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Best Endpoint Security Software

Are you ready to get straight to the solution? The most effective endpoint security program for the majority of users is Bitdefender.

Companies across all industries are at risk of being hacked. This is true for small businesses as well as Fortune 500s and even small-sized businesses.

This is why security software for endpoints is essential to possess.

The Endpoint Security software offers a blend of privacy and cybersecurity control for computers in the workplace and is managed through an integrated dashboard. Endpoint security includes features such as firewalls, antivirus software as well as ransomware removal, malware removal and much more.

The main benefit that endpoint security programs offer is its protection of the entire infrastructure of your IT. Instead of having to install software on each computer in your company the endpoint security software protects all the devices within your network.

From an IT administration perspective Endpoint security offers significant advantages when compared with other types of software in this field.

You’ll be able protect desktops, laptops, and mobile devices that run Windows, Apple, Android as well as Linux using an integrated interface and software.

The Best 7 Most Effective Endpoint Security Software

After thorough research and testing, we’ve narrowed down our best seven security solutions for endpoints available today. Learn more about the advantages, features, prices and suggested use cases for each below.

  1. Bitdefender— The Best Endpoint Security Software for All Users

Bitdefender will be our top recommendation overall for security of the endpoint. One of the reasons why this software is so prominent among our recommendations is that they offer a broad range of solutions and products to fit the needs of companies of all sizes.

From small-scale businesses to mid-market and large enterprises, Bitdefender has an endpoint security solution that is suitable for all. They also provide endpoint security to companies that manage services.

Bitdefender has won numerous distinctions and certificates for its position as an expert in its area. The software is able to protect 500+ million systems across more than 150 countries.

There are three main endpoint security solutions to consider from Bitdefender–GravityZone Elite Suite, GravityZone Ultra Suite, and GravityZone Enterprise Security.

Every product comes with the same fundamental security features for endpoints. They do however have slight differences to meet the needs of different sizes of businesses.

The most notable features of Bitdefender’s Endpoint security solutions are:

  • Endpoint risk analysis
  • Patch management
  • Encryption
  • Control of devices
  • Control of applications
  • Machine learning on cloud and local machines
  • Email security
  • Network attack defense
  • Automatic cleaning and elimination
  • Analysis of the root cause

You and your IT security staff will be able to benefit from the visual snapshots and live reports for devices used by end users and server data. Get valuable insights into security risks posed by user behavior and correct errors in configuration.

From small offices to huge information centers Bitdefender offers a security endpoint solution to suit all needs.

The main problem is figuring out which software will suit your needs most. Each version of software comes with many distinct features and advantages that it is difficult to evaluate. However the knowledgeable support team at Bitdefender will guide you to the right path.

Try Bitdefender for free prior to deciding whether or not you want to purchase it.

  1. Avast’s Business Security— Recommended for Cross-Platform devices

Avast Business Antivirus is an all-in-one tool to manage your data devices and users through the same source.

There are several variations of this software allow you to mix and match depending on the amount of devices you own on different platforms, including Windows, Windows servers, Mac and Linux.

Avast’s next-generation antivirus scans files and programs prior to opening. The program automatically blocks harmful websites and scans for dangers within emails both outgoing and incoming. Corporate documents can be kept securely on secure servers using Avast Sharepoint Server Security.

Here’s an overview of the price per seat for different devices:

  • Windows Windows $56.99 per year
  • Windows Server — $46.99 per year
  • Mac Mac $36.99 per year
  • Linux -$259.99 per year. $259.99 per year

Avast provides two- and three-year options at lower rates per year. All plans include a 30 day money-back assurance.

Overall, the program is simple to install and use. You don’t need to allocate lots of internal resources for cybersecurity. Avast can help you relax.

It’s important to note that Avast offers a separate product to manage patches that firms typically include in their protection plan for endpoints. The patch management service is only for windows-based devices and starts with $29.99 for a year. Test Avast for free today.

