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The Best Tools and Software for Network Monitoring

Like the name suggests, the tools for monitoring the network components, including routers, servers and switches, firewalls, and many more.

Network monitoring software can help organizations keep track of performance indicators like downtime and uptime, while also alerting administrators when there’s a problem.

In spite of the many companies benefiting from cloud-based service, your own local network (LAN) is still vital to Cloud service availability. Monitoring your network is among the most essential elements of a solid IT infrastructure.

By using a network monitoring program it is possible to spot issues with networks in the initial phases before they cause lengthy down times or network problems.

Monitoring software for networks can help you save time and money in the long term. These programs help to ensure your data is secure and aid in troubleshooting your network.

The Top 10 Top Network Monitoring Software and Tools

With new tools, software and new technologies coming out every day it is essential to locate the best network monitoring software that is able to keep pace with the constantly evolving market. In-depth reviews of these products will provide advantages, features, prices and possible use cases for each of the tools on our list.

1. The PRTG Network Monitor— The Best overall Network Monitoring Tool

PRTG Network Monitor is our most popular overall choice in this category. It’s a comprehensive monitoring system for all your IT infrastructure.
The software is able to monitor all of the devices as well as the traffic, systems and the applications that are running within your IT system. PRTG Network Monitor comes with everything you require out of the box. Therefore, it doesn’t require additional installations or plug-ins to get the best performance from this software.

PRTG is durable and user-friendly and can be adapted to the needs of any business sizes.

Over 300,000 users around the globe utilize PRTG to monitor networks. It lets you monitor and manage elements like:

  • Bandwidth
  • Databases
  • Applications
  • Cloud computing services
  • SNMP
  • Servers
  • LAN

PRTG will notify you when any issues or typical metrics are found. Check your network’s performance from a single glance visual maps and dashboards.

Prices for PRTG are based upon sensors, which are the number of factors you are able to monitor for each device. There is a no-cost plan that covers up 100 sensors.

Perpetual licensing starts at $1750 for 500 sensors and increase all the way until $15,500 to use unlimited sensors. Try the unlimited version of PRTG trial for free, and try it out in thirty days.

2- Datadog: Best For Cloud Service Monitoring

Datadog is a cloud-based monitoring tool. It’s utilized by many organizations as well as well-known brands such Samsung, Whole Foods, and Peloton.

The program is described as by the company as a “modern monitor and secure” solution. With so many companies relying on the cloud for their operations, Datadog has been growing in popularity.

Get valuable insights from software as well as systems and services. Datadog is great for tracking bugs in addition to SaaS providers. Datadog makes it easy to keep track of the user experience on one platform.

It’s simple to use and includes 400+ integrations you can implement in a matter of just a few minutes. Check out the metrics of your front end, as well as backend display load times and filter traffic based on the source or destination.

Datadog offers two monitoring of infrastructure plans- Pro as well as Enterprise. They start at $19 to $23 each for hosts respectively.

Beginning rates for plans with other plans include:

  • Serverless -$5 per event per month
  • Log Management — $1.27 per million log events per month
  • APM — $31 per host per month
  • Security Monitoring $0.20 for each GB logs that are analyzed and analyzed each month
  • Network Performance – $5 per host, per month


3- The LogicMonitor: Great for IT Infrastructure Monitoring

The LogicMonitor is an automated monitoring tool for infrastructures of managed service providers as well as enterprise IT departments. It is a cloud-based application, LogicMonitor makes it easy to keep track of all aspects of your network servers, servers, cloud and much more, all within one platform.

One of the reasons LogicMonitor is so highly rated in our rankings is due to the fact that it’s extremely light and simple to expand.

LogicMonitor offers more than 2,000 pre-configured integrations available straight out of the box. The other major advantages and features from LogicMonitor include:

  • Cloud monitoring
  • Monitoring of storage
  • Monitoring of dynamic services
  • Network monitoring
  • Monitoring servers
  • Monitoring of containers
  • Monitoring of configuration

The three LogicMonitor plans to pick from. There’s three plans to choose from: a Pro and Enterprise version for Hybrid Infrastructure Performance monitoring. These plans can accommodate up to 200 and 199 devices in each case. LogicMonitor also offers a web-based monitoring plan for up 200 devices.

