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Best Contact Management Software

Are you looking to get straight to the solution? The best software for managing contacts for the majority of people is Bigin and Streak.

The software for contact management is a modern method used by businesses to manage contacts according to needs or interests as well as categories.

The most efficient contact management solutions incorporate the CRM (customer relation management) features that allow you to monitor communication with the people you have you have on your list. These tools are vital for sales teams in converting leads to loyal customers.

Alongside names, numbers, email addresses as well as company information Contact management software can store details for things like sales history or open quotations.

If you don’t have a contact management program You and your team have to rely on memory for communication with sales leads and customers. Another option is to write handwritten notes or notes on a computer. It is almost impossible to handle at a large the scale needed.

Software for managing contact is an well-known tool for sales, but it can be utilized by a myriad of industries and uses.

The Best 7 Contact Management Software

After conducting a thorough research of the best contact management software available on the market and evaluating numerous choices, I’ve narrowed it down to the top seven options to take into consideration. Below, I go over the advantages, features of each, their pricing, usage scenarios, and possible negatives of each.

1- Bigin — The Best overall Contact Manager Software

Bigin ranks first on our list because of its ease of use, features as well as its affordable price. It’s a user-friendly and customizable contact management system that is perfect for small-sized businesses.

I am awestruck by how well-suited the software is for small to medium teams. It’s organized in an attractive easy-to-use manner. This means that no matter who is picking up the ball, they’ll know precisely how to start the conversation using a lead.

The built-in features for telephony can be extremely useful in keeping each contact up to date after every contact. You can also use simple automations that do similar things for triggers, manual actions, or workflows that are one-click.

The best part for smaller teams is that it’s included in the forever-free Bigin version. Bigin.

There are a few important ways. Bigin Free is limited to the use of one person and one pipe, with a max of 500 contact and limitations to how you can build these automated processes.

It’s fairly simple. If you’re managing a small amount of water on only one line, Bigin can work for you.

However, it’s the one paid plan that really impresses me, and also earns me the “best overall” award.

Here’s an example of what you can get for $7/month:

  • 50k contacts
  • 5 pipelines
  • 2 backups of data for free per month
  • Views of lists, Custom Fields, Dashboards and dashboards
  • More options for automation
  • Google as well as Office 365 integrations
  • Plus 10,000 contacts to earn an additional $1 per month.

At this cost you’re getting more control and flexibility over other alternatives for managing your contacts. It’s possible to tailor every aspect of your database to ensure that you have the correct details regarding your contacts. Add this to the automated capabilities of the program and you’ll be able to have a complete database that’s always current.

Start using Bigin immediately by attempting the trial plan. This powerful and simple software is able to enhance your contact management and, consequently selling.

2- Streak: The Most Effective Contact Management Software for Gmail Users

In the event that you’re using Gmail or G Suite as your primary communication method, Streak can help you improve your communication process by using tools to manage contacts. The simple application is able to be directly added to an already existing Gmail account.

It’s utilized by 750,000+ individuals and companies around the world.

Instead of having to bounce between a spreadsheet and an email address, Streak can help you arrange your contacts, tasks and pipelines from one point of reference.

The software for managing contacts is often used to manage business development, sales and real estate, fundraising recruitment, support and much more.

Streak allows you to use Streak to automate the improvement of the details of every contact, including their names, company names and other details, directly in your email messages. Streak offers you complete timelines of every communication via messages, call logs documents, notes as well as tasks and other things you’ll need to organize your contacts.

The software is inexpensive in addition:

  • Solo — $15 per user per month
  • Pro — $49 per user per month
  • Enterprise — $129 per user per month

There’s also a no-cost plan for basic usage, which is perfect for single users and small contact lists. You can try any plan that is paid at no cost within 14 days.

3- Pipedrive — The Best Contact Management Software for Sales Teams

Pipedrive is a solution for managing contacts that was designed to sell. Its features aid sales teams monitor their results, anticipate revenue prioritizing deals.

The program makes it simple to manage the complete history of emails and calls for every contact. Everything is organized on the form of a timeline that is visually appealing, meaning you can easily check the most recent conversations and follow up with a potential lead.