  1. Kaspersky for Business: The Best For All Business Sizes

Kaspersky is among the only endpoint security solutions that can offer diverse packages that can satisfy the requirements of different businesses of different sizes. They offer cybersecurity protection for small and medium-sized companies as well as large enterprises.

If you have 15 employees or 1500 workers, Kaspersky has you covered.

With the many software options to pick out of, Kaspersky makes it easy to choose the best solution for your company. They’ll ask you some general questions regarding your IT infrastructure in order to guide you towards the proper direction.

For instance you’ll be asked whether you’ve got a dedicated IT specialist, and how many devices you’ll need to safeguard.

You can also utilize the different charts and grids on the product pages to narrow your choices. Kaspersky shows the software that requires “advanced IT expertise” in contrast to. “general IT abilities” and what software “monitors security” and which. “manages security.”

Kaspersky is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.

The pricing is determined by the plan, the number devices, as well as the length of protection. Here’s a look at the pricing starting points for a few of the plans:

  • Small-sized Office Security$ $87.50
  • Endpoint Security Cloud — $300
  • Endpoint Security Cloud Plus -$ 485
  • Endpoint Security For Business Select -335$
  • Endpoint Security For Business Advanced -$575

You are able to try these products for without cost during the first thirty days. They’re covered by a 30 day money-back assurance. Kaspersky offers targeted services for mail servers Internet gateways and hybrid cloud platforms.

  1. Avira Antivirus: Top Endpoint Security Software for Small Business

A lot of security software for endpoints is created with large corporations and large enterprises in the back of their minds. However, Avira Antivirus is specially designed for small and medium-sized companies.

This solution is ideal to safeguard your company from hackers, ransomware, phishing messages as well as viruses. It is possible to use this program to manage all your computers, devices and servers from a single point.

Avira Antivirus can secure small businesses using just one device or 1000or more devices.

Here’s a brief overview of the plans and prices for Avira’s business services:

  • Antivirus Pro Business — $38
  • Antivirus For Endpoint — $142
  • Small Business Antivirus – $208 Business — $108.

The entry-level package is limited to security for networks, ransomware and basic security capabilities. Endpoint security isn’t available until the mid-tier option. Email security is available only on the top-tier plans, which is the one I suggest the most.

Also, you’ll be able to gain from Avira cloud service, that makes use of AI technology to look over multiple devices and examine their the behavior of each device.

Avira Antivirus is simple enough for small-sized entrepreneurs to manage. You’ll receive instant alerts every time an incident occurs. It also lets users to control multiple groups or sites directly from the self-managed console.

For those who prefer not to have a direct approach, Avira has console partners that can monitor your system in real time for you.

Small-scale business owners who want to protect their workstations servers and computers can rely on Avira Antivirus for protection. Test it for without cost in thirty days.

  1. Webroot’s Enterprise Endpoint Security— Great for MSPs

Webroot Enterprise Endpoint Security is designed for small and medium-sized businesses and MSPs. Since it is a managed services provider this service will protect you and your clients secure from cyber-security threats.

The program blocks harmful PowerShell macros JavaScript in addition to VBScript while allowing administrators to identify applications running within their environment. It can also whitelist legitimate scripts, too.

Webroot also blocks file-based attacks as well as fileless attacks using scripts.

The program is easy to install and scans your endpoints very quickly.

It is an online console that integrates effortlessly in seamless ways with PSA (professional service automation) software as well as business intelligence (business intelligence) software and RMM (remote monitoring management) software. These integrations are perfect to manage service companies.

Also, you’ll enjoy hierarchical perspectives as well as customized reports. This software can be adapted and flexible, and scalable. It also makes use of automation.

For a solution that is as robust the software is cost-effective. The basic software is priced at $30 per year per seat. In the event that you want to upgrade your DNS security The upgrade will cost $30 per year per seat in addition.

Webroot also provides ongoing training as well as phishing simulations and training in compliance for employees for the additional expense.

