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Best Data Loss Prevention Software

Companies implement security measures to protect their assets in all sorts of ways to safeguard their interests. When it comes to protecting the company’s data but using the most effective security software to prevent data loss provides the protection you want.

The Data Loss Prevention (DLP) devices and programs can appear similar at first. However, they accomplish their objectives in slightly different methods. Knowing these differences will give an organization the greatest chance to find the best software.

The Top 6 Top Information Loss Prevention Software Tools

  1. McAfee Absolute Protection – The Best DLP Overall Software Tool
  2. Checkpoint Ideal for Setting the Policies to Protect Data from Loss
  3. Digital Guardian Endpoint Ideal for a Variety of locations and Devices
  4. Symantec The source is Broadcom is the best choice for Data Loss Protection for the Enterprise
  5. SolarWinds the Easiest DLP Software to use
  6. SecureTrust the best for DLPs with specific risk


  1. McAfee Total Security Best DLP Overall Software Tool

The versatility they can get with McAfee Total Security. It functions as a basic DLP program that requires minimal to no modification. It does have a variety of options for customization that offer the exact solution for companies that require them.

One of its most impressive features is the ability to utilize algorithms to determine which parts of data from a company are the most vital. It then provides that data with the highest level of security. General-use data is not protected from Total Protection which means that it is not able to use the resources needed for data that is sensitive.

It is a good starting point for small businesses. It also comes with advanced options to ensure that Total Protection will work for many different clients. The data monitoring system will identify weak points in the network which security personnel will be able to monitor when necessary.

By using the help of this DLP solution, companies will be protected from data no matter the location it is. McAfee Total Protection protects data in the cloud, on networks as well as on devices at the end of the line.

Total Protection is offered for an annual fee in several pricing levels. Most businesses will opt for the Ultimate plan, which offers the protection of an unlimitted number devices. New customers will be offered an impressive discount in the initial year.

  1. The Checkpoint Ideal for Setting the Policies to Protect Data from Loss

In terms of protecting the business from losing data using the most effective DLP software is essential. However setting up guidelines for the way network members make use of and protect their data is also crucial.

Check Point is among the most effective DLP software programs to assist network managers develop a feasible plan to protect their data. There are also tools to help educate the network managers to provide employees the knowledge they require to properly use the data.

The program takes the educational component of protecting against data loss one step further. If a user makes an unintentional violation of some of DLP software’s rules, it will send a warning to the user at the first time it occurs. Check Point believes this reduces the likelihood of violating the policy over time , by offering users information about the most common mistakes that they are able to correct.

When data traffic that is unusually high-risk enters the network via internet, Internet, Check Point automatically detects the issue and informs the administrator in the event that it finds any other problems.

While it does offer some sophisticated security features for data While it does offer some advanced data protection features, Check Point is more user-friendly than other DLP alternatives. Check Point allows you to modify the number or amount of the settings you’d like.

Check Point offers a free demo of the software or you can reach the company to get a price estimate. For businesses that require additional security measures for cybersecurity, Check Point has many other products that are available.

  1. Digital Guardian Endpoint Great for Many locations and Devices

Certain business networks comprise many different devices running a variety of operating systems. They could keep data in multiple locations like the cloud, on-site and even on portable devices.

In order to protect your data from loss across a range of locations and devices and locations, it is recommended that the Digital Guardian Endpoint DLP software program is a good option. It is able to monitor the data on devices operating Windows, Macintosh, Linux and many other.

Endpoint secures both the incoming and outgoing data, scouring for unusualities. If it finds data that is not authorized for actions, it can stop the actions and notify administrators on the network.

For companies that want to safeguard sensitive information like intellectual property records or medical records, Endpoint can apply advanced methods to prevent data loss to these files to provide an additional layer of security.

If you wish, Endpoint is able to make use of algorithms to identify the types of data your business uses that require the greatest security. This can save you time instead of the need to select these data manually.

You can request a demo using Digital Guardian Endpoint. Digital Guardian Endpoint software, or get in touch with the company to request an estimate of the cost.

  1. Symantec From Broadcom The best choice for Data Loss Protection at the Enterprise Level

Businesses looking to maximize security from data loss will discover many of the features they require within Symantec DLP Software developed by Broadcom. This is a very powerful DLP tool that offers top-of-the-line security in various aspects for businesses that include:

  • Securely encrypting sensitive data
  • Determining who is the person who has access to information
  • Offering data protection compliance standards such as HIPAA and GDPR.

Symantec can monitor and secure the data that is stored in the network of the business. These include local computers and mobile devices, network servers and cloud-based storage services.

When someone has access to sensitive information, Symantec tracks the movement of the data. If one of the employees decide to utilize the data in an unconventional way, Symantec can block the user’s access to the information.

Symantec is able to block specific kinds of data and files from being used as email attachments. Symantec additionally monitors the activities of all apps that are running within the network of the business and ensures that those apps do not access files or data they shouldn’t .

With its encryption of sensitive data through encryption of sensitive data Symantec DLP offers an additional layer of security for the information. If a user does manage to access sensitive information that he or she shouldn’t be able to access the encryption layer must keep users from being able to access or even access the data.

If you’re considering Symantec the product, you’ll need to reach out to the company in order for a price estimate.

  1. SolarWinds is the easiest DLP Software to use

A business that would like to install a data loss protection software and allow it to be run SolarWinds can provide this feature.

This SolarWinds DLP solution focuses on controlling access rights for the network management. By tracking precisely who need to be able to carry out certain actions that involve the company’s data, SolarWinds can spot suspicious actions on the network before the breach takes place.