Every contact can be tied to a particular deal after it’s been added to your database.

As a CRM for sales Pipedrive offers additional features in addition to simple contact management. It can automate repetitive tasks and gain valuable insight with customized reports.

Pipedrive provides two-way email sync which means you can send and receive messages right through Pipedrive. Make use of the program to modify templates, and then send bulk messages to groups individuals like lead segments.

You will receive real-time notifications every time an email is opened or clicks on a link. This lets you to keep in touch to leads in the ideal timing.

Pipedrive comes with an calendar of activities and an appointment scheduler in addition.

Another great aspect of the Pipedrive software for managing contacts can be found in the map of contacts tool. It lets you filter contacts by state, city and country with the Google Maps integration.

Here’s a look at beginning price of Pipedrive:

  • Essential — $12.50 per user per month
  • Advanced Advanced $24.90 per month per user
  • Professional — $49.90 per user per month
  • Enterprise — $99 per user per month

All rates mentioned above are dependent upon an annual agreement. The Enterprise plan comes with an ten-user minimum. Pipedrive is trusted by more than 90,000 enterprises across 179 countries. Test Pipedrive for at no cost during fourteen days.

4 – Maximizer CRM the Best Custom Contact Management Software

Maximizer CRM is a complete solution for managing contact and managing customer relationships. The program lets you customize the way in which you interact with customers.

Utilize this tool to organize messages, streamline your data and follow up with leads in the right way at the right time.

With Maximizer CRM, each contact as well as document or interaction can be handled with the shared address book. Keep your marketing, sales, and support teams together by providing a complete history of each interaction.

Other top features and advantages of Maximizer CRM are:

  • Automatic recording of emails
  • Automatic call log
  • Tracking files
  • Multi-level security
  • Audit log
  • Last contact dates
  • Calendar integrated
  • Validation of fields in forms

One of my most favorite tools from Maximizer CRM features the capacity to monitor the connections among your contact. It’s an excellent way to see the relationships between subcontractors, contractors, and subsidiary companies in one glance.

Maximizer CRM can be used in the cloud or on-premise.

  • Cloud CRM Live — $65 per user per month
  • On-Premise CRM — $40 per user per month
  • Financial Advisor CRM — $70 per user per month

The pricing is certainly more expensive than other similar software. However, Maximizer CRM is more than a basic contact management software. Test it for free in 30 days.

5 – Metrilo — Best Contact Management Software For Ecommerce Sites

Metrilo offers a CRM tool specifically designed for companies that deal in e-commerce. Along with managing contacts, the program includes an integrated feature for email marketing as well.

The principal purpose on Metrilo is on analytics. You’ll know what’s happening with your online store in real-time. Track KPIs, revenue, performance, sales funnels and much more, without complicated setup needed.

When customers visit your online store and interact with your site, you can connect these users to the contact management platform and use automated processes based on user behavior like abandoning carts.

Metrilo allows you to group customers according to their behavior. You can easily track and find those who are your loyalest customers as well as the biggest spending customers. Sort contacts by:

  • Revenue
  • Orders
  • Most recent purchase
  • The last active
  • Sessions
  • Locations
  • Personal tags

As an integrated tool for marketing via email, Metrilo makes it easy to retrieve abandoned carts, deliver welcome emails and manage drip campaigns.

In general, the software offers more than the basic solution for managing contacts. It’s a complete tool to help you grow your online business. Because it’s so feature-rich the software is priced accordingly.

  • Essential — $99 per month
  • Pro — $165 per month
  • Premium -$249 per month

The rates listed are determined by an annual deal. The ecommerce CRM is available on the Pro plan that is where the majority of the features to manage contacts are located. Marketing via email is available only on the Premium plan.

If you’re not at all interested in the ecommerce analysis part of Metrilo it’s probably not the best option for you. There’s a cheaper contact management system in other locations, but without these additional features.

Try Metrilo without cost within 14 days.

6 – Nutshell the most user-friendly and simple contact management software

Nutshell is a powerful CRM that includes tools to automate sales and the management of pipelines, collaboration with teams and much more. In the face of such a robust and feature-rich application it’s actually quite simple to use.