  1. Trend Micro Apex One— Great for Transparency and Reporting

Trend Micro is known for offering enterprise-level cybersecurity solutions. It’s not a surprise to observe the Trend Micro Apex One rank so highly on our list of endpoint security.

The software is strong with lots of features and is easy to use, especially for a product that has such advanced capabilities.

Trend Micro Apex One uses several layers of detection and responses to safeguard endpoints at every level.

The top attributes of this software are:
  • Be on the lookout to find IOA (indicators of an attack)
  • Define the intent of hackers in real-time
  • Sweep user timelines for compromises
  • Interactive analysis of root causes
  • Virtual patching technology
  • Protection for virtual and physical devices
  • Machine learning at runtime and pre-execution

Trend Micro protects against advanced malware such as ransomware, cryptomining and fileless malware. It also shields your devices from memory attacks, as well as browser-based attacks.

The standout feature of the software is the central console which gives admins more control and control over the entire company, across cloud, on-premises and hybrid models.

Get in touch with Trend Micro to request a trial for free and to get more details regarding pricing.

  1. F-Secure Best Secure Endpoint Software for Customization

F-Secure offers security solutions for endpoints for enterprises with more sophisticated requirements. The enterprise cybersecurity software safeguards your entire network of devices and servers by automating.

With F-Secure you can select between cloud or on-site deployments, as well.

Some of the top features offered by F-Secure to protect your endpoints include:

  • Integration with RMM and SIEM software
  • Management API
  • Customized policies for individuals, devices or groups
  • Automated patch management
  • Updates to security databases automatically
  • Protection for hardware against USBs and webcams
  • Protection against browsing
  • Windows, Mac, and Linux workstation security
  • iOS as well as Android mobile security
  • Server protection

There are three distinct endpoint security options to pick from: F-Secure Business Protection and F-Secure Business Suite, and F-Secure Rapid Detection and Response.

How to Choose the Best Endpoint Security Software for You?

There are some aspects to be considered when shopping to find the best security software for your computer. This is a analysis of the process we used to determine the best options in this article.

Types of Devices

What is the most important endpoint you are trying to safeguard?

Check that the program you’re considering is able to secure your devices. From laptops to desktops, mobile devices and even severs The best endpoint security software will provide full protection. The operating system that powers these devices should be taken into account in addition to Windows, Mac, Windows servers, Linux, iOS, and Android all have their own needs.

IT Administration

The security of endpoints can be complex. The solutions are made specifically for IT experts who have more than technologically adept.

If you’re planning on deploying as well as manage your software within your company ensure that the administrators have the necessary experience to manage these complex issues. There are solutions made for small-sized enterprises that don’t need an entire IT department.

You must be aware of the differences between these options.

Consoles and Dashboards

Find endpoint security software which can give you the complete picture of your company’s IT infrastructure in a glance. Visual reports and dashboards are usually the most effective.

The console must be easy to use and clear of clutter.


You’ll require the ability to make adjustments on the administrative side.

Perhaps you’d like to create customized policies for specific department, groups, people or even devices. Making these changes is easy. Do you wish to block certain websites? Do you require application control?

It shouldn’t be too difficult to create these kinds of modifications to your own specifications.


Endpoint security software is deployed on-premises or via the cloud. Certain cybersecurity companies provide both options. Which one is best for you?

Larger enterprises and larger businesses tend to prefer an on-site deployment. Similar is the case for businesses that manage their own servers on site. However, cloud-based deployment is typically acceptable for smaller companies.


What’s the best security for your endpoint software? Bitdefender can be our top recommendation.

There are many alternatives for specific usage scenarios.

Smaller businesses should utilize Avira Antivirus. Managed service providers will gain by Webroot Enterprise Endpoint Protection. Kaspersky offers a variety of products to meet the needs of companies of all sizes and shapes. F-Secure is the most customized endpoint security service. Check out the Trend Micro Apex One for the most impressive dashboards that are visually appealing and report.

Whatever the security requirements for your endpoints You can locate the most suitable software with the suggestions in this article.

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