Security of the data on the network through control of rights to access in SolarWinds will be simple to implement.

Its SolarWinds Access Rights Manager section of the software provides you with regular reports on employee’s data rights. If you discover that one or more rights require modification it is easy to handle that via the interface for access rights managers.

Additionally, you can be able to have SolarWinds continually keep an eye on the network and generate alerts when there are unusual copying or data transfers. Also, it can track the use of data in the cloud and across the network in the same time. If one of your employees happens to are using data in an unusual method across multiple storage locations it could indicate an attack on data or violation of the permissions.

SolarWinds provides a free 30 days trial period. Contact the company to request a pricing estimate.

  1. SecureTrust is the best for DLP Management with Risk

Companies that need the easiest setup process in their software for data loss protection will be pleased with SecureTrust. Through SecureTrust businesses with basic requirements in terms of data security can operate the program using its pre-configured settings. It won’t require prior experiences with DLP software to use SecureTrust effectively.

For those looking for an element of personalization within SecureTrust’s DLP program, SecureTrust does allow customers to modify a wide range of settings. But, even if they don’t take this option, many users are able to rely on the pre-configured settings and get a superior degree of protection for their data.

SecureTrust lets users input the levels they want to take. SecureTrust then automatically adjusts its settings to match the risk level. In addition, users can utilize the dashboard to select the appropriate level of security for the data that is that are stored in various locations.

One of the strengths of SecureTrust is the ability it has to track all interactions between the company network and Internet. In the event that the DLP software detects any anomalies within these connections, the software will stop access to the information.

Potential customers should get in touch with SecureTrust to find out their pricing options

How to Choose the Best Information Loss Prevention Software for You?

DLP software offers a broad array of features for prospective customers. The ability to match these features to the requirements of the business is only a some time.

Here are a few features to take into account when choosing software that prevents data loss.

Examining Data Network Weaknesses

Although software for preventing data loss can help protect data in range of scenarios but it’s not 100% effective. A common vulnerability occurs when an employee decides to bypass the procedures for protecting data in the company, thereby causing data loss.

For instance, certain companies don’t permit employees to transfer data from their network via an USB port to the thumb drive. If employees do not adhere to this rule, the usage of USB ports is a weak point in the security of networks. The company could look into the help of a DLP software that can block any use of USB ports for data transfer.

In addition to that, the DLP software ought to be capable of keeping track of any data security risks. If it can keep a log of such dangers, the network administrator can identify weak points in the protection of data and address the problem.

Locations of Data

Software for preventing data loss will be able to secure the information that businesses use regardless of the location which device employees are using it. When data transfers across mobile and laptop computers on the company’s network to cloud, and then back to the cloud, the DLP software must safeguard it.

In addition to the benefits for companies, DLPs often will track the movements of data. If a company is dealing with data breaches, or lost files Tracking features of the software can assist managers in determining if an employee’s actions have led to data breaches.

Full-Feature DLP Products

Some companies may require basic features for preventing data loss that are offered via email security. If this is the case, they might not require a comprehensive DLP software. They could be able to get the features for data protection they require through firewall or antivirus software.

For those who require a higher level of protection for their data are advised to choose an DLP tool with a wide range of capabilities. A fully-fledged DLP software will include several features focused on monitoring the system. Furthermore, it can protect the data that is stored in different locationsand keep track of the movement of data.

Users Experience is Needed

Certain DLP software applications require considerable familiarity with this kind of software in order to setup it correctly. It is possible that a business will need to employ an expert in security to adapt the software to ensure it run correctly.

Certain types of software for protecting data could take as long as several weeks to complete installation and installation. The complexity could be more complex than the requirements of a specific company.

If you want to keep the process as easy as it can be Choose a software which takes only a few minutes to set up. Be aware that a basic program will not offer the flexibility to customize it as is offered by more sophisticated DLP software applications. The benefit is that company can probably rely on its existing network security staff to implement the software, instead of having to employ DLP experts.

Comparison to Data Security Software

Companies who are deciding between DLP as well as data security software will benefit by using DLP software.

The main distinction between security software for data and DLP software is how they deal with potential breaches of data. Security software is typically reacting to any issues that affect the data.

Software to prevent data loss In contrast, it tends to take a proactive approach. It continuously examines the network and system for any potential problems regarding the protection of data.

Many tools to prevent data loss make use of artificial intelligence to carry out the essential monitoring tasks. It identifies any unusual situation in the network seeking out activities taking place outside of the normal norms, normal norms. It can then react to the irregularities and alert IT personnel of them.



It’s difficult to underestimate the importance of data for businesses in today’s world. The creation of an environment that safeguards these data files should be the top priority for any administrator of a network and the security team.

The most effective data loss protection software is able to achieve this. After our tests and studies we have come to like McAfee Total Protection as the most comprehensive DLP application. However, we recognize that it isn’t able to satisfy the requirements of every company.

People with sensitive data might want to consider Symantec and its security measures for enterprise. Check Point is a smart choice when a company needs to develop data protection guidelines to employees in the as installing an DLP application.

Digital Guardian works especially well for companies that keep and utilize data on a range of devices. SolarWinds and SecureTrust are both designed for people who require a straightforward DLP plug-and-play solution.

DLP Software tools are accessible with a variety of options and features which means that any company can get the right program at the most affordable cost. Consider the type of data your company uses and the way it utilizes the data to determine the DLP software would be the most suitable option for you.

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