To find out more on pricing ask for a complimentary estimate by contacting our LogicMonitor Sales team.

4. ManagerEngine OpManager— Great for Real-Time Monitoring of Servers

ManageEngine OpManager offers you complete monitoring of all aspects of your networks infrastructure. It provides analysis for the wireless network, devices local to it and even devices that are not computers (such as printers and access points).

The software includes troubleshooting functions along with configuration and planning tools.

The top attributes of ManageEngine’s OpManager are:

  • Real-time network monitoring
  • Monitoring of physical and virtual servers
  • WAN link monitoring
  • Multi-level thresholds
  • Customizable dashboards

The software is inexpensive and simple to install. ManageEngine OpManager comes with over 22,000 built-in monitors for network performance. The ability to monitor virtual and visual servers, as well as the performance of servers is the standout feature of the platform.

To get started, request a quote online.

5 – Idera Uptime Infrastructure Monitor — Best For Network Device Monitoring

Idera uptime Infrastructure Monitor is a extremely flexible and flexible network monitoring tool. It is able to monitor any device. It supports monitoring servers for Windows, Linux, Solaris, Novell, UNIX, and many more.

The Idera Uptime Infrastructure Monitor, you can monitor thousands of devices in your network. Any device that has the IP address may be tracked using this tool.

The program allows you to manage a variety of tasks, for example:

  • Plan for the requirements for server capacity
  • Follow service-level trends for SLA reporting and for compliance
  • Simpler management of incidents
  • Monitor servers and network devices.
  • Monitor VMs and application

You can control all of these aspects through a single interface using Idera’s Idera Monitoring of Uptime. Test it for free within 30 days without credit card needed.


6. “WhatsUp Gold”— Top Data Analytics for Networks and Performance Reports

WhatsUp Gold by Progress (formally Ipswitch) is an easy tool to view the uptime, downtime, and performance in a single glance.

Don’t let the simple design of the dashboard deceive you. It is robust and provides all the information you need for your network devices as well as applications and systems.

WhatsUp Gold integrates with everything. It is an REST API, which means your IT staff can incorporate the software into your system. By using WhatsUpGold’s WhatsUpGold iOS or Android applications, you are able to monitor the health on your networks from any place.

Additional capabilities are:

  • Discovery and mapping of networks
  • Real-time report
  • Custom dashboards
  • Monitoring and alerts for the network
  • Cloud monitoring

Get the WhatsUp Gold free trial to begin or request an estimate.

7. Solarwinds Network Performance MonitorIdeal For Advanced Users

Solarwinds Network Performance Monitor Solarwinds Network Performance Monitor is an all-vendor tool for monitoring networks. It is able to increase and expand to meet the ever-changing demands for your networks.

Are VPN tunnels going up or down? Are you experiencing issues with your application or is the network responsible? Solarwinds is able to help you answer these questions. Solarwinds will also let you track on-premises cloud, private clouds as well as public cloud networks through a single source of information.

The most notable characteristics of Solarwinds Network Performance Monitor include:

  • Wifi heatmaps
  • Network analysis tools
  • Monitoring of LANs
  • Network device scanning
  • Network device discovery
  • Network Diagnostic tools
  • Tests of network performance
  • Wifi network analysis
  • SNMP monitor and scanner
  • Cisco ASA monitoring
  • Deep packet inspection

Overall, the application isn’t as simple to use as the other choices that we have listed. It’s best for those who have worked with network monitoring tools previously.

The price starts from $1,583. Contact Solarwinds for an estimate or to learn more about subscriptions and permanent licensing options. You can test solarwinds’ Network Performance Monitor for free in one month.

8 – Zabbixthe best open Source Security Software to Monitor Networks

Zabbix is an enterprise grade network and app monitoring tool. It’s completely open source and free of charge.

The tool has been in operation for over 20 years, and boasts 300,000+ installations all over the world. It’s used by top companies such as Dell, Salesforce, and ICANN.

I love Zabbix because it’s extremely adaptable. It can be used to build any kind or IT infrastructure.

