11/month, and lets you send up to 10,000 emails to 5,000 subscribers. This is already impressive. If you’re looking for more, then Sender is one of the least expensive tools for marketing via email when sending to:
• 10,000 subscribers – – $22/mo
• 20k subscribers – $46/mo
Who should sign up for Sender: Sender does not have an extensive number of options, however, all the basic stuff is available. If you’re looking for an adequate cushion to serve more than 2,500 subscribers for no cost, this could be the perfect solution. At the end of the day you can create stunning emails using Sender and make sure they are delivered to the correct locations.

What’s your best free email marketing program of choice?

This is an overview of six of the most effective free tools for marketing via email in the market! As you’ve noticed each of them offers an effective free plan that can suffice to start you off with marketing via email. Also, improvements are typically not costly as well. It’s time to put aside Gmail or Zoho to communicate with your customers. Yet, at the exact the same time, why pay more for tools such as Constant Contact, GetResponse, Salesforce or HubSpot instead of utilize these tools instead isn’t it?

Make sure to take a look at this simple comparison table:
The Best free Email Marketing Software
Tool Emails for no cost Contacts to get free Cost of upgrading
300/day (9,000 per month) /monthite /month$th
HubSpot Email Marketing
2500 / month ,000 $45/mo th
3000 / month 500 $16.15 per month
Unlimited 1,000 $25 / month
12,000 / month 1,000 $7 / month
15,000 / month 2,500 $11/month
The Moosend
Unlimited 1,000 $8/month

If you have any queries about the tools for marketing emails mentioned in this post Please feel free to post a post a comment below. Maybe you’re using a different tool such as Omnisend, Benchmark Email, Send Pulse or Mailjet? Tell us what you’ve enjoyed about these solutions, too.

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