When you introduce a new lead in Nutshell, the tool for managing contacts, Nutshell will pull data from the internet. Things like their profiles on social media and job title, as well as the location and many more, will be added immediately.

If you use other tools and applications to handle your contact information you can import all your contacts into Nutshell at no cost from the very first day of your use.

When you’re ready to go using Nutshell You’ll be able to record all information about communications for every contact on your desktop or phone. Every member of your team will be able to access the information.

Nutshell is a great choice for those who wish to skip the hassle of doing things manually. Nutshell can be used to get leads from your site and sync your phone numbers and add contacts by scanning an ID card.

Two plans are available to pick from: Pro and Starter. Plans begin at $19 and $35 per month for each user according to. You can try both plans for free in 14-day trial.

7 – Nimble Best For Social Media Marketing

More than 140,000 professionals across the globe utilize Nimble to manage their contacts. It’s a CRM for sales that’s helped facilitate more than 10 million sales directly via Nimble’s platform.

This software is great to manage contacts and organize all communication history in one place.

My favourite Nimble feature is the matching of social profiles enhancement tool. The program matches profiles of social networks for companies and contacts and then automatically enriches those contacts using the details that are contained in each profile.

Nimble automatically creates live profiles for any person. The profile typically includes information about their work location and where they’re from their career, background information, the industry, their title and more.

Nimble is the ideal tool for those who collect leads from social media, and wish to improve your social-prospecting process. Nimble’s insight will assist you in identifying new prospects and then segment your new contacts in a way that is appropriate.

Nimble is the most simple pricing available. There’s only one plan that starts at just $19 per monthly user. It covers the possibility of 25,000 contact with unlimited upgrade options.

How to Find the Perfect Contact Management Software for You?

With numerous options to pick from, determining the most effective software to manage your contacts to meet your needs may be a challenge.

I’ve made this procedure more simple for you to follow this process. There are a few aspects to take into consideration when shopping for tools for managing contacts. This is the approach I employed to select the best software I’ve included in this guide.

CRM Functionality

The majority of CRM software comes with an element of a contact management software. However, not all software that manages contacts comes with CRM capabilities.

Many of the choices that I have listed double as CRM solutions which is great for those who don’t have one. However, if you’re content with your CRM, and only require basic tools for managing contacts there’s no need to buy a different one.

In the majority of cases CRM software will be higher priced than traditional tools for managing contacts. This is due to the fact that this kind of software usually includes a variety of additional options that extend beyond the realm of contact management.

Communication Tracking

The ability to look at the communication history for every contact is an important feature of software for managing contacts.

The most effective tools for tracking calls, emails, and other communications.

Search for software that allows you to note notes on each contact , so that it remains fresh in your head when you next speak to them. This is particularly crucial for companies where many employees will have to deal with people.


A few advanced tools for managing contact can automate repetitive tasks.

Let’s say, for instance, you meet with a potential customer in person, and only receive their name and phone number. Some contact management systems will automatically gather this information and pull more information about the person from the internet.

You’ll be able to access their past work history, their current job, emails, LinkedIn profile, Facebook page, and much more. Without this type of automated system you’d have to go online by yourself to find the details.

Lead Management

The majority of software for managing contacts is focused on sales.

If you’re in this category, then you’ll want to ensure that your software includes tools to handle your leads. Advanced segmentation and pipeline management will be the most important features to be looking for.

Certain software are special to the market, for example, the e-commerce contact management. In this scenario leads will automatically be controlled based on factors like behaviour and sales historical data.



What’s the top contact management software available on the market right now? Bigin is my favorite choice. It offers everything you require to make it a simple, powerful tool for managing contacts.

However, Bigin isn’t suitable for all people. If you’re looking for a specific type of product There are other options worth looking into.

Sales teams could benefit from Pipedrive for sales teams.. If you require a custom solution, then try Maximizer CRM. I suggest Metrilo to online stores as well as Streak for individual Gmail users. If you’re looking for an easy CRM for managing contacts, check out Nutshell. To make social-prospecting a breeze, try Nimble.

Whatever the size of your team, industry or case of use you can locate the ideal software to manage your contacts for your particular requirements in this guide.

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