  • Monitoring of servers
  • Cloud monitoring
  • Monitoring of applications
  • Network monitoring
  • Web monitoring
  • Monitoring of databases
  • Storage device monitoring
  • Java application monitoring
  • KPI/SLA monitoring
  • Monitoring of virtual machines

Zabbix provides solutions for an array of industries, such as finance and banking marketing, education and IT, energy government, aerospace, retail and much more.

Get Zabbix today to start your free trial in just 10 minutes.

9 – Connect Wise Automate — Best For Custom Network Monitoring

The name itself suggests that ConnectWise automate is a monitoring of networks solution that uses automation. It’s a feature-rich and robust Remote monitoring and Management (RMM) system.

Connectwise Automate is a great choice for users who wish to be proactive when it comes to monitoring your network. It can help avoid crashes and other problems that ultimately saves time and cost in the long run.

The top features and benefits of ConnectWise Automate are:

  • Patching
  • Monitoring proactive
  • Asset discovery
  • Endpoint management

ConnectWise Automate is a custom-built application to meet your specific requirements. Request a customized quote on the internet and start your free 7-day trial.

10 – Atera the best for remote Network Monitoring

Atera It is yet another RMM (remote monitoring and managing) software. It includes everything Managed Service Providers (MSPs) require to offer top-quality customer service.

The software includes built-in tools to handle things like ticketing and satisfaction surveys, along with remotely-controlled monitoring as well as management.

Through Atera, MSPs will benefit from features such as:

  • Real-time alerts
  • Management of contracts and SLA management
  • Network discovery
  • Remote access and assistance
  • Custom scripting
  • Patch management

It also works with other tools, such as QuickBooks, Xero, and Freshbooks and allows you to handle billing and invoicing with one solution.

The Atera plans are available in three Atera plans that you can pick from:

  • Pro — $79 per technician per month
  • Growth — $119 per technician per month
  • Power — $149 per technician per month

All plans include unlimited agents and devices. There are no setup fees and onboarding fees, as well as extra charges.


How to Choose the Most Effective Network Monitoring Software and Tools for You?

Finding the right system for monitoring your network’s particular needs can be difficult If you aren’t sure what you should look for. Each of these tools is not made equal, and some have specific use cases.

This is the process we used to choose the top three candidates in our selection. These factors can be used to analyze and narrow down your choices.

Custom Dashboards

Each business has its own needs for monitoring their network.

In the administration side of the program, you need to ensure that you are able to customize your view. Visual tools and graphics on screen help you observe performance in glance.

It is likely that the capability to make minor adjustments to the dashboards based on your preferences is extremely useful.


Automation is vital to manage the many devices that are part of your network. Your workflow will be much more efficient if you control the most tasks you can.

For instance, automatic alerting is essential. It’s far better to receive an alert on issues, downtime or a potential issue instead of waiting for a person to manually review the reports or dashboards.

Monitoring Needs

What are you actually monitoring in your networks?

Each tool may not meet your requirements. Certain tools are better suited to monitoring servers that are physically and virtual. Others are better for monitoring of applications and monitoring LANs. There are some tools that monitor everything that has an IP address on your network, which includes non-computer devices.

Alongside the kinds that you’ll need to be observing It is important to consider the amount also. Certain solutions are best suited for smaller quantities, whereas others are designed to scale.

Remote Monitoring

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) ought to consider remotely monitored and managed system. RMM software comes with the capabilities to monitor your clients to monitor clients remotely and offer top-quality customer support to these customers.

Businesses looking for an application for monitoring their network’s IT infrastructure in-house won’t be able to meet similar requirements.


What is the most effective network monitoring software available currently? It’s all dependent on what you’re looking to find.

In the end all, it appears that the PRTG Network Monitor will be the most suitable option for the majority of companies. It’s not the only one that we would recommend.

For cloud service monitoring, use Datadog. LogicMonitor is the most suitable choice for IT monitoring of infrastructure in addition, ManageEngine OpManager is the best to monitor servers. Try Zabbix for an open-source and free option. Make use of ConnectWise Automate and Atera to perform RMM (remote managing and monitoring). Idera Uptime, WhatsUpGold, and Solarwinds Network Performance Monitor are the top choices to think about in addition.

Whatever your monitoring requirements, you can take the advice in this article to identify the most effective tools and programs to help your business.

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